Just how many "victims" have shilled for (((gun control))) after this totally real event?

Can we get a list going?

Masses have become so dumb crisis actors don't even have to wait anymore they literally start shilling while the shooting is going on. They're so lazy they even shill the exact talking points the DNC, celebrities, & gun control groups use.

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This country is a joke, user.
Hell, this world is a joke.
I think everyone is just waiting for White people do stop being a bunch of faggots and start kicking the shit out of everyone to make things right again.


Whoa whoa whoa, wait a tic…

They're using a picture of a crying girl during the shooting instead of the guy to emotionally manipulate.

Let's see them try and take them from me. Fuck these (((people)))

That's the spirit, lad.

That's some blatant emotional manipulation.
Are you sure though?
I mean, a school like that, wouldn't surprise me to see a tranny wearing a cross running around.

Emotion is all these animals have, they are immune to logic and reason. The dysgenic hoard cries for Big Brother to save them from themselves…

Yes, Satan. He's the soy aficionado on the right in pic related.


We should really push them on the anti-Christian theme :^)

They should be easy to dox.

Wew, that's some powerful soy, and some powerful emotional manipulation by the media.

I swear to God, women are going to be our downfall, because this shit is undoubtedly having a greater impact on them than on the male population, even despite the soybois.

I mean, Christ man… Every year, less than 100 people are killed in 'mass shootings'. Thousand - THOUSANDS - die in inner-city ghettos full of non-Whites and bearing very-strict gun control laws.
How can these people bring up these outlier events, while ignoring the majority of relevant deaths and their cause, with a straight face, all the while standing in a country that was founded on a document whose fucking SECOND AMENDMENT - the thing the founding fathers thought was the 2nd most important thing to include - dictates the right to bear arms to oppose a tyrannical government .
I mean… What!? These are the same people screeching about how Trump is terrible and an illegitimate leader - if they give up access to firearms, how the fuck do they intend to meaningfully oppose Trump if he were to declare himself dictator and simply take over the country!?

I don't understand these people, this doesn't make any sense, this shit is fucking ridiculous and I don't even know what to say to people that are retarded, so emotionally-drive, so bereft of a statistical concept of proportionality, so lacking in any of the foundational values of the country in which we live.

Not a bad idea, user.
If we can prove that there is nothing to their history beyond this event, we'll have an easier time proving this was fabricated. Teenagers would have a plethora of social media accounts with everything I should know :^)

Well, they already dug into that kike instagram thot, and she's got a background (of whorishness and judaism), but you never know.

Didn't most of the victim's parents from Sandy Hook have acting in their backgrounds in some form? I believe one was even an actor at the time.

The (((MSM))) are just using their emotional distress and are helping them to channel the anger. Just like the psychopaths they are.
The relations need a solid culprit and mental illness is a bit tough for them to grasp since guns=bad is being rammed down their throat every day.

They'll cool off in a matter of days. And hopefully realize how incompetent FBI really was.



What in the fuck is up with the Canadian Arctic Circle?

Its like the Wild West. Theres no cops anywhere and people are extremely secluded.

never forget the six million victims, goy

Not only that but none of the children who allegedly died were born in Connecticut, and most of them had lived there for a year or less. Many of the children were jewish as well and their families moved to Israel afterwords.

so we'll see you in our ranks on DOTR then? No? Thought so

Honestly, I thought it was just a tranny

I thought she'd turned out to be one of those .01% or something of hamplanets who actually had the gland disease that 100% of hamplanets claim they have.

on top of that, days or weeks without sun or with nothing but sun fucks with your head.

Truth. Worked in the far north a few years ago, the nearest police response was over a day away. It's about as close as you can get to actual frontier life. But the lack of sunlight isn't really bad, takes maybe 2 weeks to get used to it especially if you already lived in the north. Sunlight all the fucking time on the other hand? Yeah that fucks with you, especially if you have a very normal sleep schedule. Lot of people use sleep meds of some kind during the summer months.

Weeks without the natural light can mess with your heads. There is almost no cops anywhere so they are free to kill many as they want and get away with it.

You beat me to it.

