The case of the Tamimi Family in Palestine

Pictured is Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian family who has been living there since the Crusades. No, this isn't a "muh dik," she isn't even attractive, but clearly has elements of European features. It's very strange to look at this girl. I imagine how the Winged Hussars feld when they overran Mustafa's harem tent outside Vienna and saw their own who had been swallowed up by mud.

I'm wondering how a Euro phenotype could survive and come out recessively after 800 years mired in mud. Only got as far as 200 level in genetics, so wondering if any Stem fags can help me with this. Assuming the worst happens to Europe and they succeed in making it a race of mud and a new dark age falls, would there be an evolutionary pathway through recessives for at least some Whites to possibly purify their genes back to normal levels through mating with others who carry the recessive genes for blue eyes and blonde hair?

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I'm wondering how a Euro phenotype could survive and come out recessively after 800 years mired in mud. Only got as far as 200 level in genetics, so wondering if any Stem fags can help me with this. Assuming the worst happens to Europe and they succeed in making it a race of mud and a new dark age falls, would there be an evolutionary pathway through recessives for at least some Whites to possibly purify their genes back to normal levels through mating with others who carry the recessive genes for blue eyes and blonde hair?
You can try and look at the Yugoslavian people and see what mud ruler ship does to a race. They probably looked like poles back then.

Also have this; the SS Race mating guideline!R6pSTASD!ikPc7wZPd6F1A1XPzaJt4YrQl868KQnh-hiy5F8PGaE

ah shit messed up the greentext
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After listening to Zündel talk about SS racial guides and "he who is not of German blood cannot be a citizen of the Reich," I've thought a lot about this. Obviously, no race mixing with negroes, Jews, and obvious non-Whites. But like Zündel, I think Hitler erred in his policy toward Eastern euros and other ethnic groups in Europe. If the Germans had come to russia solely to liberate them from Bolshevism and the Jews and made that clear and given them real power and control, many more would have fought Stalin. Also, the last defenders of Berlin who fought street to street were French SS Charlemagne.

Tamimi right now is a great weapon against Israel. A 16 year old girl with a Euro phenotype who the Jews are trying in a secret military tribunal and going to give 20 years for pushing two Jew soldiers from her own front yard.

I'm looking for someone who has graduate studies in genetics (REAL genetics, not Jewish bullshit) who can explain how a phenotype like this can survive some of her cousins look like pure mud.

Also, for anyone who uses normie friendly social media, bringing up this girl and her story will send the Jews into fits of rage. Try it. Even make a thread on cuckchan about it and watch how fast the JIDF attack you. This girl as a symbol of resistance to Jewry terrifies them

addendum- if you go to a Jew site like "jerusalem post" and look at any stories about her, you can really see talmudic hatred on full display. They call her "Shirley Templar" like they used to call Rachel Corrie "Saint Pancake" after a Jew bulldozer ran over her.

Wish this board still had the anons had back in ~2015 who really knew how to troll the Jewish Media and get it into the mainstream, because this story of Jews arresting and imprisoning a 16 year old, 5 foot 2 girl with a euro phenotype could really show the jews in their true light in it could go truly viral.

Actually no, Hitler himself said for example that he didn't want war with the English people, since they are so similar to the Germans. Basically the Scandinavian people.

Eastern Europeanw are Slavs, they are all descended from Russia. They are a different Race, still similar but quite different. Hence the constant assault on Germans by Poles and later on also on Tschechoslowakei.
Of course they were also pushed towards those actions by (((them))).

The lemmings don't care. It's the same like that recent story of the British looking Indian girl who got bullied and whatnot by her fellow pajeets. This girl and her story is too unimportant for normalfags.

True enough, but the original settlers of settlers of Russia were Nords, the Kievan Rus who came down the Dnieper. Over the years, of course you had mongol infusion and especially the 20th century when the Jewish
Bolsheviks implemented their policy "even the best of the gentiles should be killed." It's actually amazing how many beautiful russian girls there are left considering, and just think of what they'd be like if the jews hadn't decapitated the best of them.

i agree with Dr. Pierce though that the russians, the REAL russians cannot really be called a separate race. As far as Ahed, after looking at more photos of her, I have to admit she is sort of attractive in a unique way. Almost like finding a fossil of a group of people no longer extant but with some Aryan blood. Or maybe I'm just blinded by seeing a very small 17 year old girl stand up to the Jews so strongly. This is a pic of her from when she was a child:

I think this is her too, even though I have labelled it wrong. I'd love to see her genetic profile just out of curiosity. The Ottomans were kidnapping Euros from the coasts right up until the 19th century, thought Don Jon of Austria put a real crimp in their plans with Lepanto. I used to wonder how sand peoples managed to have any sort of navy, until I realized they not only kidnapped Janessieres, but from the best families of Greece and the former Byzantine empire and used them as well. I think the fall of Constaninople and all that was lost with it has to among the single greatest disasters the peoples of Europe ever suffered

This anctient celtic beauty is a true northswoman, doing more to fend off the jew than most.

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I concede, from some angles and in some pictures she is attractive. And even without the makeup Jew or an expensive haircut. Something unique about her, maybe because the family was hidden deep in mountains or something for most of the Ottoman rule. She's almost like a living relic of a phenotype that no longer exists.


I suspect she's a Berber rather than Arab. They are known to have light hair and blue eyes from time to time. Such children were usually hidden before they got married, because Arab slavers would specifically target them for their looks.

Jewish Bolsheviks and National Bolsheviks are two different things

looks too much like she could be related to me. and that's strange. don't wanna fuck my cousin.

The Jew Max Blumenthal has a few chapters on them in his book "Life and Loathing in Greater Israel." The Jews supposedly suspected she had been kidnapped/imported as a PR tool, but DNA suggests they really do originate from when Europe conquered jerusalem. Just from an anthropology perspective, would love to see the DNA results myself broken down. The texture of her hair and the curls look like something you'd see in early rennisance paintings but don't see any more in Euro nations. I'm fairly sure they are Christians but some of the line did mix with Arabs (they are a clan of about 600 people)

It's not muh dik but she's clearly a 6 or 7/10 imo. And since her family has been there since the crusades it's not too farfetched to think that she might come from a long line of fighters who made sure they would keep their bloodline pure.

No gays allowed op. The "op is a faggot" is just supposed to be a meme.

The European people have colonised north Africa and the middle east for millennia, and were killed off too. Coupled with capture and slavery that is sopopular among dune coons is it so hard to understand there would be some euro phenotype remaining?

You can find Whitish looking people all over the Middle East from time to time. One of Saddam's top ministers was a redhead. You have to remember that generally Semitic people are incredibly inbreed. For centuries they were stealing White brides to avoid genetic bottleneck. They act like genestealers from the wh40k franchise. Personally for me she looks very attractive. She's White, but also exotic enough in a good way. Just because she's not obese makes her prettier than 2/3 women in my neighbourhood too.

We don't give a shit about you shitskins. Both you and the jews need to die.

Don't even fantasize about that crap. Yahweh's plan is to usurp creation with a second "creation". You can be sure that if all traces of Hellenism are gone from the planet then this realm will be forever lost to the scourge.

Look, le reddit asshole trying to fit in— the specific interest in the girl is because she is Aryan phenotype and Family descends from the Crusaders. Like Dr. Pierce said, from a strictly moral point of view I do genuinely wish the Pals could be successful in pushing the Jews into the sea and it makes me sick that my tax shekels go to these fucking Jews and makes even Whites from ZOG pariahs.

This girl is interesting both in terms of her looks and her amazingly spirited resistance to Jewry. Before you run your fucking mouth, understand that Aryan people’s conquered from India through Persia and then throughtout Europe. The streetshitters try to fight it tooth and nail, but any serious philologist will tell you that the similarities between words in Sanskrit and the Romance languages clearly show Arysn conquest. Read Salvitri Devi.>>11273231

If you had the ability to read, you’d see concessions that she is attractive. The goal was to discuss genetics and the fact that there is still actual crusader blood in that area, rather than starting it as a “ muh dik” thread to bring all the wiggers with their “ thicc” and the rest.

Watched a few videos of her made me feel genuinely bad. Her great wish and dream is to go swimming in the sea, But the Jews won’t allow her to travel. Look how the Jews made such a hero of that “ malia” creature. If this girl was not fighting the Jews, she’d have a Nobel prize. It’s disgusting.

Simple. Her mother was a slut that was fucking a person of euro descent and lied about it. Her father is a cuckold.

I can sense you're jewish.

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I've read the thread, I don't give a shit about your concessions, faggot. You're so queer you had to have other anons correctly identify an attractive woman for you.

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True, it is sickening, and frankly she's a gorgeous example of some very pure genes, but an interesting example. I agree with another user in this thread, I'm curious what her genetic makeup looks like. And frankly, it's disheartening knowing that may not happen, cuz the kikes are doing this to her. Hope they fucking rot, and/or hang. SOON.

The Levant has lots of different racial, ethnic and phenotypical groups and most of these groups are quite insular. They run the gamut from almost white-passing to literal niggers from nigger Africa.

Philologists wont tell you this

Anyone giving this girl shit on here is a confirmed 56%. This girls is more white/Aryan than all of you and it's triggering you hard lmao.

Just Occam's razor. "Her mom fucked Chad" is a much simpler explanation than whatever the fuck this thread is on about. Someone anchor this tardfest.

Occam's razor won't tell you this: Recessive traits can remain hidden in tens of generations before re-surfacing. There is more than one way to get blue eyes/blonde hair but I'd say the skull, bodily proportions and facial characteristics should tell you more about a person's heritage when it comes to potential half-breeds. Only a DNA ancestry test would put all that to rest.

Found the pajeet, since they chimp whenever this fact is mentioned. It was discovered by a Scotsman in the 19th century when he first noticed similarities between words for “mother” and “father” in Sanskrit and the Romance languages. The Aryan domination of India, establishment of caste system, priests with special knowledge of how to produce a drink containing the active incredient in ephedra… to deny the aryan domination of India thousands of years ago is kang level delusion.

But I never denied that Aryans gave their civilization to India. You just don't know who those Aryans were, or who they were preceded by, for that matter.

It wasn’t coincidental that the mufti got along with the Nazis so well. Look at his physiognomy compared to the Saudis or the Yids.

