Throw the poison in the jew's well

Posting this thread at the request of another user. It does seem like it could prompt some interesting discussion or even memes, so why not?
While Israel is an immense danger to every other country on earth, they are not invincible. I have a hard time understanding how one of the countries they've attacked has not just pushed them over.
One of their biggest weak point is their water supply, and their one supply of fresh water, Lake Kinnaret, is drying up ( They have desalination facilities at the Red Sea and the Dead Sea (, but desalination requires a lot of energy. Just saying here, it would be pretty hard for them to bully the rest of the world without clean water.

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making kinnaret unavailable would probably require chemical warfare and be a huge green light for Trump to fuck Iran

also, Move Israel To Madagascar 2020

At the rate they're going, they'll likely deplete the lake themselves. Also, they already have to shuffle water between the Red and Dead seas to keep them from drying up.

Yes, it really is a complete mystery.

There has to be something. The only thing I can remember right now is the Kinnaret, but I remember reading that Israel is nothing but lynchpins and keeping it functional is a nightmare already.

My understanding is that Arab armies are really just that awful and inept at fighting. These people only have the strategy of shooting and running away. Look at how quickly ISIS took over Iraq from the Iraqi military. They just cut and run. Arab armies are absolute shit at fighting. Neither Iran nor Iraq could defeat the other in that war. It's like they can't win wars. Assad seems to be the lone exception, but even he needed Russia's help to take down ISIS and other rebels.

Despite the anti-jewry here, Israel was fundamentally founded by westerners, by Jews who were familiar with European concepts of war. Many of them served in WWII. And of course Israel itself was occupied by the Brits and so has had this tradition. The point is that Israel not only had good tactics, but good weapons and technology from the West as well.

Keep in mind in Israel's early days, most of the surrounding Arab countries were financed and supplied by the USSR

pic related has made the rounds and many have read it but if you haven't it's a good primer for how arab armies operate

Source of your pic :

To be fair that's a bit different, they were mostly a fake military hurriedly cobbled together by the US to justify pulling out, and ISIS were pushing on an open door of surging into Sunni areas where they already had tribal support against the Shia / Iran dominated government.

Yep, and they've been trading on that image ever since which is why their humiliating defeat (on several levels) by Hezbollah paramilitaries was so shocking to them. The modern IDF has become weak despite, or indeed to some extent because of, its overwhelming technical advantage. It turns out that the quality of your men, intel and command still matter a lot, and in those areas the kikes were found sorely lacking. Their softness makes them far more adverse to taking casualties too, a handful of dead kikes means they've lost in the eyes of their oy veying public.

Sounds like a fast way to be shock & awe'd.

Part of this is that they're a major agricultural exporter, despite half their territory being a fucking desert. They presumably assume they can just keep stealing their neighbour's water as needed to sustain this unnatural state of affairs.

When you control 99% of the world's wealth, desalinating seawater is a trivial process. Attacking their water supply would have minimal strategic benefit. Only tactical advantage.

I saw some right-leaning libertarians arguing that Israeli jews and "diaspora" jews in the West have different political beliefs. Is there actually a difference between the two groups or is this just typical (((trickery))) about muh based jews?

Whilst US ZOG support is of course a huge problem, I think attitudes towards "greatest ally" are slowly hardening. On the left, there's increasing discontent with the fact that Israel is a racist warmongering ethnostate, routinely carrying out crimes against the new protected class of muslims. Amusingly this group includes many young jews that have swallowed their own progressive propaganda. On the right, the boomer evangelicucks and neocohens are increasingly sidelined by MAGA populism, and you find evidence of knowing goyim whenever you dig a little into normie conservative forums like T_D (also references to DOTR for traitorous politicians have shown up a lot lately.) It seems unlikely this trend is going to reverse with the advent of Generation Zyklon.

Adding to this, Americans are sick and tired of pointless wars. If Shlomo starts yet another one, even dressed up with a false flag or two, the public are going to be very skeptical of claims that it's somehow now their problem. I'd expect they'd get rhetoric about how they have our "full support" and some intelligence sharing, but nothing else. Going forward, we could even see reductions in the gorillions they receive in military aid, which certainly aren't "America First" nor helpful in Making It Great Again.

It's definitely a real phenomenon, which you can see from the fact that the Israeli jew-for-jew press oy vey about it. One should be careful about overstating it though. Ultimately a kike is a kike, and if the stakes got high enough to seriously threaten Israel the diaspora would mostly revert to tribal loyalty above politics.

Especially funny is the fact that Hezbollah defeated the IDF + reserves with one brigade :


its our leaders not us Holla Forums

All I'm saying is some user with the money to do so should take a vacation to sunny Israel and visit the wonderful Lake Kinnaret.

Airdrop a c-130 full of pigs into the fucker.

ffs grind up kampfy into cocksuckerdust and throw him in the lake

And how do you imagine you’ll do anything about this, ever, at any time, in any capacity? Poison the water? They’ll demand free water from Europe. And they’ll get it. At the expense of whites.

With enough energy, water can always be extracted. If you want to get at Pissrael, strike at the root: it's energy sources.

I've suggested anarchoprim terrorist tactics like this for a long fucking time and on targets that less vulnerable than Israel. You can collapse the entire population of Israel easily, just one man who understands just how fucking vulnerable infrastructure can do it, and not only could he do it… he could even get away with it, no consequences to him at all.

My honest belief is that psychic jews just detect the intentions of bad goyim and foil them beforehand. To sabotage their infrastructure you're going to need psychic shielding and to act in a way where your intent isn't broadcasted very much to the universe. Then you should be able to slip through and destroy their desalination plants and whatever else you want to target.

Multiple European nations are waking up to the threat of the jew. Just look at the current stickies. The kikes are on borrowed time, and striking their water supply would be amazing.

beaners btfo

God fucking damnit.


