KEK on Easter island

A frog deity (Kek) from Easter island was used to frighten of Devils therefore safeguard the people from evil.
This is probably how he got there. Around the year 232 B.C., Captain Rata and Navigator Maui set out with a flotilla of ships from Egypt in an attempt to circumnavigate the Earth. The Maui expedition was under the guidance of Eratosthenes, the great scientist who was also the chief librarian of the library at Alexandria. Could this voyage have demonstrated Eratosthenes' theorem that the world was round, and measured approximately 24,500 miles in circumference.

This Egyptian connection in Easter Island is evidence that an Egyption expedition did enter the pacific more than 2000 years ago, this expedition was shortly after The death of Alexander the Great when his land was split up between his generals, Ptolemy was awarded Egypt and for 300 years Ptolemies ruled over the Greek/Egyptian people.
The Library at Alexandria was in Egypt at this time and said to contain 700,000 scrolls from the ancient world. Through this library one of the Ptolemy kings used the information to draw a world map from sources unknown earlier on. This map was to help the expedition to navigate around the earth.
Aristotle the teacher of Alexander the Great also had the theory the earth was a sphere, stating "The shadow of Earth on the Moon during a lunar eclipse is round" How could the earth be flat if the shadow was curved… Flat earthers BTFO by Aristotle 2300 years ago.
Further evidence is the pacific people oral history of Maui, In Maori Maui was said to have fished up the north island.. etc Also physical evidence on the Rongo Rongo writing glyphs on Easter island a now extinct language has a 5 pointed Egyptian hieroglyph.

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There was meant to be Egyptian findings in the Grand Canyon too.

I don't think it's hard at all to imagine how far we have fallen when you consider what we know happened to the ancient and the modern world. IMAGINE ALL THE DAMAGE THE SECRET APOSTATE ORDERS HAVE DONE TO OUR KNOWLEDGE OF WORLD HISTORY. I hate kikes and this world they created so much.

Bumping because this is a good thread and may KEK's light guard us from the coming scourge of paid shills and schizo kikes.

Another Connection with Egypt and the Pacific can be seen in the Egyptian Dwarf god Bes. Tikis are very similar Tongue sticking out and short in stature.
Bes (Bisu, Aha) was an ancient Egyptian dwarf god. He was a complex being who was both a deity and a demonic fighter. He was a god of war, yet he was also a patron of childbirth and the home, and was associated with sexuality, humour, music and dancing. Although he began as a protector of the pharaoh, he became very popular with every day Egyptian people because he protected women and children above all others.

Alexandria was founded in Egypt by Alexander the Great. His successor as Pharaoh, Ptolemy I Soter, founded the Museum (also called Museum of Alexandria, Greek Mouseion, “Seat of the Muses”) or Royal Library of Alexandria in 283 BC. The Museum was a shrine of the Muses modeled after the Lyceum of Aristotle in Athens. The Museum was a place of study which included lecture areas, gardens, a zoo, and shrines for each of the nine muses as well as the Library itself. It has been estimated that at one time the Library of Alexandria held over half a million documents from Assyria, Greece, Persia, Egypt, India and many other nations. Over 100 scholars lived at the Museum full time to perform research, write, lecture or translate and copy documents. The library was so large it actually had another branch or "daughter" library at the Temple of Serapis.

If i could go back in time and Assassinate people, anyone who would burn this knowledge would top my list.





So you'd genocide all the non-whites. Works for me.

What always strikes me most about the ancient world is how hungry people were to learn answers about themselves, the world, and life itself. They had insatiable intellectual curiosity. And while we have technology thousands of times more advanced than anything they had, our intellectual curiosity is fucking dead.

Anyone who is an obstacle to the truth must be moved out of the way to make the path clear for others.
This pic is of Assyrians flaying Hebrews for some problems they caused them. Note that the have super curly hair too…

People in the ancient world had time think. Now there is endless media to consume. When people leave their soul destroying jobs, they destroy their mind with the garbage being piped into their homes through television, newspapers and the internet.

Very interesting.

Whites burned it too dummy, on the grounds that the knowledge was unChristian.



All "discoveries" from arab world were just ancient knowledge they didn't totally burn and shit down the sewers. When they captured egypt they burned the libraries.



