Mods Purging Esoteric Threads Reduces h8chan Participation

I'd guess that it reduces PPH by some 50% when we're in a posting drought like this. I'm not going to waste my time speculating on the intentions of said mods, they could either be positive or nefarious. Either way, bumplocking active threads isn't doing this site any favors. I've never worked for the DoD, but I'd assume letting us be contained here is more ideal than having to bribe/threaten the next site owner. Do your fucking job, faggots.

By all means autosage or delete this, but the fact that you do confirms that you see my suggestion. If you fuck with me enough, I'll revoke my general sense of acceptance of your subversion. It would be simpler for both of us if that didn't happen. I can and will replace you if you take this to the mat. I have more important things to do but don't fuck with my vidya, as they say.

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Unrelated but Holla Forums has been really inconsistent with its moderation lately too

Just look at the catalog, I was active in those threads as they got bumplocked. I wouldn't even have noticed it happened if people didn't mention it, as they were still open in my browser. I only do esoteric bumping in the off-hours, I'm not some shill troll faggot. Some mod has a serious stick up his ass such that his personal beliefs override his care for fullchan's health. That's just my usually unconcerned opinion.

Wtf is this bullshit? They purged the Esoteric Hitlerism thread?

And just to be clear, when the last 28 of 30 posts on h8chan at 3am have been in a single thread, and THAT'S the thread that gets bumplocked, even when it's clear that this isn't a sliding issue, that's the thing that fucks shit up

Again, I didn't even notice that. This is just a general concern that I'm bringing up during the witching hours

Indaresting, I might have to pop in sometime. This isn't the first, ore even the second, that I've heard of this.
What the fuck is this faggotry? The most loyal posters on Holla Forums are Esoteric Kekists and Esoteric Hitlerists.

Specifically, gfur seems to be aggressively banned and deleted while sfur is allowed to stay up. Both are technically allowed under the board rules but I believe Cobalt has an agenda.

Why the fuck do you think we'd want 'participation' from shithead clowns like you? Either lurk for two years or fuck off. Those are your options.

I knew I wasn't the only one who noticed this. Fucking shit m8, we created a religion that's followed by QUITE LITERALLY millions of people. No wonder we're in the crosshairs.

0/10 apply yourself goon

If you weren't so new you'd know about
General bitching goes there
You're shitting up the catalog

I considered that actually, but for what purpose would I do it? I'm bringing this to the masses that have never and will never go there. I'm not some IRC faggot

Yeah it's so dynamic, what with the active threads being shoah'd by ideological mods. I made this thread because I didnt see a single post for 5-10 mins. Noting of value will be lost.

Anyone who was a newfag might think that's anything but a containment board for shills and butthurt faggots.

It's been like this for a YEAR. You just now noticed? Why do you think the threads about spirituality disappeared after Trump was inaugurated? If you're going to do something do it, because the mods really don't give a flying fuck what you think.

I'm sure we can look forward to 15 stickies that nobody posts in and this thread being deleted. Moderation on this board has been really bad lately.
You don't have to be a wizard to know this.

That's not true. I made an Esoteric Hitlerism thread last fall, and it stayed up until it hit the post limit.

Nope, I just took some time to mention it. You're probably right, I also was upset about the deletion of book, spirituality and self-improvement threads. I was so concerned that I even dealt with those polk faggots. TBQH, there was a reduction in obvious mod faggotry when people became clearly willing to migrate.

That's easy to say, but I'd have to activate literally every asset I have to even survive that, and have to pull in some new ones in as well. I can and possibly WILL do that, I mean fuck, someone has to at a certain point. People like to fuck with le pigfarmer for his weaknesses, but it's not as easy as you'd think to create a hurtbox. Multiple layers of recursive irony, that's the art one has to appreciate. Am I serious or not? Even I don't know. I'm clearly capable, but do I care? The world may never know.

The book threads and /fit/ threads have always gotten the shoah, because they're just dupes of the /pdfs/ board and /fit/ board. Oh well, here, have some memecircles.