Would need to wait for an opportune time to strike when they are already under strain of some disaster and then add to that disaster by wiping their infrastructure and then invite in le arab armies to finish them off. That's how to destroy Israel.

I kek'd

Kek works in mysterious ways. You received a sign. We must deport our mexicans to pissrael.


You’re completely delusional. Anyone goes against the kikes, they get killed. Poland’s government was replaced in the 1930s when they started liking Hitler. It will happen again.

Again: not going to happen. Crisis = free aid from white nations. Attacked = armies of white nations go to die for Israel, yet again.

Sorry for offtopic but I just saw this

Was the movie Fight Club a jewish psyop or something?

It was a (((Hollywood))) movie.

We're going to poison Israel's well, then throw all the jews in it. If we use radioactive material, maybe we can make a real life "lake of fire" to throw the jews in?

The only desperation is coming from the faggot who thinks he can just poison an entire nation's water and expect them to be affected by it when they control the entire fucking world.

How is it a jew film? it had reasonable amount od redpills. I mean after he realized he was crazy the movie turnt to shit but the beginning 2/3rds was an 10/10 kino

Do you feel in control?


Lack of water is one of the reasons the fuckers are trying to expand.

Genocide being committed on my people, kikes control my government, and they shoot you if you speak out against them, so no, I don't. Get a fucking argument.

ever heard of Tinfoil hats? ;p

Did you read the npr article? I really like the movie but starting to think it promotes anarchy in a western country but not in Israel.

Also Arnon Milchan, it's producer was an Israeli spy who got his Visa application rejected.

Not being gay or bi means you’re a Jew, to who?

No, I am not doing it. Get over it.

Control is an illusion.


why is this thread stickied?

You want to know why the other countries have not defeated Israel?

Because Muslims fucking suck at war. The jews beat like 4 different Muslim countries in 6 days. 6 FUCKING DAYS

And besides all of that israel has a hidden nuke program.


Sounds just like Commiefornia.

The outside Muslim countries dont have a chance against Israel. Im not saying that because im pro Israel. Im saying that because Muslim millitaries are commanded by incompetent morons and the soldiers are all cowards. The least incompetent are Hezbollah and they only managed to get a tie in 2006.
What do the Palestinians do besides some rocket attacks that might hit something maybe? the jews built the western wall, they have the iron dome, and a blank check from america.

I have thought about it. The only true way a group would hurt Israel is through something either biological or nuclear. But you have to be willing and capable.

I came to this conclusion after reading about how the japanese operated in ww2. They were pretty smart and knew they couldn't take on the american war machine so they specialized in biological war.

Before america dropped the nukes on them they were actually planning on giving California the plague.

Made by jews. They are often throwing our own destruction in our faces and having us pay for the pleasure of it. Like admitting Gen X and beyond was a bunch of men raised by women, women were turned into independent sociopaths, and the other redpilled stuff they threw in. The thing is, yes it kind of went against "the man" being the conservative jew that just wants to rape you and make you pay for the privilege. The other side of the jew spectrum you have the cockgobblers like Soros who want to ruin us through socialism and anarchy. This is who this movie caters to because redpills are damn effective in getting idiot liberals fighting if they can be misdirected in their target. The fact the maker was bribing Bibi only supports the idea it was the left trying to gain favor over the conservative jew supremacist.

They didn't build that wall. Theirs was destroyed. They were granted permission to use what was in place of the previous one and use that permission as claim of ownership. That is not how it works. Just because I allow you to walk on the sidewalk, doesn't mean I grant you ownership of the sidewalk.
But well, jews.

This is why they are so fixated on a 'safe zone' using their ISISrael terrorists beyond the Golan heights in Syria.

who gives a shit retard. the wall reduced terror attacks

the ending to the novel fight club is different from the movie.
At the end of the movie tyler succeeds and the buildings blow up.
At the end of the book the main character gets thrown in an insane asylum but one of the guards called him "sir" and its implied the fight club goes on

We must be talking about two different walls, cunt.

Do it yourself, I am not a peon. I hit 33 how long ago?

Pretty sure it has more to do with Israel collectively owning all of the banks the Muslims store their money in.

just put lead in the water like they did in flint. tons of people will die but theyll be drinking that shit for years before they realize they are fucked for life. it will kill their kids too, and fuck up infrastructure, business, and everything for generations.

after having to deal with working in flint, and not even living there, its fucked. dont even want to work there.

of course the fatal flaw in this plan is that they will check their water supply and give a shit about their people instead of sweeping the results under the rug and letting everyone die.

better off carpet bombing them somehow.

If you want to take on israel you would have to be willing to commit some war crimes. You got to do some unit 731 type shit.
Another vulnerability point is the dimona nuclear facility. But im sure its guarded like fuck

Well, it could work, theoretically. Except for a few problems with that.
Biological, chemical, or radioactive contamination, but radioactive would be best since the others can be more easily countered.

The problem here?

Nope, an easier way would be to get a billionaire on your side and set up trading desks in New Jersey surrounded by the Haisiadics that oppose Israel.

I didn't realize schizophrenia was a super power.

If you do your research you'll find plenty of verified cases of people getting dreams, visions, voices, etc. tipping them off to upcoming danger beforehand. It's extremely commonplace. A handful of kabbalist super jews that train themselves appropriately could effectively defend Israel from many threats by knowing about them beforehand. The police in many countries also get tips from psychics all the time and the CIA has trained people through Project Gateway and Project Stargate and other programs to utilize these faculties in defense of the American public or more likely their jewish overlords heh.

It is quite simple. You can pick up on intent regardless of time and space and respond to intent. Animals also do this all the time too and it's generally when one becomes weakened and confused and their mental apparatus is not functioning so well that they get taken by surprised and die.

redditfag out

If we had our own powerful vision psychic, could that person cloud our intent from others?