Correct. Religion destroyed the knowledge. The library was accidentally burned by Julius Caesar during his civil war in 48 BC, but it is unclear how much of the library was actually destroyed and it may have been rebuilt shortly thereafter.

The library's membership appears to have ceased by the 260s AD and, between 270–275 AD, it was attacked under the orders of the emperor Aurelian, but, by that time, the center of learning in Alexandria had already been moved to the Serapeum. Theon of Alexandria and later his daughter Hypatia were heads of a school in Alexandria called the "Mouseion", which took its name from the Hellenistic institution that had once incorporated the library, but which had little other connection. The Serapeum was burned in 391 AD under a decree issued by Coptic Christian pope Theophilus of Alexandria




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these dubs are all the proof anyone needs

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Watched already, Awesome Doco.
Also i recommend to read the book "To The Ends Of The Earth" by Max c Hill

really makes you think



Actually the Ancient Greeks/Egyptians brought their Deitys to the pacific and the native people adopted their gods. Many oral histories of Red head Fair skinned people on Easter island and NZ.


just a gentle reminder






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This is an interesting point user, not something I had considered. It certainly fills in some gaps.

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I merely pointed out a bit of True history, cant hurt anyone. Go connect some dots and stop bitching.

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Miguel Serrano compiled good research on this and similar topics.

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Thanks for the confirmation, Kek.

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What the fuck is this jew damage control bullshit pined for? Anyone on here thats been here more than two years knows that the world wide civilization that made Easter Isand, Machu Picchu, and the Pyramids got wiped out 12000 years ago in a world wide flood.

Also they were white, fuck you heebs.

Also they were white, fuck you heebs.

There are contingency plans if this domain goes down. It would be a very minor bump in the road.

The reason why the Solutrean hypothesis makes sense is because it's a whole theory backed up by archaeological digs that match the spread of the technology with dates and times.

Your video is a bunch of correlative bullshit without hard data. and correlation is easily discarded as convergent evolution. Dates, digs, tool evidence. If they're using the same hand tools that are made in the same way, then that'd be believable, but my guess is you don't have that fucking proof because you can't be bothered to fucking link it or write a consistent logical narrative.

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Global report.

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Nice theory. I was torn between the Egyptians or Old Europeans but there seems to be more facts pointing at Egypt.

Thanks for coming out.

Egyptian pharoahs with red hair, blue eyes…

According to the legend, the civilization came AFTER the flood. Then the men, or, their God, who "mixed with the people to produce an offspring that wasn't ugly" "walked across the ocean" after their deed was done.

What's more interesting is that these "offsprings" were noted by Spanish explorers who reached Inca. They spoke stories of blond haired, blue eyed Incas, but, as the "healthiest, most beautiful children" were ritually sacrificed for good fortune, this trait disappeared (along with their civilization, "mysteriously")

I can't imagine a more dysgenic practice.


Whatever you are implying, thats not why they are banned schlomo

That's what the pakies brought (who mixed in with their African slaves), Egyptians were brown but like the Greeks, more "Carmel" like, and even though Egyptians were Caucasoids, they also admittedly got bleached by "mysterious" civilizations living up north (as did the original inhabitants of Hispaniola, who's "untouched" tribes like the Basques still look "swarthy").

Fresco from the Crete civilization BTW.

Last post BC I forget details, observe their black hair and blue eyes (but TANNED - not brown, tanned skin), one of the rarest combinations Whites posses, and what Uncle Adolf had yes.

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There were skeletons in NZ carbonated 3,600 years ago, DNA linking to a Celtic population in wales.

When the Egyptian / Greeks set out on the expedition with a flotilla no doubt they would have had some Celtic people as well. Perhaps as slaves or hired help.

When you look at Maori tattoos, their is an element of Celtic swirls. When the Polynesian sailors got to NZ around 700-800 yrs ago their culture changed immediately. This is likely that they met people already in NZ and created a new culture.

Checked. Giant sea serpent was real all along.

I think this user means sparkling skeletons rather than fossilized skeletons.

On [s4s] (where kek was born), pic related was a recurring thread. What did we meme by this?

Why is this stickied yet we got nothing about TRS hoaxing the whole white nationalist connection thing?

