The shooting was a message to Trump


The shooting occured at "Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School", but who is that? Well it turns out she was a lobbyist who advocated against draining the everglades to reclaim more land.
She fought AGAINST draining the "swamp".

The shooting in Florida is clearly a message from the Deep State to Trump, and anyone who argues against this is a shill. I'm sorry but this is undeniable evidence. Fucking fight me, this is a false flag and a message to Trump.

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I want you to think about what you have done


Fuck off Kike

Do you have an actual argument or are you just going to ignore a cohencidence of this magnitude?

Let's just assume you're right. What does that mean? It means that

A) The deep state had some kids shot to tell Trump something that everyone already knows, that they don't want him to drain the swamp
B) Trump would have to make the jump in logic that you have in order to recognize that it's supposed to be a message
C) This is the best they can come up with to deliver that message
D) Nobody is any closer to acquiring legal evidence that the false flag was a false flag

They're rogue intelligence agencies, I think they can be a little more effective than vague allusions to campaign slogans that Trump doesn't even use anymore.

i knew the name meant something.
however, if she fought FOR draining the swamp, then fair enough, but she fought against it, so the message is mixed.
Jews died.

I mean, that is a pretty big coincidence, and I don't believe in convenient coincidence

Clearly it was Trump sending a message to the Deep State that they need to get in line or get shot.


They do it out in the open because they are that bold. They know that the people will just scream "Conspiracy Theory" unless CNN tells them its fact.

You can't be this dense.

People don't really get schools named after them if they want to develop something like the everglades though.

Good. They're just confirming that we need to fucking purge them. If Trump or whoever doesn't do it, we will. I sometimes wonder how good exactly forensics teams are in actually solving crime for this reason. "Luckily" I live in a city with one of (the most) the highest unsolved murder rates. That's mostly because of niggers killing niggers, though.

What if Trump doesn't back off? Are we going to have false flags to the level of 9/11 and the Oklahoma city bombing happening again? Would they Nuke a U.S. city? I don't know that we can purge the CIA/FBI without massive loss of life.

Does he have the stones to keep purging them while they kill Americans? I sure hope so.

Oklahoma wasn't a false flag, dumbshit.

Ok so the records of the Clintons selling drugs in Arkansas and the medical records from all the soldiers getting sick from the Anthrax vaccines given to them in the Gulf War that disappeared in the blast was just another cohencidence?

Oklahoma City is a well documented false flag.

Don't forget Terrance Yeakey either. He got suicided hard after being the first person into the rubble to save people.

I don't remember them inviting Obama to a town hall meeting after the nightclub fag purge. This really is all for propaganda purposes. Their chess moves involve shooting children.

Shabbat over, shitposting begins! Right, cunts? Run out of wallabys to rape?

It wasn't his fault obviously and they didn't require him to defend himself to them. Can't you into liberal logic?

They also do it as a symbol of their power and control. The kikes almost never take anyone head on, they always try to make their opponents think they already lost. If you ever want to fuck a kike up, go directly for the throat, attack and don't stop attacking until they're dead, literally, figuratively, metaphorically. They never properly plan for that eventuality.

3 bombs
Just plain fuck off faggot

Details on pic? I feel an activation in the source.

Too many jews were killed for this to be a covert operation with multiple shooters. That leaves some kind of MK Ultra mind control as the only possible method of initiating this event, which is awfully fringe. We have no evidence of this ever actually occurring, just a lot of wild conjecture. I think what we have here is an actual coincidence, rather than a (((coincidence))).

Says who? Kikels have no problem sending other kikels to the gas chamber if they're lower on the tribal hierarchy.

Stop talking to yourself.

Mossad did OKC, faggot.

Ancient fag here I remember when the shit happened but there was no internet like today.
The pic is an army base close to OKC prior to the bombing IE maybe the truck getting packed with fertilizer?
Click the link there is a ton of info, it was not until a long time after the shit happened that I realized the fuckery that was afoot

fug, meant for

Thanks user I'll check the link. BTW listen to a few interviews with Cody Snodgres, he was apparently offered the OKC false flag contract by CIAniggers and has some very interesting details to add to the picture, it's connection to the Clintons, Gulf War syndrome, big pharma, etc.

Ugh look at how disgusting and icky the everglades look, goyim. Wouldn't it be better if we (((reclaimed))) it to build a beautiful city?



Lots of spaces for frogmen with long barrels and high powered optics to lurk and protect the nature.

Joke's on them, if they keep encroaching on the everglades, they'll really break their aquifer

You haven't lived until you're spent 3 weeks dragging your sleeping ass through the muck dodging water moccasins and gators.

Was it? Remember that school shootings went up by 800% under Obama. If the numbers do not come down under Trump it would confirm that Trump is going along with sandy hook hoaxes.


Meme responsibly user!

I just think it’s funny that you believe Q-LARP.


If what you say is true (and it may be) then I say let Trump continue doing his business. The Deep State can do so many school shootings and bombings until the masses realize something is amiss.

Bumping for interest. For the record, you could have done without the "anyone who argues against this is a shill" bullshit and let your point stand on its own. But despite that needless faggotry, this certainly is an incredible coincidence, and quite probably a (((cohencidence))).

When will this one liner shill posts ever stop, it's very tiring to see this getting posted all the time and it's age is showing

>>/pone/ cianigger