That last line
My side's will never be found again

I can attest to this, many of my visions of the past years have been coming true, if not most it's all. It's not like in the movies, it's like a memory or rather a thought. It's been getting more and more prominent as is kek has blessed me.

user you realize they often anticipate our plans because we discuss them on public imageboards, right?

You really put that much effort into stealing $40 in cash, you’re aware that you’re stealing from a poor person right?

Put the crack pipe away, stay away from drugs, unless you’re a lawyer.

Do you ever go outside, or do the Mexicans and Jews try to rape you as well?

tbqf if someone makes an infographic "meme" to the effect of op, particularly with maps, streetview stuff, advice on volume, containers, it could really make some IDF lose their shit. They literally shit bricks when someone draws a swastika backwards with one arm going the wrong way.

Clarifying, that someone won't be me. sod off, nsa

But holy shit it would be hilarious!

Yes. Such things I have found documented before. You can veil the intentions of someone and make it harder for enemies to pick up or respond to a threat. You can also switch up plans multiple times to throw them off and you can weaken scanners that would try to pick up on those threats. Also after you are done you can try and keep psychics from picking up the trail; remember they only need contact with something you touched, or a piece of hair, or some clothing or left behind article, or a photo, or some other such thing they can establish a psychic connection. Weaker psychics will have a harder time doing this but stronger ones pick up things easier.

This is how it has always been btw. It's how it is today, it's how it was in the second world war, and it's how it was in the neolithic when were just tribes running around relying on our shaman to keep us alive and find our lost tribe members and manage interactions with other tribes.

Also very important is the shorter the time between the formulation of the intent and the carrying out of the plan the better. If it's practically spontaneous, even more so. Whatever you are deadset upon weeks or months or yeas in advance will get televised to people for so long they will have plenty of time to react. Sometimes too though people will receive impressions of threats that aren't going to be active until much later in the future and just the long time between then and the eventual realization of that intent lulls them into complacency. Sometimes though they will be triggered into remembering what they saw quite a long ago though the moment something from the scene they already saw shows up and they realize it's happening, giving them minutes or seconds to respond and change course.

Perhaps something along the lines of throwing jews down their own wells?

We don't post specific plans on here very much and while what you say is true to some extent it's still too inefficient.

I am talking about shit like a woman dreams about a man breaking into her home robbing him… ACTUALLY I got a PERFECT example.

Video very related. A boer/afrikaner psychic who survives in South Africa by use of his telepathy. Main thread here:

Many of his vids he talks about this stuff but the one I just linked you is a very good example. He knew niggers were about to rob him beforehand and he probably is only alive today because of that.

This kind of thing happens all the time and you can read up on so many cases or ask around and you will find people in your area that can testify to it and I bet there'll be people in this thread too.

Intent is a very powerful thing felt throughout the whole universe which transcends time and space and is the focus of all hyperdimensional timeline warfare.

Because they don't already try that in ours right?

This shit is well covered by government forces in most states already, except flint michigan.

I've never used drugs once in my life. I just research these things ever since someone demonstrated remote viewing to me before and I became obsessed from that day onwards to know the nature and power of thought.

Also, if they use desal, they're already poisoning themselves.
I know Australia is with their water thanks to fukushima.

Just ask /x/ to help out.

…or are you just trying to throw them off your trail by making them think it's just a troll op when your real plan is to actually do it? heh

Yeah, go to that cancerous shitty board and ask for help, if you want only a bunch of spastic retards into creepypasta "helping".

They can't do shit.

You need to go to >>>/fringe/ to help which is where all the serious redpilled + greenpilled occultists are at.

Well, it could be like "how to spot a terrorist", but, like a Paladin book, pretty much be a manual. As I said, I haven't the balls to do it, but it would be hilarious if someone else did. Stupid, perhaps, but hilarious.

Naw man. I do keyboard warrior ops. Lawful ones.

It as more of a joke than anything user

Kek, I did not think this would get stickied. Like the edit to the thread name. Some good discussion in here already.

People who do pic related to tanks versus incompetent arab militaries. It would be funny if these desert hijinks didn't cost America hundreds of billions of dollars.

Wouldn't be any different from what they do by disposing of fluoride from aluminum production in municipal water supplies. It'll help protect their teeth from radiation.

The gibs are a problem, since they have a Galil to everyone's heads. What you described at the end of your post wouldn't be too far off from what they did to the Germans at the end of WW2, kek.

I've often considered going to random Jewish community centers with a lavender perfume on, just to see if they recognized it. I don't even really hate Jews, but I hate what they've done. Honestly that might just be the same thing.

They're an irregular paramilitary, which went up against the IDF + reserves + elite units + full air support + indiscriminate cluster munition bombing + paratroopers + armor with one division. Result: they inflicted just as many casualties on the kikes as they took, including numerous armor kills using supposedly obsolete ATGMs, and the kikes failed to accomplish any of their goals (couldn't even stop the rocket attacks.) By any fair calculus, that's a resounding Hezbollah victory.

Also the paratrooper kikes got encircled and would have been decimated, had it not been for a conveniently timed ceasefire.

What I can definitely tell you is their army is mostly garbage, except for some core group of fighters. They can strike, but they cannot hold.

Explain pls, I thought kikes were afraid of garlic?

Your heart is in the right place; the problem is that Nestle, Coke, and Pepsi own about 80% of the fresh water on earth and would just give them water at our expense.

Pic related is a major tectonic plate fault line. Our combined autism could probably figure out how to set it of with resonant frequency and help from anons in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

Considering that the Israeli construction companies probably use street-shitter slave labor and cheap materials, just a moderate earthquake would fuck their shit up, water, power, and all. Then truly would there be #openbordersforisrael.

Ah yes, the fault line. Now this thread's getting good. I remember reading that Tesla designed an earthquake machine. I wonder how many were built, if any. Remember articles on conspiracy websites years ago about how Japan and the US were attacking each other with these machines? No idea if they had any truth to them, but surely there must be some way to take advantage of the situation. Especially with the thing overdue for a quake.