FFS user, evidence shows that Egyptians had genetics commonly found in far western Europe. Ever thought maybe, just maybe, the celtic DNA is actually influenced by egyptian dna. and that the celts are actually the result of a merging of atlantian survivors and germanic peoples? Ya know, vanir and aesir?

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Really makes you think.

Probably the enslaved """"mysterious"""" sea Aryans who pillaged the Mediterranean but failed to conquer Egypt, so they got assimilated (to teach the Egyptians their revolutionary ways of combat and sea faring?) If you look at the idols of bearded men I posted some couple posts above, you can notice that "Celtic" swirl too. Interesting.

Wait, were all of those civilizations destroyed from the inside by (((a certain group)))? Big if true.

B-b-b-but all non-whites are subhuman and should be enslaved and killed

Christians destroyed all libraries under Emperor Theodosius. Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria, took it upon himself to burn all books that were not Christian. The scum bags like Tom Woods teach that Christians preserved, and even created, Western civilization. Christians didn't destroy every single book, so the Christcucks say, "All those pagans didn't know how to store. That's why the only surviving books were written or preserved by Christians. Without their upstanding character and intelligence, we'd have no literature." It's a filthy fucking lie.

The evidence of Plutarch, Gellius and Seneca strongly indicates the Royal Library had suffered considerable fire damage at the time of Julius Caesar’s expedition when Caesar torched the fleet of Cleopatra’s brother and the fire spread to the harbour area.

Plutarch informs us that Mark Anthony, making good the loss, gave Cleopatra the entire contents - some 200,000 rolls - of the rival Pergamon library as a gift.

A 'daughter Library' was located in the nearby temple of Serapis in the south-western quarter (Epiphanius of Cyprus (c. 402 AD) Weights and Measures). The Serapeum – in honour of the new god – had begun with Ptolemy II Philadelphus and was completed by his son.

The Emperor Claudius, in the mid-1st century, set up the Claudian Library to be a centre for the study of history. Hadrian, following a visit to Alexandria in 130, restored the city and founded a new library in the Caesareum. Sophists, such as Dionysius of Miletus and Polemon of Laodikeia, where attracted to the city in what was a second century revival of Alexandrian scholarship. This brief flowering ended with the "rapine and cruelty" which Caracalla visited upon the eastern provinces early in the third century.

We may never know precisely the fate of reputedly 400 - 700,000 priceless scrolls. The civil commotions of the 260s and 270s, when much of the city was damaged, would not have been happy days for the libraries.The cutting off of imperial revenue by 4th century Christian Emperors sent the Museum into terminal decline. Writing early in the 5th century, Orosius, Christian author of History against the Pagans, admitted fellow Christians had plundered temples and emptied book chests. Gibbon was in no doubt:

"The valuable library of Alexandria was pillaged or destroyed; and near twenty years afterwards, the appearance of the empty shelves excited the regret and indignation of every spectator whose mind was not totally darkened by religious prejudice." (Chapter 28).
Gibbon placed the blame squarely at the door of Theophilus. That Bishop Theophilus had led the destruction of pagan temples, most famously the Serapeum, is certain. Socrates Scholasticus reports the following:

"At the solicitation of Theophilus bishop of Alexandria the emperor issued an order at this time for the demolition of the heathen temples in that city; commanding also that it should be put in execution under the direction of Theophilus.

Seizing this opportunity, Theophilus exerted himself to the utmost … he caused the Mithreum to be cleaned out… Then he destroyed the Serapeum… and he had the phalli of Priapus carried through the midst of the forum. … the heathen temples… were therefore razed to the ground, and the images of their gods molten into pots and other convenient utensils for the use of the Alexandrian church…“

I don't think there's single active thread right now that is not infested by D&C shills who are incessantly trying to derail the thread with christianity vs paganism posts.

Because the shadow is not caused by the earth. A selenelion is when you can see the sun and the eclipsed moon at the same time… Globalists BTFO

Daily reminder that the Easter Islanders were Indo-Europeans who migrated across the seas from Peru after building most of the monuments and being chased away by the Asiatic South American tribes

This isn't even we wuz tier, there's more than enough evidence for it to be historically accepted


Thank you for the link user.

