S/he Induced Lactation

Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation

>(((Tamar Reisman)))
>(((Zil Goldstein)))
every. fucking. time.

What the fuck sort of name is "Zil," anyway, and why does "she" look like a tranny? (pictured, left)

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Isn't that child abuse? They (the fucking kikes) know that the baby won't be receiving the nourishment it requires. This is like an exercise in appeasement of a mentally ill person who has no business being around a new born. That's not what a doctor is supposed to do.

Tranny names are a form of aposemitism, as they seem incapable of settling with actual female names, and if they do, they always horribly misspell them for snowflake points. Keep this in mind should gender reassignment one day technology advance to the point of actually making them look and sound like females.
>What's your name, young (((lady)))?

I really need to start proofreading my posts.


ahhh… like the problem glasses or the neon hair

His chromosome will always be XY

Exactly. I've never met a tranny with an actual female name.

Happens to the best of us sometimes.

Oh, humanity.

Men have nipples, they can induce lactation too.

You should try it user.

I wish /ck/ was still a thing. You could have made a cereal thread.

Might I suggest hashtags such as #faggotmilk #jewmilk #lacfagitation #thenipplejew

Pick one.



>>What's your name, young (((lady)))?


Jesus I thought the picture was the MtF before and after, could have fooled me.

< Zil Goldstein, left, a nurse practitioner, and Dr. Tamar Reisman of Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York.



Of all the steps Christopher Cantwell might take post-Charlottesville, this is the least expected.


By God, the jews are repulsive!

Daily reminder this is what jews push for all of us.

Also, the doctors who do these trans surgeries are traitors, especially the ones doing the genital reconstruction.

Can't it be changed with CRISPR?

yes it is
and guess what the kikes push it anyway

Yes. I can tell you that if the momentum in social approval was there, CRISPR had this potential since 2012.
The kikes are timing it. Perhaps they will get a few thousand to get the therapy first then they will reveal them after having all of them on some MSM vidya somewhere….
CRISPR can modify living organisms DNA and the efficiency is rising every time a new method is added or refined to the toolbox. (It is not 100% yet so would need multiple applications to approach 100%)

Great to know we've cured cancer since there's research time left over for freakshows.


Won't the milk be loaded with estrogen from the hormones treatment? Not that supermarket cow milk isn't full of that shit anyway, but babby can't handle all that poz. Hippocratic oath… bah! They'd never subject an adopted nog to this treatment.


What about CRISPRing low percentage mutt whites with patch DNA taken from their parents/ a donor?

Purging the 1/16 amerindian from the DNA, as an example.

r u sure? i mean, if all the plumbing works, why wouldn't it come out the same more or less?

this is a good question

this brings up a good question, though: Are traps gay if they're XX?


You can't replace a whole fucking chromosome. That's far beyond the even the dreams of geneticists. Traps will always be XY.

This whole thread is degenerate. KYS OP.

Dubs of truth
Also, I can foresee some freak accidents occurring when you try to change chromosomes.

Oh yes.

that kid is going to be so fucked in the head

Do you think if that baby was you, you would grow up and when you're an adult look back and still love your dad/mom? Or would you want to kill them for how gross they made your childhood and your distorted viewpoint on the world?

What the fuck sort of name is "Zil,"

sounds like a preferred pronoun.

where exactly is this doomed baby from anyway?

what could possibly go wrong?

maybe it'll be pic related?

i was thinking the same thing

sounded like jew york from the article

how is the thread degenerate, rather than being about degeneracy? cool your jets, man. calm your butthurt christcuck

I guess it's a good idea then. It's good for the babies and is the biological norm.

Sounded to me like they're from Canada.

The article also notes of the breastfeeder:

> She [sic] had not had gender-reassignment surgery nor breast augmentation.

Literally a dude in a dress.

This is fucking bullshit. How do they have the time and money to get a dude to lactate but when a REAL woman has issues and need real HELP trying to feed their real baby the only advice these empty headed organic moms can give is "oh just keep trying, relax!" Do you know how many babies starve because their mom can't lactate and they are constantly pressured not to give the baby formula? Do you know how depressing it is when you feel like a failure because you can't milk but some FUCKING FAGGOT is allowed to? Womans rights my fucking ass they don't even help all the woman in need

Whoa there little filly! Does your husband know you post here?


That's exactly what I was thinking. Lady sure got all worked up.

Don't get me wrong, I like her style. Maybe we should conscript the tradthots execute the trannies as a sort of reverse shit test.

they got the drug in canada, but they could've crossed the border. idk

woah, this

imagine what his chest is going to look like after they stop the lactating hormones lol. wtf is wrong with these people?

I like that idea bud.

Since the milk a mother produces changes over time to suit her baby's shifting needs, it would make sense that a tranny's milk would fail to serve all the needs of a baby.

Wrong op , theres no S/he here , just a he or a it.






but the medical community will pull through for the fags

One lady to another, yes, fuck these mother fucking cunts. What the ever loving fuck is actually going on here. How in the hell is this healthy for a baby. Physically, mentally, or emotionally. But, I would say, fuck our rights as women. We are the largest part of this problem. The childs rights are what matter. We need to step the fuck up and defend our children and our men.

Dubs of truth. It was fascinating and a touch disturbing how the milk changed when my wife was breastfeeding our kids.