Why not just meme fracking in the area? Fracking causes micro-tremors, and could trigger a larger quake. kikes are greedy, so they'll be thrilled to get some fracking money.

This is right. It takes effort to go on other sites and make calm, logical, compelling, normie-friendly arguments, but right now is an excellent time to do that. If this is done even by a few focused people from pol focusing on making calm, factual, convincing arguments, we can actually approach 14 88 pretty soon I think. People sense they've been lied to and this is a turning point, but it takes effort because kikes are MASSIVELY out in force on normie right-wing internet, especially when they want a war with Iran. They NEVER give up.

Holla Forumslacks can help win the information war to cut off Israel forever from all US assistance.

Having been to Israel with some formerly sketchy friends there, I can tell you Shin Bet literally will follow you around everywhere. Israeli security is as visible as it wants to be and literally everywhere. It's crazy. It would be way harder to fuck them over than you think…would require SERIOUS op sec and planning, and even then, you don't want them taking you prisoner, because you won't make it out. Kikes do not fuck around, period–you wouldn't believe it until you experienced some of it yourself

heh, they might be shit soldiers, but they are I believe the most formidable of alphabet soups… the mossad is really fucking dangerous.

All the more reason to make sure that we eliminate the jewish problem once and for all.

I dunno. A lot of what they do seems to just be to have double agents - their religion is sufficient there, as it has them already by definition compromised.

40's and 50's "Lavender Scare"?

Dude, let this sink in… There are like 6 million heebs in Israel, and in the Muslim countries around them there's something like 200 million Arab muzzies. That Israel exists doesn't make any sense.

They exist because Kikes and Sunni Religion of Cuck™ are on the same fucking side and always have been.

The Mossad is pretty good, from what I understand, and you are actually contradicting yourself by implying that "just" having a bunch of double agents is somehow not that great. No, that's exactly what you want, and they've fully penetrated the west. I don't know that firsthand. Just from discussions with people who'd know.

I CAN tell you from being observed by Shin Bet that the internal security in Israel is about as good as it gets. It's a total surveillance police state, but it's very well blended in so there's no way to tell unless they want you to know. Poisoning the well etc would require serious effort/cover/blending in yourself on whatever pretext and very deep understanding of what is considered normal, say, American tour group behavior or whatever your chosen role is, along with work with insiders. Israel has seen every permutation possible and nothing slips by internally. It would not be easy at all. They've obviously thought of everything you're proposing in this thread and accounted for it. Just my simple (NON-TERRORIST) affiliation with some random govt people got me tracked extensively. It was crazy.

All of this discussion is for entertainment purposes only. This is a board of peace. I do not support any type of non-peaceful political measures.

Seems like that's about it. Kikes live to kvetch. Without constant conflict/living under threat from outsider arabs, kikes would just kvetch about each other past some critical point and the country would break apart. Those fuckers argue and complain about everything endlessly into the ground. It would be the end of Israel and then all the kikes come rushing into NYC/LA/Miami.

(by the way, that is one major reason to make sure to KILL ALL OF THEM in a massive, decisive killing campaign–if you just kill some of them, it will make their kike moral kvetch imperative even stronger than the shoah and will strengthen their kvetching/external threat unity and create a mega super race. they ALL have to die)

(i meant to put a parody/fun disclaimer there…nothing i say here is to be taken seriously in any way…i am a pacifist as is everyone on Holla Forums, i hope)

This thread is retarded. It's sad to say but the only way whites are going to be pulled out of this mess is a leader who bleeds charisma. The greater the raw animal magnetism the less ideologically similar one needs to be in order to be willing to follow someone. If they have the vision and the clarity, the path will open and ultimately be inevitable. Starving israel of water won't work, we just need someone who ACTUALLY wants to put America first, our America. What's sad is that Trump could have been this, but he isn't and I'm not sure when someone of his caliber/stature will come around to usher in a world that truly spins on our axis.

you know what i mean faggots

In my opinion, their "genius" exists only in that people have been convinced there is nothing genetic about perfidy, and pathological lying.

I will give you an example of what I mean.

"In one instance, deBerardinis is alleged to have disguised himself as an Orthodox Jewish businessman while trying to obtain investor funds from a New York-based private equity group. He even hired a professional makeup artist to help sell the ruse, the indictment alleges."

Dude scammed some jews. There's another story, a Polish guy who pretended to be a rabbi, and was "outed". Well, he was a rabbi, of course, but then his congregation racially ostracized him, which is so keks. After all, there's nothing genetic about memorizing crap in a book.

Anyway, bottom line, they may have a decent spy service, however much of their "power" is really built around people throughout the world trusting kikes. For example, some might say they have an extensive spy network throughout the middle east, but actually they probably steal most of it from various agencies, especially the Saudis, who trust kikes for no obvious reason. Recall the most recent war against the Palis. They certainly didn't lose. It was largely a success. However, they had a number of tunnels they didn't even know about. Well, unless they played dumb and let their soldiers get killed, admittedly not in great number. Supposedly the techniques for building the tunnels came from North Korea (apparently they have extensive tunnels for military eventualities, but also for illicit trade).

So far as I can tell, every "genius" moment of the kikes is "ha ha he trusted a kike". As an example, see the story of Judith. No genius work that!

Daily reminder that mods are yids.

I thought it quite peculiar as well. Pun accidental. So far nobody's taken the bait. It would be really hilarious, though, if someone did.

Yeah I also think this is just sabotage.


if muslims zerg rush Israel what exactly is the US going to do about it?
time to admit that sandniggers are cowards

>One of their biggest weak point is their water supply, and their one supply of fresh water, Lake Kinnaret, is drying up ( They have desalination facilities at the Red Sea and the Dead Sea (, but desalination requires a lot of energy. Just saying here, it would be pretty hard for them to bully the rest of the world without clean water.
Translate this to Arabic with the help of >>>/egy/ and try and get this info to the neighboring countries.

