Sex with children is legal

Why do we celebrate this shithole country, again?

Take some cyanide, it will help you find out.

Because we can.

And may you be drafted into war and be hit with artillery, mutilating your face and making you unable to see, hear, or talk, while your arms and legs have been amputated from damage by the shell. Your family wish to put you down, but the consent you cannot give is needed to perform the euthanasia, thus keeping you alive for and long as your lungs are able to expand.

You're why it's happening.

If it wasn't for "freedom-loving" amerikikes, Eastern Europe would have been spared from the horrors of Communism . National Socialism would have prevailed. Electing Trump is the first relatively good political thing you've done in more than a century. Don't screw this up.

Why do you look into other countries without fixing your shit first?
Are you so ashamed of your own that you have to attack others?

Why do you worship countries that haven't fixed any such shit?

All socialism, be it national or international, is evil.

wut sheikh

What does that shit have to do with tea niggers?

Troll or boomer, who can be truly certain?

What're ya sliding, shlomo?

Neither. I'm a twenty-year-old libertarian fascist. To appropriate your Newspeak, you should get the fuck on my "level."

If the shit I listed and the shit you listed were both true in the U.S., you (and I) would fucking riot.

Let me be the devils advocate here and discuss soy consumtion.

In America, soy is mainly consumed in it's raw, non-fermented form, processed into "meat analogues" or other substitute products like soy milk. These contain the phytoestrogens that soy is known for.

In Japan, non-fermented soy is consumed in the form of the green beans and tofu, but far more is consumed as fermented miso paste, soy sauce, natto and other such traditional products. Fermeneted soy does not contain the phytoestrogens, other than in trace quantities, because the fermenting microorganisms consume them.

Consuming soy products in Japan is rooted in mostly healthy traditions, in America soy is the quintessential hipster food and is prepared very differently.


The rest stands. Why can I go into a book store in Japan and buy comic book about a teenage girl in a maid outfit pissing herself?

Why are you defending the country if you don't care about it?

ot is a fag from lookism

smelly paki muslim 'zubeer sheikh' adolf hipster from lookism with his hate for japan because they are nationalist

not far away is his faggot jewish spic lookism buddy 'jovan andrade' bbctakeover who learnt from his jewish mother bryndis kay (((savage))) andrade to hate white nationalist

This is why all forms of Newspeak should be opposed.

Actually Japan is raising their birthrate, unlike Germany.

Germany's birthrate actually takes into account immigrant too, so it's actually much lower than that.

Because freedom you puritan bastard.

Because most people have never spent a significant amount of time there and buy into an ideal rather than reality.

The actual IRL Japan is a very cold and traditional country though, save for a few red light districts.

if you genuinely consider paid whores to be socially warmer than healthy traditional people then kys

Oh, nigger, I'm all about freedom. In fact, I believe I have the freedom to preserve freedom and not allow the society around me to spiral into Marxist degeneracy.

And by "red light districts," you mean bars and cafes made for women to rub soap on your dick.

Speak to anyone who has spent at least a few years there and they will give you a laundry list of things they dislike about the place. Many if not most are glad to leave by the end. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful country with a lot of things going for it, but it's not all that.

but then it would be just as pozzed as westerne europe today

You just said that a country with an age of consent in the negative numbers is beautiful. This is why mainstream media is more than just news and tech blogs.

Stop replying you fucking retards, we're being raided right now.

why the fuck is Holla Forums the only board with actual mods?
where the fuck are our mods half the day?

Beautiful scenery-wise, and it does have an undeniable charm. Not sure why these things have to be mutually exclusive.

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. If a "raid" is happening, I'm sorry to hear that.

Sometimes (read: every time ever), freedom of speech outweighs your "freedom" to not see a thread you dislike.

fermented soy has no phytoestrogens in it, it actually helps control digestive system due to its fermented nature - its basically yogurth

Do you mean rural people?

this is Holla Forums
your freedoms mean nothing here

Now that's just adorable.

Goon Kikels are getting cranky and upping their shill quota. Too bad imageboard users already know the value of Japanese culture, and the quantity of shilling has never so much as dented our beautiful board. Reported.

Why can you go into a book store in USA and buy a comic of tumblrized squirrel girl?

So what's your favorite anime OP?

Congratulations, you found one point against my four. Now explain the entire genre of fiction that focuses on children enjoying healthy sexual relationships with adults.

Check the IDs.

Save the cheek-pinches and koochie-koo's for the daughter you'll soon be legally incapable of having.

No, I'm against both–

I hope your special ed teacher's nice, at least.

You're clearly an outsider, and one that was retarded enough to think you could blend in here after spamming the catalog with shit threads.
What's going down today that has kikels so flustered is want I want to know. In other words, whatchya sliding there Moishe?

Nigger, this is the only thread I've made.

Someone asked him if he could borrow a dollar at work.

Also, I am an outsider to you, and I make no bones about it. The Newspeak of humor you call meme "culture" lingers here like the plague on a long-buried corpse.

Kek and ell oh ell and whatever else you say to denote your enjoyment of what you've been conditioned to call humor.

Why would anyone here listen to your aids-ridden ass again?

So why did you bother making this thread again, what's your point?
Is that it? Is that all you came here to say?