Oh, indeed, interest in genetics and how the Aryan phenotype shows up recessively is complete retarded. If you weren’t a fucking retard, you’d be capable of looking up the family and seeing that a number of them from that clan all have similar phenotype, blonde and blue-eyed. As the Jews continue to drown Europe in mud, the pertinent question is how It happened even after 800 years of Turk rule and if this means Whites could survive being completely drown in muds and then eventually reorganizing by bringing together the recessives.

The fact that "caste" literally means "color" should give you a big clue. Inb4 "muh Brit occupation," if anything the Brits dismantled the caste system which kept the nigger-dark untouchables in their place. The Indian obsession with pale, flawless skin is so ingrained it clearly demonstrates who built and dominated that civilization.

I really like this girl. Only a few years younger than I am, but I can't figure out if I should think of her more as a waifu or a daughter I would want someday. She shows up for court each day surrounded by swarthy Jewesses with her head held high. God I wish women in Europe had even 1/10th of her dignity or commitment to her homeland.

go back to 4chan Moshe

she has a truly unique beauty,which is apparent since she's cute even when the Jews bring her from jail without any makeup or even being able to wash her hair. THIS is the sort of woman we used to Europe– true patriots who supported their menfolk and fought for their homeland. This is the kind of woman I could imagine setting off on Crusade for just to win her favour. In the few videos of her, her personality, her joy, her resistance to Jewry with every bone in her body….no wonder ZOG refused to give her a visa to come and speak in NYC.

Genuinely smitten with this girl.

Hey Izzoh, that fucking mutt literally has a Swedish mother.

Why don’t you rape her then, by your rules her head is uncovered so it makes it OK.

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Only kikes get mad at her, user.

She does not. If you ever bothered to read a book (which I realize is like kryptonite to you negroes), the Jew Max Blumenthal went fairly in depth into her family history.

And a neo-cohen Jew arrives. Because certainly, anyone who expresses admiration for an Aryan Palestinian Christian resisting Jew terrorism must surely be a mooselem. Isn't that what john Hagee tells you and your ilk? You disgusting, vile, stinking dupe of the Jews?

MY attitude toward the pals is the same as Dr. Pierce's. While they are not my racial kin, I wish them well in their effort to push the corrupt gangster state of Israel into the sea. This pretty little girl TERRIFIES you Jews and the camp followers of the Jews. A 5 foot 2 girl of Aryan stock with Crusader blood requires over 100 kike secret police to arrest her AND HER MOTHER in the dead of night for pushing some cowardly kike soldier parked out on her lawn.

What do you kikes call your attempts to hide what you are doing to the pals with money taken from my shekels? Hasbara. that's the name correct? The fact that this little blonde slip of a girl with Crusader blood in her veins seds you Jews into such a frenzy shows just how unstable and doomed your kike homeland really is….

The worse you kikes treat this fearless little girl with the blood of the greatest warriors the planet has ever seen, the more Israel-hell will be exposed as the gangster state of crooked kikes it really is…. This girl has true Aryan, Crusader blood in her that the Jews are so afraid of that the are trying to kuc

You seem to misunderstand me. I am in favor of her riling up the kikes, I want to see Israel descend into war and crisis. It has to before Christ returns after all.

you kikes are so, so fucking afraid of this girl and what she could represent as a symbol of a 3rd intifada against you Jews, you will try literally ANYTHING to derail discussion about her and what she means as a symbol of resistance to kike occupation.

She's literally the ew's worse nightmare– small petite, eloquent, and a Palestinian Christian whose blue eyes and curly blonde hair testify to the European success in retaking Jerusalem during the First Crusade.

I read comments about her, oozing with Talmudic hatred on any Jew website. One Jew has apparently come up with the oh-so-witty description of her as "Shirley Templar,
which I don't think the kikes realize just adds to here aura of legendary bravery.

This is just one example of a European with Crusader blood who–despite 800 years of Brutal Turk occupation– is living proof that you kikes will not succeed.

You Jews really have horrible personalities.

1/10 trolling effort. you know, if you knew the names of the institutions where I got my UG, masters, and later my JD, you would drop your matzo ball soup.

You Jews/camp followers still cannot process that you were outwitted in the "great meme war" (crime name) of 2016 by people far superior to you both in intellect and in educational aptitude.

Says the faggot desperately trying to backpedal away from his faggoty initial statement. It's not going to work so long as you're riding pic related, buttraider.

What if we're fine with her inciting a 3rd Intifada, and also fine with her getting her ugly face blown off by some bloodthirsty Jews which will fan the flames of violence in the area?

I'm not impressed by some affirmative action kike nigger title, what I want to see is this mutt incite more Jews, which leads to the Israelis killing her family, which leads to the Palestinians blowing themselves up among Jews until the whole place is a smoking crater.

If you were as smart as you claimed, you'd know that many people don't support either side and simply want to see the whole area blow up so Jesus Christ can return.

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Yes. Getting called a "Faggot" on the internet by newfag retards who don't belong here truly has a great emotional impact on me. Og, you cannot imagine how I cry and even call your cuckolded police to report " cyberbullying."

I don't owe you or anyone else an explanation for anything. You call me a faggot– when I would bet my right arm you have literally never had a piece of ass in your miserable fucking life.

With almost all the Mods having gone to hit or outright subversion, to post s topic like this trying to elicit and discussion on the genetics of this clan without having the thread deleted for any number of spurious reasons.

Literally, every photo of her in this thread was submitted by myself. Literally, every aspect of her genealogy –most of it gleaned from aforementioned jew author Max Blumenthal.

So, JIDF, adl, whatever form of cancer you are,–I'm not the mark you were looking for. Have been doing this for too long, and I've had all the talmudic tricks of your kin.

Seeing you try to derail the thread discussion with talks of the OPûbeing a faggot? Not
a songlar argument in favor of the kikes on her land. nothing. You already know you've lost on all those fronts. And calling Op a faggot is your best derail tactic? You failed hymie. The Jews are terrified of this woman as a potential anti-Jew spokeswoman.

She's a Circassian. Look it up. They were prized for their frizzy hair.
They were banished from Circassia in the Caucasus after Russia invaded in the 19. century.

Kek, or maybe he is related to him!

Russia was exclusively created for the Muscovites who were too mixed with Tatars and mongolians to be considered European. Slavs came from the Kievian Rus, Kiev is now inherited by Ukraine. Since all slavs came from Kiev, all slavs are technically of Ukrainian origin.

Hypothetically, Yes. There is also a pathway to reclaim North Africa, the Levant, Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, and Anatolia by this method. But if you are going to be doing breeding programs of some kind, you might as well just use men of European stock to speed it along.

Especially since the indoeuropean peoples originated in the poetic steppe north of the black sea.

Checking those trips. Perhaps we could learn from the pajeets

mneeergghh fuck the kike prophecies.. Other than the 6 million must die one. I like that one.

Jesus, man, leave some cock for the women.


She has no choice but to fight the Israelis because in this case, palestinian women cannot mate with their conquerors as is their instinct. The jews have strict rules about racial integrity, and for her it is fight or die.

she probably will become a martyr for generations to come, the jews are not going to let her off their hook so easily, which is quite sad, I can bet she has some Circassian or Berber blood in her, she looks oddly caucasian, Do you think she has a percentage of negro blood?


No shit she looks Caucasian, she's white.

It's always the same men that create civilization. The rest are pale imitations and corruptions of the same people, the same language, the same truth. The current world order is only 300 years old. Undoubtedly, the indo-European people are their closest descendants. But allow me to say that among indo-Europeans there exist many hybrids that are part of the new order, the new "creation" of man. It has been prophesized by Pythian Apollo, that a second pact will be made, between all the descendants before the end of this age.

She makes my willy feel funny.

You're the only one replying to me, dumbass. You know how I know you're not from here? you keep taking the bait. GTFO, faggot


Many of the ancient inhabitants of these areas were or are an indo European core

Turkey (aka anatolia) is primarily genetically European, and that is only one such example of many in the Mediterraneans/Levantines.

The mufti of Jerusalem at the time of Hitler, who was a direct descendent from the tribe of muhomo'd the pedo goatfucker, was blonde haired and blue eyed.

Add that to the Bosniaks and Pomaks are two groups of purely Slavic peoples who converted to Religion of Cuck™ at some point due to the social/political benefits (rather than rape/kidnap) and there will be tons of admix.

"Arabs" aren't really a distinct group but rather a mix; and the Mediterranean/Levantine ones tend to be largely euro admixed

No she doesn't look white. Even a few jews have blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks like what she is, a sand nigger with some coloration anomalies, and yes it's a rare propaganda opportunity.

Not really she looks like a not so pretty slavic girl.
But she doesn't look Arab, because Arab women have those distinct facial features.

Her cousin's name was mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker. Several of the Tamini women wear Hijab.

Bosniaks (mostly Catholics) converted to Religion of Cuck™ to preserve their property and genes through endogamy and "harem exclusivity". Especially the ones with "beg" in last name. Many of them converted back to Christianity. The narrative that they were "cucks" is Serbian propaganda that is based on their inferiority complex and their imperialistic tendencies (got this from the Turks). Ottomans promoted conversions to Religion of Cuck™ and Orthodoxy because the Orthodox areas were conquered. They wanted to pacify the Catholics. Ottomans were not retarded. The Serbs worked for the Ottomans and got land as reward but their genes got completely fucked in the process and now they are basically inbred savages. Their favorite thing to do is lie and create myths (this comes from their Sephardic side). Most common one is saying that Bosniaks are Religion of Cuck™ized Serbs, too bad for them that genetic studies debunk all of their claims. Bosniaks are genetically more homogeneus then all other people in this area except Bosnian Catholic Croats. Everything confirms this including Serbian crime rates in Europe. They are almost always next to Turkey which is hilarious. Also Serbs have from 15 to 27% of the Albanian haplogroup E-V13. Imagine being a Serb and cognitive of this fact?! You would either kill yourself or become a violent savage that wants to escape reality.

You can't poz the Goz…

Austrian here, most Bosnians if not all i ever met looked like Hitlers dream.
Blonde blue eyed tall good looking and nordic facial features.
Hell the Bosnians looked more German than me and my fellow Austrians.
It was also weird for me to see a guy and a girl who looked like the ones from the 3rd Reich Aryan pictures being Muslim.
And the Serbs who looked like the turks telling them that they (the Bosnians) aren't European.
Fucking hell i have had more Albanian classmates that looked like Vikings with their blonde beards and blue eyes, than blonde Serbs.

