WW2 German UFOs


Then, 20 years after the war this
several years after the war

inb4 its a weatherballoon or soyus capsule

Pic 2 related page 91 of
vault.fbi.gov/UFO/UFO Part 12 of 16/view
Prisoner of war talking about a "circular aircraft" rising out of a german facillity during WW2. Pic 3 is page 88

Just 1,5 pages, dont be lazy
Talks about a german engineer that worked on flying saucers

just one paragraph, dont be a lazy cunt (the one with big [] around it)
Talks about flying saucers in Argentina and Antarctica

2 men in eastern germany in metallic clothing jump into a flying saucer and fly away in east germany (document from 1952, no idea when the incident happened

And some semi related doc with pics

article in pic 4 you can read here for a few shekels
otherwise you can confirm the headline for free

Other urls found in this thread:

archive.org/stream/InterviewWithMr.WilhelmLandig/Interview with Mr. Wilhelm Landig_djvu.txt

kike free first post

It's like poetry.

What the hell does it have to do with pottery?

If the Germans had them in the 30's, then it would explain all the UFO boon at the end of the war going into the 50's… all government ships. Who's government? I'm sure the Americans and soviets got their technology either through appropriating German scientists, or the Americans got it from Roswell, and soviets from the Russian event of '52. And it's also possible there were some Germans that escaped in them. I don't really believe there's thousands of ayy's zipping around up there. I can however believe that there's a fleet of them built right on this planet.

Some time ago they discovered a grace deep in the mountains of russia.
In there they found a crate containing among some other stuff 2 skulls of unknown origin (look into the article to see those. Could very well be the skull of a grey alien [even though i think the grey ayys are actually demons]). It also contained a letter (Pic 1, Pic 2 is one of the skulls they found with it)

The letter does mention Schauberger and Schumann
When I tried to figure out how the UFOs are woking Schauberger especially and Schumann too turn up frequently

pic related are what some suggest how the UFOs fly.
however i believe they combine a multitude of phenomena.
hey seem to work with electromagnetism from what i got. possibly even gravity shielding which would explain the UFO being able to fly maneuvers that would usually crush the pilot through the g forces which gets negated by the lack of mass through the gravity shielding.

here it talks about some guy claiming to managed to create gravity shielding resulting in a loss of 2% of the weight, which isnt much but if it works at all it only needs some finetuning to be valuable

from the guys wikipedia article
why specifically mention the blackproject instead of just saying "we dont do it?"

this gravity shielding however makes me think of the supposed schumann levitator in pic 4 related which you find on some of the UFO plans and is essantially the same as the gravity shielding, except that you switch the superconducting ceramic disc against an alluminium disc. combine those 2 and you might get some interaction enhancing the effects of both

made a thread about this device some while ago on /sci/. general consensus was it would lift things, but would be extremely inefficient
but it working at all tells me that it just needs some finetuning to enhance its effects greatly

All german made crafts?


Another thing is that a lot of rumors are out there that the UFOs run on mercury. The old hindu texts for example (didnt read them myself yet, but thats what i heard) tell about the workings of the Vimanahs, ancient UFOs and they too seem to run on mercury. Pic related is supposedly telling about the workings of the glocke, also involving mercury. What makes this interesting is the following:

in this text which suppoesedly tells of the working of the glocke it seems it uses mercury mostly a solvent for other particles. i heard someone suggesting they induce it with magnetic particles like some kobald, so they can move it around by controlling the magnetic field essentially getting rid of mechanical moving parts as you now just have to readjust the magnetic field and the mercury will form itself like you want (assuming you can influence the magnetic field precise enough.) making it pretty much a shapeshifting UFO. allegedly you also can create energy/propulsion through a mercury vortex

Schauberger thought the best way to create something is by copying nature. His motto was "Natur kapieren und kopieren" "Understand nature and copy it".
Furthermore he stated that there are 2 fundamental principles which all technology underlies. The first one is the one we use for our technology. Explosion and pushing stuff around. think of the explosion in engines, how it produces pressure to push the car onward. bombs which are quite literally explosion. The electrons in our technology getting pushed through the wires by the pressure of the remaining electrons behind them. Fission reactors "exploding" atoms to create energy, similar to how coalburning works, destroying the raw material.
The other principle is the natural one which we should try to copy instead of what we use now. Implosion, which pulls everything. think of the gravity pulling everything together. The sun using fusion to create energy. Or even simpler, take a heavy block and push it. it woll most likely edge on the ground and block itself from moving needing more energy to move. If you pull it however it will glide smothly over the ground. He believed these to principles to be at work all around us.
Imagine the leader of a country staying at home and "pushing" his soldiers into battle. He will need propaganda to justify it, have to use force in some cases to get them there and threaten severe punishment for people to participate. However if the leader decides to fight on the front himself most people will follow him out of free will, because its apparently important enough that he himself is willing to risk his life, and is thus pulling the others into battle with a lot less effort.

