A New York high school has canceled a production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” after a student activist group...


What are your thoughts on this situation that recently occured, Holla Forums?

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It would be equality if they hired without consideration for race.
people are constantly told that their conditions in life are because white people oppresed them(lies pushed by (((certain people)))) and now they want revenge. its racism, justified by lies, against whites only.

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I've been wondering what exactly the real story of The Hunchback of Notre Dame really was like. The Disney version showed a lot of "anti-racist" and pro-feminist propaganda.

It's a Victor Hugo story, a bunch of freakish losers struggle against authority and lose and you're expected to sympathize with them.

Found your problem right there.
Ithaca is for faggots and yups.

It really is.

Doesn't that and the other college in Ithaca have the highest suicide rates of any school?

The theatre is a lost cause. It's been a haven for faggots for centuries now. If you want to throw some gasoline on the fire however you could email (((disney))) and let them know that a school is planning to plagiarize one of their movies.

Don't faggots/trannies in general have the highest suicide rates?

Lmao does it? I wouldn't be surprised at all tbh

It's a ruse to get Tituss Burgess some work. Those crack rocks aren't gonna pay for themselves nigger.

I've never understood why any group would want this stopped for their group - as in, why would any white person want it to be another way? Imagine telling the New England Patriots to take steps to ensure that they win fewer games so that the Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins have a better shot to go out and win the Super Bowl.

Do people have nothing else to do than shit wash anything that's part of European culture?

you know, kids exposed to this rhetoric have an 1488% chance increase to become Nazis

Why are we blaming the children for the sins of their fathers?

This. It's basically saying abandon your own self interest and work to elevate some undeserving others that hate you and want what you have. Nobody but whites are ever asked to do such an absurd thing. Honestly, fuck anyone who isn't white.

Did they take hostages?

You know what to do.


So after how many years of whining for colorblindness they go with this, damned if you do damned if you don't. Fuck every single one of these shitskins and cucks.

El ogro…

No I don't. I don't have a faceburg.

Faggots, jews, and niggers oh my!

Also, OP, archive your link you useless fuck.

And they go off about appropriation when they themselves are the wrong color. Cast correct and stop trying to steal other cultures, niggers.

Cosplay was a jewish trick they wrangled desperate virgins in with having hot Nipponese waifu material dress up with nerd video waifu. Never mixu the waifu. No one wants to see a supreme waifu.

My thoughts?

Gas the kikes race war now.


Indeed. Lower on the scale would be police, dentists, call center workers, and men in general. In those cases, dealing with the worst of society as a means of making a living seems to kill one's will to live.

It's also in the middle of nowhere atop a giant hill. People apparently slip/jump off to their deaths all the time.