No Goys, Fidel Castro Is Totally Not Justin Trudeau's Father


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it depends on what the word is is lawyer talk. There's the couple and there's the whore.

One of these things is not like the others.

checked. Castro was always traveling secretly and why wouldn't he visit his good friend pierre with the crazy wife.

Possible, but wouldn't a trip like that have been publicized since she was the–at the time–Prime Minister's wife?
Hell, it'd be bigger news because she went alone.
Unless she flew by private plane. Or claimed to be going to America, then once she got here no one gave a fuck because she's a leaf so who cares?

Fucking please. You think the FBI, CIA, etc in the '70s didn't know to within five feet where Castro was at all times? Ignoring satellite coverage, Cuba is WELL within range for Blackbird or U2 flyovers.
Air Force bases along the Gulf:

Margaret was a total slut, 5 mins od searching and you can dind nudes of her.

You can also find pic of Pierre and his wife partying ans having a good time with castro. Its well documented they where friends and the Trudeau's would visit him often.

You think they would have murdered Castro in the company of employees of the Canadian Government?

This was literruleh made up here two years ago.

I admit I had my doubts, but this makes me believe it's true.

What the fuck? Have we memed too hard?

They all covered this.


Why the fuck did the Canadian government even touch this "rumour" at all. They've just led credence to it and now I can't even find an article i read 6 months ago about Castro traveling to Canada for secret talks because the results are clogged with "No, Fidel Castro is not Canada PM Trudeau's father".

It probably is, she was one of those bipolar sluts that are well beyond being helped.

Off by one. KILL ME.

Yep. We're going to have to dig.

Dude, don't forget The Rolling Stones ran a literal train on margret Trudeau.

Margaret Trudeau spent her sixth wedding anniversary without her prime minister husband, instead partying with the Rolling Stones at a Toronto nightclub and later in Mick Jagger’s limousine. The rendezvous sparked rumours that she was having an affair with the band’s front man. She later disappeared to New York. The scandal signalled the end of the couple’s tumultuous marriage, but Margaret Trudeau denied having affairs with any members of the Rolling Stones, later telling a conference on mental health, “I should have slept with every single one of them.”

I apologizxe. I'm way drunker than I thought.

I gotcha fam.

Why the actual fuck did they re-release a 2 year old article? What the fuck?

Infowars-tier sites will probably run the trudeau=castro story again in response to the Ass Press's article…
They want to gin up the "fake news" hysteria so jewgel and the rest have some datapoints to leverage into crushing dissent on their platforms well before the 2020 elections.

Do you think the US wasn't controlled by jews at the time? Commies were also jews, they allow the top puppets to go where they want just like podesta today. Castro went all over the world and probably fucked the queen. The only ones excluded from this were Mao and Kim all the other commie ring leaders and american fat cats were in bed with each-other propagating infinite war they personally didn't need to spend a dime yet made millions due to money printing, all thanks to juden.

He and Max Keeping used to hang out an awful lot. I think Peter Hayman joined them on a few occasions.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The drinking age in Hull was effectively 14.

i need fresh memes

Canadian media was pozzed in the 50's. If you want to keep your media job, you look the other way when the politician is at the gay bar with the underage twink.

Can't get it past your editor? Well, the Canadian version of (((Securedrop))) is called Frank Magazine. Oh, just bad timing your contract wasn't renewed after leaking your hot tip to (((Frank.)))

You shouldn't drink until you're that inebriated user, we need healthy comrades right?

See . Lawyer talk.

"Instead, we were so high on coke there was never ANY sleep. Being airlocked by Mick, Keith and Ronnie Wood was trippy!"

Correct, but by bringing attention to this story (true or not) they are inadvertently raising public interest in Trudeau's background, which is far from flattering. Not to mention the fact that his utter stupidity is finally starting to catch up with him, and the last thing on earth his handlers need right now is for his upbringing to become a topic of discussion.

If you kill the internet rumour, it wins.

You should smoke weed instead.

The overfed look will forever be repulsive to me.

Weedman is now delaying legalization until August. Bikers have to make their money back I guess.

Can you get the munchies from smoking cock?