Those damn bears.

Not bears user , drunken snow niggers

This, what will they do if there is nothing for them to do? Get drunk all the time or hunt the animals for meat. If anyone want to be national social hermits then this is the place to go because there is so few cops.

This is a good thing. The more they push this issue they more people are going to learn about the Second Amendment and what the Constitution actually is. This also puts the courts' collective balls into a vise because they will either strike down any overreach or reveal that they are legislating from the bench. Let them cry. It only makes us stronger.

It's a given that things like this are going to happen and the Jewish media is going to do this. But all I can feel is hatred for everybody that believes it, that hears about a mass-shooting like this and instantly goes anti-gun, it's a very dangerous form of stupidity.

Ultimately, the estrogen-minded need to be removed from all influence. Beta males should either be forced to improve their testosterone methods through the various methods of doing so, or they should be euthanized. Women need to have their personhood revoked, to be considered property that is passed from the father to the husband during the wedding. They are breeding stock that exists to serve and propagate men, to bear our offspring and enrich our lives with pleasure and comfort. The thoughts in their heads should NOT be considered, they are far too stupid; they are beasts to be trained, not individuals to be respected. What a disaster. When women marched for the vote, why didn't men go out and beat them, to put them in their place? Why let it begin? It will be the death of us if we don't stop it.

It just goes to show how far we've fallen. This country was founded on the principle of self-reliance. They should be blaming the teachers and other adults in the school for being naive, weak and unarmed. We went from a nation that refused to rely on kings allegedly chosen by gods for anything to a nation relying on agents juan and jamal to defend our lives. Please nuke us, Kim.

Easing the torment in faggot hell?

Fuck these fucking shills. Everyone against guns should be shot with the largest, most overpowered, wasteful, tricked-out fucking lead dispensers possible. Possibly gatling or miniguns, or even airburst rifles.

Fuck these fucking paid shills that get to spew their shit everywhere and aren't censored. I hope some of you cucks read this someday. Every one of us has been banned six gorillion times and are not allowed to balance your insanity in the supposedly free marketplace of ideas.

Fuck you.

The ride never ends

Think he wants another kvetching kike there?

Perhaps these cunts haven't been told about their options yet if they don't like our constitution.

None of them care,let alone know about the 25,000 that were murdered in Mexico last year,or the 60,000 in Brazil during the year 2015.

haha that picture. Looks like kidnap victim being forced to talk about how great the and friendly the jim jones friendship program is.

these 2 girls from Skippack PA which looks like a tiny sandy hook area. Meadow Paddock dad never live in PA. Thought it was a joke at first until I looked at their friend list and saw all the PA people.

I'd never stop laughing again

Er *pollack*


Exactly this.
Disarming the staff and faculty failed to prevent this tragedy; how will disarming society at large prevent another?

Honesty this is good so long as Dem politicians start hysterically calling for gun control, even more than usual. This an election year and many will get out and vote Republicans just for funs, especially in close races. Make sure democrats will be running on a platform of gun control and illegal immigrants in November.

Don't worry about the muh feels argument. If they couldn't pass gun control after Sandy Vagina with Obama as president and a democratic congress, there is no chance they can pass it now.

i can see them passing it [spoilers]and boomers accepting it[/spoiler] if its a ban on new production of semi autos but they allow you to keep what you already have. then if people dont start dropping politicians theyll keep going but i dont think enough people are ready to fight a struggle that will likely continue beyond their own deaths.

A 16 year old woman is fully capable of conceiving and giving birth. She is not a child. The fact she is treated like one is insane. Live like an herbivore. Die like an herbivore.

I thought that teenagers don't like being treated like a child.

Silver lining: protecting bear arms is something even cuckservatives will turn out to vote for. Should make getting a R supermajority after the midterms easier.

If only they could see that their little school is a liberal utopia without guns and mean old bullies don't get to say what they think and that the bad guys with guns don't give a fuck and their little experiment validates what the right has been saying all along.
If we turned the USA as a whole into their little liberal indoctrination shithole, the entire country would be fucked over rather than just a few dead jewblins. Fucking kikes really screwed the kids up that buy into this shit. I expect it from the jews but the rest of the kids deserve a lot better than being forced to think like niggers.
Remove the shit the kikes put in place to erode at the second. Every amendment and act that even looks wrong at the second should be stricken. You can bet, each and every one has a jew behind it.

