Hijab compulsory in around 150 UK schools, government too ‘politically correct’ to step in


Fuck this gay earth, you know it'll happen.

in accordance with the prophecy of Moloch

Still pales in comparison to the mass chemical enslavement and rape of little British girls via opiates brought in by these goatfuckers

not really
its all part of the same system
a jewish system

They really have accelerated the cuck to super-sonic levels. The jews are trying to push the US in that direction, but it would appear that the UK is actively willing to go full blown sharia, immunity for nigger and muslims rape gangs, abolition of C of E… it's happening at an absurd rate…

This is what they want, why would they step in? Quite why they are so keen on replacing the native population with Muslims I don’t know. I can see the logic in trying to breed a mulatto population that is easy to control but what advantage does a Muslim population have over a native British one? Odd, but they are thoroughly intent on achieving it and there is no opposition to it from the political sphere at all, every party is on board.

So every party will have to be removed from the board, or with it.

What’s going on at these schools?

If you think about it is logical development of societies that allows religions. "God said so" argument can't be argued and is final. Most aggressive and non tolerant religion wins in the public discourse.

Look who Arab Oil sheikhs live and how cuck EU politics live. What life will you choose? Rhetoric question.

Misengation is low and always has been. The only way that could be undone is to hand full control to Muslims so they can enslave and rape at their leisure. They cannot do that out in the open. No, the real purpose of allowing this to pass is to have a domestic threat to keep whites in line. Whites, free and with liberty in their own ethnic hegemony, will be prosperous and prosperous people will resist being ruled over by tyrants. That's where the Muslims come in. To terrorize whites into NEEDING THE GOVERNMENT TO KEEP THEM SAFE FROM THE BEAST THEY LET IN. Whites live in their enclaves and work work work for the Kikes while a bomb goes off here and a car runs over a dozen there. Meanwhile, the room temperature IQ Muslims are kept alive by a steady stream of tax revenue from the productive whites and the kick backs go into the fat pocket books of the kikes and their puppets who get to live fat and happy race traitors.


They're private schools, they can do what they want tbh. If being against what the majority wants or believes was illegal Holla Forumsacks would be prosecuted for their beliefs or for preaching them, even worse than they are now.

why oh why do you refuse to get it

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It certainly has. I wonder how many people will have to be shot to change it back. Lots

Saudi Arabia doesn't send paychecks to politicians who support a white British majority. They do, on the other hand, send an awful lot of money through the usual laundries to buy Britain as a colony.

Quite cunning, when you think about it. Turns the Brits into the Zulu-tier savages who traded their treasure for oil, and then sold their birthright for the treasure they just paid the Saudis.

Communists and sand niggers should be banned from living.

What I think is that Muslims should never have been allowed to immigrate in mass in the first place, as its the reason you Britbongs are so cucked as to have Religion of Cuck™ic private schools in current year. I just think thats its wrong to hate the government for allowing freedom of speech and choice, there are much better things to hate the government for, if you hadn't noticed.


Exactly this. Muslims justify the police state but are more productive slaves than niggers.

What I think is that kikes and muslims should have their throats slit in the streets so they can bleed and gurgle for all to see, like the pigs they are.
If you don't think the exact same thing, get the fuck off of Holla Forums.

But the state doesn’t keep the natives safe from the Muslims nor does it permit “enclaves”, most of the laws and measures justified by the Saracen invasion are clearly established and enforced to disadvantage the natives. I understand the argument you put forth but if that is the game plan then I think the British state is executing it incredibly poorly.

Muslims are not in any way shape of form malleable to the states will. They operate exclusively for their own advantage. They are probably the very worst group I can conceive of building a nation of. I see no reason that when they reach a majority status (which the Government clearly want to happen) they won’t replace the Government with their own. There are many examples of this from history but no examples of Muslims becoming a majority through conquest but allowing the native rulers to remain intact.

