School Shooter Thread #5 - Rocxanne Deschamps continued

For context, read the OP of the previous thread

Here's the face of the cunt who abandoned our autistic compatriot and left him no choice but to commit a massacre.

Her facebook account is open:

Her current location is yet to be determined.

Other urls found in this thread:

Her ex-husband, Paul Gold, is confirmed Jewish.

His photos on facebook are all public.

Dr Jim Fetzer and others agree this too was another staged psyop using crisis actors. This explains why the narrative keeps changing.

look, Jew, this isn't cuckchan. There are people on here with iqs over 100. The ADL already trying to link this mongrel to "white supremacy" and they're going to try to get this site shut down. Doxxing this cunt on behalf of some mentally ill mongrel? fuck off. Sage.


Is she retarded?

Is this Jewry, straight up retardation, or both? The ADL and other kikes already trying to link this mongrel spic to "white supremacy on the internet." This is going to turn into total shitshow with the jews trying trying to (((shut it down))) with straight up lies. How the fuk is this demented mongrel who killed mostly Whites anything to do with Holla Forums? This is false-flag jewry trying to get this place shut down, as FBI try to cover their ass because some fuck reported this mongrel to FBI based on a jewtube comment. Now you want to make a martyr out of this cunt by doxxing?




Why do normalfags get less desensitized with each event? The people around me are going full goy on this one.

you're the same jew, still doxxing this cunt. not all people are fucking stupid, hymie. anyone who falls for this shit…Holla Forums really lost the people who used to be able to see through this shit. I give up.

Now, the Jew OP–who one may presume is writing for (((salon)))– will go on to write his article on "white supremists harassing poor inncony womyn." I give up.

it seems that every time they shut one of these places down, 10 more take their place.

Something is going on though. Last night the threads where barged with cp, and the mods took 5 hours to remove the content. It really makes me wonder who the hell has a folder of cp ready to post in a school shooter thread, and what they are trying to hide.

Part of it is that she's a native French speaker. Her family comes from Quebec.

This is a wicked cunt who abandoned an autistic child and left him all alone in the world. She will not be sympathized with anywhere.

from previous thread

…considering that her actions led to the school shooting, of course

it's part of the plan DEMORALIZATION

who else? The fucking ADL already calling some spic who killed White girls a "White supremicist." Same with they did with Oklahoma bombing, where the ADL named David Irving as having supplied the trigger mechanism for the bomb. This plat used to be a genuine thorn in their sides. They want it gone. Why the mods are allowing it. no idea.


Look: Jew/retard, I don't give a fuck how evil she was or wasn't. The ADL already blaming "White Supremicist internet." Unless you are a fucking retard, why in the fuck would you want a thread doxxing this cunt for the FEDs that will lead right back to here? Juden.

post yfw this was all just an elaborate viral marketing campaign for homeland

what's the deal with this coach/security guard they keep showing? This picture quality is absolute shit.

Why are you so concerned with what the Jews and feds think about us? Just chill out and let's see where this goes.

Whole thing is confusing. The Tennessee sheriff said he has no White Nationalism ties yet Jared whatshisname of the Floridian republic says he was a member. The fuck is happening?

Listening to Nigel Farage from this afternoon right now. Entire topic is "censoring internet." Why does this matter? If you knowDr. Pierce's broadcasts, the Brits are 5-10 in front of ZOg on the slippery slope. The FEDs going to be shutting shit down left and right in next month.

Someone answer me– why does OP want to leave a trail linking Holla Forums to a fucking spic who killed Whites, trying to doxx some cunt ex-gf?

Getting some extra shekel overtime in before sabbath begins tomm in tel-aviv?


(((Matt Drudge))) is their guy. Hes also a faggot.

Sheriff Israel is the same jew sheriff from the Fort Lauderdale Airport psy-op. The one where the guy allegedly got on an 18 hour flight, then shot up the baggage claim when he landed. The one where they made all the people run around on the Tarmac for a few hours. The guy shot up the baggage claim then laid down on the ground and waited for the cops.

There were two armed police on campus.

The fake and gay kind. I would never associate with a spic like Cruz, but they always seem to weasel their way into these (((white supremacist groups))) that get national attention.

I fucking hate (((Matt Drudge))). Hes always pushing a kike agenda in the background or in this case, the foreground.

Some LARPer on 4chan predicted this yesterday. I put it in thread #3.

The entire thing apparently started as some TRS discordcancer joke.

Rocxanne had children with (((Paul Gold))) but got divorced around September 2016.

Since then, she came into an arrangement with Nikolas Cruz's adoptive mother, Lynda Cruz, who was her next door neighbor. She agreed to take care of her children after she died, and was entrusted with money to do so. Except she betrayed Lynda Cruz and neglected Nikolas.

how ironic

So Cruz is his adopted name and he’s apparently white, just goblin looking. Then who the fuck are his actual parents?


Why do you taunt me so?

Oh, 5 hours ago. I guess I survived.

Why do you tease my dick with this?

Is he the world record holder for a surviving school shooter?

No, there was Vegas.

Seven Children of God are dead, and some goyim.

Interesting numerology.

That wasn't a school and the shooter didn't survive or did he???*

Anyone figure out where he was born yet?

Alright guys I know you all dislike halfchan and all that, but you have to give them credit here: They trolled the media big time

jews on facebook pushing the magahat narrative. Ignoring cuban background and leftist ties to push the white supremacist narrative. I must have triggered them responding with facts and reason, because I was told I was complicit in the crime myself, because I once wore a maga hat in private as a joke, that was given to me for free. No, that doesn't make me a terrorist, but it makes me a complicit nazi apparently. " That's like saying you didn't commit a crime, but you sat in the room and watched. It doesn't make you the perpetrator, but it make you complicit." These people are so in fantasy land its crazy. Apparently putting on a maga hat is equal to directly supporting domestic terrorism, and being complicit in their crimes.

Also, FYI the democrat registration is being 'debunked' by many on social media, the police booking report has cruz listed as h

Nikolas Jacob Cruz born on September of 1998 (alias: Nicolas De Jesus Cruz)

while the voting records are for

Nicolas De Jesus Cruz born on May of 1998

one of the news reports I read had him listed as florida-born, but I didn't see their source for that.

CBS did a report on "Ghost Guns" on Feb 13th, the day before the shooting. They knew this was going to happen.

Off topic but this is to the nigger shill who keeps spreading the D&C between Americans and Europeans. Wrote this for thread 4 but it hit limit.

Don’t listen to this d&c shill nigger spouting there is no love between Americans and Europeans. I’ll give you 2 examples.

1. I befriended a pair of German brothers when I was a kid. Their parents split, dad moved to US for work. Mom was a big wig at diamler. They came to stay with their dad on summer break, not even 30 minutes after getting to their dads house they were beating down my door. “Grab your boots! Let’s go exploring!”

2. Found a Brit expat who was a master at what he did, he was 50ish I was late 20s, I wanted to learn from him. He told me to piss off twice, third time he relented and started drilling me with questions and I passed with flying colors. Eventually he became like a father to me.

Don’t fall for this fucking nigger shill d&c, after Americans and Europeans get past the cultural BS we get along lovely.


Rocxanne's last known address, neighboring Nikolas and Lynda Cruz.

My brother is married into french family and I have to say she looks pretty french. Plus her last name is french. Could be a crypto maybe.

So were his biological parents Mexican or born in the U.S.?

Better learn how to set up and host your own instance of imageboard software. Holla Forums dying just means other chans growing



Anyone got a source on that second image from this bitch Roxeanne's ex-fiance ? It could probably get that bitch locked up if true.

I like you, user. Life gave us some lemons and you made lemonade.


