DS Fake News?

Generally speaking, would you say the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack is a halfway decent site as a source of news?

It's the best actually. The board owner is just a sperg

What's with all the hate on Anglin?

No, but it is entertaining.

I'm not following his site since it moved to the darkweb, but from on top of my head, I can recall that retard praising ISIS in its early days, as the harbinger of Israel's doom, and he's the one who came up with the concept of "white sharia". He's also clueless about European politics, but that doesn't stop him from writing articles about it every now and then.

But ever since I know The Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack, all its worth came from other people's content, and not Anglin's.

Anglin is great. This board has gone to shit.

he fucks asian girls and everyone likes to pretend they wouldnt under any circumstances.

I would say treat every source with suspicion and figure out the truth for yourself.

Not everyone is a white nationalist. Some of us are just counter-semites. I'm an aboriginal Canadian that reads his blog daily because it's hilarious and quite informative.

Because he likes Russia? I don't know. He lived in Asia for like a decade before becoming a fascist. There's one pic with him surrounded by Asian girls while eating breakfast. That's pretty much it

CIA poster please.

You don't have to be the CIA to find him janky. I like his work but I don't cut slack for racemixers personally.


This tbh. In my experience; no single source holds all the answers.
Remove the subtle from the gross as the Alchemist would say.

Until Sperglin went full aut-right it was, but for the past year or so it's been shit.

More or less what said. Or in more simple terms, because he's a dishonest fool.

Stormer is great. Concise news stories with a white nationalist theme and it's god-tier propaganda as far as reaching out to fledgling Gen Z teenagers.

This thread is fucking disgusting and shows how far this board has fallen. Utterly fucking disgusting.

He is an opportunist like sargon of akkad trying to take credit for things Holla Forums have done.

I concur.
Of course Anglin has never been a National Socialist and he pushes some really shitty narratives (white sharia and all of this poisonous rhetoric about the woman question for example) but he was at least entertaining and edgy in a fun way. He shouldn't have married with the trsemites and assimilate to that fat kike's style and shitlib way of thinking.

Have you heard him talk? low IQ simpleton.

Not everyone is a great speaker. Even William Pierce sounded rather disorientated when he didn't have a prepared speech.
I dislike Anglin. I don't like his White Sharia bullshit. I don't like how over the top his articles are. I don't like his arrogant attitude. However, I freely admit that he has done a great deal of good for the cause. His book clubs are one of the most intelligent things any White nationalist e-celeb has done so far. We need more White networking and we need it now.

A lot of the criticism is valid, but one thing I like is his coverage of the recent emergence of "internet blood sport" some more bloody than others since I don't have time to watch all the 5-hour streams.

he's back on the open web at .name

It's good. He just aggregates shit from other sources and gives commentary.

It is all hyperbole and satire. It is a right winged comedy site meant to redpill people with humor. It is a good place to go for a laugh, not so much for news.

Anglin is 100% correct about women.

CIA please, you can't be mad at someone who supports something that (what seemed at the time) was anti-Israel.

'White Sharia' is a meme that incites the idea of keeping women under control in our Jew'ed up social system, and those who take the meme as a literal call to follow 'Brown Sharia' must be White Knight spergs that think women being liberated has had a benefit for society.

Andrew Anglin is a CIA / SOCOM intelligence agent.

TDS is a U.S. Dept. of Defense psychological operation.

seems legit

Well, yes, if you're an employee or contractor of the U.S. Dept. of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency, then you are "legitimate" by definition.

This is the kind of post you'd see on cuckchan.
Just a shit question from a BOT

Look at OP's posts. Shit question attacking Anglin followed by; "whats with all the hate?"

OP IS A BOT, and if he isn't he's a faggot

Generally, Anglin quotes from mainstream news sources and provides commentary. It's as good a news source as any. Sometimes his narratives can be a bit wayward, but the content is entertaining.

I don't understand the hate he gets here. Yeah it's fun to rag on 'muh ecelebs' and whatnot ecelebs are faggotry incarnate, but I think Anglin makes a positive contribution. The fact that DS has been involved in a perpetual game of whack-a-mole since Charlottesville indicates that he's doing something right; you can't deny the reach DS has, particularly with the younger generation. I have a feeling it's a bunch of kikes responsible for most of the anti-Anglin shilling here, along with some puritan spergs that can't get over the fact that Anglin has a history before having found white nationalism, as I'm sure many of us do (myself included).

I'd say it's the halfwayest of decent sources!

Don't on it for actual information, especially about beltway politics. If you just want to have a general idea of what's happening in the world that boomers aren't going to report, it's alright.

someone putting in a low effort of reading Holla Forums info graphics would have done a better job than he did. his existence must have be in an echo chamber at his Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack because practically anyone here/anywhere where your comments are constantly attacked and the environment is ever present underhandedness would not have wigged or been stymied like he was, it's was as if this were his first rodeo in dealing with someone deceitful. One would think he would have been acclimated to such like everyone else long ago, apparently not. He's in real trouble if he ever gets in a court room.

Is that why you guys worship a glorified Twitter troll?

Mike Rivero was doing that format (an article and writing a paragraph or two of commentary about it)since the late 90’s so it’s not an original idea. As for applying a humorous and satirical white nationalist viewpoint, INCOGMAN was doing it several years before him. He even did over the top racist memes and photoshops.
So Anglin just took Rivero’s and INCOGMAN’s sites and mixed them together. Then he added a twist of Holla Forums culture. Good recipe though. He’s done well.

You can fuck whoever the fuck you wants overseas. Just don't bring it home.

Well everyone has lately been telling me that his site is mostly sarcasm, I shouldn't take it seriously, and that it's designed for 14 year olds. They've been repeating this to me on multiple boards, actual supporters of his. So in that case I would say no it is not a good source of anything but Anglin Larping as a skinhead

finally the glow in the darks made a good site

Is he actually associated with Stormfront? Or did he just use their name to give himself some credibility?

Based spic reporting in.

Anglin is alright and so is the Stormer. He's a net-positive and not the worst orator. Polite sage.