Swedish Election Action

On the 9th September, Sweden is going to have a general election. This may be the last chance Sweden has to stop itself from falling over the edge before it’s too late.
.We need a list of Swedish laws concerning immigration from 1970-now. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive, but it does need the breakdown of votes from the 2 major parties.
.We need a list of European mandates & regulations that Sweden has passed into law.
.We need ideas for drawing publicity & sparkaing reactions from the left, and a list of contact information for Swedish news outlets.
.If you have a reddit/flashback account, we need to start mining information. Specifically, we need to create & bump political threads & threads asking people’s opinions on the EU. We’re going to need that data, and it wouldn’t hurt to drop some redpills in the meantime.
.Join the discord! We need to stay organised & active when the threads aren’t up.

Other urls found in this thread:

scribd.com/doc/135370661/Complete-Puzzle-of-ASBLP-File-of-2007?irgwc=1&content=10079&campaign=Skimbit, Ltd.&ad_group=725X175X48b4588539d7b0a587822924b41a7a1d&keyword=ft750noi&source=impactradius&medium=affiliate

Once the problems are at the forefront of every Sven’s mind, you’re free to pick which solution you think is more effective for Sweden’s current state.

PROS- Wants to tackle the asylum issue, re-implementing Standards for asylum acceptance to drastically cut the number of approvals & encouraging those already in Sweden to leave; make those remaining respect Swedish customs and standards by ending multicult policies, and stop letting them get away with literal murder.
CONS- Current thinking among the leadership is that they’ll become more electable by softening the policies that made them popular in the first place, so they’ve adopted a pro-israel CivNat stance & have gone full UKIP on more radical members of their party. As a result, they’ve fallen behind M in the polls, meaning Sweden might get four more years of the people who started the crisis in the first place.
NORDFRONT (Nordic Resistance Movement)
PROS- Openly NatSoc, Going further then the SD in their policies & fully Redpilled on the JQ. Good street presence, fantastic work in exposing the faults of the Swedish mainstream, including leaking covered-up stats.
CONS- Openly state they’d prefer to get a far-left government in power to accelerate the collapse of Sweden in the hopes that they’ll be in a better position to win if they have no power, more migrants to fight & burnt bridges in every direction, then accept sharing the spotlight with the less redpilled. Prone to cause infighting if you settle on the attainable decent rather than suicidal odds on excellent.
.Not standing in the election or doing much political activism, but a social movement trying to restore conservative values & community. Not much to disagree with wherever you stand, and they could use your support.


Cant say i've seen any official statement of that sort. But I do agree with the statement.

new source-
List of politicians who've been bought.

Please don't drag my shit into swedish faggoty.

Not official statements, but that is the general attitude. As you've just demonstrated, and as we've found while trying to run these threads on HalfChan.
And it's in the Cons section for a reason. Accelerationism is a Jew meme.

Too late. Plus ours works better, because M is a literal honeytrap.

All the other parties will just form a coalition against The Sweden Democrats.

They will if they can. The whole point is to get the right wing vote as high as possible. If SD gets larger then M, or NMR get more then 5% of the vote, they can't just ignore them without pissing off a hefty chunk of the electorate.

Why do you consider SD right wing? They are far to the left of the US democrats.

In terms of some social policies, maybe. But they beleive in enforcing Swedish Laws and cutting asylum acceptance down to zero-
-whilst encouraging those already in Sweden to leave.
They might be considered to the left of Democrats in terms of Spending, But in everything else they're Trump tier.
And I mean that in both the good & bad ways.

Push for Swexit.

I like the NRM but I hope them standing in the elections doesn't split the anti-immigration vote. It's better to stand behind the SD since they have the bigger shot of winning.



Need any OC? Just make a request in the thread and I'll give it a shot if I see it.

You're asking a dead man in free fall to pull his ripcord.

We've got some; we're making Skurt memes & collecting the information gathered on these threads into a redstick format. But anything you could make would be much appreciated.

Man, these are great. Got any more?

A couple. And here's some of the posters we've been making as well.

The border wall one isn't OC, but everything else is.

Changed the hat on border wall to one of those hats the muslims wear, since it's more applicable to your situation.

Great stuff. I expect no less from the people of the redblock.

Hijab edition

Let's go. I actually have a good feeling about this election.

Germany pulled it off with AfD. I'm sure Sweden can do even better.

Leave it on overnight, build the Reich tomorrow!

Saved them on the discord. Thanks user. There may not be many people coming on there today, but if you'll be here tomorrow i'll ask them to leave suggestions for OC.

Thanks. Unrelated question, how many of the turbo b230s have made it to 1000000 km?

