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https ://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/18/italy-used-to-be-a-tolerant-country-but-now-racism-is-rising

Italy is being driven into the arms of fascists
Italy's election: everything you need to know
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https ://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/feb/08/italy-fascists-macerata-berlusconi

How does it feel juden, to know that the storm is coming

so tl;dr version

The italians are to blame for the racism cause of the financial crisis, the robbery, drugs, rape murder and replacement have absolutely nothing to do with it, ok.

Thanks TheGuardian.

I miss you Sylvia. I wish you were more open to reception but I hope your life is going well. God Bless. s

somebody with Gex's talent should make a multi-kulti celebration video for Isreal featuring all of the named people and showing how wonderful a multi-culti society works.

somebody with Gex's talent should make a multi-kulti celebration video for Isreal featuring all of the named people and showing how wonderful a multi-culti society works.

Who here ready for Rome 2

On what planet was that ever true?

The blinding fire, like lasers blazing scorch-marks across the cosmos; burning off the filth and scum that have leeched themselves to the backs of the alturistic saxxon. The eyes are open, and the light that burns within them will not be extinguished, and will cleanse.

Nero went out of his way to give those Christians a warm place to stay for the night :^)

When they controlled the media, the educational institutions and government and pushed the sheep into becoming progressives and neo-liberals which all occupied far left and center left politics.

From 1945 to 1980 most right wing political parties, media and educational professors, as well as organisations died in western Europe. The wartime propaganda pushed it and it was part of the US 'denazification' process. Then the soviet block fell and the horrors of left wing extremism was exposed to the world. In 1991 a social fracture occurred between far left and center left. Since that point both have been moving in opposite directions. The outcome will be a civil war.

Were there shills in American media etc lamenting the fall of the USSR at that time?

That would've been a bit too obvious.

it's very very very telling that they don't tell you that the shooting happened after an 18 yo girl was found dismembered with organs missing, probably eaten in ritual cannibalism, after being raped and murdered by nigerians drug dealers.

a small detail i guess.

To be honest, the USSR never really had much in common with American leftism outside of opportunistically egging them on in attempts to subversive. If you went back in time to 1970s USSR, you'd be in a right-wing paradise compared to present day America.

The coalition had better sweep the elections. Time for Italia is running very short, this is one of the last chances for a peaceful solution.

details, details.

I was mentioning the situation in western Europe primarily. But the US has had a strong had in steering West EU media to further left wing so during 1945 to 1980. They had editors in EU national media corporations who basically worked for US intelligence promoting specific agenda's. The amalgamation of this was operation Gladio to prevent countries from going far left.

While there were certainly media campaigns in the US and the western world to expose the red terror, it was primarily institutions who brought forth such anti-commie. But you have to be extremely gullible to think that for decades there were extreme cold war propaganda campaigns that were on-going to then suddenly think the media stopped propagandizing values, morals opinions and ideas. It simply did a face-lift.

Hollywood did the same thing, in the 50s to the late 70's it was constantly about war and 'muh nazi's'. In the 80s it bitched about south africa's apartheid and muh racism people casually never mentioning israhells apartheid, today it's running a vilification campaign against white people. You can guess where that is heading.

Europe is a change agent, it doesn't linger and it doesn't dwell, it's history is strife with revolts and is quick to take certain ideas at heart. America has always fallen back on it's roots under patriotism, today that sacred idea is under attack by the left because they wish to bring (((change))) and want to prevent their ideas from being shut down. Just last night, former chief of CIA James Woolsey admitted in a fox interview they regularly meddle in foreign elections.

If you've read praktischer idealismus then the overarching ploy has always been their unity project first by creating a pan-european government (EU) and then by a (((transnational government))) first through directives, then treaties (free-trade / financial laws) then continental wide laws reformed into transcontinental laws. The destruction of the sovereign nation state is paramount and is their primary goal, sowing division is all part and parcel of their plan, keep the goyim bickering while they destroy and undermine the nations. Many monarchs and deep state officials have been in on this and get their yearly tuning at the Davos economic forum as well ad the Bilderberg gathering.

The infamous half-truth.