Actually, she's not bad.
Hair's too kinky, nose is a bit on the large side, but pretty eyes & lips.
White genes being expressed in her was the nicest thing that could have happened.

Many of those symbols are Germanic runes.
But which way did they migrate?

How can we save her?

Mate, it's almost impossible to even get help to direct racial kinsmen. Also, the way you frame the question makes me wonder if you were truly asking it innocently or fishing for an arrest since you'd know even sending a literal fucking crayon there is grounds for arrest in ZOG.

If you are a Jew working for the FEDs or one of the 999 (((partner agencies))) that tells them what to do, nothing surprising here– "ye are of your father the evil and the lusts of your father ye shall so….' The funniest part is that the "biblical people" who have been expelled from 109 nations and counting cannot see the writing on the wall.

if you are a shabbos goy, how do you fucking live with yourself? I was just out with smart, professional people last night who used to, in spite of all, respect the FEDS as at least was being honest and benefit of the doubt. Few may like Tump, but the man heading up one of these fucking pointless investigations texting his married jewish mistress about how they are going to bring him down before he even takes office? Not only malicious and corrupt, but 2 top FED who don't understand message encryption.

Now a third, unlike possibility is that you're just really…naive, and in which case ad suggesting as many Facefuck twaater, and normie -friendly social media from a leftist perspective…..important thing is, always from a leftist perspective and "there are no border even"no human being is illegal in Israel" and even better f you claim high high kikery on you're ow part.

Bosnians are goat fucking cucks until the day they stop being Muslim.

Whites are goat-fuckers because of the jewish poison they swallow, but christian priests fucking kids is a myth, right?

The whole thread is disturbing, not just the main point here, but the shill-like responses and the "muh jesus" stuff…

Found the Serb aka the Türk

White Muslims converted out of fear and for gibs from their Arab conquerors and still remain Muslim even though they no longer have a gun pointed at their heads.

Don't get me wrong, white Muslims are repulsive, but are you saying you do not want them to convert from Religion of Cuck™ to Christianity, something even Hitler didn't care about?

Little difference, I know, but let's be definite…

I never said that they should convert to Christianity, but being Christian is nominally better than being Muslim. The problem is that there isn't exactly have an organized White religion that people can convert to. It's pretty damn hard to make Paganism and Polytheism seem like anything other than larping and Atheism is almost entirely Jewish trickery. There is Buddhism but that's kind of a hard sell considering how pacifistic it is. But really, all of the above listed are better than being Muslim.

And I'm just calling the 'Turks' what they are, Arab. Arabs replaced the native populations of Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, and North Africa and to this day try to pass themselves off as the original inhabitants.

I agree that being a christian is nominally better than being a muslim, what I'm trying to point out is that the whole "convert" mentality is not rooted on our ideas here, and that calling white bosnians "goatfuckers" is something that does not belong here, or has any truth. And if you're going to claim things are hard, then what "converting" them from Religion of Cuck™ is? Haven't they been clear that they don't want that? Stop spreading bullshit here and downgrading this board even further, there are a lot of problems with bosniaks, like links with wahabis, the whole thing with Serbia, and so on, but people calling them "non-whites" will induce people to advocate for them.

Pic related - "goatfuckers"

the standard operating procedure for mooslims is, and has been, rape of conquered people. so many rape babies, so horrible. the browning

the only thing worse than brown muslimes is white muslimes. Traitors.

Yeah, and coalburners have been clear that they want to fuck niggers. Doesn't mean I have to respect them or treat them with any dignity. The only difference between coalburners and white muslims in my eyes, is that you can stop being a Muslim.

I can play this game too.

Undeniable logic, but a white can still redeem himself.

Well, this is what I find when I go for the "bosnian people" entry.

And, you known, you could find similar people inside a… Greek Orthodox church, don't mean I go out calling greeks "goatfuckers" on a NatSoc imageboard, in a thread about palestinians resisting jews, that is already full of hasbara shilling.

Face it, the only reason you think "muslim bosniaks" are goatfuckers, but monobrow serbs are BASED kebab removers is because of your innate "christian identity" bullshit.

And how many "coalburners" have you seen going to war?

Yeah, and I don't call the Greeks goatfuckers because they aren't Muslim. All Muslims are goatfuckers, doesn't matter if that Muslim is a chink, a nigger, or a blonde haired, blue eyed white.

Gee, why do you people get called out as not belonging here. I mean Jamal isn't a goatfucker, he is a christian. Shlomo being baptized means he is not a satanic kike… But tall blonde Bosnians who joined the SS are "goatfuckers" because they follow the religion of their fathers, who were illiterate…


You fucking inbred. Where did you get the idea that I thought that being Christian somehow prevents you from being a shitskin?

The oldest runic alphabet was first used in the 2nd century AD. It is supposed to be an off-shoot of an already corrupted Greek alphabet, the Euboean alphabet but that is actually what it is, an off-shoot. No comment on the blasphemy that is the fabricated "Phoenician" alphabet, that (((philologists))) claim is the origin of the Greek alphabet. You will notice that the Elder Futhark maintains a certain integrity in comparison to other alphabets but is still not in accordance with the cosmic ΑΩ.

I'm going to tell you something that will change your entire perspective on life. Every single letter used to have an exact meaning that was directly connected with the letter. It used to have GEOMETRIC INTEGRITY. It was aesthetically perfect. It was an AETHERIC symbol and its use had power and significance. It was governed by the energies of the flowing cosmos and it interacted with the energies of man in a myriad ways. It DECIPHERED to man the secrets of creation. When uttered, it was a hymn to the gods. Now, when you go and CHANGE the letter, in a way that is not in accordance with anything but your own perverse existence, what do you suppose will happen? When a child of the gods, of his own accord goes ahead and uses this symbol, what do you suppose happens?
I will let you figure that one out.

Now, excuse my failure to properly demonstrate what I'm talking about in its written form in the image I posted earlier. It was done just to demonstrate my point. But I will provide you now with the exact form since technology allows it.

Saved, this is very interesting and I actually had never heard of it. Any sources I could check more of this out? Unless it's common enough, in which case I'll just try to jewgle it. And btw, the way those letters are written is really pleasing to look at for some reason.


It takes 200 generations for an allele with a 10% reproductive advantage to take over a population. The Aryan will re-evolve in that amount of time given the conditions under which the Aryan evolved the first time.

Thi is good to know, thanks, need to do more research. Here' an example of a Leb Christian, with obvious Byzantine origins who know uses here voice and singing to really support against the Jews.

In the 1950s-early 60s ,Beirut was considered "The Paris of the mideast"" until thee Jews destroyed it using ZOG money and armaments. Ironically, you'll see Jews like the one Juden Peterson uses as his gears and "look goys, I hE A LILE SEAL OF APPROVAL,CQN'T ALL ME AUNTIY-SEMITE!" U]IF you notice, 99% of the ones taking about how awful Lebanon is are either the Jews orTHE. ones who cME TO THE WEST FOR GIBS.


As far as I know, nothing about it exists in English. For very good reason. I won't write its actual name in English because English totally butchers the name and I don't like that at all. What's important about this script is that it is ancient, it is cosmic and it corresponds to your DNA. From what I can tell, you should learn the Greek language first if you want to understand more. If you have the time, try writing this alphabet down as soon as you can and if you learn Greek, don't use the lower script at all and replace the modern Greek alphabet with this one. Skip all intonation marks. Try writing without leaving any spaces as well. That's all I can really tell you right now. This isn't an initiation, the initiation for this is birth and you should be able to understand everything eventually unless you are a mongoloid/subhuman.

Here's the source:

Try Spain and Portugal. Outside of the Basque, they were as blonde and fair as Germany.

They were.

And they still would have pissed off many of the locals due to having to eat off the land and the backs of peasants, because the German logistical situation was utter hell.

Or invade with a million less men.

I'm gonna get called a ?demoralizations hill" and whatever else the retarded here can come up with. Compare this to any songs expressing US/Euro pride. About a year before 9/11, DR. Pierce used to talk about how–on the streets on CIRO– THERE WERE NOW ILLEGAL SONGS DENOUNCING ISRAEL, THE JEWS. AND THEIR OG BACJS.

Israel is completely mired in scandal, and the Syrians managed to take out their first Jew f-16 with an s-300 missile. Netanyahu now NEEDS war with syria and Hezbollah to save his own ass jail liail literally.

After reading "Hitler's War," nw have a much better understanding that no matter if ZOG takes the entire area un 2 weeks, a month later this "pacified" army rises up in the back with IEDs and Ask and destroys.

Here's another concert, same Christian singer. Even with a religious evade, observe the unity of purpose and determination these people have that ZOG sure as hell does not.

Person, I an cramped and the spelling was complete fucking shit. After many weeks thinking about it, we MUST resist ISSlamic before it buries the West. If you believe Breivik was genuine and bit controlled by CIA or Mossad, then he was trying to reawaken a martial spirit among them the West that may just no longer be there. Listen (read) the words of this sing, with something like 150k people there. Imagine the US, where people get fired for even pointing out tHAT THE JUDEN ARE AN ENEMEY?

Having traveled Europe fr business by train expensively for ~10 years, cannot tree at all here. You, in all honesty, sound like an Albanian trying to either confuse people or raise your own self-esteem. My Italian fiancee used to tell me they are worse than the fucking gypsies simply because those 5 extra IQ points and the less impulsive control.
Drug-running and White- slaving across the Adriatic THEN using money from their Saudi masters to get Clinton to bomb Serbia for the savages to take Kosovo. The animals from he Gulf also house their 3rd, 4th, 5th wives in Compounds there.

By 2019m the U is set to be the biggest oil producer in the world, head of Saudis and Russia. How great would it be if someone in my life the Ueurioe,S became oil independent, Russia supplied Europe and we could tell the arabs to drink the oil and choke on it…..

Look, shiptar, a nignog Christian is still a nignog. So your little remark on "innate Christian identity" is just you crying that we don't see you as a fellow white because your follow shitlam. Shitlam is incompatible to the white man and western civilization. You'll never be welcomed until you abandoned your spastic religion of gayness. If you can't get this through your head then leave this site, because you clearly don't belong here.

The whitest looking holdouts are on the northern portion of the peninsula, sadly.

Not that this means Hitler was a fan of I-s-l-a-m, but he did despise the weakness Christianity breeds in its adopters:
Quote is from page 184 of "Hitler's War", and may not be Hitler's exact words, as they were taken from notes by Walther von Hewel.

