SHOOTING THREAD #3 It was all Trumps fault, give us your guns goy

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i agree with the subject heading. this is how the liberals think.
honestly if jews knew more about history intsead of just always explouting muh holohoax they wouldnt want to get rid of guns…its a psychotic way of thinking that brings joy to their minds.

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Dumping some shit from the last thread

his (the shooter's) youtube channel by the way



From his youtube channel

Already a thread it'll fill up eventually. May wanna keep this one in reserve and check the catalog next time OPyou aren't a fag since shit gets fluid in a major happening like this

I did check the catalog, but whatever.



He has elsagate mkultra color code videos in a favorites playlist… mixed in with terrorists getting killed.

I love how the kike media is arguing how to spell his first name to ignore his spic last name.

he was also subscribed to a channel called subliminal messages.

An user in the last thread also found some voter registration stuff that had 'de Jesus' as his middle name.

Bet you haven't seen that mentioned by the MSM yet.

Shooter's middle name is Jacob, de Jesus was Nicholas and unrelated.

already a thread nigger


so his full name is Nikolas Jacob Cruz?

Anyone notice that all the images shown on video coverage like all show his face covered in either a mask or a gone so it isn't clear what a beaner he is?


Just getting back up to speed anything interesting come up in the digs? I had to abandon ship during the CP spam. thx

Of course the kikes will never give up THEIR guns or private security. They only want people like you and me to give them up

The kikes no exactly what they're doing. They carry around M16s in Israel to the beach, but the goyim can't even have a butter knife on them in the UK.

*know; yes I'm retarded

Nikolas de Jesus Cruz
totally a white man's name and certainly a platinum member of the KKK you fucking goy

The question is, what is it about High School that makes goyim go all shooty.

Don't you ever question it, goy, its fault of gun owner ship.

Anyone else see the video on the dailymail of him shooting a BB gun a couple of times before walking back into his (fucking nice) home?

-MAGA hat
-looks out of it, just randomly shooting and not hesitating to aim at something (on prescription drugs?? instructed to walk around and shoot aimlessly??)
-walks back in and just stands in front of the door, visible through glass door (waiting for further instructions??)
-person shooting video… where is he/she and why??

The shooting was a false flag by the FBI. Earlier in the day the FBI gained access to NSA headquarters and attempted to steal/destroy evidence on their crimes.

Remember when the FBI "lost" the page/strzok texts? The next day it was announced that the texts were recovered by examining some phones. That was parallel construction. The texts weren't recovered that way, they were supplied by the NSA. Mike Rogers knew everything that was going on, so he was watching thaose treasonous cunts. He's got everything, so the FBI tried to delete evidence against them and escape with NSA data. That ended in a shootout at the gates of the NSA.

The FBI responded to the scene and told reporters that they were absolutely sure it wasn't terrorism (before they even examined the suspect) and they claimed the three people sent to the hospital by the shootout weren't injured by gunfire.

The kid that did the shooting was known to the FBI. He was contacted several times, like the boston bombers, and yet nothing was done. A witness at the school claimed there were two shooters and yet the press has remained silent.

Since then, the FBI has been closely monitoring any thread about it on 4chan. This was obviously a false flag by the FBI.

Reminder that the US has less mass shootings and less citizen dying in them per capita than most europoor countries. I don't have the most recent numbers that include '16 or '17 but I suspect the numbers will barely move. US mass shootings are also artificially inflated since they include nogs shooting 4 or more people during gang warfare.

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nice digits

So when are they going to tear the schoolbuilding? Who is going to pay for it?

Hi Retarded, I'm dad!

And he was just fucked in the head wasn't he? Jesus Christ I bet his psyche evaluation will be insane. You gotta either be shitposting on grand scale or really deranged to mix your liked vid list of children cartoons up with random slaughter and combat.

I'm still of strong opinion that they also cause the shootings by hyping them up like this. All it tells crazies is "HEY KIDDO YOU WANNNA BE ON THE NEWS?! JUST SHOOT UP SOME KIDS!" But instead of it being a FBI sting it's honestly legitimate. You go kill some children or driveby a school and bam everyone knows your name.

And that's assuming the whole "School shooting are hoax" thing isn't true. I'm still on the fence about that stuff. It seems like too much effort when you just let them do it on their own.

Additionally, are you aware there were only two exits (according to a witness). Therefore the place would be an arson hazard no less. These buildings are designed without any thought given for the safety of students - at all. It's the same with concert venues.


Even chairs didn't want to be his friend.

It was all deep state's fault. They had to be sacrificed to help the cause against gun ownership.

Who was Margery Stonemason Douglas?