Mueller indicts 13 russian nationals for information warfare to help Trump win election


Five defendants are charged with aggravated identity theft.

It's not included in the article for (((obvious))) reasons, but the indictment also suggests the same group promoted Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, and BLM. It also doesn't suggest they promoted lies about Hillary, they just pushed disparaging truths about her. Of course, the crime is creating sock-puppet social media accounts, which is standard info warfare that everyone engages in, even the US govt. Indictments against the NSA when?

full indictment document is here, having issues downloading the file

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>Inb4 Mueller is our goguy

Jesus christ, I just watched this announcement and the guy reiterated 10 times that they didn't believe it influenced the election and that it didn't favor any one candidate.

News media:

Fucking despicable.

It does set an interesting precedent, though. If it's illegal for foreign governments to use sock-puppet accounts to try to influence US thinking, when can we expect indictments against AIPAC?

How can you indict people for such a thing and still claim to have free political speech?

free speech is racist. time to implement compulsory biometric internet IDs to access any computer to prevent this type of racist travesty from happening again. Think of the CHILDREN!

lol ok


Oh the humanity!

Heh, you certainly don't have to lie to say disparaging things about her. So what, this is to call these guys in because they're meanie-face poopy-heads?

Sounds like he's trying to go after them for 'exceptional shitposting' or something.

a year, shit loads of money, and time, and completely failing to be able to "track down" a school shooter they were tipped on half a year in advance…. and this is all the left gets to have. 13 russian trolls indicted for shitposting about the election on faceberg.

The left will of course be screaming impeach again for another month based on this big nothing of an outcome, but they would have done that anyway. I really hope some amount of those leftist faggots really consider what they were after, and what they got, and how we told them already how this would turn out. How much fucking money for their pet nogs was wasted on this shit? How many people are dead because the FBI was to busy with THIS shit to be able to deal with that shooter in advance?

I doubt more than a handful will realize their folly, the rest will be drooling over the headlines thinking "drumpf is finally done this time!" because they never learn

Aggravated asshurt from shitposting warfare.

the horror

My favorite part is the claim their goal was to "spread distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general". Trust me, FBI, you couldn't make me any more distrustful of any politician or government if you tried.

They're going to try to get war with Russia one way or another
Oh, the humanity.

l-let's not jump to conclusions, goy

Yea,and not a fucking word about Uranium One,instead muh russian internet trolls influenced the elections on twitter goy OY VEY!!!


And this is a criminal offense how?

only Americans get to interfere in the affairs of other nations, goy

That's a very classy way of saying "we got memed on like a pack of fucking chumps".

By the looks of it they are charged with identity theft and bank fraud.

Telling people you dont like Clinton on twitter is not a crime thankfully.
I imagine if Trump hadnt won it would be.

It's plain that's never happened before in politics since the history of forever. Certainly the democraps have never, you know, spread distrust towards the candidates or anything.


wrong video

From the indictment, the actual charges are
1) Conspiracy to defraud the United States
The crimes listed as evidence are literally just "information warfare" meant to make people distrustful of the US govt., which include things like sock puppet accounts and organizing rallies oddly enough, most of the big rallies were anti-Trump

2. Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud

3. Aggravated ID theft

Oy vey goy it's a technicality, that wasn't spreading distrust! It was outright character assassination!

These are foreign nationals, right? How in the fuck are they going to enforce these indictments?


Who are these russian nationals?
Have they been arrested/taken into custody?

Or is this trial by proxy and more farce bullshit?

Nigger I'm hot mad as fuck.
If they go thru with this and innocent people are locked up for trolling Shilldawg, it sets a precedent for them to come after us next.

lol it's not a legitimate investigation of anything
the point is huge media storm to pressure Trump when they feel the need to


If it is effectively Trial in Absentia, we shouldn't hesitate to point out that this is literally what they did in Soviet Russia

If I was putin I would extradite them but pay for high flying lawyers like the guy who got OJ Simpson off.

Johnnie Cochran's dead though. Most of OJ's lawyers are either dead or disbarred

Safer to keep them in Russia anyway

Sounds like completly unrelated deep web Russian "hackers" that they're trying to politicize. Find a few Russian identity thiefs and try to frame it to a narrative.

To be fair, they still do this in Russia. However this "indictment" crap is obviously just a way to wrap up the nonsense and save face for the "muh Russians." None of those indictments would even make it to trial before they were tossed by a judge.

mueller thinks this will tidy everything up i bet, no need to investigate him further, he found the culprits.

And certainly this is not the kind of thing that would get spread by many thousands of Mexican nationals, and certainly none of those were paid by foreign companies, and certainly any material spread never included material from a foreign dossier.

The most incredible thing is that everyone involved, from the FBI to Twitter to the NSA have said they have zero evidence any of these actions influenced public opinion or the election. We know foreign governments try to use infowarfare to influence the noosphere (hi AIPAC), this isn't breaking or shocking news in the first place. What's shocking is the double standards at play.

Obviously this is just a red herring in a ploy to take attention off the memo and the Kang Kenyan admin's DOJ, et al.
>hmmm..wonder if any other current events could be for the same goal

Russian scammers try to milk the lucrative US election for money.
Seriously I haven't even heard of any of the groups in the indictment.

read the actual indictment
or see

You may need a little timeout with the Ministry of Love, Citizen. Ignorance is Truth.

Is this any different from us using our fake Jewish accounts, or fake black loot crew accounts?

This is pretty fucking laughable

This document is actually pretty hilarious. They don't have anything on Trump or his campaign. It is simply a bunch of Russian spies shitposting and conducting run-of-the-mill espionage. Also the Russians were playing all sides against each other "supporting" not only Trump but Bernie and Hillary too. They were even trying to host anit-Trump rallies are he got elected.

Oh shit, if any ABC organization is reading this, please understand it's just a joke, we would never do that.

pls dont indite

There's a mention of an instagram group called "Woke Blacks" haha.

New book by Micheal Wolf

What I love is how this relates to freedom of speech.

Nope they are russian nationals, so the 1st amendment does not apply
Then how the fuck do a bunch of illegal beaners get rights (as well as food stamps, welfare, and medical treatment) ????

OK its conspiracy to commit bank faud. Rather than just bank fraud.

I dont think its that important a distinction.


Goddamn, Trump didn't just win, he's turned all these fucking people into a laughing stock.
So how much Has Mueller spent to find out there are trolls on the internet? I mean beyond his own credibility?

This is why I want putin to extradite them.

People think the Russians hacked in to the voting totals and added a zero to Trumps vote count.
When in reality they said things on twitter that a lot of Americans were already saying.

disparaging truths WAAAAAAAAAAAH

god I fucking hate these people

Who didn't tbh

For reference, r/HillaryForPrison was created on March 16, 2016.

I find it laughable they included
as a Russian conspiracy.

Surely, 100'000s of Americans never indicated such an attitude at say, hundreds of Trump rallies or anything.


Sorry for forgetting the edit.

Yes user but they are russian nationals so its against the law. 1st amendment does not apply.

But you can't deport gang member beaners because MUH CIVIL RIGHTS

Notice the mention of "unwitting individuals" in the Trump campaign in pic 3. This pretty much clears Trump and his campaign on any charges of collusion. Muh Russia is coming to a close, and they could only get a bunch Holla Forumstier Russian shitposters on identity theft.


gotta find something so you don't look anymore of a laughing stock (especially after the broward school shooting info coming to light)

theyre being indicted for identity theft. there are no accusations of anything else or influencing the election, that is only mentioned in (((the article)))

this is the tax evasion thing all over again.
Mueller investigation: "ok, during our investigation we found some income that was unreported for these guys that worked with trump. we will submit to IRS to deal"

I do worry that some election laws being used here are not suitable for the information age.