Easter Cay Way, Lake Worth, FL 33462

Republic of Flordia is fake


This entire story is fake.

No one ded.

It's most certainly this (((guy))) but I can't find the accusations published under his name. He probably wanted to remain anonymous. But that cannot last.

Paul Gold (officially, Paulo Gold) lives at 7011 WILSON RD WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33413.

561-634-0664 is an active number of his.

Your tin foil hat is a bit tight faggot

Pro-Gun Russian Bots Flood Twitter After Parkland Shooting

lol, these fucking kikes

He has a point, though.

Why would Russia promote guns? That doesn't add up…

It likely isn't Russia. Attribution at this point is "they're posting during Russian business hours from Russian IPs".

As far as attribution goes, this is less than nothing.

Lynda Cruz's obituary was taken down. The most recent archive is here

from the article



They said the exact same thing about the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag. Basically if you talk about right wing ideas on social media you are a russian bot.

how does that work? were gun-grabbers and pro-2A groups going to unify at some point?



Where's the lie

Can they explain the change in strategy? Remember, originally, before the 2015, at least, the Russian strategy was that discord one, allegedly. But then it became totally behind one candidate, Trump. So now it's back to discord? And no explanation for why it wasn't discord before, but was support for Trump?

forgot vid

But this is officially, not losers saying it. I left Disqus and Twitter. Everything has gotten so bad. It used to be that you could actually sort of talk to people. Not anymore. And daily I would get called a Russian, particularly after I made a very good point. Good point / pointing out the facts = Russian. But that's just random losers who are just loopy. Officially, that's very weird.

For what pvrpose? Do you even realize what you're saying here? What would da j00z! need to communicate through public channels viewed by millions when, according to your own insane kinspeercies, they have total control over every other form of communication and could discuss what the fuck ever freely in private?

Conspiratards are the worst kind of crazy due to the inherent nature of the sheer implausibility of their claims, yet their rigid insistence that those claims are the complete (and only) truth.

Oh look, a (((degenerate))).

Filtered & Reported

If it's literally a month before, then Nikolas Cruz's birthday is September 11, 1998.


Drown yourself in semen.

Nicely done

this settles it

This could help find his biological parents

check out where the arrest was made. It make no sense. I also look at the perm address on there and find this area

have you guys looked at the people in this story? They are all Jews.

Illegal post by a rapist. It's illegal to call for a run on the banks. I think that's what you said, because only niggers watch MSNBC, you rapist.

Adding, one of the funniest things about the tard rachposting rapist here is that he is utterly incapable of expressing his opinion. It's almost as though he's typing with eyes closed, so the sibyls of Reason, which is the possession, the property of the White Man, will not influence him.

But that then brings us to the point that bugs me a bit. Why is that rapist here? All I can figure is that he is really angry, and wants to hurt us, or at least hurt someone, but it can't be in the hopes he changes minds, not with insults and such.

Maybe he was going to shoot up an elementary school to finish off his day!

fixed white space

when I search 1400 Wyndham Lakes DR I come out in Odessa, FL

I assumed it's referring to 1400 wyndham lakes boulevard north coral springs fl, and joogle maps takes me there.

Wyndham is a chain

but yeah, it isn't at all clear.

Still no word on where he was born. Starting to look hoax-ish…

The girl in this video says that there were at least three shooters. KPRC did not air this video. It was filmed by someone not in a news crew.


Something about this video just doesn't add up. She was walking with her whole class down the hallway and talking to Cruz when shots rang out behind them. Why would there only be one person making this claim if the entire class was with them? Certainly 3 or 4 people would be able to verify this story but I haven't seen anything else about it.

Whoever took that screen shot is either a tall woman who has trouble finding clothes that fit or a faggot tranny who likes to wear women's clothing. Targeted ads are a window to the soul.

And there you have it:
Yet another killhole confirmed. In other words, he was no genius shooter, but the school was designed to be a murder pit.

geee cruz… your mom lets you shoot up TWO schools in one day?


I found it on halfchan so draw your own conclusions.

I would have just admitted to wearing women's jeans if I were you.

5 Jews and at least 1 nigger.

Liar, likely. Regardless, highly useful.

You pretty much did.

They have more eyes on stuff like this. They find stuff we don't. Also, there really isn't much discussion about anything here past circle jerking about 4d chess due to the mass bannings.

reporter hung up the phone after confirming the witness thinks there's three shooters
entire exchange starts at :50


Yeah it is a pretty stupid meme face value. Generally I filter anyone posting 56% related pics on the spot. It is in my opinion people having a scripted argument to attempt to derail Andy divide anons. Shit probably works on cuckchan, but not so much here.

Here is a video of the (((White Supremacist))) group that was being shilled as having Cruz as a member. Its extremely cringey.

It's not fake. It comes from their hearts.

There's only one true Amerimeme, and it aint no Holla Forums forced 56%

The shooter had two different instagram accounts.

I’m helping to get Holla Forums shut down. AMA

Do you prep the bull?

No, the first instagram account is the "shooters", the second one is a parody account set up by a 4channer to hoax the media. Pic is the most recent 3 posts to that account, put up just recently proving it.

Do I smell Pepsi?

Holy fuck. Someone thought this was a good idea.


Fucking media interviewing people to see what people are saying to gauge how they are going to spin this.

What's with the fucking jingle bells?

I'm ok with this. Holla Forums has become blackmail chan. If /baphomet/ and /cow/ are deleted and a sidewide rule against doxxing is made I'll be happier, antifa dox never gets used for anything, but dox of white nationalists = they always do get harassed and very effectively at that

Hey everyone, it's Miranda "wants the" Dyck!

That is a kike btw.

Pepsi confirmed.

Funny, I'm actively ignoring news coverage. Like that kike Bill Maher says, I have a new rule: I don't give a shit about your shooting and your gun grab kvetching unless I'm within 50 miles.

I just wanted to learn more about that hot little number (((Alexa))) and that cute frogette that kicked out the autist patsy.

Guess who's congressional district this shooting took place in? Answer in followup post.


Because there were 2 shooters?

And because there was CP spam in the 3rd thread, suggesting that there is something peculiar about this whole thing.
AND the fact that this is not even stickied when other bullshit is.

I purposely left the TV off today, which is kind of unusual for me. Usually I am surfing in between the Cable News Networks, going in here, reading twatter, and just sucking up information.
What is the current narrative going on by the MSM today regarding the "white Nationalist" bullshit? Have they figured out it was just Jared the Troll or what?

Second shooter girl is such a qt.

She is jewish.

Oh and the fact that 4chan tricked the MSM into believing the white supremacist narrative.
What happened to the pedo connections too?

Sure? Looks like a bimbo.

You'd better be lying.

100% sure. Here name is Alexa Miednik.

last night…

Christ, I fell for the evil tricks of makeup.

I'll go kosher for her, she's boner-inducing.

She looks polish imo, but there is evidence shes a jew and it was a high jewish population school.

It's a Polish name, yes. There's no way I'd have identified her as a kike. Defo need more proof before I throw these flowers away.

If she is of tribe, those looks will fade fast and she'll look like Golda Meir in not so long.

She's a kike - look in thread #3

Anyone fluent in Cuban Hispanic here?

Now that you mention it there was a long segment regarding background checks on ABC in between olympics two days ago. I'm no tinfoiler, but this is starting to look suspicious.

I'm literally the same person who posted those pictures above.

idk, could be her having a (((multicultural))) boyfriend. plz

I was the asshole who had the quint-6's last night

Father has the same name as her in that FB photo. He looks like Weinstein.

Well explain the inconsistencies in the 2 shooter testimony?

You mean Spanish?

Ignore this, I read it wrong.

To program the mass of livestock. You should know better maddow shitposter.

