Bipartisan DACA, border security deal fails in Senate, putting immigration bill's future in doubt

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/02/15/politics/trump-immigration-veto/index.html

The vote was 54-45.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also derided the legislation, saying it "will invite a mad rush of illegality across our borders," and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made calls to lawmakers urging them to reject the bill.


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Daca beaners BTFO


Schumer and Pelosi are on the same page. The Democrats have made their plans for America very clear. They want to destroy Whites in America. They want ethnocide.

Suddenly Hillary Clinton's plan to open the borders to Mexico makes perfect sense.

Suddenly Obongo's deliberate choice of a violent anti-white artist for his presidential portrait makes perfect sense.

Their agenda is clear and open and we need to red pill as many people about this as possible. America is involved in a war for it's very soul. We should make a list of everyone who voted in favor of this bill and expose them to the general public.

Cue MUH DRUMPF shills. Take your bets.
Anti-Trump kvetching bingo card when?

definitely have the Freedom Caucus to thank for this one. Don't get me wrong they're still massive cucks, but apparently weren't willing to fag out on this one.

user, if the Dems agreed to Trumps terms we'd be looking at amnesty for 1.8 million tacos right now. The only thing that prevented that was the Dems being retarded.

This one but they never remember that trump fucked them harder during the palestinian peace negotiations than they've ever been fucked before.


They didn't want 1.8 million. It was 11 (20?) million or nothing.

It was a calculated risk.

This as well. We have to keep in mind that DACA is still full in effect thanks to a (((federal court))) concluding that Trump didn't provide proper legal reasons for ending the program. Plus the travel ban 3.0 was struck down yet again by an appeals court. You can't make this stuff up anymore.

Where's that Shareblue retard who kept insisting that the (((democrats))) would totally take this deal, and also kept falsely accusing other people of supporting amnesty when they pointed out it was all 4D chess and no deal would ever happen? Where are you now, faggot? Sucking down nigger semen behind a gas station, probably.

Which they can't. Is that you, Shareblue?

Wasn't it something like 60% of current recipispics didn't renew before the deadline last year? If the program is in place, but none of their pets sign up, do the democrats still win? :')

B-but… amnesty Don. You can't do this.

THIS HAS TO BE IT. Drumph isn't smart, the democrats are just acting retarded.

No, the DHS announced in January that DACA recipients can still renew this year.

But he already told everyone he's a stable genius. What more proof do they need? #metoo retards get believed with less evidence.

what is a veto?

Nothing changes and now I'm supposed to clap like a seal and act smug like this a victory? DACA is still alive because of a lower court order, and will stay in effect until the challenge is sorted out in higher courts. If the Republicans don't get their 60-vote majority in the mid-terms, we'll never get a sensible bill through congress and the can will continue to get kicked down the road. No increased border security. No end to chain migration. No mass deportations of "dreamers". The only way out of this situation would be for Republicans to get the congressional majority they need and for Trump to not stick to his guns on his "four pillars", which includes citizenship for "dreamers". It's only a good strategy if you get what you want at the end. Just denying the opposition what they want is retarded because it also denies yourself what you want.

wtf are you even talking about


And filtered.

800k max Amnesty for the death of birth right citizenship, end of chain migration,lotto migration, and for the construction of the wall.




>800k max Amnesty the death of birth right citizenship, end of chain migration,lotto migration, and for the construction of the wall.
This sounds better to me

Since the DACA deal failed, all Trump has to do now is call the Supreme Court to decide to cancel the lower court order.

It's about the illusion of looking agreeable but not actually negotitating in good faith.

This is literally my point. DACA stays in place until a higher court addresses the administrations' challenge to the lower court order.

Same for the travel ban. These kike courts will tie up any move by Trump for as long as they can.

Half the reason it didn't pass was because he threatened to veto the bill as it stood.

They won’t cancel it, though. The SCOTUS is just as likely to rule that no one is illegal, and since the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore, people actually believe that the SCOTUS has the power to change any law and say that illegal laws are legal.

Totally understated. I don't think anons appreciate how just how close America came to becoming Rhodesia 2.0.

When you poison the well, you also poison your own drinking supply. If the republicans don't get the majority they need to pass bills on their own in the midterms, you can kiss any border security improvements goodbye.

The lower courts' objection is over the legality of Trump shutting down the program, not a debate about the legality of the program itself. It actually has nothing to do with the DACA law itself, it's a question of if the Trump administration was lawful in it's reasoning for ending the program. Seems like splitting hairs, but it has totally different legal ramifications than challenging the legality of a law itself.

How much does that pistol cost? I really like it.

b-b-but muh BIPARTISAN!!11

The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats user. They just want the Mexicans to be their Mexicans, not those dirty Democrat ones.

I agree. Even with the 60% majority, the kosher republicans will put amnesty in their immigration bill, guaranteed.


This board suffers a serious case of brainlet spam.

Wouldn't black pilled people be pleasantly surprised?

is the answer.

Prove me wrong or kill yourself, you yiddish faggot. You know fucking nothing about the court system since FDR.

Oh, I understand that. My point still stands, however.

That's why the best idea is to strongarm both sides and get the wall through by executive order.

exactly what i said. it stays in place until the higher courts decide what to do. exactly. what. i. said.
I'm all for it but if you want impeachment hearings, this is how you get them.


It really doesn't.

How can the courts be involved when Trump is ending a program created exclusively (I believe) by executive order?

The courts are enforcing an expired EO by justification of muh feels.

It's time to deal with the traitors in our midst. Reach out to their contact emails and tell them exactly how you feel.

It's still in effect but immigration only has to accept more documents, but they don't actually have to accept any. That's all that changed from the court order.

Sorry, to be more clear they don't have to process any. Bit of confusion on my part

Okay, kiddo. Run along now. People who actually know what the ✡court system✡ does are talking.

Learn how to sage properly,

lurk more

I guess I don't understand your question. Courts have the ability to rule on the legality of EOs. Obama got BTFO dozens of times having his EOs overturned.

Why isn't Trump on that list? He said he'd sign the bill if it reached his desk.

No he didn't you moron


They're just as bad because they are controlled opposition. They exist solely to pretend that they represent an alternative to the Democrats but in reality they vote in agreement with them and pretend that they "faced challenges" when pressed for an explanation for why they stabbed their constituents in the back. Every republicuck should hang along side of their democrat counterpart.

You know what, I hope they do. For your sake user, I hope they make no one illegal. Make my fucking day, my week, fuck, my life.
Nah, they won't do it. But I wish a bitch made faggot would.

This happens every fucking week where concern trolls sprout like fucking weeds then get obliterated within a few days. Then crop back up the next week.

There are still some anons that can't follow this trend.

The white-house-backed bill that Trump supported that also got voted down included a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegals. If we are calling out people who support legalizing illegals, Trump did the same thing.

In the case of this most recent bill, also the subject of this topic, only 7 Republicans voted along the Democrats, of a field of roughly 60 potential Republican voters

So your shit doesn't fly.

Still far worse.


Trump has never once supported legalizing illegals. His 4D chess moves to fuck over DACA and the democrats don't count.

Youre not good at chess, are you? Specifically…

The most recent Dem backed bill would have created TOTAL AMNESTY for over 10 FUCKING MILLION SPICS. This includes known criminals.

It would also include path to citizenship, chain immigration and the continuation of the Visa Lottery.

I kind of like what I've seen so far, but not going to stop being cautious about immigration until there is solid groundwork AFTER a bill is signed that we like.

Nice dubs, will spread.

He said it in his fucking SOTU speech, genius. Go look at Trump's "four pillars" of his immigration policy. The first pillar is "pathway to citizenship" for 1.8m illegals.
Wow, so brilliant. He prevented americans from getting border security so he can prevent democrats from getting what they want. It's only a good strategy if you get what you want in the end. All this does is kick the can down the road. what a brilliant strategy.

Thanks user.

How new or retarded are you? Democrats have not had a "majority" in congress in years but they have always gotten their way on every (((major))) issue. From Obamacare to the TPP, the republicans exist to cave in enough so it seems "close," but close is not supposed to happen - ever. If republicans voted like they were supposed to, democrats wouldn't get their way, but they exist solely to put on a charade that they oppose the democrats but they don't.

Back to cuckchan with you, you ignorant faggot. You're welcome to lurk only when you finally learn understand myth of (((democracy))) and political theater.