Im a Brexiteer from England. It was perfectly natural for me to also support Trump.
If I had posted pro Trump stuff on Twitter would I be extradited as a British Hacker for undermining the US election? Or just someone with an opinion. Like how Trump and Obama both had their respective opinions on Brexit and they were perfectly allowed to express them.

its in the indictment in the scribd link

Muller investigation effectively find Trump innocent and concludes election result was valid.
What now /r/the_zionald invades? What's the new narrative you're going to try and spin? His Muller /ourguy/ now as well after nearly a year of being called a ZOG? Or has the ZOG shill simply found his ZOG shill master trump innocent in this whole charade? It's probably that but you faggots will never see the truth.



It's a good point and I believe that's one of the undercurrent thoughts the kikes are going for here! DON'T ENGAGE IN WRONGTHINK GOY!

Now obviously no right-thinking individual would consider badmouthing a political candidate to be some kind of conspiracy or collusion, be we're dealing with activist judiciary here, not right thinking people. Expect this trend to continue in the future until they literally do overturn first amendment protections when it comes to shitposting against the (((chose))) candidates.

Besides, we all know it was the Britbong haxorz that done it! The whole muh_Russia thing was just a MI6nigger deep cover op.

How is he going to get them?
Jesus 1 year and all they have to show is that some Russian used faked accounts.
And dems are still acting on all comment sections on articles and twitter as if he's just about to personally throw Trump in Guantanamo.

it was about the identity theft and circumventing the law about registering as a foreign representative, etc.

sorry Holla Forums i need sleep probably.

If you were a big enough threat/influence/ pissed off the wrong people.

Or didn't pay your TV tax

Just kidding bong, I long for the day when real Brits rise up and liberate Britannia

Imagine being this retarded.

If this is the furthest the investigation gets, then it will get extremely tidious for the left to pursue the haxor-agenda further. It seems like Russia only engaged in entry-level lobbyism.
On the other hand these indigtments might create a real opportunity for your country. They set a legal precedense for combating foreign lobyism which could potentially be used against SA, IS, UK, or EU if needed. All listed parties have been arranging political events with foreign agents for years. If Trump knows how to use this for his benefit, there might be a lot to gain here.

Imagine being this paranoid

They're arguing that the ads they bought on Twitter were what was illegal, since they didn't disclose the state funding. It would be illegal to covertly buy campaign ads but not shitpost.

Guys…no surprise, but Rosenstein was being very dishonest. They're about to try and sweep the corruption under the rug.

That's the actual indictment….

They're framing everything for a Trump impeachment.

I seriously feel fucking sick at my stomach right now.

You’re a blackpilling retard. Impeachment = civil war. Assassination = civil war. We don’t even fucking like Trump; he’s just our canary. If they do anything, we kill them all.

Trump IS innocent….of anything they're claiming at least…
You need to seriously read the indictment. This is very very bad. They are not done buttfucking Trump, things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Fuck it they already are monitoring me

calm down

LOooOOOoooOOol. Thanks for outing yourself /r/the_zionald. I'd say you need to go back but you faggots have pretty much co-opted this board in the last 12-18months.

You must be new here, so please allow me to impart some advice- don't be a brainlet, brainlet.

Sorry, just getting into this. But are the indicted Russians even on American soil?

Read the indictment.

I see. That is a fair point.
But it seems absurd when you look at the financial transfers from many dodgy countries to the DNC and Clinton foundation.

Take your haloperidol you schizophrenic fuck


I guarantee you won't be able to resist responding because:
a. not in your programming
b. filtering / ignoring is counterproductive to consensus cracking / building

and filtered as well

I like how they say the Russians used media to sway election opinions. As if we are THAT retarded to let the media do our thinking. Nothing on HRC taking kick backs from Russian for Uranium One, right? Because that's not important. FFS.

So, why don't you tell us what is "so bad" in it, champ. I mean, you seem to be seeing something we arent, so go ahead, enlighten us with your superior intelligence

The indictment doesn't indicate that Trump is complicit at all. In fact, it says that NO Americans were knowingly complicit. This is a desperate move from the Mueller team trying to cover their asses.

Basically just an opportunity to keep saying "Russia", "election", and "Trump" in the media.

imagine being this much of a snowflake cuckservative fag lmaooooo. But seriously, you do need to go back. Even in the context of /r/the_zionald invades you're still too wet behind the ears.

Didn't complete my thought: Saying, as if the Russians swaying the media is THAT super important to Mueller right now.

Yep, anything but the serious high treason shit. Or maybe it'll connect to it. Who the fuck knows anymore. I sure don't.

B..but Trump is Russian.


No they aren't and Putin definitely won't be extraditing them

Not anymore. The indictment seems to suggest they got tipped off that the FBI was on their tail and packed up and left town.

in b4 blowjob webm

Haha Michael Savage is talking about this right now.

Exactly. I've scanned through most of it, and 100% of the accusations were that they were promoting Trump. This is a serious mindfuck.

None of this is provable. Basically they bought data center space "to establish a VPN"….whatever that means. The whole thing sounds fabricated- I'd doubt any of those people even exists.

What a waste of time, then. Unless, of course, they can connect them to Americans, but the indictment says "No Americans involved". Fucking bullshit.

You're not allowed to share your opinion unless it is the same as all of lefties protesting in cities like london.

They also said the Russians were promoting Bernie. And that post election, they pitted both sides against each other, propping up the "not my president" rallies. So not 100% of the accusations.

That's what they're saying. Again, you should read the indictment. They're trying to frame it like Trump benefitted from this bullshit charade.


I wonder if you and I are reading the same indictment, because the way I read it, they have NOTHING on Trump and they know it. This is all about trying to keep themselves out of jail by making the investigation look SOMEWHAT plausible.

Not correct, it says they were promoting Trump and Sanders but that they also held anti-Trump rallies after Trump got elected.


I think we need to do something like march peacefully on Washington next July 4 as a show of force. Get people like David Duke and Alex Jones to talk about whatever. The important thing is organizing. People like Mueller do what they do because they fear the jew. We have to give people like him something scarier to fear. If nothing is accomplished, we march again on December 23 with guns. Enough is enough. Trump didn't get elected because of fuckin russians. He got elected because he gave the Bush and Clinton families the assraping they deserved. Burn in hell, Mueller, you fuckin traitor.

regardless of some kike saying it, its still a very valid point
shit makes me mad as fuck



lol you shills are working hard for the shekels today. I don't blame you, it's been rough for you kikes lately. Trump just turned your herd of beaner babbies against your Demokikes and exposed a bunch of beaner-loving RINOs to the voters. Shitty times my niggerfaggot. Shitty, shitty times.

civil war is thundering upon us

brought to us by Jews

Mark Levin is the only hooknose commentator I listen to on occasion he's a 110% neocohen israel firster but he's very knowledgeable about the constitution and US history. I'm excited to hear him destroy this indictment tonight on his show.


I think we have a memetic opportunity here.

The first half of the meme should be about "muh russians" and should inspire fear at what might happen if a large number of "dual citizens" with Russian and US citizenship were to become members of the US Congress.

