School Shooting Thread #3 - New Dox Edition?

The shooter could very well be "Nikolas Cruz," not "Nicolas de Jesus Cruz".

If so, this is a relevant obituary of Lynda M Cruz from Parkland, FL.

Other urls found in this thread: school shooting&source=lnt&tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:2/13/2018,cd_max:2/13/2017&tbm=

kike and spic free first post


My contention is that this may be the incorrect person.

Ahem so as I was saying he was probably into children, definitely teens.

I wonder if they are gonna try and memory hole this one or only report that it was a 'white male'.
Interesting to see how its done this time.

Are you low functioning autistic or something? It's called a nickname.


The possible victims who "didn't make it home"

Two makeup/girly channels he was subbed to for some reason? These where among the sea of nursery rimes, and furry/brony shit. His sister/girl with the same surname is only subbed ti 8 channels, acc is probably new.


Lynda M Cruz is not related to "Nicolas de Jesus Cruz," but "Nikolas Cruz." They are two different people.

I am indeed autistic, but that's what enabled me to make this observation.

I counter your claim, stating that this is a 19 year old male bearing the appropriate name and in the approrpriate area, suggesting this is likely to be the right person. We need a DOB.
Birth certificate would be handy.

Do you have any proof of this?

His sister also liked the columbine video and hwo to hardwipe(factory reset, delete all data) from a phone.

Am i the only one getting shill vibes from these threads? Something isn't right.


He might have bagged a couple Jews


It was not my intention to disprove the Democratic Party voter registration, but I have clearly caught onto something.

:^) i have no idea what youre implying though faggot

Nicolas de Jesus Cruz was born on May 26, 1998. Nikolas Jacob Cruz was born in September ?? 1998.

Bro, I'm getting shill vibes from this whole fucking thing. It shouldn't be this hard to ID this faggot with a degree of certainty.

We need:
-clarification on name (c vs k)
-verified birthdate

This shit went down in one the Jewiest, most left-leaning areas of Florida, and the perpetrator appears to be alternatively a MAGA-autist or a Communist furry. That its taking this long to get some fucking answers is ridiculous.

Link plz, because that doesn't look like an official site. If its not, then the K vs C thing is just another potential case of clerical errors or the like.

Florida user close to school replying to thread #2

Most likely Nikolas

He doesn't know, but my money is on DACA anchorbaby

Unsure, but I doubt it would have anything to do with knowing the true nature of kikes

He attended a school called Cross Creek, a middle/high school for emotionally unstable kids and retards. My friend went there and knew him there. He got mainstreamed to another high school but he didn't know which school, which is why we think it was SMD. Was arrested in the neighborhood he lived in.

I have no idea about the toys but I'm willing to just chalk it up to being psychotic. Also I'm betting money he is DACA.

Yeah, we might wanna stop spreading this photo. It looks like him and I kinda remember him looking like this, but it's most likely fake. Here's a schoolbook photo I snagged off faceberg, not sure if this is him or not but it's normies that attend that school so it prolly is

What are you basing this on?

Bro, seriously, if you're going to cite something, post the link to what you're citing. Too much shifty shit going around right now for you to be just throwing shit out there without a source.

Muddies the water. This is more and more starting to look like some form of OP. Occam's Razor fucking doesn't even work any more in this fucked up timeline. or he could have babysat his sister's lovechild?

Which neighborhood was that, exactly?

bad link

How does the yearbook, that was posted in an earlier thread, say his name was spelled?

the one with the school

- About an hour ago, CNN refused to say the spic's name trying to avoid telling their leftist viewers that this was, in fact, a spic, and not a cracker like some are led to believe.
- About an hour and a half ago, Fox News said twice that the spic had been bullied -

"NIKOLAS" is clearly a Russian-type name. Spic was probably Cuban.
Florida has alot of Cubans
Question - Is there any confirmation yet that the spic was a DACA recipient?

A press conference was given where the official stated the shooter's birthday as September 1998. This conflicts with Nicolas de Jesus Cruz's birthday, which I can confirm with absolute certainty since I accessed a record with it.

Is his name de Jesus or Jacob? Do beaners play fast and loose with middle names?

I just want some answers. There too much noise and everyone is trying to push an agenda down the popullace's collective throats. All I want is the truth. Why do we have to live in clown world?

Two different people. We're not sure which one is the guy.

take a bath XD

It seems Nicolas de Jesus Cruz is not the right spic.

I think it only showed a picture, but that would be helpful.

A lot of trashy parents give their kids "unique" name spellings - to make them feel more special than they are.


Does the school have an online version of it's yearbook or something like that?

Yeah I believe Nikolas Jacob Cruz is the shooter.

He and his (mother?) whose obituary I linked used to live at 6166 Nw 80th Ter Parkland, FL 33067. Pic related is the current ownership info for that address. I'm looking into the relatives now.

Are posts being deleted??
Earlier shooters pic with MAGA hat & comments from instagram was posted.
Shooter commented "Sorry about the hat"
Was this deleted? Was it fake?
I am positive I saw it.

Another weird thing about this, why didn't he blow his brains out? it's always been the standard mo for these fuckers.

That's not an answer. Whats the name of the neighborhood?

Link it. That said, if that's known, it should be easy to figure out this guy's DOB with a bit of digging.

Yeah, its exactly what I said it was.
The fact that the site in question says 'Nikolas' does not equate that being the official spelling.
Just sayin' man, that site is not legitimate as a source in this context.

There's nothing to suggest that at this point, as far as I can see.
If the user above links the press conference with the September DOB thing, then we might have some justification to claim such.

Can you niggers slow down? I'm still reading the 2nd thread or does someone want to give me a tl;dr.

Pretty weird how that other Nicholas Cruz we found coincidentally had a black sun inspired avatar.

Relatives aren't really important.
Whats important is a DOB.

A link to the press conference with the September bit as well.

be murrikan
get shot


Please be patient

He spells "N-i-k-o-l-a-s Cruz" and says "born in 1998 in September.

He was probably going to, but saw a chance to escape and thought why not try. They caught him in a nearby house apparently.

He went off the reservation or the MKULTRA work from the Youtube videos and the "special school" hadn't completely set in.

That's not reliable. Dude didn't even know if he was a student at that time.

Also very strange that they'd give a month and year but no date.

Robert Cruz (his father?) also lived at that address and died on August 11, 2004. In his late 60s, just like Lynda Cruz.


Did you notice the terrorism playlist?

Also, as someone said, the kids videos could be a family thing. Little kid using phone. Have we confirmed sibling count/age? If he is spic, I'd assume he'd have a larger family.

Guys it looks like he was part of Republic of Florida and he was a big fan of SIEGE. He is the guy in back left.

(((They))) are going to give him a narrative to spew.

Something is telling me little babby was adopted by some well meaning older people who didn't stick around for the fireworks.

I am totally lost. Was he a right winger or a commie? There is so much crap out there I cant tell what to believe anymore.

We need to find the MAGA hat pic w/ the comments still attached.

"Sorry about the hat"

Judging by his "allahu ackbar" comments he appears to be an edgelord MAGA turbo-autist. This is bolstered by an interview from one of his "friends" who said he used to wear patriot shirts and made offensive jokes about mudslimes, and there is twatter pic of him wearing a MAGA hat. Assuming all these pictures are the right person. As much as I'd love him to turn out to be a antifa DACA recipient, that is not what appears to be the case based on the evidence so far.

Cue non-stop kvetching about Drumpfff supporters going wild, and I'll bet 6,000,000 shekels the media will call him a member of the "alt-right."

Don't worry, no one will care in a week

we dont really know right now, there's so much conflicting information. he did kill a holohoax survivor and a race mixer so who knows maybe was a right winger

He is a spic with a penchant for furry/brony shit and children's toys.


Then why did he follow Syrian (((rebels)) and other Syrian (((Resistance))) groups?

because he's SIEGEpilled

well… umm… I think the only thing I can conclude from this is that he's a total fucking shcizo nutcase.

Israel getting revenge for Palestine peace deal with russia.

Did he read SIEGE every day?

user, I…

Well, now this narrative is all over the place.

If the sheriff here is correct

then something is really off.

Went here:
Checked under "Nicolas" "Cruz", and tried every DOB in September 1998.

No results.

… Of course, why WOULD there be results, given September 1998 birthdate would have made him inelligible to vote in 2016 presidential election, I think at least - he would have turned 18 in September 2016.

Of course, if he could theoretically have registered, I can't believe a supposed Trump supporter, in the most Democratic region in Florida - that big Blue spot on the East coast toward the bottom - wouldn't have been registered to vote for Trump.


He was a member of Republic of Florida. His constant edginess kept getting him in trouble with Jordan Jereb

Well, now this narrative is all over the place.

If the sheriff here is correct

then something is really off.

Went here:
Checked under "Nicolas" "Cruz", and tried every DOB in September 1998.

No results.