You may look but not touch.

There are differences in the various dialects of Spanish. Apparently some Spanish speakers cannot understand Venezuelan Spanish because the dialect is fucked up.

Don't need to, spontaneously came in my pants.

She's deadly, and is going to cost some goy a lot of money one day.

How long did the shooting last and we need a summary of facts about what occurred and when.

god's chosen people, folks

eat me faggot

Fair enough, I only know conversational Texan spic Spanish.

There's been an info blackout, largely. We know a bunch of random stuff nobody cares about.


Cuckoldry is their racial survival strategy.

Oh well, seems there's a Valentine's Day sale on toydemon. More my price range.

Why don't they try that on Hezbollah? Hilarious. These people are pathetic. Their only reason for having a country is everyone hates the palis.

If we trace his birth records, we may find his real identity. If somethings fucky, we can start digging on a hypothetical presumption that this is indeed a distraction from the NSA thread.

If so, there may be potential connections, such as people, or the supply of weapons, history of the people, etc, like the LV shooter (and his odd Lockheed Martin connection that everyone magically forgot).

That adds more substance to the "faked shooting" theory. I think the timing to the NSA shooting was too convenient.

We need:
1. the time when he arrived when he finished left locations
2. where/when he shot
3. where he travelled path wise and calculations for whether it is possible to travel that far in that short amount of time
We need to see if this shooting is possible based on the 1 shooter narrative.
The media is in blackout mode, because they know we're looking at them and doing the calcs, therefore there is potential for the faked shooting to be seen through if it is fake.

We ain't got shit. Where was he born is a very basic, start of the story, question. We know he was adopted. But not where he was born. We don't know anything about his birth mother. We do know he was adopted at birth. There's a brother. Why isn't more said about the brother? Nobody's tried to interview the guy the shooter was staying with? This is not a normal shooting. Remember when that 1 girl died in Charlottesville? The poor crip mom got ambushed in an interview, and the psycho reporters revealed to her the news.

A quick point about this situation. Apparently there were only 2 exits to the building, at least that students (and teachers) knew about. Arson could have killed as many, with such a ridiculously easily barricaded building.

There are two scenarios:

A) He isn't a real person, but instead a spectre conjured by the alphabet soup.
B) He is DACA so the MSM is hiding his origin.

Gene stealers have gone too far. Exterminatus now.

(((White Supremacist))) group using a flag similar to the Somalian flag.

We need these types of videos posted to a mass audience that goes against the official narrative. So we have officially two eyewitnesses on video that confirm multiple shooters. There have to be more like this.

I gave up on the spreading info to normies a long time ago. The banning on youtube/twitter is so tiresome.


Consider how odd it is: no interviews of any family members at all.

No inquiries of them either. Nobody's saying, "we reached out, they said no comment". nuthin

Look through the news articles to check their narrative then.

Old threads:

Check the times that we can find in their articles.
Then let's see if their narrative is even possible. I think you'll find the whole thing is fucky.

I'll start

If someone has a decent timeline, that would be much appreciated.

Sauce on him being DACA?


They were two hypothetical scenarios.

Player black music, nice.

It would take a very dedicated Holla Forumsack to resist that. Even knowing that she's a crypto. Jesus save me. That pic of her up against the wall in the black pants would easily lead me astray into perpetuating the tribe with my prized DNA, and ultimately paying child support for 18 years at exorbitant rates to keep the child in an "accustomed lifestyle".

Their source is ABC News, not the police or official documents.

Anyway, this is interesting…

posted this in the wrong thread.
possibly his brother

Now, no mention of meds, but it sounds like he was schizophrenic.


Looks like it. He'd be the lighter headed one. Jug ears presumably is the shooter.

Here's a timeline, don't know the accuracy though:
2:19 pm (~2min)

2:21pm (~40min)
>started firing shots into the first of four rooms. More shots were fired into a second room and then a third room before the shooter returned two the first two rooms to unleash more bullets.
>He then targeted a fourth classroom.
>Israel says the shooter then went to the second floor, where he shot another victim before heading into another stairwell. He walked up to the third floor where he dropped the rifle and his backpack before exiting the building and running alongside fleeing students.
Very interesting, almost convenient tbh.
>“He arrived at a Walmart store” not that far from the school, “and bought a drink at Subway,” said Israel.

3:01pm to 3:41pm (~40min)
>The shooter left on foot, walking to a McDonald’s. From 3:01 p.m. until 3:41 p.m., the shooter sat in the restaurant before fleeing on foot.


Is this set of facts possible? And does any of it seem suspicious?

Dang, those human costumes are pretty good

Eric Clanton.

The Roastening

he's going to regret not raping that jewess for the rest of his short life

Just to give people an idea of what happened, also where are the rooms specified in the school (2nd pic)?

im not buying the MSM story one bit. this entire thing stinks to high heaven.

that isn't the route he took
after the first shooting he went to walmart's mcdonalds and starbucks thanks for making me fix your screw up on my shity mobile touchscre2n device lazyassholeanon.

For the same purpose that psychopathic killers leave hints and clues at crime scenes. It demonstrates the psychopath's superiority: taunting those that can decipher the message that they could be so brazen to have left it in plain sight (chutzpah), and gloating over the ignorance of those incapable of deciphering the message.

The problem with the multiple timelines is that it's so difficult to push onto others versus a narrative like his mother abused him and he was bullied at school.

I know this sounds weird, but I feel the same about the timelines the way I feel about bitcoin mining not being productive. I just wish that when people mined bitcoin that computing power from day one would have been used for distributed computing like [email protected]

The batman attack had an elephant in the room which was the outside blood train. It seemed like nobody was really focusing on that fact.

Guys one of the victims was a jewish girl, last named POLLACK.


Nearly 200 replies and not one of you faggots questioned why this girl bought a hospital bed? Looks like some shit she bought used from a psych ward. Why does she need a fucking cage around her bed?

Is it? Or is that a connection?
If it's shootings, there well may be a connection. Or perhaps they wanted to get rid of someone who was a potential leak of info about the LV shooting?
Assuming there is a connection of course.

The fuck does this have to do with Bitcoin?

you mean a spic killed a pollack that was a jew in disguise?

Is this the new shill tactic where we pretend ugly kike lizards are sexy?

also jewbook for the brother.

it looks like not even normies use it anymore, last post was 2 years ago

I'm sure it's pure cohencidence. No relation whatsoever. These yids can't all be related. What does it mean to be Jewish again?

I don't mind people wasting power on bitcoin or spending so much time creating these timelines, it's just that I feel that there are alot more productive things we could be doing such as showing that the mother abused him in the short term, and doing the timeline in the long.

So can anyone who isn't a schizophrenic sum up the whole thing with proofs or are these threads entirely guesswork and wishful thinking?

More timeline material:
2:19 p.m.

2:20 p.m.

2:21 p.m.

2:23 p.m.

2:25 p.m.

2:50 p.m.

2:56 p.m.

3 p.m.

3:10 p.m.

3:40 p.m.

3:53 p.m.

4:27 p.m.

5 p.m.

6 p.m.


Apologies if previous threads already had these, but we need to go over them to see the inherent flaws in the narrative.

Well you need to watch the vid with the girl saying "2 shooters" to begin with. Then you need to see that the timing above seems awfully convenient.

3-4 hours to check the cameras and confirm the culprit?
Are they having a laugh? It's like they were trying to find someone to pin the blame on.

Here is Debbie Wasserman Schultz with Sheriff of Broward County Scott Israel. Just so happens the shooting took place in her congressional district. Its actually the second high-profile shooting to occur in Florida's 23rd congressional district in the last 12 months. The other being the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting.

Thank you. The thread is awfully cluttered with shills and spam.