That's just about every religion out there m8

Do you have any more info on Aryan history and such? It's something that I've only recently heard about, and I have no idea where to find good information about it.

This is false at least in terms of the Cyrillic alphabet. The cyrillic alphabet was created by a Greek monk trying to spread eastern orthodoxy to the Kievan Rus. Rus didn't have written languave yet so he helped them develop it and it has Greek roots.

This is a good book if I recall correctly, but I'd have to know specifically what you are looking for. You can find as PDF pretty easily. Another possible tactics, the Jews have began throwing out the books from many libraries and just fitting as many cheap computers in there for KANGZ to look up "rap artists" & porn,

Here's a good rule of thumb. I'm going to wildly assume you came cuck cuckchan? For every setebce you write read at least one fukk page of outside text lest you rent adding anything. In this case if you even READ THE FUCKING THREAD YOU WERE COMMENTING IN you'd have gotten the info that they are a clan of 600+ and some did marry mud.

Having said that, the Jews thought they couldn't be from there and the blonde girls and boys must have been kidnapped to use them for PR.

But, to the Jews surprise, all DNA evidence that took supports that the family HS been there for 900 year…so, if a generation is 25 years, then for 36 generations, this group has been willing to fight and OFTEN TURN DOWN large dowries for their daughters since dark sandnigger animals lust after the genes of our wowen.

Essentially, it's no shock theis family–the one with the most Aryan blood– has emerged as a local axis against Zionism and Jewry. It is in the nature of the Ayran to resist.

In all seriousness– is there a way to meme this lass into getting a Nobel prize? For years now, I've been writing in here that the Jews left flank is far more undefended than the rightm where they are much too deep.

How great would be be ad what a blow against the Jews for a 16 year old, White, Christian Palestinian girl in Israeli detention to win a Nobel peace prize?

I think first step is trying to make pics if her of her with "Ahed Tanini, Nobel prize 2018" go viral. Then the Jews are faced with either holding a Nobel Peace Prize Winner for 20 years in a military jail or letting her out. And then surely some group in ZOG will invite her to speak, so then ZOG is a very tight spot.


>Is there a way to get the Jews to give this anti-Israel Palestinian girl the (((Nobel Peace Prize)))
Come on, user.

I don't see the issue. Isn't the prize noted on in Sweden? True, she's Christian so that's against her. But not all Swedes (I think some danes or Norwegians get to vote, forget exact process).

You think a lot, LOT of Swedes seeing what's going on wouldn't live to spi t in the face of the Jews who caused it, along with the True Believer feminists who would would for her as stink womynz?

Ye of little faith. Fucking DNC showed the "Stat of David" with clinton on it at their convention from this site. 'With Open Gates" got over 10 million views before the JEws shut it down. It CAN be done….

Just need to look into who votes for the Nobel Peace PRize, and I imagine very few will be kikes. Jumy caret got one for calling out the kikes as an "apartheid state," remember

OK, we need to find few of these idiots who meet this criteria. An user who spoke Norwegian would be esp useful:

"According to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, a nomination is considered valid if it is submitted by a person who falls within one of the following categories:

• Members of national assemblies and national governments (cabinet members/ministers) of sovereign states as well as current heads of states
• Members of The International Court of Justice in The Hague and The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague
• Members of Institut de Droit International
• University professors, professors emeriti and associate professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion; university rectors and university directors (or their equivalents); directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes
• Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
• Members of the main board of directors or its equivalent for organizations that have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
• Current and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (proposals by current members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after 1 February)
• Former advisers to the Norwegian Nobel Committee

For $100, could probably get a nigger cabinet minster in sub-saharan africa to do it aand they'd have have to take it as a serious nomination. Who are the most corrupt niggers? Probably be easiest in find one that writes English at least possibly and were they have Amazon, so can give the nigger a $50 amazon card and he other $50 after she has been officially submitted,

Actually, the South Africans hate the Israelis so much very good chance they'd do it legitimately if she were not WHite. But this is definitely, definitely workable to get her nominated.

That is completely fucking retarded. Chinese language isn't related to Aryan at all. It doesn't even use an alphabet.

Shite. Well, the date was actually Feb 1st deadline. But she had a lot of support, I'm confident someone submitted her…

This is interesting:

Peace Prize Laureates have been under arrest at the time of the award: German pacifist and journalist Carl von Ossietzky, Burmese politician Aung San Suu Kyi and Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo."

This poor girl is looking at 20 years (!!!) Imagine the position the Jews would be in if they were holding her and her mother, If that Malia creature got it just for taking a round ti her ugly face(the only one who deserved an award was the British Surgeon).

Not much more to get done until a Norwegian user stops by and lets know more about the process, what sort of lobby is permitted, who vote, if they have twaater accounts etc….

This could really be an amazing way to get the Jews even more by the short and curlies,,,,

Good video. Sure to get anyone who watches it pissed off at the kikes.

any ideas how terrified the Jews are of this GIRL? If this one ever learns to speak english and comport herself. /i just gioe tgat as ger sox

Kawaii lebanese muslim soldier loli is kawaii

I really don't know how that changes anything, since MOST, people in Spain are of white skin and clear European features, I'm from Spain and while blondes are not exactly common outside of the kids before their hair darkens, there's a clear variety in hair color and so on, hairs ranging from black (coming from the basque) to dirt blonde (much of the spanish population).

Pic related is of the people living in the southernmost part of Spain.

I could see them starting with runes, then gooking it up over thousands of years.

They did kinda start with runes and pictograms.

Truly AIDS of the mind…

I'm pretty familiar with the basic white history, European, Roman, etc. I'm more interested in the things you mentioned like the Aryans in India and that language. I've also seen bits of things like the swastika reoccuring throughout white history and such. I just don't know where to find good knowledge on it, I'm afraid that there is a lot of kikery surrounding it and I want to avoid that.
I will look at that book though, thank you.

It's peculiar to me that the jews havent falseflagged some explosion or another that would remove the palestinians. It seems more likely it is an extended psychological experiment and some kind of conditioning for their weak and cowardly military to not hold back from killing civilians in future wars with their neighbor states.

Like that Polish meme mutt, maybe her genes are Aryan dominant (somehow) ?


Nice historical revision, Sven. That's why the first (recorded) Polish king held the hereditary title "king of all Goths"? and why Nazis deliberately demolished a monument stating the fact? and why we even entered a union in the first place? (because Polish kings had """legal""" claims to the land…)

Absolutely untrue. Southern Europeans were always dark, deal with it, snownigger.

your Holla Forums friends won't protect you Mujo when Serbia awakens

Well, excuse me, but I did READ THE FUCKING THREAD I WAS COMMENTING IN, and I saw no evidence to confirm the assumption that they are a Christian family at all. It appears to be nothing more than an assumption, made despite the fact that (as you acknowledge) there are obvious Muslims within the family.

Most European Christian settlers who left their homelands for Jerusalem after the crusades would later convert to Religion of Cuck™ to avoid persecution once it had been reconquered by muslims. It's not strange to assume that they may have preferred to marry with their own European kin rather than interbreeding with ugly semites.

looks even more fake than those soviet propaganda pics

muh dick over a nigger nosed fuzzy kike

True, I'm sharing it now. I could barely even finish it…I hope those kikes get fucking bombed.

This is one of the reasons why Serbs and their {{{elite}}} class from academia agitate and push for conflict with their neighbors. Serbs have been indoctrinated through education and media into playing the victim and constantly whining about the holocaust and the stupid NATO bombing. Serb cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Most Serbs in nationalistic cricles are insane…they can claim that Bosniaks are Religion of Cuck™ized Serbs and at the same time call for their genocide. I have seen this happen many times.

They know that Bosniaks were considered "mohomo'd the pedo goatfuckeranischen Kroaten" by Hitler and this is why they hate them.
And there is the fact that Croats were considered racially pure and even the muslims could become SS officers.

Recently they organized an exhibition in the UN about Croatian WW2 death camps

"First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic will officially open a Serbian-Jewish exhibition "Jasenovac - the Right Not to Forget."

The government works directly with he Jewish lobbies to demonized their enemies.
By attacking the Croats they hide their own crimes. The biggest victims of WW2 in the Balkans were the Croats… who you rarely hear crying about it..

This is standard practice of the Serbs and their {{{friends}}}.

Serbs know that the people who killed Serbs, Croats and everyone who they saw were mostly Israely/Saudi mercenaries and ex secret police(UDBA)/military(JNA) from Yugoslavia, not ethnic Bosniaks…but hey, why not just lie?

There is also the Jewish element…where do you think the 80 thousand Jews of Jewgoslavia went? Two of Podestas favorite "artists" are Serbian! Marina Abramovic and Biljana Djurdjevic!

Serbs are too stupid though to understand that Hezbollah for example fought for the Bosniaks BECAUSE Israel supported Serbia and even armed them and sent volunteers.

Why do you think the siege of Sarajevo lasted for so long?

Rewind and you will see that the Serbs were always backstabbers.

Read about the last king of Bosnia, read about Serbian backstabbing in WW2, read how Hitler called them ("subservient creatures"), read about the battle of Nicopolis etc

"The Serbian-born janissary Konstantin Mihailović and the Byzantine Greek scholar Laonikos Chalkokondyles maintained Stephen's innocence and pointed out to the strength of the Ottoman army. Both state that the Serbs within Smederevo were so unhappy with Bosnian rule and convinced that the Ottomans would prevail (and grant them more religious tolerance than the Hungarians) that they went out to meet Mehmed and presented him with keys to the city."

Serbs will never win any honest debate about WW2 or anything! They can't even win a debate about their Jerusalem, Kosovo.
All the Serbs have are myths and lies.
Try to find a decent debunking of Noel Malcoms book Kosovo a shorty history.
Maybe that sophist, nazbol shill Matthew Raphael Johnson should give it a try.

I've never seen a non-Serb so obsessed with Serbs and yet spewing so much nonsense.
The inferiority of Croats, Bosnians and Albanians stems from the fact that they always submitted to the foreign occupier and collaborated with them. Only we Serbs have kept our religion, our national identity, and our genetic purity (pic related, Turks can be blonde too).
We Serbs killed an entire Ottoman army on Kosovo. During the Ottoman occupation we emigrated and fought on from free Montenegro and the Vojna Krajina. We Serbs liberated ourselves from Ottoman occupation by our own strength. We Serbs refused the Austrian ultimatum, and won all the battles against Austria, until both Bulgarians and Germans came to their aid.
We Serbs resisted and won WW2, while the other various rat people of the Western Balkans collaborated and then switched sides. Not in a million years and with a billion lies will they ever be our equals, since their mere existence is predicated on (((NATO))). If you are a nationalist you must support the end of the international Jewish world order, and once this is done we will will settle the Western Balkans question with fire and steel.

