is a Psychological Operation (PSYOP) of Israeli Military Intelligence (Aman)... is a Psychological Operation (PSYOP) of Israeli Military Intelligence (Aman), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

1. Mike Enoch was employed by Oddcast, a corporation which was founded by an Israeli military special operations soldier, exclusively employs Israeli military intelligence operatives, and functions as a de facto Israeli Govt. intelligence agency front.

2. Mike Enoch was employed by Burrelle's Information Services, a corporation which is run by a C.I.A. operative, contracts for multiple U.S. Dept. of Defense agencies, and functions as a de facto U.S. Govt. intelligence agency front.

3. Ames Friedman was employed by Jim Smith, Jr. International, a company which contracts for the N.S.A., employs C.I.A. and R.C.M.P. operatives, and functions as a de facto U.S. Govt. intelligence agency front.

4. Ames Friedman was employed by America Online and NBC Universal, large American media corporations which frequently embed deep cover U.S. Govt. intelligence operatives.

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Fag 16 Balk.pdf

Mike Enoch’s Connections to the U.S. Department of Defense (D.O.D.)

Mike Enoch Interview with Andrew Marantz (New Yorker Jewish journalist)
“You know a lot of these guys are actual literal like military experience…”
“And we have guys some of whom are ex-military some of whom are ex law enforcement…”
“I’ve spoken to guys a lot of ex-military guys are in the alt-right and a lot of them have killed Arabs…”

Mike Enoch’s United States Military Family Members
Meanwhile, Peinovich’s ancestors fought against the Nazis and racism. His namesake grandfather served as a U.S. Army pilot in World War II, according to Gleissner. His great-grandfather, Peter B. Garberg, was a state’s attorney in North Dakota and was active in driving the KKK out of the state in the 1930s, Gleissner added.

Mike Enoch’s C.I.A. Operative Cousin Ella Peinovich

Mike Enoch’s Connections to U.S. and Israeli Govt. Intelligence Agencies

Mike Enoch’s Employment History

Nine Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Ad:Tech San Francisco 2008
April 15, 2008 | Eze Vidra
I’m at Ad:Tech in San Francisco today, one of the largest conferences on digital media and advertising. I came here to see the greatest and latest of online advertising and site monetization. I was happy to see that nine Israeli companies are exhibiting in the conference. Below is a quick background on each one, from ad tech’s site:

Oddcast Management Team
Adi Sideman, President & CEO
Gil Sideman, Chief Technology Officer
Gil holds both a BA and an MS in computer science, both cum laude, from Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

Oddcast (company)
The company was founded in 1999 by former Israeli army paratrooper and documentary filmmaker Adi Sideman, who as of 2012 is the company’s chief executive officer.

I Want to Be a Millionaire
Fellow Israelis breeze in and out of a far door. “Captain,” Adi says, nodding seriously at one. “The Unit,” he says of another, referring to an Israeli secret service. A third was in naval intelligence. Adi himself had been an Army special-forces paratrooper.

The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know
“There is quite an incredible spread of relationships,” former CIA intelligence officer William Bader informed a US Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the CIA’s infiltration of the nation’s journalistic outlets. “You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are Agency people at the management level.” Carl Bernstein, “The CIA and the Media.”

Burrelle’s Information Services, LLC Florham Park NJ (DBA Burrellesluce) Federal Vendor
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
Department of the Navy
United States Coast Guard
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Government Accountability Office

Not anything Holla Forums doesn't already know. But still this thread should be good for making (((TRSodomites))) get assmad and out themselves

Making Intelligence Smarter – The Future of U.S. Intelligence – Report of an Independent Task Force – Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations

ROBERT C. WAGGONER: Mr. Waggoner is President of Burrelle’s Information Services. He is also Chairman of Video Monitoring Services of America, Inc.

Hall of Fame inductees announced – Wednesday, September 23, 2015
And as if all that weren’t enough, Waggoner has been an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations for 25 years, traveling with that organization to Ukraine, Afghanistan, and NATO, CIA, Air Force and Navy bases.

Booz Allen’s Foster: When it Comes to Measurement, Listen and Learn
The C-suite’s expectations of PR pros, more effective ways for PR to leverage Big Data, and the continuing under-appreciation of listening on social channels were among topics tackled as Chris Foster, VP at Booz Allen Hamilton, spoke with PRWeek managing editor Gideon Fidelzeid prior to the BurrellesLuce-hosted roundtable.

Ames Friedman's Connections to U.S. Govt. Intelligence Agencies

Ames Friedman’s Employment History

– APTA (American Public Transportation Association)
– Bureau of Land Management
– Jamaica Customer Service Association (JaCSA)
– National Security Agency

Our Team
Dr. Marie Amey-Taylor – Senior Trainer
She has provided consulting services for a wide range of clients from the CIA to PriceWaterhouseCoopers throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East. She is the founder and director of InterACTion, an improvisational theater troupe and training group. The troupe has received national recognition. InterACTion’s clients have included educational institutions, businesses, government agencies and professional associations.

Allison V. Manswell – Senior Trainer
She received her BA in Justice and Law Enforcement from the University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, MB. She earned her Masters degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Managerial leadership, from City University in Bellevue, WA. Early in her career she worked with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

James Charney – Leadership and Communication Consultant
James is a consultant and entrepreneur focused on cross-cultural leadership and communication related to China. His unique experience in China working for an American multinational in business development and risk management combined with his experience as the head of strategy and marketing for a local Chinese company has given him unique insight into the challenges businesses face from a cross-cultural perspective related to leadership and communication. He is known for providing deep insight into the cultural complexities of running a multinational organization and working with business partners that have conflicting cultural norms and expectations.

Laura Putnam – Senior Trainer
Laura draws from her varied background in the fields of education, public policy and movement. In the sphere of education, she is an international teacher trainer, developing and conducting workshops around the world, including Africa and Central America. In addition to broadening her cross-cultural perspective, this travel helps to hone her language skills: she is fluent in French, conversant in Italian and Spanish, and familiar with several African languages. Previously, Laura taught in inner-city high schools, as well as a junior secondary school in a small village in West Africa. In addition, she was executive director of a nonprofit youth-leadership organization that was featured by President George Bush’s Points of Light Foundation. In the area of public policy, she worked with both the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Laura holds a Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in International Relations and a Masters in Education from Brown University.

Our Team
Ames is a leading expert and entrepreneur in the fields of digital media, online marketing, and social media, who has leveraged her passion and wealth of expertise for over 15 years working with major media companies, small businesses and not-for-profits to attract customers, engage target audiences and create tangible results that reach and surpass business goals for her clients. As Chief Marketing Officer at Jim Smith, Jr. International, Ames has been ignited by the inspiration engine that is Jim Smith, Jr. to bring to bear her understanding of audience development in the online space to engage and activate Jim’s clients and customers in the US and abroad. “Having been JIMPACTed myself, I am inspired and driven to bring such a wholly transformative experience to others by evangelizing for Jim Smith, Jr. International and bringing Jim himself to connect with new audiences around the world.”

Prior to her work with Jim Smith, Jr. International, Ames enjoyed a pioneering career in new media. First, she worked with the original web powerhouse, AOL, as a Director leading editorial, product and business management. Ames was inspired by her first love of live music to create and launch the world’s first online ticketing website to combine tickets to live events from all of North America’s widely varied ticketing vendors under one roof, creating a seamless, effortless solution for consumers – a game-changer in the industry. Having revolutionized online ticket-buying, she next set her sights on the Hyper-Local industry with AOL CityGuide, one of the original leaders in local content online. Next, with a focus on new trends in advertising and marketing swiftly changing the marketplace, she directed business management at AOL Music, the influential music website that gave birth to such blogs as and

Her reputation as a creative leader in launching online properties for major media companies led NBC to romance Ames to join their NBC Local Media group, where she combined her passions for the entertainment industry and her deep knowledge of the local sphere to relaunch NBC’s local news channel websites with a groundbreaking approach combining blogging, crowd-sourcing, social media and trends in advertising and marketing with their traditional hard news coverage. With NBC, she led online coverage of the historic election of Barack Obama, a life-changing experience for Ames.

Ames has a Bachelor of Arts from University of Massachusetts at Amherst, having graduated with honors in the fields of English and Art History. She then tried her hand at rockstardom as lead singer and songwriter for a band in the Boston music scene for over a decade, which significantly informed the later pursuit of her passion for live music and her drive to connect audiences with their passions through online media. Now Ames is revolutionizing Jim Smith, Jr. International’s presence online.


Go back to >>>/idpol/

Okay? Do you think Holla Forums is pro-alt right or pro-TRS? Just about everyone here knows what's what on them. Who is this thread for? Newfags? TRS fags?

Here we have the first assmad (((TRSodomite))) of the thread.

And possibly the second.

Good job OP.

Collecting and systematically exposing proof is of no harm…

OP, can you name someone on the right who is not a psy-op?

Bump because you can’t hide it.

Tell us something new


Hi, TRS. Still reading from that tired old script? Reported by the way.




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good work, op

that's hand lotion, i can tell by the consistency

And another TRSodomite appears, this time barely coherent and shouting a non-sequiter about Hillcunt. They aren't sending their best, folks.

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Hide what? You're only being vague because you have nothing to contribute. A slide thread that shits on kike e-celebs doesn't make it not a slide thread.

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Any real user do not bump this shit tier b8 shill SLIDE thread.
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Is the CIA outsourcing to india? Because this damage control is absolutely pajeet-tier.

No, you’re not going to hide the fact that your kikery is contop.

Is the CIA defacto Mossad though?
Surely the German patriots who worked for the CIA after the war didn't just obediently serve the jews who destroyed their people and humiliated their nation. National Socialists know how to network a hell of a lot better than Holla Forumsacks do. They're the White response to the kikes.
So knowing this, is it possible that the German patriots who entered the CIA after the war used their positions and networking to staff the agency with like minded individuals?

Shills are in this meaningless shit to.draw your attention.from.other good.threads.



Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit todraw your attention.from.other good.threads.

Same formatting:

Holy fucking shit, are you actually shilling for the CIA and suggesting they're secretly NatSocs fighting for the white race? My sides. The (((replies))) this fucking thread is attracting

You stink of decay and rott shill nigger




Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit todraw your attention from.other good.threads.

Same formatting:

Bump and reported for spamming.

I am raising a question that was brought up on the previous "X is a CIA operation" thread.
You were there, I presume.

Anyway, please explain why German patriots wouldn't try to help European Peoples by networking with like minded individuals in the CIA.
Holla Forums is a place to discuss all possibilities with an open mind for a change.

Nah, Holla Forums is a place for truth. Open minds kill civilization.

No argument. Predictable.
It isn't in your script

Your rotting shill corpse smells horrible

You're referring to Operation Paperclip, I assume. Those Germans were scientists, engineers, and technicians. They weren't intelligence spooks per se and they didn't work directly for the C.I.A.



Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit todraw your attention from other good threads.

Same formatting:



Are you mad you've been found out?
Good. You are shit at your job, shill bitch

Even if your assumptions are true I still love Merchant Minute


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit todraw you from other good threads.

Same formatting:


"Suppose, however, that the person asking the question is a potential recruit, someone with an open mind who really wants to understand our beliefs and goals. In this case we are obliged to explore the question more deeply, and in so doing we may have an opportunity to use one of the catchiest ideas of all: the idea of National Socialism."
~William Pierce

Close mindedness is what the kikes have created. Close mindedness is why people still believe in the holocaust. Close mindedness is why lemmings are unable to recognize the truth.
Close mindedness is the opposite of everything we stand for.
How on earth can we rekindle the natural racial consciousness of our race if their minds are closed to the truth?

This is true. However they were patriots and I find it difficult to imagine that after seeing the kikes humiliate and destroy their home, butcher millions of innocent German people, and systematically enslave every European nation on earth that they'd just give up and diligently work for a foreign government.

Maybe they did try and failed once again.
A very depressing thought indeed.

Stay mad shill bitch

Everyone already knows TRS is a den of kikes and fag/tranny lovers.

They were used and then ditched/killed off.

Yeah they probably got pissed when they saw no one was buying their bs about the fake bullet proof backpacks.