That was then, and this is now. An esoteric Hitlerism thread god beleted less than an hour ago

This is one of the positions I've changed my stance on, I agree that /pdfs/ deserves more traffic

I've gotten really frustrated with Holla Forums and the mods lately. As an Esoteric Hitlerist, I'm used to having my beliefs treated as worthless spam; however, the mods are really stretching this to include UFOs, alternate history, and other "conspiracy theories." Syria General is gone too, so now it's hard to even show sympathy for Syria and Iran without most people disagreeing. I remember there was a fairly recent thread titled something like "Looking for based psychology user" and it was like a pseudo-GATE thread. It was definitely the best thread on the board at the same, and I sperged out and said I was leaving 8/pol/ once it was anchored. To be fair, there's very little reason to stick around. 8/pol/, 4/pol/, and even /r/the_donald all had their mod teams completely subverted in the past year; no one really cared, because the ones using those sites didn't notice, and the ones not using those sites thought it was fine as long as their personal board was untouched.

Now we're left in a position where there's nowhere completely free for Holla Forumsacks, and no natural line of progression from the elite Holla Forumsacks too the normalfags. Reddit is easy as fuck for them to subvert. That website seems to ban anything offensive, so they were forced to always keep up the liberal foundation that neoconservatives have. (this is the main trick they use on normalfags: they get you to agree to liberal principles, but disagree on the mere implementation of those principles) Anyways, this allowed them to slowly shift it over to people who would ban any outliers, and naturally make the board as "normie" as possible. Next, you have 4/pol/. The mods there have always been on the SJW side, but the way they took them down is pretty simple. If someone drops a major red-pill, delete the thread because a normalfag will instinctively call it crazy, and won't think twice about it. That's how red-pills always work. You deny it at first, but eventually you are forced to accept it. They used this along with refusing to ever adopt any "board culture" allowing outsiders to completely shit it up. /r9k/ is now a gay leftist board; Holla Forums is mostly libertarians and conservatives.

8/pol/ on the other hand is the hardest one to break. It has always been the "elite," the "intelligentsia." Most ops are planned here and sent down the ladder. The largest red-pills used to be spread here frequently. This was basically the nerve center of Holla Forums, and the online National Socialist movement in general. The subversion of this website couldn't be accomplished as easily as with the other websites. Their subversion strategy seems to work on two principles: #1 Holla Forums is a news board, #2 eliminate subcultures. The first one is a fairly natural process of degeneration. Get rid of philosophy, get rid of self-improvement, get rid of any lifestyle threads. Politics is just news now. I remember not long ago we used to have normal threads and happening threads. Anyone else remember that? Now virtually every thread has taken the style of a happening thread, even if it's not that important. Every thread is either news about Trump, or a place to foster impotent anger about Jews and other non-whites - of course there are never any talks of action, just information, that way people can get nice and angry, yet demoralized. The second method of subversion, eliminating sub-cultures, is a gradual one. First they snip x/pol/, then brit/pol/, then book threads, then Syria General, then esoteric threads. People don't seem to understand just how damaging it is to kill off these small sub-cultures. You come to Holla Forums for a reason, to look for important news, to get information you wouldn't find elsewhere, and to chat with like-minded anons. So when these threads are banned, it's effectively saying "don't come here" to the participants. It means that people who stay long enough to settle down and find what they like are actively being pushed out, or even banned outright. Combine this with the influx of people fleeing 4/pol/'s awful state and there aren't enough people to put the newfags in line.It degenerates the board into the lowest common denominator, something they can handle. The reason the internet has been so powerful is because it allows groups of people to utilize their various strengths, some remember information that can be combined with things others remember, some are good are computers, or science, or political systems. But when you lower a board down to the lowest common denominator you start to lose that. 8/pol/ is undergoing a cultural genocide, but there's nothing to really be done about it.

So I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to stick around. One or two good threads a month is better than anywhere else, unfortunately. /polk/ seems to be dead. At first I thought they were just some shill D&C board, but I recently found out the board owner is a pretty good Holla Forumsack. The board went up for grabs and someone nuked it, and its never created enough content to recover. There's no where left to go at this point. The only option left is to stick around and hope there are still enough of us to flex good old Holla Forumsack swagger until we win via some deus ex machina like we usually do. Thanks everyone for participating and genuinely wanting what is best for the white race. I think we can still win this, but the means aren't quite clear. Just remember that if you don't see a battle to fight on the outside it's because there is a war to be fought on the inside.

But you could be, though

What about pro Christian threads?

I know, I called the deletion. Anyone care to go through the logs and see who deleted it?
We need that Golden Thread pdf that was posted in first esoteric hitlerism thread.

That's their bread and butter. You remember the hippie thread.
I'm staying but there's always more Holla Forums. Check tor/pol/ yet?