A dystopian novel, more fact than fiction at this point, about a future where the world is populated by mulattos ruled by autistic Jewish-Asian zuckerberg minority, and blue-eyed children start popping up due to recessive gene

This relates to the earlier thread about how the movie ‘Drive’ is anti Semitic

That’s right. If user wants to bring attention to this subject, it must be framed as an “empowered woman” movement which will draw major attention from the left. They already love Palestinians, but obviously only for reasons of compassion. Their frame of reference is always ‘victim & oppressor’ so if you can deliver that message, the left will pick it up and run with it.

Less about actually getting her the prize and more about memeing her into international public light

Yea, I'd breed her.

Raise awareness. Post the story on twatter, r*ddit, and maybe wrangle cuckchan for something like IOTBW.

There needs to be another thread dedicated to bringing her more into the spotlight. Want to post it on my alt account, but don't know what hashtag to use that would be catchy.

Hashtag: Injustice in Palestine

A couple of things to consider. To begin with, first recorded rulers of the East Slavic people were the members of the Rurikovich dynasty who trace their orgin to Prince Rurik himself. He was a Viking chieftain who established himself in Novgorod around the year AD 862. His descendants ruled the Kievan Rus' and its successor states, including the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Tsardom of Russia, until the 17th century.
Moreover, the only Polish monarch which titled himself as the King of the Goths was Vladislav Vasa. He was an elected monarch and ruled the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was a Swede by birth and traditionally Swedish monarchs viewed themselves as Kings of the Goths up to 1973.
The first Polish King, Boleslaw the Brave had no connection to Goths whatsoever.

She is Arab you dumb fucks

Our women are pale because they're always covered

The ugly arab memes like are jew phenotype

Bow before superior Arab genetics

Dont try and reason with the snownigger I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white asss. They themselves have like 3-5% negroid DNA from their sharecropper ancestors "gettin it on" with slaves and freemen, yet they look down on us "arab rape babies". In their minds Pericles, Alexander, Ceasar, and everyone of note in history was AKSHUALLY pure 100% bavarian pheontype with blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who disagrees with their I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass interpretation of history is clearly a KIKE SHILL FAGGOT.

LOL I cant believe the A*M^E*R^I*M^U*T^T*S running this board are so butthurt they word filtered it.

Oh Im a D&C shill for using that meme, but its totally cool to have a million threads a day calling various slavic or southern europeans non-white "rape babies".

MMK…. This is why no one takes fullchan seriously anymore. Enjoy your circle jerk faggots.


I see this kind of babble constantly "hey they look pretty white" - there is a reason for that

They waged war against the west for 1400 years capturing any whites they could.
They went as far as icleland and denmark with their pirate ships to capture white pussy.
Middle easts no1 business for 1400 years was to capture whites and enslave them
The ((( education system ))) never told you about that

wrong pic

Muslims are by definition not white and can never be white. End of discussion.

You don’t have to be banned. Just stop posting.

What's the sunwheel and letter between N and O supposed to be?

Socrates in the Phaedrus dialogue on written language:
"Writing will create forgetfulness in the learners' souls, because they will not use their memories; they will trust to the external written characters and not remember of themselves… but if you ask them anything about what they say, from a desire to be instructed, they go on telling you the same thing for ever… [it] drifts all over the place, getting into the hands not only of those who understand it, but equally of those who have no business with it; it doesn't know how to address the right people, and not address the wrong."

The Celtic druids had an oral tradition an it is likely Homer did not write his epics down but rather performed them orally. This is nothing to be a ashamed of, our ancestors had greater memory capacties then we do today.

To add to this, in Greek myth the Phoenician prince Cadmus is said to have brought the alphabet to Greece (Boeotia), it has nothing to do with (((philologists))). To call someone "boeotian" among classical Athenians was a slur synonymous with being slow-witted, moronic, idiot, etc.

If that is her father, she looks very related. He is a very handsome looking man, for an Arab.
Could be Circasian influence. Circasians were religious, moslem, refugees from the Caucasus

Palestinians are still scum, but they have the right to be scum in their country. Just, they don’t reserve their scuminess for their own place, they had to invade and pollute other places with their disgusting habits and character. So I wouldn’t mind if they all drop dead.

For us, they are still a good propaganda vehicle, to demonstrate the vileness of their jewish cousins. A good looking victim, like that gal, is gold in the war of images. If the kikes would be as smart as they claim, they would have let her of the hook – the didn’t and created an instant martyr, Joan D’Arc of the sand heap.

Hmm, who else would behave like that Poles

fuck off kike

In which case, if you gave a fucking shit, you'd have gone on and read the Jew Max Blumenthal's "David vs: Go;iah" Life and Loathing in Greater Israel" and you'd KNOW the families fucking history, how the kikes thought the children were kidnapped PR plants and they needed DNA tests for the kikes not to take their kids away.

This girl and her story are the greatest weapon Holla Forums has been handed since its inception. It's fucking perfect: corrupt, swarthy Jews trying to give an attractive, petit, 5 foot 2, 16 year old Pal girl (and her MOTHER!) 20 yrs in a military jail for pushing the kikes out of her front yard.

I used to shit in Abby Martin as a new good cunt, but she is only one covering this. No wonder the Jews say the way wind was blowing and bought up (((VICE))) so quickly. Not a word from those whores. They even removed the Vice story from Jewtube that was on there from 7-8 years back about their victory over the kikes in 2006-7 and the amusement park//vitsitor center they built around it showing where they took out the kike tank.

Hey, first one to guess (((Shane Smith'ss))) actual ethnic origin– the whore who sold out that org when it was still actually cool and not a tool of international jewry shilling complete bullshit gets a prize.

Watching Julia Boutros in concert is both inspiring (that at least some people are resisting the kikes, like Iran and Hezbolllah) and also disheartening as fuck as I realize that the "laws of history" (not in a marxist sense, just more in the way patterns in history repeatedly play out based on certain elements) are already set in place and that ZOG and Europe are fucking finished. This may get me called a "demoralization shill" and banned, but watch these songs– she's a Christian, and even she has in common with these Shia "Blood and soil" (and she sings) and love for hetr nation that has been there 3,000 years. What do WE in the West get? "Diversity is our strength, there is only one race, the human race" and a fucking pope who cucks so hard to rapefugees he LITERALLY kisses and washes their filthy invader feet. Oh how they must laugh at this cuckold!

Meanwhile, Hezbollah's Shia leader is a militant who runs a paramilitary group and gives them his blessing as they go out to do battle with jewry.

If we had a REAL pope, he's be offering indulgences to anyone who goes out and sinks a boat of rapefugees or anyone who sweeps the street of the ones letting the\m in as Breivik did.

We are well and truly fucked. The only question now is how we might save as much European art and original manuscripts as possible. If billl gates had any fucking balls, rather than worrying about saving shitskins in africa he'd be buying up missile silos i abandoned areas and arranging to transport everything possible from the Louvre as soon as the day comes when civil war hits France and the cops can no longer hold the gangs of niggers and arabs back…


(sung to the melody of Special AKA's "Free Nelson Mandela")

What a beautiful ferociously brave woman she is. Sigh.


I already posted this but what is now known as Palestine/Israel used to be under European Christian rule for centuries and European farmers and nobles settled there willingly. They probably interbred with the local people once it had reconquered.

my guess is that mom got some strange on the side

ITT: shitskins and their shills praise the "beauty" of a 5/10 on a good day

These pics are hilarious. This whole thing couldn't possibly be any more manufactured.


I'd let the blonde bite me, if she's always into that kind of thing. Does anyone know her name?

there is a certain amount of acting going on during the incidents. the protests are scheduled. the press files in with still and video cameras. the women and children march and chant while the older males sling rocks. when (((they))) react to the males slinging stones the women and children move in on (((them))) and we get a pallywood production. it's apparent on the vid my post above pics were taken from and from the vid of my current pic related; ahed looks at the camera both times as if "are you getting this?" before she goes atomic. kudos to her and her family - they are fighting zion the best that they can. i earnestly hope the palestinians will someday be as well armed as the zionists that are occupying their land

Wow. She doesn't stop. Any pics of her in a dress or riding a pony or riding a pony wearing a dress?

Ahed Tamimi. She's who this entire thread is about.

I agree. If it enrages people against Israel, it's a good thing. Absolutely. But man, it's just hilariously obvious to me. I'm not knocking them or what they're doing, just amused by it is all.

literally the first sentence of OP

This .pdf will offer some great screenshots/RP's over on halfch. Thank you!

There's a known europoid strain in many levantine populations. Her features aren't exceedingly/completely rare for a Palestinian. I don't get what the big deal is.

Lucky that country that has zionism smashing Lolis.

Serious, the Palis might look theatrical, but they do know very well who is stealing their land, their water, destroying their trees and houses.

Look at Burger, pathetic how they take it in the ass and pretend to like it, asking for more.
Burger are totally oblivious who is stealing their land, their houses, who is making them second class citizen, excluded from their own universities, because jewish nepotism has sown that all up.


Im afraid what they are doing to her
I dont even know what happens in a kike jail

Ahed Tamimi looks about as White as Gigi Hadid. Gigi Hadid is half Dutch and half Palestinian. Pics related.

I've seen full jewesses Whiter than that.

That is quite funny Shlomo, two, three including you, jews badmouthing Christians because the jews believe Earth was created less then 6000 years ago. Check the date on a israely newspaper to know what I’m talking about

Even more funny is the fact, that the jewish calendar could only be created with the help of Christians, because jews can not in astronomy.

Looks uncanny.
Dutch surely not. Wonder how (((Dutch))) her mother is.

Ahed Tamimi looks more organic, real than that creature. She is no European, but she isn't pretending either.

>Dutch surely not. Wonder how (((Dutch))) her mother is.
Why the (((echoes))) though? Her mother, Yolanda "Hadid" van den Herik, does not look jewish at all. She looks like a typical Dutch woman. Pics related.