I'm not sure, mechanics isn't really something i know a lot about. I'll ask the Swedish anons if they have the answer.

Not sure but I found an article about this guy whos 240 made it to 1000000km.

I recommend learning when you get the chance. If only because some of the finest machines on earth are abundant in your country.

A schoolteacher in America has around 5 million kilometers on his 1800.
Sage for off topic.


Start shooping dongs on the swedish lion f or maximum memery.

Sweden's not part of the EU afaik.

The UN speech that saved Sweden

Winning what? They "won" the last election by becoming so big the other parties were forced to cater to them.
What did the 7 other parties do? They ignored SD and formed a coalition of sworn enemies. SD needs more than half of the electorate to get something done, which is impossible. (unless they cuck, which would make them even more useless)

Something to add about the NRM, they don't believe they'll accomplish their own goals through elections, they're taking part this year to further themselves and to force the issue of race realism and JQ into the debate.

Are you fucking retarded?

Is it Norway then? Or is it NATO and not the EU? I'm pretty sure Finland isn't in NATO.>>11316446

I'll try to come up with something later today.

Looks like they wisely kept their money, at least. Parts prices on Swedish sites are always shown in SEK.

And thus completely killed every illusion of democracy in the eyes of millions of swedes.

With open gates was a highly successful meme campaign. We should be producing more content like it.
Pink has a hit song playing on the radio right now called what about us that's ostensibly about broken relationships, could be used alongside video showing the false promises and consequences of our government's anti-white agenda

That would be Norway who isn't an EU member

What about the SD's Bieler plan? The one with which the party erased their principle of a swedish state for swedes and started to back the multicultural sweden. Their problems go far deeper than just being civic nationalist - they are outright multiculti nowadays.

If I was a swede, I would go all in with the NMR.

9/9/18 election

Swedeanons, you need to capitalize on the victories in Italy now and maintain this memetic momentum. The rest of Holla Forums can't help you if you don't identify /ourguys/ and give updated crime stats, graphs, OC, and gravy covered redpills. Besides pushing the Overton window globally, is there anything more non-Swedeanons can specifically do?

The Burger/Swede shit flinging ends fucking now, ignore all blackpilling and starve the shills.

Here's a few lion dongs. Got any more dongless lion pictures that I can edit?

Two more.

Europeans don't consider themselves white. They hate Americans, and consider them "mutts". Their desire is to oppress fellow (?) whites, for they are neo-empiricists.




I must hold contemptible those who are not intelligent, but, like a nigger, refuse to think.

I wish Sweden luck.

That last Meme is Epic.

Great Memes~

Give me lion dongs or fuck off.

I wouldn't waste time on anyone who disagrees with the fact that Sweden should be for the ethnic and biological Swedes.

Israel is for the Genetic Jews.
Sweden for the Genetic Swedes.

BTW I am Aryan and 1/8th Swede (from my great grandmother), do anons here think I should qualify for Citizenship in an ethnic-nationalist Sweden?

filtered. I must have but contempt for those beneath logic.

Yet you utter nothing logical. You have the pretense, but that is not your goal, your goal is to deceive and destroy. That is the modus operandi of the Satanist. BEGONE SCUM.

What a faggot.

One more for now. I'm out of lion pictures.

Aryans are a Global Minority
The Swedes are an Aryan Minority
Nippon is Honorary Aryan
Hating Anime makes you a Good Goy
Ban Genital Mutilation to Remove Semites
Stop the Genocide of the Swedish People


Thanks for the post history. Hey, it might be worthwhile to post a compilation of these for the various shills as a study guide, for the benefit of the anons that they're targeting.

Maybe one day.

Oh, a personal favorite here.


Any right/conservative groups or are they all different version of shitlibs?

Saved all of these.

A lot of the time it's just "Holla Forums is dying, mods sux, we're all dead" FUD blackpill bullshit. If it's a constant stream of negativity without novel information or insight, odds are it's a fucking kike.

Physics is foundational to
Chemistry is foundational to
Biology is foundational to
Psycology is foundational to
Sociology is foundational to
Politics is foundational to
History is foundational to

Oh btw, Ron changed the UID calculation methods a few months back, but didn't ever bother to tell us how it was changed.
Regardless, for comparison with the capped post history:

(Holla Forums at 230pph, 2259 "active users")
There are 5 captures total for June 15 2015, you can see all of them when you use the calendar mode on web.archive.org/web/20150715000000*/8ch.net/boards.html
and you'll see the variations in posting over the course of the day. Again, "Holla Forums is dying" bullshit.
Year after year after year, the kikes keep failing at everything.