Now Nukes are pretty much the ultimate explosion and thus going ultimately against nature/god and so it makes sense they arent liked and if you believe the Byrd Diaries to be real those living inside the earth dont like nukes at all. UFOs also are reported to mess with Nukes and nuclear powerplants

Translated from Schaubergers german wikipedia article


Rosswell actually could have been the antarctic germans crashing in the US, and they thought its easier to explain little green man than germans in SS uniforms and highly advanced aircrafts right after they were "utterly obliterated".

considdering this it may have been russians with technology they tried to reverse engineer from the germans and tried to use it to infiltrate the US which would explain why all those on the list (at least those i know of are complete commies)

pic related refers to

the adamski photograph is from 1952, 7 years after the war. Since the Adamski one resembles the german Haunebu quite perfectly 7 years after the war, Rosswell 2 years after seems to be at least possible to be german too

Aliens show up in Berlin
“Hey Adolf, want a nuclear weapon, lasers, maybe a super effective way to kill all these enemies kicking your ass, or these Jews?”

“No way, I want a flying bell that in no way helps me win the war. Can you hook me up with something totally useless instead?”

Fucking aliens. Fuck off back to the History Channel

It is also rumured that the specific element they uses was "Red Mercury." This is probably the most widely disputed element in the world. The scientific community deems it as a "hoax" but the feds seem to really be on the alert of this. Maybe this stuff does have certain properties that (((they))) don't want known to the public.


1. Nobody mentioned those really
b) What we call aliens are actually not extraterrestrial.

Satan=Serpent/reptile=Fallen Angel
thus fallen angel=reptile
grey ayys=spirits of dead nephilim=demons

Pic related. my theory it depicts knowledge, as those people are the keeper of knowledge, or bringer of that.
the mayan/aztec one seems to depicts quatzacoatl i assume which is said to have brought that for the aztecs.

göbekli tepe apparently talks about a comet bringing civilization.

in case of the sumerian i suppose it is enki

Same role Quetzacoatl took, bringing knowledge, or Satan with the apple. Prometheus who brought the fire very well could be the same enthity, Lucifer. The Kabba in Mecca supposedly contains a meteorite, which might be the one Göbekli Tepe speaks of or Satan that was thrown to earth
but i assume there is more to it

Now the FALLEN angels are said to have brought the knowledge for witchcraft and warcraft. Ironsmithing is one of these skills used for warcraft. Turns out the ancient egyptians used iron used from meteorites aka FALLEN rocks in example for this dagger

I basically think that where ever animal like creatures were seen as gods, with human sacrifices they actually worshipped the fallen angels LARPing as gods like the mayans, aztec, sumerian. possibly egypt.
The others, like the greek or nordic mythology seems pretty similar (at least the bit i know) to the bible story making me thing those are a distorted version of this making God just the highest among many gods and the angels the lower gods.

just like back then the Humans used knowledge they werent ready for yet, brought to them by the fallen angels which was used for war and and witchcraft, it is like this too is happening again, and again the fallen angels come and LARP, back then they LARPed as gods ie the sumerian or aztec gods, today they LARP as aliens. Look at how there are people talking about Ayys bringing knowledge to us and working with the governments, just as back then the gods/fallen angels gave them those knowledge.
Look into Paul Hellyer, former defense minister of Canada talking about ayys bringing technology. Look into Boyd Bushman
2:36 you see the pedo triangle, and we know that those involved in Pizzagate are also involved in satanic practices.
Word is that Sodomy makes you receptive to the spiritual or at least demonic world basically forcing open the 3rd eye, coincidently there is the rootchacra located in the area of the anus too.
We know that the higher ups likely were abused just as they abuse people today, probably to groom a bunch of degenerate puppets which are receptive to the demonic activity.
There is also the fact that demonic possession and ayyy abduction are usually quite similar, violent sexual acts, unableness to move or speak, sense of threat and fright, runs in the family. Both are said to stop once you call out to Christ telling me those arent extraterrestrials but demonic.
There is an ongoing effort to explain away any spirituality, and make people think this material world is all there is to it. The greatest trick the devil pulled was making people believe he doesnt exist, because if he exists the other side does too.
Bluebeam is likely exactly this, trying to tell us there is nothing spiritual, so if the time comes that the spiritual threats invade that we are utter defenseless as we see the demons as material threats instead