Also look up Anwar Hadid and Bella Khadir Hadid. That's what "half Palestinian, half White" looks like. You can clearly see the non-White genes in Gigi, Anwar, and Bella, and if you look close enough, Tamimi exhibits similar patterns.

If you are gonna try to explain israel to any bleeding heart in the west you cant do it by showing Rachel Corrie getting bulldozed by the IDF for trying to stop them from leveling a village to make way for jewish only settlements.

Also JIDF comes in hard calling everyone MIDF over this here. The kikes kvetch harder over good propaganda with actual effectiveness.

What is interesting to me is the fact that White-jewish hybrids and White-Palestinian hybrids look nothing alike. One would expect them to be pretty identical in terms of facial features, yet they aren't. It goes to show that jews and Palestinians are completely different Semitic tribes, in my opinion.

(Pictures for reference: Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid)

>Wonder how (((Dutch))) her mother is.
That is sarcasms, no?
Her mother looks even weirder. Dutch, my ass. Bottle blond, Green-Brown, squinting eyes. ¡Vade Retro Satanás! Dear God

She looks like the daughter of her father, really strong familarity.

True. I don't think cuckism happened here. Frankly, I'm not sure what exactly is going on with that family. I speculate that, just as some jews look pretty White and others are like total sandniggers, the same thing is true of Arabs: they have varying degrees of European ancestry and very diverse phenotypes.

Forgot to add pictures: girl who is half Slavic and half Christian-Palestinian, from Zuckbook.

I'd say, based on all these, that Ahed Tamimi has some European admixture, but it's not clear where it came from, and why it is concentrated in the Tamimi family specifically. Perhaps, as OP suggests, they are descendants of Crusaders.

"Palestinians" are mostly Bedouin. Poor Bedouin trash was brought into the region from Egypt, Syria and the Sudan by the English to serve as cheap labor. Genetic tests link them with Bedouins, Jordanians, and Saudi Arabians, and of course mixed with the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews who ran the place.

Crusaders very unlikely, but Circasians:

Circassians began a forced migration from their homeland in the Northwest Caucasus region to the Ottoman Empire following the Russian–Circassian War in 1864. While they originally settled in parts of Anatolia and the Balkans, they began emigrating to the empire's Syrian provinces (the Levant) in large numbers (about 70,000) after the Ottoman defeat in the Balkan War of 1877–78.[6] That group of Circassians was mostly resettled by the Ottoman authorities as part of an effort to counterbalance increasing dissent by the local population in Syria, far from the capital Istanbul, with more loyal subjects of the empire. Many Circassians subsequently concentrated their residence in the Golan Heights and Transjordan regions, both part of the Province of Damascus at the time.[2]

An anthropological literary suggests that Circassians were best characterized by what was called "rosy pale" or "translucent white skin". While most Circassian tribes were famous for abundance of fair or dark blond and red hair combined with greyish-blue or green eyes

Whoops, looks somebody forgot to set their shillbot to not push Zionist hasbara on Holla Forums


Palestinians were Mediterranean White before the Arab conquest of the area.

She hasn't yet been conquered. She and her people are still resisting the occupation and have not surrendered. It is not in a woman's nature to try and join the opposing tribe at the slightest sign of trouble. If her father and brothers were cucks who loved the invaders or if they were killed/imprisoned then then she may start to want to get fucked by them. There's also the fact that Israelis are huge faggots and cowards, very non-masculine. She's probably repulsed; they are kikes after all.

you don't know a fucking thing about genetics, do you? The point is, this clan is NOT "Hard pal, half euro Christian." They have lived there for ~800 years. Thy probably have some impurities, but th girl looks NOTHING like the hadid mutts. She's also only 5 foot 1 (as was the common female height back then) and had natural blonde curls of a type not scene in Europe anymore, only in paintings.

All we know is that the Jews suspected they were kidnapped/sold to a pal family for PR purposes, and genetics showed the kikes were wrong and they are ofNorthern euro ancestry that arrived there around time of Crusades.

Wish I could pay the girl a few hundred dollars to take a DNA test bc it would be fascinating.

These are 2 examples of euro female hair from pre-Raphelite paintings. If any artful has the interest, sure you can find much better examples. These woman didn't have blow dryers or curling shampoos or whatever chemical jews are used when hair like that is desired now, and neither does the Tamini girl (even if she had such facilities on outside, for some reason I doubt the Jews would let her get her done and down our in solitary confinement in-between torture sessions in Jew military prison).

I think this is why she's so unique and if this place had the kind of manpower used to have in 2015/2016, could help get this girl's face and story everywhere and really embarrass the kikes for trying to give a 16 yr old and her mother 20 years for pushing a jew soldier in her yard who had just blown a big part of her cousin's skull off and essentially lobotomized him.

So my girlfriend wasn’t European. I have to say I suspected that. She had blue-green eyes and fair skin lacking the healthy dose of melanin, natural brown skin and eyes, that wonderful jet-black stiff felt covering the head of modern Europeans.

Does your father work with my father at Nintendo?

Genetic purity my ass. Typical Serbian lies again.

There are blonde Turks lol no shit! Turks on average are raceless mongrels just like you.

"The inferiority of Croats, Bosnians and Albanians stems from the fact that they always submitted to the foreign occupier and collaborated with them."

"Yugoslavia, as far as its Serbian core was concerned,
had been our enemy in the World War. Yes,
the World War began in Belgrade. In spite of this,
the German Volk, which is not resentful by nature,
did not harbor any hatred.

The German Volk can be told today:
the Serbian coup de main against Germany
took place not only under the English,
but essentially under the Soviet, flag.
Since we remained silent on this matter as well,
the Soviet leadership went a step further.
Not only did it organize the Serb putsch but also,
only a few days later, it concluded the well-known Friendship
Pact with its new subservient creatures. This was intended
to encourage the Serbs in their resistance to a pacification
of the Balkans and to goad them on against Germany.

Since I still believed that it was better not to speak,
the ruling powers in the Kremlin went a step further:
the German Reich government today possesses documents
which prove that Russia, in order to get Serbia finally
to fight, promised to deliver weapons, planes, ammunition,
and other war materiel via Salonika. And this occurred
almost exactly at the same moment when I gave the Japanese
foreign minister, Matsuoka, advice to seek a detente with
Russia, always in the hope of rendering peace a service.
Only the rapid breakthrough to Skopje and the taking of
Salonika by our peerless divisions have prevented the
ambitions of this Soviet-Anglo-Saxon conspiracy. The
Serbian air-force officers escaped to Russia and were
welcomed there immediately as allies."

Adolf Hitler

Backstabbers indeed.

Why are you trying so hard to prove that the Tamimis are "Northern Europeans"? You think that normies would respond well (from the perspective of discrediting zionism) to the argument that the Tamimi family is not indigenous to Palestine, because it's actually from Europe? If anything, you should be arguing that the Tamimis are Semitic Arabs while it's the jews who are foreigners to the land - not the other way around lol.

What's (((your))) agenda here?

This shit is gross.
Then so is Miss Israel here.
Fucking no.

newfag, apparently you haven't taken the meaning of that phrase yet. WISHING I could pay the girl for a spit sample to send to the kikes at 23 and me isn't CLAIMING anything. If I claimed my family OWNED 23 and Me, that would be a case of "medal works at nintendo." Wish? I could WISH that I had taylor swift sitting on my face before she hit THE WALL last eat, doesn't;t make me a LARPer. Learn the difference.

* me dad

last YEAR

dickface, I didn't especially believe it myself. The Jew Max Blumenthal does 203 chapters on them in David and Goliath:Life and Loathing In Greater Israel" and he tells the story of the Jews taking their DNA since the Jew higher-ups suspected the kids were kidnapped for use as a Pr tool. I'm not "trying" to prove anything. It HAS BEEN proved by kikes who certainly had every motive to come to opposite conclusion. If you're going to discuss a case, at least read the fucking rev leant literature.

unless you're willing to post a picture of your ex-GF and her DNA profile, how the fuck am I to answer? There are ~ 300 million European woman (and falling fast). Are there SOME examples? of course, but I also assume four ex had access to clean water, modern shampoo, and didn't need a pass from the Jews ro go get her haircut. The Ahed girl DOES need all that and yet her hair remains the way it does, which is why she is unique….I swear, within 10 minutes every asshole on the board within a100 mile radius converged on me in this one fucking thread.

Nobody but one or two try to. That are either some Americans with distorted perception what European phenotypes are, or shitskins trying to gain pity points with Europeans.

Bottle blonde fake. Cosmetics, lighting and photography, most probably surgery too, to remove the most gross semitic features.

I think the Tamimis look more authentic, not European, but that is OK. There isn’t that irritating uncanny mixed race look most jews have.

Strange how the daughter looks more like the father, then the sons.

You read 203+ chapters of some libshit kike's nonsense and you felt the need to relay it to us?
Thanks m8.

Nobody cares.
There most-certainly is user. I think you're probably mixed-race or you're just lying to us/yourself.

I don't give a shit about kike Blumenthal and his jewish claims. Look at this family with your own damn eyes. They are clearly not "Northern Europeans," although they probably do have some admixture from Europe. Like the Ashkenazi jews themselves, by the way.

Basically, on the genetic level, the jews vs. Palestinians conflict is a conflict between two different groups of Semitic tribes, each possessing its own European admixture to some degree or another, but still being largely Semitic.

My point is that telling normalsfags: "guys, did you know that the Tamimis are actually WHITE PEOPLE" is a stupid strategy. They are not white people, and even if they were, I would see no reason to use this 'fact' in anti-zionist propaganda. It's counter-productive and can only backfire, as it makes the Palestinians look like the foreigners, in contrast to the "really Semitic" jews.

Do you even understand the argument being made here, 'tardo?

That was sarcasm and a way to say that there are today European woman with natural, slight curls (no Afro). It is rare, was always rare.
I think Ahead strong curls are artificial. Just compare here childhood photos. Curls don’t disappear after some days in jail. Another observation is that her mother looks like she has some African admixture, but we can’t see her hair. If the curls were inherited from her mother one would see that in the childhood photos, but there are just slight curls.

True. I think the jews are something like 1%-2% East African (Ethiopian), while the Palestinians are sometimes 10% nigger. It is important, however, to distinguish between Sunnis – aka Sunniggers – and Christians.The Christians have little to no nigger admixture, while Sunni Muslims (which is sadly what the majority of Palestinians are, because zionists expelled most of the indigenous Christians in 1948) are usually between 5% to 10% nigger.

