Student who survived Parkland massacre blames the NRA because his teachers taught him they were bad...

Student who survived Parkland massacre blames the NRA because his teachers taught him they were bad. You can't even make this shit up. Is this really what's being taught in our schools these days?

Also I love how he describes himself as too immature to own a gun, yet seemingly understands how pro-gun lobbyists work. It's probably his fucking parents doing the AMA.

not only was it a false flag anyway, but yes
the union are partially to blame for that

It really doesn't matter how many 100s of children die over several decades. Guns are absolutely necessary no matter what. Blame public schooling for making kids insane. This shit doesn't happen in private schools.

2010 graduate here so maybe it has become less transparent, but no. Teachers tend to pull the comedian tactic of indoctrination where they don't outright tell you how to think, they just slip in casual insults and gatchas designed to subtly sway you a certain way over time.

The NRA are shit, but a broken clock is right twice-a-day.

fucking kikes. everyone but them is the problem.


I blame high exposure to niggers and a failure on the part of parents to educate their children.
I went to a public school in a predominantly white, rural area. There were exactly five niggers in my class, and those they bussed in from the next city.
I was raised with guns. My family owned guns all throughout my childhood. I knew how to shoot by the time most kids were just learning how to ride a bike. And because I lived outside the community and didn't go to their churches, I was bullied. Not even the niggers got into as many fights as I did during my scholastic career. Never once did I ever consider taking one of those guns to school–regardless of how easy it would have been to sneak a pistol in in my backpack, since we didn't have metal detectors, school guards, or cameras.


Similar note, does anyone else notice that a lot of libs that push the hardest for gun control also tend to be the least stable? something about projecting their lack of self control onto others.

They're masochists and don't even know it.

Man, times certainly have changed.

At least when I was in high school people pretended to be tough.
It would have gone:

15 years later it's

The soyboy generation is going to be hard to reverse

It comes with the mindset of self centered individualism. Sophistry some call it. Children have been taught to be mentally retarded for decades now; consider the (((cultural revolution))). Couple that with it's feminized mindset of discouraging independent thought. Sit still, be quiet, raise your hand, no hurting feelings. They're literally taught how not to think.

Not really. Are they going to fight back? Weak effeminate faggots too weak to do what's necessary? That can't think for themselves? Practically women.

That's what happens when you grow up on soybean oil.

kek check out some of his past posts

No, that would be the constitution that controls our gun laws. Maybe you'd be safer in the UK where you only have to worry about getting acid thrown in your face for being an infidel

His deception really made me feel like I was there in the whip with him.

Methinks we've found a Juden.

Better yet, my guy. A jewnigger. A Jigger. An eater of holocausted chicken in buckets. Or, the jewish variant of the wigger, but that's not as interesting.

pretty good kek

Pic related's corpse should be unearthed and desecrated for this.

His fucking loss, I got an NRA sticker from a kind old man that day.

Mind going more into depth about this? I feel like school's sorta lobotomized me.

yes and trymp isnt doing a fucking thing about it.
we are being held in check and conned while the likud wing of americas jews get their way for 4 years.

we are going to get nothing
we are going to get screwed

They should have built that fucking school over a bog.

Best part about this post:

Is it common for history class to focus on the 6 gorillion in every grade? I remember schools loved to play holohoax fanfics whenever there was a substitute teacher.

former Parkland user here, That whole area was built on what used to be everglades. It's also a school full of drug addicts, it has a huge cocaine problem. it's why we used to call it "Stonerman"

You have to wonder if his rabbi has even bothered to mention you don't eat the ones you torture.

i am so glad that the environment was destroyed so that subhumans could receive government programming

Fun fact. Most of Florida is a swamp.

To be fair that was just a happy coincidence. It was paved over to make jews money.


redditors deserve to be enslaved and worked to the bone while being whipped until they die of exhaustion

And it's a public school. I'm actually surprised a parent hasn't sad anything about that kind of curriculum actually.