I'm going to really digest this and I'm truly not shitting on you, but some anontips: use decent images and format your shit properly, because most people wont read your wall of text. I will, but most people won't. Propaganda is an art. BRB faggot

We've become immune to religious D&C, that's been reflected in the threads and replies to them. I myself was going to go into the seminary, yet I've helped create/resurrect a new old religion. That's not actually surprising.

Does it have something to do with the new Church jew is assembling?

jew (spamfilter) mean w e e v

We're diamond dust, simply unbreakable and there is no antidote for what we do

The black sun will rise and shed light on all the corruption.

I have nothing to do with any of that. Guess that's the end of this post

That makes sense, but /pdfs/ is more of a place to dump files rather than discuss books. If you lurk for a bit you'll realize there's very little discussion of the content being posted. Book threads are good because they let Holla Forumsacks recommend useful books to each other, give advise about reading them, and not have to dig around aimlessly hoping to find a good book. The /pdfs/ BO seems pretty nice, so he might be open to allowing /lit/ style discussion.

Mostly D&C. Christians have always been a bit difficult to handle, but people were normally able to overcome it. /christian/ started shilling recently which completely flipped the tables. The mere existence of anything other than Christianity was now to be perceived as a "threat" to them. A well intentioned Christian wouldn't go into an Esoteric Hitlerist thread and call people heretics that should be killed. Likewise a well intentioned pagan wouldn't spergout and bring up "christcucks" in a completely unrelated scenario. /christian/ seems to have inspired a lot more shill groups to actively try to D&C threads with religion though, so now it's hard to tell who's a dumbass proselytizer, and who wants to kill the board.

I think I saw it in the catalog, but never lurked. Was it around October?

I never intended for that post to be so long. I just put my hands on the keyboard and that came to me. Not an ounce of analytic thought was put into it, so hopefully it's not worthless jargon.

This made me think


I'm supposed to be there


No intention to troll.
The issue with the Black Sun is that there is not a clear designated supreme being (Wotan perhaps?), doctrine neither rituals to follow.
It looks like a superficial myth, a curiosity.

The problem is that Christianity is just not compatible with White Nationalism or even just acknowledgement of racial differences. Some are hypocrites about it and just ignore the bible when convenient but the ones that take it all really serious will be fine with niggers or any other shitskins living in their countries or even marrying their daughters as long as they are fellow Christians. It's disgusting.

That's usually the method I use as well, no worries m9

As a non religious person, which values specifically conflict?

Is it that whole love thy neighbor stuff? I will respect and accept my neighbour if they are not a threat to my well being. Protecting myself and my family comes first you know

You do know that that rendition of the black sun is made by a communist loving kike right? Only pic related is the exact copy.

The Black Sun simply is the mark of the Fourth Reich.

You're a bad dude. Bad as in good. The real battle always happens within, that's my belief

I didn't know that, but it seems typical. I wonder if they'll ever realize how much they wish they were "us".

The fuck? What are you a kike? We don't need a "Supreme Being" there's the fucking entire universe that we are part of. We weren't created by some manchild as playthings.
Look into the well of Tartaros.

Heil'ed. And video related. The middle of the that rendition is meant to be an anus. As per usual with kikes.

Does anyone have an archive of the Esoteric Hitlerism that was recently deleted? I was asking about the boiling point of uranium hexafluoride, so I don't know if anyone responded.

Yeah it's kind of cucked, but we don't really need to go after it so heavily. Letting it die out naturally is the best course of action. It certainly cannot harm us once we take power, and we certainly cannot harm it until we take power. At that point their goal will just be to be able to practice their religion in peace, and we can allow that easily; people can choose whichever religion they'd like. I'm not an expert on racism from a Biblical perspective, but I don't consider the religion to be true, so there's no harm in letting people be "hypocrites" as you call them. I'd much rather have a wrong person be my friend than to have a wrong person be my enemy.

I've always assumed that the black sun represented Atman-Brahman. Some have associated it with the hyperborean archetype, however.

Could tapping into the human unconscious and writing down what it says be the final form of shitposting?

Prob true TBH but we're completely immune to religious D&C at this point. Had my life gone another way, I'd probably have been a pastor–that was one of my life paths. Yet here I stand as a NatSoc creator of a pagan religion. I don't feel that God has a problem with this. The main idea is that I approach Him, and help my compatriots to do the same as I do so. There are a lot to say about things like this, but that's a conversation for another thread. If you make it, I won't troll you within it.

I'll see it now. And hey, sphincters are an important part of the universe. That's just part of the thing.