The second half should be "my bad, this isn't an issue with Russia, it's an issue with ISRAELI dual citizens"

Levin is ok if you ignore his kike shilling, but his constant screaming gets annoying. Levin/Savage are the closest you can get on a radio to any sort of intelligent discussion about politics.
As expected Savage didn't say jack shit about the fact that these Russian shills switched to anti-Trump rallies after the election and were just trying to sow division and discord.

naw m8, every bluecollar joe at my place is saying the same thing. The mexicans aren't, but every white there is armed and ready to roll the moment they try something like that. I'm ready to freedom and democracy the fuck out of DC if it happens.

Bingo. As well as this angle, pointing out that illegal immigrants are foreign nationals who are always protesting and trying to influence US laws. I guess we better indict all the DREAMers afterall.

Why the fuck is the truth coming to light such a bad thing? Russians did us a fucking favor if they actually did dig up this shit because the dems sure as fuck weren't going to tell us with all their shady deals and other bullshit they had going on.
Isn't lying to the people and keeping them from making informed decisions on a candidate interference, you filthy yid cocksuckers?
Who are they trying to convince that any result in any way hurts Trump? How can you disparage shillary? The fucking hag was of no value back when she was trying to get in on the Nixon crap. She lost stock when she stuck by her cheating pedo husband.
She sold uranium to the "bad guys." She helped Holder run guns in Mexico. She got our people killed repeatedly.
Disparage? Really?


I think they have been blown the fuck out enough for us to launch operation gaslight chamber.

When you see a shill post do not address their post respond with one of the following:

They have lost enough, their morale is confused at best and they are stupid enough to fall for such dumb tactics

because the truth leads to them all in nooses

Someone was shilling on /n/ about how Russian bots on Twitter all started promoting pro-2nd amendment tweets after the shooting in FL - and all I could think of was "ok, cool." It's sad when russian propaganda is more pro-American and pro-constitution than most of Congress.

Limbaugh and Hannity have their moments as well is you can filter out the typical zionist shit

oh and of course Limbaugh shilling for Apple (cuz he gets sponsored by them)

Hannity has the worst track record ever on predictions though. It seems like he just browses cuckchan Holla Forums and reposts whatever their latest garbage is. He always fails to deliver.

This is the mentality that makes sense. Who the fuck cares if ~Russia colluded~. Were they wrong? Were they spouting lies? No, and if according to Mueller there was only 13 of them, their shitposts were drowned out by the million Americans saying the same thing.

I'm pretty sure we could find evidence of La Raza or some other org, and the illegals within said org, purchasing/spending money on ads during the election.

Right. there is nothing implicating Trump.

However, ALL of the information manipulation was Pro-Trump. We know that this is bullshit, but that's what is in the freaking indictment.

They have no dirt on Trump so they're going to indict some people in order to make shit up to ensure that the left continues to not trust him.

The problem isn't even this. It's that there is so much brainwashing going, so much confirmation bias, and just bullshit, that it's hard to know if anything we think is real.

the main charges are because they stole identities of actual Americans to funnel the funds and buy the ads.

Fair enough. They only thing I'm sure of anymore is that nothing will ever happen, and once you get powerful enough, some laws don't apply to you anymore.

i honestly think this is mostly what this whole charade is for. to buy time for the people who REALLY have the heat on em. we know this is going to go nowhere, just like all the other times they were screaming MUH RUSSIA. this is to throw a wrench in the process and slow it down.

in case anyone hasnt noticed, all of the DNC/DoJ/FBI chimeric-cabals moves in these past few months have been counterattacks, or have otherwise been in retaliation (y-you got a memo? w-we do too!). this is a very good sign.

its scared

You obviously didn't read the indictment because it was not ALL pro Trump. Some of it was anti-Trump, some pro-Bernie and some pro Jill Stein, etc. It wasn't even all anti-Hillary. You're either a shill or you're retarded.

And I'm beginning to worry that that is the real fucking redpill.


The left was never going to trust him to begin with. They are trying to influence fence-sitters with "you see, Russians were aiding Trump, and they're the enemy, so Trump is bad!"

Only going to fly if those people already buy the "Russia is evil" narrative, however.

Feel free to point it out.

i.e….more confirmation bias.

feel free to read the whole indictment before commenting on its contents

So…retarded then? Got it.


Nope the russian shills organized anti-trump rallies too.

this needs to pushed on social media.

shove your blackpills up your ass. We control reality, do not let your memes be dreams you fucking morons


And the Stein bit.

Walton and Johnson…..

It's funny that my greatest dream, to be left the fuck alone, is their greatest nightmare.

I work in an area without cell phone/internet coverage. Can you get them on AM radio?

yeah no thanks, I can already tell the IQ of their discussions are at least 50 points lower than Levin.

get a shortwave receiver if you're that far out.

That won't help user listen to most talk radio. What he needs is a good AM band receiver, something like the GE Superadio II.

Because they're actually on US soil. The constitution applies to anyone on US soil. It's why they can't just open fire on tourists or whatever

Shill detected.
You get the filter but you should get the gas…

No it doesn't.
Actually that's not permitted because it's illegal to just go around shooting people.

Just a quick question, are you Jewish? You sound really really Jewish.


Radio is a kike medium.

I remember from a video about Snowden how Putin said he would extradite him if he had a treaty about it with the US. Russia has wanted high-level criminals given back for decades only for washington to refuse them.
I am curious to see what Trump is going to do on the matter.


maybe you should stop listening to stupid people around you oversharing their opinions and realize there are just as many people keeping quiet who feel the opposite.

I learned about Levin from his books tbh. Kike or not, he's more cogent and better at articulating US law and US history than just about any Holla Forumsack I've come across

They get 13 Russian spammers while losing 17 innocent people at a fucking high school, because of a fed agency fuckup. The “American” government has basically lost all legitimacy at this point. Come what may. How do you arrest “Russians” anyway?

Media blatantly lying.


Please go.

We should not be associating with kike controlled opposition like David Duke. If he really wanted an ethnostate then he would do more than make an ass of himself and our cause on national television. The man has literally become a meme symbolizing everything wrong with ethnonationalism today.

Heil'd. Mueller has nothing, he'll never find anything because there's nothing to find. At most they'll find that Trump's taxes weren't filed right and the IRS owes him a few dollars.

Also, how does one commit Aggravated identity theft? What part makes it aggravated?

What a surprise

The bill of right applies to everyone' on US soil, shithead. There are exceptions, such as relating to the Second Amendment, voting rights and other rights reserved specifically for citizens, but everything in the Bill of Rights not covered by Immigration Law applies, even to illegal pieces of shit on US soil. US constitution also applies to US citizens abroad.

actually most of the ones keeping quiet probably feel the same (ready for war)
because if they were vocal about what's going on in their heads, some normie would call the police

not before then

citation please

So embarrassing.

Anyone else think the ops are CIA or at least anti-White, given that they stickied the "throw the poison in the jew's well" thread?

I've always wondered. What if "Russian IPs" are 9/10 fucking anons using VPNs…

Something tells me that this was the intended effect of these hysterics. A US-Russian bond would change geopolitical focus and trade.

In this case it appears to be US ips…


Fox news is kikeier than CNN.

They're about equal. No one can succeed in the industry without being full of kikes, because kikes us mob tactics. oops, there's the secret to "jewish success".

Also fuck Fox news, these people act like the average person was constantly retweeting these Russians shit. While ignoring the fact that 10000000 gajillion Americans were creating/retweeting the same types of memes of their own free will.

Robert Mueller is an amoral legal assassin:

Blmupff is finished for sure. I can't wait for all these Russian nationals and foreign organizations to be brought to the US for justice. Thank G-d Mueller's jurisdiction includes the entire Russian Federation.

