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Billy is William Tyrrell, a missing boy



Australia has a huge seedy underground full of child trafficing. If I'm not mistaken, they had a huge case full of elites blow up in the press around mid 90's, since then a lot of people involved have met with mysterious deaths and others have had their careers ruined.

On top of that, this place specifically is attached to a masonic lodge and even shares a basement with them. Seems pretty PG to me.

Pretty interesting.


Wow, even posting a pic with the whole 'masonic eye' imagery. It's like these fuckers want to be caught. Their egotism is what gives them away, so I guess we should be greatful…

Yeah, until I saw that picture I had my doubts. Not anymore.
Me and most others from previous threads have lost steam, so I would appreciate if you'd go trough them.
Will be posting more later.

Some of the more interesting links to come up is the paddock family.

That does not surprise me in the slightest. From what I've gathered about the Australian trafficking networks is that Las Vegas is one of their top destinations when first entering the US, that and Hawaii.

And I think a group of anons found that Paddock had connections to traffickers and in to diddling himself as well.

Think you could dig that up?


Posting from second thread.

Oh and whoever mentioned the paddock connection….
Ben Paddock

Alias: Perry Archer, Benjamin J Butler, Leo Geinstein, Benjamin Hoskins Jnr, Ben H. Paddock, Benton Hoskin Paddock, Patrick Benjamin Paddock, Big Daddy, Chrome Dome, Old Baldy, Pat Paddock, Bruce Warner Erikson (alias identity used in 1978 to operate licensed bingo parlour)

DOB 9/11/1920 (Wikipedia) 1/11/1926 (FBI Wanted Poster dated 18/3/1969)

SSN Records show Born 1/11/1926 as Ben H Paddock in IL,
Died Tarrant, TX, 18/01/1998 aged 72

1959.Ben Paddock volunteered with the Pima County juvenile probation dept while living in Tucson. Named special deputy assigned to handle wayward youth cases in 1959.

1960. Manager of Valley National Bank in east Phoenix accused of being robbed by Ben Paddock in 1960. Bank Manager pursued Ben in getaway vehicle which was a 1960 Pontiac with distinctive aerials. Authorities determined a ham radio operator owned the car & cross checked against license holders. 2 suspects identified as owning a brand new Pontiac. Ben Paddock identified by bank employees.

Ben Paddock moved to Las Vegas Weeks later.

28/07/1960 Ben Paddock caught resisting arrest at a Las Vegas gas station.

1961 Ben Paddock is sentenced to 20 years federal prison for the east Phoenix bank robbery in. Another 2 prior accusations of bank robbery surrounded BJ but were dropped.

‘Benjamin Paddock” search results returned in relation to Operation SOLO; FBI’s Comintern infiltration and cold-war espionage programme.

9/7/1964 BP mentioned and noted as a CC: on Radio transmission/intercept memos circulated from a period starting 9/7/1964 and ending in the last batch of declassified documents in the FBI Vault 15/8/1968.

All declassified memos BP is noted as CC is for radio cryptography & interception at FBI Station at Midland (presumably TX).

31/12/1968 Ben Paddock escaped La Luna, TX Federal Penitentiary.

3/2/1969 Federal Warrant issued on to arrest Ben Paddock after escaping prison

June / July 1974 Alias ‘Benjamin Hoskins Jnr” referred to Wikileaks US Public Library of Diplomacy FBI WANTED CRIMINALS FOUND IN AUSTRALIA

1978 Benjamin Paddock located by police in Oregon, according to a report in the Azriona Republic. Using alias Bruce Warner Erikson he operated a bingo parlour in Springfield, OR. He received a license to operate parlour under alias identity and BJ’s true identity was undetected.

Benjamin Paddock was traced to Springfield, OR after being featured in the Springfield local paper, along with his photo. BJ was removed from the FBI’s top 10 most wanted the year before.
Going through the chains of diplomatic cables, you find obscure references to CHURCH OF HOLY LIGHT, that was HQ'd in Pennsylvania & also had an office in Darlinghurst Sydney.

The phillipines/ Australian connection is real. Incase you doubted it.

Uhhh, what exactly is this picture trying to relay?

Are these "MILFs" tied to MILF? Who is Marilou Danley? What's the point of doing a split-face comparison between 2 guys that look nothing alike. inb4 all Asians look alike. Seriously tho, look at the eyebrows and hair line. Whever point the rest of the image was trying make is completely negated by that.

Oh and also, WHY is there a MILF lover included in this Pedo thread??

Isn't Yee in Jail?

And while vegas stinks to high heaven, I think it does us a disservice to just throw that out there, cause that gook doesn't look like Yee

Don't miss the chocolate/brown/brown eye/anus sodomy symbology.

Hawaii definitely has a lot of child raping satanists. There's a lot of jungle out there.

Here's a theory, he was caught raping children and took the option to become a gov asset?

I don't think it means what you think it means.

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See the discussion of Australian Pizza in

for example.

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This place could use some special attention. The OP gets my bump.