The Trump Curse Strikes Again

Buzzfeed Suing DNC Over Bullshit Dossier

BuzzFeed is suing the cash-strapped Democratic National Committee (DNC) to force them to hand over information related to the "Steele Dossier" that might help the news outlet defend itself against a lawsuit lodged by a Russian businessman who was named in the document.

Three separate lawsuits have been launched against BuzzFeed in connection to the January 11, 2017 publication of the dossier, which states that Russian tech executive Aleksej Gubarev used his web hosting companies to hack into the DNC's computer systems.

As part of their defense, BuzzFeed issued a subpoena to the DNC for information which might help them defend against Gubarev's lawsuit by verifying claims in the dossier - including "digital remnants left by the Russian state operatives," as well as a full version of the hacking report prepared by cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

If the DNC is compelled to turn over the full CrowdStrike report and "digital remnants," perhaps Gubarev would then present a counter-analysis by researcher Forensicator which CrowdStrike apparently "missed" - revealing that the DNC files were copied at 22.6 MB/s - all but confirming that the files had to have been copied locally by an inside source. Many have speculated that DNC IT staffer Seth Rich, whose murder is still unsolved, was the source of the emails provided to WikiLeaks.

Wouldn't it be funny if BuzzFeed proves the DNC wasn't hacked?

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They're still going to the gallows. And have a kike free first post.

Snakes have turned on each other. Observe, fan the flames and laugh. Whoever loses, we win.

i only had a tertiary understanding about the BS Dossier surrounding the prostitutes and pissing on the bed but these snips are the most dumbass obvious shitposts ive ever seen and Buzzfeed fell for it. They expect to sue for their own fucking stupidity? How will that hold up in court.

Dubs confirm.



The best part is this going to end up completely fucking over Buzzfeed, the DNC, Obongo era FBI and DOJ officials, and every faggot politician who pretended the dossier was real. Because Buzzfeed is wants to prove dossier is true. Which it isn't. And their efforts to prove it will only reveal just how utterly fake it is. tl;dr the entire deepstate is getting fucked.




If a 4chan user really wrote it how the fuck did it end up being bought by the DNC from an ex MI6 nigger?
It has been so bizarre watching the whole shit show unfold while being privy to the Holla Forums insight on the matter.
This whole scenario is more twisty than a bucket of worms.

lel kikes eating kikes

See the bottom right of the attached pic.

4chan wasnt trying to fool the DNC they were trying to fool the never Trump republicans, making them spoil their own credibility by reporting clearly false information.

At the top these politicians (from all sides) all socialise together. So it would be passed around like Chinese whispers.
So at first people would have been very clear that it was unreliable salacious information. But eventually that caveat would get dropped because its not interesting.

Is this really the dossier Buzzfeed published?

Realistically all that's going to happen is that Buzzfeed will get fucked. They want the Crowdstrike report. The DNC will never, ever give them the Crowdstrike report. The DNC didn't even let the FBI examine their servers, they're not going to let a couple of pissant bloggers have the report that could potentially destroy them

Without the report, Buzzfeed can't mount a defence, which means Buzzfeed gets fucked and everybody else involved is spared the sword

A most succinct and informative analysis user, I guess I have to couple that with a billion dollars to spend and voila here we are now. Thank you.

Bitchfeed will definetely drown in this piss-swamp but not before raising a stink of their own.
Unlike the FBI at the time Buzzfeed is actually desperate and will do anything to stay alive, so they will probably raise all hell to get the info, assuming the big kikes don't interfere directly.

Dubs demand a cannibalistic feast.

We need to bait holohoaxers in this way, too.

Real plot twist is that Steele was shitposting on Holla Forums and giving us first draft.

>“If these documents were disclosed, the DNC’s internal operations, as well as its ability to effectively achieve its political goals, would be harmed,” said DNC lawyers.

No matter how many times I read that shit and how many explanations I get, whether they and (((they))) themselves bought it or not, I still can't believe how in the everloving fuck these people expected the public to buy that shit AND not get ass-reamed in court when people find out it's bullshit.

I love it when the left eats their own.

As if people needed a reminder of how close the never trumpers aka a clique within the republicans controlled opposition party is to the DNC.


All you need to know about the DNC right there


Someone actually believed this. We need to use this just make some shitty art of something like this happening and putting "This Actually Happened, according to the Steele Dossier."

That Sam Hyde reiteration of the Goebells (I think o butchered that) but goddamn, that made me laugh, kike free indeed, good job user.

This is just so fucking bizarre to even think about let alone my somewhat indifferent following of this whole shitstorm here on Holla Forums.
Will we ever see even a sniff of the truth revealed on the (((news)))?
Holla Forums is always right


Those can't be actual quotes from the "dossier" can they?


Modern day politics is getting funner all the time, no?
If you ever needed proof it was a chan-op there it is

i love this dossier. i wish i could have been the one who payed agent steele. the man deserves twice what he was paid.


no one will ever be able to top this dossier. it is as elegant as they come. at any moment it almost feels like the whole thing could end in a walk the dinosaur. but what really sets this shitpost above the rest is the unbelievably large scope and influence that this shitpost was able to cover. it was the major plot point for all of 2017. whenever they could, the MSM dipshits went back an doubled down on this work of art, "confirming" its legitimacy repeatedly. and i cant blame them. even the most brainwashed droolers would take one look at this and see it for what it is.

and so the media did whatever they could to hold their bluff, and ensure that no one would ever question it, god forbid if they ever read it. and they did it for well over a year. congress went along with it, the entire press went along with it, the fucking intelligence community went along with it. every evil cunt in the whole world holding on for dear life to the single greatest shitpost of all time.

why have we not been spamming the dossier everywhere and getting everyone to actually read it with the new perspective that the memo has provided? it would be the single biggest redpill to the ridiculousness that is the MSM narrative. the fact that buzzfeed is now suing them over making them look retarded is just icing on the cake.

simple, they expected to own the court and have the power to forcefeed any shit they wanted to the public
they had calculated that their power would enable them to force their abuses of power to be forgotten
if it weren't for those meddling kids

how the fuck did you miss that?

this is why im saying we should be shoving the dossier down everyones throats right now. make them eat their lies, and make every normie in the world realize what a ride they were taken on. no one likes getting played for a dummy. not even the true-blue dummies.