III: There are rumors that the Vril society channeled some beings to get the knowledge for the UFOs, but all I found about it was just hearsay and not really confirmable. either way if this is true they probably did channel the other side, the angelic ones we know of as the nordic aliens or pleiadians, inner earthers likely.

I live near Kecksburg. My uncle said that he saw it falling that night, like a giant shooting star. The prop UFO from Unsolved Mysteries is mounted on the sign post at the fire hall.

aside from nazi UFOs seen after the war (kecksburg acorn and the adamski photograph from earlier) Mengele is another sign that germans projects continued: for example he fled to brazil and continued his research there apparently. the village in which he took cover has the highest birthrate of twins in the world, and now look how they all look (pic 1)

an user mentioned he read that german scientists from project paperclip were still communicating with each other and people outside the country.in argentina where many nazis fled to is San Carlos de Bariloche. this place had a lot of germans and even a plastic surgery clinic which could be used to distort peoples appearence so they arent tracked down easily and can lead a normal live. georg anton pöch is rumord to be hitlers new personality.
the nazis from paperclip that were put into secret agencies could have covered for both, the communication, and the creation of new personalities.

maybe the scientist just stayed loyal to germany and didnt spit out the secrets and played dumb and just fed the authorities some breadcrumps.
project paperclip, instead of a bunch of traitors, may have been a trojan horse instead.

Also to note is that the people in the village thought that Mengele is a veterinarian and thus let him check up on the pregnancies since he had some medical practice and knowledge, however i didnt find anything about Mengele doing something to the women or giving them special medicine. This makes me believe there is a very easy way to trigger a twinbirth, a right touch, sound or whatever at the right moment (probably at the very beginning)


Since we established that the Nazis were active way after the war it begs the question where they are/were.
Pic 2 related are instructions on how to get to Agartha/Hollowearth via Submarine and were released by the KGB (at least all sources claim so and i didnt find any sources debunking any of it). Nikolai Subbotin, russian journalist who seems to have some reputation, has an interview about these documents. but sadly its in russian with german subtitles only. but if you speak either of those languages:

This guy (Wilhelm Landig) was in the SS and talks about the warfare in antarctica. Among other stuff he talks about a "nuketest" where they detonated a nuke in the air, but in reality it was a nuclear attack on the nazibase in Antarctica. He only let the video get oublished after his death.
archive.org/stream/InterviewWithMr.WilhelmLandig/Interview with Mr. Wilhelm Landig_djvu.txt
A transscipt of the interview for the non-german anons

Admiral Byrd, who led multiple expeditions to Antarctica including Operation Highjump and deepfreeze and talks about a land "as big as the United States, never seen by a human being before on the other side of the southpole". I will post pictures which supposedly are maps of Agartha down the thread

pic 3
what did he mean by this?

You're a very knowledgeable guy. What makes you think the Vril Society could have talked to Angelic beings? Himmler and his bunch were against Christianity. Look at all of the occult stuff they were using during the time. If anything, it was probably a demon, could have found it when they were on the trip to Nepal.

Angels are what the Indians called divas or the pagans called lower case gods. The continuum and the godhead pills explains these.

