Ok which one of you faggots did this

ok which one of you faggots did this


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It was me. With my bare hands. And l would do it again if I could. Everyone needs to know about Nick "bigger high score then Auschwitz" Cruz.


>The responding group members, who appear to be younger than 18, have refused to confirm their identities to CNN on or off the record.

>When asked for comment or whether they knew about the private chat group, the FBI directed CNN to the Broward County Sheriff's Office.

>There are no indications in the group chat that any member, including Cruz, is or was part of a white nationalist or white supremacist group.

During one of the anti-Semitic rants in the chat, Cruz spoke of his birth mother, saying, "My real mom was a Jew. I am glad I never met her."

>Some members of the chat were worried he might have killed endangered animals.

How peculiar.
Why would members of a group like this share such with the media?
And for that matter, is CNN suggesting this was a self-hating Jew who committed this awful atrocity, and thus not a White person?

For the archives.

thanks i knew i could count on you fine racialists to help uncover whatever the fuck this shit is

This shit is a free pass for us - this guy was literally a self-hating Jew.
Its hysterical, really, when taken into context.

As for this group, well… Preeeeeetty peculiar that they'd want to share these conversations with CNN, don't you think? Its almost like this was prepared for exactly this end, by someone… In any case:


feels like straight up propaganda too bad it's about to blow up in CNN's face

The school is set to be demolished

they're going to spin it as "the culture of white supremacism taught him to hate jews and since he is a jew the cognitive dissonance of it all made him snap."

it's like taking mental gymnastics all the way to the olympics


Nothing suspicious about that

Just like Sandy Hooker, they never demolished Columbine.

Pretty damn fast. Kikes must have an inspector coming and they want it down before they are shut down or fined.

Another act of Jewish terror against our nation.

It's like a litmus test of kike false flags.


double dubs of truth

does matter, the narrative is tainted because of the AP, the lugenpress shot their own foot already on this one by jumping too early, now nobody will believe a word of it even if they change their mind again and report he was a "racist white supremacist". they have about as much credibility as OJ simpson.

doesn't matter*

on another note, I do suggest we push the "he was a jewish terrorist" meme

Well fancy that… I'm starting to notice a pattern.

Seriously, why do we have like 6 million fucking stickies and this isn't one of them?

You know I'd go off the deep end too if someone shot my dog.

You can't expect children to focus in a building that played host to such a tragedy nor can you expect free passage into the memorial. Oy vey, the upkeep.


Its bullshit. The ADL planted information on 4chan, then the news outlets reported on that information to seed the white nationalist narrative. When that fell apart CNN gets the scoop on a (((SECRET INSTAGRAM GROUP))) where he confirms he is a white nationalist and we get all these photos with his face covered up wearing red-hats that don't even look like maga hats. The kid was a registered democrat for fucks sake.

a false flag is pulling a real operation under a false identification.

a hoax isn't a real operation.

Dumbass, he killed a fucking FROG because it supposedly killed his dog. Either it poisoned his dog or his dog choked on it. The spic shouldn't have owned a god damned dog since he doesn't know how to care for it which includes keeping harmful animals out of it's fucking mouth.
Fucking cunt spic apologist.

This happens with every shooting/bombing user, retards flood the board screaming how its a false flag, even though its been admitted, by CNN, that Cruz is himself a jew. Its called muddying the waters, its a tactic they use every single fucking time something happens to shut down any real conversation on the topic by exclaiming "FALSE FLAG HUR DUR" in every single thread on the topic, hell, there is even a thread up right now dedicated to labeling it as a false flag.

Ah but in what sense are they calling it a false flag? I can see the jews sacrificing one of their obviously not pure chosen to further their goals. Finding a jew with mental issues is easy enough but they like to make sure they don't get rid of the wrong bloodlines.
It's a false flag in the sense it was an event created for theater to push an agenda, not that it is fake/the jew didn't actually shoot anyone.

Yes, I agree that its being used by the kikes to push an agenda, but what event like this isn't? By using such a label for real events that are used post-haste to push an agenda it muddies the waters and makes it difficult for people to tell the difference between actual events that were not planned, and planned events that were set up with prior knowledge. I believe, personally that this event was not known prior to it happening, and was used to push an agenda, I wouldn't say that is a false flag, its just kikes being kikes.

A half-kike, another Supreme Gentleman terrorizing the nation. There needs to be a solution.

Time to start circulating pics of Cruz with the jude star on them?

Just like James Bloom-Fields, another product of semitic insanity.

Be wary, the only source is cnn. his instagram is down, not seeing the chat on archive, just the frontpage.