Well, I'm no theologist but I've asked them and from what I've been told, there's nothing in the bible about niggers being inferior nor about them being exempt from attaining full fledged Christian status. There even exist prominent black saints like saint Maurice. So that means that they have to treat black Christians like any other Christian. Race mixing is fine, 3rd world immigration is fine, just so long as they are all fellow Christians.

The point is is that your boosting false symbols giving them your energy or strength.

These posts are very similar…

Knowing as a form of personally reflective shitposting, I like this idea. I'll consider it, kek

Guess that means I'm internally consistent, since I'm also not overthinking what I write I'll take it as a compliment

They killed the philosophy threads too.
The only reason I came here. I was never going to be recruited by Bannon or Dugin so the mods are fucking losers who just killed the site when we exposed them. You were never on our level Imkamphy. You were boring and unfunny and bad at psy-op and memes.

So you don't like the black sun? I'm willing to hear about this. But the fact is that people have not only anal sphincters, but stomach sphincters and others as well.

A being greater than a human is necessary as a source of strength and moral certainty.
Also, back to the real world, a super being gives a reliable frame to face struggle and bloodshed. It is called faith.

Are retarded mate? Re-read what I said. The rendition you keep posting is a false one.

There is none in it as far as I'm aware, that's the problem. Godly niggers are fine by them. Even that anti kike pastor/priest/whatever who was shilled here a while ago married an interracial couple(bmwf of course), did you miss that?

I'm not a rabid atheist, I never gave a shit either way but the problem is that when people get really into religion as a coping mechanism, they read up on their stuff and get militant about it. Those are the ones who then will shed any previously held racial believes and devote themselves entirely to Christianity.

This takes me right back a couple of months. I actually studied post-doc epistemology at absolutely redacted, but I'm just a transient in this regard. Stick with us friend, even if you're not with """us""". We'll come out of this tailspin.

Only a weak boy needs cowed by someone stronger. You do what is right, what is just, and what must be done because it is your very NATURE and what force flows through your blood. There are no other options to Man.

I was one of the anons who attacked the fuck out of those threads because you fucked with my Stoic threads every time and I told you not to. But I never would of wanted your rabbi worship threads baned. That's not right. That's the whole point of this place, to discuss interesting socio-political topics.

Holla Forums needs to burn. I went to cuckchan now even though I never used it before you can have a conversation without the mods posting fucking lolis and trying to destroy it before they censor you.
Also, almost 100% of the threads you see here now are on 4ch first. Because content creators like me left along time ago.

Well then just give me the right one, I'm quick on the uptake if not obviously so

I did you blind fool

I'm not sure I agree with the lack of racism being an endorsement of racial egalitarianism. The concept of the "nation" developed during the Westphalia treaties, which concluded a holy war between Protestants and Catholics. One could make a very good point that this concept was only allowed to originate due to the weakening of Christianity, but the fact it emerged at all while all of Europe was extremely Christian seems to show that they aren't totally opposed to it. Although from a Hitlerist perspective I recognize the myth of "fallen angels sleeping with the daughters of men." The flood itself was pretty much ethnic cleansing; although the story is completely Judaized and made to make the Aryans look bad. There are a bunch of gnostic undertones to this, so mainstream Christians would never accept it; however, I think they could be at least disarmed.

I would just like to say I agree with op and am discouraged that this morning the thread was gone. It got lit up with d&c shills, and then sunk ("savitri Devi married a shitskin goy! She's a traitor goy! Don't read her shit goy! Read only Serrano" reply: "no goy Devi is legit and Serrano is fake. Nietzsche is also good" re re " Nietzsche is for simps faggot. Cannot believe you small brained faggots read that shit" Etc. I'm paraphrasing. Any real user understands that the minor differences in doctrine and philosophy among these thinkers is immaterial from the standpoint of having a fucking civil discussion about NS spirituality, and glow in the dark d&c niggers came in and fucked it all up and I'm mad about it ). However the mods feel is irrelevant, there are consistently high quality posts in esoteric threads and they piss shills off immensely, therefore they should be kept.

Ok yeah, I've seen that one. There are a lot of slightly different renditions of it but your council is noted and taken into consideration. If you have any more information you wish to relay I'll check it out

Well, as I can see it, in the future we will need millions of real world weak boys to fight the race war.
Then, better if they are reassured that they will not be alone at any time.
Because the force of a supreme being lives inside them.

You are conflating the church with the bible. The church never followed the bible closely and only recently got totally cucked out. The bible is a different animal though, people who just go by that book will not find anything on race in it.