… Of course, why WOULD there be results, given September 1998 birthdate would have made him inelligible to vote in 2016 presidential election, I think at least - he would have turned 18 in September 2016.

Its in one of the threads user, find it.

Because this is obviously an israeli false flag to make arabs look bad so that israel doesn't have to have a peace deal.

Distance from Nikolas Jacob Cruz's last known address to the school vs. Nicolas de Jesus Cruz's address to the school.

I can't tell whether those are his parents or grandparents or a combination.

Left guy


Adoped. Dig deeper

"What about Chicago?" should be the obvious answer.


Okay… recap: A right wing, adopted hispanic kid went full edge lord with online right wing memery (though he was a registered demacrat) and then he turned into postal dude? Is that correct?

You dun goofed, we're looking at one "Nikolas Jabob Cruz"

I checked Lynda Cruz's voter registration and she has been purged off of it after her death. She's a Republican after all.


If you can't make out the face, there's no proof to it.

NW 80th Terrace, Parkland FL. Not sure which house but he lived on that strip.

No confirmation yet, I doubt I'll get that info either.

I will be able to provide yearbook info tomorrow, I can't get them tonight. It may or may not have Cruz's info but I'll let you guys know

Oh, my bad, that was a clerical error on my behalf.
I searched NiKolas Cruz. All days in September. Zero results.

Makes about as much sense as Steven Paddock

Once Bernie lost in the primary, there was no point in registering to vote.

Theres no registered voter by the name Nikolas Jacob Cruz matching Sept 1998, his parents seem to be republicans

Kikes already wiping any trails.

Yup called it. Next thing you know he was from outside the US originally.

stay in school

Can't yet prove he's a registered democrat or right-wing, but otherwise, seems pretty much in-line, aside from adding that he was also very strange on his social media, sometimes talking as though he's a pro-Muslim fag and seems to have been a furry/autist.


Is this the shooter guys?

Yeah we knew he was a foster kid, that was one of the first details. Finding biological parents won't be easy, but they clearly must be spic too.

Is there entire classes dedicated to the holocaust now? Jeezus. Not surprised considering the school is like 40% jewish

If you were a leftist, sure. If you were a Trump supporter, as is suggested by his MAGA hat image? Nah m8.

I thought that was his brother?

So "Nikolas Jacob Cruz" is confirmed by this user.

I am clearly a high functioning autist

you should think before you bulli next time

You're talking about the other Cruz. The one that would have been old enough to vote in the primaries.

That's the shooter

You do realize that this has spell check, right retard?

Exactly. This makes no sense at all. I really hope this doesnt end up another Paddock where we never get any answers.

Are you fu–
I was under the impression a fucking Irish-American lost it and I would have to damage control tomarrow
Are you telling the media to try to paint THAT as a White shooter?

No, I'm talking about the one supposedly born in September 1998.
Regardless of the primaries, he'd have motive to try to be registered for the actual election if he was a Trump supporter, perhaps not if he was a Bernout.

That doesn't look like the kid in the insta pics

*telling me the media is seriously going to try to

no, here he is

that was from a closed IG account that had the name nicholascruzmarkov IIRC

The maga hat image is from de jesus cruz supposedly born earlier in 1998.

Hair dye tutorial?

It's like self imposed intentional face blindness.

Also, if this is the guy isn't a pic like this incredibly unprofessional?


Please, point me to the Irishman named Cruz?

Almost-certainly the route its going to go.

See the stickied thread wherein a kike (and 3 niggers/2 spics) are trying to push 'White supremacy' as domestic terrorism to open up surveillance and create whole new divisions of government LEOs/intelligence outfits for the sole purpose of combating "White supremacist terrorism".

Should I read the two other threads because it seems like we're still on square one after two threads.

Top jej, the jewish desire to degrade cucks themselves.

I do doxx good?


Yup. George Zimmerman-tier, but the libshits won't care because he's kinda pale and it fits their narrative with the Trump-hat image and shit.

Do it

He didn't get away with it.

Time to pull this one out of the museum. This is getting too uncanny.


What's the Russian connection, perhaps he's not a spic

I wonder who is going to get the quint 6's

Whoa whoa whoa, do you have proofs on that?
I was under the impression the MAGA hat shit was from Nikolas Jacob Cruz, and verified as such.
Can you clarify with proofs?

The hair in the photo isn't his natural color



Just start chipping us you fucking cia niggers

Fuck mobile I forgot to link the image.


Another tragedy to be used as a means for gun control and even more surveillance. Dont forget the media's favorite narrative to push too!

I know, that is my point. Maybe that is why he faggot viewed the female makeup tutorial pages.

lol no it's a full spic adopted and hangs around niggers

Threadly reminder about the nsa shooting with the car ramming a road block while trying to get out at ft Meade

You should, but don't expect to get much from it besides context.

Deracinated atomized alienated libshits have spent years training themselves not to notice such differences user.

Of course m8.
Did you honestly think it would be any other way?


Interesting point. I did not think of that.


Here's to hoping all the victims are niggers and spics

Perhaps they were trying to warn us?


Tranny antifa angle is possible

Thanks for derailing the thread.



The narrative point I'm seeing touted most is the MAGAhat image.

Which is why I really want an answer on

Basically the only thing suggesting a right-wing orientation on this faggot is that Trump hat image.
They're also touting him as having posted anti-Muzzie shit, but by the look of some of these screenshots, it looks more like he was pro-Muzzie.

Hmmmmmmm checked only for the numbers

Might as well bake new bread already.

Oh wew lads that would be kind of funny tbh

Well we know one got plugged from one of the instagram videos. 1/17 is a start.

What a waste.

hi nem is nik, here to shut u fegs

There is one up

Checked, I immediately knew he wasn't white, THE SECOND I saw it. Definitely wasn't surprising actually.

You'know stuff like this ruins the numbers experience.

I got the feeling he wasn't white from a distance, but I didn't want to go around saying it until I had a close up

Well, you know, I went back to the first thread. And the mods have deleted some posts. The maga hat stuff is gone now.

Still no fucking clue what is going on here:

Thanks for clarifying that the Trump MAGA hat was the other Cruz.

Libtard media still gonna push the Trump supporter narrative.

has my mind been warped by the jew or is this obvious bukkake symbolism


He apparently has a sister



Yeah but at this point are we sure that's even the right playlist or the right sister FUCK YOU SHITSKIN WETBACKS AND YOUR LACK OF NAMING VARIETY

Please tell me this screen grab is fake

Please tell me this screencap is R E A L

We may never know user… we may never know.

Hoping the screen grab is real too…

I got read about half the 2nd thread and got most of the context and it seems no one is sure of anything. How hard is it do dox a spic?


At this point Sam Hyde could actually pull off a mass shooting and no one would believe it was him.

Huh? A shainagami?

all the news agencies have done that - there are screencaps from Fox, CBS, and ABC that have done this too.

That's the plan buddy


Why can't they ever get shot up instead of schools?


meant to reply to

Scum of the earth bottom feeders tbh.

Lugenpresse are first against the wall tbh.



Also has anyone else noticed how in the picture where Cruz is pinned down by the police, his eyes are blue, but in others his eyes are brown. What's going on there?

Nice dubs.

The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka. Skibiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom. Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun. Poom, poom.

Ya done now.

I noticed some posts were missing also.
Screen grab of MAGA pic with the comments on it from instagram

Apparently MAGA post was from the other Cruz. Nicholas with a C

Meme responsibly user.

> Another family member, who was not identified, told the newspaper that Nikolas’ adoptive father died of a heart attack when Nikolas was young. The family member said Nikolas Cruz had been diagnosed with autism and Lynda had sought counseling for him from a young age.

Confirming this


Yep, it think user shopped it


screenshot this shit most here don't use kikebook and don't want their cookies



KYS faggot

I hope Kek curses you eternally for such faggotry. Sage for off topic bullshit

I found living relatives of Nikolas Jacob Cruz.

Michael Hernan Cruz, married to Caroline Alyssa Anth Cruz
265 Flutter Dr Lexington, SC 29072

come up with some kind of proof, faggot

skkrrrttt skkrrrttt=

We must find MAGA hat instagram post with the comments still on it.

"Sorry about the hat"

It was deleted I believe.
I have looked.

It was not Nicholas with a C
It was Nikolascruzmakarov with a K

Anyone confirmed the Youtube playlists or any other social media on the correct Nicolas? It would be interesting to know how many close name misspelling (like Nikolas vs Nicolas v Nicholas etc.) hits are sock-puppets. Everything about this whole deal is confusing and fucked up. Even the fucking quints in the thread were confusing and fucked up. Everything about this stinks and keeps getting weirder like why, for example- they hauled his handcuffed ass of in an ambulance in the first place when there was zero mention or evidence that he got injured enough to even go to a hospital instead of straight to an interrogation room.

lol. Wtf did I just watch

This is an imageboard, learn to screenshot


How are they related, user? I want to believe, but I've gotta see something more substatial.