I do not believe those people don't understand that banning something doesn't remove it, and with little more effort the deranged killers can smuggle in already banned guns from mexico or some other cartel-ridden shithole
Why does nobody ever shoot up a police station, gun shows, military bases or shooting ranges?
Truly a mystery for the ages
That's beyond the point that it's probably a CIA nigger false flag.

adult privileges, but child's responsibilities, continues way into 30's


I was just reading this shit, and the (((alt-right))) is now claiming terrorist attacks kind of?? A ''White' Nationalist/Supremacist' group claiming to supply and coordinate lone attacks against the public. Well it could be worse, it's not like they have a resolution in the works that will categorise White Supremacists as terrorists. Oh wait

Seriously. That's not the face of someone talking about something affecting them personally.

I don't recall people being this mad at Obama whenever there was a shooting.

That's a good way to bring over the Christians out there. Taking a swipe at their religion. Fucking hell these people are stupid.

Funny how they don't seem traumatized at all. I would think the dead kid's families would want privacy and time to morn. Instead, they all seem to be on television spouting political positions and calling for draconian gun bans.

While I agree with every single thing you said
Please explain how that's going to happen short of TSHTF? Ever hear of Pandora's Box user?

Just picked up a Walther PPQ yesterday and the serial number ends in dubs.


Noticed all dreamers are fat or uneducated looking? Almost like Mexico best are not sneaking across boarders.

If I was a low tier kike and my kid got killed just in time to cash in on his death I'd probably forgo mourning as well.

Already debunked namefag.

Will these lefties raise arms for gun control and gun confiscation ?

Context? (not the shoop part the original)

A lot of the kids probably thought it was a real thing. They never actually see the shooting, just blood and bodies, or they get told to run away. The ones that are always in the front are prob handpicked. Like Carlee Soto from Sandy Hook


Russian pride parade?

The propaganda is failing hard. These are the top comments on /r/news right now in a thread about the NRA protests. When antigun shills are getting BTFO even on reddit, you know their narrative is dead in the water


The meme war has already begun. Join us.

I can't wait for the Dindu Nuffin defense to be a legitimate strategy for whites.

Aside from the
I'm glad to see they're waking up to this shit. Baby steps, I suppose.

I dindu nuffin, I was jussa making some memes wif ma gimp.

It's measured by homicide per 100k of the population.
There's only about 100k people there in all three of those provinces combined.
So 10 murders there looks worse percentage wise than 1000 murders somewhere with millions of people.

At this point only a full on collapse of civilization will do the trick.


2 fuckin years! Fuckin hell newfags!
Seriously, you newfags suck ass

Id love to see this (((crisis))) being used by the kikes backfire magnificently.

On judenbook inb4 using judenbook all the normie cuckservative memes about what has changed from the 50's is hilarious. They completely ignore the main thing that has changed since the 50's, unchecked niggerdom and spicdom. They dont want to see the truth. Subhumans are everywhere and their subhuman ways have infected everything and nearly everyone.


What do they want people to do?
No amount of gun control short of outright bans would have prevented this shooting from happening, and as China and the U.K. will show us, a psycho doesn't need a gun to kill a bunch of people.
When it comes down to it, Americans are maladjusted sociopaths, and many are absolutely miserable with their lives. People like that are gonna kill and there's not much that can stop them.
If anything these limp-dick libshits should be angry with the FBI for doing nothing after he was reported to them.

What a coincidence!

It's like these kikes are trolling with the blatant lies.


Man, that Sandy Hook Defense Force is something else.

So they had the drill,but didn't even bother to inform the cops about the crazy shooter?