well, to make a short explenation:
its the kikes talking and worshipping demons, the nazis doing that just doesnt fit the picture. I know hitler didnt like the "christian doctrines" but i relate that more to the (((churchs))) teaching than to actual christianity. However it is possible that some like himmler got distracted and fell into the wrong part of the occult, kind of like king solomon i guess who originally was good but then started with blackmagic and shit. Another reason i believe its the good side they communicated with is my believe about the inner earth:
There are cultures from all around the world talking of blonde/red haired, blue eyed people with white skin that came over the sea and brought civilization, including the sumerians. Where did those come from when the sumerians where the first, and why are the people discribed always the same if they were just made up?
The sumerians believed the blue eyed white people where gods, the annunaki (even though i came to believe that the blue eyed possibly are other people during the sumerians, they at least have the blue eyed people and swastika as well). The Aztecs as well, and describe them from coming over the sea with a ship that moved on its own. The chinese talk about blue eyed and blonde haired people who created the first civilization and ruled in the early time. A lot of egyptians mummies are shown to have had blonde hair etc.
The nordic gods, thor, odin, all blond and blue eyed, and (((coincidently))) asgard is on a map that supposedly shows the inner part of the earth
Hitlers Ahnenerbe tried to find out about the origins of the white people, and maybe he did find out something (((they))) absolutely fear which is the reason (((they))) try to destroy whites so furiously, more than any other ethnicities.
Later on Hitler went to antarctica, created New Swabia and again a lot of cultures speak about a realm beneath the earth, like shangri la for example, and civilization is said to exist there as well.
Did Hitler find out that the whites, or at least those people who spreaded knowledge (which may have nothing to do with whites today) came from the inner earth, the biblical paradise, and from there spread their knowledge with others. Is this why (((they))) want to get rid completely of the white people?
Now these whites maybe have nothing to do with the whites of today, they could be the fallen angels of the bible, the annunaki of the Sumerians or the gods of the atztecs, but finding out where those came from would be devastating for (((their))) narrative

Another interesting thing is that "Paradise" in the bible originally came from the word meaning "walled enclosure" which would be pretty much fitting to the inner earth.
the hopi indians, also have the swastika. and their legends involve humanity coming from out of a hole on earth, and during the end of the 4th world/cycle (i think it was the 4th) when the flood hit (whch probably was the same the bible mentioned as well as many others cultures) other people came out of the earth, the ant-friends or ant people, brought them underground and ensured their survival until the earth above is habitable again. further more. further more the word "anu" means for the hopi indians "ant" and naki "friend" while the sumerian gods were called anunaki, so probably those were the same.
however from what i found the description of the ant people doesnt really fit, they seem humanoid but not human. but maybe there are multiple races living in hollow earth living peacefully there together. sumerians and hopi also used the swastika

Furthermore Nazis went to the North and Southpole, both said to have openings, as well as tibet which has legends of an underground kingdom, shangri-la/shamballah.
the hopi indians and tibetians use the swastika and have legend about a world beneath the ground.
China, the celtics, greeks, aztecs, all have legends of the white blue eyed people coming and bringing technology.
And they all use the swastika.

So i believe what people call the nordics or pleiadians are actually the inner earthers which may or may not came from space but if so settled there millenias ago. i like to think they are angelic

Lets not forget nearly every "contactee" from the 1940's through 1960's has people referring to German style uniforms with either German accents or at one point speaking in High German, which if I remember correctly is largely spoken in the Bavarian region where a lot of these projects took place and likely where Antarctica colonists would be taken from.

If they're funposting with us, I hope they read this and pick me up in one of their UFOs or mole machines. The surface is gay as fuck and covered in niggers & jews.

William Tompkins and Clark McClelland are also some of the more recent individuals to come out in the past few years exposing what was going on having worked with the Germans brought over from Paperclip. I think the government is trying to slowly drip out the truth to offset the 70's of lies they've brought upon themselves.

i actually believe the blue eyed to be what the bible called jews, with the (((jews))) of today being
why do the (((jews))) hate the white people so much. i believe because they want to steal their position and replace them completely.

what is written about the jews also fits the white people a lot better, to be send to the ends of the world and rule everywhere which happened to the whites, to struggle strongly often, but never fall, and the whites endured ice ages, the plague, spanish flue, centuries of muslim invasion, 2 worldwars, and another wave of muslim invasions we even welcome into our country and provide with ressources and still are on the top.
Hitler with his Ahnenerbe possibly found out this exactly, as well as humanity coming from the inner earth, or maybe at least the blue eyed people did.

schlomo in pic related later appeared in another thread again, said he asked his rabbi who just stated that its a nothingburger and that there is nothing to it seemingly not wanting to talk further about it.

also regarding pic related:
the hebrew alphabet doesnt have any vowels, so both paradise and pardes would both be written the same (prds) giving another connection

Another thin is bible genesis states
"Us" being commonly seen as Elohim, or gods. However El just means something like a title meaning "high", "mighty" or "powerfull" and the Elohim being thos "high" and "powerfull" beings which I believe to be the angels. Once they fell they kept using that name, and thus Elohim became "gods" since the fallen angels LARPed as gods.
However if this is correct then God said to the angels "let us create man in our image" meaning that God and angels, at least in some sense look like humans, possibly like the real jews aka blonde blue eyed, in which case the angels should be those too meaning the nordic/pleiadians fitting that discription are likely to be angels