I look at it as working through all the possibilities. Semantics aside getting to the nitty-gritty sometimes requires bouncing absurd theories off each other just to force another perspective to potentially offer enlightenment. Sometimes the absurd parts can be dissected and they fit within more normal situations when you just look at it from another angle.
Take this current one. It's bizarre as fuck.
1. It's of course a school shooting right on the heels of DACA and the MEMO
2. It involves a clear mutt which aggravates those that think it's another white guy, it aggravates the whites who think it's a spic, and it infuriates those of us that KNOW it is a jew based upon facts presented.
3. It's a jew? Holy fuck, a jew went off the rails on other jews. The shills kept trying to say it isn't a jew, no jews were killed, etc. but it was a jew killing jews and a few goy.
4. It is a jew attacker so now we need to know why. They paint the image he was an anti-semite (a jew anti-semite) They walk it back when they realize they got trolled and it was a jew. Then it became mental health. Ultimately the why for them doesn't matter because GUNS and CRAZY. We have a few ideas as to why something like this happened. The schizo jew actually broke. The jew was made to break by "purer" jews looking to deal with multiple inconveniences at once (a mutt jew and evil guns and nazis.) Or the jew was meant to escape and not be named and they are perhaps not shitting themselves.
5. As a jew OP, I can't imagine they would trust something like this to a fucked up jew mutt they are trying to get rid of because he might hit "real jews" unless they were desparate enough to just not give a fuck because they need guns out of our hands before they are tossed into the ovens. Last ditch effort and they are willing to sacrifice a few second draft chosen?
There's more but just thinking of these angles makes the situation really fucked. It is like looking into the mind of a fucking schizo jew.

Oh moshe, your own are covering it.

dumbass, wtf you think cnn is. I'm not so at ease with jews just giving it up so easily right after them lying their asses off up this point. You want to just take jews word for anything, your funeral, me, I'd rather have the source info.

They accepted the narrative. They are accepting he is a jew. It is a jew killing jews.

They are still trying to sell GABfucking AI as a non-jew white supremacist thing? Holy fuck. Maybe it's time to send the police archives of Holla Forums whenever the fuckers try and shill that kikehive here?


right now the only source of this is the jew propaganda outlets saying so and I don't buy them turning honest, what's their angle.

They aren't going to spin shit. They are going to bury the fact that he was a jew and call anyone who points it out an anti-semite.

Crazy town and needing meds. If nothing else they always have that to fall back on if the narrative doesn't follow at their directing. Heh, even ADL is trying to push the right towards Gabai. They want to start harvesting IPs.
Funny they mention salt. I see a lot more than a grain. kek

In case anyone missed it the cocksucker kikes created a "handbook" to tell you how to eat the bullshit you're being fed without gagging.


So, if this fag pleads, "Guilty," he avoids the Death Penalty.
Being an autistic knuckle-dragging mutant, is he competent enough to understand what, "Guilty," means?
I dunno
Did you see pictures of this lycanthrope when he was a little bit younger? He's a cross between some Slav and a monkey. Really. I don't see the hispanic in him when I see those photos.
I saw them the other day on Half-Chan
Sauce for possible guilty plea -

Too bad he didn't Aaliyah before losing it.

Where is his kikehood confirmed? Curious

They will avoid the death penalty but they will also be pushing for mental health incompetence. The thing about mental health courts is you always enter a guilty plea. So you take the hit but you don't get fucked in prison. He will be penpals with Joshua Goldberg with a potential for release when he recovers or gets sent to pissrael.

AAAAHHH!!!! I borderline feel like you should have spoilered those images. He is disgusting.

I don't think he is hispanic at all now that I'm putting the pieces together. That CNN article claims he is jewish. Look at these photos!! That thing has all of the facial markers of a disgusting inbred semite.

Beats me!



Weird how the russian jews look like spews. I wonder if he was originally from there or what.


The fuck is it really?

CNN article on his Instagram messages.

His school was 40% Jewish which is pretty strange since Jews are only less than 2% of the US population, it must be a very Jewish area.


It's Florida. Jew York Jews migrate there in the winter.


Oh fuck 8add2e staph already my sides can't take it.


a jew off his meds.

Go back to 4chan you absolute nigger. Stop shitting up the board with your faggotry.

I remember after the Dunblain massacre in the UK they were asking an expert what could be done to reduce the chances of these things happening again.

The expert said the most effective thing to do is not treat the shooters like celebrities. Dont investigate their private lives or make them famous.

Now that I really look at these photos I don't think that's the same kid. There are some major differences

Whoever that gremlin is in those photos however, he reminds me of the kids from Gummo.


He definitely has some kind of genetic problem. There's a genetic disorder called Williams syndrome that makes people look "elfin" like that. I wonder if that's what his problem is.

