Todays false flag was an israeli revenge killing


Israel is getting revenge against the United States for letting Putin play a larger role in the peace agreement.

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Basically, Israel wants the US to be the sole mediator in the peace agreement because they know that the USA is Israel's puppet. This was revenge for Trump letting Russia play a larger role.


kys faggot


I'm not really sure anyone is "letting" anyone do anything. The US just doesn't have any credibility anymore and there is very little reason for anyone to keep taking them seriously. The US doesn't make or have anything anyone else needs, apart from some high-end military equipment that it uses to murder people into compliance and after the failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, no one is really afraid. Palestine isn't bothering with Trump because he's already proven himself to be in the tank for israel to such a degree it's hard to believe, even by US standards.

I thought JIDF would have been going overtime/overdrive trying to prevent anything like this coming to surface. Maybe they are and it's just lazy kike shills working, as always.

OP I'll ask you because you seem the kind of user to ask, you think Kusher has a hand in the corruption charges Netanyahu is coming against now?

There are a lot of ways to spin other countries being uninterested in what you have to say. The behavior of his administration and DoD in Syria are much more concrete. Save the link spam for someone else, too.

No, but I think Kushner had a hand in getting Israeli white hats to actually indict him. Netanyahu is obviously a criminal.

I think we can wrap this thread up for the shill trash that it is.

You haven't made one substantial comment in this thread and have added nothing of value. You're just a pissed off kike.

Why don't you post the full video where he shakes his hand?

Shut up retard, name a country that has any credibility at this point apart from Hungary or Poland, the latter being a nation Trump has called for Europe to emulate. US has the worlds largest economy and best fucking military by far, even with all the women and niggers. Talk shit like you think you know anything.

Kushner strikes me as a viper, though its hard to decipher what his intent is. But I do believe that ousting Netanyahu is a piece of it.

oh you mean where he exposed an israeli Mossad operation?

You just confirmed you're a kike.

Kushner is a patriot and part of Plus Ultra.

I'm going to be making that thread about the Sea of Galilee very soon.

Hitler had his kikes eh. Mind expanding?

But I thought Trump was controlled by the kikes?
Or were all of those anons lying to me to try to get me to not vote for him again?

I'm not saying this is verified, but some of Trump's kikes may not even be kikes. Read the bible passage about peace and prosperity and imagine Trump is the David.

Yeah, Poland is real based. Pic related. As for credibility of foreign countries, you sound extremely ignorant of global relations from anything but the US-Israel perspective. China is the industrial engine of the world. Russia hasn't been invading the Middle East for 20 years. They have more to offer than just thousands of niggers polluting your gene pool in exchange for a fighter plane.
Not really.
I bet you can't wait to use it to murder the enemies of israel and turn more countries into nigger-filled cesspools to make the world safe for democracy and McDonald's. What kind of White man even still entertains this nonsensical view of the nation sworn to your racial extermination? Someone who isn't White at all.

Either go the fuck back to the Q-LARP board or to reddit, because holy fucking shit your delusions aren’t helping anyone.

you mean the Q LARP that never mentions israel or the jews? No thanks.

Oh good, you’re at least partially sane.

You're parroting the same conclusions.

Kek what a timeline that would be. I remember those threads tho. I want believe.

Remember the bible passages Comey would tweet out? One of them was called A Lament for Israel.

Hmph. Dump moar.
Need another ancient Aryan/Agartha thread tbh.


user, please. These fantasies aren’t healthy.

You ever met a Zach or an Aaron dumbass?

They sure aren't.

Fantasies? It's not a fantasy when israel has fingerprints on all these events.

I stand by my reaction image. David? Benjamin? Sure. Easily white. Solomon? Feivel? “Elon”? Eh… Obviously Musk IS a white guy, but the name choice is suspicious.

What’s fantasy is your “trump is fighting the jews” narrative.

It's not a fantasy, I've provided tons of evidence to back up the claims I've made.

You’ve provided no evidence for your delusional fantasy. Just go back to wherever you came from.


It sure is user. Makes you wonder why a German SS scientist would choose such an obscure hebrew name for the leader of a martian government in his book titled Project Mars, something Musk is trying to actualize.

You've said nothing of consequence in this entire thread. Your inability to back up anything you say with any sort of evidence is sad. You're incapable of making a fact based argument at all and it seems all you know how to do is call me delusional. Just admit it, you're an israeli shill. Now run along and go suck on another foreskin, Rabbi.

1. Eat shit.
2. Go to /x/ with your fantasies.
3. Jewish media is not a source. You have absolutely no evidence for any of your claims.
4. Go to reddit with your cocksucking hero worship.