Yes, I don't subscribe to the Newspeak of humor that, if left unchecked, will expand to become the Newspeak of speech.

More succinctly, fuck the people in the West who support Japan.

No, fuck the people in the west who support Israel.

So you're an outsider that hates memes and Japan, and you felt like sharing with Holla Forums.
Okay there anything else you wanted to say or are we about done here?

Fine, but what do you mean, "No"?

This thread is 100% shills and should be nuked. Anyone bumping should have a death squad sent to their house. Fuck this shit.

What am I shilling, exactly? And I do mean exactly.

We give Israel millions in financial aide and militady support every year, what fucking "support" for Japan are you complaining about?

Japan gave us the word "waifu." Just sayin.

The unicef pedo, is that what's being slid?

The aide that isn't coming from our government, but from our people, and is being exchanged for tourism and cartoons about sex-crazed teenage stepsisters.

Tourists visting Japan, and people watching anime.
That's something you take issue with?

You're either an escaped mental patient, or one of the expanding many who speaks natively in Newspeak, pitiful bastard.

When it means giving money to a degenerate culture, yes. I'd have the same reaction if we had a boom in Saudi tourism and imports of whatever cartoons they have over there.

Um… we do that? I mean, sure, I like anime and jrpgs and so on. But I wouldn't call that "worshiping" their country. They have plenty of shit wrong with them, just like every country. I mean, you talk about birth rates being in the toilet, but most of that is due to their very demanding-of-males culture that pushes men to work 80 hours a week and never see their families basically. Lots of men drop out of this, and the ones that dont, dont have all that much time for baby making to begin with. If they let up on those social demands, things would improve.

But the low birth rates ARE going to eventually change that. Or rather, they're the current effect OF that change. Right now men are opting out of that cycle of self-destruction and focusing more on themselves and their enjoyment. Women haven't necessarily caught up yet, but once they do and their standards shift to a more realistic view where they understand they dont need a fucking castle to be happy, or rather once they've been pushed to the point where they HAVE to accept that reality in order to find a mate, social standards will begin to adapt rather quickly because women will look negatively at other women who havent taken a mate, and it will encourage them to lower their demands to find a mate, they'll be happier once they do, and baby making will ensue. Additionally, companies will have to be willing to offer higher wages if the income generated isnt enough to retain employees, creating less need for men to work as many hours to provide decently for their family. Otherwise those companies will have a far smaller pool of employees to draw from, and/or have a high turnover rate of employees and suffer because of it. You have to offer incentive to not only work there, but to stay there.

In all, what that means is that eventually those trends will flip hard in the opposite direction. But, not for another little while at least. The culture has to shift to be more idealistic and less "hardcore grindy" because its burning the men out, women have to shift to be less demanding and more accepting, and companies have to shift to be more appealing to work for. It all starts with men opting out though.

Incidentally, this is why the western nations, specifically the USA, has been importing foreign labor so fucking much and why bigger businesses are so dead set on making that happen even more. Because foreign labor works differently. They dont have higher standards to begin with and will work for dirt cheap, additionally the cultural pushes for white women to fuck subhumans only continues to work if theres a steady supply of jamals tyrones and martinezs for them to fuck. So native men who have been opting out of mating/marriage and would over time have pushed native women into being less demanding and companies to have to pay more for labor… wwweeelllllllll, it wont happen, the companies will just higher subhumans who do a shitty job, the women will work on their own as its been pushed as the cultural norm as well and go get their dickings from the muds which is also been pushed in the culture, and mark and john and co will be sitting alone in a cheap home with shitty job prospects and no mating prospects because his social power in the equation was stripped from him.

So, realistically, japan has a better chance of fixing their shit than we do of fixing ours, because their men havent lost their social power, they're exercising it in fact. Meanwhile ours was stripped from us and we watched it happen and did nothing. Incidentally this is ALSO why you see shit loads of leftists who talk about japan needing more migrants and so on. Because that nation cannot be allowed to be nationalistic, ethnocentric, AND be prosperous, otherwise others might learn from them. Its why the banks seek to fuck them over, its why the kikes try to force "diversity" on them, its why .. well a lot of things. Trying to do japanese males what was done to white males and strip them of all social power. For their sake, I hope it doesnt work

It's not like everyone here automatically likes Japanese stuff anyway. But what makes you think anyone here who does like anime, or Godzilla movies, or any given japanese videogame franchise, or just any Japanese shit, would be convinced to stop liking it because of some whiny meme-hating goon that spams our catalog with shit threads?

You actual nigger. This thread, the one you are replying to, is the only thread on this fucking website that I've started in the past twenty-four hours. Check the IDs to prove me wrong and recreate Johnny Got His Gun with no special effects.

FYI the 13 AoC in Japan only applies in certain areas. Many prefectures have raised it to 16-18, just like their perma-triggered American feminist overlords demanded because they know full well they're less attractive than 14-15 year old girls. The only reason you'd riot if that was legal in the US as it should be is that you're a stupid fucking cumbucket who has nothing to offer a mate and you're jealous of people who do. Now go the fuck back to cuckchan.

Hold on, do you think our IDs stay the same when we post in different threads?

Sauce or it doesn't happen