You are not of us.


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Same formatting:


You know that this is common to knowledge to any Holla Forumsack who has been around few years at least, right?

Right, and you’ve yet to reply to it. Bump because your feelings are hurt by it.

They.are.fucking.dumb enough to constantly use.same.attack.vectors.
It is pathetic

Shit tier B8 shill bitch



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This is the last time I'll engage with you unless you actually address my post.
If you don't, I'll just assume you're an ass mad shill.


Eat shit and die, you cocksucking TRSodomite. You refuse to engage in discussion because you know you’re objectively wrong. I don’t give a shit about your “engagement,” you fucking spook.


We have an assblasted shill bitch here


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw your attention from other good threads.

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Oh look, it’s bumped again. If the OP was wrong, you would have refuted it already.

I don't think they really had much of a choice. Germany had just been bombed back into the Stone Age.

The jew always accuses you of what he himself is doing.

Shill bitches talking to.eachother off.the.script.

Fucking how predictable you are.
You are utter shit at what you do


Great contribution.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting:


Stay mad shill bitch

What do you have to hide?

Just [-] it and use the catalog you retarded newfags

They’re TRSodomites. They’re paid to hide the truth.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw your attention from other good threads.

Same formatting:

Why are you scared?


This is true. Germany had been destroyed.
But that's no reason to give up now is it? Germany still lives in a sedated, dying status. The people are still alive. And even if every German had been murdered, wouldn't you continue the fight for White survival if you could.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to. draw your attention from other good threads.

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Why are you scared?

I'm good bro. Just fucking up your bitch slide thread.

You reek of decaying shill corpse

Why are you scared?

Well goddamn, you actually are outright shilling for the (((CIA))). Never thought I'd see the day. As stupid as you shills can be I honestly never thought you could be quite that stupid.

What did you expect ?


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit todraw your attention from other good threads.

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If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

You are fucking out of your league.

Go shill youtube.

Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?


Speaking of shilling for YouTube, why is your obviously kike-owned group allowed to have a YouTube channel when all other actual right-wing organizations and persons are banned from YouTube?

Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

Y u mad tho? You didn't actually think the ecelebs were on your side, did you?


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to. draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting:

Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?


He is kind of venturing into "secret U.S. Govt. Nazi conspiracy" territory ala Alex Jones. But I don't know if he's doing it deliberately though.

Refute what the OP said instead of throwing a tantrum like a little bitch. You can't do it, and you're desperate to cover up the truth.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting as REDICE

Cry moar shill bitch

Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

Isn’t it funny how you’re trying to cover up for the other place, too? Why is it impossible for both to be owned by jews? Or do you not believe that jews are bad?

Say all jews are bad.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting as REDICE

What good threads?

I don't care about TRS.are faggy drama


Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?


Jewish networking
Black networking
Hispanic Networking
Asian Networking
Indian Networking
Muslim Networking

And let's add Gay and Women networking.


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

You're doxed mate.

Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

Lol shill bitch gone insane


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting as REDICE

Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

It means both are owned by jews, and you are defending both. Why are you defending jews?


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting as REDICE

You mad shill bitch?

It means both are owned by jews, and you are defending both. Why are you defending jews? Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

Keep trying Schlomo.

LMAO the damage control employed here is one of the most pathetic I've ever seen. Don't reply, just wait for mods to clean up the TRSfags AIDS.

I'm not mad, I'm just amused at your little autistic meltdown. You completely fall apart when your kike masters are exposed.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same. formatting. as REDICE

It means both are owned by jews, and you are defending both. Why are you defending jews? Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?


Pathetic losers.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting as REDICE

I thought it was CIA?
Whic is it shill baka?

>The absolutely shitter shattered TRSemite trying to start a fight with the (((white meet up))) kike


Fuck your shitty slide thread.
You are shit at your job.

You run of a script and I know it in full.

Kikes can't stand the unboxing.

Nice vocabulary.


Shills are trying to engage you in this meaningless shit to draw you from other good threads.

Same formatting as REDICE is CIA
Same attack vectors
Same shill organization

You are complete shit at your job

I only wish I could get paid for ousting kikes and exposing their schemes.

I want mods specifically an all Anons to just observe the following scripted replies of shills talking to eachother and posting their work folders.
Mind image filenames and prescripted replies. If after 50 posts from this one you do not anchor this shitty slide shill b8 thread, I will comeback to warn Anons not B8 slide threads.


Sorry kikes, but you can't hide the truth forever.

It means both are owned by jews, and you are defending both. Why are you defending jews? Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

what a bunch of paranoids lol(Astroturf)

How fitting the nonwhite faggot works at a supermarket

Big, big child rape network in the founders and early executives. Polite sage for off topic.

An reporter that wrote a hit-piece on him?
So he wasn't born hailing Hitler?
Stopped reading.

keep all of this shit
if they ever deviate from a useful direction then bring it out

some of you niggers are bad at realpolitik

the national socialist party has not be formed as far as i know. until it is everything that moves people right is good. we can't focus on a pure party if there isn't one to begin with. If we jump the gun it will just get declared a terrorist group and our new rockwell will be assassinated by a kike while the normalfags cheer.

1. break kike power over peoples minds with psyche nonsense like racist / sexist / anti-semite. remove them from positions of power.
2. normalize natsoc
3. form real pure natsoc party

Still renaming images?

I swear sometimes I have to marvel at my shere brilliance.
Shills are basically ameba tier intelligence I fuck them over so hard.
It's almost unfair. But hey this is what you get if you come to play in the Lion's den

Bring what up? His wife being Jewish? Nice find retards.

What the fuck are you even saying, jewish paid shill?

ah yes, "realpolitik"



Such an organic thread!

Nothing like this one


What the fuck?


wait, what the fuck is the plastic calf spammer? is this a 4cuck thing?

So organic!

Your shill threads reek of a mile away

Do you fucking idiots really think that you can get rid of the truth by crying "shill"? OP could be posting interracial homosexual porn like the mods and he still wouldn't be as Jewish as Mike "the Jimpacted, B'nai B'rith, New York kike" Enoch.

It means both are owned by jews, and you are defending both. Why are you defending jews? Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?



I'm Killary missile now

I just wanted to see some trsodomite asspain. Thanks mods, you fucking niggers.

It doesn’t matter how many times you change IPs. The question remains the same, TRSodomite.

So Spencer glows in the dark. Nice.

You don't even understand the meme that you're trying to use. TRS is a psyop run by a literal kike and there's absolutely nothing you can do about that fact but cry about it.

Just wait a few minutes.

You don't know the half of it.

Implicit Dick is a dyed-in-the-wool CIAnigger.

This is relevant to Holla Forumsanons how?
We (I've) never visited there.
So now know not to visit there which I never intended to?

I fail to see how this is relevant to me or anyone here.

You forgot your sage this time.

And here we go again. Why do you shill this? Are you trying to dissuade us from going to his site?
I never would have anyway.

No answer. Of course because you are a shill running on scripted replies.

No, you kosher faggot. I posted that to help inform the guy I replied to and in the hopes of helping to either drive out the TRSodomite infestation here or waking them up.

So red ice is cia\mossad too?
Who else?
Holla Forums?
Every non mainstream media?

Yes, TRSodomite, that’d be exactly what he’s doing.

Why are you defending jews? Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

Stay mad shill bitch


I"m now never going to visit trs which i never planned to anyway.

Why are you defending jews? Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

Dodged a bullet right here.

Are you having a spastic attack?

Why are you defending jews? Why can’t you answer the question? If your kike website wasn’t owned by kikes, why wouldn’t you just prove that instead of try to hide the fact that it is?

Fuck your shit tier slide shill threads

While all jews are bad, your posting is pretty obnoxuous.

It’s not for you, dipshit. It’s to out the paid shills.

Guess what, ✡TRSodomite✡? BUMP

It's too bad people don't tolerate you as you're a sub iq Turkish monkey.



my bad.

Post a pic of your hand with a timestamp. Let's how white you are if you want to run around calling other people turkroaches. I'm sure you'll be happy to do that, right?


It was basically this spammed 47 times

This thread is amazing. So much TRScucks, so many bans.

It didn't disappoint. They swarmed this thread. This stuff should be required knowledge on TRS, even as an example of modern controlled opposition and how deep it goes to the (((CIA))).

Yes, you are.

I love threads exposing the alt-kike.

Whether or not it was OP's intent, this thread is doing an excellent job of flushing out TRSemite scum. Threads like this should be routine.

Can someone please get this flowing in the eceleb sphere , I.e. warski or a relentless case of attack.on mike next time he rears his ugly.kike neck to "debate" a nigger.

I hate these subhumans as much as anyone else but you're giving them waaaay too much credit, which makes you look like a try-hard tbh. Totally unnecessary. They are just idiots. American urbanite morons. Plain and simple.


This is just a poorly made meme.

thanks, user!

I disagree. Think about what the random probability would be of Mike Enoch and Ames Friedman both having been employed by several corporations with proven U.S. and Israeli Govt. intelligence connections. It's extremely improbable unless both of them are intelligence agents.

Although i don't lurk TRS very much i actually enjoy listening to podcasts like TDS and FTN. They exchange grounded opinions and speak openly about the topic de jour. Kikenoch and the rest may be compromised but to speak frankly what contribution has Holla Forums had since 16 to the meat space? The State of this board particularly has been reduced to cucktier memes and OP's while the site has a whole has been taken over by qfags.

What open exchange of ideas exists today aside from these faggish ecelebs. I sympathize with the doctrine of fascism and find myself in admiration of the man Adolf was a swell as how he was able to captivate all of Europe but natsoc will not work today and the world is too far gone to adopt it.

/Baseless tangent of the day

One of the other anomalous things with Peinovich is that drama over his mother, he complained on stream that she is a "private person," but she is actually a public figure involved with the AFL-CIO.


The absolute state of Holla Forums


Yes, always pay attention to anomalies, especially glaring ones. That's a very helpful method when playing the game of "spot the spook."

you talk like youre definitely not from here….also

Holla Forums = Muslim moderator and Jew site owner.
Worse than TRS.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?


Jewish networking
Black networking
Hispanic Networking
Asian Networking
Indian Networking
Muslim Networking

And let's add Gay and Women networking.


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

Haha more Chabad Peinovich cultists unable to conceil their butthurt.

Thanks, I'll add to my "spamming" "FISH BOL".

I never stated they were one in the same. In fact i outlined that i sympathize with fascism but have a hard time understanding how natsoc can be applied in the 21st century.

I am not aware of Duce being a Bolshevik. What does that say about Adolfs admiration to him than?


NatSoc will be applied in the 21st century the same way as in the 1930s: except one difference. This time we will kill all the fucking Jews, niggers, mudslimes, faggots, and race traitors.

Yet you're too scared to go outside and meet White people.

10 year you have been saying you're going to kill Jews. Not one Jew has been harmed by a (((White Nationalist))).

Wait, the board owner is literally a Turkroach?


Wrong, and wrong. Fuck off back to TRS Jew.

Circumstantial evidence and quote mining do not an argument make. This continual hate-boner is concerning, fam.

mfw the shill doesn't know the golden rule
mfw war is going to be wunderbar

Cancer thread with cancer mod





This is why Murdoch Murdoch never talks to you guys. You're all paranoid weirdos.


What do i gain from a conversation with a rice farmer?



How was today's shift? Are you getting tired of mopping up peepee?




What are you doing in Holla Forums, comrade?
>>>Holla Forums2402693

The board, like every other board is owned by Jim. Imkikey is just a hotpocket who does his dirty work for free. Users do not own boards on 8ch. They never did, but in the days before the coup, when HW was admin there was law & order and mods were not completely compromised.



Projecting Schlomo?


Deny it all you want, kike. they have the same file names.


Notice how the kike is obsessed with corrupting anything that is good and pure and twisting it into perversion?

wew. Reported for typical lies.

Stop posting your selfies.

Reported. You don't even know what it was like before shills like you started showing up. This board used to be the greatest place on the entire web.

Hotwheels would get rid of BOs/mods who didn't follow the site rules, any given board's rules, and the community was unified against them. The site rules are to jim and his paid moderators what the US Constitution is to the ZOG.