Never forget that the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 in Russia and in Germany 1918 was created by America and western Europe itself (primarily jews and other bankers within the US). Jacob schiff funded the whole shitshow revolt against the tsar. When the pogroms in the 1890s started most jews fled to France.

If you read the books, speeches and manifestos of what Lenin and Trotsky were trying to achieve, it points again to a large one world government; the unification of Europe and Russia as well as capturing most of China apart from their coast lines. It would have been the world's biggest resource grab and it would have been subservient to America itself were it not for the counter revolutionaries who killed the initial US backed revolters and installed their version of Communism.

Today's America has indeed become far more communist then communism ever was, merely in the sense of forced income redistribution through taxation. Most Americans are dependent on some form of government handout. Even Karl Marx in his The Communist Manifesto (1848) never explained what exactly the policies should be of a communist government, just that it had a central bank (similar as the US FED) and that the government should have all the power. All his notions were based on rhetoric and not facts, there was never any logic to this whole nonsense other then the underlying context of 'it's not fair!'. There has never been a economic policy to fall, it's all muh feelings over facts.

America's empire is failing, most are unwilling to admit it. England was once the world empire and it's currency the world reserve currency and look at what it's become, a mere shadow of it's former self getting colonized by it's own colonies while the corrupt let it happen. The petrodollar is being undermined and the US couldn't sell a war to the Americans if it tried, and tried it has with the latest attempt being 9-11 and the backlash of the invasions and blatant lies told to congress about WMDs and NATO allies is not going to do them any favors.

I'm not Juden myself, but this is how I feel.

The USSR was unique in that Stalin's vision of communism is, practically, almost like a globalist cabal but with the CPSU and Mother Russia at the very top. The Russians at the time were also incredibly patriotic, although constant streams of propaganda, on-the-spot executions/outright massacres for wrongthink and basically zero chance to have a decent life outside of the party/military might have had something to do with that. When today's neocommies post Stalin memes I always find it hilarious since they are worshipping someone who is basically the Russian Hitler, but with much more character and political flaws.

i was speaking to the lurking nose hook juden, but ok

Oh and dubs btw


About time!
Give them hell raggazi
Support from Slovenija





I am dead serious


here, have some talking points because I can't form my own opinion

Next to posters of Pamela mass stickied across the nation

brutallyeffective just adapt it to Italian:



Idk how I feel about the second possibility tbqh lads, but it sure makes a hell of a lot more interesting


I'd love to see pics of that. Lots of French people feel for you, even here in the north west.

Now if only they would fucking lurk and learn how to make a proper OP.

I blatantly handed a "Luca Traini Eroe" sheet to a GdF Luogotenetente - he laughed at me and he told me that in my crappy hometown I wasn't even the second one circulating that. Our time has come.





In which fucking dimension?
Italians have always been the most racist, chauvinists and nationalist people of Europe.
They weren't xenophobic (I.E. they didn't give a fuck about "invading foreigners", because it is inconsequential because a Roman is a Roman, a Venetian is Venetian, a Neapolitan is a Neapolitan, a Sicilian is Sicilian and a nigger is a nigger. Italians consider regional mixing to already be a sin. A Venitian in Rome is already discriminated against because he's a fucking Venetian) but always ALWAYS considered niggers as trained monkeys, mudslimes as roach people, etc… and was the sole country were politicians could overtly state those fact and get away with it.

Giuffrida is a Sicilian name in case you're wondering and we all know Sicilian would never make a career by lying for money…

DotR theme in Italy.

Please God I want the end of clown world already!

webm for u


Le racist white western world meme btfo by a nigger no less.
Fucking NIGGERS never grateful for anything.


Based Luca "God of Racewar" Trani has initiated racewar.

Bronson is probably the smartest packaged nationalist band out there.

Also, another thread theme

Its like they forgot the banana incident.

Italians are fantastic.

forgot webm

but why the fuck are you repeating yourself?

the left is firmly in control of this website.
Deleted moments after it went up.

The Right is on our side, Join the movement that has no name, there is nothing to attack.

Hail Italy.

