And now that Dems have rejected the 1.8 million Trump "offered"…...

And now that Dems have rejected the 1.8 million Trump "offered"…. here is Trump walking away without giving anything while reducing the Dem voter base by millions for the midterms and 2020.

Four. Dee. Chess.

Where are the shills today?

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No kikery in this post. You're welcome.

To be fair this could be interpreted as working hard for amnesty. However its obvious at this point the well is too far poisoned, and the impossible deal will never be struck. Gee gee

But he'll end up cucking and granting amnesty at the last minute. You'll see.
Or SCOTUS will rule that no one is illegal. You'll see.
Or no wall will be funded and immigration laws will not be enforced, you'll see.
4d chess right fellow based reddit t_d magapede

asses and elbows


Literally the same talking point being used by Democrats.

Isn't her grandson the one who wanted to be brown? Says it all about them really

So you're saying the Democrats are fucking retarded and pulled by the nose ring into whatever direction he wants?

< Nancy: Dreamer
< Nancy: Bipartisan Defeat


read it again

At this point though, the DACA people are thinking "just give Trump what he wants and we will worry about it later", due to their lack of forward thinking and their desperation. The left screwed themselves over on this.

I'm saying the same talking points are being used by both sides.

You're right. Who's representing the non-clown side and saying "catapult this goddamn spics back to mexico"? They're both playing under the assumption that mexicans belong in america.

It could be interpreted that way because THAT’S EXPLICITLY WHAT HE’S SAYING.

Republicans: I can't believe the Democrats would abandon legislation that protects DACA recipients

Democrats: I can't believe the Republicans are sabotaging legislation that protects DACA recipients

The correct response: DACA was an illegal EO meant to protect illegals, which was only legal because it was set to expire (DA = deferred action). We don't support the previous administrations' defense of illegal immigration and will be deporting all DACA recipients when this unlawful EO expires.

Oh shit you might be right, this might be the end of Plonado Harumpf!

You read it again.

Trump is calling out DEMOCRATS
Nancy is calling out TRUMP

This is literally the same MUH DRUMPF bullshit the leftists have spewing for over two years, which has zero traction. Trump is painting EVERY DEMOCRAT with the abandonment of beaners, and he will continue to do so right up until November elections.


In a perfect world, yes that is the correct response.

Are you illiterate or something?

Mighty quiet

Just go look at any Democratic politician's Twitter. They're all using the same talking point, blaming Trump and the GOP.

She is calling for the GOP to try and help but the main blame for the whole botched deal still goes to Donald Literally Hitler Trump.

They're fighting over who wants the shitskins more.

You're also underestimating the Democrat's ability to see Trump's long-term move. They're already running NYT articles about how Trump was poisoning the well to wait out DACA, while pretending to try to negotiate on it.

Well Trump is an easy target because he's effectively the head of the GOP. Trump doesn't have an equal target, so it makes sense the Dems are blaming Trump and the GOP while Trump is blaming the Dems. The talking point is still the same: "the other side" wouldn't compromise and now the DREAMers will suffer

Yeah and they blame the Russians for being behind Trump so whats your fucking point?
In their desperate attempt to frame and weaken Trump they have been shotguns blasting blame and allegations in equal measure.
Only the most braindead of normalfags see this as DNC vs GOP.
The rest of us are seeing Trump teabagging the democucks and become even stronger because of it.

My point is that the same talking point is being used by both sides.
See . the average libfag can see Trumps long-term plan to stall until DACA expires.

They are licking their wounds.

It doesn't help the left though that while they are blaming the GOP and Trump, some people within the GOP are mad at Trump over the whole staffer getting accused of beating his exes. The democrats and their claims would mean something more if the GOP showed more unity. Their willingness to go after Trump in the past and even now makes the democrats look exceedingly weak by comparison. They essentially could not take it to a party lacking in unity. Also, all these claims of the White House being in turmoil makes the left look even weaker. In the end, they look terrible.

Tell me more about your severe assburgers disease

kek. Skeletor can spin it however she wants to but Trump has used 4D chess to flip the script and turn the democrats into the anti-DACA party. Oh the republicans want to legalize DACA so badly but that's impossible when those damn heartless democrats have abandoned the DREAMers! It's such a shame, isn't it folks?

The best part? The democrats can't do anything about it. Their real agenda is open borders so they can't accept immigration reform, or a border wall, or an end to chain migration or the visa lottery. So they can never make a deal on DACA. But they can't admit why.

That's true if you follow Trump's twitter, etc. but the kike media that the mentally ill left are attached to has turned the whole situation on Trump, saying he's the one who held the situation hostage a la . These are the same people who are foaming-at-the-mouth over literally nothing with respect to muh Russia.
In the same vein, the republicans can't get anything done on immigration reform, border funding, or chain migration unless they win the 60 vote majority they need to bypass dems. Effectively, all that happened was Trump and the GOP cucked DACA to death. That's a win in and of itself, but in terms of talking points, the Democrats and their sycophant media talking heads are just flipping the script saying they were never negotiating in good faith and DACA expiring is all their fault.

Oh my, so they are capable of learning afterall. Only took them, what, 2 years?
And they are only 5 years too late to stop him at this point.

I think thats the point of this whole circus show, he wants the dems to lose seats in the upcoming primary by seeming reasonable on DACA even though I'm certain he isn't and coming off as willing to work with them to come to solution, but they only look like they are ruining the effort. I talked to a DACA spic the other day, and he would gladly take all of the provisions offered by Trump in order to get a pathway, so take that as you will. Normies are weird in the way they function, you would be surprised. The primary is going to be fun to watch I think.

Yeah wow based victory for the status quo. How has Trump helped you Americlaps at all? Your demographics are still just as fucked and Trump hasn't done anything to change that, which is the whole reason he was voted in. Shit he could sign an executive order anytime to have the multitude of state forces actually begin mass deportations as per THE FUCKING LAW, but he won't.


So? Not even DACA spics trust the lugenpresse enough to believe it's all GROBNALD LUMRPF'S fault. Only the most mentally ill leftists are buying that narrative and they were always going to blame him anyway. His plan to create a fracture point using DACA is chugging along smoothly.

That's probably why he keeps stressing the importance of electing more republicans during the midterm.



idk, how was you shwarma for breakfast ahmed?

Yeah, but in less than three years, the jews get open borders.

No real response, just like everytime anyone makes a legitimate criticism of Trump on here, we just get shouted down by reddit retards.

You mean Isreal will take down their wall in three years?

color me shocked.