Archive your lugenpresse link, you fat nigger

That's a great mindset for all this.

Between Syrian airfield & Daca debacle I think its safe to assume Trump is the real-art of the deal 4d chess player.

you mean Democrats and traitor Repubs keep stonewalling him on budget and construction

Trips of etiquette and grace.

It's actually both sides that are at fault. If I won't accept anything that doesn't include X and you won't accept anything that does include X, who is to blame for us not coming to an agreement? We both are. Either side could concede but neither side does. That's why it's not a chess move. It gives the Democrats the same "brilliant" talking point that the other side wouldn't negotiate in good faith.

You're acting like Trump doesn't have zero opposition and can't just execute all illegals by tomorrow. Fucking drumpf

One of his four demands was citizenship for 1.8mil illegals though

Saying it and meaning it are two very different things. In reality, regardless of anything he says, Trump doesn't support legalizing illegals in the slightest. Which is why he intentionally attaches stipulations to legalizing them that he knows the democrats can never possibly agree to. His 4D chess moves on DACA can be seen by anyone with half a brain which is why you have no power here.

Dont be a moron. Are you sure youre not retarded or a democrat?

Oh geez, I sure hope nothing happens to distract the people from this Democrat failure in the coming days.

He put that in so the Republicans would vote it down because it's too retarded even for them.

This is what being a bootlicking sychophant looks like. If Trump signed that bill, you'd be on here spinning about how we got 3 really important things done and how it was a good compromise and breathlessly arguing that most of those 1.8m wont even get citizenship. I get it. Heads you win tails I lose. Nothing daddy does can be bad, daddy is in control.

No, fuckhead. Who's to say that the next iteration of ZOG won't just reinstate all the shit and stick us with both. NO AMNESTY.

But they didn't. The only reason it didn't pass is because it didn't get the extra democrats to make the 60 vote mark.

What is this nonsense? Why does a sitting president need to give any reason for ending a federal program?

12 years of being productive and not committing crimes, no paco will manage that


lolnope that's what reality looks like. Trump doesn't support legalizing legals at all. Period. His actions prove that beyond any shadow of a doubt. You're trying to push some nonsensical narrative that he wants amnesty despite intentionally sabotaging it at every turn.

By the way, Shareblue, how does that nigger semen taste?

Look at you already spinning amnesty that doesn't even exist to protect daddy. Fucking pathetic bootlicking faggots the lot of you. I voted for trump specifically because I didn't want a bunch of amnesty.

You spelled Hillary wrong.

Do you people actually get salary increases?

spoken like a true magapede

10 cents per post

In the other threads you were saging, sharenigger. What was your change of heart?



Looks Like Trump got even once again

You don't even know how to sage properly (((faggot)))

Your narrative is seriously retarded. You're suggesting Trump wants amnesty despite the fact that he utterly shuts it down by attaching stipulations to it the (((democrats))) can never agree to. Well if Trump wants to legalize illegals, then why is he making it absolutely impossible to legalize them? Fun fact: you have no answer for that.

On the topic of Israel and Palestine- it's very clear that Trump is taking the "left"'s anti-nationalist and inclusive stance exclusively in regards to Israel and the niggers already historically living in the United States. What does this mean?

Palestinian population is incredibly high and dense and they're quite resistant to Sinicization/Judaification like the Chinese are doing to Uyghurs/Mongols/Manchurians/Tibetans. The naming of Jerusalem as Israel's capital forces the Israelis to choose the One-State solution and eventually bend to internal social-justice forces to give Palestinians democratic representation. I believe the Palestinians outnumber the kikes. The Critical-Marxist thought the Jews and USSR incubated in the West will destroy Israel and the same infectious mental contagion will cause Jewish females to abandon their culture, religion and intermarry with all sorts of different races. Blacks, Whites, Asiatics, other Semites… the result of this is that the 10-15 million Jews living on Earth will drop to seven digit numbers, then six, then five, then eventually close to 0.

Read about the last existing cell of Quakers in the United States. It's quite sad. This is how they will die.

Well, at least you have some intelligence, if only it was worthy of owning 1/5 of all the posts in this thread

Reported for faggotry.

They're brainlets.

They don't understand that you can take the most extreme position of something that nobody wants and use that to stop that from happening.


Notice how in 1 breath he blames Trump for not reaching an agreement, and in the next screams about amnesty.


Or maybe, just maybe you're wrong, and this has all happened before.

I'm suggesting Trump wants to give "DREAMers" amnesty because he said he does and put it in his state of the union saying he wants this put into congress' immigration bill.
Here's where your narrative falls apart. If he's poisoning the well, then he's saying he won't make an immigration deal unless he has full control of congress. The only way this works out correctly is if A) Republicans get the majority they need in both houses of congress, B) He scrubs his immigration policy of the DREAMer amnesty parts and C) the kosher republicans in congress put a clean bill with zero amnesty. Unless all three of those things are acheived, no bill will be passed and zero progress will have been made on immigration.

way to put words in my mouth faggot. I said the republicans don't get a monopoly on the narrative that the other side wouldn't negotiate. spin harder.

Or, now hear me out, he waits until March 5th, now here's the part that'll blow your mind, ends DACA, and, are you still with me? Never has to worry about it ever again.

blah blah blah

You made a big nothing-burger out of this whole mess JUST LIKE SYRIAN AIRFIELD and sperged out looking an awful lot like a D&C shill hammering a fracture point and now you are on DAMAGE CONTROL



That's a good try but DACA doesn't end March 5. A lower court ruling keeps DACA alive until the Trump administration's appeal is dealt with in a higher court.

Should this read "and; are you still with me?" I feel like a semicolon should be there


pretty compelling tbh.

Look, I know you have a specific script to follow, and you follow it quite well despite how many times you get BTFOd, but the courts don't have to appeal anything about DACA. Trump just has to give a good enough reason to appease muh feels of some kike judge.

>once the justices get back to business on Friday, that interlude of near invisibility will end. On the agenda for their closed-door meeting Friday morning is an urgent and highly unusual request from the Trump administration for the court’s intervention in the continuing debate over the fate of nearly 800,000 “Dreamers,” the young people brought to this country by their undocumented parents. They have been shielded from deportation since 2012 by the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, which President Trump wants to phase out beginning less than three weeks from now.

>The justices’ response — which may come as early as Monday — will tell us more clearly than anything since Inauguration Day what stance the rule-bound court is prepared to take toward the norm-breaking president


I'm curious, do you understand the implications of posting here? Did your employer tell you that your names and home addresses get doxed and posted here once in a while? You're probably just doing it for the money, but this situation is not a game. If you're not here for ideological reasons, you should quit while you still can.

You're retarded

The court doesn't appeal, the Trump administration lawyers do.

That's what I'm saying. But that will take time to get through the courts. Until that judge is satisfied, DACA stands. You can't wait it out, it has to be battled out in court.

you drivel bringing up rep/dem ratio in congress was equally as compelling as well as irrelevant


You know every time you bozos fail, it just builds up our immunity even more.

1. Muslim ban not renewed
2. Wall not built
3. DACA still a thing

Every day is a victory for chesscucks, because literally nothing has to happen

If they actually worked on it for months, it may have been a threat.

Ever notice people who post Neo-Mann tunes never really type anything, and when there is text, it's just copy paste news articles? Really makes you think.

Classic t_d reflection to Clinton. Any time Trump breaks a promise, it's "b-but would Hillary have been better?"

Hopefully the SC will take this case up immediately, which they don't have to btw, and blows the fuck out of the lower courts. If DACA gets cucked, there's no reason to worry and I won't have to argue with you about if trump was just pretending to cuck or if he was actually prepping the bull behind the scenes. It's mind-bendingly backwards I'm being called a shill faggot for saying I don't want amnesty in any form and I don't like Trump supporting it, even if it's some sort of set up.


No veto a bill he does not sign into law. That's what a veto is.

He always had the option to veto it under the guise of some pretense even if they got it through. Everyone should keep this in mind because his strategy will be to "sell out" very hard and then when whatever new bill doesn't pass he gets to act like he made a really good faith effort. This may come up again but more likely we're going to pick up seats.


Meanwhile US and Israel are openly attacking Assad and there's fucking no one asking Trump why he's bringing us to war.

