I need the full truth and history of the Jews and the Khazar Jews

I need the full truth and history of the Jews and the Khazar Jews.

Are both the same?
Where did the originate from?
The Jew history is saying that they where slaves in Egypt before Moses talked to god.
But where did the Jews come from before that time?
Is the Neanderthal theory true?
Is the myth of Satan, Saturn, Marduk, El Shaddai, Loki, etc. creating them true?

Please i need the full on true history, because i am fed up by putting together small puzzle pieces!

Where did the Jews come from, and what the fuck are they?

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It's not so simple. That said, genetic studies have pretty thoroughly disproven the "Jews are Khazars" thing. My personal hypothesis is that Khazaria was a non-Jewish state that suffered a Jewish takeover (much like ours) before Kievan Rus put them down. It'd also explain why the kikes hate the slavs so much.

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Khazars have nothing to do with Jews. Jews are the Hebrews/Israelites of old mixed with various host cultures as befits their parasitic ways.

Semitic peoples originated in Mesopotamia and the Levant

There's no evidence of this. It's just another holohoax story.

The bible is not a history book. They worshiped multiple semitic gods before the Yahweh cult took over.

No and it's backwards. Neanderthal DNA shows up primarily in white Europeans, especially northern Europeans. It's one possible origin of pale skin, larger brains and stronger muscles found in Europeans.

No. Myths like that are kike trickery. Do not fall for it. You need no supernatural explanation for a natural problem. They can be defeated with iron and blood, no magic required.

We were a distinct species that got polluted with neanderkike just like denisovan took a big hit from them leaving them with more neanderkike DNA. Neanderthal dna isn't what makes us white. Our white non-african ancestor made us white.

Okay, if that's true, who was that other ancestor?

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Whites appeared at the dawn of history in northern Europe, once Whites were sufficietly complete there were Aryan invasions of India and Egypt was founded.

Kikes appeared in the Levant at some point, with the function of subverting any society that entered that area.

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Then why are you here? Feel free to leave for greener pastures if you're offended by being told to do your own damn reading on a subject that's been discussed to death here for years. It's nobody's fault but yours that you're late to this particular party and we're not here to provide a basic education.

Thanks for the answers, but the thing with the Neanderthals has to be true.
The Jews all have (apart from the Khazars larping as Jews) the slope forhead and the facial and body features as the Neanderthals.

Pic related

There are no "real" Jews. Just going by DNA alone proofs that. Jews as a race doesn't exist no matter how much they want it to.

I would say that the Neanderthals are the real Jews, and that the Khazars are just larpers.

If there are no real jews, why do they behave exactly the same across 3000 years of recorded history?

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Red Ice Radio - Kevin MacDonald - Hour 1 - Refuting the Khazar Theory & Occidental Observations









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