I'm still waiting for a new script nigger

did you screenshot the right tweet or did you get confused while writing the OP?
he seems to be saying the opposite you claim

What do you mean? He has done a couple things for me as a working class American.

He has removed the mandate on Obama care, so my healthy ass doesnt have to spend a lot of my money to just have a fucking card.

He did his corporate and personal federal tax cut, which will be saving me around 2000 dollars this year on my taxes at least, and that will help me fucking eat.

All of your arguments have 0 real points, and when people respond in kind you just say "Hah, no evidence!!!". We are all waiting for you to have a valid criticism.

Once again all you can do is call me a shill without having any real substance to back your argument up.

Enjoy your demographics mate.

He hasn't done jack shit to change the demographics which is the only thing anyone on here should be giving a shit about.

ya, you enjoy yours too mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker. hows london btw? oh ya, don't forget to hand over your encryption keys too :^)

It took Hitler years to fix Germany's demographics, and he got power specifically to do that. You think that, for a second, Trump can do that instantly? You're fucking insane and unrealistic. Go home schlomo.

You're right, of course they can see his intention to negotiate in bad faith and untlimately paint the dems as spineless and weak. The thing is tho, the dems are spineless and weak. I don't care how much preaching to the choir the dems engage in to the NYT, at the end of the day muds vote for dems because they expect results. The soyboys over at the NYT are already going to vote for the dems. Paco and Juanita, however, need a reason to stop drinking and get out of their barrio and pull that lever.

user, I was talking about shills harping about demographic change being unstoppable as their last resort of blackpilling while something clearly good is happening.

No shit. The DACA faggots just want to be legalized. So every time the democrats shoot down DACA their bean-rage intensifies. Even if some of them can see through Trump's 4D chess, the democrats are still the ones standing in the way of legalizing them.

I don't think it is even shills, just autists who never really understood history or how change works in the world. All they are is disappointed and butthurt. They don't seem to have any alternative agenda other than screeching about how mad they are that their ethnostate wasn't given to them on a silver platter the second Trump was sworn in.

yep, and thats why its fucking genius. Never actually give it to them because you know what the true goal is of the left.

I'm not a britcuck, also shit bants m8

Illegal immigrants are breaking the law, he could have signed an executive order the first day he took office to start mass deportations. But for some reason you mental defectives think that if you just wait long enough he will, deliver for some reason.



Reported for paid kike shill. You are not a Holla Forumsack.
1. Are you fucking retarded?
2. No, seriously, how fucking retarded are you?
3. Do your bosses think this will actually work on us?
1. Yes, since it’s US law.
2. He hasn’t.
3. He doesn’t want to.

dosn't matter as you know nothing anyways. Go back to whatever shit is going on in your country and butt the fuck out.

It’s just the shills, user. There are more paid posters than real Holla Forumsacks here anymore. That’s what happens when anything which goes against the narrative gets banned.

Reported for not being human enough to comprehend the English language.

I will agree, Trump isnt perfect. He isnt as much as he could be. But he is making good change in the places that it matters for white working class Americans. If all you care about is numbers, and not the lives of your fellow whites, then you're not really anything more than a power hungry kike.

What good is living decadently if you’re the last white family on Earth, you stupid cocksucking pile of shit. You’re a ✡libertarian✡, aren’t you?

Love watching the shills squirm. Can practically smell the anger dropping from your posts.


way to stretch the numbers faggot. we are still well over 70% of the population. california =/= the entire US. There are still more whites per capita in the US then most of Europe. Just shows how little you actually know.

I'd say on average they're butthurt because they thought they'd ultimately be rewarded or get a slice of the pie, but their immediate situation has not improved or likely has even gotten worse. There are a lot of people who haven't read Mein Kampf and don't understand that you personally will not benefit from your actions, and in all likelihood you will suffer and be persecuted for your work. At best we'll be remembered well in the history books, but my guess is ultimately we'll make a few paragraphs in some book on tech culture and that will be that. There's still a lot of work to be done though, but I think by and large the heavy lifting is done in terms of information warfare and most Anons (the ones who aren't butthurt blackpilled fags) are out doing shit IRL to advance the cause.
Demographics are still a problem, but they're being worked on. The economy is still in the shitter (unemployment, federal reserve no abolished, etc) but it's being worked on (tax reform, manufacturing). It's going to take a long time to repair all the damage, meanwhile we all just fought a war and we're getting treated like almost all veterans get treated: like dirt. That's always what happens, but when it's a war for our people, our philosophy, well you have to be able to hack it and keep pushing. Even as hard as we have memed, I don't think the jews will gas themselves.

The point of my post

Your head

The point is it doesn't matter how many tax cuts and other assorted bullshit you get if your people are still being systematically fucking genocided you dumb piece of shit get the fuck off Holla Forums

I want all the niggers gone, kicked out, and fucking removed. Same with the goddamn spics and obviously anything kike related. But I won't spit at a positive change just because its not everything I wanted. Stop crying and work for the change that you want. If you don't like the slow progress, speed it up. But I won't allow for whites to starve and suffer for your unrealistic goals. The choices were as follows, no matter what retarded shit you push.
1. Trump
2. Hillary
Trump isn't perfect, but he was better. I want a white ethnostate, but at this time it inst going to happen. The change has started; whites are waking up. But to try to pull a white uprising too early is only going to end in the entire movement getting squashed and destroyed. You have to have patience user. I dislike where the demographics are going, no one here (except the kikes) likes a nigger-infested America. We cannot fight a full blown war with the Kike international with a bunch of shitposters online.

Its not good, and I see your point. But we will not stand a chance if we fucking push ourselves too far too fast. It is a process user. An ethnostate isn't created overnight.

The muslim ban was enshrined in US law but the (((circuit court judges))) blocked it over and over again. Just because it's the law doesn't mean it will be enforced, and when Hillary wasn't indicted it proved that the entire jewdicial system is kiked through and through.
There is no law, you dumb shit.

Uh, no. You’re retarded.

The law says all illegals get deported instantly. No exceptions. End of story. 200,000 illegals were deported last year. Basically the same as under the nigger, who didn’t want any deported. We needed 7,300,000 to be deported to meet the quota of 30,000,000 by 2020. Explain the discrepancy.

how about you get the fuck off you kike. you haven't provided anything useful other than "heh you are losing xddddd". I suggest you off yourself you useless nigger. You still know nothing about the US and running your faggot mouth, you are the definition of shilling. now go back to whatever gay shit they do in where ever you live.

wow, amazing retort, you sure showed me.

The law doesn't exist, kike, and your kind have proven that. There's no rule of law.

