Students walk out of school over Gun laws

Apparently, students are going to jeopardize their "education" by walking out of schools on certain days. They seem to be capitulating to terrorism. They should insist on staying in school, and learning, but instead, they want to make a show, get national attention, etc… I bet some organizers will try and turn it into some kind of racial issue, as well.

But, they have their wires crossed. One announcement is set for Apr. 20th, and another is March 14th.
It would be a shame if it got so confusing that every single day of school became a day to organize a mass walk-out.

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I don't see any other reason kids would want to take that day off.

Or maybe you teenagers should stop being such fucking shitheads that people decide to fucking shoot you.





do they even really study anything in school anymore?

Just the fundamentals such as the shoah and common core goy.

10-20 people die every year from these school shootings, meanwhile a nigger is killed every night in every major city from gun violence and no one gives a fuck


I recall in another thread an user said they were going after the children with this shooting. Looks like they may have been right.

That is really funny… but they're "Dude, weed" type people more than likely. And if not, it's just a beautiful coincidence on our part, gives us a good laugh.

Yeah I'm sure all the wholesome white kids who have attentive parents and good genes will do this, too.
Nothing of value was lost. I agree OP, we should encourage retards to do this every day.
No Child Left Behind wouldn't exist if muds and retards didn't go to school in the first place.

Why is this guy talking to high school children on message boards?

Why the fuck are they doing it on Pi day and Adolf's birthday?
Mathematics and National Socialism.

really gets the noggin joggin

Time to install armed White men into public schools to protect the children. This could get salty…

The schools is literally shit so there is no reason for them to stay. Didn't you read the yank user's posts about the conditions of the yank public school?


is this supposed to be a threat?

Columbine was on 4/20.
I don't know what 3/14 could have to do with it.

I guess so. The teachers would be so happy that they get a break from the niggers if this actually happens.

Yeah, it's probably more trolling 3.14 and Hitler's birthday, just to see if they can get liberals to repost those dates.
At first, I was thinking that since there was no central organization promoting this, that it would be easy to disrupt with more confusion. Now, I can see there's some sick irony there. Well done.

Jut according to keikaku

Fuck off Justin

At least one thing on Earth is working right.

3/14 was likely chosen because it will be 1 month after the valentine's shooting. And they need to keep it continually in the public discourse so they can maintain (((their))) push for gun grabbing.

4/20 was obviously chosen because columbine.

Aha, so it's just cohencidental.
2 days isn't enough. Are there other anniversaries these weirdos could celebrate/protest?

I see, my school is raising funds for the shooting. It's extremely liberal, where I'm from. I'm just glad that it is my last year. IT'S FUCKING HELL

Good luck with that.
The US seems to have a need for unqualified labor, they can start competing against the Mexicans or learn a trade later.

your dubs say yes.

Yes, the (((students))) are organizing this.

I support this. Our kiked """""education""""" system is a big fat mess.

I don't get it, why would they even wait a month? Why not do it Monday? Normalfags have the memory of goldfish by March half the "outraged" faggots wouldn't even be able to tell you the shooters name or even the school it happened in.

You can't plan another psyop in single week user.

You'll have the anti-gun (((teens))) just repeating the shit non-stop for the normalfags. By then, they'll get tired of it or actually join for the cause, which is less likely.

Just give our team 8 more days and you will be turning your guns in because of the children

March 14 is the day that Hitler created independent Slovakia.

Two can play at this game.

It's actually an excellent strategy. The ones who care about gun control (some) will make it look like there are a lot more students protesting with them. Good optics.

They have the scripts prepared beforehand; they still need to mobilize on the ground but that's relatively quick. They seem to be playing it smarter and are rolling out with a sustained campaign on guns. If they play all their cards at once it blows over and 2 months later nobody cares. They need to drag it out because they need time to sway public opinion. It also gives them the necessary time to push through the bills they've prepared beforehand (which takes time to move through the system). TBH I expect them to have more (((shooting massacres))) between now and June to sustain their narrative.

I don't see how this can be a winning strategy for them in the face of blatant FBI incompetence. Oy vey goys, give up your guns, the FBI will take care of you! Wut?

>push the narrative "oy vey fbi could have stopped this if allowed to spy on americans, give us more cianigger surveillance powers or more kids will die, won't you think of kids' safety? you don't want more children to die do you goy?"
2 shekels for the price of 1.

We like to say "People" not necessarily Dude, it's more inclusive.

Lurk more, learn to make a proper OP, newfag.

