Your Friendly HOW-TO MANUAL For Reporting Illegal Aliens


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Kike free first post.
Deport the spics.


Too bad I live in fucking "sanctuary city". I was sitting the library about a month ago and there was this loud, obnoxious Hispanic women on the phone bragging about how she can stay in the country because of DACA. I understand trying to help others and shit, but why the hell do we have to be the genetic dumping ground for terrible people?



Seriously though. I have yet to meet an illegal that was one these "future doctor, so brave" types. Otherwise they are all loud mouthed, ghetto queens. I dont want to hurt them, Mr. FBI agent I just want to send them back.



please link something other than wikihow. The author is obviously a liberal shit.

Kek I'm sure the left would freak out over information posters regarding how to report illegal aliens to the authorities.

Iotbw style print.


Soon, you will.

I did meet a guy who I think was a former illegal who is now a doctor. His treatments almost killed me by shutting down some of my hormones, making me unable to retain water. Caught it in time luckily, but still, not seeing the tremendous value in having them here.

Heil'd goddamn, same with niggers, really, I'd like to just put em back in Africa, but until that happens, there'll be casualties. Good ol' Hitler style.

You are here forever.

Mexican doctors are fucking frauds. A friend from Texas once told me how a doctor and his wife who worked as a nurse would scam young mothers into removing their ovaries by convincing them they had the beginning stages of ovarian cancer by showing them ultrasounds from the aftermath of their first birth. Any doctor would say that the recovery period following a birth would give inaccurate readings and so the mexican used that as a tool.

After scamming so many women and endangering their lives from shoddy operations the most that ever happened was that he dodged a medical malpractice lawsuit because the justice system in Texas is a joke.

Then you don’t belong here.

If you can't figure out how to report an illegal to ice on your own you should be deported with them.

Bump to make this land beaner free.

What info is good enough? If an obvious illegal drives past me in a license plate enough?


good thread

probably not, but there is alot that one can figure out from just a license plate…. especially if you saw them speeding in a school zone, or maybe even if they hit and run

Goddamn Right

bump for deporting illegals.

That's where the country started going wrong, thinking that non-whites can comprehend and abide by people minding their own business. Unfortunately the insecure darky and kike will always have to come into the white man's world to rob happiness or they will have none at all.


No made up state level "laws" can stop federal agencies, call ice anyway and watch those illegal fucks vanish.