Yeah, I'd say tits or GTFO but you are definitely already married to one of us.

the sad part is I had already done my hours of research on the subject so recalling the information for this post was easy. It's hard when you're trying to find a solution for a problem and all anyone can say is "just drink some tea lol"


yes you fucking degenerate
even if they used crispr you would need decades more research to fine tune the transformation because of the developmental stages and how everything about females and males is slightly different

like i said its possible but because you dont have 100% transformation (technical word for tissue adopting the injected genes) a live organism might end up with severe autoimmunity issues from this method

How grotesque.

Anyone feel like spoonfeeding a blue collar meat shield as to what the fuck is being spoken about here?

I never understood why some sects of Christianity were so eager for an apocalyptic event to occur. I do now, I feel rather helpless around the omnipresence of such immense evil and should like for everything to be wiped away.

TL;DR- they can now edit and re-sequence entire genomes. Especially using the CRISPR/Cas9-gRNA. That is horrifying when you consider (((who))) is in control.


Jesus Fuck. Do they use this on humans and animals yet or is it mostly just Monsanto giving our corn superAIDs at this point?

Don't fear the darkness, for you are the light,and fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

No, it's our job as men to defend you. But what we need is your support and encouragement to be genuine, strong men that can provide a solid future for our people. I suppose that's kind of what you meant anyway.

Christian here. The Bible is pretty much 50% blackpill on humanity's current state and 50% whitepill on God saving those who would place their full faith and trust in His Son, Jesus Christ, and then eventually wiping out the rest of the scum. When God creates the new heaven/earth (see the last 2 or 3 chapters of Revelation), everything will be better. No more evil kikes worming their ways into power to slowly strangle everybody to death. The lion will sit down with the lamb. The child will reach his hand into a viper's den and not be bitten. Every tear will be wiped away from our faces.

Deus Vult is merely when Christians decide to try to bring a similar but temporary state of being into the world. But when Deus REALLY Vults, all the injustices in the world left unaccounted for, all the evil, all the needless pain and suffering… will be paid back. Justice will be satisfied.

Nice choice in tunes, user.

that word is so overused imho

disgusting. you know what's most fucked up about it? at some point he says "I'm truly depressed for the first time in my life" wtf? So, he just got his dick cut off for a fling, because he thought it might be fun? I thought they were supposed to check to make sure these people desperately needed this bc they were so fucked up in the head?

also, is it his gf or "gf" that is encouraging this? wtf?

your righteous disgust is nothing liek what those people have. i used to be one. its a death wish, is what it is. christcuckery is anti-life, so it only makes sense they'd want everything destroyed

Genetics are so intertwined changing something like a full chromosome would change who you are entirely as a person. It would affect your intelligence, your personality, your reasoning, your beliefs, your interests and hobbies. You wouldn't be you anymore.

Of course that wouldn't be a problem for trannies since they'll do anything it takes in order to fulfill their sexual desires, their chief reason for existence.

so far it is in developmental stages sonce 2011/2012
everyone that has taken the redpill knows theres some underground blackops research labs out there using this on humans, with success

not when you want to fuk traps, faggot

to fully change you by changing entire chromosomes (assuming you could do this without the body self destructing) you would still need years of growth and your past neural patterns would be difficult to undo no matter how well the gene change takes place

yes in public science thats way too much to change at a time based on the methods we have right now
however with enough motivation, it is not out of reach at this time - it would just need a lot of effort for (((little))) results because we understand so little about what we could possibly accomplish by changing even just a few hundred genes

pic related

I just asked a question, sir. please calm yourself

likely your beliefs, interests and hobbies wouldn't change since that gets encoded in your brain through experience. you may lose your competitive spirit or some such things, don't get me wrong, but you hobbies are - yes I'm going to say it - socially constructed. they're learned, through experience (and random chance)

Everything you are is genetic.
You did not become accustomed to small government because you were taught it or your parents encouraged your self sufficiency (though it wouldn't hurt) but because you had a yearning for freedom. Blank slate is disproven, recommended book about this subject is blank slate by steven pinker, he has lots of speeches/lectures on youtube where he talks about the subjects researched and presented in the book, though he isn't alone or unique or even new in this understanding of the human body.
Behavior is genetic. Predispositions are genetic. Personalities are genetic.
Therefore beliefs and cultures are genetic.
You have to understand this. If you do not, you might be one of those fools who believes if we throw EVEN MORE money at non whites they will act more white if we just (((Educate))) them right.

The skills and memories you have won't go away just because your brain might function in a different way. This would be one of the hardest organs to genetically alter in a living being though and even if you could do it right now it would be bottlenecked by (at least) the speed at which you could regrow nerve cells. Knowing that memories are partially physical reconstruction of your neural pathways, a total rewiring of the brain might not be feasible without insanity resulting.

It sure isn't hardcoded but everything is affected by your genetics. Plenty of research showing even your political alignment is influenced by your genetics. Criminality, addiction potential, risk seeking behavior. All genetically affected. Swapping a chromosome will sure as hell change everything.

And it probably wouldn't be a 100% switch as you wouldn't have developed with that gene. Still added later in life. Trannies still won't be a real woman even if they get swapped XX because they developed as a man.

Exactly this.