Thanks for asserting something that no one questioned.
The law says all illegals get deported instantly. No exceptions. End of story. Trump is not deporting them. He’s “negotiating” to keep some of them. THERE IS NO EXCUSE, NO REASON, AND NO JUSTIFICATION FOR USING THEM AS A “BARGAINING CHIP” WHEN THE LAW–WHICH THE PRESIDENT IS CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED TO EXECUTE–EXPLICITLY SAYS “DEPORT THEM ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS”

I'm German. Don't try to lecture me on browning you fucking faggot.

Cry moar fgt.

Another non-response, wew TD gets butthurt over anyone saying anything negative about Trump.(kike)

Fucking die, please. You’re destroying your own argument and you don’t even know it.

Reported for being RETARDED.

back to muh
enjoy the ban, into the filter I'm done with this boring script.

1. Nowhere did I say this.
2. This is not true.
3. You have no argument.

I don't even think they're shills. I think they're just that moronic.

says it at the top idiot. also filtered.

Literally Reddit tier, top kek.

You have no argument and have posted nothing but lies so far. Go back to reddit like everyone is telling you.

Again, the average white man isn't in a spot where he views them as he should. He is still cucked. He is still under the influence of kikes. We are slowly moving him back to where he belongs, but the average white man isn't there yet.

Do not push things too early. Everything must be timed and calculated. We cannot just push without the white population behind us.


Too bad Trump is the only one liberals can pay attention to.


this is moronic shilling for you, foaming at the mouth so hard they reply even after I tell them I can't read their posts.

Your statements are bullshit, even in light of Bezmenov’s interview. Do you have any idea how quickly the Germans swung around when the Nazis took power?


No they don't. They pay attention to the lapdog media who spins everything Trump says.


Shareblue doesn't usually work in pairs though. I wonder who this is. JIDF or ADL maybe?

01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101101 01100001 01100100 01100101 00100000 01101110 01101111 00100000 01110011 01100101 01101110 01110011 01100101

its a bot (or retard) using vpn to sockpuppet

It's almost never a bot. Maybe a sockpuppeting faggot though.

nah, its a couple of tel aviv faggots sitting across from each other in a cubical, they already admitted they weren't american. its 3 of them or 2 with a sockpuppet.

Watch as it attempts to blend in.

Wew lad when you get a 4 week ban from this shithole from some TD mod because he can't handle free speech and people saying mean things about Trump.(Ban evading kike)

wewlad, keep burning those IPs please

Shit nigger you'd be surprised

Would make perfect sense considering "they" sometimes start responding incoherently.

I've noticed a bunch of duet posters lately. They'll just argue back and worth and kill the entire thread.

Kikes descend into incoherence whenever they get BTFO, it's like you've never had to deal with the vermin in person before. They're just fucking awful in every way, they're anthropomorphized mental illness.


thanks mods :^)

So you have no actual point to counter other than "naw thats bullshit mayne". Argue like a nat soc, debate like a nat soc. Don't debate like a kike. The reason the Germans turned around is because the situation in the 1920's was so dire and so terrible that it was crippling. The US is not in that state. The United states doesn't have an economic downfall; it's the worlds economic powerhouse. The situation is different and you need to assess the differences and make adjustments. The reason the German people turned around so well is that Hitler made the economy turn on a dime. I would say that the next best move for us would be to not kick out the Jew, but just the Federal reserve. Paint banks as the evil that they are. Redpill the population on how they work, the flaws in the system, and how the government allows for them to take advantage of the people and destroy their lives with impunity.

Anons, stop with the "you're a shill" bullshit. There are a lot of shills, but just crying shill on everyone who has a different way of reaching the same end goal is not going to stop actual shills, who are here to change the end goal. If they lose, they will show themselves to be wrong. Report and don't reply, you only feed the problem.

We cannot simply jump to nat soc immediately; the environment isn't right for that. First we need to re-establish the nuclear family structure, and make sure that we are aligning the culture to a more traditional style. Then we can push against the outliers; such as the niggers and spics who don't have such a structure. Then we can push against the kikes; who horde everything for themselves and are parasites to the traditional society we have built. We have to do it step by step. Leaping onto hollow ground will only make us fall through and fail.

It hardly matters now though, people's minds are made up and most of the organizing doesn't happen here because everyone has the toolkits, more or less. I don't even know why they bother shilling 8/pol/ anymore. This is more of a veteran's lounge than an active office now.

i may have unwittingly been one of the people arguing back

I'm sorry. My autism got the better of me.

But I learned
And I do think its bots, because they never filter:
Filtering is counterproductive to consensus cracking/building


I wanna say it'll be hard for them to pull this shit from prison… But Pelosi hasn't got a warrant and she really should have a warrant

They get paid per post, user.


Keep ban evading and telling us how not mad you are, kike :^)

Boy, he did a number on you shills, didn’t he?(sockpuppet)


Are you illiterate or something?
Look at the audacity of this fucking yid.

oh, hes very mad, as a matter of fact, I think hes totallynotmad(tm). I've seen this kike before. He will ban evade about 200 times in this thread alone talking about just how mad he isn't.

Based on her stuttering, stammering, and obvious dimensia, I'm guessing Nancy will see the inside of a coffin before she ever gets to see the inside of a jail cell. Illary too.

Now the question is, will he go cry on Holla Forums or knock over the cardstand at the dollar general store he works at?

I'm appalled that McCain isn't fucking dead yet, nor (((Ginsberg)))

nah, he'll go and swap back to making threads about white meetup honeypots and how Holla Forums is a pedo site.

Which also would fall under "filtering is counterproductive"

I'm not, they probably get the lion's share of babby blood for being so effective at jewish tricks.

Holy shit is this a spin on the jew-dog poster?

Cuz these dogs are cute

My point is that they're not bots. I normally only see one bot a month, if that.


They do use alot of recycled responses/retorts

There's just no telling bro, maybe-maybe not.

So, you again have no point. Are you saying that the US dollar is in hyper inflation? Are you saying all traditional values and rights are completely and obviously being infringed and destroyed? Its more subtle this time, we can't pretend the US and 1920's Germany are in the same state. If you think they are, you are completely disillusion. Currently the economy is doing better than it ever has been. How can you argue about how terrible the economy is when its at an all time high? Seriously?
Stay butthurt.
Your entire point was based on a premise of false equivalency and that is why it is bullshit. Comparing the horrible conditions the German people had during the 1920's to today is an insult to the Germans who rose above the hardships. What makes you think that Germany and the US are in the same dire state? Is the entire US economy destroyed? Is bread so expensive it takes a wheelbarrow of US dollars to buy it? Is the unemployment rate currently over 30%? Can you argue with any of my other points?