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School False Flag Timeline
+Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Scott Israel want to have a second high profile shooting in their county and meet to select date/time. ( archive.is/hkpKO )
+Alphabet Soup gets a tip on a "suspicious comment" that N. Cruz made about wanting to be a "professional school shooter". They leave him in place to become the patsy. ( archive.is/eU9Az )
+Teachers receive training and are notified a simulated incident will occur. ( archive.is/pJeMy#selection-2671.0-2671.178 )

Feb 14
+Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have an evacuation drill in the morning. ( youtube.com/watch?v=OFly5Ut5Jag )
+Cruz shows up on campus via an Uber Taxi for unknown reasons.( archive.is/O0jbm )
+Hired team of 2-3 shooters goes into the school and kills kids with Cruz on campus. ( youtu.be/zlhMGWyT_uU )
+Alexa Miednik( youtube.com/watch?v=_R39tNfv_fg ) sees Cruz during the evacuation and speaks to him while hearing shots fired elsewhere on campus.
+For unknown reasons, hired shooters fail to execute Cruz and stage his suicide.
+Students are evacuated and Cruz leaves campus in the shuffle. ( See Alexa Miednik interview above ).
+Cruz does not know the police are after him and decides to go get something to eat at McDonald's/Subway without knowing he is the patsy.( archive.is/GOlmf )
+FBI/Police arrest him as he walks down a residential street on his way home. ( archive.is/8MfoN )

Feb 15
+Cruz is presented with a plea bargain that will let him avoid the death penalty and avoid and real investigation/trial. ( archive.is/uAhPt )
+Cruz pleads guilty to 17 counts of premeditated homicide even though he has not killed anyone.

Feb 16
+Demolition of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fl is announced to cover up the scene of the crime. ( archive.is/p6UIl )

why don't they ever show security camera footage.


"Fingers that touch clips will never touch mine"


shitty tattoo on angle. Fuck this satanist freemason trash. Go back to your crypt

shes from Skippack PA probably some pedo farm for wayward children

I was thinking more along the lines of "I dindu nuffin, nigger was breaking the law." Maybe "I dindu nuffin, the beaner cut the head off before the rape." Or even "I dindu nuffin, that "white" was acting like a nigger." Perhaps "I dindu nuffin, the jew would do it to me given the chance."

You tried, Peggy.

Well yeah. Mine too. I want my girl's hands wrapped firmly around the magazine before she slots it.

You think jews and spics are going to pay for cameras in the schools? There aren't enough whites to make it worthwhile.

Are these decent memes?




Quit posting this axe-faced kike.


That one is looking to be blacked.

The (((Right Side))) MSM isn't pushing so much for weapons ban, but to report people, lock them up, and to send them to mental institutions. It's beginning to look more and more like a Police State is being pushed. This narrative scares me more than crazy progressives pushing sucking and cutting dicks off. If I was afraid to say that I didn't like something for fear of being politically incorrect, now I have a fear of being locked up for joking about something.

(pic related)











Keep trying. Hows the temps today in Tel Aviv?

Of course, anyone who says "clips" instead of magazines is a nigger

You dumb fuck. These memes are to ensnare normiefags who think this kikess is white. The JQ redpill is for later. Normiefags cant into the JQ too early because of the kike programming.

I'm starting to think I'm secretly a kike, 'cause I find her adorable.

What else rhymes?

Alexa Miednik is a coalburner you faggots: twitter.com/babymiednik/status/803253529037115392

gas yourself, if you die you were a kike


A little skellington too.

If some one would shoop "we have a sick society" into "we have kikes and shitskins" then it would be a decent meme.

You fucking had it. Schools are gun free zones. Didn't fucking save you did it?
Banning guns does not stop gun crime.

Here's a transparent png version.

I'm sure Trump will do the right thing and let it fall apart on its own like every other one of these obvious Tavistock operations.

Fixed conversion errors

I really should check these more closely before uploading. Sorry.

your meme sucks
should probably fix that too

Could you imagine if Trump signed into law a requirement for teachers to be armed? I bet a lot of lefty teachers would quit in protest.

Not mine. I just like doing transparent backgrounds. Give me something else that needs a transparent background.


The only thing what should be under scrutiny is jew medicine. Hit the media right in the sponsors and show that all these shooters are on the jew meds.

Here you go.