Yes I did mean that. In a round about way. NEVER when the shit hits the fan in live or die situations.. ie vegas.. do you see women INSTINCTUALLY shielding men from bullets. It is men who do this for us. It is men who ensure I have hot water for my bath. It is men I see on the roads in their trucks at 5 and 6 am when Im up getting ready to go in to my own business for long ass days. And not just men. White men. And we do need to defend our children as well as our men. The silent majority of us need to stand the fuck up and say no to the agenda that is at at work to destroy boys and men in our society. We are responsible for allowing our children to be indoctrinated. We are responsible for our men being shamed and blamed. We are responsible for the vast majority of this as far as Im concerned. Third wave feminism is a commie globalist driven ideology using idiotic disgusting women, inside and out, who care nothing for personal responsibility. We are allowing them to drug our little boys, to not allow them to have outlets for what is truly biological necessity as it pertains to physical/mental work, play, and rage. We WANT them to be cucked. And I am not part of the we of which I speak. I was and am blessed to be surrounded by good/evil men my entire life. Father. grandfathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, so forth and so on. As such, I will not keep my mouth shut when other women whine and bitch about their sons having energy they cant handle or deal with. I will not keep my mouth shut when they go along with whatever the school or medical system tells them their children need in order to make their own lives easier. I will not keep my mouth shut when I hear 'down with the patriarchy'. I will not keep my mouth shut when oedipal mothers use their children as ammunition and scapegoats for their own pathetic shortcomings. Indoctrinated into them or not, it IS their fault. More so than the boys and men that they are raising to feel weak and isolated and alone. Fuck anti bullying. Fuck Metoo. Fuck all of it. Just know, there are more of us 'out here' than you think. And when/if it ever 'kicks off', those pink pussy hat bitches will be in for a huge surprise at the resistance they will face from the rest of us. We stand behind you, just as we have for all of time, in much larger numbers than what seems apparent. But we are mostly waiting, just as many of you are. No one should ever underestimate the rage of a woman when those she loves are put at risk though. It is brewing and I dont think ((they)) have any idea how hard the pendulum is actually going to swing. Anyway, thank you. All of you. For not becoming what ((they)) so badly want and need you to be. And there truly are more of us than most realize. Because we have trust that our men will indeed defend us. So we wait. Quietly. But have no doubt, that when our men decide enough is enough, we will be there, with every part of our being.

There are actually some cool real-life examples like an old guy in the bush in Africa that raised an orphan by breast-feeding it.

Now I wonder about that theoretical therapy of allowing the body to grow a new limb in the event of a lost one. I wonder how horrific that path might be.

So far, just the plants and animals. Though there is talk of – get this – altering the Y chromosome of some invasive fish species and releasing them in the wild. Once loose, they'd be totally normal fish, except they would only have male offspring. And because of gene-boosting techniques, this trait would always be expressed, so that all of the affected fish's descendants would be male, no matter how many generations it takes for the population to go extinct.

Now imagine a Jew with that kind of power.

That would be the first most useful and least problematic therapy.
They already grafted soldiers' limbs with great success and reduced anti rejection drugs needed within the last decade.
Stem cell therapy would increase this dramatically and some form of gene therapy combined with that would make the process rather quick.
Chances are if you want a fully functional limb pain will be involved as limbs grow quickly.

They already tried to pass this through law to allow that measure to be used on mosquitos.
Only naively they believed this would be less problematic than doing it to fish.
Gene drive.

Yeah, literally playing god. No way that's gonna backfire on them.

That's the term that slipped my mind! Thanks, user.

We need a fresh genetics thread, last time I started one the catalog was really (((slippery))) due to some Trump events.
I'll do another soon, maybe this night, I found some genetics with sources folder.

If a trap was XX it would not be a trap, it would be a woman. And if that woman was a trap, she would be a reverse trap. And reverse traps are not gay, unlike regular traps who are unquestionably gay.




wew lad

Is this the soy boy's final form?
Final witnessed proof of macro evolution?

Oh btw, notice he's covering his genital region with a cloth? Imma tell you boys a secret which women seldom reveal.
Most women experience sexual arousal during breast feeding, some even achieve orgasm. Obviously this fact isn't widely discussed, even between women.
So I wonder if the same thing happens to these men when a baby sucks on their tits. That's what we are looking at here, strip away the layers of socially engineered labelling and what do you have?
A mentally ill man making a baby suck on his nipple, and an audience cheering him on.
I expect that behind that white cloth is a raging erection.

And as the slippery slope (it's real) progresses, expect to see next up:
And if you think this doesn't happen already, perhaps it's better not to go searching for the facts.
There is a large subsection of women who, for whatever reason (probably kike media) are turned on by bestiality. Coalburning is an expression of this and a quick Google search reveals that women are letting puppies suckle their tits(or claiming they used a pump to extract the milk) and veterinarians have even released warnings about the practice.

There really is no bottom to this pit, is there?

I think that there's an even simpler explanation for this. It is well known that women try to replace their children with dogs and cats, calling them their 'fur babies', push them around in strollers, dress them up in cutesy clothing. Is it really that hard to believe that they'd further their delusion by trying to nurse their false babies?

I should not have come in this thread.

Forget limbs. With that type of technology you could grow a second liver (for example, or any organ except, I'd assume, the brain) in situ and when it was ready and ripe- plumb it up and cut out the old one. Eta voila- pseudo immortality, no clones needed to harvest from. Just a few uncomfortable months growing a new set of kidneys and lungs.