One of the many times Jews were expelled. Basically, it's a "myth" that during the plague (which the Jews gleefully helped spread because it meant they could make a whole lot of money from their professions with the hysteria surrounding it) some kikes in an Italian village weren't very happy about how few of the villagers were dying to the plague, so they tried to literally false flag a mass infection by poisoning the wells of that particular village. However, the kikes were sloppy and, when confronted on it by the understandably pissed off Italians who caught them red handed they claimed they were "adding lavender to the water to purify it". Obviously, no one bought it and the kikes got lynched and their ghettos shoah'd; some time ago an Italian (I believe it was Emilian) group threw bottles of lavender perfume onto a synagogue, the police called off the case because no one got hurt and no property was damaged by the "attack", but the local Jews were in absolute shock and horror because the villagers never forgot.

eh back then nobody knew how the plague was spreading, including the kikes

Ever read the talmud user? would you put it past them to take a chance? Macdonald's prodigy, joyce, believes that the ritual murder stuff and well-poisonings were group evolutionary strategies by our ancestors to force the corrupt nobles to expel the Jews who were tormenting them. After reading Toaff's book on jewish ritual murder, I just don't buy it.

true, could have put rotting animals in a well or something because whatever killed it also could spoil the water, but im not so sure. just saying it could go either way for me and talking about things so long ago, nobody will ever really be sure


I agree here. If you are interested in the ritual murder aspect, get Toaff's book (as PDF, only 7 copies extant since the Jews shut it down very quickly). We WOULD have a picture better picture had the Vaticans not been taken over by the Judeo-Masonic elite. Toaff was only allowed such access to Vatican archives since he was the son of head rabbi of rome and a jew, so they thought he was safe. We will never know for sure until/unless decades are spent examining vatican archives.


I think we should meme calling Pissrael "Occupied Palestine" Think of the kvetching if it spread to leftist pro-mud groups. :^) There's a word filter that actually makes sense

It's sort of a dumb topic and asking for trouble, but I believe eventually the combination of Hezbollah/Iranian strength and the complete clusterfuck that is Israel will come tumbling. The economic model is complete unsustainable, since so many talmud jews on the dole and they are the ones having kids. With the charges against netanyahu now and the Jews not realizing they are burying themselves deeper and deeper, it's only a matter of time.

They're so desperate at this point they are imprisoning 16 year old girls who have been settled there since it was the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. If you have the interest, there is info on the Tammimi family where their DNa has been looked into and many of them are Northern Euros, and some of the family even retain the euro phenotype:

Cheesehead user here. Wisconsin governor Cuck Walker went to Israel awhile back to discuss water technologies. I could not figure out the kike's motivations until now. Here's a local article about the trip.

That would make it easy. It wont be easy. Whites have power in the west. It will only take a few more events before we snap. Even stupid whites are beginning to see the future that doesnt include them. 4 years ago i didnt think white genocide was real. We're coming around.

That was the reason the Jews took the Golan Heights , user. to secure water for themselves. Also speculation is that part of the Jew drive for the Iraq war was an effort to secure more water. Interestingly, the one goy who managed to make real money from the 2008 financial crisis by figuring out just how bad the housing bubble was now invests exclusively in water resources.

Wait hold

Didnt Cape Town or some other nigger african area almost run out of potable water in a month too? Is there a connection?

I assume not. I think its a matter of no infrastructure vs a fucking desert

This always makes me smile


true. I get shit on for it because I'm not longer neocon like I was 15 years ago.

hell John Kuckisch made it illegal to boycott Jewish products here

maybe the USSR was right in hating Israel? I dunno…feel free to sage.





Really nigger? It was the EMPIRE of fucking Rome.


Hello newfag and goodbey newfag.

Not to mention Obama refusing to provide air support to the Iraqi army when ISIS attacked due to Maliki being too pro-Shia sectarian according to the US

Same reason why that didn't happen through history. Jews are superior to arabs to the point where they can survive outright hostility from them despite being heavily outnumbered. And this to the point that they have the advantage over arabs.

United States which is ruled by the (((internationalists))), the EU which is ruled by the same are an actual threat to society on a bigger scale than Israel. The Jews causing the most misery do not identify with Israel, or any country in the world for that matter.

If Hitler's plan to move them there was realized, they probably would've exploited dumb African regimes and would be the most prosperous country in Afirca. They could also import African slave goyim if they wanted to.

African regimes are so stupid. You have countries such as Nigeria which through raw resources + inhabitants could easily qualify for being a top 5 economy in the world yet currently it is riddled with poverty. The nation is made by the quality of the people to a large extent.

The stickied status of this thread is indeed strange, beyond the fact there's apparently a law that Holla Forums must have at least 10 stickies at all times.

Intellectual discussion of Israel's dependence on limited water supplies, and weaknesses of the IDF as exposed by the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War: okay

Making posts that could be (((willfully misconstrued))) as planning an actual fucking terrorist attack just days after the danger of this was shown by larping TRS faggots making international news: HOLY SHIT NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING

interesting for sure, thanks
p.s. every single time

two posts later


8ch is totally (((overrun)))

Adding to what you said, I think Trump is (willingly or not) pissing off many people with pleasing Israel (lip service or not, doesn't matter). Case in point the Jerusalem Embassy thing. The pan is getting hot too fast and many frogs will jump.

Mossad is nothing.
The days of it being a competent and relevant agency are long gone.

The problem is the number of jews willing to do the dangerous and demanding work is very small. As such as the IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad are all competing for this very small pool of people.

Shin Bet has been winning the competition for a long time. IDF gets what the Shin Bet don't and Mossad have to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Yeah but what about their other agencies like FBI, NSA, CIA, GCHQ, MI6 etc?

