Who Was Nick Cruz?

I'm a Florida user who lives near Parkland, knows many people who knew Nick Cruz, I myself have seen him a few times, but I have a friend who was close to Nick Cruz when he was attending one of the high schools he went to. I am posting this because I hope it will help confirm some info dug up by anons and help push away some of the bullshit that shills are trying to spread, and to help anons to try and counteract the obligatory anti-gun agenda being pushed by the media with an argument about mental illness. Also, as you'll find out, this will be the only place where you can get this backstory anymore.

My friend, we'll call him John, attended a high school called Cross Creek (a school for middle and high schoolers with emotional issues, plus retards) where he knew Nick. At Cross Creek, Nick had a small friend group but it wasn't anything special. Nick was shy, awkward, a slow thinker, and would not like to get into fights with people. John felt bad for him and decided to try and be friends with him (John did this a lot). Nick confided in John that he never had real friends and didn't know how to make friends. As some anons here have dug up, his father died when he was at an early age, and so he only had his mother growing up. Nick's mother was his world, all he had. Nick, according to other Cross Creek students I know through John, was quiet, sweet, a little stalkerish, creepy, insane, scary, jittery, gloomy… Some said they knew this would happen, some were taken by surprise. He was always alone in a corner. He was also apparently on lots of ADHD medication, which I don't need to tell you guys that it's fucking poison to the mind.

Cross Creek will allow students to part time or full time mainstream to regular high schools if they want to and can also test if they are highly functioning enough to enroll in said schools. This is a double edged sword, as most kids there are retarded and the ones who aren't won't survive at a regular high school where the environment is completely different. Nick Cruz was for some reason mainstreamed. John never saw him again, but heard he had been expelled from one school for bringing a knife, and now shooting up Stoneman Douglas. He was heavily bullied from day one. From kids who attended Stoneman Douglas; they said he was an asshole to everyone… some girls said they felt bad for him since he was bullied every day, but he was a prick to people who didn't even bully him so they stayed away.

My opinion is that he was an asshole to everyone to that school simply because he saw that the bullies had a lot of friends and he just tried to mimic their behaviors, hoping he'd get some friends. Turns out, when you don't have a quick wit, are awkward, are weak, and you are mean to people, people don't like you very much. With his mother dying in November(?) I am certain that's what caused him to snap. With both his parents dead, having no friends, I wasn't able to confirm from John if he had a sister or not, but there is no one aside from John who has this info about him and what lead up to this event.

I'd like this thread dedicated to info dumps for TL;DR stuff found, to match up to what I was able to get, and also to try and frame this as not an anti-gun but anti-big pharma and how to get the public talking about the effects of (((ritalin))) and other medications. Also, if anyone has any questions, I'll do my best to answer them or get them from John.

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Also, I'm not sure if this has been confirmed by you guys yet, but I can confirm that he has at one time lived at 6166 NW 80th Terrace, Parkland FL, and that he had run away from home several times.

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Yeah, this aligns with everything I've heard about him.

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said you've seen him a few times. Ever talk to him? Or any other stories to tell?

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It's pretty funny you bring that up. I was reading the AMA thread of the kid in the school, and some redditor said something along the lines of, "that picture changed the course of vietnam, maybe it can change the future of gun control!"

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I don't have anything to tell from personal experience, no. John told me his history but I'll have to see if he has anything he can tell me.

Can someone give a quick TL;DR about the info we've got dug about him?

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I kept up with the first 3 threads but haven't kept up after. I Initially helped confirm his address and his name when info was flying in every direction. Plus I have a full time job in a trade, I'm not sitting at my comp 24/7. I'll timestamp a few photos tomorrow

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goddamnit I remember seeing that… I hope I'm safer because this actually happened, and this kid actually had problems and the info I've given you, aside from John's talking about Cruz's past, is stuff that's out here everywhere. The kids who attend MSD, the parents, people all around Parkland are discussing it… I don't wanna get whacked for this dude

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why was he running away? and then after Lynda died and the house was sold for $575K, why didnt 19 year old get his own place..and where is the money now?


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>anti-big pharma and how to get the public talking about the effects of (((ritalin))) and other medications

The root of that problem is pseudo-scientific psychiatry. (((Sigmund Freud))), for example, was a total fraud.

It's a malicious political tool to displace Christianity and Christian values as the standard of right and proper behavior in western civilization.

Communists used it as an excuse to lock up political opponents, like people in America have (see the history of mental institutions), and are trying to use it today to take away the rights of others, in lieu of due process (which is totally unlawful, btw, 5th and 14th amendment 'life, liberty, property' and 'vague laws').

some stuff to get you started:

Dr. Thomas Szasz

"Sigmund Freud arrived in the United States on his first and only visit. As the George Washington pulled into New York Harbor, he supposedly remarked to Carl Jung, who accompanied him, “They don't realize that we are bringing them the plague.”


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