Also, leaving school is a truancy. Kids don't get 1st amendment "I gots my rights mufukka" any time they wish. Something the teachers of course fail to teach them.
Bust them all. Put permanent marks in their records. All the jews walking out, mark em. Of course their school records don't matter because of nepotism but it's the principal.

MSM hasn't told the couch potatoes that nig on nig violence is a problem.

Push April 20 so we can stick a knife in the chest of the kikes nigger-weed fiasco.

Weed makes kids skip school and become degenerate liberals.

Are you sure about that?

Want the libs' heads exploding? Trump could perhaps suggest we automate our school defenses. kek

It is indoctrinated brainwashing they dress up to make you think it's beneficial. When the curriculum changes, and it WILL change for the better, you will have all these fuckers programmed to walk out and resist the changes. They are stacking the deck.

You missed the point entirely.

do plan on just pissing off your target? You could've at least picked a glock in tiffany blue or pink

Whether school’s good for them or not, they are capitulating, and running away.

Yeah, 4/20 is probably a smart move on their part.
They claim they want to leave though, and not come back until laws are changed.

Also, it’s true that by waiting long enough, they probably expect another school shooting to occur by then. I wonder what the actual stats would show, as in how often they happen.

public schools are zog indoctrination centers. lurk moar before posting.

High school is an idiotic waste of time and a crime against aryan youth.

gun control - dr. william luther pierce

So it'll likely turn out like their Day Without Immigrants day. Spics and cucks stay home, and everyone else is on twitter saying what a lovely day it is.

They obviously want to celebrate the fuhrer's birthday.

Russian bots interfering with our nation's education system?

When have any of these ever worked in recent times? Lately it's only the problem students that everyone is glad to see gone participating in these shenanigans. I see a small salt deposit on the horizon.

Those look nice, the pink glocks I found look like someone spray painted them in the backyard. If you know what 22LR is, you aren't my target audience for the meme anyway. Was also trying to keep it American, but without being a total shit brand, that may have been what crippled me.

LOL, I just saw "Please read instruction manual before using firearm." WTF Ruger?

Ha! I bet that’s what it is.
They are trying to reclaim some of generation Z(yklon). How will they ever recover?


I have a job that involves working with highschool kids and let me tell you, they all make memes about Eric and Dylan.

You do know that a .22LR will bounce around your insides and completely wreck your shit, right?

Cunt, I have actual working experience in the school system. Go back to sucking those cocks you're so fond of.

The last time anyone in America had a job as truant officer was probably 1965.

That depends. You need to be in an optimal range otherwise the round can pass through if it doesn't hit bone and you're too close. Or it can bounce off it you strike bone (like sternum) from too far away. Shit is still going to hurt but the whole bouncing bullet thing is a bit harder to pull off in actual use.
I love .22lr but if I'm not shooting heads from a distance, I'd rather have a round that can drop someone without praying for a bit of bounce. Muscle and bone seriously deplete the energy from a .22lr.

Negative. Most school districts in cities contract with the local PDs to have their cops work the schools in their "off time" for more hours etc. They still pick up and send the truancies to juvie.

Glocks are made in Georgia

Next they'll have a warning label saying, "Warning: Gun"

What are wound channels and hydrostatic shock? The first image is the wound channel from a .22LR notice the small permanent and temporary cavitation, the second is from a .357 magnum, the third is from various full power rifle cartridges, and the fourth is from various common pistol rounds.

He probably has a account on a jailbait fetish or fart forum. Calling it now. Dox his name.

Wat do? I feel like this has counter meme potential since it's Der Fuehrer's birthday.

Have they forgotten what happened with the 'day without immigrants' and 'day without women'?

Why are they even bothering with this song and dance? Gun control of any kind won't pass Congress right now and even if it did Trump will veto it so why are they wasting time and energy on this? Is this whole thing just an attempt for the flat broke Democratic party to get funding?

I don't care if Toyotas are made in Texas, it's still Japanese.

Act like a white and attend class as you should. Demand your education from the liberal shit standing up front.

Distraction from the Memo and other fuckery afoot.

They'll be missing their important Holocaust class!

April 20th? You mean on 19th columbine anniversary?

If they plan to start protesting at schools, can we hijack their plans and invite Black Lives Matter and Antifa to the schools on these days as well? To stand in solidarity, of course. :^)

No, 19th is the walk in day.

oh boy, this is going to backfire hard


I hadn't forgotten, but I just didn't think I needed it to get my point across that .22LR isn't some magic pistol round that'll bounce around inside the body shredding everything in its path. Shot placement is key, but bigger and more energetic bullets make that less of a requirement.