I've seen these people in airports and in the major cities. I've noticed they are usually extremely narcissistic as well. Just like tits up earlier in the thread is so narcissistic it cannot understand the long range effects of the behaviors it exhibits. The child is a thing, a tool for its self gratification. Both are symptoms of a deeper rot in Western Society. It will eventually be purged, it always is, just how long that would take is anyone's guess but we have crossed Weimar levels of filth and getting close to Roman Empire levels of degeneracy.

get that rocket rdy

>Tamar (((Goldstein)))

So, the (((jew))) managed to convert the disgusting grotesque barren retarded trannies into
milk producing slave units.

Goy can be translated as cattle.

that's odd. i produced a drop or two when i did it…

that is a woman who is taking hormones to pretend to be a man breastfeeding her own baby..

I'm not going to say you're wrong but it doesn't change the point. Men can lactate and the precedent is set now. They will become erect while doing it, maybe some will jack off too.


Old news, tbh. I remember stumbling across male lactation over 10 years ago. It was disgusting seeing those bearded faggots with babies. I guess they were ahead of their time.

I think user is projecting his value. He wrongly assumes that if the cultmarx avatar understood or realized how harmful its actions are, that it would stop due to conscience or better judgement.
In reality a great many of the left do the things they do precisely to bring about the harmful effect - to contribute their part to the downfall of society, to attack White men, to ruin children etc. And this doesn't even require a conspiracy, no more than a single termite is part of a conspiracy to bring down your timber framed house.
Large scale effects happen when millions of individuals same the same pattern of behavior.
This is similar to "politicians are just stupid and short sighted, they don't understand that mass immigration will damage the country."
tl;dr Cultural Marxists know exactly what they're doing.

That’s not a woman.

My main concern sister, our beautiful children. The time is now, we need to save our babies from the hordes!!!

Except that "milk" is probably extreme nipple discharge.

No, I know that Cultural Marxists do what they do intentionally. In that aspect, I can respect them as an opponent. At least as much as you can respect a disgusting rat hellbent on destroying your nation, culture, and people out of malice.

No, my problem is the apologists, the 'centrists', and the normies who pull out the 'Well it's not hurting YOU is it?' line. They don't do it out of malice or simple ignorance. It's that they simply don't care and don't understand how anyone could possibly care. Apathetic bastards, plain and simple. Not even worth wasting a bullet on, because the useless sacks of skin might as well be dead to begin with.

The vagina is an opening in the body which introduces risk of infection. Through evolution of the immune system and other measures like a ph value this is not an issue for women.

However when you create something so disgusting as a fake vagina made from a penis you will get something completely retarded. Infections, necrosis of tissues, the body trying to heal the wound.

The fact they need dilating should tell you enough.

Fuck the jewish doctors that invented this mutilation "procedure".

I can't blame her tbh. This shit is shell-shock levels of brutal.

I'm pretty sure this is the solution.

I was literally saying this to some normalfags at work who were triggered by far less recently. It will get worse until it is stopped.

Dear Gods, stop coming up with ideas for this sick shit.

Anti-medicine. It's what kikes do. They invent the fucked up non-version of anything. You can have a fake everything, goy!

This is a meaningless statement. If this means that your whole life is pre-encoded in your genes, then you're just damn stupid. I don't think there's any talking to you.

Drop the lolbergtardian political rhetoric and speak in scientific terms, please.

stopped reading there. You don't prove your reductionism by pigeonholing me into the opposite reductionist strawman.

There's really no point in me reading any further, since you don't understand basic genetics and the fundamentals of argumentation.

Right. And, your habits, interests, beliefs and hobbies are constitutive of those skills and memories. That's my whole point. Those things are set in your neural pathways, not in your genes.

So what? That's a truism - its not a novel statement. So fucking what? The only people that don't believe this are the most hardcore pomo sjws. You're not saying anything new or interesting. The question is what is affected, how and in what ways, and how much. You're completely sidestepping that because you think you're going to blow my mind with the idea that people might have basic predispositions that are set genetically and/or very, very early in life. So what?

Again: What, how, in what way, and how much. You can't just make the statement "it'll change everything" and think you're made an argument. That's just hand-waving

You just contradicted yourself. If it "changes everything" then yes they would be a "real" woman for all intents and purposes. I don't think they would because I realize that genes affect development, environment affects development and your experiences are hardcoded into your neural pathways. Therefore, everything is NOT set by genetics and changing the genes would NOT "change everything"

this. Victorian Era gender constructs are just that - Victorian Era gender constructs. Holla Forums needs to stop reifying silly ideals and claiming they exist in the genes. There are differences, of course, and those lead to different roles, generally speaking. But, Holla Forums takes this and runs with it into crazy-land

I'm going to need a citation on that. You don't just let a babby suck on your nipple and you suddenly start lactating. There are all kinds of hormones that go into this

No, that's JS Mill's harm principle, and fundamental tenet of philosophical liberalism. The real problem is that those people don't just "tolerate" or even "accept" those freaks, they publicly venerate it. There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone's choices, but still tolerating them because, for instance, they're a trustworthy neighbor or an honest businessman or a good accountant. The problem with this society, as I see it, is that I'm not actually allowed to simply tolerate them - I have to fall over myself telling them how brave they are and give them special hiring consideration etc. That's highly problematic if you ask me.

if everything is genetic, as Holla Forums says, then this would necessarily follow

Women dressed up as men? To be a reverse trap, do you have to actually pass as a man? If so, wouldn't that still be kinda gay. I mean, if you're attractive to someone who looks like a man, but just happens to have a vagoo, that's still pretty gay I would think. Of course, if your buddy is ugly and stupid and the only woman he could date was a large rather manly woman, I wouldn't want to call him gay.This conversation reminds me of that pic of the hot trap (with a little peen) and the muscle-bound reverse trap (with a shaved vag). That one always presented a conundrum to me.