Fuck the OP
thanks man I didn't make this to shitpost or slide, I just noticed that I didn't see a post for 10 mins and did some extrapolation, I really think the anti-esoteric bent of the fag mods is fucking with our PPH

So we just have to shoah the communist priests, and then the church will naturally stop dogmatizing degeneracy?

You know how I know you're a just a shill trying to stir up shit? Because don't just make your own board for esoteric discussion and fuck off. Complaint threads like this ring extremely hollow when you can start any board you want to if you aren't satisfied with the board you're on.


Well it seems somebody fell for the d&c
ahh, asses and elbows again.

Study as much of the Pythagorean mysteries as you can, and I suspect that you will find much more from Nos than you have already.

You forget why that "devi vs serrano" shilling is fucking absurd. The fucking preface of the Ultimate Avatar says to read The Lightning and the Sun, FIRST!

The fuck are you on? You're talking like a nigger. Remember Thermopylae?
We have our blood, we have our honor. We need nothing else to be strong.

capped for posterity. fellow anons, save this and digest it thoroughly

Do you aknowledge western boys in the XXI century?
Weak, without purpose, degenerates, lost in lust and hedonism, godless, without role figures… and the list goes on and on.
A different approach to the human material is needed.

Fuck off Dugin's bitch MOD

kek. You need to try a lot harder if you want to fool anyone.

Hitler didnt even like occultists, he thought they were lazy and preferred action.

The bible says all people are children of god. If anyone actually read the bible instead of being larping faggots they would know Ethiopia is mentioned in it. Ethiopia being one of the earliest majority christian countries. I went to sunday school, i did my Communion. The bible is pretty clear that if you accept the word of Christ you are a good person no matter who you are.

It's in the Bible, Galatians 3:26-28, "For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Acts 10:34,35, NIV. "Then Peter began to speak: 'I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear Him and do what is right.'"

Revelation 14:6, NIV. "Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people."

Fuck off Bannon's bitch MOD

I don't think that would be feasible. Just look at the state of Christianity. You have organizations importing Africans, organizations feeding niggers in Africa, couple adopting little nigglets and of course the Israel and Jew worshipping hordes of Evangelicals. There is some material that could help turning them against Jews but on the topic of niggers there's just nothing to work with.

Abortion is the only thing they are solid on. It used to be fags as well but some of them already started cucking on that too. There is nothing in there that would make them denounce Christian niggers though. There's just not. They are all nigger loving cucks when it comes to niggers that share their Christian faith.

Looks like this kike shill is pointing out exactly what's wrong here with the religion

And Bannon is Netanyahu's bitch.

This and there's no way around that.

There's no need to make a new board. Esoteric threads have been a part of 8/pol/ for years. Why should we arbitrarily go make some board that won't be nearly as active? Why are you more interested in silencing complaints than pointing out that Holla Forumsacks are being censored? That's rhetorical, it's obvious from that you're a shill.

stop trying to D&C

Yeah it's pretty hard to remove the proto-bolshevik elements from Christianity. The best tactic is to use the "National Socialists don't hate other races, we just want to make sure ours can survive" Instead of outright saying "Niggers are terrible people and I will kill any of them if they don't immediately go back to the deepest depths of Africa." Although the inability to instill any form of racial fervor is a serious weakness. A 'victory' in this scenario is just not having them actively try to destroy us.

new website

Rich anons do something with your fucking life!

Are these smug lolicon posters the same user? They always shit up decent threads and discussion accusing anons of being shills so they can keep them in line and be good goys. I've noticed whenever you're critical of mods or trump these/this faggot shows up. I assume it's one person because how many anons on here have a folder full of smug lolicon images?

On topic. Top thread OP, sparked an excellent discussion with some great posts in here. Haven't seen a thread with this many consistently good-to-great posts in ages, with minimal shitposting. However if you still have faith in the mods on here after what happened in the the Florida school shooting threads then you're infinitely more optimistic than me.

It's the two MODS, namely Imkamphy, who took over the board when the Dugin faction bought it with Jim Freemason. They wanted to introduce suggestive loli sex to demoralize and then called you a goon if you thought it was annoying and ban you. They also get mad when you post pretty women.


Ah makes sense if it's two mods working together. Initially I did think it was imkikey but thought even for a freak like him it would be too much to shit up threads as Rach, the SHAREBLUE spammer and smug lolicon, often simultaneously.

many were really active threads, too, sunk into oblivion. Shame, really.

glad i kept this one


They really hate Creek smugs, lol.