The absolute fucking state of Canada

It's nothing, School ends usually in late May.

These students should do pic related, their little rat brains have been fried by the electric jew Zuckerberg.

Make a list of every faggot that walks in these parades. They are traitors, slated for death.

If only.

I like your pic better. New version.

Alternate, with lefty refrain.

Looks good.


compared to their past crimes against firearm aesthetics that's subtle

Oh shit Nebraska, what are you doing?

Probably no data. Cabella's is based out of Nebraska, you better believe they have guns there.

Damn, you aren't kidding. That's a bit excessive.

There's a watermark in the top left I'm not sure you wanted to keep or not

I'm not good enough to remove it and not have it look like I did it with the wrong color crayon.

That graph just looks fishy in general. Hew Hampshire having less registered guns than Vermont, really?

One of the students was screeching about both FBI/police incompetence AND (supposedly) lax gun laws. It was in response to Trump's tweet about reporting…

Of course this ignores the SPLC, NAACP, and the Broward Co. school district pushing (and enacting) policy that prevents police from intervening in school affairs. They effectively tied the hands of their staff and the police in dealing with students like Cruz.
They even gave the school shooting at Sandy Hook the brush off in order to push their wacky "No Cops at School" agenda

At least they won't have to listen to their cultural marxist teachers during the walk-out.

If they have a phone they'll be hearing it regardless.

I smell a false flag attack coming.

When this is ready, let's roll it out.


Has anyone seen the typical copy-paste response to hearing that the 18 school shootings so far this year isn't correct?
"Well I guess we're all safe then, aren't we?"

didnt this happen with the day last year that all the spics didnt show up to work or class? Teachers talking baout how peaceful and how much better and more productive their classes were, and people talking about how much easier the drive in/home was due to far less traffic?

School to Prison Pipeline is possibly memeable. We can hang this around the necks of the Broward county administrators.

I don't have any twitter or social media presence. If you do, go for it. I'll produce more if someone can use more. I'm just an old shitposter with a copy of gimp. I don't get social media.

Yes, it was a spectacular backfire.

Is 13 school attacks a year out of upwards of 100,000,000 Americans under the age of 19. (Pulling that number out of my ass but it's probably a fair estimate.) Especially when you consider the fact that the U.S is one of the worlds largest Gun manufacturers - and that the U.S is actively importing young South American gangsters. Guns are never going to disappear completely in the world or America; and entrusting all of the power (Violence is power.) to one unaccountable monopoly is insane and has clearly failed worldwide. This is almost an Anglo-Saxon poem, where the King must sacrifice Children every year to keep the Dragon at bay. If the price of retaining what little freedom we have left is a couple children steal their stupid parents guns and go off. Then that's just the price we have to pay - because the alternative would mean oblivion.

I didn't create this, found it searching for teachers with guns.

I actually looked up the numbers before

There are 100kish public+character schools, and about 56 million children in those schools between public and private schools combined. There were 47 days in the year for roughly 18 school shootings this year. So roughly 4.7 million "school days" this year, and of those, 18 had attacks. Statistically nothing. Further, how many have been killed? Like, 30ish? out of 56 million, again, a non-percentage, statistically zero.

Actually, its not 4.7 million "school days" because of weekends, its.. 33, so 3.3 million school days. but 18 out of that is still nothing

True, and the 18 school shootings has been debunked. There have been two mass-shooting incidents so far this year.
the "18" comes from a Bloomberg-funded research group.
Yet, when you take away their scare-mongering news story, they whine that "so you're saying we're all safe, huh, and we don't need to activist?"

NO SNITCHING -a message brought to you by The Broward County School District, SPLC, and NAACP

scratch that
should be

Surely this is skewed by Ben "Montana Merchant Mangler" Garrison's humongous stockpile of guns (estimated at over 10,000 automatic weapons alone) at his Death Camp?

There's some more content out there, not a whole lot, but some, posting to help get some ideas.

BTW, why does "swiss teacher gun" come up with so much porn? "Israeli teacher gun" doesn't. At least on duckduck.

Oh, I like that. I think I can work with this.

Has potential.

We have IDs faggot.

Lots of interesting material out there.