This user has a very valid point.

pic related

Check for drugs? Check for MK Ultra Drugs undetectable by urinalysis and blood tests and only detectable by spinal fluid sample?

your'e a faggot for watching it

there is more to this then to push for gun control. Sure that may be part of it, but democrats don't have power to push for gun reform atm. This smells more like they are trying a wag the dog tactic.

I saw it spelled Nikolaus on some website earlier, sorry don't recall which. On RSBN today Lookner was commenting how weird it was to sit the evacuated students right across the street from the school while the scanner said the shooter was still active. Then their stream died. It came back a few minutes later but I was just about to type "Lookner noticing too much"


Mk ultra is just a meme from the cold war… right?


And so we went to war.

Did you notice the ELSAGATE MK ULTRA color code videos? Mixed in with terrorists being killed. Very strange…..

Jewish Theatre

It's definitely something, we've never had a connection between elsagate and autists going on killing sprees.

I can't believe I didn't notice this from the obituary.

Lynda Cruz died in a shooting!

14 million subscribers wtf

They need to find a new angle that doesn't just pull at the heart-strings. It has gotten old. but really if you think about it, (((they))) are a one trick pony using deception

Check the datestamp on the Obit entry user.

o lol now that's funny

I think Netanyahu took this prophecy to heart.

There are drugs that they can give you that puts you in a trance and they give you orders, like, "Go shoot people and then after you shoot 30, shoot yourself in the head," and you go do it. There are these date rape drugs where people tell stories of doing things unwillingly, but doing them because they are told to do so. What makes you think that there isn't some connection to these drugs and mass shootings?

If you can make a webm out of this please do -

Where is that video?

What on earth was that in the video?


That's 1 too many 6's

41 Prospect Ave
Geneva, NY 14456-1152
(315) 781-2642 - Landline
(954) 882-7171 - Wireless
(954) 958-9165 - Landline
(315) 789-2909 - Landline
[email protected]
[email protected]

WTF, are you stupid?
He was adopted as a newborn, what makes you think his biological siblings would have CRUZ as last name?

Commie. Sad to say but there is better info on Twitter than this thread.


That's not her FFS
She died Nov 1st

oh shit did one of the elites pass?

I don't know - for a second, I thought it was a body, but I'm not so sure

two too many - and I wasted the digits trying to piss off an user, which I did successfully

Welp. It was fun thinking a spic went postal on a school with lots of chabad jews but this just became confirmed false flag. Too good to be true.

It's a false flag.

Everything you type is worthless because you're a tripfag. Filtered.

Damn iv been bullying this kid at school for a while now…i might stop.


Being a spic, they change their names and spelling of such a lot to avoid law enforcement problems.

……….they're fucking retarded
that's not even explicitly antifa, that's just a meme communist party shirt. like yeah, it shows solidarity but really means nothing.

Not the same person.

But it's still great for propaganda purposes…

I don't think that is him. There just is not enough information currently available. No one knows what happened and who was involved or they are not releasing it to the public.

TBH that might be one of the fake antifa twitter accounts but that pic matches the arrest pic pretty well.


These are relatives in his adoptive family, I never specified biological. Also filtered.

No. You deserve infinite bullying. Prepare yourself.

Stop tripfagging.

It's a parody account. Reverse psychology as a joke.

She's dead

WTF is that. First I thought it may be a casualty but when they tossed it in the car it looked like a really large duffel or something.

It also very casually explains why a what appears to be a beaner may be an import from the ME? Turkroach? to have a greek variant spelling of Nikolas.

You've been warned.

Her birthday was just yesterday lol

from here:

she's qt I hope she lives

People wouldn't have to speculate if they would just post a mugshot. Why the fuck are they so desperate to keep it from everyone?

fuck my mp4 was lost in transit, trying again

OK this is fucked, I know how to post vid but it's not posting. Go to the tweet and save that shit

What do you think is the significance of this video?

I'm sure they'll say they're protecting the family of the shooter from catching shit or something. Leaving things questionable though leads to even more trouble and shitty disinfo.

Very likely, there are many cubans that can pass for white. They typically have more true spaniard dna, and less mestizo. There are blonde hair blue eyed cubans. Oddly enough, those lighter skinned beans are usually much nicer and better mannered than the darker beans. Unfortunately, most of them do have some mestizo blood in them somewhere, which makes the beaner come out eventually.

Fucking hell user.

I was thinking slav, but you never know

So can anyone confirm if anyone ackshually died? Or was there somehow conveniently no smartphone footage of any violence that took place?

Well if they weren't shitskins raising shitskins there wouldn't be an issue. They should take responsibility for their pack.

That's a jewess user.

Did anyone get a chance to save this before it was deleted?

I don't think that's the shooter's mother user but her friend. Shooter's mother died last November (thusly the obit). thanks for the screengrab btw were you putting up Theresa Capone or Lynda Cruz address info in ?

Because we are now past 5 hours and it isn't a cracker, nigger, nor spic. Next on the list is disabled tranny at 8 hours.

There's a dead nigger on the floor in one of the videos. Multiple other bodies too.

Both the father and the mother are dead, correct? Does he have any other siblings that are not 18? Otherwise I couldn't imagine any exculpatory reason not to. Anyone found where he was booked in?>>11266936

It may have been a body -
If you look at pic related and see that this might be a dangling weave, and watch the video, which I was FINALLY able to grab, you may come to the same conclusion.

I know it's not the mother, that's the person who wrote the most recent comment on the obituary.

I'm the OP, not the user who attempted to dox a dead woman lel

if it's the video in this post I dun see shit. One girl with her head up is carried out of there and I see a bloodless body not moving.

Calling it now. 0 confirmed kills.

Maybe beaner midgets? Is Cirque du Soleil in town?


There's blood all over the floor you fucking nigger. Reported.

So they'll just get a straw and put all that blood back in right? They'll be fine.


Funny, the kill count is up to 17 now.

underrated post

Why would they drag off a corpse in the middle of a fucking active shooter situation? But yeah in that video something is swaying as dead weight.

I'm really hoping for the disabled tranny though. That would absolutely confirm this was a Fed OP.

I am retarded. Thanks.

Yeah, works just like a Capri Sun pouch but in reverse. Sucks it right back in the body, amazing how finely designed the human body is.

I skipped over that part. I was actually jumping around looking for the blood. Still stagable.

It's been 17 for a few hours now.

There's no way no one on here believes no one died at Vegas. I can get thinking it was a false flag, but thinking it was a hoax is downright retarded. You can't just fake shooting at almost a thousand people.

Clearly you're not looking hard enough. Or maybe you're talking about the body in the hallway. Not all dead bullet-ridden bodies lie in their pools of blood.

So glad it was a spic shooter and not an actual human white shooter
Makes it even more believable for
me that there are really 17 dead




If this indeed was going on while the shooter was "active," even though those cops are in (a bit of) a hurry their first priority would be to subdue the shooter. Instead they're carrying stuff to a truck with near reckless abandon to the situation. It's almost nonchalant to how they're doing this.

My gut feeling is that they botched the order of operation here and not that they didn't think they wouldn't be seen. They're carrying whatever it is out too soon, like actors skipping ahead to a later scene during a live play. Still, too early to say, and that's if they were just hoping not to be seen and got caught carrying whatever that was out to a truck.


He has fishmouth, liberal confirmed.

Were you not around for the 26 or so threads before it stopped being sticked where every single thread had an IP hopping shill screeching "NOBODY DIED NOBODY DIED NOBODY DIED IT'S A HOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAX" a few dozen times per thread?

Nope, she looks Hungarian/Swiss to me.


Really activates the old almonds.

What this user said.

Dude, I've been getting sick digits, just on this thread, for no reason all night long

I totally wasted 3 of them on bullshit fucking around

have you guys seen this video yet? Eyewitness claiming that Cruz was not the shooter and that if he was, there was definitely more than one shooter. I don't know how to download videos from fb. Please someone download this video before it is disappeared.



Yes, I tried posting the mp4 but it didn't happen for some reason. Hopefully an user will post it. She's the Swiss Hungarian qt

I'm like half shitposting and half serious

Looks like it may be an injured police dog.



Fuck that greentext wasn't supposed to be there. My posting sucks, I'm done for the night. Good sleuthing anons.

or a north american hairless ape

The laptop shots might've not gone all the way through because they wen't through the wall

So, not 0 then.

What in the living fuck? :28 forward on the video is the money shot, I mean what? Has anyone else said the same on social media or anything?

Here is another angle to consider.
From the yearbook photo I saw of the alleged shooter, he has the mismatched eye sockets which is common among Jews.

Also I should make it clear that the photo is talking about Ted and not the boy from today.

more videos off of twatter

Not one convincing video yet.
It's fake.
If you want to argue with me,
then reply with a convincing video.
Inb4 I get called a shill or kike or nigger

something is definitely off and these threads are being targeted in fashion

fake and gay being the summation

that's the pickup truck, at the beginning of this video, that they put that "Thing" into

WTF???? She just happened to "talk to the shooter???" Notice how she laughs nervously when she says that. Everything about her seems fake…nervous laughter confirms. What the fuck is going on here?