Problem is, any evidance that comes out that counters the mainstream media narrative gets memory holed rather quickly. first 24&48 hours are crucial to an investigation. wait it out and try to figure out the real timeline days later is impossible.

More like Alexa Muhdick.

Alright. Just make the timelines presentable.

I also don't like how new people have to dig through dozens of threads to be informed.

Something like my picture should be done for everything.

Probably the fatigue of the MSM being disinfo all fucking day long for most of the day. Still seeing the white supremacy articles.

What a mysterious connection..

Ugh, that's not proof of that at all. He shoots some people, ditches the gun, and then sees her in another part of the school. I think Alex Jones was reporting that as he was talking with her, shots were going off in the background. She's just a ditz who'll thrive in life because her luck attribute is set to 100%.

Only way to clarify the timeline is to check the twitter posts and compare the times posted here: >>11272120 ; with the content of the tweets.
Where's the official sheriff's report too? The MSM may be dun goofing even with that.

why would he be wearing a hospital gown?

Were the CIA niggers too lazy to make him change,and just throw him out of the car?

Appears arduous

well done

the girl they interview alexa miednik says she was returning to class, knocks on the door and then she hears the alarm go off. She Begins to leave the school with other students, then she turns and starts talking to Cruz, chatting him up. what the heck

Seems odd that they couldn't change him ay. Is that even proper protocol to deal with suspects?

I think it's all show tbh. Which is disgusting regardless. Furthermore, they seem to restrict his access to proper legal advice far more than I think is necessary, considering it's a fucking kid.

Yeah… it's almost like she's just an attention whore and wasn't involved at all…


Alternatively, that makes her one of the most important witnesses if it's correct..

cheers. Yeah, A E S T H E T I C infographs are very welcome.

I also mess up and green text. should say he began shooting after the alarm pull which contradicts Alex. My personal theory, this kid was never at the school. He was going about his daily routine, McDonald whatever…cop make their move as he is causally walking down the street. They V& him and send him to the hospital. We all know what that means.

Broward county is WEIRD. It's also EXTREMELY HOMOSEXUAL. Broward county is the "hanging chad" county.

Potentially she could have been staged as a "witness" to confirm he was at the location of the event. But she dun goofed it maybe.

Sounds gay. :^)
But seriously, we all know how child friendly the gay community is. see this - ; the community is fucked up in california..

yea I mean she is Jewish maybe. Zog Zombie. She is also good friends with the Pollack family. Meadow Pollack was one of the victims. ANOTHER thing that may be interesting. The baptist church connection. Baptists seem to be not to far from a lot of the happenings. They always look very pizza gate

a mestizo democrat
a mestizo democrat
a mestizo democrat
a mestizo democrat
a mestizo democrat

posted his intent on youtube, using his real name, was reported to the FBI and they said they couldn't find out who he was.

Special Agent Rob Lasky, in charge of the FBI’s Miami division, confirmed during a Thursday morning news conference the agency investigated a comment made on a YouTube video in September that matched the remark reported by vlogger Ben Bennight. After conducting database reviews, however, the FBI said it could not identify the user who made the comment.

What a coincidence (((Schneiders)))' bill to crack down on white "supremacists" was recently introduced and the media flat out lied about him being to tied to a group painted as such.

yea I have a feeling that wasn't just a silly prank. That was an orchestrated hit job, using Holla Forums Doesn't matter if it was proven to be a hoax. the damage is done

aha. Interesting. I skipped to the action. Lucky …he didn't try that in Uganda or something.

On the matter of DWS,I was struck by the year, 2000. Putin came to power (was elected?) in 2000.

Doesn't it seem a hell of a coincidence that such turmoil as we saw in 2016 occurred in 2000 as well. We have Putin, and we have the Clintons. And attempts to get around the regular electoral system…

DWS was a nobody back then: "With her experience in the Florida House, she ran successfully for the Florida State Senate in 2000." Serving Broward county, having previously been their state house member…

filtered, kike faggot you missed school

One can dream.

this site is also kike infested, we need pest control

This is why I had 2000 on my mind:
"Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow, played a key role in alerting US intelligence services to the unverified claims that emerged this week of links between US President-elect Donald Trump and Russia. "
He had a conversation, somehow, with John McCain, and so John McCain formed the go-between for the dossier (and I keep asking myself why - why not just take it yourself?!)

Anyway, Wood was the UK "ambassador" to Russia until 2000. The year Putin arrived.

I cannot find evidence Putin and Wood met… …but Wood continued to work in London, as the Moscow Times puts it, "In her Majesty's Service"

Or, they knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it, while preparing to take advantage of the crisis. 'Let no crisis go to waste.' 'Problem, reaction, solution.'

It's no coincidence the commie gun control advocates are out again. Make no mistake, they are trying to take over or destroy this country.

Here's what amazes me, these connections:
Wood - Kremlin
Bill Clinton - Putin
Obama - Putin
Hillary - Putin
Schumer - donuts with Putin
Steele - Kremlin, 2 agents

The instagram screencaps dont match
note how he as a grey cap in his avatar here.
I think its safe to assume 1 account is fake

Their 'saving lives' narrative behind gun control is based on a diabolical lie; that they want to save lives.

They couldn't care less about saving lives, as evidenced by their support for abortions, and their totally dishonest handling, and reporting of, the vast majority of gun violence and crime. They want political power.

Millions of innocent lives could be saved by stopping abortion, but they don't lift a finger to help, and actively oppose those who wish to stop it.

The majority of gun violence is committed by inner city blacks, but not one word from them about that. ~7% of the population commits 50%+ of violent crime, 90% of crime in NYC is committed by blacks and mestizos, for example, but it's "white supremacists" or nationalists, gun owning conservative Americans that are painted as the bad guys.

Their entire narrative is a nothing but a pack of lies and distortions, a pile of proverbial sand. They push the Soviet era psychological/mental health pseudoscience to try and strip people of their rights to self defense, based on arbitrary political rules decided by them, e.g. 'You don't want "refugees" flooding your country? You're a dangerous racist that cannot be allowed a firearm.'.

There were quite a few witnesses who reported multiple gun-men.

It really is disgusting how vulgar Jewish women are, doubly so when taking into consideration relative to how their men utilize them as weapons. I mean, Christ, what is she like 17-19? And her old kike father allows this shit? (What am I saying, he's probably fucking her.) Ugh.
Also, what is it about that area? I swear to Odin, like half the instagram thots - especially the younger, Whiter(-looking, at least) ones - are all outta the Miami area. I know its full of degeneracy, kikes and non-Whites, but fuckin' hell its grotesque. Fucking Weimar-tier, these slags are throwing their twats up on instagram for auction to the highest bidder from before they're even outta fucking highschool.

If I had to speculate, I think its highly likely that something similar to this happened:
1) Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Scott Israel want to have a school shooting in their county.
2) Alphabet Soup gets a tip on a "suspicious comment" that N. Cruz made about wanting to be a "school shooter".
3) Alphabet Soup says they can't verify it and leave him in place.
4) Date & time of shooting is selected by DWS and Israel.
5) Feb 14th – Something causes Cruz to show up on campus(not sure why).
6) Hired team of 2-3 shooters goes into the school and kills some kids with Cruz present.
7) Alexa Miednik sees Cruz during the evacuation and speaks to him while hearing shots fired elsewhere on campus.
8) Students are evacuated and Cruz leaves campus in the shuffle.
9) Cruz decides to go get something to eat at McDonald's/Subway without knowing he is the pre-selected patsy.
10) FBI/Police arrest him at his home after he finishes eating as he has been pre-selected to be the "shooter".
11) They spend the night MKUltraing him convincing him that he has done the crime.
12) Feb 15th – Cruz pleads guilty to 17 counts of premeditated homicide due to MKUltra.

not at all. women are sex objects and she's doing a great job at it.

pissing like that in public is gross.

