Are normies waking up?

The comment section of this jewish pro apefrican immigrant documentary is full of red pilled people.

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So they went from Africa to Europe and then from Europe to China after feeling unwelcome in Europe. Interesting. How can we accelerate this?

those are actually motivated people that don't have bottom tier IQs and some shekels / family backing

He's in for a rude awakening. The Chinese fucking hate African immigrants.

LOL, ok.

they're happy to take anyones money and expand influence however policies change by the day and appeals for compassion remain unanswered

I think you underestimate how dumb the average apefrican is and yeah most of their money is peanuts and they end up small time hustling vastly exaggerating the amounts they can make while living in a shithole shoebox

they also largely disregard visa rules and often end up selling drugs as well

Wait a second, you just told me they're "actually motivated people that don't have bottom tier IQs and some shekels / family backing" and now you admit they're the exact same scum as anywhere else?

Anyway, how can we make more niggers leave Europe for China?

dindus in Europe don't work at all and have no money

Dude stop, it's getting laughable. You clearly have never been to China nor to Europe for that matter.

They. Are. The. Same. Scum. Everywhere. Else.

Even jew polls have been saying consistently for a while that GenZ is coming up at least somewhat more conservative. This and internet freedoms seem to be helping the pendulum start to swing the other way against far leftist retardation. I'm certainly more hopeful now than I was in the middle of 2015, 2015 perhaps being one of the worst years for sojus lunacy.

Wherever nigs go; they must nog.


By the way, OP…You might think that they're working since they have import/export businesses or shops but guess what?

Here in Europe, many niggers have import export businesses (for cars for example) or shops as well just like in the video. Paris is full of such african shops and businesses. Curious isn't it? Why would so many notoriously lazy africans all of a sudden become shop and business owners….It's because they import/export and trade drugs and other illicit stuff next to the normal stuff. That's what they're doing in Paris, that's what they're doing all over Europe, that's what they're doing in China. Niggers are just bad news, and doubly so when they're in the import export business.

Been to many countries, can confirm.

Don't tell them user, let them go.

Dude, I don't know if it's just me maybe I watch way too many videos on WWII but the YouTube comment section is often surprisingly redpilled.

meme this

They sound like Americans in the 1950s. Just like in America, the jew will slowly replace them and do it using money from their paychecks.

China made, "Dead Nigger Storage Boxes, $1 USD per 50 units."

There are lots and lots of smart people on youtube trying to get redpilled looking for information that they can't get anywhere else.
If youtube didn't deliberately pozz the comments and take down videos it would be redpilled AF over there, believe me.

Black people are getting Jewed, they've been naming the Jew. Lupe Fiasco had to retire for naming the Jew. Dame Dash names the Jew. The other parts are just as good.
If mainstream black artist came out against the Jew they're done. If you keep pushing a whites only policy then they know you'll lose the election and the Dems will install hate speech laws. If you want to win and do what's not only right but realistic you'd form a coalition with other races with one goal, get control from Jews and corporations and then you can set immigration policy with rational actors not brainwashed Jewish puppets.

You cuckchan faggots need to lurk a lot longer before you pollute this board.

uh, no. we should work with other races on exposing the truth about jewish crimes. But only when the blacks and browns and so on are on their side of the wall, and the Whites on the White side (so to speak). White countries for White people, and only White people, is the ultimate goal. the jews and their lies/crimes are just the main enemy of that goal, and also pure evil.

China will tolerate niggers, but only in the far western provinces. In China there is no freedom of movement between autonomous regions. Generally speaking if you're stuck in the western region of China you're there because you have no choice and you probably will not be allowed to travel to the interior of the country.

That said, if the niggers went straight to Hong Kong that still retains many of its former British laws that's an option but they still will not be able to travel anywhere else

Billions of US debt is held in your country while you cannot export your currency otherwise expect its value to plummet since your GDP per capita is so low and your government tries to hide it by artificially raising PPP. stupid fucking Chink
Sage for doublepost

Yeah they have font stores all the time. There's a sextoy / lingerie shop owned by an arab over here, I have NEVER seen anyone enter it and I waited there multiple times to take a bus at many different times. Another donner / kebab shop next to it is selling mobiles and shit, I only see there different arabs talking to each other, and not about mobiles or the like but they talk as if they know each other. Besides those people I never saw anyone enter it.

How can those business still exists if almost nobody is buying anything from those shops? You also can't really find a website from them, which is super uncommon in modern day.

Both are DEFINITELY fonts used for drugg trade. Arabs are doing this more than nogs. Nogs are usually the ones distributing them but they're not the ones responsible for the druggs being there in the first place, they're too dumb for that.

A shekel for the good Goy. I see all of you are taking the bait on DACA too. They keep rolling it out for more divide and conquer value and to give Chuck Schumer more free campaign advertising. The dems are working hard to primary him but now they can't since he'll be the hero. You just can't imagine how many polls and statistics the immigration studies run. They want white people and mex people divided. A Jew owns Univision and he's peddling divide and conquer propaganda too. You want a white ethnostate but instead your going to get Schumer & co passing hate speech legislation. Nice job.

How exactly is it artificial? PPP is the only thing that matters to the average Chinese person. Their standard of living has increased immensely.

The Chinese are not beholden to the valuation the Jewish global finance cabal places on their currency. They've successfully played the system to their own advantage by keeping it low and exporting (which is easy to do, the Kikes can't stop them, unlike if they wanted to keep it high.) Their new economic system since 1978 closely resembles National Socialist economics.

Who's asking? Who are you asking?

Uninstall Holla Forums and never come back.


Guangzhou is full of niggers and isn't located in the far western provinces.

That entirely depends on the nationality of the niggers. Nigerians, Malians and a few others are far more than just drug dealers in the streets. There are tons of articles in French language on that, just search for trafic de drogues afrique.

History has been repeated.

Assmad.shareblue shill bitch


migration is a scam: legalized human trafficking by the global financial elites

Something tells me that China is not going to jump on this the way the Euros have.

I severely underestimate how little the Chinese care for the nigger and would gladly genocide them and take their lands if the global media eye wasn’t watching.

The Chinese central government actually is pro-minority and the Chinese one-child policy only applies to the majority Han Chinese, not to the Chinese kebab or the Tibetans. All of China hates niggers but they'll start changing their tune when the kikes strangle them economically for lack of multiculturalism.

lel. It's at least heart warming to see the chinks fail in Africa the same way we have. If anyone wants those natural resources more than the jews and West it's them.


I want to see a clash of niggers and pajeets honestly. the shit flinging would be epic.

The Chinese will be harder to subvert than the Europeans. One major obstacle is a lack of 'feels' to appeal to.

Stop handing out newfag camouflage.

You sound like a child. Lurk two years before posting.