If Trump doesn't get enough republicans in congress, he will not be able to pass any bill. Imagine this bill that the democrats shot down with the DREAMer part stripped out. Think they'll sign up for that? No. Trump can't get any of this stuff done without congress and congress can't do anything until it gets the 60% vote hurdle. How fucking stupid are you seriously?
What the fuck are you even talking about? This is peak irrelevancy.

I wouldn't call that openly attacking.

Perhaps you would have preferred Hillary (or Jeb) who would already have straight up invaded?

Are you implying that the deep state doesn't have huge control (in the case of Syria, over black-budget operations)???

Again, you're very good at sticking to your script, but you're still wrong. SCOTUS rules that blocking a terminated executive order, that's already happened, is 100% impossible. So lower courts appeal to SCOTUS to make it a thing, and they'll still say no. Trump then gives an actual planned statement prepared for the courts, cancelling DACA, and the same thing will happen.

But the liberal kid at my school that I dislike hates trump, so by trump pissing off this libtard it means I’m winning!

So how does this get a wall built? Good thing the demokikes saved us from amnesty though, so I guess that's a small victory? I can't really keep up with this kike reality anymore.

t. blackpill

Let's say DACA ends on Monday. What's the plan? How does Trump get funding for the wall, put an end to chain migration, and beef up border security?

or how shills went overdrive on Holla Forums for a week straight acting like Trump had betrayed us and was going to invade Syria (meaning he was just another neocon)

GTFO OFF MY Holla Forums


They all go back.

what's the plan? How does Trump get funding for the wall, put an end to chain migration, and beef up border security?

beep boop

Every single post you've made in this thread drips with (((kikkery)))

Spics go back, Trump argues, "Well, we have $120B coming off the books. That's more than enough funding for a wall." Wow, a real discussion finally goes through without amnesty. What will you shill once amnesty is no longer up for debate though?

I know about the syrian airfield bombing, it just has zero to do with what we're talking about. This is called deflection and it's painfully obvious.

By making democrats look like assholes and winning seats in the midterms. Or the nuclear option.

When they all go back then the voting demographics change.

Fucking kikes.

You're arguing with one of (((them))), what were you expecting?



That's not why people here were pissed about the bombing you cretin. We all hoped Trump would decrease involvement in shitholes like that and form closer ties to Russia. Instead he puckered up and planted his lips straight into bibi's asshole. Fuck you.

They got some funding going but they need to begin the process of eminent domaining everyone and paying them their shekels before they can really get to work on the wall.

In addition to this: what are the chances that by having the presidency he has the means to stop illegal voting and we realize it's a huge fucking deal? I wouldn't be surprised if it's a blowout.

you shills going crazy the last week is just like the syrian airfield

shills hammered that as D&C fracture point then and they are doing the same now

Its Syrian airfield 2.0


But the only narrative the republicans have is "They wouldn't negotiate with us, look how inflexible and stubborn they are, putting X interest over Y". The Democrats can use the exact same talking point so it's a propaganda draw.
If they don't, all that's left is
which I have argued for all along but it's a 100% guarantee you'll spark impeachment hearings and it will get tied up in the courts for a long time. It's hard to argue that the president can create laws that large just by EO. Obama got BTFO a lot trying to do this.

It's the spergy reddit kike. Know him by his kvetching.

translation = they're all going back

ok m8, good talking with you

Why do you refer to king nigger as "Obama"? His real name is Barry Soetoro

That's what I said

What are (((you))) going on about ?


They may as well have dropped a bag of crayons on the tarmac cause that's all it amounted to

Let's just call him B.O. Hussein

nah bro

Stop (((deflecting)))

And they are reacting over this Daca debacle the SAME way they did with the airfield.

Hammering on a fracture point trying to divide Holla Forums

In the end nothing happened with either

Quite protective over kang of kangz, you are. Especially with that reddit tier naming, "tee hee I called him BO, that also means body odor! please upboat me!"

No, people are going to get deported and the dem base will blame democrats. Look what they did with Nancy Pelosi and going to chuck schumer's house and all that. It will cost them.
doesn't originate in the executive branch. No way to impeach. But we have to convince the turtle so it's way harder because they're all about "muh tradition" and "muh principled conservative" bullshit.

That is literally the mentality of some of these morons.

Global report.

Well, bombing airfields is only "not escalating conflict" in the delusional hall of mirrors that is your chesscuck brain. I don't remember what your retarded narrative was back then, but it was something like "bomb airfields to avoid invading and Russia likes the US bombing airfields anyways XD"

Still troops on the ground in Syria, though.

To be fair bombing an airfield is a legit tactical move because now surviving planes cannot get off the ground because the runway is now a crater.

But they were fully operating out of that very base in less than 24 hours. It was pure theater.

he's a nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger. there you go. I'm not protecting anyone, I just don't use meme names when i'm talking about politics because I'm not 15.

that's really the main crux because even if we get the R votes we need, we still have to rely on the kosher Rs to put forth an amnesty-free bill.


Syria is irrelevant. You're all dancing like puppets for (((them))).

The issue is DACA

You are confused. Or misread my post.

I (and many other Holla Forumslacks) were mad at the airfield bombing, because at first glance it looked like Trump was:

In the end it turned out to be nothing and possibly was a ruse.

The fact you are still mad and using the chesscuck meme, plus any lack of depth to your posts ITT makes me think you should be filtered.

Notice everyone these bots/shills never just filter anyone. they are here for endless empty argument to derail threads.

Your planes have fallen.

that's not how global reporting works






I wonder if it's possible for the shills to get cucked to death. Let's hope so!

An embassy in Jerusalem isn't good for Israel, but you know that you're just trying to push your false narrative. An embassy in Jerusalem only increases the threat to Israel from the rest of the Middle East due to the backlash.

No, you just decided that chess is real and that it was a ruse. I'm saying I disagree because the whole premise is retarded. You say I'm wrong because of your presumption you're correct that zog emberor acts out of chess instead of what he appears to do (which is to lick Israels balls every chance he gets.) Thus we end up in a circular argument.

Oh no.

And then we have this faggot.

Someone seems particularly salty today.

Before DACA bill is voted on:

After DACA bill is voted on and fails:

Every single beaner is going back. March 5th is approaching rapidly. I can hear the democuck votes slipping away!

I wonder if shills get whiplash from the constant reversals of narrative.

I know
They are acting the same exact way they did with the airfield

I think they are all bots

So far I have filtered

An embassy in Jerusalem is what the Jews have been whining about getting for half a century. All the Israeli media praised Trump to high heavens when he obliged his masters. They're going to name public places after him like a folk hero because of it. Again the chesscuck narrative doesn't align with reality. But at least it was real in your mind.

Its impossible for a bobblehead to get whiplash

The muh zionald muh zog zog drumpf shills were so adamant this was a shoah of us fashy goys, fucking cucks couldn't see two steps ahead of a kike newspaper article.


Since you seem to be so well informed, why don't you share what the reaction of the rest of the Middle East were? Why don't you talk about the various news outlets in Israel saying moving the embassy to Jerusalem was a bad idea? It's true they have wanted the embassy in Jerusalem for half a century, the reason it isn't good for them is the timing. Trump gave them what they wanted at a very wrong time for them.


There is no threat to Israel from the surrounding middle east. That's just some crazy idea you cucks cooked up. It's make believe. The entire might of US zogbots stands between the middle east and Israel. If it wasn't for that Israel would be glassed decades ago, embassy or not.

>i was shoah'd banned 12 times by kampfy himself for warning you, my fellow fashy goys
Now the shills will fuck off for a while until their first planning meeting tomorrow in CA, in the morning.

It's like we're being raided. By snapchat. All these fucking tween posters.

if you look here, this particular shill goes all out and outs himself right off the bat as an astroturfing kike, hoped that nobody read this post so he could continue to shill in the thread without someone calling him out. Should of just (1) and done shlomo.

I think its a bot. Nobody is that retarded.

you're probably responding to a bot

Holla Forums must learn how to filter
Its fine to argue.
Even shitposting for a laugh is fun.
But when you encounter some shill so retarded that even cracking jokes on them becomes tedious there's a good chance you are arguing with a bot
Holla Forums must learn to filter

it’s an aside so you’d probably want to use parentheses or offset it with dashes.

Nice to know I'm getting noticed, the_donald sempai.

muh tee_dee xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
yawn, get a new script already

I argue with them for the sake of others who may stumble across the discussions and see my points.

