B-b-b-but… but… but Raj Shah told me "the fundamentals of this economy are very strong and they are headed in the right direction."

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump’s new budget is a debt bomb waiting to explode

Napolitano: Trump's budget adds up to $1 million a minute

Last week, after eight years of publicly complaining that then-President Barack Obama was borrowing more than $1 trillion a year to fund the government – borrowing that the Republicans silently consented to – congressional Republicans, now in control of Congress and with a friend in the Oval Office, voted to spend and hence borrow between $5 trillion and $6 trillion more than tax revenue will produce in the next three years; that’s a few trillion more than they complained about in the Obama years.

That’s borrowing $1 million a minute.

Woodrow Wilson – the father of modern-day big government – brought us into the useless battle over national borders among old European royalty called the Great War, and he financed American participation in that first world war using the new printing presses owned by the new Federal Reserve System.

The $30 billion President Wilson borrowed from the Federal Reserve and others has been rolled over and over and has never been repaid. The federal government still owes the $30 billion principal, and for that it has paid more than $15 billion in interest. Who in his right mind would pay 50 percent interest on a 100-year-old debt? Only the government.

Wilson’s $30 billion debt 100 years ago has ballooned to $20.6 trillion today. At the end of President Donald Trump’s present term – because of the Republican budget signed into law last week – the government’s debt will be about $27 trillion.

That amount is a debt bomb waiting to explode. Here’s why. Every year, the federal government collects about $2.5 trillion in revenue and spends it all. It borrows another $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion and spends it all. To avoid paying back any of the $27 trillion it will owe, the federal government will need to spend about $1 trillion a year in interest payments.

That $1 trillion is 40 percent of the revenue collected by the federal government; that’s 40 cents on every dollar in tax revenue going to interest on old debts – interest payments that are legally unavoidable by taxpayers and voters.

Will the taxpaying public tolerate this much longer? What would happen if taxpayers stopped paying taxes because 40 percent of what they've been paying has produced nothing for them? Would investors stop lending money to the government because of fear that the government could not pay them back? The Constitution requires the government to pay its debts. Would the government’s creditors acquire control of the government’s fiscal policy in order to pay themselves back? The government’s biggest creditor is one of its biggest menaces – the government of China.

Borrowing money at $1 million a minute is digging a hole out of which we will never peacefully climb. President Obama’s and President Trump’s own military and intelligence chiefs have argued that the national debt – not the Russians or the Religion of Cuck™ic State group or the North Koreans – is the greatest threat to freedom and security that we face today.

Why are Congress and President Trump not listening?

sage, report, delete.
-desperate shill thread

Is Napolitano being misquoted?

Shills are in full force today, i wonder what are they trying to hide this time around.

You think anyone in DC gives a flying F U C K about the debt? They're taking the money out of your and your children's pockets, and they'll be long dead before the bills have to be paid. $20T national debt, $200T+ in unfunded liabilities, $1T in borrowing for student loan bail outs. Who do you think is going to pay these bills? Not the boomer fucks in DC. It's disrespectful to steal from future generations, but these people obviously have no respect to begin with.

Because he's blowing up the system on purpose you fucking shill retard.

fucking B A S E D

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reserve currency

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Perhaps the budget was planned alongside the thought of deporting millions of brown leeches in the US idk

You do realize all of these "expert projections" purposefully don't account the increase in tax revenue from companies moving back? They're using an incomplete data set, more than likely so faggots like you can pretend drumpf is finished.



the bill is already unpayable

No connections to the RoF nonsense for the shooter and the NSA campus "shooting" are the two I can think of off the top of my head.

Just like every american goverment before.

===BUT=== there's a plan, to rebuy the debt and cancel it all. Every country in the world is going for this, no political repercusion. So don't worry, no collapse from this

There literally isn't enough currency in circulation to pay off $200T in unfunded liabilities. You can't tax your way out of this mess, though I know you bootlickers have to spin everything as 88D chess. This isn't a "Drumpf is finished" thread, it's a "stop destroying our economy like a drunken socialist" thread.

how can you sustain the debt when the country doesn't exist?
Do you think an economic collapse doesn't lead to political collapse you retard?

But you’re a total faggot. We’re talking hyperinflation that will make post-WWII Hungary look like the daily change in the price of milk.

Bump because mathematical facts trigger you.

I'm at that point where the economy is so artificial it's never going to crash. There's no reason to since they're all interlocked around the globe. If you pull out you crash and then you get invaded or bombed into submission.

I'd prefer if he just put us into debt +$20 trillion in the first year. That would force it.

Pfft, whatever. Only shills speak in irrefutable simple math.

Given that even the Great Depression didn’t do that, yeah, you have no evidence to suggest that kikes are going to lose control in any capacity, or that the market will collapse in any capacity. Particularly since laws now exist which make it impossible for the economy to ever crash.

An economic collapse would put the military on the street and usher in martial law. You think the continuity-of-government plan hinges on a stable economy? The infrastructure is already in place to take control and the wealthy will buy up the economy to "stabilize" it.

Hungary never had the reserve currency

It's simple, you kill the kikes.

If there's a real crash and the Fed can't print enough dollars to fix it, I believe "the plan" is for the IMF to bail out the Fed with its own promissory note currency

It's going to be a combination of that and a bail-in. The IMF doesn't have enough to save the Fed. The banks are going to seize people's deposits and have a maximum daily withdrawal rate, just like how FDR had them seize gold in the 30s.