Weird how she smiles at 1:13 when talking about another shooter. Like, is she just bullshitting or is she smiling out of nervousness? I hate how with every mass shooting there are never answers

Not sure what to think about her. For someone who was at the scene of a shooting, she seems pretty nonchalant. Like, look at around the 30 second mark, when she says she was speaking to the suspect and puts air quotes around "suspect", she looks right at the camera and gives a big smile. Then around the 1:10 mark when she says "there was definitely another shooter involved" it looks like she's holding back a laugh. I don't know, something just seems weird about all this.

Yeah - I was thinking that she was larping there too

There's also a smirk in this video:
No one in tears either, I damn well know high school girls cry over more trivial shit than this.

Dude no one fucking cares about your dubs, stop trying to show off

This shit is so obviously a staged event. The FBI is taking heat for being corrupt to the core, you have bibi starting shit in syria, you have all the FISA stuff coming out, you have the Uranium One shit coming out, you have new clinton emails.

They are resetting the news cycle.


I like you pol but sometimes you're fucking retarded. Anyone who can't see that the shills are the ones pushing this bullshit haven't been around long enough to notice the patterns. This is some red herring shit right here.


kys urself my man

And this is why you conspiracy theory tards never find any answers. Because you're listening to people who are wrong to begin with. But I know you still won't listen and that's okay. I learned longed ago to filter out mongoloids who jump on anything without a shred of evidence. It makes discussing these tragedies a lot easier.

I really don't think these interviews (at least in this thread) are any reason to believe this is a faked event…

The people seem very genuine and concerned. They obviously wouldn't be interviewing the people who would be immediately traumatized by this, as they wouldn't want to be interviewed, at least not now.

Laughter is often a coping mechanism, and loosely ties into the whole "escapism" thing.

Furthermore, if this *was* a faked event, and everything I said above is factually wrong, do you really think they'd release something like this? No matter how you look at it, ```THE CURRENT INTERVIEWS``` is not indicative of a faked event.

I know right? High school hormone riddled teen girls cry if someone says something mean about them on social media.

The girl gives another interview here
I can't grab the video though
but I would love to grab her

She'll die in an "accident" in about 2-3 months like some of the Vegas "witnesses" died afterwards, her name needs to be written down. Keep track of her.


Or was she talking about the originally misidentified Nikolas de Jesus Cruz but in that impossible to understand vapid teenage language that they normally speak?

Exactly. And a parent already coming out screaming for more gun control. It is like fucking clockwork with these people.


So she talked to the shooter who was expelled from the school and she didn't seem to think of anything about the fact that he just I don't know is walking around with them. Bullshit

Checking these dubs because the psychotic on her face tells me there is some serious Jew New Moon sorcery going on here.


I think this either means that the normies are fully lost to logic.
I know people who didn't question the Vegas story ffs…
Will normies question anything ever again?!

>On the first floor, Rebecca Bogart was in (((Holocaust class))) when bullets shattered a window into the room and struck at least one classmate. Rebecca, 17, said she hid under her teacher’s desk.

you know there was an incident at the NSA today too…

Thread as well:

*this really means

How did I not proofread that better… I better stop fucking posting and study for exams.

The Great Eclipse last year had Kek fucking with the timelines. Weirdness factor on current events has hit /x/ levels.

It's really drilled into em innit

false flag confirmed?

Dog. Looks like their dog got injured.

I don't think there is a connection
I was at Ft Meade a few months back.
If you make a wrong turn, your'e going to get shot at. period

there's no way that's a real high school class. I can understand studying the holocaust in a history class, but an entire semester dedicated to nothing but the holocaust, in a public school?

Well, isn't the school 40% Jewish? Go figure.

Good point. The last name he used in one of his Instagram accounts is also Russian - Makarov.

Well chicago is a corrupt shithole.

to me, this is looking like a real habbening, but some may disagree. that's fine. idgaf. I develop my own opinions based on what I see, hear, etc…

fuggin commie names

The meaning changes depending on the intention of subversion. Even a simple observation can be subversive intent. Duplicity is a big problem.

The catch is the more they utilize specific duplicity, the more they create opportunities for people to detect deception. People grow aware every day.

(((Holocaust class)))

She her body language makes her come off like she's lying just to fuck with people for her own amusement. That smile when she mentions a "second shooter" unmistakably indicates she knows it's bullshit and thinks it's funny. Or maybe she was fed those lines but she can't say them with a straight face. Something is incredibly wrong with that interview either way.

This makes sense actually.

both were to cover up something bigger

OY VEY! That's our tax-shekels the goyim stole so you'll use them like we tell you! I would not be surprised to see that they offer courses that are dual credit US / Israel as well

I have heard/read that the fire alarm went off both earlier in the day and at the same time as the shooting. Which was it

So have we found any confirmation that he was a DACA recipient?


Student eye witness says she talked with the alleged shooter while shots were being fired on the other side of the building.

Because Cruz is probably DACA. They will invent second shooter to hid that fact.


Checked. Or….is she /ourgirl/ probably a cuckchan poster just by making shit up for Keks?

All this is telling me is that (((they))) have come up with ways to obscure our vectors of information gathering very well. Lanza was a cake walk compared to Paddock and Cruz. Senpai needs to step it up, or we'll just be reliant on the breadcrumbs thrown our way, and lose the ability to analyze and extrapolate from happenings.

nm, see it's already posted. Shills already attacking this. She's laughing because she's a dumb fuck zombie who doesn't even understand the gravity of what she's saying. Probably more concerned about how she's looking on TV.

Youre retarded bro. There are videos all over showing dead bodies.

That's just literally all spics and niggers.

Florida is full of a bunch of old retired kikes. I can only hope it's instructional and not a (((history))) class.

halfchan figured out her name

10/10 top waifu tier, incredibly beautiful


She said there were two shooters,
Why does this upset you emotionally?
She's not personally attacking you.

it's in the newscaster's twitter post.

wondering if any anons contacted her yet…

clearly juden

I'd be pretty smirkish too if I knew they had the wrong guy.

I'd also be pretty smirkish if I was a teenage girl who just wanted to fuck with people. She's not even upset? Teenage girls cry at anything. If she's not upset at that she might just be a sociopath unaffected by the tragedy but getting her rocks off on fucking with people about what's going on. I don't know why the fuck that guy would be on campus in the first place if he didn't go there and wasn't shooting it up.

Who knows, but there's some definite kikery going on somewhere.


Oh, I didn't see that. I thought they wouldn't release the name of a minor.

Classes like that tend to be diversity pandering to look good to the constituents (Florida has a ton of kikes, surprise surprise) and are generally an easy A.


Teenage girls put "married" to their "bff" on social media all the time.
No clue on the Pennsylvania bit.

Maybe he was the "FISH BOL" spammer. Notice how the spamming stopped right before the time of shooting?

..and she looks very jewish, btw.
Agenda here is to invent some goy shooter, not this Cruz DACA recipient.

Nicholas Cruz =/= Nikolas Cruz

This right here, they way she is acting is exactly how club girl types lie all ditzy because they think they are getting away something. Its all the microaggressions she is giving off. She is juden for sure.

3rd image, can we find out who this Oscar Diaz is? Is he possibly friends with Nikolas Cruz? Could that explain a motive to say someone else did the shooting?

she looks polish to me

It looks like they are keeping a tool box covered. It looks more like an object then a child, that thing dangling looks like a tarp covering the object. .

Oh fuck can you imagine if he was brought over illegally as an infant and these people adopted the poor babe. The Salt will flow.

Sorry user, things have only gotten worse in public schools with time

I just woke up politically within these last two years.
You might be right about people waking up these days.
There may be hope for the day of the rope.

tbh check out my youtube channel and the shit I've been saying for years, I larp as every kind of thing out there, and if some shit happened you could paint me any way you want hail eris

Girl is clearly Ashkenazi.
t. classifier

The unfortunate thing is you also have kids being radicalized into commies as they rev up their subversion
Well maybe fortunate if you want to speed up conflict, but I just hate seeing people buy into it

Multiple instances of reporting about the shooting before it happened.

Archive of google search:

Direct Google Link: school shooting&source=lnt&tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:2/13/2018,cd_max:2/13/2017&tbm=

did the fish bol spammer go postal?

I would laugh pretty hard if it turned out to be MAGA civic nationalist who couldn't handle the banter

People post these screenshots after every shooting. Isn't there a simpler explanation? I thought it was a common glitch or something.

your archive does not reflect what is shown in the image

bunch of screeching autistic motherfuckers on jewtube babbling about "crisis actors," "false flags," and other shit without providing proper and reliable sauce

I started off thinking it was some kind of toolbox bu then I started watching it over and over again and then I was actually thinking it was the nigress in the screen grab from the video here

vid related here in the other thread

And then you see when they come out the door - I think that it is the same doorway.