You know this is A LOT of winning we've been having recently.
Almost feels like (((they've))) given up.

Like I mean I know they haven't, but still.
Feels good man.



Its text converted into binary so your buddy could understand it better

Do you need to register?

Hollywood movies are recycled garbage, and that's just kikes being kikes. That's their nature, user. They are bipedal garbage.

good times

I'm still waiting to get tired of winning, but you and I both know that'll never happen.


oh how I miss those shenanigans.



that was Holla Forums right? Its been so long I forgot if it was us or Holla Forums

I like it.

I'd love to be able to just send one shitpost back in time, Titor-style.

B-b-butt MUH JEW WALL!!!
Trump really is the chaos president. I could not figure out quite why he was bringing up the DACA thing until he played his hand and caused spaghetti to collectively spill out of the pockets of all of the shills.

How can it be both a bipartisan defeat and bipartisan compromises, yet only the GOP needing "courage" to pass it? If they are in agreement, there is no courage necessary. Is there something in there someone doesn't agree to? Guess it isn't bipartisan.
Further, why would Trump sabotage what he has asked for if they are giving it to him. If Trump orders a cherry coke and you bring it to him and stick your dick in his ear, he isn't sabotaging anything by telling you to go fuck yourself.

Fuck off reddit.

Do you need to register?
How does it work?

I think I'm going to just start calling redditors "geeks" again. The shills have pounded that insult into the fucking ground.


Even when they are literally from reddit? That's the cringewave they were pushing. Also the "cute animal" thing was something a lot of those syrupy kikes from reddit were pushing.
If they were legitimate Holla Forumsaks they wouldn't be forcing that crap and helping make kikes shekels marketing it for them. Meh.

Just SHILL yourself )

Wrong. You are clearly not a real human bean.

Clearly never heard of caturday.

Only in your dreams.

You have to go back.



Yeah I'm noticing the attacks on fashwave lately.

They say fashwave is shills to instill a sense of the 80s and put us back to sleep. But that sounds like some 5th grade tier psychology to me.

I didn't mean to respond to your ass

I meant to respond to


those are some shit tier memes bro

No… knock over the global cardstand

Jews are literally harvesting ideas for their shows too. So much advertising lately is pushing for that look. Even the shills on reddit are ballsy enough to just state, "You'll like it" when anyone even mentions the style. They went hard and heavy with it. If the asses posting that cringe here are legitimate Holla Forumsaks they should not have a problem keeping that reddit crap there. And that is where you will find a lot more of it. They keep trying to push their way into other chans and are forcing another divide.

Stop shilling this. It creates complacency, complacency will create republican losses because, as we saw in Alabama, the Dems will cheat!
Lose enough Republican seats to Dems and they get their impeachment.
During the upcoming midterms, Republicans CANNOT be complacent!



No shit. I found it sourcing the push and it led me to reddit. The entire thing is a forced fucking reddit meme. That's why it's garbage.

Reported, kike.

To be fair this is obviously Trump shitposting you moron. How autistic or dumb are you?
Its him saying "oh geez its a shame these daca kids have to go back after all this effort we put into it :^)".
When he knew damn well the anti-Trump people were too stubborn to accept a deal he made, so amnesty was never actually on the table.
Its called "The art of the deal", something hysteric blackpill spergs can't comprehend. To the blackpill sperg everything is linear, everything Drumpf says is literal, if he pays lips service to something then OMG ITS ALL OVER, DRUMPF HAS BETRAYED HIS VOTERS.

More like reddit playing copycat to us. Fashwave been going strong around here since before trump. Hell I think I even remember some of the music being posted on cuckchan pre-exodus.

you were doing so good there

What will really bake your noodle is when you learn the truth that a faggot from FARK came up with caturday and infected Holla Forums with it.


Eat shit kike. Your lies are obvious.

White birth rates have already gone up, do a bit of research before you sperg out like that.

You're trying a bit too hard there, user.
Would be nice if it were so easy, but public opinion and the MSM exist. Propaganda is a powerful thing.

This. People need to shut the fuck up and read Art of the Deal. It explicates all of the strategies Trump uses in detail.

Anyone who starts bawling over anything non-linear he does should be regarded as a retarded shill and ignored.


You guys shouldn't been here when one guy was dumping pages for the book and shills were screaming "WHAT A FUCKING BOOMER" over that one story about Trump fucking over a kike and turning him into a bootlicker. That book is like pulling out the cross on a vampire.

woah we actually have mods here? where are you faggots during EU/AUS time when this place turns into a CP dumpster fire?

Really makes you think. Surely hes your average user, and not a paid shill.


The kids are yelling at their parents. kek

Would these DACA candidates refuse not amnesty but citizenship, if taking citizenship meant the death of birth right citizenship,chain & lotto,and the wall being built?

More than likely yes, at least for most of them. They come here to line money back to Mexico and then send one of them back to buy land really cheap for more bean and drug facilitation.

I must have missed that. I'm not even a muh four dee chess kind of guy I just think Trump is a skilled negotiator and dealmaker. He's not the messiah reborn, just a great politician in a time of absolute shit-tier politicians.

I wish Mr. Trump the best and hope he succeeds in his efforts to Make America Great Again.

Holla Forums isn't a free speech zone, yid. Never has been, never will be. You use free speech to spread your jewry so you don't get to have it.

I would give at most say 250,000 citizenship in exchange for

-the death of birth right citizenship that voids anchor baby citizenship.

-The end of Chain & lotto migration.

-The wall being built

-A lot of money allocated toward automating farms so we would eliminate seasonal migrant labor, which would greatly reduce the number of future illegal migrants.

Not a fucking chance unless you also sterilize them. Beaners having 10 fucking kids per couple gets real ugly real quick.

It's a reasonable trade. However I would like to not simply turn the other cheek and build a big wall between us and our enemies. We must do as America does and L.I.B.E.R.A.T.E. the absolute fuck out of Central and South America.

Why do these people come illegally? Many come for economic reasons but many also come because they fear for their lives. The nations of central and south america have become overrun by criminality, with their governments becoming mere pawns of the drug cartels.

The USA must recognize the true governments of Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, and more as being the various drug and human trafficking cartels. These animals kill thousands of US citizens and then we're supposed to just turn the other cheek and let them bumfuck us? They push opiates and amphetamines in our nation but we should simply allow open trade with theirs?

I advocate for a return to good old fashioned imperialism. Manifest Destiny is not over and it will not end until the USA encompasses all of the Americas.