Where are the charges for Hillary's shills that illegally coordinated with her campaign?

Yes. You dont need to spend big money on an decent AM radio unless your in to long range DXing. Conservative talk radio can be heard in all 50 states.

The Levin/Savage/Rush etc are all on AM. Shortwave has the real tinfoil, aliens ayy lmao, and religious stuff.

Here is a radio autists review of almost every portable made. Scroll down to get the ranking.

Here is his pocket radio review

I use pic related everyday at work. Not the best AM reception but it runs forever on a set of batteries.

An interesting point here: What is Mueller doing that the FBI couldn't do?
Indeed, how is 1 year of Mueller now justified?

Hillary hacked lots of election machines. Consistently outperformed her polling numbers everywhere that there wasn't a paper trail.

For those who cannot receive AM radio, there's this thing. You can setup timers to auto-record your shows. C-Crane has a number of nice radios.

That's not propaganda. It's literally defending the Constitution of the United States. If being our allies in two world wars, sending fleets and advisors during the Civil War, and being one of the first major nations to recognize the US wasn't enough evidence that Russians are our friends.

If you where US gov sponsored, living in the USA, and there was a warrant issued in Russia would you give a flying fuck? No. So why does Mueller think these indictments matter? This is nothing but desperation.

What I mean, is that you can record it in someplace you receive it in, then play it back in an office, say, that's in a basement, later.


I was thinking that but I looked his citizenship up and he's a dual citizen of Hungary and the USA. So does that mean he's protected from being indicted for interfering in US elections even though he spent $1 billion doing it?

Ya all CC's stuff is top end but I wouldn't spend that money unless I actually was already interested in the show and already knew I couldn't receive it live.

If he lives 10 miles from a 50KW station he doesn't need anything more then a $20 radio to tune it in. Why spend 150? I would get a nice middle of the road radio 1st to survey the landscape then step up if I needed more.

Yes. He is a citizen even though its (((duel))) citizenship.

Translation:The Establishment is massively butthurt that they lost a propaganda war.

Why isn't his head on a pike after the memo was released?

Yep. Just an FYI for people out there, so they know there are options. There are also other options, that involve being highly computer literate.

They're going to indict Paul Joseph Watson next, aren't they?

Have we broken the conditioning too badly then?

Give them a shot, you wont be disappointed. Their producer ive confirmed is Holla Forums tier


3 more years of this smear campaign and there won't be a single american who doesn't believe Trump is a traitor.

I feel for you, yanks: the same happened with Berlusconi when they shat on the only man opposing commies in Italy. But you can't say you weren't warned, it's up to you to do something.

Not gonna lie. Its hilarious to see Olgino troll factory crush and burn. These fucker shitted over all Russian internet, i wish them state sponsored trip to Guantanamo. Even if charges are made up American politics bullshit.

It doesn't matter what the evidence actually says. What matters is the general narrative: just like with wikipedia, what you call 'muh russia' is actually the entire media establishment writing history. Either you stop it and go after the liars, or they will make rewrite the 2012 election.

Sure seems that way. Pretty pathetic to indict 13 Russians that Russia will never extradite, but it's looking like that is all he has.

fyi, duel = fighting, dual = 2

Why? Go in depth with valid reasons why this is bad for Trump you paid liberal shill.

Not the user your replying to. I would check them out… but they are on in only a limited area I am no where near.

Now you understand where this is headed.

Are they even trying?

Checkd, wasn't this already known? And glow in the darks involved.

Today is a rather comfy day lmao

looking up his family, apparently his sister patricia was the cmo of home depot and an independent director of dave's and busters.

So their glowniggers are as incompetent as ours, and failed to change the election result–just like their CIAnigger counterparts. Bravo, Nolan.

Yeah and its a damn shame they're only regional. Which is why i'm doing my part to shill for them.




I'd say three strikes you're out Fellow White Person. Try not writing like a woman next time btw.

Trump is a liar. That is true. He lies every day and every hour. That is true. All he spoke is a lie, and all he spoke is untrue. He is the biggest liar on the world. That is true. Other countries are laughing 'bout him. And if the American People are following him they're no better than him. They're idiots. That's true. Oh my god, you're idiots. *palmfacedoublescore*

ironic shitposting is still shitposting user

…and just answering something shit is just shit. Are you pro Trump ? So shut up and start renew your mind. It#s worth it.

I knew the shit was stinking when my old man started harping about this being the crucifix to kill trump.

Okay I kinda skimmed but TL;DR is basically Mueller found some russian agents causing total political chaos on all sides (probably to just make sure someone OTHER then hillary got elected since she had an obvious axe to grind) and they're framing it as this being the smoking gun? And that's assuming they were even foreign agents, there's plenty of bored out of their mind russians who'd do it for free and to make a living since they stole bank accounts and such. Russians have done more complex shit for giggles after all.

At best this I'd say would count legally flimsy as espionage to destabilize the country itself and as such means we should be standing tighter together and putting our nation first above all else as it's becoming increasingly obvious foreign agents want us to do their job for them and make the USA ready for take over. Which means actually standing with Trump.

Depending on how you look at it this is either business as usual or Holla Forums was right again I'm not exactly sure. Sorry if I missed something but it's a bit late here and I'm tired feel free to call me a faggot if I lost something important here.

I very much look forward to seeing the epic may mays they produced keek

pic possibly related.

The DNC and Hillary Clinton financed FusionGPS. They also financed Internet Research Agency LLC, and Concord Management and Consulting LLC. (Russians indicted today) It was part of her pied piper strategy to elevate Trump. The Russian collusion is with the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

The indictments have not mentioned the financing yet.

Doubtless it's a 50 cent krew.


This exact post was on cuck chan 2 hours ago. Is this the new narrative?

…and Donald is lying. He's just a big liar. Can't you see? All he's saying 's just lies. Sorry for my non-empathic words, but he's the biggest liar of 'em all. Don't follow him any more. I'm no American. So I can say: The whole non americans are palmfacing…and more.

There's probably a reason why no Americans will be indicted by Mueller. If they do that, they run the risk of people finding out.

Oh, you weren't joking… this is just sad. You are literally getting pennies to do this from some poo-in-the-loo hellhole. God bless you, you starving, shitty liberal troll.

A few people shitposting = total political chaos?
Not even clear this isn't the CIA that did it and blamed the Russians to perpetuate the Russian hacking hoax.

I'm no troll. I'm just a pacifier guy. Sorry for you.

You don't say…

I think they're gonna legislate on the narrowest so to speak on this one
ignore everything else

I don't have to say whatever. But all the foreign countries palmface…

No you're just an obvious derail shill trying to bait and eat up posts in the thread.

Remember anons report, filter, ignore. They want you to waste posts and shit up threads and the harder they try the more they want to shut it down.

Well considering what Holla Forums has done recently yeah, shitposting can cause total political chaos or did you forget how one user got pissed and got the democrats to push a false story start to finish damaging their already crippled image even further?

2 days ago NSA gets shot up (and FL) then now this. Any connections?

fuck off kike
Your time is done

Pajeet, you poor, poor bastard. Set up a gofundme and I'll send you $5 so you can have your dignity back.


The funny part is it looks like Russian spooks gave that story to Christopher Steele. Meaning that Russian spooks browse the chans… and knew how stupid the Anglo-American globalists really were.

Mimimimimi… All the foreign countries laugh 'bout you. That is so… oh my god… words failing.