Yea, because the archive server is in a different location so it produces different results.

Here in Yurop paper are usually full of gun control shit in event like that. This time nothing, not a word. Clearly they have a big problem.
Guy is DACA recipient. Clear as fucking sky in the morning.

What are some telltale signs? I know the thin upper lip and of course the nose, but what else is there?

waiting for the announcement from Pres Trump saying, "See - that's why we need the wall. Fuggin' DACA recipients."

now look what you've done, goyim!!!

whether this shooting is real or not, it was probably bankrolled by steven spielberg… they're doubling down on their corny narratives.

My apologies for not classifying that properly

Google's gettin' that journalism done. Oh wait, they're just (((shutting it down)))

We should probably take into account and dig up some actual proof of DACA / Dreamer / Immigrant before pushing this angle.

Its already being spread on social media, t_d, halfchan.

You think so? With how they are carrying the object? The man in the back is carrying all the what and the man in front is almost leaning on it. Look at there hands. Why only carry a person with only one hand on one side of the body like that. The other half of the girls body would be dragging on he floor.

Yes there is. Websites will often delete old stories, and past the text of a new story under the old page. This way, Google indexes their story as "first" because it says it was from a couple days ago.

It's not evidence of conspiracy, it's just how the media operates to generate maximum clicks


Why the fuck is it taking so damn long to find out where he was born? He was a registered voter, and he was born in 98!

very interesting, she doesn't look jewish to me but perhaps she is. Either way it's an odd interview

How'd you get this stupid fucking site to let up finish an upload? Jesus, this site is total shit, I'm serious, it sucks balls when it comes to uploading video.

That sounds reasonable. Doesn't mean this isn't a fake event though.

laying in some sort of makeshift stretcher with her hair hanging off?
how long does it take for any rigor mortis to set in and make a body stiff right after someone is shot?
-just two thoughts that came to mind while watching the vidyo.

you probably have great download speeds but shit tier upload speeds. mine is 250Mbps / 250Mbps


Is she single? I am insanely attracted to her. I want her as my wife.

going to bed
fuck mentions:

Perhaps investigating Zachary Cruz' social media could be the answer to finding out where they were adopted from?

No mention of Roger Cruz or Lynda Cruz leaving Broward during the adoption-at-birth so rather than DACA this might be an 'anchor baby' situation?

CNN is going all in on this staged event. They are spouting nothing but emotional drivel meant to distract and bypass the logic center of the brain.

I get giddy over death all the time, it's actually the only time I feel happy is when some incident takes place nearby me and things burn or lives are destroyed.


She is 100% Jewish. Here are some Bat Mitzvah pics.

It takes 6 hours for rigor mortis to set in. You can carry a stretcher or even a stiff corps one handed without it shifting down. It looks like there are covering a box, like a large makeup kit.


I have been more than reasonable. I am not associating with you any longer.

Busted. We now know the kikes are trying to misdirect and set the narrative. That’s why she looked like a lying psychotic cunt in the interview. Jews. Every.time.

Is that niggerfaggot ready for the civil war that will happen when there's a gun grab?

Thanks user for confirmation.
t. classifier

Noticed this at

fair enough, I guess you have a better eye than I do. I would've guessed Polish.

Seems like there is Jewry afoot

REMEMBER 9/11???

This site is shit. The file I was uploading just doesn't complete, but hangs at 9x%.

Friendly reminder. Most of the Jews who worked in the WTC called in sick that day.

I used to have that problem too until I switched VPNs. Its your ISP or whoever fucking with you so you can't access this website.

Must post. Can't stay silent. Q, Mr. President, I am with you. Your war is my war, Christian patriots war. Ooorah. God be with you. The ONE true God. I want in. Wish I could be useful to the cause. Call me if I can help. America, the world needs you. Thank You.

Might mean nothing but in another post anons made some very interesting connections of the shooter and other family members with seemingly sex traffick pedo (real weird Youtube and social media likes) related shit. Anyhow, noticed that of the victims there were a good amount of girls and that for a good while three specifically were missing (Jaime Guttenberg, Alyssa Alhadeff, and Meadow Pollack). Of the three I found this public message by Pollack interesting and noteworthy given what we talked about earlier.

I have more I found but.. I don't know… just feels like there is a possibility of connection here and my autism is going off given she wrote that yesterday. There is more but don't want to write a novel and wanted to see opinions.




fuck off, redpilldropper.

This 'user' works for (((Jim))) and is trying to exploit you for clicks
Reminder that (((Jim))) is a mason

Women do that. They're very much disconnected from reality. Note she never saw any bodies.

MP4 for archive purposes

Imagun muh shawk.

Flipping out because he has to go back?

Lynda is predominant Kelto Nordid + Negrid (10 - 15%)
Cuba stock clearly.

Every time there's a shooting, SOMEONE thinks there is a second shooter and begins pushing this narrative. Reminder that this happens every fucking time. Witnesses are not always reliable and people will create their own elaborate stories in their heads based off a couple of things that had happened.

She saw the shooter in the hallway

Someone already posted that video. Read the thread, you stupid nigger.

how would he know that?


Don't say that about my waifu!

It's starting to get really weird, because they didn't reveal where he was born. He was registered to vote Democrat, but we still don't know where he was born. We know what year he was born, but still not his birthplace.

She claims she saw the gunman. Just watch the video faggot

Anyone able to find out Lynda Cruz' maiden name or find a photo of Roger Cruz?

So he would've died around 2005, much harder to find information from back then. At best we can hope some relatives put up old photos of him on Facebook.

Did "she"?

I noticed this in the OP.

Also, notice this

Useless. You could enter a class of Teens get their full attention and present a Red balloon. A few hours later if you come back and ask what color box you held up they've give you a bunch of different answers but nobody would mention you help up a balloon not a box.


Alexa Miednik does not claim to have seen another shooter, but rather she claims she heard shots coming from the other side of the school than the side she met Nikolas on.

This is being dismissed as "echoing" misinterpretation by some.

Don't know how far you've gotten, but the thread on half/x/ has some interesting information, but considering this is the third thread you've probably already seen it all.


Hello, seems you've been killing White People again.

hahaha oh shit, but she looks like a pure norwegian goddess or something, welp time to gas myself again

You'd think I'd know a thing or two about memory then.

Did he magically change clothes? The fuck?

That's 6 hours after death. There's a good chance these people even with multiple blood wounds are dying but not dead.

Well, she obviously has a great deal of Northern European DNA.

It only takes a Jewish mother to be considered Jewish. So the Middle Eastern features aren't always obvious.

I don't remember talking to a mass murderer when I was a teenager. Very unusual species. By the way, you CIA lot really do like killing White People, torturing them, and cannibalizing them - how do they find you stupid niggers from amidst the pure, the wise, the just, the intelligent, the White People?


Kys cuckchanner.

Kys cuckchanner.

My usual assumption is all the attractive IDF girls and other "jewish females" that look European are actually all just Russian and other European ethnicity girls and not at all real jews.

to whom is this post directed at?

user, he wasn't even arrested at the shool. Those pictures are from his house which is like 15-20 minutes away. Why were there reporters taking photographs at his house?


Kill yourself Reddit faggot

I notice in there is this claim

>His YouTube channel:

The very first video this account uploaded was in 4 July 2016.

It shows someone throwing an explosive over a chain link fence into the street at night. I'm wondering if this might be related to why he was expelled. There's clearly at least 1 other guy he's talking with in the video, would be interested in finding out who it is. Sounds like niggerspeak. "throw dat shit"

Kys, kike.

Calling it. IDF/Mossad ops

Jew Death squads hunting Goyim on Ash Wednesday.

The only question that remains is, who did it?

1. Trump's Jews to BTFO the DACA shitskins, or;
2. Lefty Jews to take your guns, or;
3. Joint op to do both.

more recent activity on the obituary

TBH the demanding of others' suicide is such a prevalent put-down it reeks of


Must I explain how MK Ultra works? You'll have 2 step to modern usage of it, conditioning and triggering. Someone in this thread mentioned that there are drugs that rob you of your will, which is true. However, the drugs also greatly inhibit your ability to use machinery or do much of anything. You'll be under control, but you're not able to start shooting or do any harm under the effects of drugs.

Nowadays, you don't need to go too hard in the conditioning, instead you just need to appeal to certain sensibilities. The "conditioning" so to say, has already happened in media. We can look at reddit and over the course of a couple years, a normie can be conditioned to be a redditor. Back in the days before the (((alphabets and their masters))) refined their subtler techniques, they would use LSD. We know how that turned out, with Uncle Ted and the hippies. No real need to hypnotize a subject a directly, if the seeds had already been planted. If the subject has been abused or endured some trauma in their childhood, this further aids in the conditioning.