The reason jews were poisoning wells was because they were moneylenders, and since the plague was dying off, nobody wanted loans to pay for doctors any more, but medicine at that time was advanced enough to detect well poisoning. So one night after people became aware this was happening they staked out a well, and along came a jew with a bottle and a torch. Just as he was about to pour it in the well, the crowd rushed him and confronted him. "What are you pouring in there?" "Is only just lavender, to… Mask the smell of the dead..!" Poursome on yourself then, demanded the peasants, and when the jew refused they rushed him, smashed the bottle over his head and some got on his torch, setting him ablaze! He dove into the fucking well and drowned there. That night, with proof, the entire nest of kikes was mass burnt out as well.
Yes the peasants did perfume the streets, and all the kikes were walking around with expressions like people reminded of something awful they did that they thought everyone had forgotten about.

What I don't understand is, why have the jews been expelled so many times, rather than killed just like a communist would kill good people? Why would the peasants "perfume the streets" with anything other than jew smoke?

All semites are cowards. The only reason pissrael has held on for so long is because the JewSA backs them against the will of the people. The stinkbeards have enough numbers they could deal with the jews permanently but the traitors in our government like to keep that from happening.

Christian fear of the "chosen" prophesy? The jews did their work well.

The entire region must be destroyed.
Not just because of kike kikes, but also christians and co.
This fucking strip of land cost so many white lives in the name of "did you know that your gods and heroes were actually yid deity aspects"?

Come to think of it, what happens to Judeo-Christianity after a nuke or two on Jerusalem?

GCHQ and MI6 are a more complicated affair as is typical with Britain and pretty much everything to do with them.
As for the FBI, NSA and CIA. They're not allowed to operate in Israel. And theres things (((they))) don't want their pets to know.

A new book will be written and that will of course be the earned punishment for not protecting god's chosen of course. Forever separated from the holiest of holies of course.

You mean how technically pissraelies aren't "allowed" to operate here? FBI wouldn't operate in pissrael unless it was embassy work because they are meant to be a domestic arm. NSA just watches EVERYONE and they aren't really the "do-ers" unless they have something they need to handle they don't even want the CIAniggers involved in. CIAniggers were supposed to only operate outside the US but they also fuck with us here.
Everyone has spies in pissrael or try to get them in there. "Not allowed" doesn't mean shit. They just don't have official/sanctioned OPs in pissrael.
Hell building a new embassy is just another move to gain a little freedom for our guys because the old embassy was kiked to fuck and completely compromised. They will have to work really hard to keep the fuckers from sabotaging this next one though. Maybe this Bibi corruption charge thing is a deliberate distractions to get some much needed shit done.

We always talk of nuking Israel, but a few surgical strikes with conventional missiles could just starve them of water and let the Palestinians take their land back at swordpoint? That'll save billions.

Need to stop their ability to launch theirs and fucking shit up with fallout.

You can disable more than centrifuges with the right payload.

… guize

The kike is a social creature. The verbal mind of the kike really isolates them from reality. Trough words/pilpul they break the relationships between the mind and reality. Intuitive goym are a kike's worst nightmare, being less susceptible to deception. What kikes have is paranoia. While some very high level jews might be psychic, psychic abilities are contrary to the nature of the jew. The jew is a creature of this world, not the next.

I've had this idea tough of using eugenics to select for and breed psychic aryans.Any thoughts?

I like how you're thinking.

I guess this is the mod's way of saying "I'm CIA".

This is now gained attention on leftypol:
>>>Holla Forums2399444

I guess we'll just be blackpilled faggots and surrender for no reason.

The only difference I have with OP is that I would find a way to subtly poison it after a distraction of some kind about something else. Let these kikes taste their own medicine for a change. In fact, we should fucking do EVERYTHING they historically have done. I would love to see kikes oy veying on the jewsmedia lugenpresse about how every (((antisemitic canard))) is totes true now. Really.

This is the time of Kek and you can't stop it motherfucker.

Oh, please. Everyone knows that things like poisoning water can't possibly be real. It's just anti-semitic, goy. I don't really give a fuck what anyone thinks or says. I am just going to continue forcing kikes to out themselves by any and all means. Besides, the real ops are precisely what is not posted publicly, genius. We are a mind virus.

The second anyone says a goddamn thing about kikes poisoning wells we win, hands down. And I am going to continue winning. I hope they start accusing us of usury and killing babies next. rubs hands

Sage because I didn't see your retarded post the first time.

Who's planning anything whatsoever, except for possibly the guy trolling for an infographic? This is a hypothetical discussion, and they've had far worse discussions in the open about us. And Israel's neighbors surely know far more about these things than we do.
And that unreasonably large sum of money they were gifted by America? They could use that to address some of their problems, but they won't. Instead they'll flip tanks and shit their pants while threatening to topple adjacent nations. You know, that was enough money to give every American $666.66. For some of the poorest, a gift like that could reduce their suffering greatly. This is ridiculous! Why doesn't Israel form positive relationships with their neighbors instead? It would not be impossible. I don't see why running on the edge of ruin to run a sustained war is preferable.


so apparently the jews are trying to make us do their work for them
they are trying to harvest our meme magic to kill palestinians for them

Wait, what if instead of just poisining the water you could just throw in a few huge capsules of some harmful radioactive material and a few failsafes to release it if the connection is cut, if the capsule is tampered with or if the signal is given then couldn't you have a succesful holding hostage of Israel? Think about it, if Syria were to do this then all the nukes in the world wouldn't mean shit since the Israelies would be fucked if they took them out. And even with the "muh doing the jews work killing palestiniens" shit heads that only ever show up when its Israel in danger would be satisfied. No one in Israel wants to die and even the highest giga kikes don't want to waste millions to billions of dollars getting water from other countries even if they have so much. The power you could have with a functionning version of this would be very high wouldn't it? And couldn't you just use a protective shell to launch it there from Syria and use some kind of Spirit level to know if its being fucked with when its there? Food for thought.