There are millions of hectares of usable land and millions of viable laborers to work that land (we know they're good at it). Their nations could never stand against us, even if they all got together they would find their own people rebelling against them. These people come here because they want our help, I simply propose we bring the help to them. Allow them a path to citizenship through labor and service. Take these violent gangs to task and break them over the might of the US military. Who would stop us? No one has the right to stop us.

Ultimately this. Citizenship won't turn them into worthwhile human beings.

ty Don Don

and create an excuse for Latinos to flood the country as "refugees"?


Just look at the state of the CIA niggers in this thread trying to hand out blackpills over this news.

LOL the absolute state of shills. I love it.

Pfft yeah if it's done retardedly. Instead we designate the new areas as special annexed zones. No Refugees. They must stay in their country of origin and apply for citizenship but after fifty years or so it'll be just another piece of america and there'll be no need for a flood. Meanwhile the crime rate here will plummet and ICE can focus on the Pajeets, Sandniggers and Chinese who come in illegally.

Trump will compromise with the Democrats and give us 3.5 million new beaner citizens and no wall. 8gag will swear up and down that it's just 1488D chess and that when Barron Trump becomes president, he'll deport the 3000 million new mastizos and mexigoblins that will pour over the conspicuously unwalled border once white america cucks out and gives amnesty for one last time before being overrun.

Nope, that's a (((false narrative))). Beaners are savages to whom brutal conflict is a natural way of life. That's why they're violent and bring violence with them when they come here. Or where ever they go. Kikes say the poor mexicans are afraid for their lives in mexico because of all the mexicans in an attempt to drum up sympathy for them. It's complete bullshit.

The only way to solve south America's problems is to exterminate the south Americans. And if you can't commit to total genocide then just build a wall and leave the spics in spic-land.


I'd much rather him say "Let's get rid of them" instead of trying to appeal to faggots who want these illegals to stay but might reconsider voting democrat because of it.

checked, but respectively, you are retarded.

vaporwave in general was a cuckchan thing from early 2010s. fashwave was half/pol/s adaptation of it. commies then, like always, tried to copy the rights meme and failed. these stupid faggots were shitposted out of existence. i can only assume that they retreated back to reddit, where they could pretend that they had an original idea in front of even bigger retards than themselves.

reddit, being the lowest on the internet food-chain, gobbled up these commies unoriginal garbage, and started proudly waving it around as their own. meanwhile, those who survived the exodus brought fashwave here and continued to cultivate it. fast forward to now and all the alt-right fags are talking about it in interviews, reddit is completely convinced it is their own, and commies try pathetically to re-purpose the memetic components for their own wretched ideologies.

TL;DR reddit is just doing what they always do by stealing memes and watering them down as a result of irrecoverable retardation and brain damage

now user, I know that leddit is leddit, but even you should know that there are websites lower on the internet food chain than they are
such as facebook

You fucking wish, faggot. All of your DACA Mexicans are going back and you're going to have a nervous breakdown while trying to spin the narrative.

Give me a scenario. Here we are, enjoy pre-election levels of banter. Suppose Trump finally passes the amnesty, what will remain of 8/pol/?

Total shitpost badlands like Holla Forums? Meltdown and exodus like /gamergate/?

Sounds a lot like pic related

We all wish something better for America. I for one wish Trump binned DACA in his first week and then moved to working on the economy.

Yeah we'll see won't we. Of course just like any other cult when drumpf fails to deport the beaners just like he's failed to remove jew from finance and media all the syncopants will have some justification about how making millions of wetbacks into full-fledged citizens is actually good for white people. Sure, I hope I'm wrong, but Trump has been one disappointment after another and the fact that you get banned non-stop from this shithole for saying it only serves to emphasize the point.

There are zero content creators left here. Whatever happens that might eventually spill into 2020, it will stay contained here.



Also literally no one is afraid of >muh sampson option, I doubt the kikes are actually that courageous and if they wiped out a dozen multikulti citizens that could only count as a win for us.

The samson option is retarded. Let's say they do use their alleged 700 nukes and obliterate 700 western cities all over the world, all whites on countryside would still live and thrive. They would only manage to wipe out a fraction of the west with that, but in return israel would become a wasteland through thousands of counter nukes and kikes would become the most hated race in the entire world and will be hunted down by everyone in the decades to come and die miserably. Kikes have always failed the destroy the west for the past 2000 years, they did and do some damage, but never did they completely kill it ever and they won't manage to do it now.

Do you have lobotomy?

You sound extra triggered.
Have this

Nice try leftypol

Hes already won this one. By funding the gov't without folding, he now can just say Nope! to every bill that doesnt trade a path to citizenship for the Wall. Call it cucking if u want. Dont care. We need that fucking wall. Bad. It will make our job in the future a hell of a lot easier.

Plus the path to citizenship is rigged against them severly

We go underground. You'll never find us. But we'll find you.

Like I said, it came from reddit. Just because the halffag fucks bought into it back then doesn't mean they own it. The reddit fucks are trying the same shit that happened then, here.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out yid.

The issue isn't the stinkbeards they glass, it's the fallout thrown into the air for everyone else to deal with.

currently located in lib overrun shithole. Trump can't fucking fart without these retards claiming he's a clown and unfit for office while runs circles around them mentally.



Exactly This
There is no reason to reinforce it with the contemporary gore videos. They are from a stock of savage fucking human sacrifice sun worshipers that exercised brutal and horrifying religious practices nearly a thousand years AFTER such practices were abandoned in the Civilized world. While Michaelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel these fuckers were ripping out beating hearts to get the sun to come up tomorrow. They are subhuman, they are disgusting amalgam of Spanish rape and Aztec heart-extraction. They have no place here- period.

>The only way to solve south America's problems is to exterminate the south Americans. And if you can't commit to total genocide then just build a wall and leave the spics in spic-land.
There simply is no other way

why did you have to remind me of that cancerous site and that cancerous forced meme. the only acceptable cat memes are zippocat, aquacat or cdcat. A cat is fine too is also acceptable.


There are now 13 stickies,
this is getting out of hand.

Be patient, there's a tiny little patriot inside McCain's head that is fighting hard for us.

Nothing will fucking happen, I bet it's just a coy for them to get our attention. It has a sort of
So the elites if such a group exists can play somewhere where we aren't looking.

that "meme" was reddit before there was a reddit.

all who treat kitties like that deserve to die like that.


It was a response to the cancer that was talking shit. It brought it up. I just corrected the record.

If the jews would stop making slides they wouldn't have to keep sticking things people are actually interested in. But you knew that.