That's probably about the size of it.
Pfft. Laughable. What little infospace bubble inside the FBI led them to all think that was an appropriate buzzword. It's not like actual information warfare has been conducted for decades against both countries so it's well known what that idea actually means.



Starting to think it's a bot since responses only happen when a post is directly linked. Just ignore the thing.

On topic I can remember way back when some anons with way too much time took a jihadi terrorist propoganda pic, triangulated where it was taken from and within 24 hours a drone strike had hit the area they picked out on google earth.

Yeah I'm pretty sure all the big alphabet agencies browse the site, Holla Forums historically has had MANY good uses for them as a think tank and when properly motivated can move mountains for them. Plus we're the perfect cover to do shit under, we're just a bunch of nazi frogs after all!

Dubdubs checked. Examples? Help a poor ignorant Burgerland user out.

What kind of information do you think they have on us, individually?

Checked. More info? It sounds like you're implying the govt. only discovered the info and acted once it was revealed on Holla Forums.

Liars… no less and more.

Love Jim Carrey


Oh yes, he's kewl. :-)

HAH! Don't we wish.

Depends on your opsec. If you're a torfag who never spills personal information and only uses communications programs that are encrypted, you're not giving them a lot of passive data. If you're barebacking from home internet with facebook up in another tab, forget about it.

But back to Topic… Doni Trumpo is just the biggest liar of the world. Please sign. ;-)

Isn't George soros guilty of donating millions and creating mobs to perpetuate violence at Trump rallies during the campaign? I remember very well as an agitator tried to get me to assault him at a trump rally.
How is that allowed but we get these puny waste of time/money charges?

context on image?

Not much I think, none of us are really motivated to do something balls to the wall despite the day of the rope larping. Plus long as we're here it's rather containing and provides an easy read on what we're doing already. Kind of the downside to a public board is you telegraph everything you do. We might organize into a crusade now and again deus vulting our shitposts across the net with massive impact but generally unless it's something we're REALLY motivated about we kinda just putter around and shitpost. Alot more motivation these days though.

We might occasionally go out of control but we're more useful here than behind bars. We do it for free.

Wish I took screencaps it was years back and I was younger and dumber. It was a beheading of I think a european or american in the middle east and the pic was posted on cuckchan (this was before the great poz purge), it had some pretty distinct landmarks that some magnificent autistic bastard spent all day tracking down in google earth and posted pics for comparison. Everyone thought he had it and someone joked about sending the pics and latitude and longitude to the feds. Keks were had.

About a day or less later another user dug up a news blurb, that city and area picked out? Fucking drone strike hit a building in the area aiming for a terrorist group. If it's a coincidence or not I have no idea but shit sure lines up tightly enough for me.

It's perfectly legal if (((they))) do it user get with the times!

Besides it makes converting those I know easier when I have prefect examples to lead them to. The Trump Saga as I dubbed it has done me wonders for awakening my peers to reality. They can kvetch all they want far as I care it only exposes them more to the public.

Yes, through his SuperPAC Move On. He had bus loads of illegals and libshits shipped in to Trump rallies as well as professional provocateurs inciting the mobs. Remember Chicago?


Neat. I appreciate the news (to me). That certainly sounds feasible and in fact Jewgle collates the thousands of images of famous landmarks sheeple feed them via Picassa and has created numerous examples of detailed 3D Color reconstructions of said landmarks. Photogrammetry I think it's called.

That's the kicker. I expect to see (very soon) following usual diplomatic protocols some tit-for-tat action on the part of the Russians. Please, Please, Please, Please let them indict (((SOROS))). Because even if he does not a fucking thing is going to be done on this side. The political fallout and salt from that type of Russian reaction would be glorious.

They aren’t trying to help. They stir the shit and take both sides of the debate in order to sow discord and incite civil war. Hence the funding of anti-Trump rallies. They obviously identified Trump as a potential powder keg of political violence/conflict.

Also: the 2nd amendment is obviously another targeted issue the Russians have identified as a fire starter for civil war. So they are likely to be posting/funding groups that advocate for gun control as well.

Obvious Shareblue, but for your sake, when the system is run by child-raping, Spirit cooking demons, blowing up the regime is a good thing. Russians are more pro-America than most Americans. Read Podesta's e-mails, you are shilling for unspeakably evil people.

There is not going to be a civil war, Shareblue. Military and all the gun owners are pro-Trump. A civil war would give us an opportunity to raid Washington and hang all the traitors from the lamp posts like they deserve.

My post calling Mueller a faggot right now is about as effective as those indictments.

I remember that #NotMyPresident operation mentioned in indictment.

Video related.

More so actually. You calling Mueller a faggot doesn't cause further erosion of relations between the two most nuclear armed nations on Earth and antagonize that foreign power.


Haha I like the way you think user.

Just remove yourself from damage controlling like a kike public relations firm and analyse the situation like an adult. Im not making any kind of condemnation of Russia returning the favor for what zog does in Russia/Russia’s sphere of influence. It’s just real world espionage stuff. No need to get emotional about it.

I'd say it's an easy bet that Soros piled shitloads of cash onto that particular set of bonfires user. Remember the planned 'Spring Uprising' last year? Move On was the open frontman to the whole thing.

>(((refutes))) claim without posting a single source
(((Debunked))) according to (((snopes))) right?


It is, however, beneficial that we may red pill normies on the charade voting is.

Of course, try to participate in a NatSoc thread and see how the posters with "dank" images don't even know anything about actual Nazis.

And the way I would term this is "The president is nominated by the wealthy, selected by the people, and serves at the pleasure of congress and career employees of the government."

Or, better,
"The president is nominated by the 1%, crowned by the media, rubber stamped by the election, and he serves at the pleasure of congress and the Shadow Government."

Just to add: there’s no collusion with Trump-Putin. The destabilization espionage shit has probaly been a thing since Bush. It’s just that the Russians likely saw an opportunity with Trump being such a polarizing figure, to try and use that to thier advantage. Not that big of a deal and frankly, if this is all that Mueller dug up, its an embarrassing waste of time and money.

Probably just a little earlier than that user, not to put too fine a point on it.

I think this just shows how little both governments understand pop culture at this point.

Post Cold War/USSR, obviously. I make distinction between the Soviet Union and modern day Russia.

you gotta try to keep up to speed, this has been common knowledge for over a year now

Certainly the Internet has proven to be a dangerous idea. It's a tiger they can't get off of – though they wish they could I'm sure. Heh, even the fucking bug-men can't shut that Hydra down.

The truth will always prevail.

Fair point. I wasn't over-stressing the issue.

(((Kike Schumer))) is lying his nose off as per usual, claiming that just because the indictment found no collusion it doesn't mean there was no collusion, goyim.

So they're out of ammo?

Mueller is the Deep States fixer. Its one of two things. 1. mueller was destroying evidence the entire time, to cover all their tracks. And it was never about Trump. Trump was just the cover for him to do his work fixing everything.
2. Mueller is cooperating with Trump and going after all of them in the Deep State. He's our guy.

Either one is possible at this point.

3. He's milking the system and does whatever is necessary to keep drawing as much income as possible.

If he's a fixer, he's doing a shit job of it. So far a batch of text messages and a single memo has revealed a path of corruption all the way from the Democrat dog catchers to the Clinton Mafia and Sultan Niggerfaggot himself, and that's before the DOJ investigations. I'm pretty sure the only thing he is covering is his own ass.

They never had any to begin with.

#1 is RIGHT!
Johnny, tell user what he's won!