Math is foundational to Physics. Logic is foundational to Math.
You left a couple of important ones out, champ.

and yes, shareblue, jidf, goons et al: livestream your suicides, it'll be the most productive thing you do with your whole life.
Here's hoping you stroke out again, Brock, you retarded whore. Does Fat Nigger Oliver also lispth while he's sucking your cock or just when he's trying to cover for your failures?

Logic and Math are human constructs.
Physics is foundational to Math and logic.
As both Math and Logic are useless without a relative origin point. Go to hell where your master and darklord Satan lurks, SHILL.



No, you're a fucking retard, and tell Brock he is too. End yourself.

I checked a bunch of points, and for a "dying" board, PPH and users seem remarkably consistent.

Yup. If my memory serves, we were around 1800ish for an awfully long time (Holla Forums at 2100, and Holla Forums around 1800 as well) before climbing up to "2000 (or 3000) irrelevant internet nazis" I think the highest /16 count we ever had was in the 3200 range, but I might be wrong about that.
Link (long ago, before the kikes stole the original domain name):
web.archive.org/web/20141010211718/https://Holla Forums.co/boards.html

Realistically voting for cucks like SD can (but not necessarily even will) only slow down the ongoing genocide.

If I was a Swede I would either vote for NRM or not at all.


I know the situation is different but would you rather have voted for a jew-hating race realist nationalist candidate who lost, or someone with a chance like donald trump? even if disagreeable, IMO, it's easily the lesser of two evils

Like you said, it's different. In the US you basically have two options that either wins or not.

In Europe it doesn't matter whether SD or AFD or True Finns win "20%" in elections. If they're too radical they won't get partners, if they're not radical they are exactly like the others and nothing changes.

Not saying I like the US' option either, I hate democracy in general. Probably would have voted for Trump though hoping he will at least get the beautiful wall up.

I've been saying this since the days Holla Forums was /new/ on Cuckchan… Sweden is reaching Weimar Republic levels right now and I say soon the next Hitler will emerge there and the Swedish lion shall roar so hard the world shall tremble.

Once the EU falls, Poland and Hungary are going to join the fray. Spain, Greece and Italy will play minor roles. Russia… is a question mark.

Trump is an excellent mouthpiece, he has done so much in pushing our narrative in the US and the world that he deserves a medal. But he isn't the savior, I'm not sure who that is but he's whipping so many "normal" Americans into a frenzy so that the next guy… the American Il Duce can take over. I love America but the leadership role will happen in Europe.

I know Germany, Canada, China and maybe Australia or France will fight for Team Kosher.

Found another one.

Giving a bump for the cause


Fixed the nutsack on this one. I'm having a hard time finding any more good battlegroup photos with the dong-lopped version of the lion. I'll need to wait for a Swedish user who knows how to search for Swedish pictures.


Is that you rp

I've got a lisp you faggot ;_;

Speech therapy. The shareblue whores are too busy sucking each others' cocks to better themselves.

Canada can be conquered in an afternoon.

Wtf are you saying I'm inferior. Don't really care anyway, its only bad when it obstructs my hobby it's singing, don't laugh.



That part made me laugh really hard.

Some laughs here.

That would be a good set to send to anyone who falls for "TRUMP IS A KIKE", if that ever really happens.


Sweden calls for AID

Never underestimate Germany.

You have fallen for a basic jew word trick. SD wants to reduce asylum immigration but they compensate that by wanting to double UN resettlement quota refugees. These never apply for asylum since they are plucked directly from 3rd world camps and dropped into the swedish society with permanent residence permit and all. They are therefore not asylants yet they are the same kind of people as asylants. Jewish word tricks does not work on adult white males, so what are you? A little boy or a woman?
Do I need to mention that the SD politician who is responsible for their migration program is a jewess? You do not belong on this board if you are going to promote the swedish version of jewish neoconservatism as some kind of nationalist alternative.

You are correct but swedes do not think like that. They are not interested in truth or self improvement, instead they search for the cheapest and easiest way out. It makes them easy prey for (((scammers))) who promote false non-solutions like (((SD))).

{youtu.be/jDBPmEAheCY} Rohan will answer!!!!!!! {youtu.be/rCZ3SN65kIs} justfly.com/flight/search?seg0_from=NYC&seg0_to=STO&seg1_from=STO&seg1_to=NYC&seg0_date=2018-03-18&seg1_date=2018-03-25&num_adults=1&num_children=0&num_infants=0&num_infants_lap=0&seat_class=&preferred_carrier_code=&nearby_airports=0&flexible_date=0&non_penalties=0&non_stop=0&non_stop=0

Where do swedes gather on the net? Just reddit/facebook/twitter?