Shut up Jew.

Anyplace with a large jewish population is the same. Prostitots they're called.

Not necessarily. Kikes are matriarchal and most of them are henpecked to death.

Who knows… maybe Alexa only does the odd handjob. Hot jewish girls are funny like that.

Disgusting on so many levels. To be expected from one of the largest Jewish enclaves in the US, I suppose.

Gun control is a marxist survival strategy. They know and probably count on their actions riling up normies so bad they'd be shot.

I still want to fuck her silly. Not exactly proud of that, but she obviously takes care of herself.

I forgot to add that its odd Cruz wasn't killed/suicided in the shooting. I think they fucked up and when he was at the school they didn't catch him so they could pin it on him. Now they are going to have to have a trial and possibly a REAL investigation into what happened. This could be something that gets super messy and drawn out.

I think the shooters 2-3 shooters were supposed to kill Cruz at the school, but fucked up and he escaped to McDonalds.

Yep. Fucked up gal. Heavy on SSRIs and who knows what else.
Autistic, depresed, possible schizophrenic.
Root cause?
50+ vaccines
Jewish vaccine industry fucked him up.

Can we stop talking about how much we want to fuck the underage kike and get back to discussing the psy-op/distraction/shooting?

That's hard to believe considering even Italians can understand Spanish to some degree.

Yeah, but for all we know you're a subversive kike trying to use your womenfolk as a psychological/biological weapon.

Checked for truth.

it kind of depends on the person, it's a bit like an American talking to a rural Irish guy

weird as this may sound, but i have family who played baseball with this chicks younger brothers. she def gives off weird vibes but after spending enough time in parkland in the past, you come to realize that its full of rich and narcissist teenage brats. parkland is also majority jewish, media will eat up this white supremacy shit for a goo while.

Spain has some insane variations compared to the other romance languages. Keep in mind that Spain and Portugal were captured by the Mudslimes and endured 700 years of reconquisition. 700 years. America has been around for 242 years, to give you a clue. As a result, Spanish has several dialects. Basque for example, is almost an entirely different language, using different verbs, nouns, spelling, and pronunciations. Andalucian places a significant lisp on the s sound. So they would call themselves Andaluthians.

You're thinking about castellano spanish, which is the old school spanish they teach in high school. If you take spanish in high school for all four years, you're speaking grammatically better spanish than spics. Most spics speak a blend of spanish and the original mudskins. Where as castellano has undergone changes over the centuries, the spanish in latin america underwent different changes. So the "spanish" the latins speak? In English terms, mixing Ye Olde English with the native tongues.

It's further compounded when you add in that many many latins are fucking retarded. So even if you do speak their shitty bastardization of Spanish, there's a good chance that they'll speaking back to you at a 5th grade level. Hence why European Spanish can't really understand Latin Spanish. The latins are retarded half-breeds speaking in half-breed. Like niggers and ebonics.

France used to have a lot of dialects :^)

Rocxanne Deschamps
==6469 Easter Cay Way, Lake Worth, FL

This is her current address. She has taken down her facebook account and our only means of digital redress, so it's time for personal redress.

and there is another possibility…

le enhance

6469 Easter Cay Way, Lake Worth, FL 33462


just checked

meds materialize:
Miami Harald: "Kumbatovich said she believed Nikolas Cruz was on medication to deal with his emotional fragility. “She was struggling with Nikolas the last couple years,” she said."

Need those witnesses, because I think that chick is a suspiciously placed red herring and a potential future problem.
Spidey senses…

This bitch says three shooters. Not two, but three.

Yeah… speaking of russians.

There's a theory out there that these "crisis actors" display the name of the next city to be hit, sort of as a calling card. If Los Angeles is next, I'm officially buying into it.

Absolutely degenerate.

Is it me, or is it like she's trying to remember a script..

Classic Drudge "Trumptard bible" Report

I have heard that before. I have watched that video probably 5 times now and haven't noticed her shirt.

Shoots pretty straight for a skitzo.

That's another thing, the more "mentally ill" they are, the less capable of pulling this off they should be.

Was anyone wearing a Parkland or FL shirt in Las Vegas?

But maybe it's more like crazy people watch it, see things like that, and believe it's a sign.

She seems suspicious when she says 3 shooters, just around the 51 second mark. On the other hand, I think 'Kosher Barbie' sounds credible.

This county has a long history of suspicious events.

I also remember the news casters talking about it heavily on the night of the 2016 election for some reason.

That grimace was weird. And the licking of the lips.

That needs to be looked into, the Texas church shooting followed that, we also need to look there.

I was keeping tabs on rocxanne deschamps. At first I thought she was a bit retarded, but realize she is french and doesn't have great English. So it look like Jew Gold is being a Jew ass. I feel like this chick is getting the short end of the stick. That Allison Horwitz in the comments is a big dick

It's incredibly interesting that she says she reported him getting a gun…

> fuckup by the school, probably
How many fuckups can there be?

Very possible, but something to keep an eye out for. The 'shill' is usually the first eye witness, like the guy wearing the Mason cap back when those Arabs shot up Phoenix.

Ugh, I meant San Bernardino.

FYI guys, that sticky, the "Throw the poison in the jew's well", is probably going to mean the end of Holla Forums. It's the mods going Samson on the place, I guess. Maybe the whole site is going down, financially or whatever.

Lad, did you think her response would be "yeah I fuckin took his money bro, fuck you"?
Of course she's gonna say she didn't take his money - but if she did get money as part of the agreement to watch over these kids (which she would have had to to accept such, no?), then what right did she have to kick him out for buying a gun? Shit, she was living in a fucking trailer park within a few minutes drive of a fucking apefrican-mestizo hotspot, can't say I blame him for wanting a gun, and she'd have to be a really dumb cunt not to own one herself.

>(((Horwitz))) is a dick
What a fuckin' surprise!

That IS quite interesting…

Did we get any information on the family he had been staying with for the last 90 days? It wasn't her, he dipped outta her place back in November IIRC from what the media was saying.

wasn't his current residence the trailer park? The residence listed on the arrest form lead to a nice looking gated community. Anyways I would believe this women over Jew Gold

He's was staying with an attorney, I think…. kike?

He was staying with the Snead Family.

The attorney, Jim Lewis, is representing the family.

Oh, I misunderstood. In my defense, the writing has been quite poor.

It’s all nonsense. There’s no reason to report “an adult got a gun”.

I always considered this a possibility. But between a Jew and a thot, who can be trusted?

first I hear of them. Daily Mail article only lists mystery family

Maybe it's the ladies broken English makes it sound all sad. If she left him, he probably all pissed and wants revenge.

Well, it is Broward county.

She made a repentant post on faceberg about how she tried to keep the family and marriage together

Or is she referencing Lynda's children? I think that's it actually.

"As the months wore on, the family thought Cruz’s mood seemed to be improving. "

My speculation: Sneads got him on drugs, drugs made him MORE crazy, he flipped out

+No Family
+No Friends
+Tons of weapons
+Posted he wanted to be a school shooter on social media
+Racially ambiguous

No wonder the alphabet soup picked him for their patsy.

She's stupid af, *sigh*. She's a butterface bimbo.

Sounds like some heavy duty stuff over there

Easily suggestible does come to mind.

Here's the briefing on the Snead Family.

