FBI drops the ball again

This could have been prevented by a simple investigation of this idiot and going to his house and finding all these weapons he had to carry out the shooting.

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It's almost if FBI is totally fucking useless except when used for political gains.

rely maks u tink

Friendly reminder a FBI agent was literally right across the road when the Chattanooga shooting happened 3 years ago. They are complicit in these attacks.

I'd rather the FBI not conduct investigations based on youtube accusations. A few dead kids is worth that stability.

They aren't just "allegations", it's a comment he made.

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You type like a Jew.

Not to mention he also made comments on another youtube channel on this video:


They scrubbed his comments I saw them and they were all referencing shooting up a school.

Pure Talmudic horse shit. Gas yourself.

Get bent.

They don't even investigate known and public figure pedophiles who have cases on them because of top down corruption. Yet they take my fucking money through taxes. Fuck you nigger. They will do their fucking job.

Maybe if he had said that the kid also had information regarding Trump's ties to Russia, the FBI would have done an investigation

Then they'd just bury the potential serial killer shit to hide their tracks.

Based FBI

once or twice is dropping the ball, every time is intentional. Please refer to how many people are jailed over this.

there is a huge different between being a mean asshole and being a commie school shooter

You sure he’s mean and just not being fucked with by far too many people at once?

The FBI only goes after "real criminals" when there's glory to be gained - and for that to happen they must first be famous, universally deplored and not supported by the government.

I have to wonder how the existence of the FBI is tolerated given that it was literally born out of corruption and malcontent criminality on the part of the civil service.

sounds like it's time to start firing people.

Lol its been, what, two decades since Waco and you faggots think these secret alphabet agencies with no oversight aren't completely compromised? They want us all dead


The FBI(then BOI) was set up to suppress anti-war sentiment during WW1 by the Wilson administration by blackmailing, harassing, jailing or executing anyone who they found guilt of "sedition" and/or "subversion".


do your fucking job faggot FBI

Every. Time.

Whoa there, lad. Whoa.

Wasnt there a tank at the scene? You dont just scramble a tank immediately after an attack at a school, there were preperations. FOREKNOWLEDGE.

What were they going to do with a tank anyway, fire a shell into the school? Its about arousing fear. Shooters are everywhere, in your closet, under the bed. Turn em in America, youre only safe when protected by 60 tons of rolling metal.

Not to mention this was all near/ in Debbie Wassermans district. Whatever keeps the FBI from looking into the Seth Rich murder, eh Debbie?

Not to mention the kid was an orphan (prime MK ultra candidate), not to mention the pedobear backround on his FB page (pizza fucking gate).

This whole psyop smells to high heaven.

This. The FBI and the ATF work to erode peoples rights. Whether it’s shooting a woman in Ruby ridge, planting a bomb in the WTC basement or spying on Democrat’s political opponents, these agencies are corrupt to the core.

FBIniggers too busy trying (and failing) to rig a presidential election. SAD

His Yidtube comment plainly said "I'm going to be a professional school shooter". That's enough to secure a warrant and charges… if they were so inclined.

Thats why its important you make the distinction that its communists doing this, and that we cant kill communists with logical arguments.

I want FBI to arrest people for this


won't archive, sorry

Lel, the feds are just there to fuck with people who want to be left alone. Actually risking their lives or even putting in a little extra work to save lives? Hell will freeze over first. You want to have a comfy innawoods cabin away from society to raise a family? Well you're a dangerous terrorist, time to raid you.

I'm also guessing do to either previous charges or mental incompetency the shooter was not even allowed to purchase firearms, and this was "overlooked" by the FBI during his background check like with Dylan Roof.

They don't check your youtube comments when you buy a gun

That's the Rachel Maddow poster / rape porn poster. Same dude.

Swatting is already easy as fuck. Ut would be a clusterfuck if the FBI investigated anyone based on heresay.

You can't stop edgy teens from doing edgy teen shit. You just have to prevent them from becoming edgy in the first place by relentlessly mocking edginess.

He didn't need swatting. They could have just watched him. Boomers are so goddamn lazy.

as in actually fucking watch him. With eyes.

t. increasingly nervous FBI agent

And were sitting right in front of the guy who tried to shoot up the "draw mohamad day" show in garland, texas.