That's where you're wrong, kiddo. We're having a real national assembly and then we're forming a state. We're going to talk and the private corporations called "countries, nations, states" today will listen. The khazar-mongoloid jews will tremble in fear. Yahweh and his buttbudies will be banished from our Earth, that is of and for humans, forever. But first we will give you the means to make your own states. The means to fight them.



Sorry for multipost but here is another link I just found

scribd.com/doc/135370661/Complete-Puzzle-of-ASBLP-File-of-2007?irgwc=1&content=10079&campaign=Skimbit, Ltd.&ad_group=725X175X48b4588539d7b0a587822924b41a7a1d&keyword=ft750noi&source=impactradius&medium=affiliate

Sorry for derailing the thread with my posts, I will compile more stuff and make my own, with a comprehensive explanation of what I'm talking about. Good luck swede anons. Hail victory.

Sweden uses its own currency but the Euro is accepted in most places there.

But they are part of the EU.
Britain uses the pound sterling and they are part of the EU for a few more months.


More of these.


probably not
But, that's what America is for
or should be anyway
all the various White people forged into one people, the American people

then the kikes came along and ruined everything

sounds like semantics to me
what matters is what works
what get's the job done

why is Bohemia linked to Germany, but Austria isn't?
Also, no more brother wars.
our enemies are the kikes, the oligarchs, and the brown hordes.
the brainwashed Whites are simply not yet on our side.
That is the hope anyway

Let them know this is their last chance to ever see the Sweden they know again

There are multiple political dimensions. The ones that count at the present time are
>essentialism vs constructivism hbd vs blank slate, sex vs gender, men and women vs trannies, etc.
>traditionalism vs progressivism culture vs culture of critiqe
The other bullshit about economics, environment, etc., is effluvia at the moment. There's no point in wasting time on them if the above three battles are lost, and if the above three battles are won, then the remaining questions really won't matter nearly as much.

That would be a wonderful timeline. I hope it happens that there are several "next Hitlers" all over the face of Europe desu. Unfortunately I have to admit that Sweden is the place that I'm most prone to feeling blackpilled about.
It would help if I had more news about happenings on the ground there, but unfortunately I haven't found much.

Have you considered that maybe they just hate YOU because you post mutt-tarded shit like this?

I know very well that there are muitiple political dimensions but I had to give the retard an answer he would understand. I knew he was a retard because if he was not he would have understood already.

who are these two?
pls no bully

Some meme templates

Attached: skurt_pepe[1].jpg (1920x1080 174.88 KB, 264.19K)

Wrong one, my bad

Attached: skurt.png (1156x1161, 714.63K)

And some more

Attached: skurt_vaknat[1].png (1275x713 2.46 MB, 95.31K)

Attached: 28166621_545629365816264_6482690865640588476_n[1].jpg (306x566 1.8 MB, 248.1K)

Funny, Iji comes to mind for some reason. Thanks, Reimar.

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Whoops, wrong pic.

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Attached: ClipboardImage.png (425x750, 208.32K)

Attached: 28619090_10156486128012922_3451166247307290586_o[1].jpg (768x432 873.41 KB, 104.07K)

"Jews Control Swedish Media" MP Quits

TNO Staff — October 13, 2016 40 comments

Swedish Democrat party member of Parliament Anna Hagwall has announced her resignation from all party posts and will not stand for reelection in 2018 after a furor following her exposure of the fact that a single family of Jews control the Swedish media.

The uproar followed her letter to the Aftonbladet newspaper in which she said that “ethnicity should be a factor” in determining media ownership of more than 5 percent—an obvious reference to the Jewish Bonnier family media group.'''

The Bonnier Group owns 96 book publishers, 42 business and trade press newspapers, 105 digital news platforms, 9 film production companies, 176 magazines, 23 major newspapers, 33 TV stations, and 33 “other” media outlets—and quite literally dominates the controlled media in Sweden.

Hagwall had earlier submitted a motion to the Swedish parliament which proposed cuts to the state subsidies paid to media in Sweden.

Although she never mentioned Jews by name, Hagwall said in an explanatory letter to the Aftonbladet that it would be a good idea to “let Bonnier’s newspapers go under” so that “no family, ethnic group, or company” could control more than 5 percent of the media.

“An entire 80 percent of the media is owned and controlled by the same owners,” Hagwell wrote. “This is not acceptable. Therefore, media ownership should be spread over many independent companies and people. In order to change this, I suggest backtracked press subsidies [for the independent media].”