So nothing's changed and the current system thats got you in this mess it still the one you have?

Ish- it was the lack of enforcement of the current system among other thingstranny king niggers that got us into this mess. This keeps status quo, albeit temporarily.

You glow in the dark nigger.

I don't even give a fuck about niggers in Africa living in their mudhuts (as long as it doesn't obscure our plans), these mongrels though are flat out savage unredeemable subhumans. No exaggeration when we say EVERY single one must perish.

Tick tock America. This shit is worse than isis.

We're gonna need a mightier bingo board, and that one's barely a day old.

You're in the wrong company, psycho subhuman. Bet you have spic blood in you, eww. Gtfo faggot we love animals here, we're White.

The right words are there. The way those words are laid out tells a lot about you. Like a skinwalker trying to speak to people, here you are.




NEDM, dude.

who do you envision is paying people to support trump on Holla Forums

i am honestly curious

Vladmir China, of course. He's a confederate skinhead from Wall Street who gives us Bitcoin in exchange for sending death threats to african-american trans feminists in gaming communities on Twitter.


soon, psychofag

Duh. I could care less who blames who az long as every dreamer is executed or deported. I prefer execution.

I think youre the retard here. Trump is keeping his promises so far. If we get a wall i consider his presidency a win.

Agreed, there is a decent amount that could be added to from their usual playbook.

These are not radical changes. You have to end chain migration, otherwise Childhood Arrivals would be the new Anchor Babies, and as long as you sneak your kid across, they can bring you legally to 'reunite the family' even after you get deported for your crime!

You have to secure the borders or people keep sneaking kids across to move them to the head of the line. We cannot allow this to be incentive.

I used to get annoyed by the shills trashing up every single thread, but it's honestly starting to get pretty funny. Just imagine it: at first he starts shilling because his boss or some other lefty told him about Holla Forums. He goes there thinking he can out debate them. Then he gets completely BTFO constantly; apparently he has gotten a false sense of intellectual superiority from dealing with neoconservatives. He sticks around a lot more and Holla Forums really starts to leave its mark on his psyche, he suddenly thinks of us while going about his daily life, even though we don't even know who the fucker is. Eventually he starts to see debating as pointless and starts noticing how much we're winning. At this point the shill gets scared; he knows that if Holla Forums wins a single inch, it will snowball further and further until a SWAT team kicks down his door and stuffs him into a van heading for an execution camp. It's at this point that he becomes a mess in his own life, he is more confident in Holla Forums's abilities than the abilities of his own ideology. But he still needs to fight. Now his shilling turns into mindless obstructing. He focuses more on spamming, D&C, and bait rather than even bothering arguing with us - he knows he won't win any genuine discussion. His only possible way of fighting Holla Forums is to turn it against itself, to redirect its energies from 14/88. But guess what… It doesn't even work! He still gets BTFO and Holla Forums still keeps on marching. This poor shill has gotten so emotionally invested that he's become obsessed; his life is going to shit because he's still traumatized; no doubt he's gone a bit bonkers with homosexuality and other forms of degeneracy as some form of "sticking it to the fash." Meanwhile his boss or whoever sent the lad here has no idea, he doesn't even care! He's never dealt with us, so he just assumes that the shill is a bad debater, who wasn't able to properly persuade us to join the highly enlightened liberals.

Here's a message to all you shills and communists. We are going to save the white race and return the west to unipolar power… and there's nothing you can do to stop us. xD

Shills be like

Can't they pass law that gain the citizenships to the children with American parents only instead of the birth based citizenship? Also the american criminals should be deprived of the American citizenships so they do not have the benefits to access the welfare and vote right.


Who is this supposed to appeal to?

There's no argument here.

Why is this kind of spam allowed?
It's been ongoing for weeks, in direct violation of board rules.

There's never an argument against unfounded speculation.

Because it's aesthetic, if you don't like it filter it. Some people do like it.

If people weren't being lied to on a daily basis user, they would see these true savages for exactly what they are. Fuck MS13, it the Atzlan Larp that freaks me out. and it only reinforces their subhumanism by idolizing this horrid history that they have

You also forgot the planned immanentizations at the Eschaton conventions. tisk tisk

That's also not an argument, and the claim implied therein is disingenuous.

I don't think that's true, and its irrelevant given it violates board rules blatantly. Either change the rules or end the spam.

You get banned for questioning it, so enjoy your ban. Jim personally allows it. We're literally reddit now.

That's awful, but I'd rather be banned than silenced - thats what proxies and VPNs are for anyway.


Not one moderator has followed one rule on this board since Jim stole it from the original owners and put his lackeys in charge. Where the fuck do you think you are? You think this is a board for right-wing people? You think posting pro-fascist content here won't get you banned? You think Jim gives a shit about it, either? He's the one who said to do it.

Truth doesn't matter. Sucking Trump's cock matters. Even posting pro-Trump content gets you banned now if you don't suck it hard enough. Even if you have NEVER believed that he ever wanted amnesty, if you don't support him strongly enough you still get banned. The site is dead. If you care about truth above everything else, you need to leave.

The board does have rules, they're just very poorly, and very selectiely, enforced, it seems.

So no, we don't have rules. That's not what rules are.

Lads, this thread is a shitshow enough as it is on a decent subject.


sage for offtopic

Lad, you need to shut the fucking hell up. Actual Holla Forumsacks don't accept mass image spammers shitting up every single fucking thread on the fucking board for weeks on end. Nor do we accept mods who ban people who post scientific truth because it hurts their feelings. Nor do we accept selective enforcement of rules to push a far-left narrative on one of the only far-right sites on the internet.

Why are you saying a sticky?

Fair enough I suppose.

Goddamn autocorrect, am I right? Phones and tablets learn it eventually, but the desktop OS never does…

Forgot it was stickied

The "Undecided Voters™" who may break Republican in the mid-terms.

user why did you cover up his dick?

You can hear the disdain for whites in your "oh gawd, neva'trump" blathering. Either that or you fellow whites are in a constant state of pessimism.

I can't wait for that dirty old cunt to drop dead.

so true. it would be like pearl harbor x1,000,000. even marxist head-in-butt retards would be calling for kike blood. NUKE AWAY ASSHOLES! LET'S END THIS CHARADE!!!