/n/ was always anti-pol tbh.

do they just pretend to be retarded or do they not truly get even basic biology?

you mean it's a board on the frontpage with next to no moderation so it attracts shills

She was a total cutie pie. How did she get involved with the niggers in the first place though?

She was 4 months clean, walked out of rehab.

Niggers push drugs. And niggers killed her. Then.dismembered her after probably raping her.

Thanks to the 'war on terraw.' Opium production in afghanistan at all time highs.
Btw, fun fact for any italians here: from what I heard, Italy was a major staging area for NATO airstrikes. If you help the global jew, you WILL get burned.


Politicians too cowardly to stand up to the jew have to be replaced with fitter ones. Let the heads roll.

Religion of Cuck™

This same pattern is being repeated all over the Western world.

I read that the niggers who killed her were Nigerians. They would explain why some of her body parts were missing. They've used the body parts they removed to make muti.

Their best song IMO. If you don't get goose bumps during the chorus that means you're probably deaf :)

Apparently there's some Italian plan going on to leave the Euro and start printing their own money using some sort of bond scheme, anyone know about it?

as if poverty is some mysterious calamity that strikes randomly. These people aren't fleeing poverty, they are bringing poverty.

The left in the USA got into the bureaucracy under FDR, because prior that we basically had hardly any at all and stayed there to this day in part because actual Americans typically despise non-productive work and shun it regardless of the chance for economic or social advancement it offers.

Well it was more that Germany sent the Bolsheviks in by train, liberal faggots in the US under Wilson had already sided with the socialist faggots like (((Kyzinsky))) and the (((Bank of England))) was bankrolling the whole thing. The US and British did try to stop the Reds after it all got extra shitty despite the kikes in England demanding they not interfere.

So its a little more complicated, as at that time the kikes had less power and their were other competing factions which countermanded their interests within the governments of the western powers.

Apparently somebody hasn't seen the data.

White Medicare beneficiaries

White Social Security beneficiaries

White Welfare recipients 2015

White Medicaid recipients

Total Medicaid Spending

Total Medicare Spending

Total US Government Spending at all levels 2014

Total US Government Revenue of all types and at all levels 2014

2014 income distribution of Whites, alone, not hispanic

2014 “Who pays taxes”

2014 US Federal Budget

US Non-Hispanic Whites in 2012

Long and short white Amreicans produce about 15,000 dollars in taxes for the government each. While shitskins cost 10,000 bucks to the government in federal support alone and over 35,000 each due to the state and city benefits they collect. To the point that without the economic and tax inputs and costs accrued by non-whites the US federal government would have 0.8-1.5 trillion dollar surplus each year and a the public debt would sit at -2.6 trillion a year, that is to say consumption and loans would be outpaced by production and savings.

It's communism for shitskins, and "pay up whitey" for all the productive members of society. I have no idea why you think that they are receiving welfare let alone are dependent upon it.

sage because the thread is about italy not america.

Draw and quarter

I remember in Argentina during the crisis 15 years ago when their currency had a meltdown, provinces and even the capital issued bonds called "cuasicurrencies" that acted like money. They were paid instead of the national currency to pay government workers, were issued instead of cash for social programs and were accepted as cash to pay for any government service… most stores eventually accepted begrudgingly because at least they could pay their taxes with it. I remember that shortly after their crisis they thought about implementing it after Iceland's crash but it never got bad enough to try it.

Although it would be funny if they just created an official cryptocurrency instead, like pastacoin or whatever.

I'm glad if Italians drive the Mudshits off their lands and gives the finger to the EU, but I would hope they don't try to revive Mussolini 2.0. He wasn't an impressive man tbh.


Any chance Italy can oust the Vatican and go back to worshipping Zeus/Hercules? Tear down that wall and make a bridge to connect the boot to other parts of Europe.