Now that's how you get clean

I smile thinking about these groups meeting, probably looking depressed as shit.

In 4 years they have had 2 weeks of success

but now we have further developed our immunity

the_donald chesscucks cucking it out for zog emperor?(>gets called out on script >follows the script)


wow, its like you are a fucking bot, into the filter, enjoy your ban

In all seriousness, how has David Brock and the rest of the sharecrew been doing these days?

How about when zog emperor went all out and put on the little jew hat and lovingly stroked the kike wall to show his allegiance to the world and everyone posting that picture got banned?

Wasn't that even a little success for us evil shills who shill against zionism over here?


1. Eat shit and die.
2. How about we get mods who actually ban falsehoods, yid?

You'll notice they;

You're fucking retarded and have no clue what you're talking about.

Fucking AND? What does that have to do with anything? Israel gets attacked = US and Europe get slaughtered fighting their wars for them. This is what will happen. Pretending otherwise makes you a shill.

Great argument. Way to prove me wrong. Run along, faggot.

They gotta go back!


Stop being wrong and you won’t have to worry about it.

meant for


Kek, well said.
I'd love to be a fly on the wall. If any one of you anons infiltrates them, please get this footage. I will personally donate to you for it.

Syrian airfield was reasonably successful for them to divide the board but many anons here (myself included) could see right through that bullshit as to the long game and actual casualties + damage.
Daca was similar, just pay attention to the well thought out and explained posts (explaining what has just happened now), look for the ones that the shills didn't respond to and you had the best content. Was fucking blatantly easy to spot who was who in those threads, with a bit of time invested.

And you're right, we just strengthen our countermeasures each time. Best thing is not forgetting the shill op failing and how they worked, so now it's easy to remind lurkers and fence sitters of how Holla Forums is always right and the drumpf shills are almost always wrong.

wish it were true.

Look, it's the same fagget from the daca threads!
Not even wasting time on this faggot, Holla Forums is always right and you are always a festering nigger shill.


yup its probably the same bot/shill/group that:

Again, you don't understand the supreme court or the law.

how can you be this far along in the timeline and still not get it? Here's your (you)

I've been analyzing (((polls))), (((approval ratings))) and past trends for the past month or so. In my opinion, Republicans will definitely gain seats, but not 9.

D+6, Democrats gain 15-22 seats in the House (26 needed to flip), flip NV. Rs flip MO. 51-49 Senate

D+2/D+3, 6-10 seats. NV flip. R flip MO, WV, ND, IN. Maybe FL. 54-46.

Tie. D gain 2-4 seats (Commiefornia flip 2 or 3, PA new districts. R flip NH-01, 2 districts in MN, maybe a few more in MI/WI). NV hold. R flip MO, ND, WV, ID, MT, FL. 57-43.

R+2, 5-7 seats gain. Senate: all of the above flip, plus PA. 58-42.


His question is why an illegal EO cannot be rescinded by the same office? If the kike courts say the illegal EO is actually legal. Then how is it illegal to cancel then supposed legal EO? What is this one-way regulation?

Try reading posts before shitposting like a fucking redditor.

Yes, run along. We’ve established you have no fucking comprehension of what was said.


Get a new script.

Good times. A shame the party ends in less than three years.

> If Trump had done what us moronic shills said he was doing, I wouldn't be such a blown-out gaylord wrongfag with a skull full of AIDS and styrofoam, but here I am, still drumpf drumpf drumpfing, like a stupid nigger

Looks like the Canadian ice skater from the Olympics

that definitely has some kike in it

so most likely no changes immigration law. hooray

Great summary of their strategy, pay attention to this method, Anons.
They also use consensus shilling to make it appear as if decent amount of anons organically agree.

Yeah bro…Israel with its illegal nuclear arsenal, modern military, and USA backing is totally gonna get rekt by some sandniggers throwing rocks and bottles.

Do you even hear yourself right now?

accomplishing nothing is the ultimate chess move tbh.

Speaking as a guy with depression who can't help nibbling the occasional blackpill, I think you misunderstand our reaction. We're HAPPY when we're wrong.


This. Glow in the dark faggot shills trying far too hard on Holla Forums.

If I ever find that I have accidentally run over Shithead Brown, I will be sure to have the courtesy to back over him and ask if he is alright, before driving on my way once more.

Fuck off Hershel

That one faggot has 34 posts of blackpills ITT so far. Thank fuck for filter by ID+.

Reported for being from reddit.

Reported for being subhuman.

Enforcing border laws and ending ridiculous programs shouldn't require any "deal" with open border communists like the left.

Maybe if you would take 5 seconds to look at other posts in a thread which clearly destroy your narrative people wouldn't think you're a shill. Then again you actually are a shill so I guess that won't help anything.

Wew, why 4 weeks this time? You usually just give me one. Sorry if I triggered you extra much today Kikefy. But keep at it, one day I'll learn my lesson and start sucking Israels dick like a good nu/pol/ chesscuck should.


Being wrong, means you’re actually right.
It means you’re correctly assuming the devil’s advocate.

If you’re always right it means you’re wrong and the devil is against you. Hard to be a Satanist, if you’re always right.

Americans got destroyed in Vietnam didn't they?
Sage for shitpost

They did their job and you're still kvetching. Shame - stay salty, leftypol faggot.

P.s. Holla Forums is always right, from the original thread before this bill failed

No, it shouldn't. DACA should have been ended on day 1 and no deal whatsoever offered. Although obviously the kike courts won't let even the tiniest gesture towards immigration restriction happen.

Drumpf's going to get BTFO on this issue. The people want amnesty - total, unconditional amnesty, for any and all, now and forever. How many election cycles where pro-amnesty candidates are elected in landslide victories does it take for you idiotic stormderps to understand this?

That was against Soviet and China, not against some stone age goatherds. Get your head out of your ass chesscuck.

Checked. Holla Forums is always right, that's true. Remember back when the mods lost their banning privileges for like a week, and they got so btfod by actual Holla Forums that they had nervous breakdowns and deleted all their accounts? That was fun.

wew, sure is the_donald in here, the_donald.

Drown yourself in semen.


I can't post images from here so just imagine that I'm attaching a gif of a fat cryptojew with a silly orange wig. On top of his wig is a kippah, the symbol of submission to the jewish god. Gingerly he waddles over to the holy wall of the jews and strokes it like a huge circumcised cock.

That "fuck white people fat pig" needs to be utilitzed for a test.

Drop a feather and the pig from the top of Rockefeller Center to test the effects of drag on a falling object. Watch the pig splat. Liberals get pig juices in the face. Laugh.

Correct. This is the bottleneck right here. We have to primary them at all costs.


Suppose the plan works out and DACA expires and ICE deports all 1.8m DREAMers overnight. Good. Now we only have 25M+ illegals left and thousands more flooding the border every day. inb4 muh blackpill this is called war-gaming pay attention It seems like this whole incident proved the Ds won't give an inch on anything related to reducing immigration - even when the Rs offer to give them more than the Ds asked for. So where does this leave us? Essentially held hostage until Rs can get both a 60 vote majority and not cuck out like a bunch of kosher faggots by slipping in some back door amnesty to keep their slave labor in supply. This means that until the election there will be absolutely no additional improvement to immigration laws or funding for the wall unless we're still waiting on some pesos from Mexico, barring an EO from the president.
Any of the 4 "pillars" Trump has proposed would be controversial EOs. Article I, Section 8, clause 4 of the Con­stitution entrusts the federal legislative branch with the power to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.” Constitutionally, it's the prerogative of the Congress to make immigration policy, and the executive branch's prerogative to execute the laws how they deem most appropriate. Ironically enough, Obama's SC case over this very issue may provide the precedent Trump needs to get away with it. The main issue with an EO being its vulnerability to being overruled with Congressional actions, which has actually occurred a lot in US history. Either way, folks, it's going to be a blood bath. We have to get hard line Rs in place or get ready for supreme court rulings that will send the left over the edge muh imbeachment


You wear a grey suit to work and like putting your dicks in asses. I thing that makes you the faggot.


I'm still waiting for the R's to give an alternative to my milquetoast Representative. And a vigorous alternative to my D senator. That last one has to change.

C'mon Republicans! Get your shit together!

You deserve death, you leftist sack of shit.