James Snead lives at 7200 LOXAHATCHEE RD PARKLAND FL 33067

yea he remind me of something like this kid. I noticed this in the Kentucky school shooting. Lot of special needs looking kids. Cruz looks a bit special

The mobile home near Latana is here

Where'd his half brother go?

what this place then? This was the address on the arrest form. There an Instagram photo with him looking down the red dot sight of a gun and we think it is in this neighborhood

It's owned by an GABRIA LLC and has the mailing address 11455 CARRINGTON AVE PARKLAND FL 33076

meant for

as for you, good question. I don't even know his name.

Gabria LLC is based in 997 Bluewood Ter Weston FL 33327-2052.

btw, the address number on the arrest form is 8442, not 8432, in case that causes confusion

A bunch of Mestizos own these places. What does it mean? Spoopy.

I'm confused. The first few threads called him far left, now it's a false flag? I'm still leaning towards the former, but I'm open to the latter. The only thing I'm sure about is that it wasn't a Trump supporter that did this, as the right wing are the good guys, even if some are redditors who haven't broken their zog chains

Thanks. I find this owner facebook.
Here the red dot site photo from the insta. match the CNN footage. This place looks like a nice gated community. If I recall this photo was from like 2017

I think there's just a degree of unpredictability to these MKULTRA guys. Like, you can program them to unleash a storm of violence on something that is important to them or somewhere that symbolizes authority to them but you can't program a specific command to attack a place they don't regularly visit. Obviously this is mitigated by controlling who you brainwash and where they live but considering these people are programmed as children and activated as adults, it would be foolish to suspect that they are made to hit specific locations, or expected to.

I think that also carries over to the act itself. once triggered the person will kill as many people as possible at their own personal target, but how many people they kill is limited by their own ability to kill people i.e. they don't suddenly gain the training and killing ability of a Navy SEAL on activation. They won't ever make a bomb better than they know how to, or set a trap they would have been too stupid to set had the government not brainwashed them. I would assume this could be mitigated by instilling an interest in military tactics and warfare and targeting the subject with relevant content, and we saw that in his YouTube history and playlists, but that would only go so far. There is no real replacement for practical experience.

Also I think Sandy Hook was probably an MKULTRA/Project Monarch facility and Adam Lanza was a failed experiment that bit the hand that fed him upon activation, which may have also been accidental.

so the general manager of Gabria LLC, the realtor.

We still have no connection with Nikolas.

A previous occupant of 8442 Lakeview is James Wielinga. He currently lives at 11033 MERIDIAN DR N PARKLAND FL 33076


Jim/James Wielinga is the general manager of Vinyl Corporation

Agreed. No one died, more Jewish theater.


Nobody died at sandy hook you pleb

Stopped reading here.
You have no clue what you are writing about.
Basque language is total not related to Spanish, it is not even an Indo-Germanic language.

Are you completely retarded? Not even jokingly, but this is the most absurd statement i read in a long time.
Not that it matters anyway, but it already was established that the mongrel guy was a mental fuckhead. Making her responsible for his actions is stupid at best. If your conclusion to being dumped, especially for being a fuckhead, is to go out and kill people, you are fucking mental and should be put down like a rabid dog.
What does this thread try to accomplish here exactly?

forgot to sage


I'm not one of those dudes who calls everything a false flag and all but… holy shit, the obvious acting of a kid I just saw for like 30 seconds on tv before I switched over to my computer was astonishingly bad. What kid at high school age strikes a serious pose and lectures the audience at home on how he's glad he took video inside the school because he wanted to make change happen when this country desperately needs it most. That's what you think while bullets are whizzing by and there's dead kids on the floor? WUT??!! No one talks like that!
It's literally fucking Sandy Hook tier acting all over again. Worse even if that's possible. HOW DO PEOPLE FALL FOR THIS SHIT??

Guys they're fucking with me and us.
White- check
Nazi - check
Adopted - check
Gun guy - given
Autism - check
Check check check check check
My fight is with the yid and the glow in the dark
Death to all pedos
Death to all traitors

God here, nice post #.

Who cares about kids I need a cigarette and all the butts outside are wet =\

It's broward. You can't throw a stone without hitting a jewish person.

Don't forget that exactly 10 years earlier there was another mass murder at northern Illinois university. I know cuz I'm sinicalypse aka emessiah and claimed my old ( it if you want) was that of the killer.

Just imagine going online the next day (still on dialup in 08) and there's like 2500 views + 80 comments like FUCK YOU ASSHOLE YOU KILLED MY FRIEND or, even worse, people from your hometown showing up to drop a much needed referendum on you.

Btw I'm mining this thread for sample material to do a proper school shooter mix. Need more supreme gentleman tbh. YouTube it or (the ceephax one is my fave)

wtf i remember that palm tree picture from some random thread it was probably on halfchan

Was it the metal palm trees that were used for surveillance? I believe it's North Korea, or Russia.

(((Who))) keeps sliding this thread?

dunno but i remember the picture itself,it was used to create a thread and it was quickly buried because it didn't seem to have any meaning

Just a reminder to anons- just saw on the rag the DM the FEDs already arrested 3 kids (one an 11 year old girl) for making obvious jokes/attention seeking after this. You can bet word has come from the top to cover their asses since they've already been exposed as corrupt and incompetent. Don't even make the kind of jokes usually make after these things, because it seems like they really want to lock up as many Whites as possible after this one to make themselves look better and give the Jews their "muh white supremacy angle."

is the foster mother alive? Do you think that she sold him to the feds? Why was he in a hospital gown?

they take his clothing for evidence

This is exactly what happened. Nice work user.

I fucking hate msm, especially when they start happy assholing about guns.

let's revisit this when she is 40. Below 35 it's easy to "take care" of one self. You must be below 25?


Considering the Democrat / deepstate political apparatus is being dismantled by the Trump Administration, I am not surprised that these ops aren't being as tightly run as they were in the past. Many of the organizing pros probably retired after Hillary lost, having seen the writing on the wall. At least that's the sense I get after going through the threads. This is a Jeb-tier mess.

Yeah that spic is a retard

Instant classic

Was our Jew hottie blacked by Kimbo?

My sides

Okay who of you fags was that

If you read the article you'll see "flooded" means 57 whole tweets.

Baptist is easily the most common church variety in the south, and probably very common even in (((South Florida))). I would not read anything into that.

Where is the archive of the 4cuck post?

Students At Florida School Shooting Report Crisis Drills and Multiple Shooters

where did you see this?

I just read that the other day and I was like "ah man they are adding shit to the story" Next thing you know Steve Schuck and Campos will be there taking fire

It's always a cult. A Gene-stealer cult!

Nevermind, I found the 4plebsarchive and then archived it.


Shillary dodging sniper fire again? kek

That meadow Pollock tweet is juicy. Her and alexa miednik are good personal friends. These girls all look like giant assholes

looking at archive meadow tweets, she retweets this guy All these people are weirdos. They are all like zombies

They got a tip on the shooter, then failed to follow protocol. Hmm, I wonder why they sat on the info that would've stopped the shooting.

Go back to reddit kike.

Wait a sec, how old is Elian now?
he's 24, could you imagine if this was actually him being used

Reminds me of the Florida airport shooter Esteban Santiago


Damn jewish schizophrenia is what it was.

I don't think is the same Alexa Miednik.

that is the same girl that does the interview

1. FISA memo scandal breaks, exposing Democrats with their pants down
2. Florida "shooting" falseflag psyop
3. FISA scandal no longer the running headline.


jews in florida….stop the fucking presses.

Well yeah, jew schizo popped and killed other jews at a jew school.


i could eat three cans of alphabet soup and shit out more sense than that picture.

Your assumptions are wrong. Can be as vague as "see red scarf do x" or can be hyper specific programming or can be "get told x by y then do x". The military training isn't needed at all.