Whenever I see women who live on their own and own very big dogs, I wonder if they are fucking them behind closed doors.

I like the idea of that meme, but the execution is utter shit. So I remade it.



I can't wait for DotR.

That's some spooky shit, tbh.

Assuming you don't have obvious problems in your diet (lots of sugar, fried junk, drugs, alcohol, etc) I'd look into "why does it work in the first place", like maybe you don't have enough protein? Or some vitamin? Some starting points are whey, D3, selenium, B6, B12, and Omega-3.

Unfortunately, you may be on to something user…
Soys already know they're inadequate next to Chad while at the same time feel guilty for being male to begin with.
(((Medical advances))) like this will only make the tranny problem worse.

Remember user, even if the (((angle shots))) end up convincing, there's nothing that can fix their voice.

Maybe posting a picture of these will allow anons to figure out the problem and give you advice.

get that rocket rdy

Look at modern pharmaceuticals.
Either they are completely ineffective or they kind of work like drugs from 40-70 years ago but have 1 inconsequential side chain added to be able to make a patent/copyright.
Think of it this way, (for non chemistry anons) you have a chemical that has a 3d shape kind of like an Xand and L and the active part of this molecule (the part that connects to receptors or enzymes or other molecules) is one side of the X.
In large molecules if you change the L side by adding a methylene group that would be the shape < it would not affect the active side of the molecule to any significant degree.
In smaller molecules it might make the active side more or less effective at what it does. Usually less, and when creating a "new" version of a drug the question is how much less effective it is compared to costs you can jack up because you can patent it.
We literally have pain drugs that are much less effective or bind to other wrong areas in the body causing issues but morphine beats them all. That is just one example. It is the non version, just to make shekels.

Everything is genetic as Holla Forums is correct. However this does not follow because the developmental stage it was still male and you need more than just to flip a few switches to undo that development. Not to mention the psychological issues of actually changing form.

Now I am not sure if you used the word ""problematic"" ironically earlier in your post or for real.
It should not present a conundrum for you if you reject all jewish antilife ideologies.

Is not a meaningless statement.
No need to present strawmen, I never said that.
This is scientific, watch wild animals put into captivity. Actually look up the arctic fox experiment.

Don't read Steven Pinker - Blank Slate then. It won't tell you about how your personality is shaped more by your biological parents than (if you were adopted at birth) by social/cultural currents and foster parents combined.

And why does you brain work the way it does.
Why doesn't it work like a cats brain or a parrots brain? Genes.
Why doesn't your brain work like an abbos brain

I did not contradict myself and I told you exactly why.
Flipping switches on your genes will not undo the results of the preceding genes for years, nor would your body immediately change even if it were possible. But it is not, you would need to redo development, oh hey I already said a lot about this in the previous post.

>Victoria era (((gender constructs)))
Why do you smell so much like someone trying to fit in.

no way that's the same person, unless they had substantial surgery. everything is different - nose, mouth, cheeks eyes… Also, the pronounced adam's apple is gone.

I know what you're saying, but you're still absolutely wrong to say that "everything" is genetic. That sort of reductionism simply doesn't stand the test of any science whatsoever. Even the geneticists you venerate - who point out sex differences and whatnot - would not make that claim. Just because you can show a statistical correlation between certain behavior traits and sex doesn't mean "everything" is genetic. It simply doesn't follow, and if you don't get that, then you don't understand science.

Just because retards stole a perfectly legitimate word from philosophy and science doesn't mean I have to stop using it, kiddo. I'm old enough to remember a time before "problem glasses," unlike you, so piss off. At any rate, "problematic" is only, ehem, problematic, when you think simply using the word means you've made an argument, as SJWs do. If you explain what it is that is indeed problematic, then there's no reason you cannot use the word "problematic" – stop getting triggered like a faggot.

It is a meaningless statement, or its simply flat wrong. No one thinks that literally everything you ever do is completely hardcoded into your DNA. Literally no one thinks that environment has 0% to do with who you are or how you act. You literally don't understand the science. You are overreacting to pomo social constructivist retardation, and then adopting the opposed reductionist stance. But, its a false dichotomy: the question is what is genetic, how, when why etc.

You were indeed reciting lolbergtardian rhetoric. The fact that you don't realize it doesn't mean its not true. You simply lack perspective - you're trapped inside the meme. It's times like this when social constructivism is useful - in order to explain mememagick and golem

this is a false dichotomy and a strawman. see above.

yes you did, and I truly believe you don't understand why. that's why you should become more literate before you speak

It's true. Sorry. Also all that chivalry stuff never even existed. It's all a story. Read Joseph Campbell, kiddo.

