Final Solution to the weeb problem

Holla Forums is one of the last decent places on google but it has the same problem as cuckchan, weaboos but i think we can create a final solution to the anime problem. We should should polute an anime board to the point of no return and do the same eventually for all boards of degeneracy to try and rid the site of degenerates so they dont intersect into other non shit communities. Please help me in my noble crusade.

The kike fears the samurai.

Are you a kike?


The japs haven't had so much as a military for 70 years and have become submissive cucks since hirishima.

This is the most retarded thing I've seen all day, but I'd like to know exactly how to plan to pollute an anime board to the point of no return. I don't believe anyone is that good of a shitposter.

If you have the motivation and a few other people it could be done.

Are you fucking retarded? Sage and reported for being a fucking idiot and for sliding.

Your kike is showing.
NYPA. Fuck off.


It can still be accessed through google withh the url i am not a kike nor a robot.


What problem?

If Hitler were to be alive today, he would most likely praise anime.
Anti-anime is a code word for anti-white.

Lol you niggers cant even solve your own personal real life problems much less find a final solution for anything.

If Hitler was alive today he would hate every single individual on this website

It's almost like a Goon programmed this bot.

More like he'd appreciate how smug can be in our fascism.

Where have I heard this before?
Shoo shoo, pesky Jew-kun!



The japs have lost the honary aryrans title after loli's traps submissive males and tentacle porn

you mean, traps, submissive males, and tentacle porn

low energy OP you dont even get a (you)


stop bumping your slide thread faggot. reported


Jesus christ this thread is lame. OP is probably LARPing as some pleb who doesn't understand imageboard culture, but secretly faps to futa.

Oy vey, how dare you OP, you're pointing out the cognitive dissonance between degenerate fetish porn rampant in anime and a board that claims to be natsoc and anti-degeneracy, watch as your thread gets shoah'd faster than that atlantic tripfag's spam or /r9k/ spamming the board.

Gas yourself.


Are you implying drawings are real people?

I am imply it's still degeneracy nonetheless if you beat off to the disney channel or loli your just a repressed pedo

If you look at the catalog and in popular threads, you can see the cancer is spreading. I guess the shills that were ravaging 4chan finally made their way here.

lmao nice try Goon-chan.
Lots of shills on here tonight.

They make all males cucks and it's just gay honestly if you watch mainstream anime over 15 kill yourself

LARPing leftygoons like you are why the (((Holla Forumstard))) meme is commonplace just about everywhere



That's pretty low energy, fag-kun. At least have a plan we can laugh at.

Fuck you you're probably an elitist virgin boogie2988

The goon fears the anime.


Are you that faggot who made that thread earlier complaining that Japanese guys are legally allowed to fuck Japanese teenage girls because Japan hasn't completely abandoned logic in favor of feminist hysteria yet? Isn't it time for your daily struggle session on Twitter?