Another noteworthy thing is that, while the Palestinians in Gaza are quite niggerized, if you examine the Palestinians in the areas of Palestine itself (meaning those lands that jews call "Judea and Samaria"), you can see that they look different - possibly they are the descendants of jews who converted to Religion of Cuck™ during the Ottoman occupation.

Remember that while the Arabs and the jews traded White slaves, they also traded African slaves, and unlike the "racist" (lol) jews, the Arabs often intermarried with their schwartze concubines, thus resulting in high nigger admixture.

According to this blog (

The Druze look somewhat Europeanized, but still Semitic though.

Nope. Pics related are Stav Shaffir, an ugly Ashkenazi jewish politician in Israel. Next thing you'll say that she is "White." Get a brain, dipshit.

That is just imagination.

White people is very weak defined, mostly an American obsession.

That are Jeminites, they have strong African admixture and look different to Levantines

The reason why Levantines and Europeans have many similarities in phenotypes is just the joint origin. Modern man probably developed somewhere between the Levant, Mesopotamia, Caucasus, Persia – in contrast to Africans. That is the reason why those people look not so different to Europeans. When the Spanish conquered the Canary island they did find “blond and blue eyed” natives, but we know today through DNA test of their remains, they weren’t related to northern Europeans.
Modern jews have higher African admixture from Jemen. African admixture in the orient is stronger in southern Arabia and southern Egypt, gradually less the closer to the Caucasus.

OP Racemixing destroys races but that doesn't automatically mean European characteristics don't come out on top if thrown into the mixture, because like all races they developed by surviving and competing with the rest of humanity.
Its just the resulting individual that is lesser than a European, because he only has a parts of the characteristics that make Europeans successful and these parts may be made dysfunctional by the parts of the other side.
In fact a lot of Golems and Leftist are supporting Racemixing based on their own hidden racist belief that this is the way that will "fix" the other races incompetence and stupidity.
But make no mistake, mongrel will remain being mongrels unless they are subject to an strongly controlled eugenic project.

Non-White genes are more "base" (un-refined, primitive) than White genes. Therefore, a few drops of European blood in an African cannot significantly improve the African, while a few drops of African blood in a European can absolutely spoil the European. Race-mixing is particularly destructive to Whites, in other words.

Depends, Abesinian jews are 50+ percent Negro/Arab mix. Yemenite jews have a high African admixture, are visually indistinguishable from their muslim cousins. Yemenite jews were the base population of sephardic jews, Spain, Italy, Netherland, Britain.
Ashkenazi, eastern European jews have from maternal side 50-60 percent European ancestry. Many Shiksas did become good jewish mothers. African admixture is probably much lower and diluted.

That is probably Egyptian heritage, mother Tamimi looks “Egyptian”, Gaza strip was Egyptian, much of Sinai was, for a long time in history.

That is the land who belonged to Syria/Damascus

Most probably. Genetic research shows the Palestinians are more close related to the each of the main 3 jewish populations, ashkenazi, sephards, oriental, then those jewish populations are to each other.

Visible in Saudi “royalty”.

It is what used to be called “Europides”, not “white people”. It is a bit up-side-down because the similarity stems from joint origin in the orient.

That is because of a high degree of European admixture. Uglines comes from racemixing and inbreeding the most ugly result of that mix. I know authentic “white” people as ugly as she

I wouldn't think so, the Arabs tended to mix heavily with their African slaves. The Arabs heavily practiced the slave trade with east Africa. Initially they practicing plantation farming with castrated males. This ended with the Zanj rebellion. The blacks as well as poor Arabs in Iraq rebelled but were crushed - though plantation farming was seen as nonviable in the heart of the Caliphate. So they turned to importing female slaves, whom they obviously mixed with. While they did import European slaves where possible, these were extremely expensive and hard to come by further south. It required cooperation with either the Vikings or the Turkic steppe nomads whose allegiances were as flaky as their power over their domains. Black women from east Africa were less valuable, but their supply was consistent and plentiful.

Look, Jew, if you refuse to even find the fucking PDF and read the arguments and how one can be sure they are inded related to the crusades, what the fuck do you say to to someone who literally refuses to look at facts?

Also, they live and work on a farm, and I can personally attest to fact that if I'm in the sun for even a few weeks, my hair goes back to the bright shade of blonde it was when I was born.

I don't take your point. I never suggested telling normal people they are actually Whites, as that would actually be BAD for them. The point is, without saying a word, the average american White can actually see part of themselves in these people, at least in the kids, and THIS is why they are a lethal PR weapons against the Jew.

If you can't figure this out, you're either 80 IQ or a fuckiing leering kike pretending not to understand. Not sure which makes you worse.


(((You))) aren't winning this one, schloms.


Why don't you post the full article you stupid shill? Haplogroup E1b1b comes from the Neolithic settlers, the same people who introduced agriculture into Europe.

Yet again proves that all anti-Serb posting is done by stupid shills, you're almost certainly a muslim as well. Get rekt you dumb faggot, next time we'll kill you all.

In that same speech Hitler claims Poland started WW2. He got drunk on his own lies.

Hymie, I've given you the source. I've given you the 3 chapters within the source where the topic in question is discussed. You literally refuse to look at it, then call ME a Jew and call the girl in question a Jew. Filtered.

I'm confused. As the topic of this thread, does it say "COME HERE FOR VARIOUS VERSIONS OF BALKAN TRASH TO ARGUE WITH ONE ANOTHER?" What does this have to do with topic at hand?

If you two want to fight, let me know when you'll be in the US, and I'll arrange for a hotel room to be cleared, each fo you to be given an icepick and fight it out to the death. Until then, keep your bullshit to another fucking thread that deals with whatever bullshit you sub-humans are fighting over…

Do you know where you are, jew boy?

Well, it‘s true, no?

Poland did occupy German territory, not the reverse. Not content with the booty, they made it very clear that Poland was lusting for more German territory, as they do until today.

Hitler was willing to compromise in territory, that is a proven fact. Hitler was not willing to compromise the security of Germany. Poland was a danger, they did attack Germany very recently and the Poles made no secret about their intention to go even further.

She's not unique. Maybe in the Middle East she is, but that's about it. She has dry as fuck curly hair. I'm 100% Western European with curly red hair and if I don't wash my hair and take a brush to it the shit looks like a ragged mess like hers. It's simply the nature of curly hair which is dry as fuck because the sebum cannot travel down the hair haft as easily.

Please go the fuck back to leddit with "muh dik" you fuckign retard. If you'd been here more than a week, you'd know the kikes pick the 5 or 6 kikeesses that can pass as something like attractive from having their Russian ancestors raped in the USSR and somehow ending up in Israel when the chance was given to all "jews" to flee int he early 80s through ZOG's intercession when life had gotten that bad.

You're comparing THAT to a 5 foot 1, 16 year old Christian pal girl with Crusader blood being tortured and held in Jew military prison girl with her mother? I don't even have the energy to begin explainig why you are a fuckign retard…

you must surely pull the ladies in. The point–which you STILL cannot get through you're thick fucking skill after an entire thread– is that a White phenotype has survived for 800+ years in a place where they were completely surrounded by mud and under turk and then kike rule…

she's ABSOLUTELY unique since she demonstrates the survival of a European phenotype over all those years in the middle of fucking sand. For those bitching her hair doesn't look perfect, when the jews come by once every few weeks to put "skunk spray" in your water tank and when your mother has to but your hair, noth to save money and bc you cannot get a pass from the jews to get shekels, her hair is her features overall are amazingly unique.

This woman did an interview with the Tamimi girl:

Encoded this webm sometime ago the last time that was posted.

thanks mate. this is good, normie-friendly propaganda for those who use kikebook or whatever else. can you leave webms on kikebook or snatchchat? Fucking jewggle and FB have trult destroyed the net. I feel sorry for those who never got to experience the net before it. Each time I regret being 36, I then consider that were I yonger, never would have been able to experience the internet golden age, when it was truly "the wild west" and you could do anything you want.



Amazing how every usual leftist rag who, for example, covered the little Afghan troll "malawi" who caught the bullet to the face (the surgeon's deserved an award, not she) WON'T TOUCH THIS STORY WITH A 10 FOOT POLE?

Hmm, now why could that be? And this girl ACTUALLLY DID SOMETHING HERSELF OTHER THAN GET SHOT and fought the kikes. Yet, not a single article on her in the MSMS as the Jews hold her in military prison at 16 for pushing a kike soldier off her own lawn. No (((celebrity))) support, no angelina jolie going to see her. Can anyone guess why??

The Palestinian cause is not just for Palestinians, not even just for Arabs. The Palestinian cause is a humanitarian cause. What makes me happy is to see the humanitarians of the world stand with us in solidarity to free our land.

— Ahed Tamimi, Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter.

In 1976, the Palestinian villages of Nabi Saleh and Deir Nidham were encroached upon by Israeli settlers, and their ever-expanding colony of Halamish was born. In December 2009, little Nabi Saleh began holding peaceful demonstrations every Friday in opposition to settlement growth and the usurpation of the land’s fresh water springs.

Eight years later, on Friday, December 15, 2017, the residents of Nabi Saleh were protesting US president Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. During the protest, Israeli occupation forces shot 15-year-old mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Tamimi in the face with a rubber bullet, seriously wounding him. Shortly afterward, mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker’s 16-year-old cousin Ahed Tamimi responded by accosting two Israeli soldiers right in front of her home. She reviled, slapped, and kicked them in a remarkable act of defiance. By Monday, a video of the confrontation taken by her mother had gone viral worldwide.

(Ahed has been resisting Israeli occupation since she was nine years old. And she’s not the only one in her family to do so. Her parents have been resisting the occupation for many years and several members of her extended family have been killed by Israeli troops. Most recently another of her cousins, Musab Firas al-Tamimi of Dier Nidham, was the first teen to be shot and killed by occupation forces earlier this year.)

(the kikes not letting me archive this one either, something must be off with my settings)

You are a jew for nepotistically insisting that other people take as gospel the claims of your co-ethnic Blumenthal. You're also a jew for falsely claiming that I call Tamimi a jewess, which I did not do at all. And finally, you are a jew for being perversely obsessed with this girl.

everyone here keeps forgetting that we ruled the the Levant for a very long time

Saudis are jews.

Firstly, I (Serb) didn't start the topic, but the muslim shills did.
Secondly, you stupid 56% nigger, your country is run by kikes.
And finally, we would have fought out our Balkan conflicts long ago if you and your kike masters would stop meddling.