I try hard to fit in to nu-Holla Forums, you're correct. I'm actually far too old to even be here, and have been here far too long newfag

You shouldn't be having hot baths you degenerate. You need cold showers/baths to maintain your immune system and adequate BAT.
I hope I don't have to tell you that you shouldn't be doing that either.
By definition you can't be responsible, and your opinion on the subject is worthless. Men create civilization, we maintain it, and we destroy it. Usually through allowing ourselves to become weak and feminized, just like this time.
Who is "us"? Degenerate whores that want attention?
You have nothing to wait for. Your role carries no risk. If you want things to get better, act like a woman. That's it. No risk, no waiting needed, just quit your job and raise children.
No you won't retard. You won't be allowed. When society is rebuilt again women will be back to being women. You won't be there, you will be at home where you belong.

he better be lactating soy milk or im gonna flip my shit

We're anons here so I don't need to tell you what I study or work with.
If you truly believe the blueprints of your cells do not decide how your cells act, you don't even have a cursory understanding, no need to throw rocks in glass houses.
Not something I said and that is reductionist. I however have not said anything that is reductionist at all. In fact it is the complex interaction of genes that results in your body, not single genes acting.
If you want to test this theory, tell me something that you think is mostly not genetic (or least genetic since you don't accept all things are genetic) and I will explain to you what kind of genes made it that way. Nothing to lose since you believe you are right, right? And then you can stop putting words in my mouth.
I am completely aware of my self awareness. You could reference something instead of making a long winded insult that can be said in less words; "ur dumb lol"

There is no false dichotomy here. If you believe some things are more than your genetics then you are believing in a lie. You can not force non whites to act white by the proper social conditions, not possible. You would understand this if you faced the facts.

Great debate. I'm sure everyone reading this isn't agreeing with me. They love your approach. They all agree that I am unable to believe things because you said so, which things? Who knows! You said it so it must be true, what is true? You won't tell us.

I laughed at this because Gender applies to words and objects, not to organisms that already have a masculine and feminine gender as per their biology.

That won't work here. Say what you mean or stop posting altogether. Just calling someone dumb here won't win you any upboats.

This, more likely

This is trans going the other way, a female taking male hormones.

She still got pregnant and breast feeds, but looks like a dude

Strawman. Stopped reading there because you are either absolutely stupid, completely lack reading comprehension or you are trolling.


It isn't a strawman. I told you from the beginning that everything is genetic. This is not controversial if you were actually well read in the field.

okay, so there actually was extensive facial surgery. jeez, that's crazy. they did a pretty good job

You're not making the connection between low-order processes and complex behavior. You're also not showing that ALL that behavior is COMPLETELY controlled by genes. If that's not what you mean, then what you're saying isn't novel. So, the main problem with your statement is that it has no real meaning, as I said before. It's pointless. By the statement "everything is controlled by genes" either you are being indefensibly reductionist or absurdly banal. I don't understand why you don't get that. Perhaps you could try to use more scientific language and be more specific, but I don't think that's going to help quite frankly, I don't think you're capable

Your assumption, not mine.

You keep misunderstanding what I am saying. And that is strange because I am not implying things or using poetic language just blunt points. You keep saying things like "behavior controlled by genes". You are not quite convinced of your own words because you have to add adjectives like COMPLETELY or 'completely "hardcoded" as in your earlier post.
Genes do not "control" things they decide them. For example society might tell two indiviuals the exact same thing. We could look at historical USA. Society says, communists are evil and they are trying to destroy you and defeat you. All types of paranoia pop up in society with numerous permutations of this statement as people talk in public about the red scare. Behavior can't be "hardcoded" nor can all the things you do be "hardcoded". However we have these two individuals. One of them is very neurotic and compulsive so when this propaganda is coupled with "NUKES" he builds a massive deep underground bunker and distrusts anyone that says anything that even remotely sounds like socialism. His genes made him get hypervigilant even to the point of assuming that if he doesn't know that someone is not a "red" that they could be, or are.
The other individual is relatively relaxed in the day to day so when he hears about this red scare and "NUKES" he assesses the situation and considers that perhaps those speaking negatively of America in general might not be friends. He talks to his friends and associates and mostly sees the whole thing as propaganda and tries to help some of his friends be less neurotic. One individual had genes to make him impulsively react against imminent danger just in case. The other individual had genes that made him think about things more thoroughly and then make a decision. But I digress. You seem to have misunderstood my post(s).

>If that's not what you mean, then what you're saying isn't novel. So, the main problem with your statement is that it has no real meaning, as I said before. It's pointless. By the statement "everything is controlled by genes" either you are being indefensibly reductionist or absurdly banal. I don't understand why you don't get that. Perhaps you could try to use more scientific language and be more specific, but I don't think that's going to help quite frankly, I don't think you're capable

I said everything is genetic. I do not care to try to say something novel but to correct the incorrect understanding of genetics and epigenetics. I most definitely am not being reductionist you keep using this word but it is becoming clear you don't know what it means. Genetics is inherently holistic, when we know little about a gene or genetic mechanism we isolate it and once we have identified the parts we must observe what it does in vivo and more specifically in the organism the genes are normally found in. Not enough information can be found by inserting the genetic pathway into a related but different organism.

The fact that you disagree that genes decide how your brain is structured, thus your behaviors, suggests you don't really believe some of the things you've said in this thread that agree with me. Race for example is genetic, very much so. And you can not teach other races to be our race, or even like it. They are not.

When you've accepted the redpill and reinspected all your other views in light of this acceptance then more truth will flow into your mind.
I do wish you luck with this endeavour.

I know you are

I'm not going to waste my time reading every word of that. You have no fucking clue what you're talking about


I think armed with this image alone you could prove to somebody the existence of objective metaphysical evil.

overstating the importance of their work, we've known men and women can induce lactation for years.

Your argumentation style used to irk me when I was young in my 4pol days, but it just shows that you are usually projecting your insults. I do wish the best for you, I really do.

That's right.
It's a dangerous strategy.

Also this. Good catch.

