High line community college in Washington getting shot up

High line community college in Washington getting shot up


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Rolling for a high score

Also OP, remember to archive your links next time.


Boastin in ebin bread

Another one? Mossad working overtime I see.

bumping for prosperity

Has anyone found anything new yet?

Rolling for total collapse soon

Oh yeah 2 mass shootings at schools in 2 days totally organic fucking incompetent glowing niggers

So far just a bunch of photos of zogbots with their active shooter gear on with their tricked out m4s.


Kikes probably realized that the previous spic/democrat voter might not be the best person to present as villain and quickly needed a better one to base their anti-gun policies on. Meanwhile no week long reports on daily dindu city mass shootings.

Second subject activated in a timeframe of what? Three days?

And all that to hide that NSA incident.

Damn, they're trying to hide something really hard..



I'm calling it now, this will be a false alarm. This happens quite often after shootings, people hear one loud bang and freak out because of the media-induced PTSD and everyone overreacts. The media gobbles it up and the rumors spread faster than the truth.

Is this still ongoing?

Round two already? They really are going in hard now! Good. The more they try to force this, the quicker people will wisen up. The fact that normies were actually questioning the narrative with the vegas shooting says we're going in the right direction overall.


God fucking damn it. WA state is already on the verge of passing faggoty gun laws. Why the fuck does this shit have to happen now? It better be some nigger so that we don't have to hear about it. Federal Way is pretty blacked, so there's a good chance.

Wew most of her face is covered but you can spot that fat grin a mile away, gotta love what you do.


Well shit, that's a relief.

You've got to be shitting me.

Nah, looks like a false alarm. I'd be willing to guess it was some nigger-grade attempt at a drive by, or just random shooting out of a moving car. I am glad, because as I said, WA has been pushing for gun control lately, and I like my firearms. I want to keep being able to buy large magazines and semi-auto weapons.


There is so much faggotry in Washington state. It's an ideological wasteland, and so fucking expensive.

It's a problem, brother. I am looking for property in the rural areas for my wife and myself. I would love to move to another state, but I don't have the money to live off of until I find a new job, and I love my few close friends here. Where did you move to?

Don't ask questions like this.

Asking what state he decided to flee to isn't sinister or doxxing… If I asked what he did for a living or if he has any kids would be a bit different.



Northsmen run towards battle.
Not away.

This is the other thing rooting me here. I love my state. One of my direct ancestors founded a nice town here in 1889. Unfortunately I live near the bubble of faggotry that is Seattle.


Washington was settled by pioneers, not skinny jeans faggots with AIDS. PNW people got soft and gave way to satanist child rapists during the Cuckifornian migrant wave of the 70's but remember before that it was 6' and taller state patrol and loggers. Tolerance has gone to it's logical end and now it's time to get back to beating faggots to death and lynching niggers.

It's sad there's not the same logger and pioneer spirit left in Seattle but, on the up side, 90% of men in and around Seattle are such beta cucks you can basically bully them into submission just by not shirking away from social interaction and making eye contact. Women out here still love the confident assertive types, so it's like stealing candy from a baby. Just treat the city like a petting zoo and have fun with it.

Really makes something-something, dunnit?

Holy shit, capped and checked in that order.

Pure coincidence.

Holy shit it really is the beta uprising.

I'd like to see her expression when she's downrange. Probably not grinning then.

what are the odds that trannies will attack the same NSA gate twice?

How convenient. Its almost as if it was orchestrated so that king county will get as many voters out there as possible.

A fucking men brother, checking your dubs too. Native Washingtonian here, those fuckers in Seattle have tried so hard to ruin my beautiful state. They've stolen so many of my rights away, its like its straight from a James Bond film. I want them back. I want them all back. This is how the Turner Diaries start.