Watch this:

So what the chances this kid was some trafficked baby from Eastern Europe

Didn't this already smell of a lefty trying to pin it on the right as soon as that shit first came up and the soy was on display?

If it was, they had a false flag of this nature planned a long time ago. Russia must have known shit like this was happening which is why they put the brakes on.
Wonder which orphanages if any neglect the kids and what the correlation is with jew administrators.


They are tearing down the building the shooting took place in.

I have a nice anecdote from today for you guys. We're doing good work. My 64 year old boss started talking about how this shooting was being lied about and covered up. Began telling me how they're trying to blame Whites even though the shooter is a spic. I already knew this obviously but it was interesting to hear it from him unprompted. One of these days I'm going to have to make transcripts from my conversations with normalfags. Holla Forums might be surprised just how many are readying for DotR.

the trafficking has nothing to do with some big false flag plan.

This is a good time to make sure the foundations are nice and solid with the appropriate structural fill material in the concrete.


Think that will stop the jews from pushing the connection?

speaking of jews. Has anyone notice all the praying and thought and prayers media articles make it look like it's all Christian. Lots of Christian cross imagery


Yeah, how would that work? Broward an is already overcrowded district and no parent wants to send their children to a C school.

You don't know that. Her Batcave Mitt Romney thing was like five years ago making her around 18.


Someone mentioned a bunch of Catholics there at the school as well.

She's a leaf, a pepsi leaf.

Quebec fought to keep the long gun registry. Plenty of handguns in (((Montreal))) though. Funny how that works.

yea I may be wrong, but baptists, but it looks like the majority is Jewish and most the people that die were Jewish.

also there is a reddit AMA with a kid at the school that was in class when 2 of the kids get shot.

bottom of screenshot he says fire alarm goes off 10-15 seconds after shooting starts which contradicts Alexa's interview where alarm goes off and she is then talking to Cruz

It's definitely genetic.

Seriously, what the fuck. A spicling gremlin killed their own including an "athletic director" aka goy supplier. Just a bunch of impotent and ultimate self defeating flailing.

So they're ignoring that it was the police department that said it was made up bullshit then? They're just trying to keep the doubt in peoples mind.

Welp, reading some of those comments on there definitely remind me I'm in reddit now

watch the video, this shit isn't fishy at all. Not archiving because the article isn't worth reading itself.

That works fine when the Jewish father raises his wife’s kids in Judaism, but Jewish kids are dropping out of the Jewish tradition at record numbers.

It doesn’t help that Jewesses are divorcing their husbands at the highest rate of any demographic.

Could be conflating the drill with the 'actual' shooting.

They're already talking about demolishing the school to hide the evidence:

Sandy Hook 2.0.

There won't be 1 independent journalist allowed to investigate, either. Just like Scammy Hook.

welcome to a brave new 1984 animal farm on steroids

fox is towing the line - tucker is the only one i have witnessed to express any doubt whatsoever
(((jeannine pirro))) may as well be (((feinstein)))
hannity is totally cucked


The boomers can't into may mays.

It's clearly a coverup. Yet another fake shooting. Shootings could definitely really occur, but this one clearly did not happen.


They fucked up with this one. The demolition of the school is a dead fucking give away that this is a MOSSAD/FBI op. 4chan is going nuts over this, which will lead to the_donald talking about it which will then filter onwards to the rest of the normal-faggo-sphere.

More evidence that he was a patsy:
The kid had no idea they were after him. I think they botched his execution and staging his suicide at the school. Some how he eluded them in the fray.

Can we fucking stop with this obvious shilling with the blond jew cunt. Its fucking disgusting how you (((people))) are lusting after a god damned animal.

Right, the arrival was someone else. The one who arrived in the Uber was Mossad, probably (Mossad really likes duffel bags). That's why there was Mossad Barbie there to implicate him

I check out the Sneak family that Cruz is living with. Also Meadow Pollacks father (almost positive)

No, that's her current residence.
He appears to have been living with a Jewish family.
Why? She's probably also Jewish, and even if she's not, trusting a woman over a man is usually sketchy, even if the man is a Jew.

You're missing the point too.
She admits to having kicked him out.
Do you think she took him and his brother into her care on the goodness of her heart? Fuck no - there was money involved, the kid's mother left her funds to this woman.
Then that woman moved into a trailer park after her Jewish fiance dumped her.
Then she kicked this kid out of her house when he wanted to bring a gun in, which is silly, considering she should have had a gun herself given that she was living alone as a woman within 20 minutes' drive to an ape-ghetto.
Do you get it yet?
This chick took money from Nick's mom, and then kicked Nick out of her home… Do you think there was no funding involved there? Think user, think.

Quite user, quite.

She made that post at the end of October, and Nick's mom died Nov. 1st.
Seems likely the Jew fiance dumped her when he found out she'd accepted guardianship over Nick and his brother.

This doesn't make any sense.
Why would you hide in a place that was visible like that?
Are kids just fucking retarded these days, or what? I was thinking the same thing when I saw the one video of the kids cowering and "OH SHIT!"ing loudly - like, are you fucking stupid or do you just want to die? Why the fuck are you giving away your position?

Tucker is biting his toungue visibly.
He wants to call bullshit but is being silenced by the cuckmasters.
He still signals to us he is with us.
I fucking love this guy,

4th period holocaust history during black history month



But self-hating and right-wing.

Remember, she is probably alive today…

Is it me or is this whole thing Sandy Hoax on roids? Now it turns out the patsy is a self hating kike? (((They))) want to knock down the school? ANyone have any info on if they actually USE that school? If I remember correctly, Sandy Hoax school was already shut down before the (((shooting))).

I do better next time Captain!
check out the Snead family. Dad is ex military (Navy I think) and oldest son is Air Force. It really feels like Cruz is some special case and he always needs a handler.

Yea I dunno if this is all a big pysop, but that kids mention of the fire alarm 10-15 seconds grabbed my attention. Also the kid who allegedly saw Cruz loading ammo in the stairwell is named Chris McKenna and he seems a bit retarded or something

Would fuck right in the pussy.


Also explains why the day of and after the shooting you saw a bunch of rabbi's up on the mic talking about gun control in the local area. Florida is also littered with jews.

I saw this lady in the news, so I check it out. As far as I could see this is the only lady by the name that lives in Florida

I probably already know the answer, but doesn't the school have a security system? Back when I was in highschool there was a camera at every entranc/exit and every major hallway. It would be real easy to prove that multiple gunmen existed if we had complete security footage (which is probably already erased if it ever existed). Also, how many eyewitness videos are there? You could lend credence to the multiple shooter theory if say, two students who were at opposite sides of the school recorded the shooting in progress at the same time. Even just having a timetable and a rough estimate of his path through the school would look sketchy if it was impossible to do for one person.

A-all footage was wiped goy, or the cameras were turned off, on account of a Survivor lecturing at Holocaust Class who didn't want his face on camera who had visited that morning. Purely a coincidence.

why would someone enlist 2-3 shooters if they plan to pin it on 1 guy?

No wonder the Cruz brothers have names like Jacob and Zachary.

scapegoat isnt trustworthy, doped up, or not even present at the scene

Get out of your mom's basement more. This kike kunt is barely 3/10. Besides, you'd end up kissing her ass if there was any reason for this bitch to tease you further.


Question is why she'd want this known.

If he was waycist, then why the fuck did he shoot up a school? How does this narrative (((they're))) pushing make any sense?

I switched IP just to say how much a fucking faggot I am. Look at this cock sucking right now.
That post and ID are mine, and I just want to say how much I want to just drown in semen from all the big black cocks shoved down my throat.

How the hell do I get the link to the actual hooktube page of this video if I want to share this elsewhere?

efficiency and to clean up afterwards.
Perhaps also because the shooting of 17 would be impossible otherwise. They needed a high figure in that space of time.

bump against the fecal spammer

Where's the source for this?