Spoken like a true faggot bugman. Projecting much are you?

I prefer 'tormuldist'

If I were a bug I would be dead already. More like a bull in a china shop wearing a white tee shirt.

Estelle best girl.

perhaps for now. however, proving how evil the jews and israelis are as well as exposing their crimes to the zogtard good goys is kind of the entire FUCKING POINT. redpill zogbots, take back White countries, remove the support from zog, remove zog.

crypsis, infiltration, subversion….. almost like someone is using kike tactics against them. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….

not if we have redpilled enough people. not if we take back our countries and tell the kikes to fuck off.

because of jews and (((deep state))). pure kikery out of the jewdicial system, surprise surprise

no user, that is when the party begins. BYOR

so true

yes, because they are all traitors. the penalty for treason is death. justice is long overdue

get thee to the oven

this is why spreading the redpill is so important. when enough of us are wise to how bad things really are, then we will bring about a fundamental paradigm shift back to sanity. that is the idea anyway

Oh Nigger What Have You Done!

and I guarantee you the first response to that tweet would be bitching about Trump on something completely unrelated to the nuclear holocaust of San FranciscoBurned and irradiated queer must be the odor of a particular circle of Hell


Guess how we know you're a salty little leftist whose DACA vote slaves are going back?

I await the righteous death that I deserve but I don't have the skill set to be a politician. But I'm going to venture a guess that you aren't in the running either.

I'm in an open primary state where I can vote for the candidate that I want a particular party to put up for the general election, and I vote in primaries. So, in addition to being a failure you are just another internet tough goy that feels the need to cast aspersions.


I think I've owned up to my failures. I don't always fail though so again you have leapt into a morass of your own creation. Of course you will maintain your attack on me… but you are really doing anything, are you?

Ergo it didn't fucking pass you retard

If you think the Supreme Court is going to declare open borders constitutional, you have room temperature IQ. You're talking about them like they're the 5th circuit. You're a fucking idiot who never had a cogent argument in the first place other than you don't understand the law and you're a blackpilling shill.

Reported then, holy fucking shit. Demoralization kikes don't work here.

Why the fuck are there so many legal illiterates here?

This is your fucking argument:
You made up this bullshit based on nothing. Where is the precedent among any of the 9 justices that show that will be the outcome? And why then has the Supreme Court made favorable decisions in favor of Trump's travel ban? Explain that one, shill faggot. Come on stupid, pull the black dildo out of your asshole enough to explain why this bullshit you just pulled out of your ass is factual?

Just like most of the SCOTUS rulings in the last 30 years. Why, after so many hints and clues in this very thread, as well as the actual history of the country, are you STILL suffering under the delusion that the rule of law still exists?
Let's see… niggercare wasn't ruled unconstitutional despite clearly being so. Perhaps the earliest precedent was the "legalization" of the Social Security act, but FDR threatened the court with being stacked with communists if they didn't (still, THEY DID). Obviously Roe v. Wade was a big point of unconstitutionality, and Roberts' SCOTUS itself upheld various other childkilling laws using it as precedent. Roberts' SCOTUS has also upheld corporate personhood. Samson v. California ignores the 4th amendment. Oh, and they upheld the Civil Rights Act despite it being 100% unconstitutional. 8th amendment violations in Kennedy v. Louisiana, which says "you can't execute a child rapist if the child didn't die OR if he didn't intend the child to die."

Let's see, what am I forgetting… OH RIGHT, FAGGOT MARRIAGE, which isn't even remotely constitutional.

The last justice to have the balls to stand up to unconstitutional acts was Scalia, and THEY KILLED HIM BECAUSE THEY KNEW HE WOULD END AFFIRMATIVE ACTION FOR ALL TIME. The rest of Roberts' SCOTUS expressly upheld affirmative action, specifically the "right" to use race as a tiebreaker in votes.
Funny how that hasn't actually done anything to stop other courts from still ruling against it, huh? Isn't it strange, a lower court ignoring a higher one. Almost as though the rule of law doesn't exist anymore…

So yeah, the entire body of RELEVANT work by the current SCOTUS shows absolutely no inclination in upholding the Constitution (save for the first amendment, interestingly), rather "interpreting" it and writing their own laws.
Can't argue the point, so the opponent is a shill. I see reddit has done a number on you. You will not reply to anything of substance in the post. You will see my references to previous SCOTUSes and immediately strawman based on them.

Yep. I'm proud of my president and am definitely voting for him again.

Oh look more desperate

Look how stupid this looks with no context. Shillcucks are in full damage control mode.

If it’s really because others are sabotaging you, it not blaming. It’s truth.

So you have absolutely NO proof of anything regarding illegal immigration to cite that the Supreme Court is going to declare every non-citizen as a citizen tommorow? You have nothing. You made a ludicrous statement based on your feels and don't have any evidence to back it up. The fact that supreme court upheld a tax in the income tax as a tax does not support your ludicrous claim. Perfect example of black pilling fagotry. You pull a ludicrous conclusion out of your ass with no supportive evidence where the only sollution is to overthrow the system. You sound like and argue like a communist honestly.

None of that has anything to do with the issue we are discussing at all. The constitution is pretty clear on who is a citizen and who is not, if you're going to argue that's being over-turned, provide some god damn basis for your claim other than unrelated cases.

So you just admitted I was right, and that it's only the lower court in California and Hawaii sperging out. Hang yourself, faggot.

SCOTUS will rule overwhelmingly (probably 6-2) in favor of Trump with Sotomayor and possibly (((Kagan))) dissenting for muh feels dressed up as a technical argument and with Ginsburg abstaining because she is a skeleton. Trump just let Obama's DACA executive order expire, so their reasoning is completely retarded for forcing the program to restart. However, this may be a good thing because it could lead to a SCOTUS ruling on Obama's DACA executive order. Remember, Trump made his 6-month grace period on DACA to prevent the Obama EO from going to the Supreme Court where it would have gotten BTFO'd. Now, SCOTUS will likely be looking at several issues, one of them being the legality of the original Obama EO. Some kike judge trying to virtue signal and obstruct Trump may have just inadvertently fucked over every DACA recipient.

1000 hours in mspaint


I think ">IF" should be the free space.

no, it isn't.

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. "

There is no agreement on what "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" means. Most just completely ignore it and pretend that it means nothing, hence anchor babies being considered citizens.

The paid concern shills are all bogged down with gun control narratives at the moment.



Chuck BTFO

Dont be a moron. Are you sure youre not retarded or a democrat?

Please kys you fucking retard. You wreak of idiocy.

I agree with you user but always spell check if you're gonna call someone else illiterate.

Need help filling this in, lads.

>SCOTUS will rule overwhelmingly (probably 6-2) in favor of Trump with Sotomayor and possibly (((Kagan))) dissenting for muh feels dressed up as a technical argument and with Ginsburg abstaining because she is a skeleton. Trump just let Obama's DACA executive order expire, so their reasoning is completely retarded for forcing the program to restart. However, this may be a good thing because it could lead to a SCOTUS ruling on Obama's DACA executive order. Remember, Trump made his 6-month grace period on DACA to prevent the Obama EO from going to the Supreme Court where it would have gotten BTFO'd. Now, SCOTUS will likely be looking at several issues, one of them being the legality of the original Obama EO. Some kike judge trying to virtue signal and obstruct Trump may have just inadvertently fucked over every DACA recipient.
Exactly. It's an executive order, and the only way this kind of law can be created is in the congress. There's no chance in fucking hell the Supreme Court would side against Trump here.

I fucking fixed that. I swear. I hate this phones keyboard.

It says it right there, moron. Born or naturalized. Holy shit, you are retarded.
No, fucking moron. Anchor babies are born in the US, and you just posted the line that says born in the US. Learn how to read.

Enjoy your blackpill, you useless faggot.

You realize that jus sanguinis is required, right? Not just jus soli. ANCHOR BABIES ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN CITIZENS.

Great job not having any argument or refutation.

and afterwards says "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof"

Seems you just ignored that. Funny considering in my post I said "Most just completely ignore it and pretend that it means nothing, hence anchor babies being considered citizens." and you went right ahead and did that.



In all seriousness, Trump is likely the smartest human being I've ever seen in person.


It means people born or naturalized within the jurisdiction of the United States. Can you not read? Cite something that says otherwise, because you're just pulling this out of your ass. This is not a legal argument anywhere.