Always this forced crusader meme from burger who can not point a certain phenotype on a map. Not everybody who don’t look like the hunchback of Notre Dame must be a crusader rape baby.

Look at the father of Assad, Hafis al Assad, he has very similar look, phenotype as the father of the girl. The Assads belong to a particular inbreed endogamus cult, tribe. Not much likelihood of recent (1000 years) European ancestry.

1. it's foot-noted newfag retard
you don't know if you're coming or going or going or talking out your fucking ass

3. for YEARS now, have been arguing the Jews are much too strong and their bench os too deep to get them from the right, which is why every twatter account sock I have is rouse the leftist rabble. This fuckign girl is an oppourtunity to shove it down the jew's throat on a silver platter, and you can bet your ass I've completely obsessed with taking full advantage of it. It's a shame the board is now full of lazy motherfucker who AREN NOT obsessed with a chance to get the kikes for putting a 16 year old girl in military jail under a secret trial and looking at 20 yrs for pushing a kike on her front lawn.

you fucking killed the Archduke and gave the kikes the chance they'd been waiting for since 1897 to destroy Europe and set in motion the cycle that would end european domination of the world, which was the end result of WW 1 and its bastard child, ww 2. Between the casualties of the wars and how many the jews killed under communism, was it really worth not being able to wait a few more years for austria-hungary to fall apart on its own, you kke puppet?

Look, JIDF. You and I both know that Syria and Palestine were named by Romans.


rule as an invader? YOU get yourselves into that fucking shit and ended up with yugoslavia and the commies. If you waited a few years, Autria-Hungary was collapsing, you would have had everything you wanted, including complete self rule.

You destroyed 5 European empires with your fucking bullshit in 2 world wars and killed over 100 million europeans. and for what?


Are you serious hymie? Pick up a copy of plutarch's "parallel lives" and you can find the names in there form 2,000 years in there. While I may have some fondness for Assad and Hezbollah for the way thet fight the kikes, every Sunni as far as I'm concerned they should give netanyahu and Liberman and 2 sunni leaders of your choice an icepick, lock them in a room and come back in 30 minutes and see what's left.

Nobody cares about your jewish shilling. The Palestinians should be supported as indigenous Arabs, and your jewish argument that they are "White North-Western Europeans" because of blonde hair and blue eyes is retarded, and may equally be used by kikes to argue that they are White.

Nobody here claimed that Tamimi is jewish, because Semitic =/= jewish. Tamimi is a Semitic Arab with possibly some European admixture thrown in, and your obsession with proving that she is "White North-Western European" (because kike Blumenthal says so) reveals your whole JIDF agenda - trying to convince Holla Forums that the Palestinians are foreigners to Palestine. Ain't working, Chaim.

If you aren't a fucking JEW, you are a retard. I tend to lean towards JUDEN. The goal is TO GET ATTENTION. To get the attention of the average Jill and Joe sixpack in the street who usually don't notice such things. The girl looks basically like a European. Do you not understand a fucking thing about psychology, and how people instinctively identify with those who look like us?

The avg person sees this 16 year old blue-eyed girl locked up by the Jews, they can imagine their own 16 year old girl being locked up by the Jews. Ask yourself this (assuming you aren't a kike who knows this already): why are ALL THELEFTIST RAGS, who shrieked to the high heavens about that Malia thing (who didn't even do anything, th eSURGEONS sis the work) won't mention this girl? Why do you think?

Because this girl is and has been FIGHTING JEWS HER ENTIRE LIFE. Now she's looking at 20 years for pushing a jew fro her front yard. Man, back in 20116 this place would have managed to get this story trending and into the MSM media. Sad to see the board a shadow of it former self. As for you hymie…

Before you re allowed to post here, you should have to past an exam on the book "Propaganda" by the Jew Eduard Bernet. If this place isn't about producing useful propaganda that can make it's way to cuckchan and le reddit and then filter up like from a septic tank into nor media, then what use is any of this???

"She is a White North-Western European" is the worst propaganda ever. GTFO.

Btw, do you think that being triggered to the point of lolcow-ism makes for good propaganda?

Do not one of you cocksuckers understand how to set a book on kindle or fucking steal it on torrent? If it was a video game, bet your ass you'd have it by now. For the SIXTH time in this thread– the Jews didn't believe Pals could have kids this blonde (the entire extended family looks like this) and so took DNA from them assuming they must be kidnapped. What did the Jews find?

Northern DNA Origin the same to the mideast approximately 900 years ago, the time of the crusades. Those are the facts. The book is called "Goliath" Life and Loathing in Greater Israel" by the Jew Max Blumenthal.

You also don't understand fuck all about propaganda. Or you knew what your kike professor taught you in psychology 101 at the community college. The fact is that we all relate to those who look like us, and seeing girl who resembles us phenotypically and could be related to Us White is a GREAT propaganda tool. She isn't 100% pure, no. But enough so that it WORKS.

If the avg How Sixpack can imagine his daughter as the one being locked up for 20 years by the Jews, THEN he will begin hating them. Thus the reason the kikes have had a total media blackout on her.

Me being a "lol-cow" on here? No semiformal human being looks at this fucking site anyway. The way things (used to) work is that things seep from here, to cuck chan, to lead-tit, then into normie social media.

If people are too fucking stupid to see the psych value of weaponizing this girl, let them fucking laugh at me, I don't give a rat's ass. You don't seem very bright, with all due respect if you can't even understand how propaganda works. So if it goes over your….educationally challenged head and 20% of people really "get it" and help spread it, that's more than enough.

You're still using jew-claimed "science" to make a bunch of nonsensical claims, and disingenuously using a picture of another girl to prove your point.

Hey faggot, do you even realize that many Arab (and Middle Eastern) kids start out blond and brightly pigmented and only during puberty "transform" into their swarthy selves? That's one reason why Palis use kids as propaganda props - their younger kids look White and thus garner sympathy easily, while their teenagers are pretty dark-skinned and much less photogenic. The girl you posted (not Ahed Tamimi) probably looks like a regular caramel-colored Arab woman right now. Ahed Tamimi is a unique exception here.

Tamimi just has a little bit Euro admixture in addition to her Semitic blood (she's probably 80% Arab and 20% White, if I had to guess), which is why she remained blond and light skinned, unlike most Arabs.

It is beyond retarded to call her "Northwestern European." She simply isn't. Look at her goddamn parents. These are Semitic Arabs. But with some European admixture.

Stop relying on jewish books, dipshit.

You also fail to grasp my argument. I'm not saying that Tamimi should be ignored. On the contrary - she should definitely be used as a symbol of the struggle against zionism. But what should not be done is claiming that "this is a White woman." She is not a White woman, and this argument only makes normalfags suspicious of your whole agenda. It also presents the Palestinians as some kind of Christian invaders from Europe, which they obviously are not.

Still don't get the point, tardface?

Come on OP, you don't really think that going all over, say, Facebook, and arguing that "the jews are torturing this WHITE NORTH-WESTERN EUROPEAN woman" is going to move over Joe Normie to the right side, right? The normalfags aren't Holla Forumsacks and this will only drive them away.

Tamimi should be recognized and presented as an indigenous Arab girl. If you don't get why, you're a kike and should be oven'd.

In conclusion, she should be used in propaganda, but don't call her a "White woman" explicitly. It's counterproductive.

By the way, you said that what interests you is how White genes can survive for so long in mud-land; now you're making an altogether different proposition. Don't thing that it's been unnoticed. It's been noticed, (((Saul))).

For that you need no shared DNA, phenotypical similarity is enough.

Learn some history you dumb ass, Germany started both world wars by its own initiative and volition and no circumstance could have forced it to such drastic measure.


Syria and Palestine are indigenous names though

it's the SAME EXACT GIRL you fucking asshole, if you read the thread you'd see I admitted to mislabelling her "Lebanese" years ago, but if she were, she'd be wearing yellow.

The amount of time some of you fuckers will spend chasing down a single jpg of some random skank, yet NO ONE will consult the fucking primary from which I got the info on their ancestry…and I AM the lol-cow? Or could it be the entire board has degenerated in the lat few years into a bunch of good-for-nnothing, low life, motherfucking jerkoffs? Could that be it?

Quite the opposite. If I hadn't dropped kike bookers ago because it's poison (and what I'm pushing on my leftist COCK twaater amounts) is simply "this poor Palestinian girl looking at 20 years…" to every possibly sympathetic leftist I can think of.

The fact that she looks relatively White and thus they will relate more to her is something that will happen on an unconscious level, it doesn't need to be spelled out for them.

I give up on this topic here, not going to get any help these days, the anons from 2015-2016 who genuinely knew how to manipulate the Jew media and cared enough to do so are gone. I'll keep rousing the leftist rabble on my twaater SOCK accounts, esp in the UK, and hope it goes somewhere.

She looks somewhat White, but she is not White. Thus: 1) labelling her "White" is factually false; 2) even if she were a 100% pure Aryan, explicitly mentioning her Whiteness to normies would be counterproductive.

Which means that you should use her in your propaganda, but do so wisely - you should present her as an indigenous Arab girl, and explain that the jews, who came to Palestine from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, England, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, America, South America, India, and even China, and dozens of other places across the globe, are obviously not indigenous to Palestine.

It's so easy. So, so easy. Point out that the kikes are not from "Israel," while the Palestinians are. Point out the mass conversions to Judaism through proselytizism - in Yemen, in North Africa, the Khazars, the Russian Subbotniks, etc. Contrast that to the Palestinians, who've been living there for at least a millennium, if not much longer.

Calling Ahed Tamimi "White Northwestern European" is the dumbest thing you can do.

Hello my Arab friend

The poster you answered didn‘t do that.

Stop right here.

Your disgusting semitic cousins didn‘t come from Europe. You slimy semites are very close related and none of you is of European blood.

Sorry no Andalucia for you.

Now fuck off, this is a Finish wood carving forum, not some goat fucker sit in.

Based upon the order of the Greek alphabet, it is probably Xi. The sunwheel is probably theta.

Can you read? I didn't say jews originated in Europe. They are mixed-breeds, international mongrels. Point is, they came from all of those places to Palestine - thus, unlike the Palestinians, they are not indigenous there.

Jews are not indigenous there.

Let me remind you that muslim and jews has been enslaving whites for thousands of years

So that should answer the question where the white comes from