If Uncle Yuri knew of this, he'd call it "Utter demoralization of a useful idiot."

The triggering is the interesting part and it depends a lot on the subject. With MK Ultra, there's a trigger holder. The holder will do something or say something innocuous and set the subject off. The holder will usually have a handler as well. For example, some subjects don't need much conditioning or triggering. They just need guns, ammo and a direction to be pointed at.Some subjects just need the handler to pull the first shot. Other subjects are so out of it that they need a handler to do most the work, and they're just there to be the fall guys. This is why you'll hear reports of a second gunman, that's the handler to make sure the operation goes off well enough.

These events will USUALLY have a handler of some sort, hence why you hear "second gunman." Alphabets are quick to come in and say that it was merely (((echoes))) and there was one gunman. A lone gunman. Oy vey we need to ban guns.

can this be raided?

Uh I explicitly remember that all the jews didn't show up for work on that day.

Look at this shit. Another media cunt. This one is lying claiming she can help track down a victim in a hospital (which is illegal)… but to do it… the person must contact them first.

heh I want to link you to something but can't do it without the wrong people also following the link with you and then when they know where I've been operating well they'll disturb and wreck those operations

also I am not Q btw.

Follow up look at this. Minutes after she claimed she could help find the girl… yep…. she used the story:


Bullshit… you may not want to "link" something (fine) but you could explain it.


Actually crying and kvetching and being all butthurt but a world that is actually government by god's perfect justice, mercy, and wisdom shows the butthurt people are disconnected from reality. Whoever has actual contact with reality will find themselves at peace everywhere.


FYI he was taken to hospital for 1 hour , when they brought him out he had on only a hospital gown , butt keep looking swear I seen him in a picture with a black shirt

pretty sure that's a hospital gown, not a shirt

It’s true. People are shit witnesses. It’s ridiculous that “circumstantial evidence” means that there wasn’t an eye witness.

I just wanted to show off some of my preaching about the one true god. That's all. It's nothing important other than I want you to know I have a very deep, rational, and nuanced understanding of God and I love God very much. Don't let me distract you though from anything of immediate concern though knowledge of god is best.

I would classify myself as pagan since Plotinus and other key figures who I appreciate were pretty much classified so. le dead kike on a stick can fuck off

It's not believable that those brain-dead millennials didn't take video-recordings of what was happening, it would be the first thing they would do.

still a schizo larper replying to a christcuck boomer. fuck off for feeding that garbage.

the mystery is solved
imajun mah shuk

probably they didn't think of it at the time, it isn't like this is an unaccredited school in buttfuck nowhere with staff that don't know anything about anything

The kid was asking about/talking about a desire to help bring the fight to issues and not receive a sermon. The chans are not the place for that and while I personally don't care about those types of things, others will and it will derail for hours on meaningless preaching.

And she makes it seem like she smoked a fucking joint with him. What was he doing just hanging around? “Hey Alexa! Hey Nikolas.” Damn Jewess.

Question as an older guy I need help with , see pic attatched , that is what I expect to see , raw emotion. But I have watched 6 students on the news , some even said kids close to them got shot , close as in the same room , yet they all ,, ALL seem unfazed , Like no big Deal ??

Cant all be crisis actors , can they ?

So since I did not grow up playing grand theft auto is this normal ? are kids so desensitized and void of emotion these days ? Really curious because this shit sucks and none of the 6 kids I saw interviewed even had to hold back a tear < are they all in shock ?? Is this just the end of society as we know it ?

you have to be fucking kidding me


Nice scripts, faggot.
You still managed to fuck up.

You have no face?

he's part of the 46%, retard.

There is one video where you can hear something that is supposed to be gunshots. You can't see anything though. I can't upload it again because it "already exists".

Yeah they all got a message and didn't show up for work. Shabbos goys too.

There's another drone pic of the brown haired shooter being put into the back of the ambulance but wearing the red shirt. They look like two completely different people.


do you not see the resemblance
meme magic is too powerful

Anyone have a side-by-side comparison of what else was happening (newswise) during each of the shootings from the 2016 election cycle and Trump's presidency so far?

ah I see, so, did someone help you find me or do you just keep checking every site I am known to have an active presence on constantly?

If only you would actually carry out what you're suggesting. Listen, I'm tired as fuck of you tormenting me. You are and I hate to use this word completely "toxic". You ruin my fucking day just by making any posts.

I'm not sure what has made you decide on this at long fucking last. You know I would never even think about you or care one fucking bit if you didn't keep digging up the past and bringing up your shit around me over and over? You're a god damned fucking spook in my past and I hope you disappear. I'm not going to also let you fuck me over by sending anything to the trap you set to try and break my plausible deniability method of operation by connecting a non-anonymous post to anything.

I gave up on you a long fucking time ago already. I have 0 interest in you and your insane gaslighting ways and your disturbed fantasies. If you ever manage to actually meet me I'll just shank you on the spot without any reservations, my life is over anyways and you did absolutely nothing to help prevent it. I don't want you to keep tracking me, I don't want you to post anything near me, and I don't want you to interfere with my plans. I am going to martyr myself because that is all I have to give to the world. I have no other way, nothing that will last.

You're such a fucking creep and a disgrace to everything I believe in and stand for. Your ability to comprehend shit is also zilch. Just by mere association to me you make me look bad, and I've made myself look bad enough as is.

Nobody cares about you. The only reason you get talked about at all is you don't fucking leave and you keep coming into every fucking place I go and posting the same shit again.

I hope and pray that this time, for real, you're going to fuck off. I hate you.


I think this attack was real and the reactions are a combination of the fact most truly don't care about such things even if they pretend to and also becoming immune from seeing so many now.


It can happen, occasionally.

Upload it again and when you get that message click on 'file exists' and it'll take you to that post. Then direct link that post here.

got in before you, retard.

This is a repost from someone that knew Nicholas Cruz the shooter.

Prayers go out to all of the families affected by the shooting in parkland. The shooter Nicholas Cruz was my next door Neighbor for several years. Nicholas lost his mother several months ago and his father when he was very young. I tried to give Nicholas a job and help him and I feel disgusted at what he has done and wish I had done a lot more to help him.

He suffered from autism and was put into a special school for disabled kids. He was bullied his entire life and complained that he was constantly treated badly at school. This is no excuse for what he has done but kids must realize that sometimes bullying can lead to horrible consequences and that they can turn a sweet person to do the unthinkable.

Nicholas was living with my ex fiancé Roxanne as she was given guardianship by his mother. Linda left all of her money to Roxanne as well to take care of him. Roxanne instead of taking care of him kicked him out of the house several months ago and provided him with no financial assistance or support of any kind. I even had to bring him to his mothers funeral as he had no money or a ride to get there. I was trying to console the young man and get him legal help so he could recover the money his mother left for him.

So long story short he was bullied and mistreated by strangers and the people who were supposed to love him and take care of him took advantage of him and this was the tragic outcome! I don’t even know how to put into words how awful I feel about this situation and how angry I am at rocxanne deschamps for taking advantage of this young man. I am not faulting her for the shooting but she was his guardian and she abandoned him and left him penniless.

Is this shit serious?

go back go reddit. trump is a zionist bastard

Oh fuck them… already with the "woe is me I'm a faggot" shit.

Threadly reminder to meme responsibly, kids.

Its here:

Also, once you're either irrelevant and out of the picture, or finally fucking dead, then I just have maybe one more enemy to take down. …and I already know things he doesn't yet know that I know but I've made sure to put a little doubt into him with hints he's been compromised to make him change his behavior some. Then I'm free of this whole mess. Fuck you all.

ebin schizoposting there, shareblue / cadrecuck

In fact I pretty much just been waiting for you to finally give up and fuck off. After that I'll take him down. Then, at last, I can make a new life without you shits holding me back. Nobody will know what happened and who I am, I will finally be free.

I'd like some proof it's not, actually.
Hence the question.

I have both of their dox and am being purposely vague but my intended recipient for these messages know exactly, painfully, what I am talking about. Mind your own business, this doesn't concern you, I'm just closing off loose ties.

If true I feel really bad for the kid. It was already clear from other articles that he was a loser and girls hated him. It said there was a place called "the emo gazebo" where all the weird kids at his school would be relegated to. But even they wouldn't let him hang out in the emo gazebo.

I mean, if this is true no wonder he shot up the school.

also do you have source of fb post?

Its obvious. More gun laws are the answer.

This might be the most pathetic self argument I have ever seen….

literal insanity. fuck off. you q larpers ruined this board.

you fuck off too trumpcuck.

Uh kys is oldfag behaviour, all the oldfags say it.

Also I sadly know who you are, up your OpSec, and be on good behaviour for the rest of this thread.

Once Religion of Cuck™ has been extirpated we can talk about the problems with the jews.

You feel "really bad for the kid"? You are literally what is wrong with the world today.

Holy shit. If true this is pure fucking evil. Where is this posted? A screenshot would be nice too.