3 million spics is nothing if it means gutting immigration on all fronts. 3 million stay, 37 million (who, with the status quo, will never leave) GO FUCKING BACK. 3 million vs. 40 million. numbers. of course they should all go back, but 92% of all is a lot. besides, mass deportations will build a lot of precedent and momentum. aka, "now that those horrible, erh i mean poor, beaners are gone things are so much better…….. hmmmmmmm….. brown is removed, everything gets better……"

the ideal goal, it seems to me, would be to redefine citizenship eligibility back to its original standards, aka "only free whites." and yes (i know most here know this, just for completeness), "White" is a definable science-based concept, despite the kike judges who claimed otherwise 100 years ago or whatever (overturning the race based immigration rules) they were replaced by "national origins," which worked well until the CIA plant LBJ opened the floodgates to the brown hordes in the 60s. indeed, "White" is more clearly definable now than ever before thanks to genetic testing and such things. I don't believe in the one drop rule, for the US at least, but some reasonable standard such as 7/8 or 15/16 White would be sufficient as a baseline. That's my opinion anyway. with eugenics the quality traits will be promoted over time anyway. also, feather indians are a special case and the non-hispanic ones should have a home here. Deport the rest to their ancestral homelands, or liberia, or brazil, or whatever. pay them to leave. 100k each. we would make it up in a few years, easy, and it would greatly reduce dissent (probably). Also, remove all kikes. every one. then, problem solved and close the fucking borders. limited immigration for Whites and no one else. awesome.

It wasn't supposed to be. Its a statement of fact.

You actually think spics are smart enough to see whats going on? I don't think I have that much faith in spics.

But he isn't actually negotiating to keep them. He, as well as everyone else on this board, knows that the dems will never accept the deal.

No amount of speculation or ">IF" screeching will change that.

Go back to reddit with this fucking cringey autism.

that's not even what he said

are you another word twisting bot/shill?

user, that will only be the case if the greens platform on "we would have taken the deal". And unfortunatly trump did turn off some voters, 4d chess or no, by simply offering the deal in the first place.

Yeah but the republicans turned off by this aren't going to go democrat, and the libertarians aren't a viable alternative anymore, the people who will be hesitant to vote for trump will also be distrustful of the libertarian party, which has been coopted and replaced by "neoliberal globalism but with pot".

the greens are a viable alternative that the republicans don't have. look at how much of a difference jill stein made last election.

my god i'm going to enjoy watching you fucks starve to death.

It's hilarious. Their main D&C/disruption narrative for the past month just disintegrated.

What's funny is them still trying to salvage it like they unironically think Trump is just gonna go "LOL WE'LL LET ALL THE SPICS IN ANYWAYS" despite that being completely out of character for him with no basis in reality.


… Tell me you don't actually believe that.

But its not, and that was expressed in the comment to which you were replying.

Daily Reminder that the shills are on both sides.

I think he means our SCOTUS. OUR. OURS.

The one the kikes are losing ground in. Your hook nose bitch will be dead before Trump is out, and it'll be a 6 seat washout every time. We already have the advantage.

Targetted harassment is illegal.

cat killers will be first in line come DoTR


Brother these things are obvious to you, just like the democrat lies are to you.. However you must consider the sheeple and how these facts can be presented repeatedly over and over through MSM until they've accepted it for truth.

You are thinking that lefties have come to the conclusions and their positions on their own, in the same way that we have. However they have arrived at their conclusions due to constant propaganda in every aspect of their lives. These are sense based personality types and they have a weak ability to think theoretically in their minds. Majority of us are intuitive types and this is the only reason we have been able to reach our conclusions against basically a wall of sensory based propaganda.

Donald trump thinks that he will be able to hijack the system the jews have created to control the sheeple(sensory types) and use it to put these people sensory types back inline. If the propaganda constantly was traditionalist and generative the sensory types that are currently our enemies would become our allies.

Maybe, but only if he's playing against you OP.

And those "voters" are fair weather mouth breathers whose only "knowledge" about politics comes from Internet celebrities. They would've abandoned the President no matter what at some point over really simple shit that's clearly explained hundreds of times.



Name one thing he's done for Israel.
Away from humyn sex slave trafficking hotspot Tel Aviv, and into a city already swarming with Palestinians that could fall to them at any day - giving them their very own U.S. embassy, within their self-proclaimed capital. How does that benefit Israel?
Talk is cheap. What's he actually done to accomplish this? He defeated their proxy, ISIS, before it could destroy Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq as planned. Their crypto cousins in Saudi Arabia got locked up and brutally tortured, with only some of them being released to flee the country for their lives, leaving behind billions of dollars in seized assets. He's jerking around Netanyahu with noncommittal bullshit, and is firing up the Palestinians to goad them into attacking Israel directly, in addition to all the back-end support he's secretly been giving to Syria and Iran.

Drumpf is NOT a friend of Israel, and cannot be trusted with such an important position.

Are you literally that retarded?

Almost none of what you said applies to Israel even remotely.
Already addressed this. It's an anti-Israeli move.
While true, they're next on the chopping block for foreign aid. That's what's coming in next year's budget - after mid-terms.
Any proof that he's actually hit anything important? Striking an emptied facility or a rebel camp claimed to be from the Syrian government don't actually help Israel.

Because it would be unappealing. Rumors say the Trumps plan on castrating their pets soon.

When you really think about it, being anti Israel is actually pro jew because you are saying you dont want the jews to live in israel you want them to come and live in your country.

Images on an imageboard are not spam.
2. The fact their messages trigger you so hard is extremelly telling, shekelberg.



I'm starting to wonder if the tumor is real or just an excuse for convenient forgetfulness.

Right now they're laughing, but come the election cycle the Republican Party has money for advertisements while the Democrats don't. Trump's admin isn't going to allow the Russian's to help Hillary this time either. If George Soros tries anything then he'll have his assets seized because of the new Executive Action that Trump passed.

He's literally going to bait the democrat's foreign funders to dump money into the party so he can seize it for attempting to interfere in the election.


You don't get it, it doesn't matter. They are trying to say that the man who said he'd end DACA is bad if DACA ends, as though that'd hurt Trump one dot. More importantly, it sounds so fucking weak; they are now on the level of trying to parcel out 'blame for a failure' at all now instead of 'Drumpf randomly attacks poor beaners'. The frame is not that Trump is an evil meanie, the frame is squabbling over blame along standard partisan lines, which is not a convincing or useful frame to any normalfag mind.

Moreover, I hope you see that the media's choice of now trying to say "Trump is actually a very stable genius doing 4D chess" is definitely not their best play, and what they are doing they're executing very poorly.

llegal immigrant Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, is charged in a savage beating.He allegedly trafficked underage girls for prostitution in Washington DC suburbs.Participated in a savage MS-13 beating of a 15-year-old trafficked girl, cops say. #EndDACA

Ayala-Rivera, a high-ranking local MS-13 leader who goes by the nickname ‘Noctorno,’ ordered the beating because he thought the teen girl was “not doing a good job as an MS-13 prostitute.”
Ayala-Rivera allegedly makes a lot of money by pimping out teenage girls.
Romero-Rivera and Ayala-Rivera are both in the country illegally. They were already in jail awaiting trial for allegedly being involved in a string of armed robberies.