This guy, Utter's face in one panel, with his "Utter bullshit" comment, and in a panel next to it, a photo of Nikolaus Cruz with some dismissive quip

From the School to prison pipeline article:

There are better photos of Utter
I guess he's high up in SPLC… smdh good work, SPLC

the memes

So pushing the antigun laws per the narrative
Not that anyone on Holla Forums saw that coming.

Funny, guns are already banned on school grounds. This is why people wait half an hour or more while schools are put on lockdown instead of shooting down the deranged "mass shooter" wannabes.



do it

meme war activated


Isn't it a little late to run away AFTER the shooting? :^)

Kek. That takes me back.


Last time they walked out the teachers said classes went way smoother, as the only students who remained were the ones who actually wanted to learn.

A band by the name of School Shooter.
Also, I believe I've discovered another connection to April 20th @1:03 (vid related)
It's like this stuff writes itself!



Sandy Hook was about as legit as the Holocaust.

or some shit

But knowing how your gun operates is important information.

Fine, fail or get expelled. You're not learning anything anyway. The less of you faggots going to college the better.

Thanks for the inspiration. I hope someone is able to get some mileage out of this stuff.



Why do trannies always have bad teeth?

Is that a tranny? I thought she was just ugly.

They won't know anything about politics until well after they graduate, even then that's a BIG if.

I hope dems run on banning guns for 2018. It will work out well for them.

p.sure he meant the one on the right

Pi Day


Yes, the kids are gonna ditch, I mean walk out on 4/20 because of funs, not cuz of dudeweedlmao or the better reason 88.

what if security and police strike in reaction?

Guarantee none of them give a shit they just want to go home and get high.

Shit, Texas needs to step up its game.

I vote for April 20th ofc.

Nice school term schedule you have there, be a shame if something happened to it.

choose one.

those r2d2's are pretty remarkable.


Pretty good user.


Must be that mountain air.

Most reasonable states don't keep records of firearm ownership as a matter of fact.
That's why, for instance, Ohio, seems to be a lot lower than it obviously should be.

It can travel along the inner curvature of the skull. It can also travel the outer curvature and completely fail to penetrate if the striking angle is correct. You shouldn't rely on either happening as most of the time it's just going to enter and bury itself in the brain.

Bouncing isn't something that's likely to occur within the torso either. Get them in the gut and it's just going to move relatively straight until it stops in the tissue. If shot in the chest it may go through the ribs and, again, bury itself in the tissues. That or it glances off the ribs or buries itself in the bone failing to penetrate and producing little incapacitating effect.

When it does penetrate the wound channel isn't particularly large, the cavitation is minimal, and if it fragments the fragments aren't energetic enough to travel very far.

Giving magical properties to .22LR is something you only hear in real life from 75 year old retards at gun shows. It's simply not true. Get an actually effective caliber so you don't end up dead.

Mostly virtue signalling, but I'm positive none of these lefty assholes understand how government or politics work either.

They all probably go to rallies where they think Trump can be impeached because they think he's racist or once said the word "pussy".

Gotta protect the precious niggers. They need to assault people, deal drugs, disrupt learning for white students, rape girls in the bathrooms. It's their culture. It's beautiful and you wouldn't understand. Illegals are exempt from arrest as well. The US owes them. Muslims too.

Listen goy, the NAACP and SPLC have a plan for the country. You white racists need to get out of the way for the new Kangs.

Hmm, maybe the solution to school shootings really is that simple. The shitty Costco-esque Taylorization of every aspect of life in modern society is not a requirement - you can nope your family out of it except for the taxes part.

It’s about fear
Creating fear of various things like teen suicide, revolution

That’s one thing Trump’s been good at, tapping into fear

The right has to figure out how to harness fear out of this. The left is all over it, already

Can we start a campaign to get redpilled students to build lists of the anti-American faggots that walk out? If it spreads we build a network among the youth.

It should be a non-controversial counter-measure
In fact, I bet you could get them to admit to it, themselves

Why are you using cuckcuckgoy when it's owned by (((Gabriel Weinberg)))?

Unless their school is very unusual, there is nothing public high school students can do that will have the slightest impact upon their school's administrators, short of everyone ceasing school attendance. And even then, the school admins will simply hold court over an empty school. They WILL NOT deviate from the hard core leftist program, not even once. To do so would be to induce a potential failure for the entire system nationwide.

Students whom attend public schools will have to take charge of their own education if they wish to actually learn anything useful. Stop wasting valuable formative time in a government-sponsored leftist indoctrination regime, and learn a skill that can provide value to society. The career prospects for lefties tend to short-lived.

Kids will do it just so they have an excuse to skip school