This whole Mueller investigation, with the farcical nonsense in today's (((indictments))) shows that there is a deeper ulterior motive to this "investigation". With everyone on Mueller's investigation being dirty, with the premise of the investigation already blown wide open by the Memo's and the upcoming IG reports. There is zero reason for this to continue. Why does it then? Simply put, like you said, Mueller is going around shredding a few more documents, bleachbitting a few more servers, throwing some fresh dirt on some already sunken graves. The guy's a rotten fink, his buddies at the (((top echelon))) of the FBI are all rotten finks and by transitive property- the whole thing is rotten no news to anyone here

user- they've been firing blanks the whole time since they shot their wad in November '16,

This fucking shill actually thinking he's fitting along.

Seems too small-time, Boss Hog-tier corruption level for that to be the biggest motivator for Russia to meddle. Unless you are talking about the Uranium. I still don’t see Hillary running the show like that. Maybe some shady kike puppet masters made some kind of arrangement with the Russians to play along with the ruse…I dunno.

LOL the complete reform of our intel agencies is all but assured and the NSA has everything every one of the traitors ever said.

It's not as if it had to do anything but bolster the fake collusion myth to begin with. She was supposed to win, don't you understand?

You and your ilk have literally ruined this board.

Your civil war narrative gave you away Rabinovitch.

IG is a kike, so I'm not expecting the real truth to come out by any means - it would mean such an end for the intelligence community and neocon'ism in general that gibs for Israel would be at risk itself. BUT there's so much blatant proof of corruption in Obama's DoJ - From Lynch's "Matter" recommendation to Strzok's "insurance" that he can't just stay quite either and spin it on poor judgement of agents involved. Let see what happens though, I'm sure Trump will make the best of it.

You gave yourself away with "muh russia" my dear schlomo. There's more of a chance of Iran repeating the history of its assyrian ancestors and wiping Israel off the map than a "Russia generated civil war in the US". Take your shilling to cuckchan.

It's "We the people of the United States." Not "We the people on the United States, or somewhere near the United States." you lying Jew boy.

If you don’t think that it isn’t in Russia’s interest for the US/zog to plunge into a a chaotic civil war, you’re a brainlet. This(Mueller indictment)is isn’t the only evidence of state sponsored Russian espionage trying to stir domestic tensions in the US. Stop shilling and shitting up the thread.

I agree, and this is why you've been pushing the meme. You can't help but to push it, it's on your script.

But I know a secret! I know who you really are, or at least who writes your cheques.

Yes, gents. The may mays done us in. Ban may mays.

Ive never seen a bigger kike than him. Id love to rip his throat out and feed it to his children.

You're right. A case study in kikeness.

You know what's the worst punishment for his ilk?

Being confined and forced to watch all they've done be undone, and then some. Torture by truth is a fate worse than death when truth is poison.

So therefore Russia isn’t trying to influence a civil war in America.

You have the reasoning of a sub 80 IQ Somalian and are resorting to the “what about” shilling tactic of a common RIDF shill.

Mueller is a neocon rat fighting for his kike puppetmasters and the only proof of russian collusion he has found so far is a bunch of russians buying FB/Twitter ads and shitposting. Your script is failing you terribly kike.

You're implying by that post the the bulk of protections spelled out in the Constitution are afforded primarily to persons and not simply to the people. It's actually the reverse and illegal foreign nationals are both explicitly and implicitly the lowest on the totem pole as far as protections go.

I’m not clicking your shitty jewtube videos, chink. Could tell you were a chink by the basic bitch “what about your country” infantile debating style.

You have a certain way with words user.

He has no evidence of Russian collusion. He has evidence of Russian meddling which means nothing. It’s just common espionage shit that goes on between two world powers. To deny both countries don’t try to cause domestic rife and tensions in each other’s countries is “can’t into reality” levels of ignorance that have never been seen before.

Mueller and Comey did:
Trump knows, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Comey's firing, I suspect, was the obvious sign he flipped, and Mueller flipped too. When that one nigger threated Comey's kids during his first big inquisition my almonds were instantly activated and have been swollen ever since.

Thanks, sadly it will probably allow for a much easier profile to solve even over TOR but I know those niggers are watching, I can see shapes glowing in the dark in my yard at night. They can't harm me though, Jesus and Kek are both guiding me.

Haha. I was merely complimenting you. But yeah, stylistics are real and privacy is merely an illusion tbh. If you're really that paranoid then I'd recommend you get a reliable VPN and TOR into that for a little added buffer.

And 7 proxies ofc. :^)

2 awesome things, in case you don't know about them
^ not ready for prime time - it doesn't have HDMI yet. But it will form the basis of an open source, hardened, and way slower & shittier, especially for games "Raspberry Pi"
^ turns your computer into a website that serves files over tor.

"and the Americans believed that it was written by their people"
tards busting tards jeeebush

jeebus, rather

I just don't care, accepting you're on a list is just a tiny bit of the way toward accepting your own death and I've done that too in my meditations.

has a management engine, but we will be the ones running it according to the docs anyway
No I like to lurk, I have a Gopher though.

Were you able to tell if the management engine is open source?

Its fuggin beautiful lads

Am I Russian? I was all hands on deck posting nazi frogs during the election


I want to strangle him for those Zippah ads.

Not too much in the NE so I have satellite.

I'll see you in front of the grand jury brother, er, товарищ


Whelp, that's it. No coming back from this one… kek

What in the fuck would make you think this didn't happen? No one's saying Hillary was ever good at running internet influence campaigns… But everyone knows she was giving the orders to CTR, ShariaBlue, etc.

Just because the democrats are shit at it doesn't mean they didn't try to illegally influence the election, including the use of foreign agents and intelligence assets (ohai Steele dossier) to do so.

Also this. OF COURSE Russia is going to shitpost to stir up internal strife in the US when they see a fucking warmonger that wants to start a war with them running for the presidency. Why the fuck wouldn't they? How this is even news to anyone, I can't figure out. Everyone knows the CIAniggers do exactly the same to whatever country they're trying to overthrow and install a puppet leader in this week too, but apparently it's somehow a surprise, according to mass media.

Yeah, I was going to say, this sounded like some scapegoating bull shit. I mean, at least it sounds from the indictment that they were actually guilty of (attempted?) bank fraud. But yeah, the amount of pushing for this to be the "Russian Conspiracy" we've all been waiting for is just disingenuous.



Wait – Kikeberg deleted his conspirators' accounts. . . not as high-concept virtue signaling, but as obstruction of justice?

Is the Facebook kike going down for this?

You're right. He's a pretty based Jew. Hey, maybe more Jews are like that! I'll bet that Ben Shapiro fella's pretty okay too!

You know what? We've probably been all wrong about this anti-semitism thing from the start!

Go back to lurking, faggot. You're only halfway to the comment stage.

13 Russian shitposters. This is the best he could come up with. Your tax dollars at work, etc.

Listen to historical audiobooks instead. Once you get a sense for flow of events you won't need daily news streams.

Two great orators.

I think it's safe to say Russians have surpassed the Aussie's in shitposting skills.

Remember a few things.

The Military-Industrial complex, specifically DARPA, remember GG and Silverstring, invented the internet. The Military and Intelligence agencies have been conducting large scale domestic propaganda warfare against white america since the 1930s. They have never been restrained, not really, by any written law or unwritten code of honor, regarding their behavior and methods. They have Microsoft and all other western companies by the balls, and have had them since the 90s monopoly hearings. The relevant agencies and congressmen are all traitors, so for them, outsourcing the manufacture of computers to East Asia actually makes it mroe secure for their purposes. China even more so, remember, they are traitors, and we are their enemy that they target with demoralization and community destruction. They also have effectively unlimited funding. Banks, POZ'd up companies like Google and Facebook, blackmailed companies, Congress, if they aren't being handed information over willingly, then they already can acquire it illicitly at will. They may have even covertly funded Google in its infancy, Zuckerberg didn't even have to be asked, Bill Gates merely had his collar tightened a little during the 90s but he since then he has always been their man.