He was one of those self hatin' Jews.

I thought he looked a little bit like Dobby


Thought you may like his dating profile faggot

Moshe, you have 20 other threads to shit up. OUT.


Probably fragile X syndrome.

Forgot the pic. Jews have to deal with it a lot.
Or maybe Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome, need a look at his extremities.

Gee, I wonder why.

Damn racists and their lack of genetic diversity. kek

What the fuck?


Could be either S-L-O or Williams. Probably not Fragile X since that doesn't cause microcephaly, which he pretty clearly has.

Get the fuck out shitskin, you cunts have no empathy. You don't deserve to have a loyal animal in your care. You're fucking retarded rape-babies of mongrels.

Shitty /k/ memes aside are you trolling or genuinely this fucking stupid?

Both those things look like you hit random on the character generator. All that's missing is the guy on the right to be orange

Could be a combination.
The dude was reported to be pretty "anti-social." And if you look at cases of Williams' it can go either way with the shrunken head and they tend to grow out of that with age leaving the ear and face shape deformities. They still look weird, but the narrow chin fat face narrow head isn't as pronounced.
The newborns are clearly mash-potato heads like the zika babies though. It would be interesting to see what he all has but they will never release that info.

Look shitskin I'll lay it out for you since you have a hard time with reading comprehension. I know ESL is a bitch for your kind.

The psychopath did this because "one had killed his dog."
Killing a fucking frog doesn't do anything for your dog. Disemboweling a frog (who the fuck on the right would disembowel an avatar of kek) is psycho shit.
How did the frog "kill his dog"? 2 options because I'm sure the little hopping bastards didn't come over with a fucking gat and blast the dog in a turf war. It either choked on something he shouldn't have been eating or got poisoned by the frog he shouldn't have been eating. The "frogs" there tend to be fucking POISONOUS CANE TOADS. The dog likely ate the toad and died.
The shitskin should have been watching doggo to make sure he doesn't get himself killed eating poisonous things that nature or people leave out because doggo can be a bit naive.
You shitskins don't deserve the loyalty of that animal. Now fuck off cunt.


Fuck off newfag.


Hard to believe none of that is shopped. I’ve seen ugly, but nothing that deformed! Well, other than that one girl practically born without a face.

Well done. Thanks for making my point yet again.

You boyim are fucking hilarious. You've fallen for some retarded bullshit before (Sandy Hook, Goy Moore, muh emails, religion), but this! This is a new low.

The point, (27), is that you're spamming up the thread for no god damn good reason, other than the fact that you have a severe case of fucking autism combined with not being from around here. The topic of the thread is:

Now, ideally, we wouldn't even have this thread, since there's already a thread about the god damn shooter. But every Redditor or cuckchan refugee gets this idea in their mind that every individual news article is worth posting its own thread up for, and possibly worth posting more than once. Which is why the catalog moves so quickly and is often filled with redundant shit.

Want to talk about shitskins and animals? Great. Make a thread for it. Put up some infographs. Give stats and data. Show that shit - not that it's really necessary, considering that it's just a confirmation of what's already known. But it's not the point of this thread, and it's not worth going on autistic rants because you're incapable of toning your faggotry down for long enough to draft up an OP for the new topic. What we have in this thread, however, is an alleged half-kike, and a discussion related to two questions:

Those are the things actually worth discussing. And if we could just keep people like you on topic for ten fucking seconds at a time, then maybe this board would go back to the way it was three and a half years back. Maybe.

I find that hard to believe.

i love this timeline

Holla Forums literally memes jews into killing each other. i love this timeline


I heard on the radio that, in addition to having fetal alcohol syndrome, Cruz was adopted from Russia. If true, I'd say this increases the chances that he really is part Jew.


I bet sandy hook also got bought by a kike


also to the maddow kike lesbian nigger poster, just hang yourself my dude, you are automatically filtered, but we could save ourselves a problems and doit, gas yourself


Hello brother. It's does my heart well to read the voice of reason. Thank you.

Nice shops you little keyboard warrior.

It's called inbreeding.

Reddit tier material for the lulz.

Public defender (((Howard Finkelstein))) says trial is a waste of time. That's because he can argue 60 days commitment for psychiatric observation. Once he has established (((expert))) mental health analysis, the court will accede to commitment indefinitely. A few years later and oy gevalt, the lad has a remarkable recovery thanks to modern pharmaceuticals. There are always multiple agenda being pursued.

Kike mother equals full kike.
Media spin will push for mandatory yearly elementary school psychiatric evaluations.
There won't be any plea.
All of the usual provocateurs and the local political teat suckers.
How much of the set-up went off script?

Humor me, I missed the sauce.