#Q Anyone possessing an active Q clearance is always categorized as holding a National Security Critical-Sensitive position (sensitivity Level 3) #QAnon #TheGreatAwakening

llegal immigrant Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, is charged in a savage beating.He allegedly trafficked underage girls for prostitution in Washington DC suburbs.Participated in a savage MS-13 beating of a 15-year-old trafficked girl , cops say.


Ayala-Rivera, a high-ranking local MS-13 leader who goes by the nickname ‘Noctorno,’ ordered the beating because he thought the teen girl was “not doing a good job as an MS-13 prostitute.”
Ayala-Rivera allegedly makes a lot of money by pimping out teenage girls.
Romero-Rivera and Ayala-Rivera are both in the country illegally. They were already in jail awaiting trial for allegedly being involved in a string of armed robberies.

Chances he'll betray us and pull a Reagan?

llegal immigrant Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, is charged in a savage beating.He allegedly trafficked underage girls for prostitution in Washington DC suburbs.Participated in a savage MS-13 beating of a 15-year-old trafficked girl , cops say.


Ayala-Rivera, a high-ranking local MS-13 leader who goes by the nickname ‘Noctorno,’ ordered the beating because he thought the teen girl was “not doing a good job as an MS-13 prostitute.”
Ayala-Rivera allegedly makes a lot of money by pimping out teenage girls.
Romero-Rivera and Ayala-Rivera are both in the country illegally. They were already in jail awaiting trial for allegedly being involved in a string of armed robberies.

On the train to deportation.

I want to help Brendan Fraser be a man again.

end alimoney

llegal immigrant Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, is charged in a savage beating.He allegedly trafficked underage girls for prostitution in Washington DC suburbs.Participated in a savage MS-13 beating of a 15-year-old trafficked girl , cops say.

Ayala-Rivera, a high-ranking local MS-13 leader who goes by the nickname ‘Noctorno,’ ordered the beating because he thought the teen girl was “not doing a good job as an MS-13 prostitute.”
Ayala-Rivera allegedly makes a lot of money by pimping out teenage girls.
Romero-Rivera and Ayala-Rivera are both in the country illegally. They were already in jail awaiting trial for allegedly being involved in a string of armed robberies.


He hasn't reduced voting numbers at all. He just temporarily prevented democrats from raising their own voting numbers.

Stay assmadm shill bitch



How the fuck do you niggers not remember Zippo cat? Its a fucking imageboard classic.

that happened like 12 years ago, most people here are in their early to mid 20s

Sometimes I wonder who the oldest people are here, I'm sure some 50-60 year old guys casually browse

You the man now dog

this is how you know it's a shill, everytime

this is how you know it's a shill, everytime

As a non-american who has no clue what this is all about - can someone give a quick tl;dr ?

America has tens of millions of spics polluting what used to be a white country. Most came here legally or were born here as anchor babies in a cynical ploy to take over the western half of our nation.

One political party – Democrats – have discovered the trick to getting votes out of spics, so they want more of them to always win elections. The other party, which is likewise made out of shameless careerists, wants to somewhat slightly stem the flow a little bit if nobody minds too much.

Possibly 11 million spics turned out to be too dumb or too lazy or too poor to go through channels and get into the country legally. California lets these people vote. Many of them had kids along for the ride when they crossed over, and then they used their vast inertia to force our broken system to not deport them until their fucking kids were 30 years old; still totally illegal.

Every real person is pissed about this, and le Donald Drumpf rode the issue into the presidency. As it happens, there's an executive order telling ICE not to deport these parasites, and that's fine by the Democrats and self-flagellating liberals.

As a make-believe show of solidarity with these animals, Trump has publicly offered an amnesty program that would let them keep shitting us up, but he deliberately poisoned the pill with a demand for wall funding – in other words, let the Dems have their pet spics, but no more trips to the pet store for them.

Dems: "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

So now, for now at least, no deal. As of March 5, no more taco-spawn will be allowed to sign up for the protection of Obama's executive order, and the internationalist Jews are having kittens all over what used to be a dignified court system as they try to use cunty liberal judges to block the clear authority of the President.

Meanwhile, an obscure Papuan clitoris-piercing discussion group has split down the middle between one faction, which thinks Trump is a puppet of the zionist Jews, and the other, which thinks (approvingly) he's Next-Hitler.

The prognosis: Probably more bullshit. I myself am putting money on amnesty for 1.8 million of the aforementioned spics, followed by refugee status for 3 million white South Africans, who will be settled in California and shift 54 electoral votes toward Trump in 2020.

That would be a great idea and would cause massive liberal butthurt of UY Scuti sized proportion.

I'd be happy with a VY Canis Majoris shitshow, but we take what we can get. Also, checked.

[ © h ÷ © k ÷ d ]

Jews BTFO again, further to the right we go.

(time dubs checked)
Who would have guess at how easy it was to dismantle a political party all along.

I remember when it was new, and seeing it still pisses me off. Anybody who deserves to call themselves white loves animals.

Agreed, and historically supported as well. Animals befriend Whites more easily and more often than any other race.


Being this upset because you failed, well then…

you don't belong here leftypol

: c he ck ed :

I remember it you autist, why are you glorifying a nigger toasting a cat? She did it other times too. You have compasionless Mongolian mongrel blood. We're not some edgy retards.



The GOP doesn't have enough heads to ram this amnesty bill through?

shills have no option but to bitch and hide while run over you like a.fully.loaded.freight train
18bl sorosbux in ashes

"MAGA Doggo"

"Don't Vote Goyim"

Rapidly getting closer to 0 day by day.

I'm sure if we kill every single jew things will be fine and we should start thinking about doing this.

the "You're a civnat redditor" "Trump supporters are reddit/4chan refugees 8/pol/ never liked Trump!" are the most pushed shills in that bingo

How ironic, a fed shill responding to a bingo shill chart lmao.

Isn't that exactly what a shill would say?

Here's Diane Feinstein talking about immigration in the 90's.


Bump :^)

The overt slide threads are gone now tho

are you surprised?

I seriously doubt any of those 1.8m Spics will have the will to rise to the Standards required to have Citizenship in ten years.

That nigger is a toilet.

1.6 tops