Operation: Stars Crossed

Here’s a fun fact, Holla Forums- did you know that Sweden is a Eurosceptic country?

There’s an election coming up on the 9th spetember. You might think to yourself that it’s too late to reach the bluepilled swedes, because there is no issue you can use to forge a connection. But you would be wrong.
In the same way that civic cucks in the UK got behind Brexit, we can send another blow to the European establishment- by turning Swexit into a major talking point in this election.

Simple, really.
.Draw up a list of European mandates & regulations that the Swedish government has approved of.
.Create a list of major paty statements & attitude to the EU, and see how their manifesto promises compare to their voting records.
.Publish the findings.
From there, we can turn what we find into redpills, translate them into Swedish, and spread them throughout the Sventernet.

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Why that ?

in the elections 2009 with implementation in 2010 changes were made in the constitution which cemented the EU. How ever, the election broke existing swedish law, basically causing the vast majority of the parlament of being guilty of high treason.
Can't say I'm either hopeful nor engaged in the topic even though I'm a swede.
There has to be a backdoor into the swedish psyche, some how.


sticky please

Convince me it has a benefit to get Sweden out of the EU. You say its a blow to EU, i dont see how.

Yep, they are breaking the groundrules of Sweden and getting away with high treason. Only reason they haven't been overthrown is because people are not aware of the illegitimacy of their ruling and we got no militia going.

What we should push is how EU overrides Swedish law and our autonomy. Start with pushing the real thing of the EU forcing us to take on the Euro as a currency by 2025 if we are still going to be in the EU. We already voted against that and it would be a good point to show to people how the EU really just wants to take away our independance.

It's still a first world country. If both Brittain and Sweden gets out, more will follow.

Sweden is the capital of leftist thinking. It's the example that socialists point too as a good national model. Turning it right is going to be an acknowledgement that the leftists have failed. And it's only right-wing parties that support Swexit, so turning it into an electoral issue is going to boost these parties.
It's also going to do a blow to the EU, because they rely on the leftist buerocrats of sweden to come up with & support their policies. Once the UK leaves, Sweden is going to be *the* most influential country in certain areas of the EU buerocracy, including international policy.

It’s mathematically too late. Even exterminating all nonwhites in Sweden overnight would not save the Swedish people. They’re not fucking. There won’t be ANY Swedes by 2070.

Fucking die.

im sure we can find some whites to fuck the swedish women before 2070
Im sure most polish men would d it

There are organizations you can support to fix that.
And it's not too late unless Sweden has a civil war and loses. As long as we can make sure that doesn't happen, we can use small battles to win the larger war.

projections over 50 years ahead in time are meaningless

Referendum campaign now.

Another fact- Sweden Pays more into the EU then they receive. Three times more.
They are a bigger net contributor then The UK.
Taking Sweden out of the EU is going to cut their funding yet again.



sweden is confused

Sweden voted NO to the €uro
Despite STALIN tier propaganda

I do hope they break out
really? (pic related)

Swedes should be able to get out of anything. Eventually. If they hit the throttle hard enough.

Oh yeah rape cases might help red pill Swedes and put rapist shitskin under fire


The Eurosceptisim is real. We had a referendum for changing our currency to Euro, and it failed.

The EU is becoming more oppressive by the week. If you are able to find good arguments why Swexit is a reasonable idea, that could become valuable.