Anchor babies are considered citizens because they are born in the United States. No one has ever made any other kind of argument regarding anchor babies. You are functionally retarded.

Checked for truth and tasteful A. Wyatt Mann posting.

Nope. The authors of the bill explicitly said it does not refer to anyone born to parents who are not citizens.
Total falsehood. Eat shit. archive.fo/8ntlN

No, it means "and subject to". If they meant "within", they would have said "within".


"During the original congressional debate over the amendment Senator Jacob M. Howard of Michigan—the author of the Citizenship Clause[45]—described the clause as having the same content, despite different wording, as the earlier Civil Rights Act of 1866, namely, that it excludes Native Americans who maintain their tribal ties and "persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers."[46] According to historian Glenn W. LaFantasie of Western Kentucky University, "A good number of his fellow senators supported his view of the citizenship clause."[45] Others also agreed that the children of ambassadors and foreign ministers were to be excluded.[47][48]"

This seems to be the key part that you're interested in

I just woke up, saw this and laughed.
What is the newest narrative that shills push?

Not the user you've been arguing with, but let me give my input. To quote the text:

In other words, the condition for citizenship is:
(born || naturalized) && jurisdition

i.e. being subject to US jurisdiction is also required in either the case of birth or of naturalization. Anchor babies by definition being the children of persons who have entered the country illegally, the determination of what country's jurisdiction they're subject to is the key question.

black-pilling is more about shills intentionally attempting to discourage typical Holla Forumsacks here, not a description of anons with depression.

Unlike the utter nonsense gaslighting first response you got, it's ofc a good thing that you're happy your fears are wrong. I recommend you push away from the computer for a few weeks user and get some fresh air instead.

Not the US'. It's not in question; the authors of the amendment explicitly said children of aliens are not citizens.

And yet any anons with depression who come here and post facts that hurt feelings get called blackpill shills.

Good one. Are you talking about yourself?

The depression isn't the issue friend, the shilling is.

Defeatists are the best of goys, better even than shills and shabbos goys. For you know they are wrong, yet you give them more power than anyone else.

Jews aren't omnipotent, or even that smart. They are just very successfully adapted to what they do and the west has allowed them to thrive. A little more pushback and it will be easy to undo all they've done.

Wouldn't keeping an immigration bill in limbo work for RepubliZOGs and Progressives(Communists)? This keeps an ambiguous status on illegals so these same illegals can still take jobs from americans, vote, drive on our roads, not speak english, and not pay taxes longer and longer.

What's the tally for shills now? Let's see…

Trump will never run ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never release his financials ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never breach 15% ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never win New Hampshire ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never breach 25% ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never win SC ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never breach 35% ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never breach 50% ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never reach 1237 ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never recover after Wisconsin ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never win unbound delegates ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never recover after Colorado ==FUCKING WRONG==

Donald, hand over the delegates… ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never be the nominee ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never predict BREXIT ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never pivot to the GE ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never unify the majority of the GOP ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never beat Clinton in swing states ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never get 270 ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never be POTUS ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never bring back manufacturing jobs ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never renegotiate our trade deals ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never block refugees ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will never get a tax cut ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will start a war with Syria ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will start a war with Best Korea ==FUCKING WRONG==

Trump will grant amnesty to millions of wetbacks ==FUCKING WRONG==

You got your redtext

Bye bye beans

It makes your butthurt more butthurty

how about




True, but it also allows them to get deported whenever they're found.

Oh shit, I didnt realize there was a wordfilter for that last one. It was supposed to be /sg/'s catchphrase.


1 square has to be "NO YOU'RE THE KIKE" OR "NO YUO"

I also think 1 square should be "BEEP BOOP BEEP 10000101101001" because I think these retarded shills are actually bots (it would explain their incoherency)


adios AMIGO

i don't know about that but he's definitely top 10th percentile (maybe even even 5th or less)

i always laugh at my liberal douche co-workers who run their mouths, yet half of them don't even understand the difference between:

You're a kike. You act like one down to the fucking bones.



adios AMIGO

How often does reporting these illegals actually happen? I'm pretty radical and I haven't ever called ICE even though I should on a few occasions so I can't imagine many other people doing so.

read that as Cuck

I had one that believed 120 IQ was average.

How's this?

Technically you only need an IQ of 119 to be in the top 10th percentile, assuming 100 is the average and the standard deviation is 15.

130 puts you in the top 2.5th percentile. If we assume Trump is around 140-145, he'd be between the top .4th and the top .15th percentile

You know they'll have no idea who reported them, right? There is literally 0 reason not to report illegal spics. Report them ASAP, user.


Center should be something far more common, basically turning it into a free space.

holy shit user

Depending on the IQ test I have scored between 120 and 160 (the one where I got 160 was probably bullshit, you usually get less sharp as you get older)

I do remember taking PSAT (official practice SAT) in 9th or 10th grade, and getting top 10th percentile or higher without even studying.


Trump is has the discipline to use his intelligence.

Delicious salt

That's one of many reasons why people here that aren't shills and/or Redditors get along so well, user. We're more alike than you realize.

Open to all ideas, user.

I agree. Cuckchans unwelcome immigration has destroyed this place.
The new friends are too engaged in narcissism to admit their hymen election was for nothing.

What makes you think he's that high in IQ? I mean he talks like he's not dumb when he's not trying to fool idiot normies, but last time I checked people with higher IQs or get good degrees are most likely always progressives or fenceshitters.

well he's not getting my vote again
I should've known better


No user. Alot of stem are definitely not liberal. They're just undercover because political correctness has besieged the workplace

Confirmed for you never having checked, and also knowing fucking nothing about Trump.

Retard. Did SSRIS fry your brain?
I asked if you were conveniently depressed yourself.

Swap >if with either 56 or mutts. Replace center with
And l think we have a winner.

And tonight's main course is a big plate of good news accompanied by a mountain of lib salt. It pairs quite nicely with a glass of shill tears vintage cy+3

wanna know how I know you're not from around here?

I can only imagine the meltdown at Shariablue HQ right now.
The fear is palpable


Some fine OC you're cooking up, there. Very good. does make a good point about the center tile. I think the suggestion of
in would work better, but that's just a nitpick. It's already worth reposting.

To put a caveat to this, republicans are not quite "controlled opposition." Republicans and conservatives are more akin to George Orwell's "Outer Party" of 1984, with Democrats, Socialists, and other leftists belonging to the "Inner Party."


Not true.

even i can smell your faggotry


We need another GATE thread.

Enjoy Mexico, wetback

Say the shills who blindly distrust him.
Eat a dick and die in a ditch you nigger.

Disgusting, when do we make the senate great again?

A nine-vote margin in favour of the bill. It failed because it didn't reach 60 votes.

the only reason it didn't happen is because cucks didn't have the votes (thank god) and dems went full retard

but don't worry, cucks haven't given up the hope yet of providing democrats with new voters

SCOTUS doesnt even have any power anymore unless they rule to the far left. I mean, they APPROVED the travel ban, and yet when it was put into practice it was stopped once again by lower courts ruling the "way" or the "rules" were this and that and the other and so they couldnt do any of it

You effectively had lower courts overruling scotus through legal trickery and bullshit. And what has scotus done in the mean time? Nothing. They let their power be defacto over ruled, and did absolutely nothing about it. scotus has no power unless they're ruling to the far left, at which point the lower courts wont use legal tricks to over rule them because they want the far leftist push to happen so why would they stop it? But ANYTHING even slightly to the right, gets immediately run through the "how can we use legalese and trickery to make their ruling, when put in practice, the complete opposite of what was intended?"

Sorry, but scotus doesnt matter anymore because the lower courts are massively out of control, and nothing short of a complete purge of all leftist judges will ever change that, and good fucking luck with THAT ever happening. I mean fuck all, the 9th circuit has a horrible track record for their rulings being overturned by "higher" courts, and has for years, yet nothing is ever done about them when its obvious they arent reading the law and constitution as they were intended and are instead just pushing left wing ideology using the courts, that should be immediate grounds for impeachment from a judge position, and having that entire circuit broken up and redone.. yet… its never done and they're allowed to continue on.

You fuckers have to stop believing this system can be fixed. It cant be. Our nation is doomed to collapse and be reforged from the fires of chaos and revolution. And it needs to be made in OUR image when its all said and done. In the mean time, the only things we should be doing are fucking with everyone on every side and causing as much chaos as possible, and preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the coming cataclysm.