They have our IP addresses, and possibly even a textlog of what every ip address has every posted. They own everything, have had it written into law that they can spy one everyone and in the rare case they aren't allowed to, they do it anyways.

And that's just the big stuff.

So what do they know? What information do they have access to? Everything and all of it, so much so that the biggest issue they really have is filtering it.

So what do we do? We proceed ahead anyways. Why? Why not? If we are all damned men anyways, if we are going to lose everything ANYWAYS, why not take something of their first? Why not hurt them, kill them, first if we are doomed anyways?

"Absurd meddling claims"

They're working on that too tbh.

Digits for truth.


>Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin's Online School of Superior Shitposting Skills
Kek. Where do I go so that I too may partake in these superior Russian haxor shitposting skills?

How can we help Nazism grow in Russia?

Not until I get mine ;^)

Hitler was seriously opposed to Marxism, so create memes for disenfranchised Russian youth – primarily males ofc – that are already inclined to be rebellious to that ideology and can be turned towards sympathy towards family and volk instead. From there it's probably not a big step to help them see the fundamental value of some of the NSDAP's views.

In the early days Hitler was allied with actual commies. This was later reversed and suppressed but of course forms the basis of many conspiracy theories about the Nazis.

Yeah I'm gonna need sauce on that user.

It's Shepard Smith. He's like an hour of CNN on Fox.


I dont get how telling us the truth about hillary is collusion. I was shilling for trump am I a (((russian bot)))

fake. I can tell from the angles.

lol, i just wanna scratch that puppo's head and play fetch.

Heh, I'm hiding behind 6 VPNs.

True immortality is hiding behind I Don't Care.

you talkin bout the titty pic

Owning who you are is fundamental to White pride worldwide.

I'm actually pretty sure the pixels was what gave it away user. I imagine user has seen a few shoops in his time tbh.

LOL that sigh at 1min 5sec

These fucking fools have to be embarrassed by now. Rub it in their fucking faces.

kek. saved.

I don't care about torturing them. I just want them all dead so I can finally be left alone and pursue my own life in peace without the constant worry of some kike trying to jew me and mine.


Hey now, it's the Shabbat and that's rayciss. Let's all just go back to sleep, it's a good night to tuck in.

zero discussion regarding robert mueller tanking his collusion-with-russia investigation after he uncovered jared kushner colluding with russia on behalf of israel?

At one point this country had it's head screwed on straight. Where did it go so wrong?

really? you're super late to the party Chaim.

because exposing anti-american jewish collusion with israel is itself jewish, right?

you would know. explain your behavior for us all friend.

cheeki breeki

heh. we refer to it at this noble school of thought as "Shitposting" user. It's a rigorous plow furrowing the fields of one's national future.

It's like the world is in cloud cuckoo land right now. Fuck the MSM. Fuck this investigation.
A person who invested so little money into the election could not have that election on mere money matters.

Day of the rope now.

Not one mention of Hillary's donor, Soros, who literally was involved with the voting machines.

I just cannot believe the audacity of these fuckers.

Because he funded Clinton, who funded these news organisations.


Of some Russian businessmen (not Russia, as in the government) "meddling" independently from Trump.
Meanwhile, Clinton received billions from corporations and multi-millionaires. None of that is even mentioned once.
Nor the leaks.
Nor Seth Rich.

The MSM is beyond lugenpresse at this point. It's outright bullshit.

That's hilarious if true.

This is the beauty of jurors. You can hammer down a sentence based on muh feelings or whatever the jurors bend over.

The legal system has become a fucking joke in the last 5 years. It no longer functions correctly.
That is the goal of foreign subversion as it's an attempt to destabilise the nation.

No, user. NSA does that

All I read was "how to blackmail people".
No wonder those people leaving the NSA were shot.

Still gonna fap though (though I am trying to stop). If it is revealed, people will laugh at it and move on.

This is a good thing. It's an opportunity to redpill normie boomers on the question of the "justice" system and the courts. Here, we can show them, that the whole thing's a scam. Mueller is charged with investigating what arises out of the investigation, yet, though Hillary's (and many others in her group) perfidy has arisen, he has done nothing. So it's clear that the whole FBI, and the whole justice system stinks. And courts? Why, they found the secret homo marriage amendment to the constitution in the Smithsonian's attic.

Except most boomers believe the bullshit on TV. They are that fucked.

"pressure points"


Look on a bright side you could email a NSA employee and ask the name for the site you forgot
if you are a filthy degenerate

Good point. Only some boomers.

This brings us to an important area. We need to press the media into saying things not in accord with everyday experience, that way we can make plain to everyone that they are liars. They do this, with human behavior, and cause and effect, and science, but they avoid making claims about our own reality that would conflict too much. But I think they could be pressed into making statements about men and women that boomers just know isn't true. Like women are just as good at boxing.

You could just ask them to email you an archive of brazzers.

Yeah this could backfire badly.

fyi, the CIA is heavily involved in spying on computers as well. That's what Vault 7 and apparently also Vault 8 (I think there's only been 1 release to Vault 8) have been about.

Why do think FBI has literal horsefuckers?
CIA had furries too.
Never forget
Also they share their cheese pizza at their parties

so do they also now collect dragon dildos and stash their semen in old soda bottles?

I think this thread got a bit carried away…

I think you can get right back to your horse fucking, Mr. FBI.

Why would I even consider going near sarah jessica parker at all user? Gross.

Yes it's real

here is something to think about Holla Forums
not even a decade ago was russia an "ally"

It goes to show the whole thing is carefully crafted kikery.
It worked on two fronts:

US citizens need to rebel. It's only going to get worse

it boggles my mind how republicans can support israel, while being called all these bullshit names. while democrats are exempt from it.
probably because democrats are our wiemar jews. fucking rats.

Because an antisemetic left is no threat to the Jew. But an antisemetic right is.
What we could do is subvert the left though, make it destructive to Israel over time.
Or destroy the spectrum entirely.

Nr. 1 makes no sense. You dont walk into an Agency and sit down in front of a computer and press del to delete a file.

Same shit with Databases. They have backups if he deletes a Dataset the Admin could recover it.

There are only a few ways to delete info forever:

This is all they got? Is it even true? Hillary was already bought and paid for, and playing ball.
I can only assume they didn't want ISIS to keep receiving U.S. support (which Hillary & (((friends))) were secretly giving them).

If the Russians were trying to influence people, is that illegal in the U.S.? Does it even work? None of us voted for the president based on anything but what he said he would do when in office (which he has been trying to accomplish, by the way).

We do the same thing, many countries do…will they start an investigation into Israel & the Jews in Hollywood or the Jews running the media? If this is a crime, Jews are horribly guilty of it, and have been for thousands of years.

I think the FBI's top level organization is about to come crashing down. This is very small beer.


The track record of when MSM or any (((congressmen))) and shit like that go on about "russian trolls", they're usually going on and talking about people from imageboards that out memed them. (information war mention, since many posters here also mention that we are a part of an active war of information during this era of our lives).
This seems more like a blanket admission by mueller to try and prevent having any ties from them getting revealed about their online and social media campaigns to control the flow of information, most nostably through CTR (Correct the Record) which is now known as Shareblue.
Which of course articles were all too happy to mention shit like Planned Parenthood (which is ultimately money from soros) went to fund them and their attempted operation.

