WLP Radio Broadcasts Taken Down

The popular archive of Dr William Luther Pierce's radio broadcasts has been taken down:


Please help by rehosting if you have server space.

There is a torrent available here:


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Is this the first time archive.org has intentionally censored something? The robots.txt thing is retarded but doesn't count. I knew it was run by cucks but I thought they were serious about archiving everything.

The only things liberals care to do is virtue signal, they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves since they're sociopathic freaks.

There will always be a seed.

Does anyone have the WLP reading of The Turner Diaries?

How can so many NatSoc have issues with Jordan Peterson but not William Pierce?

If you just edited in "the jews" in Jordan's talks you'd basically have a Pierce speech

There's a thread explaing the non-organic push that Daddy Peterson got from the (((media))) because they needed a controlled opposition very fast and he seemed to be the most with-it candidate.

His (((fame))) reminds me of pic related. McLuhan was an unknown professor who simply happened to be in the right place at the right time and instead of cleaning your room, said the medium was the message. (Harold Innis was the real brains behind McLuhan anyway, just that Marshall had better marketing. Just like Jordan.)

Edit "the jews" in where? In where he is telling white people not to care about being white? Where he tells us not to listen to "ideologues" that tell us whites need to look out for white interests? Where he says whites caring about whites is "collectivism" and evil? The part where he constantly says how horrible and evil Hitler was?

Well, we don't know what they were hosting. Can hardly check the archive, can we? :^) Could have been a violation, might not have been legit.

Pierce is especially dangerous because he cogently shreds the steam valve tactics of guys like Trump and offers a competing vision that is more appealing that propping up capitalism some more.

S-surely they wouldn't burn books these days, r-right user?

Kill yourself, retard.


They took it down about a year ago, it got back up, now then again. After all the election bullshit and the attention it got this place, best way to keep it up is just to stay quiet about it other than with IRL friends you trust.

Another strategy is what calvin.edu does. They have one of the biggest collections of NSDAP material on net and it can stay up because they claim it's for "monitoring and studying hate." basically, an user with a good kike front has to write them and "oh vey! Ve need this to study de gas ovens!"

Pierce was fearless. he left a tenured position teaching psychics (after working at los alamos and Jet prop lab) to live in a trailer with no running water and fight ZOG. His focus was always on getting a true alternative medi for whites. He would have loved early youtube and other platforms, it was his dream.

and he would have been near suicidal that even with the info out there now basically and on the brink of becoming a minority, people still don't care. Peterson is a mennonite (based on name), who are related to amish in ways put known for their greed and love of money. See Ingrid Rimland talks about life as a German mennonite in USSR during the war with Zündel.

What did Pierce ever achieve in the real world?
How many migrants did he stop entering the country?
How many left-wing groups did he shut down?
How did his broadcasts shift Western countries from extreme Cultural Marxism to Natsoc thinking?
Rhetorical questions, he didn't, he accomplished nothing.
Yes, speaking the truth to the choir. His non-WN market penetration was zero.
Prove me wrong.

The reason Pierce is popular with e-celebs is because his broadcasts represent a library of ready-to-use, high quality material which gives plenty of tummy tingles those who are already aware of the JQ.
And he's dead, so they can't be sued for plagiarism.
So many Rebel shills boost their subs at the start of their careers by simply repackaging Pierce's speeches, e.g Evalion.
In reality, when you spend hours listening to Pierce you are stagnating. You are expanding your knowledge - while you lie supine and motionless. How does that knowledge change anything in the real world? How does it do these speeches act as anything like a pressure valve to induce the thought "this guy is so fluent, and he's so good at explaining what the kikes do, so I don't need to worry, the speeches will surely convert millions of Whites and soon everyone will be awake and we will be saved."
This breeds complacency and while you're lying on bed feeling that things aren't so bad, the jew is dismantling your country and your heritage.
tl;dr Pierce is intellectual entertainment for the already right-wing.

kys kike shill

you don't know a fucking thing about Pierce or his life, do you? read "Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds." Both the Jews and FEDs were too afraid to arrest him, even after The Order. 4 navy seals were caught attending his attending his meetings by ZOG. He called attention to Jew media control, he sued the US gvt to try to stop weapons going to Israel. He was the bedrock of any serious resistance to ZOG. His work on Jews was published in translation by hezbollah and even some saudis. You have zero understanding of what he meant to people and how powerful he was to where ZOg would not even touch him.