I get why 2-3 shooters would be optimal. I just don't get why they'd have 1 scapegoat. Surely it would be far too likely that many of the victims would notice to be worth the risk, when you could just wrangle another autist or two into it.


normies are taught that traumatic incidents make the memory hazy
all their peers saying no it was one guy that jewish kid Nikolas de Jesus Cruz will by far outweigh the one or two other autists in that school, they will then get bullied to the extreme by any and all SJW looking to virtue signal if they question their own perceptions of the event.
Most won't really think about it after they do their walk out, 4/20 was a day most of them would have skipped anyways.


Yep. Like I thought.
Piece of jewish shit, imported from Ukraine.

Requesting sources on the FBI's handling of Cruz. Namely for how apparently it knew about his behavior but didn't do anything about him before his cbimpout. I might spam them on Lefties.

She looks like my first girlfriend TBH. Plus I gave up backpage for Lent.







Pretty sad the OP called a kike based and wasnt banned after this many posts.

Damnit, the anglos have uncovered our dastardly plan to use the 56% against them. Deploy the poutine, repeat, deploy the poutine.

Anybody find it strange one of the students on MSM all week and Sunday shows was the guy who filmed the part of the shooting with shots fired, and now is on every news show planning anti gun marches ? CBS Sunday Morning trannyscript.

NANCY CORDES: David, a lot of people saw the reporting that you did from inside the school while the shooting was taking place and I'm truly sorry that that all of you had to live through that. But I want to read to you what President Trump said last night. He said that it's actually the Democrats that have let you down because they didn't pass legislation when they controlled Congress. Does he have a point?DAVID HOGG: President Trump you control the House of Representatives. You control the Senate and you control the executive. You haven't taken a single bill for mental health care or gun control and passed it. And that's pathetic. We've seen a government shutdown. We've seen tax reform but nothing to save our children's lives. Are you kidding me. You think now is the time to focus on the past and not the future to prevent the death of thousands of other children. You sicken me.

check out who's friends with Alexa

They probably hand pick Hogg & the others. They are zog agents

If that is true how do you account for the date the account was made?



criminally underchecked 1488

no thank you

why would the government go through all the effort of faking the deaths of 26 children and paying off/threatening/extorting the dozens of cops and firefighters involved and then covering up the murders of anyone who talked when they could just kill 26 kids? its not like they value human life.

this was a shot from the MAGA hat instagram. He's pointing the gun outside the address on his arrest record which is 8442 Lakeview Trail

Where's the source for that screenshot?

why would they have a fake math teacher?

mkultra brainwashing site, hence the children. that was her cover identity.

That other women in the profile picture of Mayuri Viswanathan Works at Camp Yavneh. and Zach Cruz was friends with Both Meadow and Alexa. Those 2 girls are from Skippack PA which I think is a special town

by special i assume you mean glowstick

one would expect to find glowsticks at an mkultra brainwashing site.

??? the Caracas dialect is widely known for being the clearest and most properly enunciated of them all. Elsewhere in Venezuela its nearly identical to the Spanish you hear all around the Caribbean

yea I think so. I look up Andrew Pollack and he never live there. Also that teacher Scott Beigel, the teacher who was shot was a camp counselor for 5 years at Camp Starlight which is in PA

sandy hook was weird as shit. the parents all seemed fucking sketchy, like they were spooks who got read into the program 10 minutes ago.

the closer you get to NY and DC the worse things get. i know san francisco and seattle are pozzed but they aren't in a way. i can go to san francisco and have a good time. new york city and dc suck if you're not at least a millionaire.

Checking those digits without anything to add here.

Everything a libtard reporter could want

this was clearly another staged psyop. multiple shooters reported at the same time the kid alleged shooter was talking to another kid. crisis actors galore. (((fake witnesses))). (((the sheriff))). cmon lads, YER KILLIN ME.

yea because all the parents are like these weirdos in Florida and other places. All cult members

Why are you still shilling this kike instagram thot?

That's actually interesting, if you can prove its him. Link?

You should check out the thread about the planned marches on Washington for gun control by the 'students'.

They could have kept him in an isolated chamber for the last 6 years, drugging him and playing messages into his head "You will become a school shooter"

He was activated.

One thing stands out to me is that he doesn't seem to posses the the "off-center" eyes typical in previous Mk Ultra killers. They either perfected their methods or he is a just a legitimately crazy spic.

he used a glock 20 10mm to kill the kids they say, yet they wanted to ban all ar15s because someone said he used an ar15.

Whom on the right?

You know how to deal with cultists right?




Crisis actress.
Expand your thinking.

Trips checked

CIA black site, probably MK Ultra/pizza, definitely money laundering. Just up the road from (((Hartford))). That's also why they bulldozed the school.

How come they never bulldozed Columbine?,_Pennsylvania


I think sandy hook was already planned to be demolished.

that sound just like sandy hook. Also remind me of Tam Luzzatto & friends with their small town pumpkin carving, blueberry picking lifestyle

There's a prison near where my parents live with excellent bleuberry bushes.

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Might've been. IIRC, it was closed in 2008 and used for storage.

The website was archived on the wayback machine starting in 2000, showed activity up until 2008, and then nothing at all until ~ July 2013.

David Hogg's dad work for Cubic corporation

You fucking kikes, demonizing someone who got fucked up in your circus society and got fed your brainwashing drugs. Fucking hyenas, you'll all hang publicly.

thats what I said. all of it stems from the network between the parents and the authorities. notice how the sherriff had an affair with an underage girl? they probably all know about it and are afraid to come forward

cuz their immigrants. the priveleged mudslimes get anything they want

whats worse. gun ban or holocaust


That's Las Vegas security guard.

Well, gun bans have actually happened. So reality is far worse the imagination.

Are their dads or mom still alive? Would be fantastic to dox all 3. alexamiednik
this doesnt make sense

How was DAVID in LA 1 Year ago?
And on what do you know…



This dumbass forgot to change his name

That's a parody account

And Hogg is a parody student.

Well, an attention-seeking whore. But this really all shows that it's not such a big deal that any of these things happen. Look how quickly he could put on an entire production, with zero emotional hangups. Clearly it's not that big of a deal actually.

My dude was thinking about all the cnn bonus bux he's missing out on by missing his lines, not his missing friends.
…and brought a backpack with bullets to school…
Contrary to early reports, Cruz was never expelled from Broward schools. Legally, he couldn’t be.
Why couldn't he be expelled?
Because Broward County School District, the NAACP, and SPLC enacted soft discipline policies to stop the "School to Prison Pipeline".

What's worse is that the school didn't follow their own (soft) policies* OR adhere to Florida law* which REQUIRES them to report threats. They violated the law to covered for Cruz.

juvenile justice system. Felonies, including § 790.162 and § 790.163, fall outside of the scope of this agreement.)


hopefully I didn't fuck up the formatting too badly


they really turning this kid into a maniac. first it was "yea he was sorta weird" now hes uncontrollable lunatic

Where's this and what's she doing there?

Why did the bomb squad go to her trailer park that night?

Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson) (February 8, 1974 – June 6, 2016)
How old is that picture?

I have just entered the thread and YES GUYS THIS IS IT.

This abhorrent piece of shit must suicide, she created a killer and it was her family. She is the worst kind of traitor. A family traitor. Sad that i dont have fb or i would harass this bit h until the end of times. GOOD JOB.

Cable head end? TV Studio?

Looks like Wang in the back.

5 jews, 1 asian, 2 or 3 latinos, 1 blackish and the rest whites. And all killed by a jew. Could be worse I guess.

Pic related