Defining Marxists

I've been thinking a lot about the defining personality traits of your average Marxist/Liberal/SJW/Feminist, and I've boiled it down to a few specific traits that seem to describe all of them well.

Forgot to add, do you have any other good descriptor of the average SJW?

Marxists are everywhere! How can you tell?
Gun owners are marxists. They believe political power is drawn from the barrel of their weapons.

Why, every right-thinking American is a Marxist! Marxism is THE American tradition!

Howdy, comrade! Boy aren't you right. God made the West, guns made it equal. And before that, we wouldn't be nothing but the king's dogs without our concern for equality.

Ain't no billionaire gonna take our guns. That's where the movement is concentrated - with all the wealth. Marxism might be exactly what we need.


Maybe that whole cultural marxism thing was just divide and conquer nonsense meant to keep us from noticing who our real enemies were. Bet this thread gets locked from replies.

the way i see marxists and liberals is basically the ones that don't actually understand the political spectrum.
leftists are a little different. theyve read marx, and they are heavy into memes. they are typically smarter, but still liberal, and cant be trusted; dont present any new ideas, but obsessed with politics and debate

Yes, the people I describe in the OP are just tools for the Jews, essentially useful idiots. Even the Wikipedia article on the Frankfurt school, where cultural Marxism originates, admits that most of its founders and members were Jewish.

2/3rd of those points could be collapsed into "Have a cluster B personality disorder"

I hadn't heard of that, interesting.

Care to explain that to this psychology plebeian?

Fuck off with your fucking slides cunt.

Jewgle it nigger.

These are subhumans most are mentally ill and would have been put in insane asylums, heavily drugged, lobotomized, and kept away from normal society.
Even the way they look is repulsive.

Narcissism + self-loathing = liberal. It's as simple as that.

That's all fine and good, but remember.
They have the "Untermensch" cover with some ((( neo nazi ))) as comparison, so they win in the end ;^).

Of course they don't win, but they think they do, which is almost the same, at least to themselves.

marxist is the halfbaked level of social awarness where you know something doesent add up with the system but you dont call out the hudios

How does it feel to be so full of FAIL?

I think it's pretty obvious that guy is a false flagger. No marxist says "howdy" or "ain't". Regardless, the guy should be banned for low effort posting.

They're materialistic as fuck. They have no goals outside of their own immediate comfort and social standing.

In other news, ShareBlue has evidently given up hope of getting the first post in every thread and now pays bonuses for sheer volume. Weird – that's how I feel about bullets.

Always remember to report and filter the faggot posters before you report and sage the shit thread.

Constant and ample use of fallacies. See here . This retard uses two in three sentences. Some are skilled enough to use 3 in 1.
They probably can't even help it since they've been trained to always go for their emotions when forming thoughts and responses.
A good example why a reality tv star could beat their whole marxist system.

Effeminate, soy-boy, nu-male, male feminists,etc. are the "humanoid" version of cuttlefish (webm related)

True Marxists are sociopaths. (Seize everything, give nothing). It is greed absolutism. Though, they need a group to do such a thing. Colorful Commie propaganda gets in all the rubes.
The average, fooled Marxist has a low IQ, to which they work shitty jobs, have shitty lives and want attention for their shitty selves. Obsessed with a monkey-like jealousy they demand what others have, and they don't want to work to achieve the same. They are greedy pseudo-sociopaths. Morons who bleat in unison for taking other people's stuff.

The High Order Marxists play them like a pied piper.

Communism is the illusion for the greedy, the sociopathic and the low IQ.

they're a losers with pattern of grandiosity who cannot bear that felling so they clam something wrong with "system" who oppress them.


jordan peterson lover


A lot of them rely on their perceived personal army too. Eg. I know this one that belongs in the mental hospital that calls in fake police complaints and literally puts "we're trying to get you arrested" in emails. The police chief doesn't really like how he tries to use them as his personal army, and his lawyer is no longer a lawyer due to being a wanted fugitive pedophile.

They really are stupid.


Surprised he didn't slip in a "ya'll" for good measure.

They are people that define themselves as victims. This alone explains almost everything.

Woe is me.

Yeah I'm sure uncle ted loved Jordan Peterson all those years ago, go play in traffic

You can find the answer in Uncle Ted's Technological Slavery. Like in the first few pages.


and also the cucklefish (cuttlefish) kind.

Agreed, Ted's description is still best.

They do when they're trying to emulate "Those dumb country rednecks that cling to their religion and guns"

Sad really, they can't seem to ever understand how the other side thinks, and all they have is the built up strawman in their head. It's hilarious that the Mao style communism that they've swallowed in the form of SJW culture doesn't even allow them to read differing viewpoints so all they're stuck with is built up strawmen distributed by their thought leaders. Keep an eye on that trend and you'll see it all the time.

See above. They're not allowed to read differing opinions, all they have is strawmen their thought leaders distribute to them.

Except, unlike the cuttlefish, the sneakyness rarely pays off with sex.