I have some conversations saved from back in '14. Not as screengrabs, but as plaintext, with all the various quotes linked through each other and citations and such. It was fucking wonderful, man. I remember that anons would come back the next day and say, "Hey, that thread we had last night was fucking amazing. Can we continue the discussion?"

Now it's civic nationalist the_donald users spamming hundreds of frog images in every single thread without contributing a word of discussion. Now it's literal kike paid shills, copying and pasting from their fucking playbook, being protected and people calling them out being banned.

I'm impressed that you have any proof, but you don't need it. The only thing Holla Forums hates more than Jews are IRL White Nationalist organizations. They will believe anything bad about them. Honestly this shit is a waste of everyone's time. No one needs a psyop to stop the right wing, because the right wing is incompetent.

You know, if you would just suckstart a shotgun you wouldn't have these problems anymore. Thanks for the fucking well poisoning, by the way. We really love when you associate PROVEN FACT with your delusional kikery.

Say whatever you want. I'm done with right wing politics because there are zero competent leaders and no successful plans. I wish that weren't the case, but that's just the way it is.

Tell that to the spammer.

no shit. Where've you been, OP?

If he's posted here for more than a week he would have figured that out. There was a time in early 2017 that you could derail any thread just by mentioning TRS or anyone associated with them.

Murdoch Murdoch is a great content creator. I only want to interact with him via consumption of what he creates; I'm not some tween girl who wants to meet idols.

Faggot nazi wanna bees shitposting to a site run by Jews….

why doesnt he have ears

At least he wanted to do something for Whites IRL unlike you nazi faggots shitposting for the Jews.

Except I do, which is why I can tell you're full of shit.

Nope, that's a baldfaced lie. Civic nationalists get gassed on sight and nobody's dumping hundreds of "frog memes" anywhere here. But if only we could go back to the quality of 2014, right? How I miss when full/pol/ barely had any users, was frequently shitted up with bait threads, and accomplished nothing. If only we could go back.

Nice try at consensus cracking. not really

Yeah, he wants to get them caught in an extremely obvious CIA honeypot. I don't think that really counts.

What honeypot? Get arrested for meeting up?
Are you on meth?

Observe the enraged kike as he cowers in the face of truth and beauty.

LOL! Keep trying Schlomo!


lol. Your ass still hurts so much that nobody fell for your shitty honeypot, doesn't it? You'll never convince anyone here to organize out in the open with no opsec, you retarded CIAnigger.

If this is a site run by jews, why are you still here all these months later still trying to get us to meet up with you after your have made all these threats towards us?


You just can't help yourself. You're jewish nature keeps bubbling to the surface to corrupt anything that is pure.

What threats liar?

Yup, still howling mad that nobody fell for your honeypot. You'll never trick Holla Forums. You simply don't have the IQ

But too scared to meet IRL

Does this ring a bell?

Your anus is a "honeypot" for Jew cock.

I'm pretty sure that's a bot.

Back in 2014 we outnumbered them at least 10 to 1, probably still do, but after years of artificial selection by Imkampfy & friends our best and brightest are largely gone and the remaining civnat cucks and reddit scum are incapable of dealing with the shills.

Yeah, I am literally afraid to meet you. You are an obsessive schizophrenic who has hounded us for five months.

Sounds about right. What have White Nationalists done that is pro White?

Read the last sentence, you threatened to kill us.

ewww, Why would I want to meet a degenerate like you?

Are you having a stroke? You just called be a coward for not meeting you. You made dozens of meetup threads as an open invitation to all of us, and now you are saying you don't want to meet up? You're crazy.


You threaten to kill Jews and Black everyday on this board. Now everyone that posts here wants to kill you?

Who the fuck are are talking to? I never said I wanted to meet YOU. Fucking faggot.

Reported for being a leftist, then.

You first tried to deny that you made the threat. When I pointed out your lies, you are now trying to move the goalposts.


Lay off the fucking meth.

Show me a single example of a civic nationalist thread getting stickied. Of course you're lying about it so you can't do that

Who specifically did you want to meet on Holla Forums? The other thousand users who are exactly like me?

is there anyone on the alt right that 8/pol/ does like? everyone has been smeared here and it is obvious that some lefty group is just trying to destroy white nationalism from rising.

They just want to shitpost to a board run by a Turkroach.

I have never taken meth, try to face the truth instead of running from it, you dirty little kike.

Well that projection makes it obvious that c90dec does meth. You're not supposed to get high on your own supply, you know. Does the CIA offer a rehab program you could check yourself into?

Bullshit. You've clearly not been here very long.
Do you really expect anyone to believe you when you're this fucking wrong? You could only be more wrong if you said "the board is not colored blue."
We've lost 90 fucking percent of users in the last three years. And no, not from "during the campaign", I mean before the fucking campaign. DURING THE INFINITY DEBACLE, WE HAD MORE PEOPLE POSTING HERE THAN NOW. That shows you what this place has become. That shows you just how much trust people had in the cripple and THE MESSAGE this board sent back then. It's gone now.
Look at the paid shill spamming phrases it doesn't even understand!

I'd say the same except 1. it's protected by the mods and 2. it DOES reply with words in context once in a while.

Why would we like anything about jewish controlled opposition, user?

That explains why Holla Forums is a shit board of faggot schizos who think everyone wants to meet them.

I will give you that enoch could be a plant, but seriously I find it out that Holla Forums doesn't seem to like anyone from the altright. Instead I could see some lefty group shilling disinfo to keep us just mindlessly talking about da jews opposition XDDD all day and not actually making any actual progress.

Holla Forums is a public board and you posted an open invitation. I am not a white nationalist, therefore you invited me.


The guy in the pic would put a bullet in your head for serving the Jews.

Why WOULD we want to meet one another? We can't fucking trust each other. Or anyone. We can't possibly escape being nabbed by the fucking feds for meeting. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER ON THE DAY OF THE ROPE. Isn't that enough?

I would reply to you as to the TRUE source of this effort, but you can't say those things here. Cough cough.

How do I "serve the jews", schizo?

I never post anything meth addict.

Does this look familiar?

Makes sense Schlomo.

No, now go suck Schlomos dick.

How do we know you aren't going to turn us into the feds as soon as we meet you? What kind of guarantee can you provide?

This is the best job well poisoners can do.

That's the plan and reason this board exists.

Funny, because those are the exact same images you post in your "FISH BOL" spam. It is also the same writing style. Just admit you're a liar and we can move forward.

Jews are well know to promote hatred against themselves to garnish sympathy.


We can tell by your behavior.

DO you even know what "D&C" means? It makes no sense in the context you just used it.

No one cares about your paranoid postings.

And no one cares about your honeypot fed meetup either.

No one cares about your trolling schlomo.

Nope. The mods gas civic nationalists on sight. You're lying so all you can do is cry about it. You can never prove me wrong because I'm telling the truth and you're not

And the Jews win again.

You're right. Maybe it's a script.

We also lost 90% of the boards. There are only a handful of truly active boards left, the rest are basically archives with good content, but no active users.


I'm not trolling. I am just correcting your lies and disinformation, and forcing you confront reality.

why exactly?

Oy vey, let's post 70 years old pics of failed Nadsees. Same shit over and over.

Now you're starting to get it. Any attempts to meet up on Holla Forums are traps. What is so hard to understand about this? You can meet up, but don't associate your real life identity with this place. That should be obvious to anyone.

Then say home and jerk off to Hitler or something meth addict.

That's rich coming from a spammer who spends all day pressing copy/paste.


Arrogant twink, you'll never be able to grope her titties

False dichotomy.
I can meet up and leave Holla Forums completely out of it. No one has to know I even go to this website. But you knew that already. Do not meet anyone on Holla Forums, it is most likely a fed posing as anonymous.


Nice numerals, friend. Kek'd. The white meetup fag works at a dollar general, or was that a red herring?

That isn't going to work either, I know you are the "fixpol" spammer. You use the same images and you have you signature favorite insult "meth addict", which is also used by the spammer. You are a chronic liar.

That is quite funny because it is the exact opposite of what I was suggesting.

This is a fucking lunatic asylum.


account terminated, anyone have an mp4?

When is you nutsee cuckery ever going to work?

And then the fucking Q-LARP shit, which is the fastest fucking board on the site. I can tell why they chose to host here. After cuckchan banned them (which should be a sign of something, if nothing else is), they couldn't make their own board there and they wanted to be on a website that was "off the beaten path" enough to make it seem "spooky" to your average redditor, et. al.

Just about everything alt/right and white nationalist is jew propagated.

See, this is why no one believes a word you say.

How badly are you projecting right now?

Hitler was a loser. The Jews won WWll.

But but…

The alt-kike told me Trump would save America?

If nobody ends up doing something in real life, how are we supposed to accomplish what we want? I'm sorry, but shitposting online only won't save us. They are some of the only people defending whites and they also advocate doing things peacefully. And while they should go do what they're good at, we should do what we're good at. They are allies to the cause, and the jews have done a shit ton of shilling trying to prevent you from hearing them.

Again, image boards are a community of anonymity, and it's fine to do our job here digging information, but they are the IRL branch of pro-white.

And we intend to correct that mistake.

lol and

Yeah, nah. Go back to your cuckshed and collect your tax free pay until the hammer drops on your measly head.

cancer shill thread with cancer mod.

Keep telling us how you're not the spammer.




those who will not fight do not deserve to live


Read the OP and then kill yourself.


It's Karl Denninger if he was in college and a millennial.

woahkey i wasnt sure fbi and cia were trying to fuck us up in here but thats pretty solid as far as implicit proof goes

How will falling for jewish tricks stop the genocide, shlomo?

I'm not even trying to shill for them. But I've never seen them advocate for anything that's against the law. They provide a lot of information about how jews subvert everything. At some point we'll have to organize in the real world. If they're the front men, then fine, from their foundation, the real thing can be created. This is likely how it'll play out. But from that, the rule should always be: NO JEWS ALLOWED.

go take a coffee break cianigger, youve clearly become overworked and arent making sense

Careful not to go around in public saying you are from Holla Forums. That is what the spammer is trying to make us do.

Check out the other thread I made, REDICE is Mossad/CIA just like
Fellow rightwingers.
Next in my series:
Holla Forums is CIA and pol is mossad

Reported for serial ban evasion.

He is the spammer, idiot.

Mike and Spencer are affiliated with Jews. They should not be allowed.





Oh, it never gets old.

The spammer left. I know his writing style, and that guy is not the spammer. See posts from the IDs c90dec bf4405 53c6e3 and b5500e

When we take power, fine. Mike being married to one. I think that maybe that gave him a great insight on how jews work. I also understand that people can make mistakes before they were redpilled, but sometimes you can't take back mistakes. I think they are paving the way for the right people from our stock to be in the correct position.

meant for


Nope, it's the spammer.

(posts evidence)

(posts evidence again)
The fucking audacity of these kikes.

That is paraphrasing a Hitler quote. The spamming kike would never say that.

Where is this from? Like which episode of his podcast?

Whatever you say. You're wrong, but whatever.

Holla Forums is a Psychological Operation (PSYOP) of Israeli Military Intelligence (Aman), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

yeah yeah all our allies are G-men,you can only trust Holla Forums, oh wait Holla Forums is all G-men shitposteres as well.

Prove it, TRSodomite.

I don't need to prove it. I said some retarded shit on the internet so it's a fact.

(Links to him making threats)
(links to his white meetup spam)
(Links to his fixpol spam including the exact image he used in this thread.)
Kikes fear the truth more than anything.

We have proven our claims, so you prove yours.

Global report for serial ban evasion and off-site shilling.

So Mike beats a kike in a debate and then this thread pops up with info we already knew.

(((Pure coincidence)))

"Qanon" is a USSOCOM psychological operation. I didn't know it had its own board on Holla Forums.

But what's the purpose?

I don't know yet. But I do know that right-wing/patriot/conspiracy/alternative media is a giant CIA/SOCOM psychological operation.

Alex Jones is the primary figure in this CIA/SOCOM alt-media complex. Figure out what his purpose is and you'll have figured out the whole thing.