Tipped off?
Weren't they the same people?

All of their money dried up at the same time, with some scrambling to create drama at the various agencies to elect special-cousel-daycare-gibs programs. Those that weren't so lucky to get the new gibs, were left to go find work elsewhere. Calling the whole process "tipped off" is a strange; How does one tip off one's self?

Fox Jews was pretty interesting last night. Tucker said the political rallies held by the Russians all failed except an anti-Trump rally at Trump Tower thanks to the useful idiots in New York. He said their influence was nothing compared to China and Saudi Arabia. Israel wasn't mentioned of course so he could live to do another show.

But Hannity and the lady after him both ignored the fact that the Russian rallies somehow managed to be more empty than Hillary rallies. They spinned Mueller's report as evidence that Russians are a legitimate threat. They even showed a video of Onigger saying the Russians were not a threat. So if you disagree with Mueller, you are agreeing with Onigger. Nice try. Evidently Jerusalem still thinks they can take on China/Russia/Iran.

Fuckin do it then bitches. What are you waiting for?

Well written post. Saved. Thanks user.

Wow, I didn't realize that was supposed to be a smear video until it was implied at the very end that "history repeating itself" would be a bad thing.

are there non-jews to listen to?

If this goes through it is something literally all of us are guilty of, just saying.


Nah man. We're not foreigners. It's legal to shitpost for free. It's our constitutional right.

And apparently, it's legal to shitpost for pay. Corrupt The Record shills weren't doing it for free.

Steele, the source of the dossier, sought to influence the election, for pay. I suppose Mueller's never heard of him, since he didn't file any charges against him, or the law firm, or Fusion GPS, or the DNC, or Hillary or Sir Wood.

Heh I guess not. I can only imagine what must be going on now in DC, with so many apparently culpable in high treason already, and so far it's just the tip of the iceberg of the cover up for the cover ups.

Mueller doesn't have man gonads, but they just might manage to find someone willing to take on the Clintons, investigate the source of the dossier, and of course bring charges, to follow Mueller's suit.


Where the fuck are you invading from? Teacher out of the room in keyboarding again you idiot fuck?
Jewing. Jewing intensifies. Judaism intensifies. Jewishing? The fuck.

And filtered.

kek. We have to do it for free. If we were paid then it wouldn't be free expression as you are paid to push someone else's expression. The rules change dramatically when you get money for it.


People were convinced to change their minds over that cringe? Ivan needs to stop trying to make memes. Stick with pushing the dankness that grows here in hatred.

Good the less of your idiotic replies the better.

Holy fuck, it's real. The madman.

Would you be ok with a nigger breaking into your house if he didn't touch anythingor perhaps just to kill a spider for you? That's the issue. Even if they didn't influence anyone they made an attempt and stealing documents even with the best of intentions is illegal.
The issue isn't the actual influence, it was the attempt. Yeah it's hypocritical because the USA does it, but there's no sense in fucking denying it or denying the fact it went beyond just spamming memes and bots when they look at the hacks as well.
I'm glad the russians pulled up the clinton fuckery but they aren't exactly innocent players in all this.

So they have a legitimate reason to complain and bitch about the russians. FFS RIDF, think before you type.


If you are going to make the mistake of citing the bill of rights for your bullshit, put yourself in chains nigger. We the people are it's citizens, not invaders, pissraeli seditionists, or any other asshole that wants a free ride with all of the benefits and none of the responsibilities.
Until the non-citizen passes IMMIGRATION CONTROL they are NOT technically on US soil. This is why the administration has purview over the fucks and NOT our criminal legal system even though the federal fuck traitor judges are trying to expand their power.
As such, the constitution does NOT apply.
Even the privileges and immunity clause, which is often cited as example of SPECIFIC RIGHTS granted to citizens and to ignore the intent of the rest of the constitution, came after the fact and were not part of the bill of rights. Further it was intended to deal with kikery between states and free travel for CITIZENS within the states, not to grant rights to non-citizens.

This is worse than most of use could have imagined. The Russians were not favoring Trump—-they expected Hillary to win like everyone else did. The Russian support for Trump was purely to sow discord with the goal of provoking civil war.

Think about it.

The Russians were convinced that Hillary would win, which they would enjoy, since she's their puppet. But their real goal was to burn America down. So they worked hard to push Trump and #HillaryForPrison, seeking to convince the "losers" (us) in the 2016 election that the election wasn't legitimate and that President Hillary would be illegitimate. Then they'd give Hillary's strings a little tug and get her to do something outrageous, like, oh I dunno, how about gun confiscation by executive order?

Of course, Trump supporters, already feeling cheated at Hillary's victory, would NOT take this outrage lying down, and the shooting would begin. The Russians then either sit back and celebrate with lots of vodka, or start airdropping crates of AK-47s and ammo all over the country to feed the civil war.

Crucially, this scheme could only work with President Hillary—-Hillary supporters are nogunz cucks who will roll over for any authoritarian state. They'll whine, they'll scream, but they're cucks and they WILL roll over rather than fight. Trump supporters are the right. Not only do we actually have guns and know how to use them, but we wouldn't let Hillary just roll over the Constitution without a fight.

The Russians were trying to use our own Patriotism to destroy America.

Remember the Scalise shooting? That was about the only political violence we've seen from the left—-one crazy Bernout. Imagine the situation if the sides were reversed. It wouldn't have been one lone nut, try a team of a half-dozen or so systematically mowing down every target. The cop that stopped that shooting in this timeline would've been one of the first fatally-shot victims. And there would have been many more.

I've noticed in news coverage of this Russian meme factory drama (seriously WGAF if other countires want to meme on our politics? we meme on theirs… not a crisis!) the suggestions to 'fix' this in the future are to require more personal data of those who are posting things so we know where it comes from…

IE they want to remove anonymity. This whole Russian drama is about preventing people from safely expressing themselves. Under the guise of stopping Putin hirelings from posting pro-Trump meme posters they want to dox us all, and nobody is reporting on that obvious motive, just the faux-harm.
The individuals indicted by the Washington, D.C. grand jury in February 2018 are
Mikhail Ivanovich Bystrov
Mikhail Leonidovich Burchik
Aleksandra Yuryevna Krylova
Anna Vladislavovna Bogacheva
Sergey Pavlovich Polozov,
Maria Anatolyevna Bovda
Robert Sergeyevich Bovda
Dzheykhun Nasimi Ogly Aslanov
Vadim Vladimirovich Podkopaev
Gleb Igorevitch Vasilchenko
Irina Viktorovna Kaverzina
Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin
Vladimir Venkov

Anyone got any pictures of the girls? Wanting to meme them into damsels we must rescue from evil FBI.

American groups voice opinions about Russian politics all the time and they don't indict us, why the hell should we be indicting them for weighing in on our elections? Long as they aren't altering the voting process I don't care if they want to interact with voters.


You should check out Foundations of Geopolitics, by Aleksandr Dugin; it's pretty explicitly clear about this being the intent and is pretty scarily accurate when you take the detailings of the book and compare them to what is happening in the real world.

In before ">fucks up"; he's a fucking zionist. Take any and all Q-LARP shit somewhere else.

Really? These are the only, and last, indictments? Because otherwise the bulk of your post is based on a bogus assertion.

C-clearly proof that Ben is a Jew, goy. Why else would he provide controlled opposition cartoons for the Orange Kiken Drumpf?