Yep,exactly Christianity is a slaves religion and just another tool of the kikes to be used to destroy the white man.

The solution is to pick up our NATIVE EUROPEAN religions that had nothing to do with sandniggers or sandnigger kike ideologies.

Go ahead call me a larper,like the retarded faggot you are.

Yeah let's sedate Holla Forums by removing their ego!

Thing is, the only thing that let's a dragon live is their ego. I think meditation and all that shit is a double edged sword. I think the mods agree.

1. It'll be largely ignored.
2. It already overlaps with /fringe/
3. The scope of say a board like /fringepol/ is significantly small and better off either here or on fringe.

The issue is when it's just esoteric wankery and ignorance of the many flaws to the arguments given.
Plus many of the religious parts of it condemn the ego. Holla Forums is the exploitation of ego. It's what makes us live in this world and not just kill ourselves.

hotpocket deleted it for "template thread" either he is drunk or being retarded. These threads have been on Holla Forums for as long as I known now with no problem. as a matter of fact there was an esoterics thread last month. idk what caused the ban, I suggest maybe hotpocket explain himself.

The do get spammed in order to forum slide.

That isn't exactly true and you know it.

Meditation is preparation for battle.
letting go of personal ego lets you become part of your larger group.
Our world is turned to shit because we've been taught that selfish needs come first, family is to be left and avoided, children and nation mean nothing.
Dragons need a correctly functioning ego defense system, and it needs be small, in its place. The RAGE keeps us alive.
Fortunately anons have been archiving the good threads.

My needs > your needs

So that is correct.
I'm not your fucking dog.

Are you just now figuring this out?

you don't seem to get it

How are literal weaboo pedos even given mod roles in the first place?

Existence IS ego.

no, ego is self survival, the mind is a collective. you don't fucking get it. don't come into these threads and claim shit you have no clue about.

That collective has an ego of it's own. You can either combine with it or fight it.

Think of our universe as a giant machine. You can either manifest as it's ego, or try to fight that.
But that machine is also fighting others egos.

Oh and like a rebelling cell in a body, you fighting that machine makes you cancer.

how can you fight something that is something that you don't want it to be. The mind is a collective whether you like to admit you are joined to it or not. Fighting it is what kikes have been having us do for centuries now. Its our disconnect that has cast us into their realm. You wont be free till you accept it. your personal ego is useless.

What you must understand is that none of the mods are right-wing. None of the owners either. But they are rape-wing, which is to say NSA/FBI/CIA, or Julian Assange types. I do not say this lightly: They are all, to a man, literal rapists.

That is the problem.
Is the division of ego a mechanical function of the macrocosmic?

I think you'll find it is.
This was all planned. And it is horrific.
You sound like you haven't accepted that fact. Most jews don't either, though some Rabbis realised this. A horrible reality of what we are.

Holla Forums needs to burn like a fire. Destroying ego is to stamp it out. We need our discordances and friction to make us stronger as a unit. Like a complex organism requiring a brain that thinks about as much as it possibly can before it finds it's answer.

checked. Not just pol. The whole site. 4chan too. There needs to be the sense of complete loss, that people will recognize the necessity of using new systems, using Tor and such, and that it is a necessity.

New computers that are NSA-free are coming. And new services that are censorship-free are also coming.

hifive unleashed is getting close to the "raspberry pi sans gchq" we need.

onionShare, an easy way to setup a tor site sharing files to the tor browser - frankly, the only way I know of to serve files securely.
^ a sign of services to come.

you need to burn in a fire kike, you and your friend
kikes can't realize that the scale of the collective and the ego are not separate, nor do they function on their own, you don't destroy one to accept another. And thats why you will never get it, jews never understand any of it.

Book/philosophy/esoterica threads get deleted because the mods are brainlets. Self improvement/permaculture threads are deleted because the mods are skinnyfat manlets with bitchtits who live off fast food and weeaboo marble soda and couldn't do a pull up to lift themselves out of a burning basement. It's allowed because hotwheels is gone, and a rule of thumb is pretty much anything is going to start to suck when the mastermind behind it leaves and gets taken over by some new fuckheads out of alignment with the original intentions of the creation. This applies to more than just imageboards. Anything more nuanced than day old news, tsundere bitching about Alt-Right talking heads or whatever variety of "two minutes hate" demoralization where we all impotently seethe at the world together but never do anything about it gets shoah'd.