One obvious purpose I can think of is to induce among the target audience moral/social support for the U.S. military/U.S. Dept. of Defense, which is exactly what you would expect a major goal of a U.S. Dept. of Defense psychological operation to be.

To get a bunch of gullible autists to waste their time chasing geese instead of anything real, and to simultaneously make normal people see conspiracy theorists in general as just gullible autists instead of truth seekers. Should be obvious

And notice that Congress just recently (10 days ago) blew threw the military budget sequester that had been in place since 2011 and massively expanded funding for the U.S. Dept. of Defense. And Trump has requested even more funding for the D.O.D. for the 2019 budget (as he did last year as well).

So the overarching goal here seems to be increasing funding for the U.S. military.

That too. USSOCOM agents like Alex Jones promote endless false conspiracy theories as distractions and to prevent the target audience from discovering and learning about real conspiracies (which inevitably always involve the U.S. Dept. of Defense).


I would take it the argument is they are pied pipers, so I'm curious if there's a write up like what's being posted but of them misdirecting their followers or is it the contention that they haven't turned that corner yet?

I'm not sure what you mean exactly. The "misdirection" was always present in their rhetoric from the beginning: support for Donald Trump, the Republican Party, the U.S. military industrial intelligence complex, and Israel/Zionism (implicitly).

Support trump over hillary doesn't cut it for me as them jewing White followers.

Let's do some theorizing for a moment. These statements taken together, with the fact that Q-LARP has not only its own discussion board but its own posting board where only it can post, leads me to believe that kikes have gained immense understanding of US, and that sort of frightens me. Q-LARP seems to be one of–if not the–first large-scale evidence that they now know how we operate, how we discuss things, and what this kind of communication environment represents. You can theorize about high level shit like 4chan and Holla Forums being owned by the same parent company, which is jewish. You can theorize about low-level shit like jews hand picking moderators, allowing them to ban all content that goes against their narrative and drive discussion this way or the other. And you can talk about the blatantly obvious third-party infiltration through paying spammers to flood the board with lies or just running bots to do the same.

But Q-LARP represents both understanding of the website format and understanding of the fundamental reason we USE these sites. The first Q posts had no trips. Then someone showed him how to use them. Then, when Q was banned from cuckchan, it came here (to Holla Forums specifically), but we kicked it the fuck out because its lackeys had already crossposted the message from the beginning and we–specifically I–had torn it to fucking shreds and they ran away (extremely quickly) once we started asking questions that they couldn't answer without exposing their shit. When the Q-fags set up their own "containment" board here (I forget what the first one was called…), Q-LARP started posting with a trip and also made use of the ID system, which became handy for it when one of its employee moderators fucked up and turned off tripcodes, making it impossible for the Q team to "verify" who they were. When CBTS fell, it became QRESEARCH, where now anything which goes against the narrative is banned. Massive traffic there now, likely from all the crossposting redditors and boomers from Twitter, and it's hidden from the main page listing. And then beyond that, Q doesn't post on QRESEARCH. It posts on… whatever the fuck it is; I stopped caring when I worked up a copypasta that shuts down Q-fags EVERY time they post their shit anywhere.

And that board ONLY allows Q's accounts to post. You can't make posts and you can't make threads. It's a clear and total violation of Holla Forums site policy, but… it draws so much traffic that Jim apparently doesn't care. Or doesn't want to…

Anyway, as the 2018 and 2020 elections approach, expect kike shills to have full understanding of the features of our sites. Expect them to blend in better than ever.

Try and refute anything that was said then.
Or provide any argument.
And what kike did kikey beat? Why would he even beat his fellow chosenites

this is fucking gold

(((They))) are only in it for the Jew-Tube views, Kike-Book likes, and the shekels.

MPC thinks that TRS sucks because they didn't support Trump for a week or so after the Syria strike. Mike Peinovich's most consistent political position has been opposition to the MIC, or at least that's how he tends to describe it. He was an anti war liberal, became an anti war libertarian, and now he's… whatever he is now. If he's a crypto military shill he sure doesn't sound like it. Actually, can you show me a single quote where TRS expressed support for American military adventurism?


The Night of the Long Knives (German: About this sound Nacht der langen Messer (help·info)), also called Operation Hummingbird (German: Unternehmen Kolibri) or, in Germany, the Röhm Putsch[a] (German spelling: Röhm-Putsch), was a purge that took place in Nazi Germany from June 30 to July 2, 1934, when the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazis, carried out a series of political extrajudicial executions intended to consolidate Adolf Hitler's absolute hold on power in Germany.

4chan and Holla Forums are not owned by a "parent company."

Interesting; I'd heard that often. Evidence?

Jim owns Holla Forums.

… And that's supposedly evidence of what? For whom does he work?

Doesn't some japanese guy own 4chan? so if some umbrella company owns or "owns" both that would mean there's a underwraps deal where the parent company is actually the owner or both have handed over their property to their employer because they're employees? Where's the evidence to any of this? I mean, this is sounding outlandish.

"Hiroki", I believe. 4chan is owned by 2ch, right? I thought Holla Forums was also.

Jim owns it!!!

does anyone have the audio from that cripplechaner who called on the radical agenda?
it proves what mentally ill retards populate this site.


===================================== [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] Folder/kell24.htm [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open]
Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck

Anonymous (ID: +7gqJdoR)

08/30/17(Wed)08:31:04 No.139616874

================================== [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open]
>Miscegenation illegal in (((Our Greatest Ally))) [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Open]

Anonymous (ID: +iAKLG4X)

08/30/17(Wed)08:31:38 No.139616921
Heil Hitler! Für Deutschland!!

Anonymous (ID: +7gqJdoR)

08/30/17(Wed)08:33:03 No.139617031

127 KB JPG
卐 - Jews in High Places
————————————– 16 Balk.pdf

The only mentally ill here are the trannies on Holla Forums.


The shills have been really active this weekend.

i'm glad you agree with me


So mods are giving up bans for us when we dont buy up this shit and question it. I knew this was bad, but this bad.

So TRS who in every show, debate, and public appearence names the jew, talks about the JQ, and has made most of the humourous jew memes go viral is some how pro-jew mossad? That makes so much sense.

Basically Mike Enoch has done more to white cause by doing IBS and beating cucks, jews and leftists. Yet he in your demented mind is some how secretly a mossad agent.

This board has gone mental. So much d&q tactics, missinformation, doxxing allies, shilling against any real life people by calling it e-drama, and now banning people who guestion all that.(TRSodomite)

He has (59) posts by now. That's some grade A organic freerange asshurt on a Sunday evening/Monday night.

You fell for the "shift the burden of proof" trick, idiot.

Peinovich is a fucking Jew.

No, I got the two confused. I mighg be retarded, but not in the way you thought. Just wanted to clear that up to save my reputation.

Are you dense? He's clearly talking about people on the forum and the people who show up at their TRS get-togethers. People whom he didn't know 3 years ago. That is not a "connection to the U.S. DOD". And no, every grunt who passed basic training is not automatically part of a grand CIA plot, despite what you want to believe.

I'll give you that something might be up with Spencer since he has a connection to Regnery Publishing. The rest of these guys (TDS, FTN, VandalVoid, Ricky Vaughn, etc) are just a bunch of twitter fags which is obvious to anyone.

also, pi = 3.14

It happens, and don't be fooled by post numbers itt, because at least 100+ posts of TRSodomite asshurt spam have been deleted so far.


We broke the spambot.


^ says it all right there. Reason enough to throw everything he says in the garbage bin.

I've been saying much of the stuff he says before I knew they existed and I don't have a CIA operative cousin that I'm aware of. Throw it in the bin?

Nope. We can keep what you say. Nice HH get, btw.

I wish you people would post sane criticism instead of this retarded shit that makes everyone who dislikes TRS resemble conspiracytards.

CIA operatives? Come the fuck on. They're a bunch of incompetent, alcoholic egomaniacs trying to be cult leaders and failing miserably.

Um, also, maybe Enoch isn't CIA…

But I'm pretty sure Spencer is tbh.

anglin and spencer are suspicious to me
jew is just a nut


so you cant say w e e v ?

Nope. They don't know how we operate at all. That's why they failed so spectacular to drag full/pol/ into the Q psyop that Q shit is now banned here. As for why Q exists, it's probably an effort to keep those evil right wingers busy with a wild goose chase so they won't do any real damage to the jewish apparatus or get too close to the truth.

Why can't everyone be as neurotypical and well adjusted as Christopher Cantwell?

I dunno. Enoch looks alright.

I'm pretty sure the Q guy is a schizo who did work in intel. He's smart.

He's a kike, so you're saying it properly.

the 'q guy' is a psy-op run by Mossad, you dumb fuck.

Think about it further. They went to all that effort and they still fucked it up.

If he was smart then I wouldn't know he's a liar.

Most anons on infinity Holla Forums know this so it is a waste of time to defend against their shills and post "sane criticism." My criticism is that practically every host and domain registry banned him and yet he still manages to weasel up his shitty National Socialist LARPing website. That tells me he is an intel asset, for the same reason many Alt-Kike accounts are still very active after the so-called Twitter Shoah.

Holy shit, this thread.

I'm pretty sure he's not. Too many people get hopping mad about it. That's not normal. They're CIA agents. Basically, CIA agents smoke too much weed, so they're angry all the time.

I dunno. People get things wrong, and then people call them liars, but if you think about it, if you were running an intel agency you might tell some lies to your operatives. This would help you know which part is leaking. Also, it would help discredit them. I would consider this standard practice in all spy agencies, at multiple levels, unless I had substantial evidence to the contrary.



Fitting projection, Imkikey.



I have no doubt that the Kiking of Western Governments, Military and Intelligence agencies was resisted by factions of patriots along the way. I'm not sure that they failed completely. Perhaps they realised that the mind-control power of Kike media was too strong, and they had to play the long game to defeat it.

What are we using right now? The internet started off as a US government sponsored project. Under the premise of creating a survivable communications network, they ultimately created a system for horizontal information dispersal that is highly resistant to the sort of top-down narrative creation that the Kike's rely on to keep us in the dark.

As the Kikes stepped up their effort to own and control the internet, along came Tor, which also originated with, and continues to be sponsored by, the US government.

I can tell that you really know what you're talking about.

When I was a teenager I worked with a retired CIA case officer at a hardware store. He said it was kind of like the movie The Recruit without any of the excitement and drama. Basically adversaries and 'allies' constantly spread disinformation to each other to the point nobody really trusts or believes anyone else. This is consistent with my Army experience (though it's a much lower IQ form). My NCOs lied constantly just to get everyone to behave. I don't think it was malicious or conspiratorial, for the most part, but I think lying is an expedient way to influence behavior. There really aren't any serious social consequences for being a liar. If you burn to many bridges, you just find another job or move to another town. We don't live in small communities where a man's word and character affect his standing.

TOR is not your friend. It keeps you anonymous to other users and site administrators, but you're not safe from State actors. Just spoof your MAC and use public WiFi with a cantenna. Proxy or VPN on top if you feel the need.

He took credit for the Rothschilds selling a property after his completely unrelated "Blackforest" post, but just clicking the source in the article would have shown that the sale was finalized the day before. It's a LARP, and not a very good one.

imagine being unironic in your belief of this

Imagine unironically believing someone who's married to a B'nai B'rith BioQueen is a sincere WN.

Cui bono? And what has Mike Enoch or TRS done to mislead the alt-right? This is a genuine question. I'm open to the idea of Enoch being a deep-cover jew, and I think he looks like a jew, but I'm also open to the idea of him just being a weird looking Anglo that got redpilled late in life and I can't think of anything he has said or done that was explicitly bad for white people.

The last one is probably just them being newfags, but he's still pretty subversive.

I have witnessed TRS meming Pinochet, but never noticed them doing it at the expense of Hitler. That's easily attributed to the fact that I really didn't pay them much mind when they were new and popular. I'm going to do some research to confirm this. Got any links that would give me a head start?

Whatever. Burn them all.

Simple: He claimed to not be Jewish.

Burn them all. Controlled opposition is always bad. Anyone who associates with Richard Spencer must be banished.