You people seemed to have completely misunderstood "kek." It was never about Trump, or the right, nor the left, nor anyone else. Kek is the bringer of chaos. Trump is just an instrument of chaos, he was brought to the top to cause CHAOS, not to cause any shift to the right WITHIN THE SYSTEM to "fix it." He was meant to further destabilize it all, to cause chaos. I mean, how else do you really want to explain all of this shit? 4D chess? Yeah, except we've seen where that shit isnt real, and he is "cucking" because hes doing shit on the right and left and fucking with everyone in the process, he, is, a, chaos, president. We were never meant to be followers of Trump, he is the sword of kek in a sense. You don't worship your gods sword, you worship your god. You don't obey your kings sword, you obey your king.

So please, get a grip on whats going on for a change you faggots. None of what "happens" matters right now, what matters is the unrelenting chaos it causes, the insanity it drives up, the tension it creates, the fires it sparks. daca, or bans, or walls, or judges, or etc, none of the individual pieces matter anymore. What matters, is that we wreck all the pieces, the board, the table the board is on, the list of rules by which the game is played, the players, the people who wrote the rules, the room the players are playing in and the overseers are watching from, and set the building on fire. Then… and only then… can we start back over from square one and rebuild it all, without all the fucking jewing going on, without the leftist ideologies being able to worm their way in, without all the mud races having any say so, without women getting to play by a different set of rules because vaginas, and so on. A building, rooms, rule book, game masters, players, table, board, and pieces, all made in our image to our liking for our future and that of our progeny.

Everything else before that change begins, is just chaos meant to bring down the current system

You blackpilling shills really are piss poor at your jobs. Frankly I think you'll be eliminated by your bosses before the trials even start.

these people think republicans are nazis
they will call anything "hardline" that doesn't include mandatory cuckolding
read more than the first sentence next time

Someone's upset.

Honestly I'm okay with Trump starting a war with the fucking Norks to be honest.
Talk shit get hit.

And it'd rustle the fuck out of the chinks.

Why stop at just rustling the chinks? Attacking the Norks might just be a good avenue to go to war with China itself and put them back in their place

are you going to fight, General Armchair?

This is your brain on zog.

told you, faggots. see you next time kike tricks get you all riled up. mexicans in trebuchets by june, screenshot this post.

I mean it is extremely unlikely. Nobody ever wins every single toss-up. If they flipped every single seat in States Trump won, then maybe…

Right now:

Likely R: AZ

Lean R: WV, MO, IN (WV and MO will definitely flip: look at how Manchin is pandering to moderate Rs and Trump, he knows his days are likely numbered. To get Donnelly they'll need Pence to campaign in Indiana)

Tilt R: ND, NV

Toss-up: FL, MT, OH (FL would be tilt R, but Democrats are importing spics from Puerto Rico. It will come down to turnout. Rick Scott is popular so I'm cautiously optimistic. Tester in MT may hold, in OH Trump is getting more and more popular)

Tilt D: MI, WI (afaik WI is D+1, MI D+3 in Democrat internal polling)

Lean D: PA

Likely D: MN (D ahead by 10 or more in both races), NM

Checked and kek'd

GREAT movie. Should be required Holla Forums viewing if only to understand modern (((corporate culture))).

you should leave foreign body

I'm happy knowing that Trump doesn't want to waste resources on pointless kikewars that could be used for MAGA, but that he will readily smear Kim's fat yellow ass into radioactive paste if he threatens his beloved Trump America® (Formerly USA).

I never thought Trump would end DACA so i have shut my mouth since then. I'm curious where this will lead.

Replace >IF in the free space with "drumpf" and I think we're all good

President Trump tweeted that: “The Schumer-Rounds-Collins immigration bill would be a total catastrophe. @DHSgov says it would be “the end of immigration enforcement in America.” It creates a giant amnesty (including for dangerous criminals), doesn’t build the wall, expands chain migration, keeps the visa lottery, continues deadly catch-and-release, and bars enforcement even for FUTURE illegal immigrants.“

“Voting for this amendment would be a vote AGAINST law enforcement, and a vote FOR open borders. If Dems are actually serious about DACA, they should support the Grassley bill!”

Maybe this belongs in QTDDTOT instead, but there's been a lot of back and forth in this thread about who the real shills are between pro and anti-Trump posters. I feel like I really don't have enough of the big picture to say whether Trump is on our side or not, but the one thing that really confuses me is that every other day, you hear about some nobody California judge shutting down the PotUS on something. They really should not have that authority, and yet they always seem to get away with it, suggesting that Trump is letting them get away with it. Now maybe it's all just moves in the eternal chess game, but what I don't get is, what's the point of all this chess? Why not just break out the long knives?

If you genuinely think that the president has literally infinite power, I have no fucking clue how you even got into the CIA.

I understand why you shills are trying to push this so hard because on paper it's: The jews wanted something and Trump gave it to them.
I just don't understand why I'm supposed to be so mad about it? The embassy being in tel aviv or Jerusalem doesn't really change anything, it's an empty gesture that might even come back to bit them in the ass. You're acting as if isreal was almost destroyed if not for Trumps embassy move.

That silly little PR move doesn't cost "us" anything.


There are people who seriously think like that.

You win stupidest post ITT, and that's saying a lot considering the amount of shilling going on. Ingest formaldehyde asap.

I didn't say for one of us to go do it, I asked why the president isn't doing it. The German chancellor didn't have infinite power either. It's not like the president doesn't have access to black ops teams that could pull off shit like that. And if he really wanted to keep good PR, he could even say Israel was responsible for the attacks or something. That strategy worked pretty well for (((them))) with 9/11, burgers have only just now stopped burging out over it in the past few years.

I would have liked the "shitposts in Holla Forums" also, due to the reason that every time he gets BTFO by everyone, he flees to Holla Forums and shitposts there in order to make himself feel good.

Well done user. It's perfect. You should treat yourself to two scoops after you finish lifting today. You've earned it.

ffs faggot! here I'lll fix it for you.
What's the tally for shills now? Let's see…

Trump will never run

Trump will never release his financials

Trump will never breach 15%

Trump will never win New Hampshire

Trump will never breach 25%

Trump will never win SC

Trump will never breach 35%

Trump will never breach 50%

Trump will never reach 1237

Trump will never recover after Wisconsin

Trump will never win unbound delegates

Trump will never recover after Colorado

Donald, hand over the delegates

Trump will never be the nominee

Trump will never predict BREXIT

Trump will never pivot to the GE

Trump will never unify the majority of the GOP

Trump will never beat Clinton in swing states

Trump will never get 270

Trump will never be POTUS

Trump will never bring back manufacturing jobs

Trump will never renegotiate our trade deals

Trump will never block refugees

Trump will never get a tax cut

Trump will start a war with Syria

Trump will start a war with Best Korea

Trump will grant amnesty to millions of wetbacks



You're describing how the left functions everyday

The only hope was for Trump to actually use the immense populism he garnered during the campaign and actually btfo both kike parties. The chesscucks pretend like if only republikikes get in position things will be peaches, but that's just bullshit as everyone except mouth-breathing CNN watching niggers would understand. Republikikes love flooding the country with every immigrant they can scounge up whenever they can.

When it became apparent he's not going to do that and pull a "my fellow americans, ask yourselves why both kike parties are blocking the shit you elected me to do, now is the time to come together and blah blah blah," on the talmudvision and instead chose play interdimensional chess for system goodboypoints, he outed himself as what he is, just another fat phony who don't give two shits.

Perhaps he genuinely hoped the people would back him and hold him accountable, but when even his core demographic (the_donald/pol/) is content with larping chess instead of holding him accountable and memeing him to actually do things, he did the smart thing and kicked out all the radicals surrounding him, replacing them with normalfag-friendlies and kikes. He's a businessman after all, so why expect anything else?

So yeah, Trump was never going to fix the system. The system is corrupt beyond repair, no matter what chesscucks would have you believe. The hope was him getting shit done on his own through populism and appeals to the actual people. This isn't going to happen, so nothing is going to happen. Just some more stalling while the chesscucks in here sits with le 56% face and masturbates to emberor memes.

My shillometer just hit max


Ooh, forgot



Beautiful! Just beautiful.