We're taking the wrong approach to this problem. We need to make hijabs into ninja and medieval larp clothing. For the first time in the West it is now permissible to go around dressed up as a ninja. Just tell those shitlords to stop misgendering you, and you can keep your costume on.


It is the culture of USA, multiculturalism evolving into one mono world culture to allow further federalization and more control over people.

It won't go sharia but it is full on multicult with retarded laws.

We could use it to beat the oncoming hell-scape of facial recognition.

You could quite literally be murdered over this, either in public or in the muslim dominated prisons after you get arrested for racism.

Dont forget how one man died over a fucking bacon sandwich.

God forbid if a kid goes to school wearing a UKIP shirt or the Christfag ultra-right party coalition whatitscalled garments
Imagine the shitstorm

You force the enemy to restrain themselves by their own rules. Yeah sure it's denying freedom of speech by shutting down commies and neocohens and the like from assuming that they have any right to speak or exist but should that matter. Absolutely not.

It's not hating the government for allowing freedom of speech, it's hating them for allowing the out-group any freedoms at all. Prioritize yourself.

Sadly unsurprising. The European governments are rolling out the red carpet for these vermin.

quite frankly, i think it's time hijabs are compulsory for all UK women period. Its part and parcel of living in a multicultural society.


i see the way these mudshit thots look at me. they crave that aryan dick. tough shit muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker better stone these slots before they start throating barbarian cock in public.


wtf I love muslims now

This is exactly how Spain and southern italy ended up shit tier mongrel nations that can't accomplish anything.

You have to remember that the entire scheme is predicated on each layer of the hierarchy being just a bit smarter/sneakier than the one below, resulting in a ruling class that vastly overestimates its ability (think Dunning–Kruger effect), which invariably leads to crises the likes of which Europe now faces.
This is the result when weak leaders are allowed to rule for too long, which makes it doubly sad, because it's been literally generations since last we knew anything else; I fear people have forgotten what life is like under strong leadership, and, once the blowout happens and the dust settles, they won't know any better and elect more of the same losers that got us here in the first place.

This has potential.
Meme it.

Words fail me, user…

You realise that's exactly what kikes want to happen? White men muh dik female sandniggers, male sandniggers rape white women, more and more mutts are born. The mutts are more intelligent than "pure" sandniggers and harder to remove.

It's exactly like said. This has been used to permanently destroy white nations in the past.

what the fuck happened

You nailed it. Nothing to add. Well, I will add that reading this makes me very, very sad.

Nice disinfo. The schools where it's compulsory are muslim schools run by and for muslims. There are no Whites (other than the kids of White whores who have converted). The only problem here is that they still receive public funds.

Do you even live in the UK? Miscegenation was unheard of when I was a kid and has increased noticeably ever since. The mistake head-buriers like you make, is using interracial marriage stats as the basis for your assumptions. Most coal burners don't get or stay married, they raise their mud children on the government teat. I see them everywhere and I'm in an area with relatively few non-Whites.
The taint will seep through the gene pool like dye dropped in a pond.
Kike media is also normalizing race-mixing more vigorously than ever before. Nearly every advert shown on television features White woman- nigger man couplings. What societal resistance there is left to this, is rapidly being eroded.
The kikes don't need muslims to do that, they only need the news outlets they control to report it happened. Like the current craze about "acid attacks". Kike media raises the fear level then women, who are the majority of the electorate, demand ever more restriction on personal liberty.
Everything is due to the kike, muslims are just a tool. They could have used Africans, or Asians, or a plague outbreak, same thing.
You can bang your head against the wall of "tackling Religion of Cuck™" if you like, it won't change anything until the kike is gone.

The problem is that there are 150 muslim schools

It is indeed low between mus / non mus;
Much higher between natives and other groups though. i.e Mulatto are common, and likely the future.




tbh I am so sick of these muslim bitches always trying to come snatch my fucking precious

Are the shools with the compulsory hijabs the same ones that are teaching the 6-year-olds about transgendered buttsex?