I can't talk about the divorce goy.

I don't think they ever explicitly said "let's replace Hitler with Pinochet", but that was obviously their intention after seeing the success of Hitler memes on (then cuckchan) Holla Forums. Pinochet didn't have the "baggage" of anti-semitism, racism, or "National SOCIALISM".

And it makes them easier to shill against National Socialism by using a different meme that has similar effect.

No, you're a fucking retard. We get angry about it because it's a hoax that has pulled in MILLIONS of people and has permanently poisoned them against ever learning the real truth about the jews.

Pinochet is a lolberg hero despite not actually being a lolberg. Ancap hero rather. He used free market economics and laissez faire policy designed by some kike in an American university.

And nothing will be done about it. Nothing will ever improve and the world is fucked.

Ashes. Echoes.

Probably Kushner, tbh.

Pinochet also succeeded at ending the bolshevik threat to Chile, while Hitler failed and suicided while ensuring as many germans as possible die with him..
Hitler killed what, 50 million whites through warfare, starvation etc? While allying with shitskins like the japs and muslims?

The Holohoax didn't happen bro.

No. Reported for defending Q-LARP.

Go away, TRSodomite.

you are fucktarded.


Make your own fucking board. I'm tired of your fucking eceleb shit.

Sage negated. Deal with it. You ain't Kampfy, you can't tell me what to do. And if you are Kampfy; FUCK YOU TURKROACH, DROWN YOURSELF IN SEMEN!

You still can't tell me what to do. Be tired of it. Get JIMPACTED. The Purity Spiral will continue until everyone is pure or everyone is dead.

Do you get it yet?

Actually I'm a monarchist, I don't care about hitler or pinochet. I think we need a good, well trained and experienced king.
Just stating some basic facts, Hitler did fail, he did make bad decisions, he did get a whole shitload of white people killed, he did ensure that the 20h century would belong to jews and shitskins.

Then you're retarded. Monarchy is fucked because Kangs always become corrupt. Royalty only means inbred degenerates who sell out their people for Jewish moneylending.

Nothing has ever been good. Not Kangs, Not Tribes. NOTHING. There is only Eternal Misery.

And remember: Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward. Are you bad-ass enough to survive the nuclear JIMPACT?

Pick none. Kings only become degenerate inbreds corrupted by Jewish moneylending. Just like what happened before. The cycle is the problem; to stop the cycle you have to destroy all life.

Omnicide is for Everyone.

You know we have IDs right? Are you having a schizophrenic break?
For the record, monarchy is retarded, but this poster is ridiculous.

No. I'm not. I didn't respond to you unless you're the monarchist hopping IPs. Or are you Kampfy?

But regardless of who you are. I'm right and you know it. Everything is shit and you know it. Mike Peinovich is a Jew and you know it. Jesse Dunstan is a scammer and you know it. TRS is shit and you know it. Everything is doomed and you know.

Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward.

Ashes. Echoes.

Doesn't matter. He's a TRSodomite. Burn them all.

He addressed this in a recent episode, he said that the Pinochet stuff was just a phase and criticized that regime for employing kikes

Not only that. Imagine giving them fucking MONEY.

Monarchy has produced stable governments lasting millennia.

What do you have? Ten years?

Is this some gay reference to Israeli bluff?

They have ~100 nukes, maybe 50 on missiles.

Let them take out the 50 capital cities in Europe, it will take out 90% of immigrants in each country and improve the continent.

Fuck you.

That's not good enough. Burn all TRSodomites.

frankly, that's just not going to happen

You sound like you glow in the dark.

So now that the damage is already done, hes admitting the "purity-spiraling 1488ers" were right about that just like we were right about him?

Doesn't matter if it lasted a thousand years, if it fell it's worthless. The only fix is a permanent one.

If Samson Launches, it hits Moscow (maybe), Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Madrid. If Warsaw gets hit, DEADHAND launches. That hits everyone.

Fuck. You. Kings are worthless. All is filth. Nothing good has ever happened.

Ashes. Echoes.


It will happen. Mark my fucking words:


Anyone who supports Monarchy unironically probably does. Kings always become inbred degenerate fucks who betray their own people for Jewish moneylending.

And I don't think we can actually beat them in the end. The gods created the Jews so that they could torture us forever. The kikes are nothing but the scalpel used by the Creators, who are also tormentors.

Ashes. Echoes.

Exactly. But he's the one saying it, so you have to use their framing of everything or be banned from everything like Wyatt.

Look at the timing of DS and the right stuff.
When did they become popular and started shifting?
Was it after the greatest story never told went viral?
Is TRS at war with radio Aryan atm?
You think there might be multiple levels of gate keepers?

Mike's reply to 8chans claims was basically
"this level of conspiracy is not possible and if you think so you are retarded"

Two fucking words for you Mike: hollywood and holocaust.
Jews have the imagination! What do you think the Masons are up to?
Oh right! You don't talk about them.

Anglin, jew and the rest are all ironic Nazis!
Everyone except maybe Eric Striker.

Are you a nigger? Our civilization is in the flesh and bones of OUR people, not in some sculpture. A sculpture is replaceable, white people aren't.

GTFO my board with your eceleb cancer

DEADHAND hits everything. US Second Strike hits everything else. Those cities are just the catalyst. What, are you saying DEADHAND doesn't work? And you conveniently left out Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw and Moscow.

Sage negated.

Are you insane? What the hell are you talking about?

What a retarded person, go to your friendly jew dispensary and get some antidepressants and antipsychotics.

This is a shill.

Yawn. Keep moving those goalposts, you fucking kike. Reported for desiring the destruction of white civilization.

Deadhand is smarter than you are moron, it's an AI, it knows who hit it and why like 20 minutes before the first nuke hits its ground network.


DEADHAND is an automatic retaliation system that - as far as U.S intelligence knows - is deactivated, and for all we know it could be selectively targeted, a nuclear launch from the Kikes would be caught by radar as soon as it got out of the silo and the Rooskies would know exactly who it was.

Warsaw is in range of Russian neutron burst sensors. That triggers DEADHAND, same with the overpressure sensors. I've made quite a study of it; because I'm looking for a way to destroy all life on Earth.

That will fix the problem.

Then leave.

No, it isn't. There is no AI. You're retarded and probably A TRSodomite.


Whatever. Watch what happens. There is no hope. Kangs are shit. Everyone is filth.


Ashes. Echoes.

Putin declared DEADHAND aka Perimiter was active during 2013. And he also stated it was as it was constructed during the soviet era. As in it hits everyone.

And that still doesn't change the fact that the kikes have control of US Nuclear Command through Obama's appointee that never got changed out who is also a Dual Citizen of Israel and the US.

So your goal is to kill this website? Neat idea kike, but it isn't going to work.

He co-hosts a paywall show with Eunuch now to pay for Ames' dragshow admissions.


Reported. Your strawman won't save you.


I've made quite a study of it. Because I want the entire world to die because the gods are cunts for creating anything to begin with.

And I'm still right. You still know it. There is no hope; only Eternal Misery.

Ashes. Echoes.


I'm not a LARPer, nor am I an autist. I'm just the most demoralized person you'll ever meet on the internet.


Then Leave. The site will continue whether or not you're on it or satisfied with the content and userbase. Jim will push his shit and everyone will just shovel it in. Because good things don't happen.

Daily reminder that this is the kind of person spamming JIMPACT and those same dozen .jpgs of out of context/outright fabricated quotes of every far right figure for the past year and a half.

Like this, all of which have citations?

Whatever TRSodomite.

I'm still right. You still know it.


Striker is a drunk. He is probably not aware that he is being used.

That's not good enough. If he knows he's being played or not. No Rest, No Mercy, No Matter What.

Just looking at the Richard Spencer one, he is trolling leftists with "Israel is an ethnostate." Where did these images come from? Who made them? There's clearly a style guide here, these aren't just memes created by bored anons.
In fact, here's a video from December 2017 of Mike Enoch defending national socialists. It's 2 hours so I'm just going to post the link with a timestamp.

Doesn't matter. We hate TRSodomites and anyone who's friends with TRSodomites.

Leave and take Dicky Spencer and his House Nigger that walked across his last debate stream with you.

You argue like a fucking kike

Okay Holla Forums

He isn't just "trolling leftists". He's made it very clear that he's a zionist, and wrote about his willingness to form an alliance with "right-wing Israelis".

Yeah, there's no way somebody I made one and used the psd as a template for the rest.

And you sound like a TRSodomite.


And learned nothing at all.

Emo cunt and future school shooter. Global report.

Why would I shoot a school? It's wasted effort. No Spree Killer Ever Shot a Rothschild.

And you can't emo shame me into backing down from this. Find another knife; that one isn't sharp enough. I'm right and you know it.

He is also broke and needs money. But i understand what you mean.

If you understood, then you'd get your friend out of there.

Seek help, I am serious. This kind of self destructive world view is poisonous, you don't see all the worthwhile things in your life.

Do you have a girlfriend? Any family?

There is no help. There is only Eternal Misery. There is no worthwhile things in my life. None. There is only Eternal Misery. This worldview was formed by my observations. EVENT > OBSERVATION > BELIEF.

Read my story and CRINGE HARDER!

There is nothing that happens in this world that is not also punishment.

Ashes. Echoes.

So, no. No girlfriend. All women are whores. Family, I have people who depend on me IRL, they're stuck with me and that's terrible. A few other non-blood-relatives that tolerate me for a few hours on occasion. But that's it.

This is all there is. I can be nothing else.

Ashes. Echoes.

Nothing to that? Nothing at all?






You are mentally ill. I don't mean that as an insult, you are at minimum clinically depressed, and probably have something more serious going on.

be sure to post all this on >>>/trs/

Its good to have everything in once place so you can easily direct people to the resources proving they are controlled opposition.

one place*

You do mean that as an insult. It's okay. I don't care. There is no help to get. There's only Eternal Misery.


wew, it's pretty salty down here

wew, back in my days edgy kids would delve into d&d today you LARP as a big bad nazi, pretty cringey

my sides!



anyone writing such edgy shit belongs in a d&d session or a black metal band. He is another atowaffle disaster waiting to happen.

speaking of retards. I forgot about Enockson's retarded family member :^)


say mad kike

I won't say "mad" cause I'm not a kike

Uh huh. Being led by a kike who lies about being white is the first and most significant thing (((TRS))) does to mislead people.

Hahahaha. You're bad at this.

Asses And Elbows

some might say the evidence is right in front of there nose.


take your pills.

Since no one else said it, the CIA work for the Rothschilds and infinity bad things go back to them. Kill yourself for not already knowing that very basic information.

Germanbros are enslaved. We have to win and free them.

Butthurt confirmed.

Oh, shit, a normalfag doesn't like us guise.

We should make this a cycle thread and keep it open for a Thousand Year Reich of perpetual butthurt.

Daily reminder that the Rothschilds wasted the 16 billion and shills will never control us.



Good point fellow nazi

Good nazi

How about you fuck off my board with your eceleb shit cancer?

How.does.that sound

Y U. no bump FELLOW NAZIS?

Come on.fellow nazis

can you stop spamming



TRS fuck off, you blatant pieces of shit.

You belong in the bog with the TRSodomites.

Pick one and only one. Collin was the illegitimate successor to the ANP and obviously controlled opposition to destroy everything George Lincoln Rockwell worked to build. This single big happening propelled Pierce from a hesitant Physics teacher into the leader of the National Alliance and leading figure among all our comrades, The damage the kikes did before will not be forgotten or used to make us look like jew lovers with their own deeds.

Reminder that we are 3rd position and all parties will be destroyed and consolidated into our homogenous state.

No retard it's just making fun of the accent of some of our brothers. I hate them as much as you do, but the way Jared Taylor and people like him talk isn't a psyop.

Did Pinochet have the entire world against him? Wtf I hate Hitler for making a last stand now, clearly it's his fault and not the people bombing, looting, raping, and murdering his folk.

