>In a move likely to cause outrage against the nation already marked with anti-Semitic laws on the holocaust and now on kosher meat, the Polish government has ordered the Polish parliament to cease pushing a bill which would legalise Jews reclaiming property taken from them by the Nazis. 'This makes Poland the only European country to have not have a law allowing for Jews to reclaim property.

This is literally another shoah.





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My goodness, it's really happening! A series of blows against jewry from one rising country, this reminds me of something. :)




InB4 the shills arrive to degrade and attack Poland.

Death Camps Weren’t 'Polish' - but Poles Were Bad Enough to Jews Without Them, Holocaust Historian Says
New bill ‘is creating an atmosphere of fear in Poland to talk about these issues’ and will make work of those who research Poland during the Holocaust difficult, if not impossible

Judy Maltz
28.01.2018 | 20:59


The heated controversy over new Polish legislation that would criminalize any mention of Polish complicity in the Holocaust has underscored how differently Jews and Poles perceive that era.


Jews jewing Jews jewing Jews.

God bless Poland!

Hitler rightfully hated (((Poland))).
kill yourself, yid

Gas yourself Schlomo

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Entry forbidden to Jews' at Polish hotel
Polish media reports anti-Semitic sign posted outside of hotel in the town of Cesarzowice; hotel owner is reportedly an extremist who has previously ignited controversy when he burnt an effigy of a religious Jew and was sentenced to prison.
Ynet|Published: 11.24.17 , 10:28


This is ultimately what it all boils down to, right here. These fucking kikes actually think that the Polish government should not consider the interests of its citizens paramount over all others. They want a fucking foreign government to possibly violate the rights and interests of the people they are supposed to represent for people who have no stake in the country whatsoever. Nobody of good conscience and character would ever hold such an expectation, unless of course they thought they were (((chosen))).

Its been 73 years since the war ended ffs. Remind anyone who will listen that they are literally whining about 73 fucking years ago.

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The best thing is that Polish (communist then) government payed reparations in 50s to all living families of jews who lost their estates in Poland, but somehow they want more and more

How does one even proves that the property was his before the second world war?
What if he sold the property right before, and the proof that it was sold (((coincidentally))) goes missing?

that's the point, you cant
all documents were destroyed in Poland during 2ww so it's for mr. Shekelberg to say Oy Vey give me back muh shekels

Ayy lmfao

Nignogs still do it about hundreds of years ago. So kikes doing it, is even less of a shocker since they're more of a parasite than blacks have ever been.

Nah, that video gives more of a party vibe for the kikes, if anything we need a metal song to describe the "brutal" (((history))) that thankfully is repeating itself, but this time it'll just be history if all things are done right.

Holla ForumsAND


They tried to reach the Polish death camps in time… Hitler tried to save them, but it was too late.



Damn, these kikes no joke know how to skank!


Which fucking timeline is this lads?

Jewish anti-polish feeling being acknowledged,
jews fleeing Poland according to the rabbi. sounds almost too good to be true; please be true.

why post a picture of cromwell? because this

you neednt kill yourself yid; you would only deprive us of the satisfaction of doing it ourselves.

Poland has gone from being the jews best friend to their worst enemy. Now everyone can see how jews treat those who they owe a REAL debt to. This is a very promising sign; dont count on Poland helping you this time kikes.

Ding ding ding. That's the kike's scam right there. They claim all of these priceless works of art, but have no proof. They've been ripping people off for decades with this scam.


How much does one of these "formerly Jewish" properties cost? I think I'll turn one into a WWII museum.

I don't see a fucking receipt and no I'm not going to wait while you write one up Moshe. The audacity of these fuckers. It isn't "reclaiming" when you are stealing from the original owners. "Reclaim" what is owned by others is theft.

they don't, you just get them for being jewish or lying about being jewish.

