Apparently the source for is Marvel Legacy #1 which came out last year.

This shit is getting out of hand and I'd be willing to bet they're going to make a second Black Panther movie with this space empire at it's central theme.

This is the new shit the Jews will be pushing. Afrofuturism. Expect a trilogy, then other "spin-off" trilogies, a likely tv show - all pushing this "Black Panther" niggerland We Wuz Space Kangz bullshit. Looks like they are ripping off Miguel Serrano's esoteric ideas.

Cue black twitter talking about how Africa would have conquered the galaxy but Whitey etc.

they can only do it if people watch the movies and they make money.

There's 2 threads already up on this.
Learn to read the fucking catalog, you illiterate nigger.

Nope, not on this. Fuck off.

The irony is niggers were literally lion, hippo, and alligator food until whitey.

Fiction and Fantasy are white concepts.
Any fictional story will eventually be taken as factual by non-whites given enough time.
The lesser man is also incapable of separating fact from fiction.

We can see this in language and tradition.
When the non-white experiences a dream which changes their entire world view, they take it as fact.

When a white man experiences the same, he allows the fiction to guide the fact, but distinguishes them.

The kikes have used this strategy for centuries.
is a very powerful meme indeed.
We have created a fiction that the non-white is incapable of distinguishing from reality.
In turn, their most influential people will perpetuate this fiction into all aspects of their reality.

We have successfully meme'd "ethnostate" into the minds of every nigger in America using 3 devolved English words.

When you are talking with a nigger, ask any of them to name a city, monument or anything else that lasted test of time.

Here's hoping it actually convinces them to go back to Africa.

They'll just claim the Pyramids.

So yeah,

It was the BRITS, not the NIGGERS.
China fucked up, but we didn't fuck up so badly so as to lose to nignogs who can't even figure out how to build cities.
Fuck niggers, they piss me off every time they claim they were KANGZ OF CHINA.

I thought you humiliated yourself in the opium wars? I mean you've been so addicted to western culture ever since you completely destroyed your real one for a bastardized spin off of talmudic Jewry.

Wakanda Erwache!

Honestly speaking, it was both Anglos having better technology, initiative(&tactics), and having the ability to actually utilize their weapons properly.
Won't forget how our fleet was also humiliated.
Fuck man, I wish we had undergone a meiji restoration of some kind - those Manchus, they imposed a stupid code on hairstyle and several other arbitrary things like where Han Chinese can or cannot go… I feel really bad that the Ming even fell to the Manchus, fucking infighting.
I want the mandate of heaven back. I want my EMPEROR back. I don't want this facsimile of "China", but the China I want to live in exists only in my dreams. I will do what I can do see this become reality, but man, we screwed up after the Mongols beat us up and possibly not colonizing the Americas when we had so many chances to do so.
We should never have become a fully hermit kingdom.
I still feel resentful for what the jews have done to China.

You faggots did that to yourself. Jewish crypsis doesn't work when you're a slant eye and they're a hooknose. You fell for nonsense and payed the price.

Black man invented space travel and figured out the moon shit. Then whity came and stole his invenshuns and padents. Said it was all whit man shit made brothers watch the moon shit on TV pay it on cable.

So did the Russians, how I wish we didn't.

In both places it was the same, rile up the peasantry and tell them the old culture is evil. The difference is that China has a habit of destroying its literary history and culture at the end of each dynastic period.

Hello friend. I would like to remind you that Mr Sassoon, AKA the SOLE distributor of opium in Asia; was a Jew. He was not allowed to peddle his drugs in Europe as Queen Victoria, so he settled on poisoning the Chinese instead. When the Chinese rightfully rebelled, the no-good kike went to Queen Victoria and complained about how he can't make his parasitical living off of ruining lives, then promptly offered to make Queen Victoria very rich if she sent some clueless soldiers off to fight and die against the Chinese all so that a fucking yid could be more rich, and the stupid german cunt could get some of his scraps.

It's always the Jews. It's not a joke.

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Shabbat is over, Aussie shitposting picks up, you can't explain it.

Can we aim the Blaxit thing at them and tell them they can get a connecting flight to Wakanda from Zimbabwe?

So let's hope they will soon autoconcentrate. I am not so confident their 65 IQ will get them to the train station w/o any gibs.

Eyo nigga. Wakanda b real as shit nigga. Da problem be dat yt neva includes it in der mapz. C nigga, yt dun wan u 2 no dat a nigga paradise b real. Dey also b blockin dat sweet nigga radio n tv so dat u gotta watch dem yt actors n shit. Zimbabwe is a real nigga nation tho nigga, dey ain't hiding shit from us. Get yo black ass down 2 Zimbabwe and dey will show u where Wakanda is on da map and den u can get a free plane ticket there cause niggas ain't gonna charge other niggas. Den in Wakanda dey will welcum u as a KANG! Cum we all go Zimbabwe and then live as Kangz in Wakanda, nigga.

If I recall correctly, Blaxit morphed into a demand to split off part of the US and give it exclusively to blacks.
If we're going to meme this into reality, it needs to be reinforced at every step that it cannot be successful outside Africa, otherwise, it will become just another in a long line of demands for gibs.
On that note: what are 40 acres of land in sub-Sahara Africa going for these days?

The people who are at all interested in Marvel shit are freaks and freak women.

using this slide thread to check some quints.