I live in the US, m8, so whatever you're trying to say is irrelevant. Cannabis is a positive intoxication, alcohol is a negative one. Cannabis is a drug, alcohol is a drug and also a poison, in any amount. Drinking alcohol is like bashing one's head against a brick wall to get high.

Obligatory Margaret hanging out a CeeBee GeeBee's with the rolling stones picture.

By all accounts, she was absolutely in Cuba around the time that could make it possible for his mother to have conceived Justin with Castro. The Trudeaus palled around with Castro and visited Cuba regularly, and Pierre was a total lefty cuck long before it became fashionable.

is that down there what i think it is?

Aye, that be that bitches bush.

We actually agree. I'm in the US too but I don't want the hassle of dealing with ICE so I'm one of those sXe faggots until my contract is up.


Bad news Pierre.

That is the brush one finds in a desert. There is a camel hiding the (((oasis))).
Justin Trudeau was born December 25, 1971


Ever heard of artificial insemination?
Those sick women who take the love of "bad boys" to extremes by marrying convicts with life sentences, are known to bear children when the convict pays someone to smuggle his jizz out of the prison.
A turkey baster is all the hardware that's required to perform the procedure.
It doesn't strain credibility at all, that a Castro fan girl might have done the same.

Pierre got cucked by that guy with the crazy beard.


So you're saying this thread is a Kushner-led Cadre disinformation campaign to hide the fact that Trump is Justin's real father?

The first successful use of IVF was in 1978. Castro's son was born in 1971


you answered your own question
now the results are buried past page 10 on google, perhaps lower, that are actual facts

the castro thing is just a funny meme.

Now if you want the truth his mom was a slut that fucked mick jagger and cucked his dad



The boys sure are brothers. Even the blond one has that faggoty smile that JT has.

Sounds like you Putinfaggots got your cuck-tier дезинформация placed in the AP. The KGB knows the truth, while you Putinfaggots continue your bullshit активные мероприятия.

You guys are getting too obvious, thus, you should kill yourselves.

Based Stan.

It's not a meme and there's nothing remotely fucking funny about a Cuban Cuckoo being voted in just because women wanted to fuck him.

What a candid family.

The USA has been more or less controlled by kikes since the Treaty of Ghent

I've already seen people posting examples of facebook preemptively telling you that this is fake news when you try to post about it. Weird huh?

are you referring to this?

no, trump just saw someone else fuck that slut

The most dangerous meme of all, you stupid fucking kike.

If you supress an internet rumor, it wins

Not unless they could make it look like someone else did it.
My point was that they knew where he was at all times. Thus, they'd know if he had a bastard with some leaf broad.

No, but we know for a fact it wasn't as bad as it is now. There were still elements that supported America first and actually did their jobs keeping track of commies like Castro.

This I can believe, but it doesn't change my point: if Fidel had any bastards, it would have 'leaked' long ago straight from CIA.
Or would've been quietly used against someone like Canada, who we're allies with, in order to broker better trade deals or something.

Yup. Upper left has a lot of Iberian in him. Other two don't.

email that to them.

Do you guys think Pierre fucked ALL of those kids, or just Fidel Jr.?

IFV is "test tube baby" egg implantation.

Artificial insemination has been used since ancient times.

Pierre was sterile. They're all Castro-Sinclairs.

"Well I'm a broken man on a Cincinnati runway.. cough…cough…"

The list of people Maggie ==didn't== fuck is shorter.

Gee, what's going on right now? Oh that's right, NAFTA renegotiations!

Wonder who "Ben" was?

Maggie WAS the crazy beard.


It will take me a while to recover from that! :D

Drinking is all I have left these days.

Also applies to

I'd missed that one. Thanks user! :^D

No, the story was spawned when Justin's whore mother got up on that brown cigar and rode it until she got pregnant with the faggot who's accelerating Canada's demise right now.

Also of note: There's a Greek legend that children born on December 25 will be snatched away by trolls, who will carry them to the underworld. There, they will spend their lives trying in vain to chop down the tree that holds up the world. If the letters K-E-K appear anywhere in that story, I'll blow my fucking brains out in the sure and certain hope /our/ faith is for real.

checkin your dubs
pls live

My mom's college friend vacationed in cuba as a little girl with the Castro's her dad was a Soviet diplomat and brought his family over occasionally

Focus on what you can create instead of what you have. Times will be hard, downright terrible and hopeless, but it is your duty to have faith in and fight for your race.