Syrians could probably do it with mortars or missiles. Just lob enough missiles with cluster payloads ofd this stuff

The thing with these "visions" is that they often can be wrong. Remember how many dreams you may have that were just complete gibberish? The human brain, no matter what state it is, awake, asleep, low functioning, high functioning. Always has the potential to be 100% wrong on everything.

The dreams that you are having are very limited simulations of what could be. The problem with them though is that they are all finite, and fallible, just like your senses, as the brain is tied to them. They can make errors in judgement. Its just that the subconscious and the unconscious go deeper and thus you think that they are mystical and have infinite power (they do not).

I managed to get to the end of cognition more or less, be in touch with all of my available mental processing powers (only the fleshy ones) and I managed to deal with the fact that I do not have psychic powers. Just a good brain that sometimes makes mistakes. I think that only thing path is a feasible one as it allows you to correct yourself properly to real world data, instead of ofputting your error correction into the fantasy realm.

Do you not know what the Crusader states were? You are a little confused, user

Israel had the support of the Anglo-American establishment, that's why they won. Same reason ISIS won.

Obvious Mossad.

What the fuck kind of masonic kikery is this?

Not an argument. You don't beat kikes by posting like one.

Any insights on how to do this?

Your heart's in the right place but I don't think this is practical by any means. First off what poison is potent enough to make an ENTIRE FUCKING LAKE dangerous to one's health while still being portable.
You can't just sprinkle some white arsenic and call it good, we're talking truck loads.

So unless someone can explain how you'd smuggle trucks full of chemical weapons through Israel and clandestinely dump them into a highly critical piece of infrastructure, I'm calling this a retarded idea.

I knew the idea wasn't feasible even before I made the thread. I just wanted to highlight how irresponsible it looks to send $200 billion to this poorly assembled Jenga tower in the middle of nowhere. They might as well have burned that money in a pit in front of us while laughing about it.

Feasible for us, but I'm sure there may be some people somewhere who might get an idea from this.

They literally did that in the 6-day war and failed miserably because sandniggers are fucking retards who couldn't stop the Invincible Israeli air force aka five severely outdated german fighter planes.

nice pilpul yid

preheat the ovens to 6 gorillion

LebAnon here, how can I help?

Honestly this is one of the biggest signs of israel controls the terror groups in the region. There are so many targets that they could target to get rid of israel but instead focus on high pop media targets. They take out a power plant, water pipes, oil pipes, and then they will win

real lavender oil is expensive
just saying

get us some cheap lavender

You're supposed to dilute it you boof.

I completely forgot about the lavendel in the story. The meme politician in my country loves lavendel. So much meme potential was lost last election.


The jids and the muslims would be hit the worst.

It wouldn't affect Christianity much, since hat location isn't central to he faith, like Mecca is.

the European countries, including the ones in Eastern Europe are completely controlled by Jewish deep states within them. The surface governments may sometimes act out to appease the antisemitic masses in those countries, but when a decision truly matters, you know who has the final say in it.

You also need to point out that eastern nations it's even worse as they are took weak financially to ever put and /ourguy/ in there and can never say no on the threat of destitution.

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Anonymous 02/16/18 (Fri) 05:10:43 7588dd No.393749>>393768 >>393777 >>393812
From Q’s Gov. linked file on MK Ultra:
MK Ultra: 1953-1964

1940’s – Operation Chatter – Scopolamine


>(((they)))) will later claim "future proves past" and be the hero

It's only lavender to mask the smell of all those dead Palestinian children

In seriousness, who teh fuck cares? If the jews thought that Holla Forums was a major threat to them, they'd have shut it down ages ago. Every day dozens of "anti-semitic threats" are made here.

back to the front page

Hmmm you guys think this is easy like that ?
Supposed somebody put poison in the water, 20% arabs in Israel will die along with the Jews.
The diaspora will revenge, dont forget that and I think it will be handled swiftly (the poisoned water). Its a laughable effort.

Heres a proven success way, they are afraid of this and it will hurt them the most, its their Achilles heel - miscegenation.

I propose a campaign to breed with them, if you wont do it, its OK, but somehow make sure the blacks did it. A "Jewess need black dick too" campaign should be ok to open the blacks eyes. It does not matter if they are whites, as long as the purity brought down. This watered down probably will get killed by the Ashkena zi themselves (another holohoax) since Askhe so proud of their heritage (too proud actually).

You might think this will bring up lots more Jews, yes, of course, but when all brown, who is Jew who isn't become blur, just look what they are doing to Europe and USA, browning, just return it back to them.

I got pics to support me, but unable to upload, but, it is THE thing (((they))) afraid most.

Nobody cares about dead arabs, and with Israel destroyed as a power base, then Holla Forumsacks are free to "Think globally, act locally."

Still the water poisoning…a laughable matter. Consider miscegenation deeply, for it is being done by (((them))).

Looks like this thread got unstickied. Check out this thing I found on Kikebart, though. Hey kikes, know this. It's all your fault that everyone hates you. I didn't always hate kikes. You forced this situation by making my world so miserable. You really didn't expect this after starting dozens of wars, trying to eradicate multiple races and cultures, stealing most of the world's money, and poisoning our minds with your sick morality? I don't understand why you have to be such scum. Hitler tried to civilize your people and teach you some pride, and you reacted exactly like a dog being taken to the vet.
Also, the World Jewish Congress mentioned in the article has run a spambot on 8/pol/ multiple times.

I personally don't know how to deliberately set off an earthquake with frequency, but it can be done, look up Tesla's "mechanical oscillator". Get Hezbollah to reach out to Iran who probably could figure it out and get the devices to Lebanon and Syria. One deployed from a vessel in the Red Sea would probably be easiest and save more friendly Axis lives tbh. Godspeed brother.