You're not making sense.

There are two "larps" going on here and I don't know about the q shit but I know the shit I'm dealing with is real shit.

yeah, I got in before you, retard.
but continue going on about it, retard.

Assuming this isn't an FBI Nigger psy-op, kids like the "shooter" are products of social media, radical feminism, and cultural marxism in our schools. It really must suck growing up as a kid today. Nothing is real, the school is trying to brainwash you, the schools are run like literaly prisons.

What a compelling argument you've made.
Still your president, though.
Stay mad friendo.

Liberalism caused this. The lack of family values, moral structure, self victimizing feminism, and basic decorum are all tenants of the liberal culture that's plagued this world.

If you don't know about the "q shit" than you have no reason to be here… hence why you just outed yourself as a LARP and undoubtedly will eat a ban for it as your faggotry playing victim about some other faggot "harassing" you on Holla Forums might be the most laughable thing I have read this year.

reported. jews are the reason muslims are even in our countries to begin with.

no wars for israel = no refugees. fuck off.

fresh off the boat from reddit?

real in your mind, schizolarpcuck

nope, he's just the king of the mutts. fuck off trumpcuck.

Muslims are the reason muslims are in "our countries," and have been for a millenium. Once the (literally subhuman) savages are exterminated we can have a conversation about other things.


that's right, retard.

AM I the only one that finds it weird that at a school with 4000 kids the media just happens to find the few that actually knew or knew of him ? Not saying this shit aint real but the above and my post here

is the kind of shit that makes people wonder

My preaching isn't meaningless but now is not the time for it, better to do it during a lull in happenings.

christcuck detected. fuck off back to reddit with this muh mooooslims bullshit.

why are they being allowed in again? jews. why are their countries getting rekt by the zogmurrica and israel? jews.
why did the CIA fund ISIS? jews.

tell me who the bigger problem is now, faggot.
more redditspeak. go back.

more human than yids tbh.


Hello Holla Forums, tired of spamming halfchan with antigun threads are we?



Learn to spell, retard.

I'm not christian but I know that scientifically speaking Muslims are less than human. Literally is actually a word and I've used it correctly. You attacking my argument with "redditspeak" accusations is now bordering on redditspeak.

he sounds like a lot of people that post online. He's like a poster child of the incel community. Obviously he's a fucked up individual but if that information is true and he's been consistently treated like shit, never had real parents, basically stunted from early on, well at least it's a motivation that can be comprehended.

It is that, but it's also more than that. All the other kids at school are exposed to the same toxic culture, but this guy ends up shooting it up. He had a ton of other shit going wrong in his life. In a better society I don't think he would've been so nihilistic as to commit a mass shooting. It seems the current society only propels the most depressed and low into mass violence

>too dumb to understand the amerigoblin isn't saying white americans are mixed race mutts but that america as a country is a mutt because you're 56% white
It's like a board-tan or a countryball. Your country is on its way to becoming nonwhite. Not D&C, just a fact.

fuck right off.

again, more human than jews.
your posting style is l*terally r*ddit tbh lad

I was trying to meet you on your own level, redditard. glad to see it worked. go back any time.

Reported, kike


is this MADF or something?


i have never been in a thread where fresh copypasta was born
thank you , saved!

Man that is so going to be me one day. I even got the note ready to instruct people what to do and who to talk to when I die but I got to update it because right now there's nobody and no place for them to put an update that's worthwhile… so I got to like idk, fuck. I'll… make some more gamer friends so at least someone will miss me when I'm gone.

Try again, retard.


I like how you ignore all my points as to why yids are worse than mooooslims and just keep shitposting about who is more human.

Fuck off back to t_d with this bullshit. It's shit-tier. Muslims are only in our countries because of jews and the wars amreica started on the behalf of jews. You cannot refute this.

'tis 5 years of seriousness

No clue.
Funny though.

"Holocaust" is cryptic jew code for their slaughter of the goyim.


He is literally confirmed /ourguy/, he did on valentine's day, said elliot wouldn't be forgotten, used a gas mask and smoke grenades and deadly accurate semi auto assault rifle fire, and did it as his highschool where people had shit on him since forever and this is after losing his gf to some chad. This is a higher score than columbine and the same setting mixed with the motivation of elliot. I've been waiting for this ever since elliot went out with a bang. Non ironically the best valentine's day ever. I guarantee you not one single person from that school fucked on valentine's day. They will be permanently traumatized and will always associate the day with what happened. He literally cock blocked an entire highschool on valentine's day .

Kikes and sandniggers are both subhumans that belong in the same oven. Go be a butthurt goatfucker somewhere else, Ali.

what is this fucking Q larp bullshit personal vendetta crap that is happening in this thread? Holy shit someone is trying hard to derail this


I don't need to refute it. It is doctrine that Muslims should conquer foreign lands so that they attain world peace. That's why slimeys say Religion of Cuck™ is the religion of peace - peace through world domination. The only place for a Muslim is in a gas chamber. Simple as that.

So I take it that since your spelling is so bad you won't even try and will now just post images.




elliot rodger was half jew.



And it's jewish doctrine that goyim are cattle and they can do whatever they want to them. Again, why are our zionist occupied governments letting muslims in? Jews.

thanks for the reply , ya it is real , and I guess a sign of thee times , one girl said all I could think to do was take video with my phone ? or how about pay attention and try to stay alive , Huh? sorry I was snapchatting wud U sa? Sad days ahead for America

go back to cuckchan chaim

Predictable retard.

hahaha oh lawd, all of this, it's my own story…

Muslims would be banging at the gates regardless of jews. That's my point. Although, the bigger point is - why is it a problem that Muslims come in? Well, that's a long post that I'm not going to type out, but suffice it to say that Religion of Cuck™ is Judaism on cocaine.


checked. is it really that weird though? fire some 00buck into a barrel you'll hit a fish eventually.

but they wouldn't be getting in because without jews white countries wouldn't have open borders. dumb fuck.
Easy. Because they're inferior.

wew lad. reported.

also nice reddit-tier metaphor.

Odd thing about your pic is the people in the back the way they are laying against the wall and the general direction she is moving in doesn't really line up unless they somehow ran past her and she turned back momentarily to shoot them.

I love the "more 1488 than thou" LARP you've got going on, really distracts from your total lack of meaningful contributions to the thread.

can mods please ban these two larpers who are derailing the thread by having a personal argument which is undending?

anime physics

Shut the fuck up also it's a woman harassing me.



Still building that reaction folder I see.

sauce was posted in one of the threads about it on halfchan r9k, im sure it will come out publicly soon along with confirming everything I said

Honorary aryan

You know if I keep replying to your bait trying to defend myself it's just going to fill up this thread more. Just ignore me. Hopefully she is going to fuck off now.

Anything you don't like is reddit, isn't it? I would post a brainlet meme but I think I know what your response would be.

all goblin

schizophrenia is real.

All me.

Fuck off Emily Lang of Minneapolis Minnesota.

holy shit you really are smiley.



I still don't get the argument for why Muslims shouldn't be exterminated whether or not they're invading white countries. They're pests. Pests get exterminated regardless of if they're in your personal space - if it's convenient or fun.


Well someone is seriously arguing that ragheads are worse than kikes. He's the one that should be banned.

I still don't get why you don't prioritize jews.

and the other one is rabbi moshe smileberg, /4chon/'s resident psych ward escapee.

Mods please just mercy ban me and delete all my posts in this thread, all the q larper posts, and all the dwarf posts.

Smiles dindu nuffin

The thread is ruined now, it's over. rip

imagine being this gay. this poster will die in a fight with another man over who gets to suck who's dick first

Spongebob is a children's show, and you should feel bad for posting it.

except for shitting up every thread he enters with schizo garbage about dwarf who he thinks is gangstalking him lmoa

so is anime lmao


How about some pictures of children?

le Holla Forums army


You mean this guy?>>11267653
No thanks.








Its not real user, but I see what you are pointing out.




who is*

You can tell by the kittens, pictures she saved from /x/ or off of google image searches, and the way she writes.

Everything was going fine until she had to show up.

…and you're shitting up the thread by participating in this back and fourth too.





When pulse happened we were all over that slimy Jew prick on the rooftop, and in two days we had links to tavistock, trilateral etc. Found out the club was closed and all. This time what? Anchors away.







dam these kids dress like little sluts ,, i thought children wear one piece bathing outfits ,, funny thing is you can find all these type of pics right off of facebook lol!


tbh from what I've seen you typing and then erasing and then typing again before submitting, you're obviously one of if not the highest iq super-anons on here, you got all the different writing styles and a good ability to switch stories and emulate everybody, and are good for infiltration, but I must ask…

(pastebinned since I can't delete post on here and I don't want to mess up your operations, expires very fast)

forgot my trip

Rocxanne Deschamps used to live with one "Paul Gold" at 6616 Park Lane E Lake Worth, FL 33449. In September 2016 they had a paternity dispute.


i'm a board volunteer on Holla Forums btw


I also got a few other questions for you about some sensitive stuff including some what I believe to be OC you created that you posted. I can't delete posts though and so well… I'll spot you again somewhere else, you're everywhere.

the question is do i have 500+ more pictures of children?

