Holla Forumsand's rightwingers are spreading their views(Like you should be doing, yes YOU)



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I want to spread my views with projectiles, not words.

Friendly reminder that Hitler was democratically elected.

>look at these objects
Materialists OUT

Not only that it took the might of the entire fucking world to descend on Germany to break them and at best they will have a decade left before they reawaken

Remember to not get entrapped by the feds, anons.

Europe is lucky in that sense. The way America is set up we're far more fucked on the political scene progressing absolutely zero in 60 years. It's where this mentality of some magical catalyst event comes from.

Trump was democratically elected too.

And Hitler's National Socialist party was banned and shot at by police regaurdless.

proly spitballs and cumwads you angsty teenage faggot.

I want to see a dead jew on TV tomorrow with user 754dde written across his forhead or you hang yourself. Deal?

What's a good way to spread our views here in the U.S. as a single individual? Not open to non-anonymous strategies.

basically its extremely difficult, especially if you live in an (((enriched))) city


>Arrested if le 0% face rapes your daughter

If you think you'll be able to reproduced that with today's white population and situation you're delusional.

I believe that's Polish Nationalism at work.
After all we do believe in the independence of other countries as well. Although our's first.

Also nice guns… There are lots of Polish self-defense group in Poland… pretty much paramilitaries which partially also get government funding.

Not only Police, Communists and Socialdemocrats too.
Everyone had their own army in Weimar Germany

The white Europeans still outnumber the shitskins. What we see are the degenerate cities, the countryside is still whites. So there is still a chance to save Europe if the European men just stand and up and tell the commie kikes to fuck off.

America on the other hand, well, our country is going to fracture into smaller countries. There is no ethnic unity amongst the states and our politics are far too polarized. The liberals have done a fine job erasing our history, so what else is there holding us together? EBT cards and a flag that lefties drag around in the mud and burn? The USA is finished and the sooner the better. We don't need 5th column kikes in Washington opening the back door for their brown hordes and telling us we need to pay for it while our kids go without.

Silly, there will be no secession, civil war will come to your doorstep.

The left has specifically used minorities as a way to dramatically expand the welfare state. Trillions of dollars have been spent on welfare. Yet, as Mitt Romney recently noted, under Obama “there are more people in poverty in America than ever before.” Many people are unaware, however, that the modern welfare system was designed by radical leftists to suck minorities into permanent poverty, ( nation.foxnews.com/welfare-state/2012/08/27/black-conservatives-explore-new-slavery-obamas-welfare-state-new-film ) providing a reliable voting bloc for Democrats and sowing the seeds of discontent within the black and Hispanic community.

It was inspired by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, two die-hard socialists, who advocated packing the welfare rolls in order to bankrupt and crash the system. They wanted it to fail. The Cloward Piven Crisis Strategy ( crisisnow.net/ ) was formulated to create an army of militant, angry blacks and Hispanics that would serve as foot soldiers in the coming socialist revolution. Piven described the rationale as recently as 2011:

Cloward and Piven sought to rig the welfare system for failure to provoke that anger. Their apprentice was Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN. ACORN’s proud protégé was Barack Hussein Obama. Suffice to say, Obama's legacy is increasingly proven true. There are others with similair backgrounds within the left who also want a socialist revolution such as JFKs descendant.

It's clear the jews are trying out some PIDF to get us to start hating on the poles because of all this attention whoring in the catalog.
Let's keep the legitimate Holla Forumsish threads to a general and actual Holla Forumsish happenings of course get their threads.
This halfchan shit has to stop.


I just talk to people. My views aren't a secret. That's how you normalize and recruit. I'm an unapologetic National Socialist and people respond to it. Not only do I have facts but the confidence I emanate also draws them in. Normalfags respect strength. Be strong.

America made it's fatal mistake decades ago. Ending mandatory military service was the end of real civilian political power. Voting is only HALF of the political power a civilian has. Military training, and the values it imparts are the other half. Now our military is hiring Hispanic mercs with the promise of citizenship; and what a surprise, we are not winning wars anymore! Huh, really makes you think. America is already irrelevant; if your population is non-european then you are already extinct. If all of Europe rejects genetic nationalism then they will just get steamrolled when Poland has finally put up with enough. And if any of them do manage to unpoz before that happens then that country will probably ally with Poland. European people won't put up with another brother war. They only want to fight the people ruining their nations.

I used a online video conversion tool to download TGSNT. It could only convert an hour at a time so I had to split the video into 7 parts.
I loaded the files onto a flash drive than plugged it into my parents smart TV.
It was a fun on night.

citation please

when it eventually does happen i know you won't stop being a faggot

Ziemkiewicz is unironically a democuck.
He's one of the more tame publicists though and his writing is soft-trolling common sense stuff.

No he wasn't, if fluoride-stares, the dead and illegals mattered Hillary would've been the president

Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej, which was the sinister MoD Macierewicz's private guerilla until ZOG forced the government to remove him.
He was a real pain in the ass to every former (((commie))) because

polan no

Holy shit, never thought Antoni was so based. No wonder he gets shat upon by everything including Ucho Prezesa.

USSR had mandatory military service. It meant nothing for real civilian political power. Officer corps remains good goy mercs fighting for money and conscripts are just cannon fodder/walking automata who are trained to instinctively follow authority.

Real deficiency of fully merc army is that makes easier to engage in bullshit wars. No conscripts objecting dying for vague politician's goals. Mercs made a contract and their disobedience has weak grounds from social point of view.

Some of us will be found in the wreckage, brother. The only thing in the way is nobody (including myself) has the courage to be the one to start it and face certain death.

It's not certain death. It's just anyone who has done so as of yet didn't have the brains to actually plan out what they were going to do. They just had the balls and knew something along those lines had to be done.

lmao same could have been said to hitler before the nsdap got going, kike

only feds do more than shitpost on Holla Forums

Yeah, no. He's a moderate conservative best known for his sarcastic commentary on politics.

T. Actual Pole

Also one eye on the mic one eye on the kike

I'm on it. Redpilled my mom and dad on the juden, mostly with humor. Recommended my dad to watch TGSNT which he did, though he doesn't really wanna admit Hitler did nothing wrong still, but he knows so that's good.

People are more open to the redpill than I thought, some girl at my job also knows that the kikes ruin and control everything and we talk a lot about WW2 because she keeps asking me for facts, she admitted that she's in favor of National Socialism a few months back which is just good to hear in real life. The stigma and lies the kikes have made are falling into the abyss like no tomorrow, that's why they are afraid as they finally realized their constructed world is failing them.

Ziemkiewicz isn't right wing.

No, he was apointed by president

only because the people respected his will after attempting the beer hall putsch

All that shilling for Antoni Singer…

More like a kike you mean

look at this idiot

ignore this post im retarded and misread entirely


He was chosen by the people, that's the important bit



What if I pinky promise?