Reminder the CIA's actual literal goal is to kill all white people. In addition, the FBI is cover for the CIA. That is, they join, pretend to be FBI, but are just CIA.

teens would not be edgy if it weren't for a society that hates males, grooms children to be debt and tax slaves, indoctrinates them to pc socjus, actively seeks to kill the family and any sense of purpose or value, actively seeks to replace them with people from shitholes,…
behind all of this we find the jew


Are you fucking retarded? Natsoc is based on edginess. You might as well give up being an evil Nazi because that's the epitome of edgy.

Stop being a faggot and learn to defend yourself instead of bending over and prepping the glow-in-the-dark bull to fuck all your rights over a YT comment.

should be pointed out to the normies a bit more

I doubt that is what anons are complaining about. They are complaining that the feds already have the ability to fuck over all your rights over a YT comment, but they don't do it to dangerous people but regular jackoffs like Holla Forums. I guarantee that most of this board is being watched, every youtube comment twitter post etc. being made by a Holla Forumsack is being watched by the feds, just like most of this board is completely harmless and is content to post le pepper frog for the rest of their lives instead of doing anything dangerous. Yet we are the ones being watched, rather than your tranny phantoms and this new guy.

the time is long overdue for a reckoning the likes of which the world has never seen. no more secrets. no more lies. the fire rises, and it will consume all the poz garbage until nothing but bad memories remains.

Youtube scrubbed this.

Go back to reddit

total spy state, though. can't DOTR if there's face tracking, fingerprinting, DNA, and the pigs who defend the rapists. Remember the fuckhead shit-for-brains goddamn cops who serve the wicked state defending that rapist kike from the angry father?

this is now a lego thread

and fuck the fbi

It's hard to say where the deliberate action ends and simple incompetence begins. Assange and others have written about the fact that the only "terrorist plots" the feds ever stop are the ones they set up themselves, by whipping up then entrapping various (mostly literally retarded) individuals who would probably never have considered violence otherwise. Then they heroically swoop in at the last minute, the media gushes over them and - crucially - they get more government funding. However the FBI are just another government bureaucracy, so sometimes they fuck things up spectacularly, and there's no reason to believe that these dangerous schemes would be exempt from that.

lucky for us you put the source in for validity…oh wait!

What source, you cancerous retard? You can only archive html and youtube comments aren't html.

I saw the same comments myself yesterday before youtube scrubbed them and TMZ had them as well…plus they are interviewing the guy who reported the comments to the FBI that lives in Mississippi.

Do I need to do your homework for you?


I think there has to be more to the story than just that single jewtube comment, since initially the FBI took it seriously enough to send 2 agents round to the guy that reported it. There are only ~13,412 agents nationwide and often they'll be working on cases instead of being in the field, so they don't have the resources to investigate every teenage edgelord that makes an internet "death threat" over vidya or whatever.

This is how retarded you actually are.

>literal fucking (((tmz))) link

how the hell else was I supposed to prove to that idiot that the youtube comments weren't fake? Screenshot maybe…but then he'd probably say that was bullshit too.

An FBI agent was parked across the street before the attempted ISIS attack 9n a "Draw mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker" even in Texas. He fled the scene and was actually arrested by the local police as the police didn't believe he was an undercover agent.

Apparently this got some Congressional attention early last year as the FBI clearly covered up their involvement.

The fact this keeps happening really gets the noggin' joggin' doesn't it?

Source: foxnews.com/politics/2017/04/20/senate-leader-investigating-possible-fbi-deception-about-texas-terror-attack.html
Archive: archive.is/eBgVm

You can archive specific youtube comments dumbass.

Example, from ADAM FREELAND - WE WANT YOUR SOUL: archive.is/QAicj

Note the "highlighted comment" part. Learn something new everyday eh newfag?

It was a real threat. The FBI is a failure, the NSA is a failure, the CIA is a failure.

You have nothing.

If you give the FBI a tip about something on the Internet, they use it as an excuse to come visit you.
The narrative is that we need better tracking of everyone's Internet activity because the FBI couldn't figure out who "Nikolas Cruz" was.

They already are, user. They already are.

t. Fucking idiot who believes Facebook memes with no tangible source

The output is html but they need to be fetched by script, fuck off.