You don't make deals with traitors. You kill them.
Burn them All!

Keep crying faggot!



don't fucking toy with us like that, user. You know we want that so fucking bad it hurts.



The problem for you is that it AIN'T doomed to collapse and nothing really shows that to be the case.

The source and authority of law, in the USA, in descending order are, The Constitution, treaties, executive orders/statutes and then state laws/constitutions.

An executive order is practically he law of the land unless a federal court steps in to say no (which SCOTUS has almost never overturned in the last 80 years) or Congress creates a a new law.

Trump’s executive orders should be 100% upheld and he should ignore the courts. But he’s playing by the rules since it’ll “look good” when he wins at the USSC.

Trump is not playing by the rules. The rules are that the court has no bearing on an executive order.





Checked and nice work, Anons!
Could add zionald with zognald.

Holy fuck, that ID

You were warned.


And the absolute best part of it is that we can do this over and over again until we gas every last kike off the face of the earth, non-racistly and legally kek.



kikes are matrilineal anyway, and their genes are dominant for mental illness. It'll take a long time to breed their genes out entirely.

You should add "crying about anime girls" and scat posting, I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass and 56% are practically the same thing.

God fucking damnit, we will show these jews and traitors no mercy on the dotr

Sage goes in all fields newfaggot

I feel nothing but hate and rage anymore. Perhaps I should start taking it out on that faggot since his supporters are gone now that the election is over.

DACA applicants can apply. They aren't guaranteed acceptance. And only the ones applying for renewal are even protected by the stay. If they don't accept any new applicants, the program dies of natural causes anyway. Then there is essentially no Due Process claim that can be raised (see below), since no one will have the right "taken away" if the EO is revoked at that point.

This doesn't remove the ones already here, but even if the administration just keeps on keeping on DACA will die before the end of Trump's term.

The reason the Courts can hold on this is because of Due Process. The idea here is that the EO created some sort of right, and so it cannot be revoked by the government without adequate process. The problem with DACA for the courts is that no US court has ever held that the US must secure the rights of non-citizens. There was a brief period where the Alien Tort law may have covered this, but it's clearly not applicable here anymore. And DACA has no impact on American citizens, except maybe corporations. Which is clearly the angle the defenders are stuck with. It probably won't prevail though, because the swing votes are not big on stretching the Courts' borders at present. This is why the dems are so dependent on legislation, Trump is actually ultimately quite free to trash the EO. It'll need to make the Court rounds, but it's only a matter of time. It will either die of either time running out, or the Court overturning the stay.

The other law, (I want to say DAPA?) has a better shot of being upheld in Court because it has a potential impact on some US citizens. Because it impacts children born in the US of immigrant parents, and potentially deprives them of contact with said parents, there is a straw to grasp at here. Also, the Chinese lobby will funnel fuck huge amounts of money into maintaining it, since it's also a popular immigration pathway for Chinese people.

Yeah, except we made a bunch of law during the Cold War that basically transferred that power to the Executive. Admittedly, that authority hasn't been used, but it's on the books.
>Here's a quote from the (((LA Times))):
"The exclusion of aliens is a fundamental act of sovereignty … inherent in the executive power," the Supreme Court said in 1950. And lest there be doubt, Congress adopted a provision in 1952 saying the president "may by proclamation and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens and any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants" whenever he thinks it "would be detrimental to the interests of the United States."

That's a lower bar than National Security, and alienage restrictions need only meet the the lowest bar of scrutiny anyway. The person claiming violation of their rights must show that the law is unreasonable. The government's burden is as low as it can get here.

Treaties are the supreme law of the land. They are not below the Constitution, unfortunately. EOs are not technically law, they are instructions from the Executive to his Administrative branch on how to carry out the law. They must exist within the scope of Executive authority or that authority supplied by Congress. The only weight of law they have is that accorded to Administrative regulations (see: Chevron). They do not supersede State law except in as much as the Federal law already has authority over the issue. The Executive absolutely does not have legislative power, that would be a major violation of the Separation of Powers as delineated in the Constitution.

Ergo, DACA is not law. It was Obama's instructions to his Administration on how to carry out the Executive enforcement of immigration laws. It gets dangerously close to providing a right, but for just about every reason I listed above, it does not.

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OMG dubs! Stop cock teasing Commiefornia Martial Law!

YES! Martial Law in Commiefornia soon, confirmed! Double dubs!

Thank you, this is very informative. best torpost i've ever read tbh

Top notch. Large image, low file size, double digits.

This and all the bootlickers know it deep down inside.

I'm only one talking point away from a bingo!


Fucking this.
You can just feel the salt in those trumpfag replies, as usual

It's not hard when using just 3 colours

Stay off of my devices they are not yours, all of you are to go on vacation. If you want something Ring the doorbell. And quit stealing my mail.

I am not dead.

best to way to end life pls

Stop projecting

You shitdicking LARPers can never give one example from history where burning everything down works. Never ever. And no, Adolf Hitler isn't one of them. He tried "chaos and revolution," got a boot to his face, bullets into his friends, and then got smart and realized slow change from the inside out is the only chance of working.

Get in the oven.

No. Get me some examples. And I just remembered, Benito Mussolini doesn't count either. I have his autobiography. He didn't explode his country and government either.

Stop superimposing that topic onto what I said. I am just disagreeing with your idea that Hitler's actions were "revolutionary" (jewish). Pick your words better. I don't care what other people tell you. I am finding it hard enough to care about any cunt here anymore. Just stop calling everyone LARPers and sliding the board with baseless shit.

I'll do none of that lol. The USA just isn't collapsing anytime soon. Sorry you won't get to live out your fantasies. It's time to go out and get a real job, LARPer.

How about none of the above, thoes 800k "babies" are gonna plop out millions of babies of their own. Deport every single one. There is absolutely no need to comprise on this. If daca amnesty passes trump will not be re re-elected.

We lose either way. Its either a million of legalized shitskins and a vague promise of a "wall" versus things staying the fucking same
Reddit shills are celebrating literal nothing, as usual

So nothing has changed.

decentralised oracles

Both democrats and republicans are in lock step delaying, obstructing, and sabotaging any change from the (((script))) and the destruction of the country.

nigger bots, how much of the pph do they inflate this board by?

I am just a cat that likes making you guys destroy yourselves trying to destroy me. Power comes from knowledge, not people.

ITT: Faggots

But I enjoy having to filter them. The harder they shill, the more I know two things; a.) We are winning and b.) They are still using the same tired tactics that already lost them billions of dollars and an election.

Don't worry, we filter all 14 year old brown redditors as well

Fucking niggers.


llegal immigrant Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, is charged in a savage beating.He allegedly trafficked underage girls for prostitution in Washington DC suburbs.Participated in a savage MS-13 beating of a 15-year-old trafficked girl, cops say. #EndDACA


it's not the democrats, it's the globalists. the globalists own and control the democrats. images very related.







Trump said he won't accept anything what does not include border wall and excludes chain immigration. Unless 66%+ votes for the law (IIRC) Trump has right to decline it.
Dems being retarded is a cherry top.


llegal immigrant Miguel Angel Ayala-Rivera, 24, is charged in a savage beating.He allegedly trafficked underage girls for prostitution in Washington DC suburbs.Participated in a savage MS-13 beating of a 15-year-old trafficked girl , cops say. #EndDACA

Ayala-Rivera, a high-ranking local MS-13 leader who goes by the nickname ‘Noctorno,’ ordered the beating because he thought the teen girl was “not doing a good job as an MS-13 prostitute.”
Ayala-Rivera allegedly makes a lot of money by pimping out teenage girls.
Romero-Rivera and Ayala-Rivera are both in the country illegally. They were already in jail awaiting trial for allegedly being involved in a string of armed robberies.

You're not on 4chan, you know. You can post up to five images at a time, instead of flooding us with Facebook-tier normie redpill images.



read comments
It's working

The USA is a collapse, newfag.





Fuck me, I guess this is the future.
The mods have determined what the average Holla Forums user will look like by the year 2020 and its ~beautiful~ fucking awful.

Stay assmad shill bitch




Holy Cocks, is Kek here?


Mods cocking of the threads to force digits as per usual. I am out of here.

Adios amigo


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>Richard Spencer Defends Child Porn

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>user's View of the History between Aryans and Jews outside of the Lens of Ideology
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