This is how they cucked Germany, but gaslighting them against their own. Brainwashed them so hard they blamed their own for the misery instead of the new occupiers. You shills always use this fucking retarded attempt to gaslight us against National Socialists and Hitler, and it never works because it's pants on head retarded.
Crown cucks get the rope too. You people are always traitors to your people.


op has some good points, and you're responding to them with shitflinging and spam, "fellow nazi"

Good job fellow nazi#

Fuck off my board with your eceleb cancer shill shit

The whole point of the "h'White" meme is that Jared says jews "look h'White" to him.

Hi, Holla Forums!~

Turbokike TRSodomite is triggered by irrefutable facts. Can't argue against them, just spamming the same shit over and over again trying desperatelto fit in.

You're autistic.

There's only one significant figure in White nationalism who pronounces White "h'White", and he happens to be a philosemite who claims jews are "h'White", which is why "h'White" was used the way it was on Holla Forums and /new/.

I respectfully disagree. Now, I don't know what environment you live in, but in mine if you start talking about how the holocaust didn't happen before establishing the principles of racial consciousness, you'll get blank stares at best and at worst they'll shriek in fear, "You don't believe in the holocaust?!? What are you, some sort of Nat-zee?"
I have learned from personal experience that the holocaust lie is the last thing to talk about. After all, how can you possibly understand the way in which jews use their ethnocentrism and racial consciousness to dominate the US media system without first understanding racial consciousness from a personal level? Without an understanding of racial consciousness, the jews appear to be isolated, individual examples of men who "just happen to be jews" in charge of several isolated, individual multimedia corporations.

First of all, being White is an "in-group." So "in-groups" are not the problem here. Lord knows we need more Whites thinking about "in-groups" and out-groups.
Secondly, we want Whites radicalized. We are at the precipice of racial extinction. If that is not a time for radicalization, I don't know what is.

Wrong, it's actually one of the best places to start, it's where I started.
How can you wake up to the fact that kikes are bad without knowing their worst lies? How can you understand their racial endeavors to undermine us if you don't know how often they lied to begin with? Holocaust was my dip into the purity spiral, everything ffom then on made perfect sense to me. The White guilt, the seemingly eternal Marxist presence, race relations, and the fact that jews are behind it all was enough of a shocker for me to wake up to the reality of race and in group preference.

Well that and voter statistics by race.

don't even start with race

The best redpill of all time is MKULTRA and human experimentation in the US. Use the show Stranger Things to bring it up. It's super popular among normies. You can bring up the wikipedia page on human experimentation in the US and show them how frequently the government did horrible things to people. Compare them to the holocaust. I know it didn't happen that way but show them that the country they know and love has gone to lower places than their image of the Nazis. Point out that it sure is funny that the page lists loads of events up to the 70's and 80's and then it just stops, as if this sort of thing is going on today and we just haven't heard about it yet. Mention that we only know about MKULTRA at all because some conspiracy nut filed a FOIA request and there was a single banker's box containing around 22,000 pages of documents relating to the project that the government accidentally forgot to destroy, and all other evidence of what they were actually doing is gone. This is the lowest, most entry level redpill.

Race is a sacred cow to people. It's something that really isn't even considered polite to bring up at all. If you're dealing with someone who has no idea that the power structure that is providing them with stability and entertainment and the illusion of freedom is lying to them, and you go right in attacking things that it tells them are sacred and must never be questioned, they will reject everything you tell them. You need to show them the cracks in the facade before you show them it's a facade.

So this means that Alex Jones isn't a CIA/USSOCOM psychological operations agent, despite all the circumstantial evidence showing otherwise?

Is that what you're implying here, Mr. USASOC?

Right. And this exactly describes what the American right-wing alternative media complex does, i.e. constantly spread lies and disinformation among the U.S. domestic population, and for the exact same reason.

Well, no shit. That's why military intelligence agencies constantly engage in it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Good list.

But you know the real reason that they promote Pinochet memes?

It's because Pinochet was supported by the CIA and Pentagon.

Right Wing Death Squads = CIA Death Squads

e.g. CIA supported Central America death squads in the 1980's (which Stormfront owner Don Black and Alex Jones' father and uncle were all involved with)

Oh, so Ames Friedman appeared live with Mike Enoch on the HWINDU camera in Brooklyn after Enoch was doxxed.

That's very interesting.

So before you discovered that the holocaust was a lie you were a racial egalitarian?
I talk with a lot of people, especially working class Americans. And as a rule they are unconcerned with what happened 80 years ago in another country. Most don't even care what happened 10 years ago, or even 5.

Again, I cannot claim to speak for everyone in all walks of life. But as a working class male on the east coast of America, I've never received a strong negative response to racial discussions. Now, I should point out that I never go into a conversation about race cold. I do a lot of research into the beliefs of a person first through simple questions. I ask about their life and what's on their mind. And with a few notable exceptions (liberal lemmings for instance) every working class man I have talked to already resents the flood of mestizos into his country or his city or his town. And even many of the liberal lemmings can't stand blacks. Some particularly boomers make a "racially insensitive remark" about Mexicans for instance and then bitch and backpedal.
For instance, "Ever since these Mexicans moved in here the place looks like a dump. Once one of them came to work here but he only showed up for two days. You know, that's what they do once a year to get welfare checks. Find a job once a year and show up for a few days and that's that. But I'm not prejudice or nothin'."
In the past I always had to suppress an urge to laugh. "Of fucking course you're prejudice you nitwit," I would think to myself. That's because you have a brain and you can make judgements based on past experiences.
But of course I don't do that. Instead I express my empathy for their experiences and help them realize that prejudice is not wrong. It is a natural part of being human. Humans avoid snakes not because all snakes are poisonous. But because some are poisonous and those of us who were prejudice against snakes as a whole survived and those who assumed that each new snake he met was benevolent until he found proof otherwise perished.

Anyway, I am not very knowledgeable about MKULTRA. I'm sure that on some people it activates some almonds. However as far as I can tell, it would only get them to distrust the government and I have never once encountered someone who wasn't a liberal Democrat lemming who actually trusted the government. And there are plenty of things going on right now that are much more important to the average working class man than the CIA.
Please understand me, I'm not saying that it's unimportant. I believe that it is. But from personal experience talking and "evangelizing" working class Americans, issues that strike closer to home are far more important for them than what didn't happen to the jews in Poland 80 years ago or what the CIA was doing in the 1960s.
Forced "DIEversity" and "multiCULTuralism" are shoved in their faces every day. And they're paying through the nose to support the mass of subhumans that plague our cities and pollute our towns. Their children are beaten up at school by gangs of blacks and the government is taking 20% of their paycheck every week to pay for all the special benefits for all the non-Whites.
And for those few who are capable of abstract thinking, I generally point out the fact that Israel gets over 6 billion dollars EVERY YEAR out of your taxes! And that's not including the billions of dollars your government sends them in the form of military equiptment that they use to murder Palestinian children!

Once one is able to think tribally, pointing out the jews' involvement becomes easy.

dumb kikes

Yeah, muh based jew faggots-tier as well. The shell shock was really harsh for me.
I do though, I always thought that the past was incredibly important in how it can dictate the future. That and I've posted on this site for years, guess Holla Forums just rubbed off on me, and I finally caved because some Holla Forumsack talking about it actually got me to look it up. I guess it may not be the best tactic for some people, but my father was almost exactly the same.

You mean Radio brown skinned southern Italian from Naples?

Andre Anglin admitted on his WordPress blog that he's an actor playing a character and that he had the "enthusiastic" assistance of the SPLC and Jewish news media in creating this character.

"Eric Striker"? Oh, you mean Joseph Jordan of Queens, NYC?

This is schizophrenic thinking, at least until you look at the evidence objectively.

Pol was three years later again!

Let me know how working within the system works out for you.

Yah dewdz thiz iz lyke the election where they juzt stopped rigging thingz. They definitely aren't just doing limited hangout/controlled opposition! Thingz just lyke changed this year becuz lyke magik and stuff. People are getting murdered for exposing US/Jewish Mafia crimes, but lyke we got thiz becuz we lyke owned the liberulz and we are making bazed jewz lyke Milo and Shapiro rich!

That's because you're not a lemming. You can think abstractly. If everyone was like us, the kikes wouldn't be able to control our race. On the flip side, civilization as we know it might not be possible. As Dr. Pierce once noted, you need thousands of peasant farmers instinctively and unquestioningly supporting a social order to provide the stability for every Plato or Aristotle or Cicero.
Anyway, it is good that you were able to enlighten your father. I myself wonder if I could have done the same with my liberal father had I known before he died what I know now. However I did convert my girlfriend from recovering feminist to 1488 again by starting with White genocide and working towards (((who))) is behind it.
But I am certainly open minded to new ways to enlighten people and snap them out of the jewish matrix of lies.
On debunking the holocaust lie, do you remember what was so convincing for you? I'd like to see it and possibly use it to redpill others.
In particular, I'm interested in emotional redpills as most people are motivated by emotion rather than logic.

Bump and reported. You yids sure don’t know how to refute something, do you?

You sound like one of those AtomWaffen Division teenagers.

You're forgetting that Russia is a Jewish fiefdom (cf. the "oligarchs" 50% of whom are Jewish), and that 20% of the Israeli population consists of Russian speaking Jews.

Fuck your eceleb shill cancer

Back to 4chan

Jewish neo-Nazis are a common social phenomenon in the United States, dating back at least to the 1970's.

You want to talk about TRS being some sort of psyop? Kike Eunuch wants his own people to get shot for him so he could garner sympathy and look better. This is from right before Charlottesville. There's worse. I'm beginning think that that whole shitshow was less incompetence and more malevolence. Never trust these fucks.

Was it Spencer's Mestizo house maid?

Does anyone have a screen capture of this?

No he isn't. Hypocrisy is not noteworthy but genocide and globalism are. Yet Spencer refuses to expose the Jewish State for these serious crimes? Hmm..

None of them attack Israel for its many war crimes against Lebanon, Syria, Palestinians, etc.

It's highly suspicious.

It's almost as if there's an open alliance between the American white nationalist movement and the Israeli Government.

Now why would that be?

Would it be because the American white nationalist movement is a creation of the CIA and the Pentagon?


It is from the spencer vs sargon debate, so there is video

Want another conspiracy theory?

The creator of that show, Mike Judge, is a 2nd generation CIA agent (which wold explain why he created a character in that show, Dale Dribble, who is a satire and mockery of anti-government conspiracy theorists).

Obviously bringing weapons to a protest is a bad idea from a propaganda perspective. However from a propaganda perspective it would not be a bad thing for one or two or two hundred to be killed by antifa terrorists. Every movement needs martyrs and the more peaceful and unarmed they are, the better.
I may sound cold but if Spencer or Enoch or any of their followers had been killed instead of that one fat bitch, it would ultimately be a good thing.
Please, explain how a few peaceful protesters getting murdered by antifa would be a bad thing?

careful or they will call you schizo or morpheus

yo guys im new to Holla Forums, give me a quick rundown


That's most likely Richard Spencer's black or Hispanic house maid. Someone needs to call him on his obvious hypocrisy.

Somebody suggested that it was Nina Kouprianova, but she's Richard Spencer's wife so there would be no reason for her to try to hide from his web camera.


Who the fuck is this "Warski" Jew and what agency is he with?

Look, I would have said it was his girlfriend except for the well known fact that Richard Spencer is a closeted homosexual.

pretty sure he's bi. most commie leftist males consider themselves bisexual to still feel like a big strong man while also being queers

I think Morpheus means well, but he really doesn't understand.

He thinks the big "conspiracy" about the WN leaders is that they're all crypto-Jews, when in fact that's not the conspiracy at all. I mean, it's true that several past and current American WN/KKK/neo-Nazi leaders have been Jewish or part Jewish, but the real "conspiracy" about the WN leaders is that they're all CIA/Pentagon intelligence agents, not that some of them are crypto-Jews.

that's how it comes across? thanks i'll make a few adjustments.

That's probably true.

But look at how pitch black her entire head appears. It looks like she's wearing a black hood to hide herself. I don't think that's her face skin color that we're seeing.

she's drying her hair, user. that's clearly her skin

She's walking with the blue blanket/towel in front of her in order to hide herself from Richard's web camera.

she's drying her hair and you can see her neck skin..

I don't know. It's too hard to tell.

