White History Month

Since the shortest month of the year is Black History Month, we have to have one of the longest months of the year be White History Month. I understand most history is already white, but it would be fun to trigger the lefties with white history month.

White history month is every month, user.

It's called the forth of july

I vote October for white history month, just because it will end with Halloween and a couple of spooky ghosts for the spooks.

No shit, but something official to trigger lefties.

Well, I'll chose November or December just to fuck with the kikes by providing some evidence that their traditions are created out of spite of Europeans' traditions.

Triggering the kikes would be a good idea as well. Just need specifics for kike holidays and say whitey invented them, then get all the lefties on twitter who are kikes to come out and cry about "muh cultural appropriation"

Passover and Hanukkah are the two I have in mind. Better yet, April could be dedicated to Hitler and his accomplishments with bringing the Germans back to glory, *though it is one day short**.


Exactly what I was thinking.

When black history month was created, people said "Why don't we have a White history month as well?" and the meme "every month is White history month" was used to shut people down and justify not having any sort of explicit White history celebration.

My vote is for August as White history month because it is named after Augustus Caesar.



i like it.


The difference is thinking whether every month is white history's a bad thing or not, user. Don't be a cuck about it

Seriously meme on this lads.

August Caesar. Good idea.

I’ve been shopping for a Be Kind to Animals Month. Don’t care whether short or long. So February will work nicely.

But OP. A muh_feefees speschul month should be based on notable accomplishment/birth days during that month for that muh_feefees_ppl_group.

Therefore Every day is White history day. Libshits know this, and are simply trying to water that truth down with these 'special' months. What you really should be pushing for is White History Year. This, ofc, includes every day of every year heh.

daily reminder

nu-Holla Forums strikes again.

Stormfront tried to meme November as White history month if anyone feels up to carrying on their torch.



It has to be April because of the Fuhrer's birthday. Then we could take over Marijuana Day, just like the Christians did with Yule -> Christmas, Ostara-> Easter, etc. To make it popular to have to combine with existing holidays. We should have parades and different weeks for each subethnicity: Celtic Heritage Week, Germanic/Gothic Heritage Week, Mediterranean Heritage Week, and Norse Heritage Week.