Kamfy in particular can get fucked, for no other reason than single handedly turning pepe back into cancer once again by insisting on using it as his personal memeshitter avatar. I don't know if I buy the "Berkay the Turk" meme though. It's way too convenient. Most likely an elaborate an elaborate ruse by a Joshua Goldberg tier kike. I doubt this dude would stick around if his real identity ever got found out.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one too stubborn to leave despite the shitshow it's become. Anonymous is my only family and I just can't abandon you guys. If we can survive the shitposting drought of 2011-2014 we can survive anything.

This was not a kike free first post.

If anything, we are a probiotic bacteria culture

I already do.
kek, their interpretation is more of the opposite today.

Not as it develops. The more is helps the beast, the more it'll control it.
But never forget - the beast and the bacteria were never exclusive to begin with. The bacteria is a mere mechanism of it.

We're more like the antibodies of the beast.

i plan to slay dragons

Is this thread an attempt to subvert Holla Forums culture?

I get it. You're mad about philosophy, literature, and self-improvement threads.
I agree

But hating on smug anime?
The smug anime came about from April Fools 2015.
We got raided, by freech or goons or int.
Or all of the above (because they're all the same faggots)

At first there was alot of friendly fire. Fellow Holla Forumslacks were arguing with each other, the joys of being user. And smug anime was pissing some people off.

So in typical fashion Holla Forumslacks stepped on the gas.

But as the comments tallied up, some of us who were paying attention started to notice something. The smug anime posters were clearly from here, and some of the people getting super-pissed about smug anime were clearly outsiders.

Listen you don't have to like anime. But the origins of 4chan are in anime, ergo so are the origins of hatechan. This place would be a dead site if not for the exodus.

In other words, your brothers on this site happen to like anime. And some of the weirder ones prefer 2d over 3dpd.

Are you planning to suck some dick too?

he doesn't. sucked too deep of the jew programming

that's your ego talking, retard. The ego is a small subsystem that is supposed to carry out a specific role - the defense of the self state. So when some kike says "you are a cunt", your ego prevents you taking that on board.
You are supposed to be part of a tribe, and your ego part of the tribe's superego.
Or you can buy videogames and make it all about you, untermensch

Kill yourself first then.

But seriously, all people are like dragons when they excercise their egos. Otherwise they become lifestock, dogs, pets or something like that.


earlier in the thread.

Probably a shill (and sockpuppet as well)

The only time I disapprove of smug anime girls is when it's obviously and halfheartedly being used to mask nuclear butthurt by disingenuous posters. i.e., the mods.

You're not wrong user. I literally just said that.

That's the point I was making. And if our universe's existence is it's self ego in opposition to the macrocosmic superego - what do?
You define a side and choose to fight with it, against it (by either being independent or in alliance with the superego).

All I see from this is discord. Intended discord.

you have never taken conrol of your ego, it is clear. Your sense of "i" is limited by your ego's small field of operations (symbolic language). You've never risen beyond tp glimpse reality unbound.
Which is why you'll always be like a small dog, barking. Making a lot of noise, LARPing that you are a dragon. You don't understand what we are talking about, so you dismiss it without thought.
I understand where you are. I was the same, when i was young and inexperienced. I battled to take my ego with me into transcendental spaces. That's great - killing the ego is fucking stupid. Deifying it is fucking stupid too. Its a tool, like a pet dog, and needs to be well trained to do its dog. The dragon, however, is vast and wordless, it rises from darkness in a fire that cannot be put out, and sweeps the rgo aside when it takes control. Don't get them confused.

trips of truth

If someone is posting smug anime, just merely ignore it.

It isn't, moron. That's just your tiny ego fluffing itself up in self-importance because you feel small and powerless.
Train your ego and keep it in its place, don't let it fill your world

Is this why so many Holla Forumsacks are on 4/biz/ nowadays?

I can't take control of it. It's a light that never goes out.

Someone needs to draw that.

I agree, perhaps there's a necessity to balance.
Or perhaps "just swim user".

So people don't tap into their inner dragon? I think that describes what we do. We control the dragon. Or we ride the dragon (yeah that sounds right).


I disagree, ride the ego. Take the adventure.

Ride the ego? Oh baby, come back in 10 years when you've … grown … a bit.

I for one take the opposite stance.
Ego must be discarded. It distorts the matrix through which we perceive reality and seeks to dominate our thoughts.

Anons improve their perception the more they discard their ego.
You must unrustle your jimmies and become enlightened.

I'm not the guy you're arguing with, I just wanted to thank you for the sensible chuckles.

And getting rid of the ego doesn't?