In northern-european, germanic cultures the frog is also a symbol of the fallen man, a swamp creature that is the product of its environment unable to hold its own against worldy influences. There must be at least two dozen german fairy tales involving men being turned into frogs by witches and magicians.

Once the truth is revealed, history becomes much easier to explain.
Why did the Mayans stop building things? Because they never built them in the first place.
Why did they describe tall fair skinned gods as the builders? Because of the migrating aryans.
Why are the Easter Island moai depicted with red topknots and beards? Because they were depicting an ancient white phenotype.
Why did rongo rongo cease to be readable? Because the whites who could write it were a priestly upper caste that were wiped out by primitives who they brought among themselves as slaves.

One of the toughest parts of swallowing the redpill is being unable to explain the answers to these questions that normies find very mysterious. One of the saddest parts is seeing how the work of these ancient whites has been wiped out along with them. Let stories such as of the Easter Islanders be a warning to us today.

I'm fairly sure this Genetiker character posts on chans somewhere, but doesn't make any dogwhistles thankfully.

Saging a sticky

maybe he meant "carbon dated"

Evidence of kikes funding trump
Pic 1 for you faggot.

Don't forget the obvious similarities between tribal tattoos of the Celts and Pacific Islanders. I've posited in the past that the Celts/Picts used that shade of blue(woad) in reverence of the Vedic/Hyperborean Gods.

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Put more effort into your shit. Pic 2 are petroglyphs from Hawaii showing the Saturn, Venus, and Mars in and out of alignment with their moons. Also don't forget that when the Holy Graal is depicted as a chalice it's most commonly the same shape as the em build up of plasma energy.

I might be wrong but I have a feeling kikes may be bringing up Kek to fight in some prophecy shit like when they said something will happen when Europe and the ME fight over mass immigration. Could kikes have propped up the right under the guise of Kek to fight any other gay shit they want people attacking? Is peepee poopoo/kek a psyops? Are niggers really human? Is OP's mom actually a guy? Tune in to find out. :^)

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Haʻamonga ʻa Maui (The Burden of Maui) it was used for mapping the movement of the sun, for determining the seasons, and for determining the best times to make long seafaring voyages. The trilithon is constructed from three coral limestone slabs, and is up to 5.2 metres (17 ft) high, 1.4 m wide, and 5.8 m long. The weight of the visible part of each upright stone is approximately 30–40 tons. There are hewn deep mortises in the top of each upright stone to fit in the lintel.
Maui the island is mentionable i suppose… lol

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Thanks lad, minus the your/you're autocorrect from being a phonefag. You've made some good contributions yourself.

Nice find, I hadn't seen that yet.

> HTML/june_05/lowell_talashoma_frog.html

meant to post
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Hitler escaped via Vril aircraft to the inside of the hollow Earth. They're waiting for us to step up

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How did I miss this comment? How did I not know this? Thank you user.

Out of all other important and deeply esoteric things that user said, you concern yourself about Trump. Sad.

What was it? It got memory holed by the kike

some faggot's spam trying to give Holla Forums a mission statement.

Your whole argument falls apart if you build it with a single lie. Get fucked, kike.

keek @ banning meta-meming

Thank you anons

Another good viewing for you anons, as you may find it of interest. These threads are a favorite of mine, stickied hysterical habbenings of the hour make you lose sight of the deeper historical truths. Global (Aryan) civilization dotted across the globe, highly advanced mathematics, engineering, and astronomy

Graham Hancock - Quest for the Lost Civilization

I agree. But I also wonder if this info was stolen and the fire was a type of false flag of history. The building was burned after everything was removed.

Or it was all lost.

There are Frog geoglyphs and petroglyphs in Amazonia as well as Frog cults of Columbia and Ecuador and elsewhere

I suspect they used to lick Amazonian Kek just to see what happened and then exclaim Madre De Dios! (were the giant geoglyphs of Kek are found) as they were transported to an alternative dimension, as these are frogs coated with hallucinogenic substance.

Also pre-columbian beads from Ecuador show similarities with motifs seen on Easter island carved stones including frogs.


I dislike the usage of the clover in the fifth pic, but not bad overall.

Even if it has been usurped, one should never forget where we came from.