When you find out the Florida school shooter is an undocumented individual living here under the criminal DACA program

When you find out the Florida school shooter is an undocumented individual living here under the criminal DACA program.

Fuck the Democrats for allowing this program to ever exist. The blood is on their hands.

This has gone far too long we allow criminals in this nation at the expense of our citizens.

We know it was a government sanctioned event you stupid faggot

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and to make even worse, it was a false flag and the shooter was part maranno "jew"
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Did we confirm he was a DACA recipient?



Dubs demand source. We don't need our guys spreading sourcless claims. Give us a link so we can spread it.

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He was adopted at birth. This is all I can find out about his birth. Well, that and when he was born. But not where!!!

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Shut up tinfoil, why would the jews lie? Why would the msm lie? Why would the govt lie? So what if no one has seen any actual injury on any actual body.
So what if there's no CCTV footage?
So what if the event took place in an annex building safely away from prying eyes?
Are you implying that the govt would lie? Only the baddie governments like NORTH KOREA lies. Goodie governments like, any govt filled with jews, they wouldn't lie, because jews are god's people and very nice and honest, I know a lot of really nice jewish people and some of my favourite stars are jews.
Jews just wouldn't lie, take off the tin foil.

CIA, specifically. The CIA kills white people. Their "secret" task is to kill all white people. They killed all those white people at that country & western concert in Vegas, remember? CIA.

Gunshot sounds played through a loudspeaker can't kill anyone.
And no, you didn't see any injuries on the dead or injured because not a single cellphone video shows any injuries. Plenty of (fake) blood, plenty of hysterical women shouting "look, his head is split open!" but if you ignore the words and look at the pictures, you can easily see that it's bullshit.
Video related, crisis actor blowing bubbles on cue for the camera.

Actual video shows man with totally healthy head, yet people discussing the video report remembering seeing "an entry and an exit".
This is an example of false memory implantation.

Well, there's a picture of one dead white person. Maybe he decided to talk to the FBI, and they were in on the gun running, and capped him.

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But also… why won't they say where he was born? His parents adopted him at birth… …but where was DE JESUS born? And who was his birth mom?

Yeah, but the shooter was activated right after that NSA wierd event.

Its almost as an expensive cover up.

That explains why the kikes were sliding the threads with child porn last night.

So that's a no?

Still haven't seen a fucking source for this either

Welp, you've convinced me. I'm a /jewmissile/ now

Can you imagine how huge that would be? A death blow to any sort of amnesty in the wall/border security deal.

He was fucking adopted by his parents and he was registered to vote, which means he's a citizen, genius. Blow your fucking brains out for trying to slide with fake news.


What facts? You haven't presented any facts, you've just made baseless accusations. I, on the other hand, have provided facts. Like the fact he was adopted and the fact he was registered to vote.

C'mon man I was being sarcastic

You're a dumb nigger if you believe that makes him a citizen. Just remember that our previous president wasn't a citizen.

Even if he was born in Kenya, he was still a legal US citizen are you fucking retarded.

You're right, but his version of reality is better.

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His mud shark mother renounced her citizenship when she moved to Kenya to work as a prostitute.

Need sources you nigger. And, the Jew CP raid in the main happening thread means we are on to something this time.



How does that work?

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Also did he target nonwhites if he was part of a white nationalist group?

Also checking them spooky satan trips

Trips confirmed, even Satan gets confused by these kikes.

To the public it doesn't matter, they only listen to what the media tells them to believe, and what the media believes is what the FBI plants tells them to believe.

Checked. I guess they're laughing their asses off down in Langley. How long until they put a nigger as the villain in one of these acts and blame it on white supremacy?

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Expect lots of damage control now.

Probably Israel.

As weird as it's getting, I'd believe it.