Wow, it's almost as if they had never bothered to google it or ask anyone, and if they had bothered, would have gone ahead and published this garbage anyway.

Simply replying doesn't mean you win the argument. You know that right? You literally haven't made an argument for 4 or 5 posts now. I just keep repeating myself because apparently you can't grasp the simple concepts I'm trying to relay to you - very simple things like "causation," for instance. You are a sad little neckbeard

Breastmilk changes everyday to fulfill the baby's need. This is why breastfeeding a baby is so much better than babymilk. When a baby breastfeeds it somehow sends what it needs in nutrition to the body of the mother. The question is if a male body can do that and if a baby can even live on the milk of a man. For example a baby will die if it is only feeded cowsmilk since it lacks nutrition. But they can survive on goatmilk. They can kill the baby with this experiment.



I can watch a beaner fillet a dudes face off the way a sous chef would peel a potato, but violence against dogs and pedophile drag are the two things that still just jam a knife right into my fucking heart.

Maybe if degenerate fucks like you could take care of women instead of being cucked pieces of shit we wouldnt be in this predicament to begin with. Now would we. The day youre able to be a man and take care of shit properly is the day you get to have an opinion. Until then shut the fuck up and let the real men do the talking. Thats the worst part, that feminized faggots like you sitting at home doing fuck all about anything think you get to have any thoughts on the matter at all. Act like a man and I will act like a woman. My thank you was directed at the real men of pol. But you continue to stay home whining like a bitch all you like. Im sure your oedipal mother adores it.

My wife and children are doing just fine you histrionic twat. My wife doesn't go to work, my kids don't go to school. Just because you can't find a husband doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means you're not good enough to deserve one.

Scroll up just two posts and you can see my lengthy replies, based on technical knowledge.
Accusing me of accusing you doesn't somehow negate what you did with your words.

Anyway, we heartily agree on the core points you just seem angry that someone else is knowledgeable on the subject too. That's not healthy.

There is a term called SIDS and they will just blame it on that.

There is violence and then there is crime against nature.
I don't believe a hwhite man could ever truly be desensitized to crimes against nature.

Let us all unite to despise traps and jewish propaganda saying traps are beautiful or healthy.



He died for this.
What a pity.

At this point im pretty sure Nature wants all jews dead.

Kill yourself Freud

I am more than happy to provide you free bumps but you aren't even saying anything.

I already said what I had to say. You've just ignored it and babbled.

you mispelled man

I've explained to you why everything is genetic does not mean "your genes control you" or "everything you will do in life is 'hardcoded' by genes".
But you keep on the strawman and have even spilled your autism over into another thread. Again creating a strawman of what I said and then linking to one of my shorter posts in this thread (which of course doesn't contain your strawman because none of my posts implied what you keep attributing to me).
It is too bad that you are butthurt, but you will get over it eventually.

It's not a strawman. I already told you, if what you mean by that is simply that genetics matter, or that genetics have influences on processes, then what you're saying is completely banal. What you are saying is only interesting – ie. you should have only said it – if you were making the strong argument. This argument is, of course, untenable.

ctrl+f "dependent variable"
ctrl+f "variance"
ctrl+f "independent variable"

Why would I use technical jargon that would add nothing to communicating the concepts we are discussing?
I don't know what your aim is but we aren't even discussing the topic for the last 5 of your posts. Do you just want to bump your lactation OP, is that your fetish?

The argument I've made, based on facts, which you have no counter argument to; all things an organism is are genetic. How an organism reacts or is affected by the environment (epigenetics) is genetic. One human being can not be swayed by the feelings of others if they are not developed to have empathy. One cell likewise can not react to the environment to develop differently if it does not have the mechanisms for sensing and responding to it, or lack of defenses in the case of deleterious effects.

Next time spoiler your degenerate Images, jew.

stopped reading there. that's called doing science. and, if you can't see how explaning variance in a dependent variable based upon an independent variable is relevant to the conversation, then you simply don't know how science works and you should kys

Reverse traps are just tomboys

You've not made any arguments using these words and have been shitposting your own thread for 2 days now.

That's why morphine is called the gold standard.
But you're underplaying the role of functional groups I think. Drugs differing by just a functional group or two, while the backbone of the molecule remains the same, can have vastly different profiles.
Look at 5-MeO-DMT vs N,N-DMT, or psilocin, or tryptamine by itself.

It doesn't mean anything overall. Only the pure male gene would go extinct, and even that in a couple of generations.

Reproduction is how species get rid of defective or ill adapt subjects.

Nature is harsh and it doesn't bend to any deviations, if the kikes like it or not. It will rot them out, one way or another.

Daily reminder that yes, biological males can grow breasts and even lactate if soy'd up on hormones.

This is very bad and can mean cancer. Fuck, I know medications that inhibit estrogen or estrogenic like effects warn people that if you get discharges from your nipples you should stop using said medication and see a fucking doctor.

This is not healthy, the poor baby who feeds off this unnatural chemical induced titmilk is likely going to be dead by 30

I don't have to. My whole point this whole time is that you are not using those words. Remember when I said, if you're not saying everything is hardcoded into the DNA, then what you're saying is banal? Remember when I said that? Why is it banal? Because everyone, with the exception of a few radical pomo SJWs, already knows genes are involved in just about every metric. I'm going to say this again:


…and when, in what way, why, how etc. The point is everything you've sad is handwaving. Until you show a correlation between to variables (ostensibly a particular gene and a particular behavior), show how much, on average, the variance in the dependent variable (behavior) is affected by the independent variable (gene) and then posit a mechanism of action - ie. how does a gene translate itself into this particular behavior - then you're just masturbating… and worst of all, wasting my time.


no, user, that species would go extinct… or at least see a rapid and precipitous fall in population

at least he won't be gender biased, though, so HA!