Checked and Kekked


Probably because the DNC and Feds are lying and it really was a 4chan prank gone out of control. The scumbags in the government are such lying sacks of shit.

Didn't they claim the British agent who wrote it, or whatever, died? Dead men can't refute bullshit claims made against them.

steele is still alive as far as im aware

Maybe this wouldn't have happened if the cocksuckers at buzzfeed did their job in a proper and ETHICAL manner, they wouldn't be in this situation.


OP also neeeds to stop sucking the kikes off shilling kikebush and find different sources.


Here are other sources if you don't want to support the cunts over at the burning bush.

what happened to the Steele Dossier being a FusionGPS production?

Daily reminder some of you faggots are in no position to call other people credulous.


The more layers of obfuscation the harder it is for people to pin this one one entity. They don't get it, we'll go after ALL of them.

You’re delusional.

So post the real one.

It is. Some Russian guy is suing Buzzfeed because they reported he hacked the DNC when he didn't. Buzzfeed based their reporting on shit that CrowdStrike made up to cover up Seth Rich's death, and now they're butthurt Crowdstrike won't back them up now that they're getting sued.

Prove to me that you're more than a (1) and done and post the real thing.

Oy, you dirty antisemite!

Didn't Comey even say he got the information from the Republicans regarding this? The fucker is a snake but I can see him dropping some truth to save his own ass.

Nah my dude, everyone here knows democrats are the real antisemites :^) :^) :^) :^) :^) :^)

post it then you cunt.

CrowdStrike are the DNC's cybersecurity firm. They're the ones who concluded that the DNC was hacked by Russians. We're to take their less than unbiased word for it, apparently, because the DNC didn't allow the FBI to examine the servers personally

Even if it isn't, if they never reveal it then OP's pics are, for all intensive purposes, the public display of the contents.
True until proven incredulous.



You are indeed correct, OP is indeed a faggot
Doesn't change the fact that Buzzfeed are going to get wrecked over the real one

everyone should stop being gullible niggers for that (1). if you werent here when it happened, here is the dossier, as published by buzzfeed, that the article ITTs OP pertains to


and the buzzfeed article that linked to it

now we need normies to read it so that they can come at it with the new perspective that the memo provides. hell we should make infographs that compare it side to side, where they relate to each other

There are about to be a lot of suicides at Buzzfeed. You can be certain of that.

Couldn't happen to nicer people



jesus christ user, im so sorry. i didnt look at OPs pics, i just knew that the "golden shower" part is absolutely legit and figured it was that part that was in the OP. it looks the same as a thumbnail.

so NO, OP is a faggot and these are not from the dossier. this however, is the real thing. and i assure you that it is retarded. most of it reads like some shitty spy novel, and every once in a while you get snippets of pure unadulterated shitposting. its incredible that anyone ever gave it the okay for publication. let alone getting the DoJ to sign and approve a FISA warrant multiple times.

this, combined with the memo, is perfect redpill material. i still stand by that

And suddenly the DNC appears to have no money. Who is shocked?

Top 10 redemption arcs

Disinfo nigger is a fucking nigger. Enjoy swinging!

The excerpts in OPs post were legitimately part of the dossier that was funneled through every level of the government it had relevance to. The fact that every news media outlet that reported on it were stupid enough to think it was legit is what continues to make this hilarious! Not to mention the fact that several people in high levels have had to read this shitpost in paper-form makes it the icing on this russian cake.

No it wasn't. This was the dossier you stupid fuck. If you want to play blind man, go walk with the shepherd

Yet they still blasted the excerpts from the OP all over the news. Kill yourself faggot.

Kill yourself faggot. Actually bother to read the op and dossier before you spout shit

And Rick Wilson's place in the history books is now secure.

It's amazing seeing your reaction and trying this hard to convince some cambodian recipe exchange board with absolutely ZERO influence being shilled this hard. To what end? If you have facts to back up your CLAIMS, provide them, kike.
It feels a bit strange wielding this kind of power after so many centuries of kikes sapping it from whites. Feels good.

Funny, I mock fatherless niggers.


OP here.

Considering how that trainwreck of a "dossier" came to be, these snippets might as well be part of it.

It's all real in their mind.


you just had to go and do that

How perspicacious. Here are some more caps from the authentic Steele dossier, as reported by CNN, FOX10, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica. So gullible are they!

Our society has become an overly-litigious Jewish society.

I never understood what kek was being had in such things.
Anyway, you, or someone at least, actually printed out and highlighted these things. This is a strange world, very strange.

I still giggle at the fact that it was DNC who bought this hook line-and-sinker. Bullshit dossier dreamt up by a 4cuck namefag

Truly stupidity of DNC seem to be limitless.

Does anybody remember when buszfeed was spammed on ebamsworld before anyone knew what a buzzfeed was? Everyone hated it then