But one thing for certain is that her entire head area is pitch black or dark brown.

yeah, youre right. if spencer is fucking a nigress what does it even matter at this point? he and his movement are jokes

I'm not really seeing much of a difference in his nose size between the before and after pictures.

It's not impossible that he got a nose job, but you can't really tell from those images.

I never said that everything is CIA/Mossad. I said that everything is CIA/SOCOM. There's a big difference. But in the case of Mike Enoch there is a clear connection to Israeli military intelligence via Mike Enoch's former employer Oddcast, which is exclusively employs "former" Israeli military intelligence operatives (including Unit 8200 agents) and is owned/run by Israeli military special operations soldier Adi Sideman, who also owns YouNow and other websites. I think the purpose of these Israeli owned social media websites is to collect (sexual) blackmail material on their users. And in connection with this sexual blackmail motive, note that Adi Sideman was the director/producer of the famous 1992 film "Chickenhawk," which you can watch on YouTube. If you're wondering how this film fits into the sexual blackmail theme, note that the subject of "Chickenhawk" is middle aged/older men who are sexually attracted to teenage boys. Male corporate and political leaders who fit into this demographic just so happen to be the prime target for Israeli intelligence (and CIA) sexual blackmail operations (in which Roger Stone is intimately involved, as was his and Donald Trump's mentor Roy Cohn).

good redpill

Well, it happens to be a fact. Whether it's shocking or not is beside the point.

Adi Sideman is pretty important, it turns out. I had never even heard of him until I started investigating his company Oddcast because of Mike Enoch's past connection to it.

true. normalizing these statements should be priority because damage control shills call everyone schizo for noticing things. they have no other defense and are vulnerable.

You did good. There's enough info for many anons to research and expose.

Qanon is a psychological operation of one of the following three entities. I don't know which one exactly, because it's impossible to tell that from Qanon's rhetoric alone (since all three of these entities promote the exact same pro-Pentagon/pro-Trump/pro-Republican/pro-Israel talking points). But I'll arrange the list in order from most likely to least likely:

1. U.S. military intelligence (USSOCOM).

2. Russian military intelligence (GRU).

3. Israeli military intelligence (Aman).

Other than not wanting to be on the web cam?

These threads are so stupid. It's a bunch of REEDSEEJ super-spergs calling the TRS slightly-less-spergy spergs a bunch of jew shills. TRS is larpy infotainment and I have a hard time believing that they are government agents when they are being denied credit card processing. If it was a honey pot, they would want as much CC data as they could get.

All you really need to do to make America into the "ethno-state" you fucks claim to want is push the following:

-Border control. (already a priority in the Trump admin)

-Immigration reform. (also being worked on)

-Repeal Affirmative Action.

-Dismantle the welfare state or rearrange it so that shitting out as many kids as possible is not the ideal solution to being too stupid to compete in the marketplace.

-Change the way that the EEOC functions to enforce meritocracy in college admissions and hiring so that race and nepotism are not factors. (Imagine Ivy League schools losing class action lawsuits to the thousands of white applicants who had objectively better SATs and extra-curricular resumes than the blacks they brought in.)

If we were actually to complete these few tasks, America would look like Vermont from coast to coast in 30 years and we'd have bases on mars by 2050. This is shit that the alt-right, alt-light, libertarians, civ-nats, and anyone to the right of Debbie Wasserman Schultz could get behind. I think it is high time we ditched the swastikas and 1488 shit and started trying to achieve our goals through more subversive routes in which we can't be directly labeled as Nazis.

There is a time and place for people to sperg out, God knows that we all need to vent in this shit-show of a society, but that place is not in meat space or on the internet with real names and faces. Look at what happened to Paul Nehlen. He will NEVER be able to get elected after what he has said on twitter. Let's not have that happen to us.

TRS exists to change public opinion on Israel, not to process CC information.

Yep. Thus TRS's constant agitation against Muslims and Muslim nations, a tactic employed by the Jewish Zionist neo-conservatives for the past 40 years.

If you think that Paul Nehlen isn't a CIA/SOCOM actor, then you're naively delusional.

What reason would there be for that? She's his wife, and that's a publicly known fact.

Also, why did Richard Spencer turn off his web camera for several minutes after this female person entered the room?

I hate to tell you this, but the U.S. immigration ship sailed a LONG time ago, 52 years ago to be exact (1965). That ship is gone and it's never coming back. Any political agitation about "immigration" in the year 2018 is nothing but a PSYOP by certain (((interested groups))).


The kikes are trying to slide this.

I was on their forum a couple years ago, and they had a "Hate Facts" sticky. The top of the list was all statistics about how the Palestinians are so violent and supportive of suicide bombings for some strange reason.

And these are two articles they published.

The IHR was hijacked and destroyed by the CIA and Mossad over two decades ago (3rd image), yet they lost their credit card processing in September of last year. And I think the same happened to Hal Turner (an admitted FBI informant), which is why he instructed all his supporters to send cash/money orders. Do you really think ZOG is so careless with the identities of their operatives that even credit card processors know not to touch them?


Hitler was Jewish! George Lincoln Rockwell was too!

They were also secret trannys.

Regarding the Andrew Marantz article.
“My other grandfather came from Yugoslavia, fleeing religious persecution.”

What does this even mean? When was this? There was no "Yugoslavia" back then. If it was under Karađorđe or his son it would mean he was a Jew or a Turk who refused to convert to Christianity.

Reported for proven falsehoods.

You answered your own question.

So much shilling, counter shilling, counter counter-shilling
I just don't know anymore

The evidence is incontrovertible.

Does anyone have proof of this? I see that he worked at this company but..

Where is the evidence for this?

Archive everything not just the post

Also proof of this?

Fuck off kike, Hitler was not a Rothschild.

Nice to see my Spencermerchant made it into a montage.

(((Those who deny))) being kikes are actual kikes and CIA Niggers.

Hahahah holy shit this is retarded. This fucker didn't get a nose job, Jesus Christ stick to stuff that can resist two seconds of scrutiny from someone with an IQ higher than 85.

These threads should be stickied

I meet White Nationalists everyday and they aren't faggy TRSodomites or feds. Because I made them out of people that were around me. I don't know why that seems so difficult for some people. That is what every user should be doing and promoting. Then all of our RWDS can meet on DotR.
I think I know what you're driving at and I agree.

Criminally Underchecked TRIPS

DS was always popular because they say nigger and kike a lot when nobody else did.
TRS grew big when they transitioned from libertarians to race-libertarians who said nigger and kike… and because their hosts weren't batshit boring like every other podcast.

As for gatekeeping. pfft If you think a troof podcast is going to change the world, you're an idiot.

If anything, I would say some alphabet agency of kikeland. Anyway, if you still follow these cunts after being outed as kikes, you should kill yourself.

that's not him, not fat enough

O_O I don't knows whose jewing who anymore?

I am NOT a TRS fag, I've listened to like 2 of their podcasts ever. I am also very suspicious of everyone as spies BECAUSE I used to work as a TLA subcontractor. Hell, I've been in the big black building. I know their intention is to build a dossier on every single person of interest on the planet, and by person of interest I mean every person on the planet.

So I think this indictment is pretty weak.

I take everyone, except Kevin MacDonald, with a grain of suspicion.

The Alt-Kikes as you call them got Trump elected. If not for Trump then Hillary and demographic destruction overnight. Any port in a storm, and we're in a fucking hurricane in the US when it comes to ethnic replacement.

I could be wrong but this 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon here is not convincing.

The information about Oddcast and Adi Sideman was posted at the very beginning of the thread:

Again, information about BurrellesLuce and Robert C. Waggoner was posted at the very beginning of the thread:

I find it very interesting how you U.S. Govt. military intelligence contractors always use the EXACT same talking points when attempting to attack these exposes of your fellow WN military intelligence agents:

1. "This is just 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon." (In fact these connections are all 1 degree of separation, not 7.)

2. "I'm a former intelligence spook, and let me tell you, this stuff just isn't convincing"


Well, no shit. That's because the alternative right is a creation of the Pentagon and the Israeli government.

Matthew heimbach is pretty good

fuck off alt kike

He's a (((christian)))

Do you have any idea how large the CIA budget is? Is like 40% of the official DoD budget, but no one really knows because it's a secret. (Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire (American Empire Project)). That's a lot of salaries, most go to subcontractors. The NSA hires a zillion fucking mathematicians, programmers, statisticians, historians, translators, etc. But you're going to disregard everything we say in lieu of joe schmo's opinion BECAUSE we have a little insider knowledge. That's retarded.

That doesn't change my argument, Hillary would be president and America would be Afro-Sino-Mexistan sooner than it probably already will. We live to fight another day now. I'll take that over the alternative.

I don't understand what you want? You just want me to believe that Mike Enoch is a CIA/Jew/Mossad agent, but I'm not convinced by your 'evidence' yet, so I'm a shill Jew. Is that your argument?

Go fuck yourself you moron.

Then why are jews trying so hard to erase christianity?


this is the most autistic thread I've seen in a long time. its like an entire thread of nothing but moarpheus schizos who think every person who's not them is a fed/kike shill. You're literally doing the jew's work for them by attacking anyone thats on your side that doesn't have the exact same belief that you do down to every last detail. this place has gone to shit and it saddens me.

Sure thing Rabbi /s

They are though. But you only need common sense to know.

Notice nobody ever tells that story? That they were directly threatened? Because everybody knows you'd fold in that situation.
Unless you own nukes, ZOG probably owns you. Get used to it.

Objectively, enoch is sketchy…but what if THIS is the real psyop? Enoch has shown up on debates alot lately and seems pretty mild, there are also shows on trs like the fatherland, poz button, and rebel yell that are so fucking normal i dont see how they could be part of a plot.

Wouldnt it make at least as much sense that enoch is just some guy who got in over his head, accidentally started making alt right acceptable, and now the feds want to stop it with shit like charlottesville, claims trs pinned the florida shooter as /ourguy/, and this thread?

what is his motive? What is he trying to do? This shit is hilarious.


1. CIA -→ USAID -→ David Horowitz -→ Freedom Center -→ Matthew Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Worker Party

2. CIA -→ William F. Buckley, Jr. -→ Young Americans for Freedom -→ Kevin DeAnna -→ Youth for Western Civilization -→ Matthew Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Worker Party

The CIA's annual budget is nowhere near the DoD's annual budget (which is $700+ billion per year now thanks to Trump and his Zionist Pentagon cabal).

I no longer think that you're a spook, since you're clearly too stupid and ignorant to for that.

That scenario may happen occasionally, but in Mike Enoch's case I don't think it occurred, since Enoch has a long, documented history of employment by U.S. government and Israeli government intelligence agency front companies.

*for that.

There's one more curious thing about Mike Enoch that I forgot to mention.

Mike Enoch is originally from Bergen County, New Jersey.

You know who else lives in Bergen County, New Jersey?


Yeah I'd agree it's a last resort. It's easy enough to coerce with money. And frankly, alot of people actually like the idea of working with CIA. Enoch's the type, so is that vox-day.

Daily reminder that SWC was a kike blog staffed by crypto kikes.

That Theodore Beale guy ("Vox Day") is very suspicious. What does he supposedly do for a living? Write science fiction novels and create video games? Does anyone have detailed information about his background?

Not an answer to your question, but he publishes books by Martin Van Creveld, best known for the infamous quote in pic related.

You're kidding, right?

Martin van Creveld is connected to Israeli military intelligence.

Correction: Martin van Creveld is connected to U.S. military intelligence, not Israeli:

So we already have an indirect connection between Vox Day and the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

I bet if I dug a little bit more, I would find multiple connections.

Complete the trifecta and do one for the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack now

Their dumb stunts are giving normies a wrong impression of nationalism causing them to disavow it.

Even the Nationalist Front people (Heimbach, Hill, and whoever runs NSM) are all friends with the TRS and Stormer people.

Holla Forums was too busy entertaining contrived conspiracy theories they failed to notice what was right out in front of them.

All the right-wing dissidents are totally networked with each other and are on fairly good terms.

You'd know this if you knew the nationalist movement outside of the internet.