Another funny fact about this properites: most of them were completely destroyed during 2ww, and they were rebuild by Poles and government. Now jews want them for free, even though there are people who spend actually work and spend money to rebuild them

It's interesting how opinions and the power of countries can change over time. Poland was thought of as a post communist shithole for many decades in modern times, much like how America was thought as a frontier backwater back in the day. But now they're growing their military strength and trying to make themselves a natural gas exporter to compete with Russia. Mark my words, in a few decades we might be looking at the next European superpower

Is anyone here familiar with the actual standard of evidence necessary to file a claim?
I imagine it's pretty flimsy if the Poles are going to these lengths to SHUT IT DOWN.

Cradle-to-grave-indoctrinated victim complex that feels entitled to the wages of others through no other virtue than simply existing.
Sounds like another group I know.
With this ape crates controversy, the timing is almost too perfect to finally meme against the evils of being overly-generous.

Even a country economically-successful enough to be free from external control would be enough for me.
We would do well to keep a sharp eye out for any (((sabotage))) and seize upon the opportunity to publicize it.

For those who say, that something is happening.
Yes something is happening, but this is just a revert of the first kiked government of the 3rd Polish Republic…. Well after all Kaczinsky did say that with his government, elected in 2015, the rise of the 4th Polish Republic will begin.

It is highly likely that this revertion was due to the kikes accusing Poland of participating in the holoclown. Anyway, this law was unjust, since many people lost their homes in World War 2 due to Germany seizing/destroying them… As well as the Soviets simply stealing everything.
Someone really fucking stupid made that law with the independence of Poland from the Russians. Because normal citizens had next to no chance to reclaim their own land, owned before World War 2

It is simple.
Don't fuck with Poland. Don't backstab us. We aren't cucks. We stab back.
Also we are a people who prefer strong leaders over shitty democracy.

If the majority of your people want a strong leader is that not democracy?


where are the shills claiming current Polish government was a jewish plant

blown the fuck out u cocksucking shills


"muh based poles, gotta attack those g-d damn nazis!" :^)


Jesus. Poland's on a fucking hot streak. I love it.

Maybe hold off until the foremost zionist hit squad and invasive nigger virus, the US military, is out of Poland and their government stops going along with Washington to gum up the Nordstream II pipeline.


And there's that D&C. Try to be on time next time.


Good on ya, Kurwaland. can you please stop being obnoxious in online vidyagames, thanks in advance

The only conceivable way one could believe that was D&C is if they believe the American motivations during the Second Zionist War and its postwar occupations are beneficial and inherently good.

The current gov is still part of the old structures. So these claims do have some substance behind them.

WTF I love Holla Forumsand now!

Hitler was a faggot. He didn't do half of the shit jews lied about him doing. Poland is going to make their memes real.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

The Future is Poland

It pisses me off kikes manage to get laws like that passed, anyone suggesting it deserves a damn good beating at the very least. What about everyone else who lost property or, worse, family in the war? They aren't jews so they can get fucked according to these jewish laws.

You are correct. However I believe the poster meant "democracy".

maybe for a little while when we remove some shitskins from neighbors like germany et al
then we will be back

Alright, what the shit is going on in Poland and can I come for a visit?

They want kikes to move to the kikehive.

This is all you need to read from the above exchange

Yeah? But seriously.

Have these kikes ever stopped for a single second and asked themselves why that might be?

How can we support anti-kike companies and politicians in Holla Forumsand?

I'm third gen(lol) polish here stateside and if Poland is seriously getting the ovens warmed like the daily news ledes are implying I will find my way to my family's homeland

Good shit.

consider the notion that us military expansionism is borderline invasion-tier, we have bases everywhere and virtually control the areas surrounding those bases. The US is a pretty cancerous empire due to the meddling of foreign loyalist rats shaping our footprint in geopolitical spheres.

Some kind of pro-Polish Nationalism business directory?


Come during the November 11th Independence Day march in Warsaw. 60,000 Poles marched last year.


Pics related are thousands of Poles holding flares and flags in celebration of their Independence day.

Did you know you're eligible for birthright citizenship?

Then they should go to fucking israel and stay there. Stop pestering the world.

Make europe catholic again.

great suggestion user, thanks. i just may.