Gee, how the the Jew Marx change the world? All he did was write some stagnant books. You're fucking retarded.

He's a jewish shill.

If you want people here to take more action, simply remind them to do so. As is, your posts look like this:

Here you have a braindead moron that is actually trying to argue Jordan Peterson is "pro-collectivism" and thus for National Socialism by any peoples. Or one of Peterson's (((handlers))).


Edgy, hymie. When you've worked at Los Alamos and the Jet Prop Laboratory, you are allowed to call yourself a scientist. Dr. Pierce wasn't "bill nye the science goy." Read just the title of his doctoral thesis. And beyond that, he never brought any sort of "science" into his audio broadcasts.

He still was a fucking fedora faggot.

sir, you seem to know so much about the good doctor and his life and philosophy. You and your kind enrich this board so much with your wit and in-depth knowledge and analysis. Thank you for helping make 8ch great.


So you are saying that pierce wasn't a fucking anti-christian fedora? That's news for me.

Fuck you, nigger. A good portion of my redpilling as listening to Dr. Pierce and realizing that I could refute a damn thing the so-called supreeeemist says. You're a piece of shit, and in a sane world you would get your ass beaten for talking shit about one of our heroes.

I'm not surprised that a bunch of SEALs or any other group of elite warriors would. It only takes about 30 seconds to spell out that the US official chain of command is dishonorable and out of line with the oaths we all took. That sort of thing matters to any legitimate trigger-puller, let alone the elite.



I don't know why I haven't filtered you. This is only for the edification of others. Pierce was raised a Christian. He was not an "atheist," and even founded his own Church based on the ideas of people like Devi with elements of Nietzschean elements thrown in. If you care (you don't), you could hear him explain his religious outlook on audio.

Like Zündel, Pierce has witnessed that Christianity had become simply a 5th column for the Jews in White societies. During the Great Jewish Blackmail of the Swiss banks, it was "Christians" who were organizing marches in Switzerland to give "god's chosen" exactly what they wanted.

Christianity is not a European construct. It was foisted on European man through fire and sword and by crafting "Christian" holidays on top of native ones. Look at the state of Christianity today. From John Hagee and the other evangelicals to the Vatican shilling for more rapefugees in Europe.

For a time, the Church had a useful role in often protecting the local populace from Jews when a good pope was in charge. That's all gone now, sealed with the Judeo-Masonic takeover of the Catholics after Vatican II.

Look at South Africa, where instead of giving their followers support and telling them to fight they cucked them. Look at the "catholic" nuns now smuggling mexicans illegally into the US. What purpose is Christianity now serving for European man, other than undermining and telling followers not even to defend themselves from invasion by a 1,400 year old enemy?

tldr; Dr. Pierce wasn't an athiest, he founded a church based on "cosmotheism" to encourage European racial purity and solidarity.

Where'd you go fuckface? No longer interested? See how they run like the vermin they are when they run into even one user who knows his business?

what has been taken down exactly?
because archive has stuff

Hard to argue he hasn't gotten a media push. But at the same time Richard ((( Spincer ))) has been pushed even harder because he makes NatSoc look like histrionic / attention seeking 13yr olds / loosers.

This whole Peirce speech is basically saying GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

ABOUT 19:40



Any of you who reject the need for individual fitness, improvement, competition, success, failure as an INDIVIDUAL reject nature, which is a rejection of the very core of National Socialism. You've all fallen pray to the kike's propaganda to embrace softness, which makes whites as a group SOFT.


Anyhow, this post should probably be deleted. The idiots who can't listen 20mins into William's speech don't deserve to know this, and THE KIKES could tear Jordan Peterson down a bit more if they could draw these clear distinctions between what he's doing an the American Nazi Party.

Pierce offers a good vision. They all do. Just that nobody has a fuckin clue how to get there so we end up going in circles.

Dr. Pierce warned against people like Peterstein.

>Enemies on the Right: The John Birch Society and Individualism


You're never going to meme us into following your philosemitic cult leader. Stay in one of your containment threads.

You can edit anybody's words and get something that isn't there.

Why are you on a hairline trigger for the peterdon cunt, user?

You are a communist shill who is trying to convince people that whites should reject individual self improvement to make them a soft, stupid, mass to be easily manipulated by you kikes.