Their population is falling too. It helps that a lot of them are already fags and race mixers. But unless you have some new idea, there's nothing further that can be done here. They already fell victim to their own trap.

Thanks to millennia of inbreeding, many incurable genetic diseases are endemic in the kike population. Kikes also crave sympathy at all times, even amongst themselves. Kikes are known for being highly neurotic which leads to hypochondria. Thanks to the placebo effect and the quantum nature of reality, this hypochondria can manifest physical symptoms seen in Munchausen's Syndrome and even hysterical outbreaks.

Pick and spread a genetic disorder common amongst kikes with both early and late onset. One that is fatal. If not, one that will lower reproduction rates and severely increase mental illness in the enemy populous.

Using our most concentrated meme magic and well crafted sock puppets, convince the Cohen Godal our chosen vector is on the rise. Obviously we can't physically change their dnacan we?. However, because of the placebo effect and QM, if the patient is paranoid and neurotic enough about it, and if they behave as such in front of their (((Doctor))); the combine neurotic consciousness of the two can create false positives. This will exacerbate the Munchausen's, which will lead to social media kvetching, which will lead to a hysterical outbreak.

Make sure your sock puppets aren't overtly jewy, no shlomo shekelstiens. We'll need some shoopfags to forge some official looking test results to post.
I've looked through the most common kike diseases and I think these are the most promising based on prominence, severity, treatment, early and late onset.
Glycogen Storage Disease Type II 1/58
Cystic fibrosis 1/24
Factor XI deficiency 1/11 (checked)
Familial Mediterranean Fever 1/13
Spinal Muscular Atrophy 1/41

After we perfect our new digital bio-weapon, make sure there aren't any big news habbenings before dissemination for max effect. As always, no Command because op is a faggot.


Aren't they allergic to calcium or to a similar element?

jews are basically allergic to nature itself

That or just keep meming open borders Israel.

That only caused an "earthquake" in New York City because NYC has "false bedrock" that was believed to be bedrock in Tesla's time. Tesla had his new toy—-an oscillator that shakes anything, so he decided to try attaching it a steel column in the building housing his lab. The column was anchored to "bedrock" and the oscillator produced an "earthquake" or so the stories say.

We have since found that "bedrock" in NYC is actually a layer of solid rock that sits on an underground deposit of sand, which itself rests on bedrock. Tesla shook downtown NYC because the city literally sits atop sand.

Tesla's "earthquake machine" can only work at geological anomalies like NYC's "false bedrock". Rest assured, if making earthquakes were that easy, Tel Aviv would have been rubble hours after the USS Liberty incident.

Do these clowns have any ability to plan? Their entire water system apparently can only draw from a single source that, technically, is on the fucking border and almost certain to be lost if Syria ever retakes the Golan Heights and presses into Israel at all. Now that one source is predictably almost empty?

If that map is accurate, the Israeli National Water Carrier does not connect to any of the desalination plants, except possibly one plant fed from the Red Sea via what are presumably lesser drinking water lines that won't be able to handle anything close to Israel's total water needs if they can be reversed and the plant is big enough. Which they can't and it isn't.

There is no need for us to do anything at all here. The fool kikes have built their own ovens, heated them up, marched in, and defiantly shut the door. No poison could contaminate an entire lake with any less than truckloads for weeks on end, but the lake running dry will make it just as useless—-and it's almost there.

Biblical note: Lake Kinneret is the modern kike name for the Sea of Galilee. Yes, the kikes are draining the lake where most of Jesus' ministry occurred. Is nothing sacred?

The "black line" is serious, too—-there are saltwater springs underneath the lake that are only kept from the surface by the weight of the water in the lake. Pump too much water out and the lake will refill—-with saltwater.

Get /comfy/ anons, the show will start soon. Anyone got a source for up-to-date time series data on that lake level?

I've got one for dividing Christians and christcucks:


oy vey i need anudda shower

The oscillator would still need the correct frequency otherwise every roastie with a sybian machine could take out Manhattan. It is possible I assure you. Also, the Liberty was sank after (((assassins))) killed JFK and put LBJ in charge; plus McCain's dad was the Admiral leading the Mediterranean fleet that could have retaliated without higher orders, but reasons.

Why not both? And poison? And earthquakes? Earthquakes = openboarders.


No, the USS Liberty was attacked and many sailors killed by "our greatest ally" but it didn't sink. The US Navy is better at damage control than the kikes are shooting up our ships.
Did you even read ? You won't get that kind of earthquake except at those conditions. Otherwise, you'd either do nothing or build up a resonance and cause a global earthquake. Our goal is gassing the kikes, not fucking over the whole world.

That makes no sense. Open borders for Israel. We can't possibly deprive those poor oppressed kikes of all the (((vibrant diversity))) the world has to offer now could we? Israel needs open borders. Only horrible racist anti-semite bigots could possibly want to deprive Israel of our (((greatest strength))). What are you, some kind of (((Nazi)))? Oy vey, remember the 6 billion. smugpuke.jpg

> >>>/oven/
You first, yidshill. is right. Poisoning the entire Sea of Galilee isn't doable, but running it dry or turning it to salt water will fuck the kikes just as well, which the kikes are doing. Death by their own hand. Fitting. God really does work in mysterious ways.
Speaking of God, can you even say "God" or will it come out with a dash in the middle?

Tor isn't one person. Both anons and shills use Tor.
It's simple: Jesus drove the (((merchants))) from the Temple. Christians follow Jesus. (((Christcucks))) worship (((merchants))). Zionist = christcuck.

There is the old [kike] saying that where there are two jews there are three opinions. They constantly squabble and backstab each other for muh shekels. This hasn't stopped them from teaming up against the goyim when needed. They also deliberately hedge their bets by inflitrating and subverting every possible opposition movement.

You can exploit some rift points in their thinking as you can with any other group, but you must never confuse them for allies. Refer to pic related.

second pic is the only good jew

shareblue pls