Kek, can't have the golem turn, lol

This is old news.


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This is a great strategy. Ride the fucking tiger.

flashback (which unsuprisingly is dominated by anti-immigration posters in the politics-section).

Whoever, it's a forum-based site so there's avatars and shit but the most revered political posters are really nationalist-posters. Guys like Ezzelino, Cimmerian, NS_14 and Varnagel is gold-mines in terms of information.

I'm just glad I picked up a swedish mauser bayonet.

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Jeg forsøke poste det her
they stopped my typing

vel nå er jeg her da, jævla svenske svin
snart tom for øl og, sigh

because uncertain is to know, where enemies sit before your feet

Same here.

Attached: 940 transparent 2.png (1009x496, 531.41K)

She did not resign. She was expelled from SD because of this but her parlament membership is personal so SD could not take that from her. You SD-cucks are truly mentally retarded if you vote for jewish controlled SD when we have NMR. The funniest thing is that Anna Hagwall is not swedish - she is a first generation hungarian immigrant.

The whole point of riding the tiger is to wait untill it gets tired.
Sweden is already on the edge. If you give more power to the radical left, they aren't going to get tired untill it's already too late, no matter how many people start waking up.

So what do you guys think of AFS? Much harder on immigration than SD, jew-wise, without the stigma of NS that NMR has. With their small government low tax Policies they might attract conservatives that hate immigration but think SD are too socialist.

The world is shaped by action which is guided by aim which is shaped by state of being. You can change your state of being/what you perceive by changing who you see yourself as and where you see yourself.

I'm voting for AFS.

AFS almost at 2% after only existing for 16 days, pretty sweet. SD also growing in the same survey, so it's just not SDers going to AFS.


Newly started Swedish political party "Alternative for Sweden" launches international crowdfunding campaign, seeks support from Trump voting Americans.



Attached: kasselstrand-hahne_0.jpg (500x300, 42.03K)

What about the rest of europe? Are only Trump supporters supposed to give a shit about Swedens future?

I know, i think they mentioned rest of Europe also in the links. But i also find it strange to not reach out to Europe at the same time.

Probably taking a page out of Italys playbook and the con shitlibs have been running for decades (Multiple parties that eat away at the conservative vote and end up joining forces once they win).

Feels like a scam.

We'll need to come up with a good way to meme some support.

Attached: 723d401f7d28a56186618f35f85c1f9fe821e060c35ea5d7a37e277208e62f98.jpg (400x300, 14.57K)

The two main persons behind the party, pic related is definitely not scammers.
They where kicked out from the now counter jihadist Sweden democrats and their new party seems to have the more intelligent part of former Sweden democrat members, that is, people who have real jobs and good educational backgrounds, business owners etc. Kasselstrand, the leader was one of the few persons in the Swedish democrats who criticised Israel during his time that party.


Attached: thisthing.jpg (2712x2236, 780.33K)

This can probably be done better, just putting ideas out there.

Attached: ikea hat sweden.png (1123x748, 522.14K)

Seriously though, if AfS offers a free hat for donations over a certain amount (probably $30-$40 US), that will definitely encourage Americans.

it works with vpns and Tor now tbh

Anyone have one of these hats that can get me pictures at more angles?

Attached: ikea hat sweden 2.png (340x270, 125.98K)

How are they jew-wise? I haven't heard them name the jew once, and I can't find anything on their website.

Great idea, PR-cucking always works.

Attached: afs logo.png (1600x1000 29.2 KB, 97.69K)

I know much better can be done. I'm just trying to get the ball rolling.

Attached: afs 2.png (1280x960 97.72 KB, 1.05M)

Do it for IKEAman (RIP). Fascist Sweden now.

Attached: afs drift.png (1497x885, 1.52M)

I'm trying to think of a caption for this one.

Attached: afs landscape.png (1600x1067, 2.31M)

Attached: ss (2018-03-12 at 06.41.59)

Attached: skurt_rymdimperium2[1].png (1500x1213, 2.39M)


Attached: le rotisserie merchant.gif (540x405 464.41 KB, 633.16K)

They are not jew-wise at all. They are a bunch of 20-30 year old kids (yes) cutting and pasting together something in order to exploit voter dissatisfaction. They are political entrepreneurs, not people working for change. Theres nothing political incorrect about them.

He did not criticize israel. He suggested that SD should support a two-state peace treaty between Israel and Palestina. The jews did not like that and he eventually got booted out.

Attached: skurt_oden2.png (1500x1213 1.8 MB, 2.41M)

white people built this

Nice video OP. Very informative. thx

I agree with the message but that's a boy in a dress you posted btw