Let's find out shall we

Kys pedo spammer.

Jesus Christ.



Filter him and global report.

not a big deal unless they got a dick in their mouth


The kikeshills are getting fucking desperate over this. I wonder what else we will find for them to try and use the heavy material.

reported but request granted.





just because you won't post the gud stuff

you're a madman ,, i still ain't clicking on that shit lol!




Don't forget to send this IP to LEA.

But what if i'm an alphabet nigger? hmm really makes you think

enough degeneracy.

are you trying to turn people off of this stuff here?




sorry for bad english




No, but you are.



heh, btw is this some kind of suicide thing you're trying to pull off here, just a tribute to our goddess Eris, some kind of bait to lure anons to their doom, or just trying to remind us about the children for whose future we fight for? 14/88


third loli in this post is best loli posted so far

what i'm a spook

good taste

no, it's obviously the second one here


Based spook.


alt + 3 since I don't have numpad to actually enter that right now



a spook fbi or spook nigger? both are hated about the same lol!


I wonder if all FBI are lolipilled and all CIA are ponyfuckers.

why not both





Fucking WAKE UP MODS or fuck off and let new BVs do the job you fucks obviously cannot.

kek, idk if that's illegal or not

Empty stretchers unloaded from ambulances going into the hospital.



lol , mods are obviously either jerking off to all of it or are asleep


the mods have banned me enough times for no reason to deserve this onslaught, fuck them

no, fuck lolis, and death to the mods!

just filter me user it's that simple

ok conductor what do you want

I'm sure.

Mailman is first girl in these pics your own daughter or at least your loli? I think that's your own OC?

what did user mean by this?

I got banned for saying "jews did 9/11" recently.

I have been banned more from this politics board than any other imageboard I've ever frequented. All over political disagreements with the mods from a right-wing perspective.

Because phones follow the iphone, and the iphone sucks at taking photos NOW! and are all, oh… so uh… want to… take a phooo… oh, viiideee…. ok, wait for it to stop being black… ooooo kay

ummm not sure I can answer this without getting myself into trouble heh

obviously we should stick to Holla Forums approved girls

muh aryan lolis in wheat fields if you know what I mean (doesn't have to actually be in wheat fields)

Checked for great truth and justice.

my naive friend that is april, mastadon's april

that empty stretcher is for the shooter , there going in to get him , pretty sure

I'm just a puppet
You just don't see the strings.

woo I am a super lucky user today

moar blond haired blue eyed girls and hebes too if you have them

The mom adopted him the day he was born.



I like your where this is going but the thread is coming to an end sadly. I'll try to find some aryan lolis for you.

Are you sated?

crazy thing i notice is none of these kids look traumatized as one would believe from usual girls coming forth saying they were molested as a child ,, 95% of all these pics the girls have big smiles on their faces


We all know that feel bro.

huh what? Should I even try to understand you?

They walked him out in a hospital gown though.

cannot deliver different aryan lolis but will this suffice

Just read the stories of Holla Forums tards that got "molested" by older women. If there thrill is any indication, then why would it be all that different for lgs?

she's a snow nigger

conductor i'm sorry


well, >>>/brit/ is worse keek. All Britains, 100% of them, and all Europeans, yes, all, hate Americans, and consider Americans "mutts" and "56%ers".

do you have the gifs from that one tor site that was up on topic links for awhile?

or any pthc riding of 12 year olds and such?

They're ones to talk what with the United Kaliphate being the mess it is right now.

Shills are trying very VERY hard to shut down the thread.

new conductor

It's the CIA. They killed more white people, yet again.

it's probably nsa, user

when you're fapping in terror expecting the doors to be busted down any moment and knowing if you ever enter politics or something in the future this will all be used to blackmail you but if they want to come for you they can do so anyways at any time already so might as well get a fap in before then

wrong i just checked your board log and no activity for 4 hours should be coming back soon

It's pretty lulzy that it was Americans right-wingers using Twitter that made Brexit even happen. Well, pass. It may not happen. Soros is afoot.

Most in the NSA are pro- law enforcement.

anybody who says the shooter is white tell them its just a way of achieving equality with nigs or remind them how nigs shoot up neighborhoods and deal drugs
have a free fascism pic


The only thing worse than a illegal invader is a homo one.



do you have any pthc webms?


The beaners are obviously out in force being their usual faggots pedo selves.

I'm holding off on cumming just in case you have webms oh my…


CP spam proves we are onto something.
I found this larp on halfchan. Its probably fake and gay, but here it is just incase it isn't.

bossman says no go but this fine


more vids

finally, thanks mods

The most amazing thing to me about all of this is that this fuckhead let himself get taken alive. He's going to wind up dead either way, the only difference is now he's going to get shanked in prison. Way more painful way to go than a bullet to the head.

Kill yourselves pedoniggers

He's gonna get the Dylan treatment, for sure. You don't get caught shooting up a kike school without getting a long trial for the death penalty.


The shooter was subscribed to a guy on YouTube named Chris Elizondo. I really haven't looked much else into him, but just to have info like that is good.



With everything going on between yesterday and today, people (News Commentators) have been noticing how composed some of these students were after the shooting during interviews, leading me to believe that this type of scenario will be even more normalized in the future. The Jewish Media is pushing this shit. I really wish that the normies would start to see this - as a matter of fact, they kind of see this to some extent, go into denial about it and then can't make the Jew connection
on another note
Fox News was commenting that this kid had been bullied and if you look at the photos on the half-chan thread here - - you may come to the same conclusion.
Kid was obiously a retard and snapped


The spic population has huge problem with sexual abuse of children, especially amongst family members. I live in south Texas for over a decade and evey spic chic I ran across had similar stories of a dirty old uncle, grandpa, cousin, ect. Those indian-niggers are not white. Afri-niggers just have no shame at all, spic-niggers will at least try to hide their dirty deeds. They all need to die, though.

1) Public schools in the US are nothing more than day prisons.
2)We never have any mass shootings at our full-time prisons.

I think we can all extrapolate to the solution here. More bars, more walls, more guards.

Ted Cruz voted against amnesty.
Maybe this is like a way of threatening him. No Cruz is safe from the deep state.

Between this and a now deleted thread, nearly 200 posts of CP were allowed to stay up for at least 2 hours, last I checked the post counts in the threads. Even now you've got undeleted posts by MAGA-PEDOs in here praising that shit.

Post a picture of Imkikey or LARP or his alter ego Rach and you're banned within the 1 hour if not a few minutes most times. The invasion and subversion of this board as a result of the subhuman pedo mods has reached new lows even for this place.

Holy shit, looking the time stamps of the posts in here and the disparity it was actually close to +4 hours. Fucking unreal.

Still crying over the election.

Was it the good stuff? Did you save it?

christianity is retarded

Reported for ban evasion and intl shill. Four years, queer.

Kill your self you fucking kike.

Hi, newfag. Blow your brains out.

You sick fuck

The CP was uploaded immediately after the two Qanon LARPers toned down their stupid feud against each other, a few posts after we discovered that Alexa Miednik - the girl who claimed to talk with Nikolas Cruz and that there was shooters - is a filthy Jew. Coincidence?

*2 shooters. And you mods are fucking pathetic. Kill yourselves because faggot pedos like you WILL be outed and hung on DOTR. If I have to do it myself.

Trips chek'd!


This is our guy. Nikolas Jacob Cruz, born 9/24/1998

NOT Nicholas Cruz. And the voter registration going around is for a different guy.

He swiped the maga hat from a trump supporter at a rally. Wore it as a trophy. He's Antifa.

has anyone seen this; there was likely a second shooter…

Usually kids adopted at birth do get the last name of the adoptive family, are you retarded?


I honestly don't know what's become of this board

they're already kicking this shit into high gear

6166 huh? Well we have the numerology thing going. Always a red flag…

Hence why user said his BIOLOGICAL siblings won't have the same last name. You know, the not adopted ones?


thread #5 plox

Those are consistent with what real gunshots would look like in a laptop. A small bullet traveling fast is only going to make a small hole in the screen.

Hollywood has had such an influence on how people perceive guns and shooting that reality looks fake. Same with the "no blood/not enough blood" fags or "they get shot and don't fall down right there!" types.

Makarovs are a type of pistol.

Adopted children of US citizens become citizens regardless of birthplace. It's almost impossible that he would be DACA unless his parents adopted him in Mexico then illegally immigrated.

Could be going in to get the shooter or could be transporting a patient to a different hospital due to overflow or lack of appropriate facilities for the injuries. My guess would be the latter because there's a sense of urgency in the way they're moving.

This is a psyop he had two different instagram account created two years apart from each other.