You have my sympathy, user. You can be proud of the fact that you cared enough to try, which is more than many ever do.


It's almost medieval how medical practitioners can ignore such blatant scientific awareness

It's funny because estrogen buildup is literally tied to cancer, soyboys are giving themselves cancer by chugging hormones and soy.

So how much of that ((("milk"))) is mucus and pus?

Where's Sam Hyde and Ben Garrison when you really need them

That's why I mentioned a cost profit analysis based on patents. The side effects are extreme when those side groups interact.

Except there is no nature vs nurture debate. Everything is 100% genetic.
How do you think your brain works? Just however you feel? It works based on the structure it has based on your genes. Chemicals in your brain and their amounts are directed by genes. Receptors for those and other chemicals as well as electrical charge are also directed by genes. So how your cells modify some genes is decided by other genes. Nothing you do is 60% genetic or 40% genetic or 90% genetic. It is all 100% genetic.

right. that's an absolutely untenable position to take.

Precisely by hardcoding environmental signals into the brain using the platform (human body, perhaps a modular brain but arguable) created by genetics.

You literally picked the absolute worst example for your position. I wasn't born knowing the quadratic formula. Hell, babbys aren't even born knowing how to use their limbs. "Object permanence" is learned and so is recognizing oneself in the mirror. (though it seems the CAPACITY is hardcoded). You really gave me a good giggle on this one. I'm glad I kept responding to your mindless babbling.

There are stories of Eskimo women whose own infants had died "adopting" puppies in this way. I suspect that the practice goes back to antiquity. Suddenly stopping breast feeding causes the breast to swell painfully with milk.

> Gender applies to words and objects, not to organisms that already have a masculine and feminine gender as per their biology.

Gender is a linguistic concept. Gender is a social construct because language is a social construct and gender is part of language. In English, gender is largely vestigial, but there are three genders: masculine, feminine, neuter ("he"/"she"/"it") and the only place it still matters is 3rd person singular pronouns.

Sex is a biological concept. In most higher organisms, (ignoring single-celled organisms and fungi) there are two sexes: male and female. Anything other than "male" or "female" is a birth defect in mammals.

While gender usually implies sex when referring to living organisms (male == masculine; female == feminine), in modern English is acceptable to refer to a non-human animal as "it" regardless of actual sex. If this drift continues, eventually people will also be "it" and gender will cease to exist in English. Conflating gender and sex and referring to a person's "gender" is prudish kike bullshit.

Yes, kikes push both porn and prudery, all the better to screw us up!


It won't just happen, with the power of god it's up to us to wipe these demons off the earth.

I don't get why Holla Forums just can't admit that gender is a social construct. You can still say that gender is a social construct, but also people that are male sex but female gender (etc) are mentally ill. It's like how Holla Forums won't accept there's a difference between race and ethnicity. Even if the two are tightly coupled, in general, its still useful to have the concept. For instance, someone could be racially German but have been adopted by a French family and raised as a Frenchman. The problem is the misuse of these concepts - or linguistic artifacts if you will - for insidious purposes.

can someone explain this webm a bit? some of the audio clips are not familiar

it's a pedophile autogynephilia fetish, nobody needs to feel a baby sucking milk from their gynecomastia-formed man-tits to feel mentally sound.

and op talking about something doesn't mean they support it, retard. do you act like a nigger on every thread that starts with news on something you don't like? how do you function, you cockmilking ape?

Nobody has ever said such a thing

> male sex but female gender

There are exactly three genders in English: masculine, feminine, neuter.

There are two sexes in mammals: male, female. Anything else is a birth defect.

"Female" "gender" is kike bullshit deliberately conflating gender and sex.



Those birth defects are rare, faggot. Rarer than trans faggotry even is.

No, it is not.
And I have explained to you why.

Exactly, genetic mechanisms take environmental variables to turn genes on or off. If your body lacks a gene to do or be something, it will not do or be it.
Some humans have extra muscles in various parts of their bodies. You can't grow those just because you are an athlete.
Some humans have more capable brains, no amount of education will bring other humans up to their capabilities.

You were born with a brain that has the capacity to do so. If you were born with an abbos brain, you might not ever master multiplication.

You are agreeing with me on every point then saying I am wrong, hilarious.

I am tired, Holla Forums. I am so very tired of Jews.
When will we finally rid ourselves of this affliction? Do we wait in perpetual agony for the complete collapse of society to make bold moves in a chaotic semi-lawless environment? Do we organize now and potentially throw away our careers and futures all while running the risk of accidentally organizing a honeypot that yields no fruit? I don't mean to come off as blackpilling, I genuinely want to know what to do to stop this madness that is consuming society. I am tired of passively watching in disgust as this absolute insanity is patronized in (((studies))) and promoted as "normal."


I'm not waiting.
Get fit get hard and have 3+ kids.

from the picture I thought both were trannies, I guess Jewesses are dam ugly.

Pretty much this tbh. It's like watching a beautiful flower (civilization) die in slow motion.

Casting to find the thread that image is from.

*when you rage post too fast to read the entire thread