What happens after the shift

What happens after we defeat them.
What is the world you picture?
Just share you thoughts how the world works now, how do you think control structures go?
What is the common vision we all seek?

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We get off this rock and colonize the galaxy.

This time, the Universe.

This is the manifesto of our destiny.

Mass enlightenment and realization of the jewish question. There is no definite end. It is a constant battle worth fighting for.

FIrst we need to defeat them user. While they are moving legislation to fuck up whites and making 4chan an official NSA honeypot we are sitting here wasting the Overton window that will allow us to name the jew.

Some cool shit.


You must defeat them by intimidation
Let me show you the way my brother.

We will need to hose down several streets and there will be huge sales on overstocks of rope.

Lets name the Jew

You learn how to talk to girls and get one pregnant, you stupid bastard. God fucking damn o we have to hold your hand through everything?

the intergalactic pajeets have finally broken through , ready the nukes.

Lybyryl enlightenment. The world will come around.
Progressive democracies where manpigs and religion alike are banned, in addition to (of course) all weapons, weapon-like objects, and anything that could conceivably be used as a weapon or the component to one.
Now? Patriarchy. After we beat the patriarchy? Womyn's true liberation.

Sage for shit-tier datamining thread though.

Christmas becomes actual Christmas again, with presents.
Happy Traditions become the norm.
Girls get to be girls. Boys stay boys.
People retire at 28 due to no usury and no interest on loans.
Governments become National Socialist.
Robot waifu's help around the house, your girlfriend just wants sex all day.
You don't need to lock up your house/car/belongings any more because niggers have been reformatted.

Reformatted in a one way trip to Africa.

I imagine a world of no frog posters


Low quality consensus mining, reported. Go back to 4kill.

=Europe, North America, Australia=
At least 90-percent white. I'm tolerant enough to allow a little flavor in there, mostly honoraries, but there's value in keeping a small castrated nigger population around to re-teach future generations what we were up against.
=East Asia=
The new Japanese Empire. They rule their home islands directly, and the rest of the chinky bits do as they're told.
=Middle East=
Nuclear waste disposal
=Latin America=
What China will be to Japan, Spicerica will be to us: cheap foreign labor and casual sex tourism. Inject those white genes, but don't let any indio-peasant crap come north.
Who gives a shit?

Large Dyson swarm around the Sun. Vast space colonies with spin gravity and large solar panels extracting metals from the solar wind to build the next generation of structures.

The Jovian system crowded with helium mining and carbon fiber factories. Production geared toward taking raw material from the solar colonies and fabricating advanced components for fusion-powered interstellar travel.

The Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud will both be settled by separatist white religious and political minorities. Who knows, with the kind of extended clan system they would have to maintain, communism might be made to work out there in the ice it won't work there either, lel

Gargantuan fusion-powered starships, effectively larger versions of the colonies in our own system but with shielding in front and a fancy ion drive in back, blazing paths at 10-percent light speed toward other suns. In 1 million years at that rate, the last solar system in our galaxy will be reached, and within a few centuries of that it will have a Dyson swarm of its own.

Just our own system, starting with 1 million colonists boosted off of Earth by 2040, could have a white population of more than 8.4 trillion by the year 2500. Even that would be peanuts compared with what's available to us. A Dyson swarm, orbiting our Sun at a distance roughly equal to where Venus is (was) at, would have a shell area of 564,104,376,878,583 square miles. Assuming the average colony is the size of Manhattan and supports 1 million people at Lodi, CA, population density, that would be 282 billion colonies, or 282 quadrillion white human beings just in the inner solar system.

Assuming only 10,000 people can live on the average Oort Cloud object, then we have a population of at least 10 quadrillion out there, living such isolated lives that their small towns are the whole world and communication with the Imperial Center on Earth takes six months one-way.

Minimum 300 quadrillion whites per solar system; minimum 100 billion systems per galaxy. That's 30 octillion people. Plus the dozen or so large galaxies within 10 million years (at 10-percent light speed). . . maybe 400 octillion humans, and each with enough free space to farm like a pioneer, or to pile into a termite mound of a city. All too far away from each other to fight or oppress each other.

Now ask yourself whether you've ever heard a nonwhite even bring this kind of thing up.

Sorry for the fucked formatting.

degenerate fuckhead

I can finally go back to playing videogames

I was thinking of retired white widowers, no harm there. Besides, I refer you to the word "quadrillions" in the rest of the post. Even if the wall crumbles, we could easily absorb a few million Aztecs when "million" refers to the number of interstellar spaceships we launch in a single year. Faggot.

Begone you disgusting untermensch

All problems begun with a small amount of non Whites among us.
And if for any reason, some colored beings are needed living among us, they must be sterilized.

You are right. Non Whites are unable of greatness.



I await those halcyon days with you, friend.

Nation states for all. Germany for Germans. Spain for Spaniards. ETC.
We will have a few cultural expriments like parts of USA being european crossmixes and parts of Africa being all other mudmixes.

Other than that, let the weak get culled by the strong.

The singularity.

I myself look forward to our grey goo overlords.



The Jews are the oldest race on earth. They're very capabke of magic. They exist interdimensionally, or they're working with a race that is. They've used war to fund their plans, now they're waiting for the order. Escape this dimension before its too late. Science, magic, maybe even death are all valid methods

oh jew