They're adults until they want to avoid consequences, then it's "I'm only 18, I'm just a child"/"you ask an 18 year old that?"/"omg [ugly guy] asked me to go home with him, like, just because I'm at an adult venue which exists to enable sex, that's like so wrong, I'm only 21, i'm just a child, what a pedo, creepy"


This is organized e-shill style.
They've used it many times, presumably so fellow shills can instantly recognize their operations and cross-promote.
Every "campaign" which uses this monochrome, bold font with part inverted is organized shillery.


Women increasingly show us, or remind us, why they were typically ignored.

Soft with my wording I must admit.

My point is the kikes, in all their endeavors, are the problem. Kike meds are definitely something to be looked at more closely, for sure.

SSRI's are the culprit, those shitty antidepressants are basically heroin.

Definitely yes. But in order to bring up the (((question))) one must have reason and evidence both of which are plentiful in these cases.

(((WHO))) runs these companies? (((WHO))) started these medical practices?

Ive avoided the kike manufactured shit. Self medicated here, and it was not for the best. The kike creation I was forced into was the disease, and Im still trying to find the cure. In our spirit, there we find the path for our body. The mind, the navigator….


Like vampires, they surround the souls of they who offer their spirit up. The more I learn of them, the more I want to slay them….


I didnt really read beyond the headline. The headline said something, I should see the kikeness of the article.

(((They))) know shits gonna come to ahead soon, and (((they))) are trying to cover their own asses. Once we are with less food, water, and security, (((they))) know (((they))) are fucked.

Never give up your guns Americans. Because hell will break out the moment you lose them.

Not much prove to his claims but I wouldn't be surprised.

now that, would be 44d chess

A certain percentage of staff should be trained with weapons in lockers in a staff room or other appropriate location.
It's really no different to having fire wardens. Safety is important even in places without guns what are you going to do when some meth head starts running around with a knife?

Americans are drugged up violent apes. No gun control will solve that.


By the sounds of it, your guns are killing your own kids.

How did the shooter acquire the weapons by the way? I thought he was meant to be in high school?

But my rifle accepts both.

Joggles the noggin.

That image on the left is sort of cuckchan-tier, but the statics/calculations are brilliant. If this doesn't convince someone to support gun rights/NRA, they are either insane, overly emotional, or politically biased.

have you considered that maybe it's their handlers that's getting dumber. kike nepotism is a bitch.

btw if it somethinng hurts you, you should ban it, can we ban muslims?

Isn't Alexa the Jewess teen that made a video saying there were 2 shooters? That she was talking to Nicholas while the shooting was happening? Why would she list Pennsylvania if she supposedly goes to high school in Florida?

Anybody who calls this kind of stuff a "conspiracy theory" should be fucking shit. The goddamn proof is right here.

I can imagine such a place. Let's meme it so.

wondering as well

The people calling it fake are liberals. They're ALL liberals. No actual conservatives are doing this. It's a ploy to make conservatives look heartless. Liberals project incessantly and are the true heartless ones: they don't ever want to care enough to pursue actual functional policy over guns. They just want to ban things they irrationally fear.

In the liberal worldview, gun owners are a mentally ill reject population who kills themselves too often and can't be trusted, just as conservatives pretend to believe of transsexuals.


from video above

We need more information on Emma Gonzalez, the darling of gun control right now. Its evident she was coached on what to say. Also clear that she is a hardcore feminist based on her shaved head. We need to find out indoctrinated her and if any of her family is an illegal

Probably the FBI

The problem is we have a sick society not guns


(its the the ice niggers)

bitch youre trying so hard youre equating a typo with being a kike. if you had any intelligence whatsoever youd be able to see that i typed it correctly in the second part therefor making it extremely likely its a fucking typo. youre fucking miserable. get your shit together.

Literally every single victim or victim’s family member that’s gone before the media, except for one JROTC kid who went on Tucker Carlson, without fail has always gone straight hysterically angry and crying:

This is such a fucking shilljob it’s insulting.