I can't, because I'm missing a key piece of biographical information about Andre Anglin's past. I've never been able to find out what U.S. government organization or NGO that Anglin was working for when he was living in the Philippines and China. I know it had to be something like USAID or Americops or something similar. But Andre has had extremely good OPSEC on this subject over the years. But I'm guessing that he slipped up and mentioned the name of the organization on his old website Outlaw Journalism and that's why he removed all traces of that website from the internet.


They're all connected because they're all deep cover intelligence operatives working for the CIA and DoD.

Sure thing, guy. Still waiting on those nationalist figures not a psyOP. Probably won't ever hear of any.

lel they're coming

Any day now, the "tr00 national socialists(tm)" will come out of their basements.

TRS has friends in the NSM?! That changes everything.

you heard it here first

Then you'll be waiting a long time, Leroy, because the white nationalist subcult was started in 1947 by the Regnery family, the CIA, the FBI, and the ASC.

I do have this graphic though. It will have to do for now until I obtain that key piece of missing biographical information for Anglin.

Can we talk about the British on this board without getting banned?

Richard is asking Jordan Peterson to debate on twitter. This comes after a few weeks of Peterson getting blasted by heavy hitters. This guy Richard is taking credit for all our work as if all this anti-Peterson material was coming from Richard Spencer. It is not. But there's more… both Richard Spencer and Jordan Peterson are on the same side at the end of the day. They are both anglophiles for the British crown. In other words they do fraud debates with each other. It's good cop / bad cop methodology. Richard Spencer will throw debates when it's called for. Act stupid when it's called for. He is always claiming to be our voice. The voice of American / Western Populism.

The White Race is headquartered in London. All your work will be hijacked and funneled into that narrative by Richard Spencer's operation. The entire media complex backs him up by legitimating his position. He is the leader of us all according to the media and most normie public opinion.

How can we dismantle this continued hijacking without harming our own momentum and looking bad simultaneously. The media complex will continue to give him status regardless if we dismantle him, or his associates. It is something I've yet to see a clear path forward on.




Quit spamming generic unrelated garbage. It's just some moron. Mitchell is the biggest neocon faggot since Kristol got btfo. Entire rant is retarded.

What is the quickest way I can convert to Judaism?

Same image layout with the Red Ice / CIA thread posted by a Polish flag.

Anyone know what Webster Tarpleys been talking about lately? He went behind a paypal 12 months ago. Shit must have got real.

Tarpley is big on tar and feathering.

Have you ever been tar 'n feathered?

Webster Tarpley is a crypto-Jew who used to be part of the exclusively Jewish and CIA connected Lyndon LaRouche cult.

Webster Tarpley's wife Leah Tarpley works for a Jewish commercial real estate manager in Washington DC named Gene Sachs. Gene Sachs' biggest client is British military contractor BAE Systems. Leah Tarpley's income sustains the Tarpley household since Webster Tarpley doesn't actually have a job.

All of these "alternative" media personalities are military intelligence operatives.

Note: this information about Webster Tarpley's family's connection to Gene Sachs and BAE Systems was originally discovered by Christopher Bollyn, himself a lifelong CIA agent and disinformation operative.

LaRouche's "history editor", who also co-wrote a book with Tarpley, is Anton Chaitkin, son of Jacob Chaitkin, who was the legal counsel and strategist for the AJC's boycott of NS Germany.

Pheww..! That was close. Now that you've lost my scent…

Yeah, mea culpa on the numbers. The Chalmers Johnson book I was referring to was not Blowback, it was either (it's been 20 years since I read it) was either Sorrows of Empire or Nemesis. The BLACK budget, not the CIA budget is something like 50 billion a year and CIA might get 40% of that, or something, I skimmed the books but couldn't find the exact quote I was mistakenly quoting. But no one know the real numbers, they're secret.

That doesn't change my initial point that (decades ago) I was also worked for a TLA subcontractor and yet amazing I am not one of their agents.

Another funny point about this is; if you actually work for a TLA project you aren't allowed to say who you're working for, at least for my type of project. So my initial assessment that if you're trying to convince people Enoch is CIA you need a better case than what was presented.

I see a few more threads that I'll read next.

yes yes yes, idiot, jew, fed, etc. I know the routine.

Thanks. I know about Anton Chaitkin, but I didn't know that his father was tied to the AJC's boycott of Germany in the 1930's.

You probably don't know this (because you're an idiot), but direct evidence for deep cover intelligence operatives does not exist. And that's by design, of course, for the simple reason that if direct evidence existed and were easily discoverable, then the intelligence operative's deep cover would be immediately removed and thus rendered worthless.

Therefore, because of this (fairly obvious) reason, the only evidence existing that someone is a deep cover intelligence operative is indirect and circumstantial.

Yuh think? That's why I found this direct link (his boss) and other weak 'arguments' (he went to a tech conference where there were Israeli companies, that would be call a tech conference) for him being an Israeli agent unconvincing, so far. i.e. When I said "7 degrees of Kevin Bacon" you guys immediately jump on "IT'S DIRECT EVIDENCE, 1 DEGREE OF SEPARATION".

I get the idea you know
a) nothing of the intel community (whereas I worked in a SCIF for years)
b) nothing about the high tech industry. (I've been there >35 years)

Every place I've ever worked (STEM) there were tons of Jews, many from Israel.

Enoch lives in NY, ya think he might run into a few Jews in Jew York City? In fact, Jews are pretty much the only Whites LEFT in NYC. His tale of red pilling through exposure is at least plausible. Jews also hire other Jews so it's very likely he was SURROUNDED by Jews wherever he worked.

Listen, I'm NOT saying Enoch ISN'T a shill, I'm saying I'm not convinced yet. Fucking hell, you don't do nuance do you?

If this is SO fucking important then for fuck sake, at least someone write it down in a logical document and link to it instead of these spergy spurts of factoids like "He went to a conference where Jews also attended".


Stop arguing with the shills. No one gives a fuck about TRS and their faggotry. A couple of them attempted to consensus-crack Holla Forums awhile back and got kicked in the teeth for it. At this point the constant "hey guys, let's fight TRS" threads are just distractions. If you must sperg out with the shills, at least have the decency to sage.

Jews aren't white.

You're pretty stupid. Are you referring to the following text?


This text was provided simply to show that Oddcast is an Israeli company. That link and article have nothing to do with Mike Enoch per se, nor was it intended to imply that.

Following that article text, evidence is provided that Oddcast is an Israeli Govt. intelligence front company that employs nothing but Israeli military intelligence operatives, including Unit 8200 agents.

You're pretty stupid, and I'm going to show you how. You're referring to the following text:


This text was provided simply to show that Oddcast is an Israeli company. The link/article has nothing to do with Mike Enoch per se, nor was it intended to imply so.

Following that article text, evidence is provided that Oddcast is an Israeli Govt. intelligence front company whose founder/owner Adi Sideman is an Israeli special forces paratrooper and that he employs nothing but Israeli military intelligence operatives at Oddcast, including Unit 8200 agents.

Yes Chaim we already know this…

Proof that they're absolutely trustworthy! :^)

Implying 'she' is a she.

Was inventing the (((echoes))) meme and coincidence detector chrome browser plugin in order to red pill millions on the JQ part of Mike Enoch's plan to kill off the white race? D&C shill thread. Sage

So you worked as a DoD welfare queen contractor in a secured compartmentalized information facility for 35 years? Hey, congratulation, grandpa. You want a cookie or something?

So you're implying that Richard Spencer into trannies?

Okay, but the important question is he into trannies ex-plicitly or im-plicitly?

Hey, who is the fourth guy in this video? I'm talking about the guy wearing the cowboy hat sitting directly next to Mike Enoch. I know who the other three guys are, but I don't know who that guy is.

Exactly. Especially since the NSM was founded by Satanic Charles Manson cultist Neo-Nazi Siege author James Mason.


Rebranding White Genocide/Attacking White Nationalism


'There are good Jews!'

'Is the Right a paper tiger"

striker always struck me as the most over the top actor out of all of them

idk if this stands out to anyone else, but I can't stand listening to trs for mainly two reasons. First, they fucking constantly ironically imitate jews and jewish accents. It's ridiculous, like if I want to hear is pro-white radio why would I want the hosts talking like jews every five minutes? Two, they constantly fucking talk about gays. Like, there's shit that's so much more relevant than faggots, but any show I try to listen to it feels like half of the talk is just about how gross gays are. It's like just picking the low hanging fruit, bashing on gays and trannies instead of talking about how Zionism is at odds with White Nationalism and Nationalism in general because it's fundamentally a violation palestinians people's right to a homeland. Not that I give a fuck about muh brown people specifically, but that's at least a more nuanced situation that would be a better topic than talking about gays for the thousandth time. It's frustrating but it could just be me I guess

didn't he say traps are the spice of life?

I just wish TRS would get an editor FFS I dont want to listen to 20 5 hour podcasts every week

If you're looking for pro-White podcasts, there are many genuine ones that are much better, and if you're looking to be entertained, there are podcasts that are actually funny and aren't just watered down meme-spouting

name some. I listened to the Fatherland and the Pozbutton because i see lots of movies

fuck off schizo

Davis Aurini, a bisexual MRA who helped found TRS.

Jesus, I didn't know he was bi and him appearing in person with them is almondly.

If you find it difficult to break away from your addiction to them you're either retarded or a shill.

Lmao, Aurini. Good one. But no that is not Aurini, that guy calls himself Jayoh DeLaRey.

Are you sure? It sounded like him for the few seconds I listened.

Either way, Aurini is still a sodomite who helped create the bog.

Yes. I am. And no, Aurini didn't help. I used to listen to the Shoah back when they just started out and they frequently shit on the guy, they even made a Tupac parody diss track against him, Forney and RooshV. I believe some of them have had personal IRL connections with him though.

When they first launched the website (before the podcast) Forney and Aurini were both involved and in their "inner circle".

the funny thing about TRS is how dedicated their discus moderators are.
Post anything on the TDS comment section and it will be deleted in 1 minute, unless its meaningless garbage.

Kike Enoch looks related like Bret Weinstein but pretends hes 100% European. How sad people believe the DNA test he posted on trs is really his. Where do you get those black rat eyes from, Mike? They common in Western Europe and Scandinavia?

"Eric Striker" (real name Joseph Jordan) used to be a radical leftist years ago before he made the sudden transition into being an internet "neo-Nazi." He's an intelligence plant, guaranteed, just like Anglin and Auernheimer.

That guy isn't David Aurini, obviously.


Thanks. Does anybody know his real name?

Davis Aurini is "former" military.

I don't know if Matt Forney is or not.


some anglos have eyes like that, but if that chart is supposed to be kike enoch's then that wouldn't pan out. I have brown hair and brown/amber/hazel eyes but I've never met a white person who had black eyes and black hair or looked like a jew. There's no way he's 20% scandinavian looking like that, yet he fucking talks about being norweigian and serbian? Serbia at least makes sense for his appearance, plus a lot of jews lived in eastern europe so that lines up

yeah anyone near aurnheimer just can't be trustworthy it feels like



Holy shit, you guys are literal retards

nigger murdoch murdoch is cancer, the dude killed Wojak. Tell that faggot to make some OC and stop stealing Holla Forums memes. Faggots like him are a perfect example of why their is a strict no e-celebrity rule.


These beta male faggots are a bigger threat to the White race than the left.

They would neuter White nationalism and attack anyone who holes any masculine views.

This has already been debunked. Go back to TRS you annoying cancerous faggot.

So who's next?
My vote is for Counter Currents.

More info on Mike Enoch, Jason, Kessler regarding Charlottesville.

Brennan Gilmore is a CIA officer working under official cover for the U.S. State Dept. It amazes me how many people don't know this. And none of the WNigger leaders will say it either, because they're all CIA spooks too.

Greg Johnson is a board member of the Charles Martel Society. He works for William Regnery II, so he's a part of the CIA/Regnery intelligence complex.

Very interesting. So Peinovich can indeed by a Jewish surname, which is what I assumed.


I haven't been here for months and I come back to see the exact same thread about TRS posted, with the exact same replies, with the exact same tone to anyone who says anything counter to the proposed narrative.