There is the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE) which tries to find out wether there is a hole on the north pole or not. I didnt look into this much yet, but there are rumors about it being canceled twice due to sudden deaths of the leading expeditioner. This is what i could find so far



better dont announce such an expidition i guess

pic related is of the southpole which you find here

now allegedly there is a hole in the middle as the satellite didnt cross directly over the southpole, but i have yet to see a real pic of the south pole

Also since I had it quite a few time that these threads get shut down I made a discord some while ago to continue discussion and research into this, but since we have had troubles findin any new stuff we went on to basically discuss any conspiracy we can find
discord gg/6Yuj43


But user, you have to understand that the jews in the Old Testiment were constantly failing God. Just look what happened when Abraham went up the Mount to get the Ten Commandments, the Jews started immediately worshipping other gods and God commanded some of them to get murdered.
I also think jews weren't originally blue eyes and blonde since the pharaohs of Egypt looked liked that and I doubt they would enslave their own.

They came from Europe, its just white people that brought civilisation to the world. Much like we arw the only one able to maintain it.

Believing there is a floating Sun, a fucking star in the middle of the earth is CIAnigger flat earth level.

so are whites really living up to God? constantly falling to degeneracy, paganism and so on. partly its because of subversion of course, but the whites also fuck up occasionally. however there is also this theory about the tribe of judah not actually being the chosen people
but no idea really. just trying to piece it together as well as possible.

you ignore legends like atlantis and hyperborrea which arent just european. there were advanced civilization outside of that. i for one believe atlantis and hyperborrea to be "outposts" from those on the inner earth.
Pic 1 is the Oronce Fine Map from 1531, it depicts antarctica even though it officially was only discovered 1820.

this is their excuse on why antarctica is seen on maps before its discovery (there are multiple around). furthermore they mostly show south america down to the southest part, but then suddenly werent able to discover antarctica which is just just next door?

also take a look at the northpole of this map, and compare it with pic 2 showing alleged Hyperborrea. Northpole is said to have an opening, and so does the Southpole.
However it doesnt necessrily mean a Hollow Earth in the literal sense, I personally just like the completely hollow, possibly multiple concentric spheres theory the best, however another one i find quite possible is that on the poles (and some other places even though not as stable) there are portals leading to another world. These could make it look like there is a hole leading to the inner realm or just appear as if you are just casually walking into a new aread without anything special. but im quite certain there is stuff on both poles leading somewhere kept from us

wanted to add that humanity quite certainly was really advanced, likely more advanced than we are right now, in the long gone future, but probably some cataclysm hit and everything got wrecked


Some Trivia
First of, the 3rd reich never surrendered. Only the military did, but the head of state never meaning officially the war never ended.

Hague Land Warfare Convention Article 24
Ruses like a fake surrender only by the armed forces (Wehrmacht) not the state?

Chairman of the nato was a Nazi too

Just like the founder of the Bundes Nachrichten Dienst (german intelligence agency)

The Bundesrepublik Deutschland is the direct continuation of the german Reich

Another weird thing is that Germany, just like Italy and Japan are still enemy states in the UN

Hitler also wanted a united europe under germany, with the EU he also basically got exactly that. except all of those institutions were heavily subverted by kikes since then.
pic related the HQ of the NATO. Nazis didnt lose, but had a tactical retreat



I just looked it up and there is an actual professor of biblical archaeology named Yoni Mizrahi

Aliens are demons. It's why they appear next to other "paranormal" events.

so basically what i believe. pic related, probably the only thing i can agree upon with that degenerate crowley

Some of them, but it's also possible some are the holy angels as well. Mystery Babylon is on the brink of defeat.

Like clockwork.

from the same batch of documents as those submarine instructions


i mentioned in the vimanahs, and in general UFOs are by no means a new phenomena. the vimanahs for example were flying castles or even cities of the gods.
New Jerusalem in the revelation also descends from the sky/heavens, and likely is a UFO too.
Pic related is a painting in Church of the Dominican Monastery, in the town of Sighisoara, Romania. below it reads "Israel, hope for the lord" from either 14th or 17th century (depending on wether its from before or after the rebuilding of the church)
second pic is "baptism of christ" by Aert de Gelder (ca 1710)
When someone was "brought up to God/the heavens" how likely is it a UFO took them towards the sky, out of view where they then got brought into the hollow earth (which I believe to be the biblical paradise

I believe the knowledge of how the UFOs work is actually one of the divine knowledge brought by the (fallen) angels i mentioned in
There are rumors about the Vril-Societys women channeling some enthities to get the knowledge. While I didnt come across any good source for this claim (just see it over and over) if real i very well could believe they could have channeled those living in the hollow earth or(/and [in case they are the same]) angels to get those things to work.

/süd/pol here we come! Guess we better not hype it up too much though.

There is a certain subset of people who go straight to this conclusion, and then make such definitive statements about it. Have you PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED one thing even tangentially related to the "ayy phenomenon"? If the answer is no, why make such sweeping proclamations about something you're wholly ignorant about? You do realize that that kind of self-assurance comes off to intelligent people as a sure sign of stupidity, right? You may not be stupid, just very wrapped up in your religious beliefs, but it simply doesn't sound that way.

As for me, I HAVE personally experienced what people would call "tall white" ayys many times, including physical appearances that more than one completely sober people saw with me–not that those times were very engaging, but it was a bit vindicating regardless. I never felt anything diabolical or negative from one, I considered them to be 'wise teachers'. I also felt quite strongly that we've had a functional working relationship for some time now, it seems I have had contract work on other planets or in other 'realities'. I'm sure this information will be quite triggering to many people, but try to understand that no amount of sperging or kvetching on this topic is going to make me ignore/forget my own personal lived experiences.

Now as for 'demons' and 'angels'…maybe that's 'true'. Maybe ayys have come throughout history and were described in those terms. Maybe the Biblical story is 'true' and these beings are descended from higher frequencies due to some transgression on their part. Maybe we are in a hell I do argue that this is the case and these are indeed demons I don't believe that's true. Maybe you'd consider me a demon for the work I've done with these beings. None of that bothers me much, even if they were some sort of demon when you end up in a prison it's much more useful to have an open-door relationship with the guards than a friendly one with the prisoners. It's nice to be able to come and go as you please, I assure you.

All that being said, I'd suggest you adopt my point of view: that no part of God is ever permanently separated from Him. If you cling to the idea that "Hell is forever" you're going to have a long and shitty ride that "never" ends. Honestly I don't even care anymore, I'm so far beyond even wanting to help 'free' all people that I forgot what it even feels like. A very few special people will undoubtedly escape to the next level up the scale of reality, and that's basically self-selected. Being really sure that you already know everything won't help you in that regard though. I'd suggest you stop believing things you don't have evidence of, and instead go out with an open mind and have your own personal experiences. It's much more reliable a way to come to 'true enough' beliefs.

everytime this comes up it is argued wether grays are extraterrestrial ayys, or interdimensional or if they are spiritual. I think i found a theory that unites everyones oppinions about ayys. There is a God, the ultimate high. He creates humans, lets them go through the cycle and whoever is deemed worthy can enter heaven aka the spiritual world aka higher dimensions/frequencies. Those that were chosen are then the watchers of the next cycle which happens somewher else in the universe where more or less the same stuff happens meaning the angels are the previous cycle, making them interdimensional angels from another planet (choose which ever definition you want). These also could be the galactic federation some people talk about as they basically are a federation of aliens. However some of them went rogue becoming the fallen angels and demons aka evil aliens aka low/negative frequency beings
but well, im just the most comfortable with the biblical narrative on this especially since i feel like there is an ongoing effort to explain away every spirituality there is (as stated in the thread i just posted

i might as well be just crazy for believing any of that stuff, but well…

however what makes me believe they are indeed spiritual are the reports of them just going away when asking out to christ, and i saw an user that didnt come off to me as bullshitting confirming this 2-3 times when talking about.
either way, yes we need to distinguish. for example i believe fallen angels=lizardpeopl and demons=grey ayys, while the nordic/tall whites/pleiadians i believe to be angels/angelic

European whites, exsacly how we are today have been around millions of years. There's probably been countless civs lost to time, disaster and ice ages.

9 million year old human teeth

Hell even historically sites on earth are far older then mainstream science likes to admit to.

i wouldnt necessary be so definite about time, instead of stuff being older it very well could mean a whole lot of things. time traverlers, history repeating itself, i prefer to think its just proof that our dating methods are bullshit. it is for example often ignored that carbondating on certain materials and after a certain age becomes just a random number generator. also dating stuff based on the depth/layer it was found in doesnt take into account that it might have been burried, either by a flood throwing a bunch of mud onto it or just by digging a hole.
Some older stuff also could be from earlier humanoids that arent human that were around but went extinct

however yes, i do believe civilization was really advanced already, possibly multiple times but always got wrecked somewhere in the process and had to restard and there is an active effort trying to keep this hidden and cover it up.
linked it already, but again, here is all i have on this issue basically

and since we are at it, some other threads

Government Symbolisms

NASA faking shit (even this thread gets shoahd by the way, despite NASA being a government agency. when I went into IRC once to asked i just go told "everything is politics if i just believe it" and was b& instantly afterwards there)

And me doing some biblethumping which is kind of similar to this thread, but more centered around the bible



To be fair the first picture is An old school colander

the one pic, here a version with the coordinates to find on google earth. also some other antarctica stuff



you could go on to tell how its not a real thing when there are multiple CIA and FBI docs, news reports and sightings during that era and in that area are commonly known fact and how those things commonly invading airspaces of sovereign countries across the world, even deactivating nukes
is not a political issue instead of being a retard

When I was a kid I used to play with a colander exactly like that.

The post.
Go away Filterman.

read the last paragraph

I tend to believe this, because I imagine that all life is 'spiritual' in essence. It's all consciousness, which is spiritual, that's my reckoning. My guess is that it doesn't matter WHAT you believe, as far as which deity you call out to, it's that the FACT you truly believe imbues you with a consciousness powerful enough to effect changes in your environment. I do believe that humans have a divine power, strong enough to interest and/or concern angels or demons, such as they are. As for any kind of angelic/demonic/extraterrestrial/superterrestrial life other than what I have direct knowledge of, I simply can't say what they are or if they exist. My experiences seem to point to the possibility that they do exist, but it's all inference to me at this point. I guess its fair to say that I haven't actually tried very hard to confirm or deny anything that falls outside the scope of my personal goals or experiences.

My somewhat vague memories seem to confirm this, as I do remember where I was before I was here. I also remember both my altruistic and selfish reasons for being here. Of course there's the Buddhist idea of the ones who won't leave until all who must do so achieve enlightenment, fuck me because I can't think of the term right now. Bodhisattva? Yep that's right. I'd assume I fall into that category, because from my very clear memories from this life inform me that I'm here for just that reason: that there are still people here who need to 'ascend' or expand. Even 'the devil' has no interest in destroying that kind of art *the awakened human is artistically beautiful** since there is so much chaff to burn off and the harvest is still so great. My selfish reason is that I'm using this place as a 'hideout' to consider what it is I need to do to progress my goals in the 'higher' realms, or what-have-you. It's a rough trick, but temporal control is a powerful ability even in more advanced situations. Torturing yourself becomes worth it sometimes, especially if your faith is absolute.

I fully agree. Can we actually achieve it? I tend to go with the flow personally, overthinking things when death is on the line isn't my forte. Thus I really don't know the taxonomy of spiritual hierarchies, I tend to stand outside of them. I sometimes wonder why I care about the fate of the White race, maybe it's because without them/us I wouldn't have a way to embody myself here. For the past 20 years now I've had a vision of prosperity for the White man, and eventually I realized who was preventing it from coming to pass. Luckily, I specialize in planetary cleansing–that's probably why I came here. I'm not supposed to be here, but thus far nobody has been able to destroy my body. I've clearly broken rules, come back from 'death' so many times I couldn't properly number it. The tall whites themselves told me I couldn't stay, but I did some things and earned myself more time. Why? I couldn't tell you. I hate it here. I hate the faggots I'm surrounded by and how stupid they are. I hate almost everything here. But I trust myself, and I know that I'm here because it's my best strategic move, so I don't become too frustrated. If I didn't still have a shot at winning this campaign, I'd have been gone by now; I don't waste time on simple comforts. Therefore I can easily conclude that we still have a victory condition, this is something I know with no shred of doubt.

How anyone can deny this fact boggles my mind TBQH

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asked the mods on 4/pol/, threads get deleted or moved constantly.

well, aside from the NDEs (i probably died and switched universes once when falling on the back of my head first from 2,5-3,5m onto wooden floor without helmet, possibly was just a concussion) i feel pretty similar, except that i do believe the God you believe in matters, just not the word so much but the concept, the most high, all loving God, as worshipping any kind of other god that isnt a nice guy basically means you either have a corrupted soul for worshipping some evil or you dont worship either way but are just scared of eventual punishment for not worshipping.

as for the purpose here, i believe it is to see where life when turning away from God leads to.
in example God could have saved Adam and Eve, or at any point later in time. But os that really it? all of creation to save 2, or later on a couple dozens of humans?

he wants many humans because he loves us, and as such wants more to love which is why we should multiply

Furthermore he wants EVERYONE to be saved. Now he could just do that anytime now where we are plentifull, but unless we asked for it salvation goes against our free will. So what God does is let us wait here, do our thing, tells us what we should do so that we then see what it leads to when we dont follow (the mess we are in now) so that when we finally see it we all ask for salvation from this life without God, so God will have plenty of loved ones, and all saved without going against our free will.

You know how angels appearently didnt have free will but still satan and the others could rebell? i believe the angels can choose the methods, but the outcome is already determined for them.
I believe in this case lucifer refers to satan prefallen state as an angel of light. by doing all the evil in order to defy God he shows people where it leads to, and thus involuntarily becomes again an angel of light leading us to God. interestingly i saw in quite a few pizzagate threads that people talked about how they found to God when looking into this evil which is basically the same principle (and myself too in some sense)
that is because if he exists it also means the other side is real too and everyone (since i believe most people are actually good guys even if misguided) when knowing what the really good side is would join it without hesistation

i need to get some sleep now though. will check back after waking up

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Lel, it doesn't specifically matter. I don't do esoteric thread bumping until late at night because I respect board culture, and I realize that this shit isn't suited for what I'd consider normalfags even if they are user. Looks like these turds don't like being specifically called out though, as

did. No matter, whether these pleb-tier gatekeepers are doing it because of stupidity, hubris, bribes or threats, it's all for naught. The awakening has already begun, to struggle against it is equivalent to commanding the tides not to rise. There is no power in this world that can even stem that awakening, so I'm going to be generous and assume that these faggots are just pretending to be retarded.

By the way, going to take the autosage to hint towards this here another time
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Fuckers tried to bumplock GATEfag threads too, of course we know how that turned out. The very simple fact is that we won't win this war through conventional/external means. WHEN we win it will be because each individual user awakens internally, thus empowering our hivemind/SAC. It's all so simple when you finally see it.

Don't think I didn't notice the necrobumping at 3 am either when we were getting esoteric in the other threads. Again, and yet again, I'll say it: to attempt to resist in any form simply empowers us. If these idiots were smart enough to ignore us they'd only be allowing the troops to move forward; instead they advance the agenda of our generals. Nobody ever claimed they were tactically competent.

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a man can dream

I have a sneaking suspicion that all of the research stations on Antarctica are there under some strict treaty made by the occupiers and the German Reich that survived there, which is why civilian trips to the continent are extremely difficult. It would make sense that the Luftwaffe does constant and nonstop flyovers near these stations in their flying discs.

There is a real phenomenon, which seems to align with historic accounts of paranormal contact such as those found in faerie folklore and certain religions such as Shinto records of the Youkai, but a great deal of modern UFO content is mimicry perpetuated by human groups attempting to establish a narrative related to extraterrestrials in order to control people. Many of the civilian UFO research groups are infiltrated by intelligence service agents, if they don't just sit openly on the boards of directors and such. Similarly, many of the individuals who lead contactee cults have connections to intelligence agencies, indicating that those cults exist specifically in order to draw people into the narrative. An interesting historical example of this sort of interconnection is the link between Jack Parsons (founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Aerojet), L. Ron Hubbard (founder of the cult of Scientology), and Aleister Crowley (British spy and occultist), who is reported to have taken the former two into the desert to meet aliens.
Many of the prominent UFO cases since the end of WWII have glow in the dark fingerprints all over them, as do many of the organizations who promote the idea of extraterrestrials.

Fits pretty mich what i believe, just seems to be more detailed. The research groups infiltrated reminds me of that project pedosta shilled for which in the end were just a bunch of government people begging for gibs so they can bring us based disclosure, showing one ufo clip i believe in the process. I realy hope noone gave anything to those

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Everyone should know by now that this site is compromised by kikes and lefties.
Praise God every day for the good fight we are allowed to take part in.

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