Also lmao @ them trying to meme the NRA into the Neoliberal equivalent of Jews or something because they can’t accept the fact Americans inherently like and support the ownership of funz as a fucking foundational aspect of our society.


pure cohencidence


You know what's the funniest thing about this whole drama?

I live in a no-gunz third world shithole. We had two school massacres last year. The one thing EVERYONE was commenting on was: if there was one single armed professional in those schools, it wouldn't happen.

All of these kids deserved to die.



Proof that democracy is a sham.Anyone that even floats the idea of disarming or making it more difficult for citizens to own guns should be immediately stripped of authority and investigated for subversion and treason against the people/state. Victim disarmament groups should be treated like terrorist cells because they are foreign subversion funded by jewish multinationals.

Do you need a bulletproof backpack goy?


Why don't they home school instead?


Well, with the money they're using to demolish and rebuild, plus adding a memorial, they could just have easily refurbished the original building and added security features aplenty.
Personally, I wonder why we don't hear about blast-resistant doors with maglocks tied to a central lockdown system, like they have at banks and certain medical facilities.

How can we make it happen?

(Pic related)

The point of the bulletproof backpack isn't that the makers expect women to buy it (the rush to buy is almost certainly fake reporting by the MSM).
The point of the bulletproof backpack is to present American gun ownership as ludicrous and against all common sense.
By making such an article available, the gates are opened to MSM stories like "America - the only country where children go to school wearing bulletproof backpacks, just to survive."
Learn to think like a kike and a lot of this shit starts to make sense.

And just in case you doubt it, pic related.
I guarantee a jew is behind this product.

444444444444444444444444444444444444444444D chess

It's lazy and wouldn't work if they didn't have complete control of the media.

But they do have complete control of the media, and by extension, complete control of the feels of all women and a large majority of men.

Yeah I see……As if those kids could stand up under the weight of a "bullet proof" backpack…. nobody will call them out on this because one has a brain anymore.
Fucking clown world everybody.

It's funny when you think about it, there are rules and laws to prevent media monopolies, but only corporate monopolies.
The Jews bypass this restriction by forming an ethnic monopoly. They spread the ownership amongst enough companies to avoid the monopolies restrictions, but continue to hold a monopoly by ensuring that all of those companies are under the control of Zion.
As far as it affects impartiality and diversity of opinion, the various kike media corps can be considered to be different branches of the same company.

I especially like the little pocket for a dinky miniature ballistic plate. Got to have the plate, to stop the high velocity rounds!

fukken checked
I bet the backpacks are only level 2 at best probably level 1

Notice they are white and holding hands…… They purposely used wholesome looking kids which is funny because usually they would call this picture disgusting ,sexist, racist, etc. however when they need their propaganda to work they default to making things appear as they should.

Someone should test using a rifle cartage and sue for false advertizing when it fails to stop anything.

I doubt they work at all, just say bullet proof and int he fine print put down at 1000 meters

No one will hit that at that range they also add in other ridiculous conditions like at 60 degree impact only.

To be honest the message here should be schools are shit because they are unsafe and offer inferior education (common core) home school your kids. This could promote stay at home moms as well.


I mean, it's not hard to survive something that didn't happen

Watch it get banned anyway.

Surviving just means bitching about something fake for 70+ years.


How many more shooting before your kind gets the rope?

Are you literate?

I was addressing Feinstein

Sometimes I wish that these parents were shot, as well. Just because your faggot kid was supposedly killed doesn't mean you can go after my rights.

Here's an interesting argument to go against their rhetoric: in 1960, you could spend $100 and get a M-1 Carbine, several magazines, and 100 rounds of ammo. Yet, schools weren't getting shot up. We all know why, but now it is up to you to spread it.


Forget your pussy m1 carbine, you could have owned a Solothurn 1000! fires a 2cm AP,APCR and HE round..

Checked. POWERFUL NAZI DEATH RAY RIFLE, please inquire about layaway

I guess nobody in the msm care that this is a blatant example of votes and democracy not mattering, and the ultra-wealthy deciding on legislation via bribery…..

Democracy only matters when it does what they want so that they can claim a "mandate".

Excellent comment and insight on jewish monopolization.

