Professor who chased Charlottesville driver with gun attacks camera man

Professor who chased Charlottesville driver with gun attacks camera man

Professor who chased Charlottesville driver with gun attacks camera man

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Could you please use Hooktube? You got the thread made first, sure, but If I were an admin, I'd throw it out for shitty formatting.

last chance op

you remake the thread i just seen it now dont normally post here just thought id let ye know on here

here's a small mp4 that fits

Lol commies don't believe in private property.

Kike-free post


What is it with all these edgy leftists wearing german field jackets?

Because Antifa are the real fascists.

degeneracy, leading to some very mixed feelings
its a cuck thing

i does seem strange also the skin head

could he be trying to make himself look like the right ??

Maximum Bump. OP is not a faggot even if his formatting fucking sucks.

Homosexuals have been doing this for ages

Gee, I wonder why he called campus law enforcement on those goons.

he was bragging about it

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this is the first time i have been on the site in months i never post this video dropped and no one had posted it here now you know about it can you make a new thread with more info and keep it active ? to get more info on this guy ?

I was under the impression that these are communists no?

Someone should inform the newfag how filters operate as well.


Funny how they're anti-authoritarian right up until they want someone else arrested.

Because camo is very popular with nogs wiggers and edgyfags since the 80's and early 90's

They think camo makes them look hard, and German milsurp is easy to come by. Flecktarn is also a relatively subtle pattern, so they don't have to really commit to wearing camo like they would with a more obvious pattern.

Pretty annoying for those of us who just enjoy collecting and using milsurp. I hope it doesn't end up totally associated with being a commie faggot.

2 years before posting newfag

Reported. Lurk two years, you fucking nigger.

I buy/wear camo because milsurp is cheap and it lasts longer. If I have to dress up I have double leg carhartts.

wow the compromised turkroach mod defends pantyfa faggot "professor". people of color me shocked and surprised!

welp there goes learningcode's narrative!

Look at his jacket for one second and you will see why he wears it. Fashion. He obviously doesn't care about utility. Look at the pattern he has sown into the back. Classic commie crap. Slightly pisses me off, as he just reduced the lifespan of the jacket by a few years to do that. When you sew those on you have to tear through the ripstop because of how heavy it is. I bet it lasts him no time at all.

Also seriously, why do commies have to ruin the terror wave aesthetic?

They ruin everything else. Ruining aesthetics is just after the fact.

When you are out in your RWDS literally killing communists you are going to look back on this comment and LOL

You could restrict yourself to more esoteric patterns – Strichtarn or Erbsenmuster or Alpenflage or whatever.



Practical too. Like construction clothing.

You could be worse.
Ok goths I won't blame, they had their own aesthetics covering a spectrum of styles and were pretty benign, kept to themselves, are a subculture older than me, and died out a while ago. But the fucking Matrix and Hipsters, Jesus.
It's going to be ages before trenchies are acceptable again.

They had kids. Emos.





Maybe I can wear it with my RWDS gear and not look like a tool.

That is truly hilarious.

Forgive me for missing this, but what is he a professor of (and where)?


"Professor…" What a fucking loser. does that faggot always wear his antifa uniform?

Ye cats, what a faggot. He can drape himself in as much camo as he likes, but it's still obvious that he takes it up the ass.

your a massive faggot kampfy

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Whoever made this vid should get a medal. The "professor" should get a full-doxing…after his compelled testimony exonerates Fields.

Anthropology, UNC Chapel Hill, apparently.

Check the last few seconds of the video.

He actually nods in agreement to the question.
Couple that with his over-reaction to some simple questions He's a professor, he should be more than used to being asked questions., and you've got yourself a man that has definite outward signs of repressed feelings of guilt.


funny I was just thinking of this guy, someone blanked a page on him February 6th

what a fitting image your opinions are invalid.

end your lives at the next possible opportunity

Notice how his vains are bulging on his neck when he's calling the cops.

leave feedback:

holy shit what a pussy

He knows he fucked up. That dude is why Fields is going to walk at the very least.


webm or nothing.


his face at the end. He KNOWS he is responsible, and even better, its eating him up.



LOL, this is staged.
He starts saying "uh, mr Dickson" before the guy is even visible.

And the guys filming look like kikes.

Oh and I'm just going to add for those without the insight, why they're using these actors to push this particular narrative.
Do I need to spell it out? This case will be used to "prove" that the sight of legal open carry weapons causes a dangerous state of panic in certain people which can, as is claimed in this case, lead to serious injury and death.
This is a prong of attack on open carry and everyone who runs with the story is helping the kikes.

It's faggots like you that drive away good discussion.
You can shove your crisis actors up your ass on the way back to >>>/x/.

the post.

No one forced you to come here, Holla Forums, as such you're free to leave.

Oh and [email protected] your shitty channel.
Professional outfit with obvious training (although should've hired staff not so obviously jewish in appearance), just so happens to have this "explosive" encounter as the one and only video on the entire channel.
Go on, explain why the kike started speaking before the "professor" (who is also involved in other glow in the dark ventures like 'Redneck Revolt') had even appeared from the doorway.
Go on, explain.
Jews can see through walls now?

this has to be in the top 5 most retarded arguments i've ever heard on Holla Forums, and let's remember that Holla Forums is regularly shilled by every leftist group that exists, from shareblue to goons. you, sir, are fucking retarded. if you're not young and motivated to educate yourself out of this pitiful state then you should kill yourself

Yeah, that's fear panic about getting caught. There is no remorse.

Imagine what the campus cops, and his coleauges, think of this larpy faggot who shows up for work in camo gear and commie tabards.

Where but academia could you do this wile on the job and remain employed?

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He's gonna get the Eric Clanton treatment tbh

Nigga you've been Maddow avatarfagging since 4chon was around

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Anyone that carries a Chrome Industries messenger doesn't buy milsurp. That jacket came from either Nordstrom or one of those upstart hipster companies that shill themselves on reddit.


Cause the little lisping bitch really wants to wear the real thing, but knows he isn’t good enough to wear the runes.

Every reviews says "he's great. this class is super easy."

Is that a F2M?

That look on his face at the end. He knows he contributed to Heather Mayers death and got one of his "comrades" killed

Yep. One of the videos shows Fields' car slowing to a near halt, then suddenly accelerating into the crash. I always wondered why. Seeing a hostile with an AR-15 approaching in his rear view mirror is a perfect explanation as to why.

haha fucking sad

confirmed Fields walks free


this is true


Really gets the noggin joggin

it's a college

What a pathetic fucking shit.

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What's wrong with terrorism, user?