I wonder why people use the term "multi-culti" and not "multi-cult." since they function as and, indeed, are, you know, a cult. so it is both insulting and insightful. whereas "multi-culti" sounds kind of silly. to me, anyway. multi-cult. kek

what a load of crap. hitler tried to save Germany and Europe from jewish oppression. sure, he and the natsocs had failings, but killing vast numbers of people for little or no reason were not among them. (note: there were concentration camps, but no death camps, and the death toll in the camps has been grossly exaggerated with most deaths caused by typhus, hunger (due to allied bombing) and, simply, old age (they were there for quite a few years)) not to say the camps didn't suck. I'm sure they did. but the kikes had committed unspeakable crimes against Germany and her people. it is ironic, indeed, because they weren't massacred, despite their crimes, but the Germans were still blamed (cause kikes be evil) (Germans starving, jews raping and pillaging, robbing Germany blind after crashing her economy, mothers whoring their children to kikes to avoid starvation, that kind of stuff) Now many millions died in the war, but that's because war is pure hell. the soviets, on the other hand, killed millions for very little reason. they killed about 6 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor just because the jews didn't like the ukrainians attitude. (note, the soviets were jews, especially in the early years, and marxism is a jewish invention which was designed to create the new world order with the jews as the supreme ruling class.) so, no, stalin was not the soviet hitler. stalin was a monster. hitler was a hero. a tragic, flawed, imperfect hero, but a hero nonetheless. and one who has been much maligned by (((history))).

nah, Trump is Patton reincarnated

so damn true. healthy economics is just people. IT'S FUCKING PEOPLE. people who farm, who build things, who make machines, who work machines, who mine, who program, who move things around. and then all the trading between those people. all people. just people. the lefties talk about "resources," but a strong, but simple, economy can be built with EXTREMELY common materials. enough of an economy so all can be well fed, clothed, sheltered, and put to good work. BUT ONLY if the people are QUALITY people. smart enough, strong enough, well behaved enough. blacks and browns fail at this because they ARE failures, not because of anything anyone has done or not done to them.

also, Viva l'Italia!!!
take back your country, brothers from the boot shaped land! take back your future!

make this a thing pls

America was never economically leftist. As Bowden said we live in a "left libertarian" world. Groups like Antifa have been the hand of (((social democrats))) and (((pseudo-conservatives))) against both the radical left under Stalin and fascism since before WW2.

An Italian criminologist and psychiatrist, Alessandro Meluzzi, has linked the brutal murder and dismemberment of an Italian girl Pamela Mastropietro, (18) to the Nigerian Mafia which has established itself as one of the main drugs suppliers it Italy.

Nigerian criminals have become primary suppliers of hard drugs on Italian streets on the last decade, especially since the influx of the migrant crisis which has seen hundreds of thousands make the journey from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean.






The 18-yr-old Italian woman who was raped, tortured and murdered by Nigerian migrants in the town Pollenza was also ritually cannibalized it has been revealed.

Pamela Mastropietro’s dismembered corpse was discovered in a suitcase on a busy street near Macerata. However, her heart, liver and genitals are believed to have been consumed by Nigerian gang members as part of a Nigerian ritual practice.

The brutal murder has been attributed to a so-called “Nigerian Mafia” which has taken root across Italy and is dominating drug dealing in many major urban areas.

Italy has seen serious social consequences as a result of the massive influx of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from war-torn Libya.

spread this far and wide. Everyone across Europe and especially ItaliaAnons

Daily reminder that the US military still occupies Italy to this day. The worst, most genocidal anti-White governments in Europe are the ones the US is still occupying from WWII [Germany/Italy] or their chief allies {Britain/France].

We'll try to hang'em all (by feet) soon.

No such thing. Lega and (((M5S))) have brought that up time and time again, but the former is absolutely serious in doing that while the latter are just pseudo centrist in that they hold the worst of the marxist views but they don't really want to be associated with communism so they use center-right rhetoric as well. The Italians may be allowed to leave the Union at some point, but there'll be blood before someone manages to destroy the (((Euro))).
That being said, old Italian money is comfy as fuck.

Well, EU is planning an AFRO.

no joke. they want to build a bridge between africa and europe.

so to make it easier for africans to come.

So to make it easier for more Africans to come to Italy.


Black on black crime is getting out of control

Now Italy just needs to become fascist and others will follow…. Ayy

Hmm let me see.
Croatia right wing/Austria rw/Poland rw/Italy soon to be rw/Slovenia soon to be rw/Czech rw/Hungary rw

Is there some pattern to this?

