Could this be a good response to the mainstream media's gun-grabbing retardation?

The idea is to both point out that lefties are indeed huge racists, and to point a big spotlight on Chicago: where Dems' massive gun control and corrupt governance has lead to the deaths of more people, per capita, per month, than any other part of the US.

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Actually, I believe it literally has the most murders annually of any city in the world.

Where did you get this number? There were "only" 650 gun deaths in 2017.

No it could not.
It's retarded.
Why don't they report all the black/nonwhite on white crime more, isntead?
Fuck the niggers.

Racism isn't bad. The point is to inoculate people to the idea, not be sanctimonious progressives.

This. But they have been so brainwashed to be averse to the idea, that being called 'racist' is a fate worse than death to some of them. It's insanity tbh.

Do you think people are going to fact check propaganda memes?

I just did. And if they do, then the whole message gets tainted. It's not that much less compelling to say "over 50 people per month are killed in Chicago", and it's more powerful because it's true. That way, you can push the angle that "A death toll as high as the Vegas Massacre occurs every month in Chicago"

Good point.

Remember alinky's rules for radicals. This is a classic case of forcing the enemy to play by their own rulebook or be outed as hypocrites.

Point out that it's blacks killing other blacks every time.

This is the best way to get niggers to enlist in the military.

I don't understand user.

St Louis is worse per capita I think.

Some idiot confused the 300 people a month shot with dead.


They'd have to go a long way to outstrip Chimpongo tbh.

if only

(2.7/.311) * 144 = 1250
If St Louis had Chicago's population, it would have had 1250 murders in 2017 and now you know why I said per capita, nigger

That old devastating armour-piercing sniper round that is "per-capita".
Kek you should know room temp IQ niggers can't read, much less argue demographics or statistics.

Nope. That's New Orleans.
Chimpcongo is in the top five or so though.

I did understand the concept yes. You'd need to provide areal density heat maps to convince me. I know of two places that weren't either city and that literally had running gun battles basically every night for periods. South Houston and West Jacksonville. Cumulatively neither of those locations would 'outshine' Chimpongo either, even if during those particular moments they were probably the single most dangerous spots in America.

Yet the basic point remains that Chicago is effectively the murder capital city of Earth on any given day, at least for any developed city.

And LARPing as statisticians doesn't negate that OPs idea is a good one, either.

Was the map showing showing murders in neighborhoods in my first post not good enough? How about some news articles?
Three different years and the same thing each year you cum-guzzling faggot.

No #CNNisRacist for reasons already stated. no one needs to be promoting that commie buzzword. Instead use #UncaringPress or #SilentPress which have more applications.

Paint them as unfeeling monsters which is VERY easy during a shooting as these vultures circle for any scrap of information they can scavenge before the bodies are even cold. There's so much vile shit they never report. Niggers killing niggers, Israel's rights abuses, Asians getting shafted by affirmative action programs, south african genocide, etc. Their deliberately biased selective reporting can be used against them easily and it affects everyone. Even their darling pets can be turned on them.

Just draw attention to stories that don't hit MSM, of which there are plenty.

those articles are fucking stupid, chicago had like 4x the number of murders of st louis with a real population closer to 2x (don't count "greater chicagoland" aka the suburbs in your city size pop.)

queue recent enoch vs boomer jew "debate" where the boomer jew floated that jews signed the declaration of independence.

Chicago City population: 2,704,958
St Louis City population: 311,404


Dems r the real racists tier

libs see this and think it's because "da cops is raycis"

imagine being this delusional