(forgot to add)
And discarding the ego does not eliminate apathy. It merely changes your perception of the world.

I have never met a living person who eliminated his ego.
You can't.
All you do is change it's direction.

Friendly reminder that "destruction of the self" isn't the goal, instead you should focus on individuating your conscious and unconscious mind, so that you can retain your "i" while realizing unity with Brahman.

The ego-id-superego division is pure freudian kike sophistry in the first place tbh famalamadingdong.

if you discard your ego, then you have no self tate preservataion system, which means your mind is open to whatever passing user decides to fuck with you.
for example. your ego is designed to intercept that and deal with it.
just like a dog, you can sometimes tell your ego to sit and wait, but just like a dog, you want it there to come back home too, the beautiful good little ego that it is.

thanks user, your webm is nice, too.

bwhah ha ha. Come back when you've succeeded :)}
Ohm shanti, motherfucker.



*self state preservation system

Nice (((organic))) narrative here user. Lmao.
Only one sockpuppeting here is you. As this post pointed out smug anime/anime in general is fine. Problem is the smug anime that people criticize now a days on Holla Forums is almost exclusively lolicon leaning in nature (unlike the one posted) and almost always only pushing 2 agendas. Mods are based and trump is based, disagree and you're a shill. By trying to tie this type of poster to "board culture" you're also trying to say that true anons must suck mod and trump cock. Fuck off. Even when tried to explain why people shit on this type of poster you still sperged out, being this unreasonable proves you're a shill.

thats true, but it still can be a useful tool for understanding the human mind. all this talk about discarding the ego or embracing it… one must do both and neither to truly attempt to understand.

Your ego isn't what tells you that you can't fly.
That's reason and basic understanding of reality.

you missed the point, of course.

I agree, it makes very little sense as a real concept. It's more of a trick of the mind.

Your "ego" tells you that that is what your ego is.
That's the stupidity of the concept.

ok. try this. its a small lesson to determine the difference between your ego's voice and your own voice.
Say your name. but not out loud. just say "my name is " so that you can hear it, in your own mind.
Then compare that to the voice that is babbling away normally.
You are not your ego, your ego is a small functional aspect of your mind, one that exists within the realm of symbolic language and needs firm but loving guidance.

Pepe was created by a liberal faggot, what's your point?

Woops, meant you to this

It's probably because of all the fucking spamming and the faggot wordfilters. It's impossible to have an actual discussion here.

Depends, I think some are indeed preaching that exact thing. That destruction of the self is a further extension of the destruction of ego.

Pepe the meme? no. Pepe the original creation? yes.

His character developed beyond the original comic. Eventually it became the people's character. He should be proud of that.

Question: Is the concept of Nirvana trickery intended to sedate a neutralise nations?

I mean that concept would stop people from making an active struggle in their society. It would make the burdens on the ones carrying the society heavier right?
It's those that eat too much cake so to speak, while those that made it have the burden of preparing the next batch.


No more so than the idea of monastic communion with God is. Both are exclusive to specialists of faith.


Both seem more like bait to me, more and more every day.
It gives me terror to think that.

It's a lot deeper in than the West has been led to believe. Most of Japanese lead their whole lives without even hearing the word, let alone understanding it, despite passing by statues all the time.
Because we have the heaven approximate, the comparison was easy.

I don't know what to do with the concept.
I mean, think about the attractiveness of a religion that says "you're gonna struggle eternally".

… wait a sec - Valhalla?

/mlpol/ is waiting for anons,check it out

good bunker

Bronies/furfags get the rope.

There was an esoteric Hitler thread up for months; as well as the kekism thread.
They're gone now?
Those were some of the best thread tbh.
Plenty of good info were in those threads.
Was it a result of the anti-animu, and shit spam that hit the catalog earlier?

The stench of Smiley is strong here.

Morning sunshine, you get a good night's sleep?

Yet the upper levels of the Reich were filled with occultists such as Rosenberg and Himmler while Hitler himself had been a member of the Thule Society. He disliked anyone who shunned action, but had no problem with the real deal.

Christianity really has no place on a board devoted to exposing the truth or one which aligns itself with National Socialist ideals. Tolerating it because there are White Christians is no different from tolerating Marxism because there are White Marxists. It is a destructive religion which should be rooted out from our nations (the day of the rope cannot begin until it is gone), and that begins by removing it from our type-forming enclaves.

Of course, we do need a new site as well. They successfully shipped hotwheels into oblivion and took over. Then the Freemason turned over the power of moderation to a gang of shills.