I meant proper Fascist. Not just Right-Wing.
Like before WW2

Do you think that is realistic?
Also is rw not good?

I was actually just joking about it.
For some rw isnt good enough. For me it is fine as long as they work for the country.

Remember when Gheddafi was trying to make a one-pan-arabic currency and (((France))) pulled a big practical joke on him?

I get u fam.
Things are looking better and better.
But right now is not time to be complacent. Now is time to go for the juggular. Pamela Mastropietro gave her life but also gave huge leverage.
Use it

Oh yes, heiled and checked. New Rome Protocols on the rise.


Fucking disgusting. The EU must perish.

more details on Pamela Mastropietro murder:

this is where she is last seen alive

insted of calling the ambulance

possibly call more nigerians to come to the apartment to rape her

they eat her heart, liver and genitals, remove 20 % of her skin

then they dismember her into four parts, pack her into two suitcases, drive 12,8 kms away to Macerata, where they throw the suitcases in a roadside ditch.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Italians.




Apparently, nigerians have slipped out of control of Italian mafia, making Torino and Castel Volturno their strongholds.
Now Italian mafia declared war.

What the fucking fuck.

Are you pasta-niggers going to vote CasaPound?

Casapound is a lost cause.
Only Lega can save us.

Italy will rise again.
Enjoy my fascist motivation content which is centred around Julius Evola.

in what fucking universe


CasaPound is good

Orangutans are ape angels and should never be likened to niggers.


Enjoy Italian fascist motivation.

It's my own shit. No e-celeb shill.

bump for luca

Lega Nord will certainly receive more votes, but remember that Salveenee is part of the mainstream corrupted politicians.
He uses right-winged arguments for his own sake, to get as much popularity as he can.
Meanwhile CasaPound is actually feared by the left, hence censored on national television and attacked on newspapers.

Made a video for all you pastas.

If you like it, post it everywhere.


Californian who loves Italy made a video for the election. Please spread around

Nice video, remember to upload it here as WebM too.
Besides, I don't understand why you would call sub-saharian negros Muslims.
Those animals are more likely to be christian or related to voodoo.



Buona Fortuna

big if true

oh it is true.
Election is on sunday

can i get a quick rundown? asked in another thread but they're just shitposting. will it end up like france?

A lot of monkeys are mudslimes too. What could go wrong?

Wonderful video.

This monkey is unbearable. Worst part is that she is married with an Italian reverse coalburner so she is in the "system" as legally as Ilona Staller was.

It is. Alas this time could be the wrong vote to toss. They will not pass the gate quota so better to vote for poor Giorgia. Maybe next time we will have the chance to go even righter but this time we must exploit the maximum with what we have available.

Hating jews is not racism, it is a business matter: you can not come here and tell us that your mafia/nepotism is legal and our mafia/nepotism is not. We never had problems with niggers as long as they stayed home. Look at how Asmara was built - everyone had his place, sandniggers, monkeys and Italians. We keep the Roman taste for aqueducts and sewers. But monkeys in our streets are a different matter: this place is no jungle, if you touch women you risk your bones, if you touch the wrong woman you disappear and nobody asks why. Youngsters traditionally like blades and policemen are Italian fathers, football supporters are mostly right wingers and already used to organized brawls - this is the wrong place to try to overcome people, we are not cooked like Sweden or France yet. Shame for (((them))), good for us.

You should never mess with people that use to melt other people in acid or to bury other people's friends in concrete pillars. Shame for monkeys. However Luca Traini knew what he was doing.

get mad and rise up, spaghettiniggers

Here, 5 Billion Euros to 5 Million poor fucks.
Hoppala, now there are suddenly and unexpectedly 10 Million poor fucks. Well you poor fucks now have half the budget.
Not possible.
Don't blame, remember? :^

They don't blame. Blame is a jewish culture concept. Not one blames, it is a fact that double the poor and they get half the share of welfare, services and anything really. Even simple space in the streets and trams and buses. Only an idiot would expect the same share.

Requesting video of Italian qt doing roman salute and singing a guido song honoring Mussolini.

Well, there goes the idea that racism is borne from ignorance.
the best predictor of racism is exposure to niggers