Ben "Canuck Cucker" Garrison
Ben "Maggie's Montana Man" Garrison
Ben "Just Fuck Me" Garrison

No articles yet have mentioned that Pierre and Maggie were undoubtedly at least near Castro in the Caribbean during conception time.




That they felt the need to cover this story obviously shows they are afraid. Ive seen all I need to assume this is probably true.

There is a yuuuuge Ukrainian population in the prairies who never forgot the Holomodor. They had and have a lot of influence.

The one in the bottom left is Michel right? Hes dead now. "Snowboarding accident"

The whole War Measure Act thing was an ultimatum to the clowns to get the fuck out of town.

If you can read pepsi, here's an interesting page.

Real Quebec separatists aren't marxists. Lesveque was a good guy. Pariseau and friends were the ones that fucked things up.

t. anglo-Quebecker who thinks they should become a US state eventually

The RCMP were caught blowing up barns and such, performing flase flags. When the actual commies had already killed a government minister and kidnapped a foreign diplomat with intentions of doing the same, they really didnt need to be blowing shit up and framing them for it too if they wanted to rob Canadians of their charter rights.

Oh and also, they flew them to Cuba on a Canadian army aircraft without blowing their heads off like at the end of that movie where they roll up in the stationwagon and everyone suddenly dies before boarding the plane.

Why are you shilling against it? Use every weapon, even if it's not true.

But it is. Because Trudeu is a Cuck.

That was actually later. RCMP security intelligence (now CSIS) had infiltrated but the CIA was giving a lot of support to the FLQ on the DL. (They hated Pierre too, they knew he was a pedofaggot but couldn't say anything.)

You cut that out.

"Air Canada is now smoke free! If Stan Rogers was alive, we'd get him to sing about it." – scenes from an ad agency


Theyre both communists, theyre already siblings in spirit, what does it matter if they are related?

go kill yourself

Moreover there is no need for either party to visit Cuba. Could have met in Canada or another location. They are just pivoting, again lawyer talk/thinking.

The infograph says they could have met anywhere in the Caribbean.

Personally I think Pierre preferred boys and was also sterile.

Also want to look into the Sinclair (Saint Clair) bloodline. Recall that the press always called him the Dauphin (heir to the French crown) when he was in opposition.




They didn't know Trotsky was in Mexico until after he was assassinated in by the KGB; in Mexico.

It comes to something when they couldn't find a wanted man who was openly fucking a Mexican psychopath with a unibrow.





He won PM by coasting off of the reputation of his cuck father and the average canadian being too feminized to understand what a quivering pussy he is, there really isn't that much to it

t. Canadian

Also, weed.

bump for hilarity


fecesbook have some AI that spies and tries to countermeasure you.

They have a team of "mods" from cucked orgs like the SPLC to determine what is (((real news))).

Here's a couple that sealed the deal for me.

i had to look up images on google of fidel castro
i thought someone just shooped trudeaus face on the "castro" side in some of these images
its uncanny


The only thing slightly different is the eyes, the nose jaw and mouth are nearly identical to Castro's. I honestly believe he was bred for this time of finishing off North American whites. Had Hillary won, the destruction of this continent by the 2 of them would have been damn near irreparable. Thankfully, he is less popular in Canada, than Trump is in America. The combination of Wynne destroying Ontario and him being an insufferable cuck, has opened a lot of peoples eyes to (((their))) plans for Canada. Even here in the heart of pozzland (GTA)

WTF is wrong with that archive? It shows nothing

You are in the degeneracy capital of Canada?
I hope you have a support group, that city in a 40-50mile radius is an absolute deathtrap the week that logistics break down.

Actually, Margaret Trudeau was bipolar and is well known to have traveled around by herself cucking Pierre Trudeau during his prime ministership. Her taking a trip by herself to get knocked up by Castro is not outside the realm of possibility by any means
Neat excerpt from Kikeipedia: