The leaders of Germany and Poland sought Friday to calm their countries' ruffled relations...

Interesting happenings… Morawiecki, a Jew, wants to counter lies told about Poland's role in WW2. Morawiecki, a Jew, still refuses to take migrants into Poland. What the fuck is going on here? I'm legitimately confused. Is he a Pole pretending to be Jewish? Is Poland kiking the kike?

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sure is interesting times we live in
can some intelligent polack enlighten us?

Okay Holla Forums, it's time. Hear me out, and this is a maybe. But maybe, just maybe, not all jews.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Even if Poland had done something, so fucking what? Is the same guy still in power? No? Can we go back in time and change it? No? Then it doesn't matter.

Not every jew is bad, 150k fought for the reich after all (although it might've been to get their own country). The problem with them is that more often than not they're evil cunts who'll stop at nothing to make life worse for us, not that all are bad. Same with niggers, a very few might be salvageable (although I can't say I've ever met one) but that one in a million doesn't mean you can relax.

You don't get the fucking basic premise. It's not about "bad." It's about in-group and out group. Stop giving anyone besides your in group any benefit of doubt or credence.

Hi Schlomo.


Reminder : Merkel is a polish jew

Into the gas chamber you go!

You should cap your own post, just so that you can look at it when this invariably goes the way it always does.

Also: Never forget that Jews play both sides to serve their own interests. Is Moraweicki a Zionist?

Just like all blacks aren't niggers, even though the employed and educated ones have the same violent tendencies and high percentage for criminal activity.

Not all niggers are black, but all blacks are niggers.


Yep, he's just a Zionist trying to feed the stupid Polish goyim chattle what they want to hear so they'll keep supporting Israel.


Jews play both sides so no matter who wins there will be some left over to start all this shit again. The great grandchildren of the "good" jews will put our great grandchildren through the exact same shit we're going through now.

Read the answer to your ridiculous statement, over and over again.


Every Jew is bad, they always play both sides to cut losses. The nature of the Jew is to corrupt and subvert. We don't repeat history's mistakes, we don't underestimate the enemy. Every Jew is the Jew.

When they read stuff like that about them, it’s not hard to imagine why they leverage different groups against each other to protect their ow. Every group does this, but Jews are the ones that get called on it so often.


A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.

Morawiecki has some Jewish relatives that are not in his direct line of descent. We have nothing to indicate that he is a Jew himself.

The fact that no-one challenged this assertion makes me think this entire thread is nothing more than a circle-jerk between different groups of shills.

He's a banker, dude. Bankers are almost exclusively kikes. Also you have shit like this . Fuck off, kike apologist.

Even if he and rest of PiS top brass are no jews (what I doubt) they are szabas gojim and socialist. They take orders from their kike masters from DC and Tel Aviv. They flooded Pooand with more then two million chochołs.

Polak here. A name like Morawiecki despite sounding Polish is most definitely jewish. Named after a place Moravia, typical for Jews, like Warszawski, Polyakov, anything named after a place is Jew.

mhm good famous example we all know is jew, Polanski, named after place = jew

Like the lie that 99% of the "death camps" weren't built in Poland and filled with criminal jews and other subhumans as part of the Communist Jew progroms before WW2?

That's a pretty big one. One they keep getting away with partially because of the polish jew shills brainwashing dumb kids making this place appear to be friends with Poles.

There's a reason we Germanic people here in the US have 6 gorillion "dumb polock" jokes after WW2.