True, I forgot about that part

Completely irrelevant. Kill yourself.

What you should be asking is who has a couple of trillions in pocket change to lend you every year.

There was a Mises Weekends podcast that discussed the plans that are in place for bailing out central banks. I wish I remembered the episode / guest.

The key in all this for anons is that they need to get their money out of the banks and into something with real value, as soon as possible. That doesn't mean you stop working, but what it means is that you
Make sure you form associations of civil support (e.g. like Golden Dawn in Greece) to pool resources for the nationalist purpose.

Who cares?

We have so much debt and everyone is in debt, there is no fixing it, so who cares?

But let's pretend we can fix it, why?
Oh joy, truly it's amazing that we had the money to spend on horrible policy. Money is a tool, as long as the government hates you, it doesn't matter if they have money or not. Actually you could argue it's better they can't fund the spying, the military industrial complex and so on. When shit collapses the sheep will finally wake up, it's for the wrong reasons but it's better than apathy towards a corrupt government that hates its people.

In summary
The real issues are things like Trump in Syria and the manic fellating of Zionists, Corporations and other people who hate the west.

Force the government to lower taxes so it collapses.

Seems legit.

Why don't we have a global debt jubilee that eliminates every last drop from private to government held debt?

Because the Jews don't follow the advice of their own book. Reminder that the Talmud is about avoiding the Testaments and subverting God. That's why they're going to lose since the whole point of Jubilee was to enforce their power forever.

You kikes really have no imagination

This kike again.

Is this the new Drumpf will be impeached within 6 months?


Didn't you get BTFO yesterday, with this same exact OP? I'd look for it but it was probably deleted. I'll be the kindest towards you and let you pick the tree you'll hang from, nigger.

Here's the deal kikes. I'm going to let you in on the plan. Why? Because you can't do a fucking thing to stop it.

Trump is "borrowing" this make believe money to MAGA. Military, Vets, Healthy Welfare, Border and Immigration Control all get funded and pushed to levels that would never happen under the current game. Our infrastructure is falling apart because of jew parasites and this has to be rebuilt and it takes a lot more to fix it now. Same with our military.
6 trillion more in debt? Who the fuck cares? When you owe the bank fifty thousand dollars you have a problem. When you owe the bank millions, billions, trillions? They have the problem. We will fix everything on the kike's shekel and we will crash the fed with no survivors. We will take everything back from the jews in physical goods. I suppose you can liken it to taking "their" art, candlesticks, JEWelry, etc.

The other major players are in on it which is why they are cozying up to the jews for favor and (((fair))) rates. They are stockpiling goods of actual value. Chinks aren't the only ones buying gold. They are readying for Trump to kill the jewbuck and they will not have to fight with each other because they started in an inferior position because of kike involvement.

Try not to kill anyone on the way down when you jump out your high-rise windows.


This is your brain on chess.


This is precisely the game. Remember how Trump has used bankruptcy in the past to better himself and his business empire? Same game bigger field.

You say that now, mister shill, but when the world bank collapses because the USA says "Oh yeah, and all that money you loaned us? Well we're gonna not kill you and call it even."
We'll have the largest military in the world to back our play and even if the Rothschilds manage to get the entire world to come after us we'll still put them in the ground.

I'm dreaming of the coming times. 2020 will be one hell of a year my friends. Trump is only the beginning. Justice is coming.

It's the Jews so that statement doesn't surprise me.

Either way degenerate normalfags will be suffering along with most of the world so I'll be happy.

Why would the kike bankers lend Trump the extra money if doing so would just help him destroy them?

Kikes hold value to debt, they buy it all the time.

So on one hand we can't criticize Trump because he's not getting the easy shit done, like getting some deportations going or starting a puny fence, because he's completely powerless against the kiked out congress (he can't appeal to the people to get things done through his populism of course, banish the thought, he has to play the game on the kiked establishment's rules.)

But on the other hand he's going to single-handedly run a massive covert operation crashing the world bank and pretty much going to war with international jewry (who are his friends, advisors, business partners and family.) I guess he'll just whip congress into shape for that little ploy when the time comes.

That's some chess my dude. Well chess'd.

That was explained. We're doing it under the guise of being friends with our bestest jew friends. That way they lend us money and we pay the interest just to build a force to protect them from the evils of Syria, Iran, etc.
As long as they think that bacon wrapped around their cock is a mouth they're doomed. The goy only exist to fellate them. It is impossible for them to perceive any other reality.

How many more lies would you like to try for before you get your teeth kicked in kike?

How many shekels does the_donald pay you to suck your zog emperors dick?

Just give up and fuck off JIDF, you have no power here.

Also, does no one here understand the US IS NEEDED for our country. The world would literally fall apart in months(maybe weeks) if all debt was paid. Most of our debr is owed to US anyways so who cares. Like oweinf yourself money. And people in other countries need to buy out T-Bonds to keep their economies stable. Us being a reserve currency keeps us with a very stable economic system we can even choose our interest rates lol. Other countries depend on our ability to issue T-Bonds of the worlds reserve currencies. The worlds whole economic system would fall apart spectacularly without it. Would be worse than all the worlds nukes. It's why Russia, China etc. have never tried to undue the system.