"Have Instilled into children's minds that cooperation is better than competition that working in a group where no single person is responsible for the outcome is better than individual striving. Having a uniformed level of achievement is better than having some individuals excel and some fail" - William Pierce

You communist want to discourage fitness and improvement, because if we whites as a collective embraced it, we would retake our place as the rulers of the world.

You kikes CANT have healthy white men, you CANT have healthy white men with their shit in order, if you did, you'd be back in the ovens.



You cuckchanners are unwelcome here like subhuman niggers.

It is actually a great picture.

Phase one, as a child is growing up under the influence of MTV, Communist Kike ((( Public ))) Education, Porn, and Jewish media.

And after 10 years of removing the kike media and replacing it with reality, and seeking out the classical writings of the west, modern genius like Henry Ford and Adolph Hitler, to find out what the fuck went wrong with the world, you know that cleaning your room is fundamental to societal cohesion.

Societal cohesion and order is the ENEMY of the communist kikes who seek to destroy our civilization.

You're powers here are growing weak kike. Go back to MTV


Space yourself, faggot.

You're a communist who hates the fitness of the white race.

This fag is in every thread that even barely mentions Peterson, and his only argument is "no, ur a communist", every single time.

Download. Archive. Upload 50 times again. Rinse and repeat. Warfare is all about will and costing the enemy time and money. The more you can waste theirs the more you win.

The fucking balls on you vermin when you exposed as knowing fucking ZERO about you claim to be arguing about is really astounding. If you aren't a Jew, your capacity for outright lying (and in a thread where everyone can fucking see you are lying is astounding). Pray, point out where I told you to "fight me IRL?" I'll wait.

You came here from whatever sewer you crawled out of, expecting the usual retards and not to run into someone who actually met Dr. Pierce when very young and is quite familiar this his Church based on Cosmotheism, this completely exposing you as the asshole you are trying to equate Pierce with faggot Dawkins atheist fedora tippers, when Pierce WAS NOT AN ATHEIST.

Then when you were soundly and thoroughly exposed as a fucking know-nothing fraud, you fled like the vermin you are from the discussion very quickly. Then–and this is amazing– you come back later to call ME the cuckchanner?

You know, I can handle newfags who at least stay humble and try to LEARN from oldfags who actually know their business and have studied men like Pierce for a long time. But your fucking arrogance and outright lying after being exposed in plain daylight for evey to see, Christ….

Now THAT'S what I call Jewry…

I did win based on intelligence and on knowing my business. Pierce was NOT an atheist. He went so far as to establish his own Church based on Nietzschean influences, some elements of hinduism he had imbibed along with Rockwell during the time they were in contact with Salvitri Devi. His concept of his new religion was fervent enough to pass FBI/IRS inspect for non-profit exemption, when the Jews were going over it with a fine-toothed comb looking for any way to trip him up and deny it. They could not.

If you were a fucking semi-honourable human-being, you'd have simply apologized and confessed to not having known this or fuck all about Pierce, his life, and his religion. Instead, you're inner Jew came out (you could't help yourself) and tried to insult ME with outright fucking lies visible here for everyone to see.

In my eyes, this makes you a pile of steaming feces and presumably a JEW who simply will not admit he was dead wrong despite being called-out in front of the entire board. You're scum.

There's an archive by /polk/ thats still up. Im still downloading the torrent. Thanks op.

Your link is terrible, OP. You are a faggot for providing this link. It redirects to a pop-up ad saying I have an outdated browser. It is a javascript webshit and all I want is a magnet link. Learn to use your own computer or leave the internet.

WLP is top tier

Can you tell me more about Pierce's religious views?

Doing God's work, user.

stawman supreme.

I love WLP he was a great man.

Pagan christian, basically positive christianity. Life runes all over the place on his compound.

Anyone got info on Harold Covington, si he legit? He claims that he corresponded with WLP. Is what he's doing in cascadia legit or what?


Seriously, this level of kikery is embarrassing. Arent you yids supposed to have the highest average IQ's according to other yids, of course? Try harder next time, oven stuffer


How many kids are given a good argument as to why they should clean their room? "Clean your room" from Mom and Dad is usually an authoritarian command from a position of diminishing respect (due to years of parenting failure) as the child grows older. Cute picture, but the two situations are not even close to being the same.