I'm from the Pacific northwest and did not even know it was called the holocaust until I was in 8th grade. I had heard about a few things about the holocaust before then, but the events were not taught any different than some other event in history. Before I frequented Holla Forums I had no emotional attachment to the event so I wasn't opposed to the idea that I was taught incorrectly.

Where in PNW, just out of curiosity? 98370 here.

Also, minimalism only sells if you have soyboys and gullible women to sell to. In a proper fucking slav country, you sell shit by slathering that shit in nationalism, flags, coats of arms, fancy frames around images, etc.

I'm near but not in 98604

It's tough to accept America is gone.

no, they let it happen in an attempt to get retards to give up their rights



They know the people are coming for them.

While personally not one for lobbying, this retardation is frustrating

The liberal mindset is that the individual is the most valuable thing in society. That all people are equals. In order for this to happen every single thing that is above the individual must be destroyed and then every individual must be brought to the lowest common denominator. e.g. Men and women are equals, give them the vote -> Destroy the family as the unit of society as politicians will now be able to get women's votes and men's votes separately. e.g. Whites and blacks are equals -> give them the vote and suddenly working white men have less control. e.g. Gays are more special because oppression -> incorporate them everywhere, destruction of biological basis for society e.g. Gender isn't even real; genderfluid -> people who refuse the insanity are ostracized. e.g. Jews are people, Hitler was the most evil man to ever live -> punching nazis is acceptable.

All these things add up to create an INDIVIDUAL who is SPECIAL. SPECIAL means they did what they were told and get the subsequent emotional praise; go against it and get crucified, literally. It doesn't matter how many bodies line the streets because they weren't real INDIVIDUALS. A real individual is interchangeable with any other. The liberal mindset is equality, and the price is making humans into genderless, mindless, soulless husks that all do what they are told.

Contrast this view with the traditionalist idea that the family is the most valuable thing in society. When the politicians have to work to get the vote of the family policies and law will work towards their benefit. White working family men would control society and remove all niggers, gays, jews, etc as none of those help build up the family. With family as the focus the ideas of nihilism, libertarianism, anarchism, communism, (among many others) don't even have a leg to stand on. Destroy (((their))) ideological foundations, and physically remove those who work against the family and society will function perfectly.

>senior told me he learned that AIPAC, jews and Israel are the main reasons for some elected officials even being office
Things that never happen but would be good to be true.

>(((Sid Fischer)))

18 years is probably not old enough to vote by that logic. If you are immature, what gives you the right to exercise governance over others?
When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you’re using force. And force, my friends, is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.

Mein gott.


I swear. These cunts are lulzcows Who deserve it

Why is that kike's star missing a point?

Underrated post.
The problem is not guns, as can easily be shown by the fact that guns were MORE available in our no-school-shootings past.
So the problem can't be the guns themselves, something else is the problem.
And if the libtarded continue to point fingers at the guns every time this happens, and the media continues to make anti-gun noises so loud that it drowns out everything else, then we will NEVER come to grips with what the REAL cause is.

What has changed since the 70's? Why do we have school shootings NOW, but never had them in the 50's or 60's?
My grandfather, growing up to adulthood in the 20's and 30's, could easily go into a hardware store & buy a fully-automatic Thompson sub-machine gun, with no background check, no proof of identification, no name asked. Yet the worst shooting of the time was the St. Valentine's day massacre, where Mafia thugs murdered 7 other organized crime thugs with a Thompson. This would mean nothing, today, but back then it triggered the start of gun control laws, making the purchase of machine guns heavily regulated.

So what is different, now? What has really changed? I'm of the opinion it's the degeneration of morals in our society, due to liberal policies and the constant drumbeat from the media that having morals is, somehow, stupid.
I see the problem as a bunch of kids that had no firm moral upbringing, that their duped parents and duped (or lazy) teachers never bothered to give them a moral compass, so many of them are being raised as little sociopaths and psychopaths, with little empathy and no sense of consequence.

But it's clearly not the guns. That is easily shown.

40% jew 60% spic school what do you expect

18 year olds are now claiming infancy. Abort them.