I was watching ABC's Sunday morning bullshit show to see what kind of lies they were going to be spewing today, and it was even worse than I thought. It was like "here's Joey Jewberg with his heartfelt thoughts about how all NRA supporters have blood on our hands." "What about you, Jill Jeinstein, why is this Trump's fault?" "Joan Jewman, why aren't all guns banned?" You could tell easily that everything was scripted and they were all fed lines because Joan Jewman stumbled a bit, probably didn't rehearse enough last night I guess. Then it was "Congressman Jed Jewner, what steps must be taken to keep guns out of the hands of white male terrorists?" Can't forget Token Gonzalez, "you're one of the good Republicans that reaches across the aisle to screw your constituents. Why are right-wingers so evil?" This nonsense went on for about a half hour. I couldn't take anymore after that.

I pray to God that normies are at least starting to put 2 and 2 together as to why the world is in such terrible shape. To people that know what we do, it is blatant and sloppy, marks of hastiness in cobbling together another big lie.

I don't give a damn if a sea of infant blood washes up to may houses, and the elementary shcool is gun downed, and all my young relatives wash up on my porch, it still won't be enough innocent blood to convince to give up my firearms.

Because there isn't any.

Just whipping their dick out basically.

I would like to add that this is why they don't flee when it's quite obvious another pogrom is inbound: it would mean abandoning their cash cow.
They quite literally would rather risk death than have to conduct honest business or, worse: work.

Alexa may be a crisis actor.




Man, the Talmudvision show shill quality really took a nosedive after Judith Judenstein had to go to her retirement ashtray

Heard on the "every half hour" news segment on the radio: Trump is considering stricter gun laws because of this.

Such a natural and organic real event.

The archive of her Claimfame profile has been deleted.

It wasn't Trump, it was his tranny press secretary Huckabee-Sanders who told reporters that the white house is considering a ban on "bump stocks". Whatever that means.

They forgot to delete the history.


17 my fucking ass.

“We had rumors going around the school that police would do a fake code red with fake guns, not actual, but sounding real and I thought at the beginning that this just wasn’t real and that this was just drills […] until I saw my teacher dead on the floor.”

“Once we were escorted out of the classroom I did see Mr. Beagle’s body out the corner of my eyes through the stairwell and I did see blood and I saw two students, unfortunately, curled up in balls.”

“Going down the stairs I saw more blood, backpacks everywhere,” she continued. “It was like a movie scene and there was gunpowder all over the floor. […] It was just so real but felt so fake at the same time.”


Two guys. with radios, one lookout, one cameraman, videos of the "crime scene" posted online everywhere.

Headline reads: "Florida man uncovers communist plot to disarm and take over America. Stops mass democide!"

Secret Service Changed Safety Protocol A Few Weeks Before Florida School Shooting

Jalen Martin, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, claims that Secret Service agents visited his school a few weeks before the mass shooting unfolded yesterday.


teacher says “We had been told we would have an active shooter drill this semester”


Cameron Kasky, 17, a junior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, hopes "17 bullets to the heart" will create stricter gun control regulations.

calls his school Stillman Douglas (lol really bro?) “I’ve never seen this ruse… I’ve never seen this in any school shooting”



here's this tool again

"Stillman Douglas" student Cameron mentions his dad is a police officer and says “we want to make America work for their weapons"


control freaks

“I thought they were trying to scare us because I heard that they had did that at another school, where like they started making like noises, but it was fake”


Mom claims her son just survived “Florida school shooting” also claims to be survivor of active shooter

hooktube.com/watch?v=bCxG2JtDmT0 (starts at ~374)

shooter was wearing a JROTC uniform and blended in perfectly

hooktube.com/watch?v=bCxG2JtDmT0 (starts at ~235)

also, that chinese guy raises -red- flags, imo

Whats a clip?

Not trolling, do you mean magazine?

Is that fucking Malcolm in the Middle?

That's because Obama was (((trying))) to get rid of the guns, just like he was (((trying))) to close Gitmo and (((trying))) to get rid of the Patriot Act

The amount of projection in the third image is astounding, probably the most l've seen in years.