Reddit spam confirmed.


Why not?


Fuck off.

This is the thread where OP has the (((audacity))) to respond with "you've said nothing of substance" after coming up with this turd of a thread himself. You didn't do any amount of research before posting this crap (it shows) and 17+ replies in, you still haven't posted anything of value.


This is big news. I've been suspecting that Israel was hedging its bets against the west. Mark my words,soon after they successfully promote civil unrest destabilizing the United States government, they will jump ship and ally themselves with China and Russia.

So where’s the proof of any of your claims, paid shill?

Trump is 10 steps ahead dude.

Reported, then.


Kill yourself.

bullshit, there is more to this story. The Russians worked with the Democrat ( through Fusion GPS) and screwed them over giving essentially Trump the White House. However Trump is still Pro-Isreal and so is Russia. Russia want control over the middle eastern Oil through Syria and it is about securing their boarders and Trump was willing to cooperate. They are hedging their bets and playing both sides as always.

^ "they" being the jews



I'm honestly inclined to believe this. Before the election, it was apparent that the US was being steered toward a war path with Russia.

what about "playing both sides" mean two you? Trump had no ties to Russia, that part is made up. What I am saying is it was Democrat with the ties to Russia. Russia sold them a bunch of bullshit and is now going to be their undoing.

Shills on cuck Holla Forums are already pushing the Palestinian sympathizer narrative.

That looks nothing even like him.

I know, but like the guy in the video I posted said. They do these events in retaliation for nations not siding with Israel. Brevik for instance did his shooting a week after Norway aligned with Palestine in a UN vote.

That's some leftist faggot with autism, not the right person:



Who hates Jesus? I'm worried about Easter now…
Slightly OT:
Very OT but interesting: Lupercalia

Watch this interview on Tucker with one of the students. What's your impression?
Starts around 35min

For me, personally, this feels like an irl slide thread.
Pay attention in the coming days anons.

And if that doesn't activate your almonds please watch

I would webm but I'm just not able to right now.

why would they shoot up a jewish school then?


Us Jews are throwing Israel under the bus
They would rather try to destroy Europeans than save their homeland.
Diaspora Jews don't know they have already lost and will soon have nowhere to run.

Any anons in the area? Want to see non-comped pics to see how big of a false flag it is. I live in the state but I don’t have the time or patience to drive a car for more than 200 miles.


We got a love one boys


Name of character is 'Jesus de la Cruz', Jesus of the cross.
Sheriff israel.

she'll remember the six hundred forever.

(((Someone))) is spamming the FL shooting thread #3 with CO. We are on to something.

*CO not CO.

Goddamn autocorrect fucking kikes. *CP. in FL shooting thread #3 - wake up Mods!!!

He is. This entire 'theory' sits on the justification that a boomer called his son Israel. While Trump's selling out is already in the actual state of Israel's history books.

mods are kikes

What was it that triggered the CIA niggers to start spamming CP in the stickied shooting thread? Someone obviously hit a nerve. I'm not going back in there so I hope someone else caught it.

Same thing happened with the manchester bombing, and the london bridge attack.
They try to argue for the reality of the narrative, when they get btfo they start accusing people of being insane, requiring medication. If you continue to argue and provide evidence that counters the narrative they post cp.
It will aid us when it comes time to remove them. There shall be no mercy or remorse.

a lot of derailing already going on
thread reached limit with CP
timing too coincidental
seemingly no new info that caused this
shills started pouring in after we named kike meidnik

They do glow in the dark, don't they?


I agree that these shootings are an attempt to blackmail the US altogether.
They want to send the message - comply or we'll attack your citizens.

That means we need to attack Israel's citizens likewise. :^)

haha fake as holocaust survivors testimonials
shes reading a script
also red hair fatty - most probably leftist faggot. same with the other vidya with faggy dude in black-frame glasses and faggot haircut. lesftist activists.
whole shit is false flag faker than israel

Chuck Schumer deserves the harshest of punishments for his complicit murder and holocaust of the WACO children.

Given that the kikes steal everything that isn't nailed down, I believe a lot of these "jewish" names used to be Aryan. The names don't sound right, if you've ever heard hebrew spoken you'll know what I mean.

Elon sounds pretty Hebrew tbh fam; consider Elohim, for example, or even Kal-El. "Elon" probably wasn't originally pronounced the same way we say it in Elon Musk, but the constituent word parts are there, and it makes sense as an originally Jewish name.

But yes, a lot of names have been appropriated from far more ancient cultures. Mary, for example, has its roots in ancient Egypt (so far as we can trace them - it likely goes further, but prehistory is a non-kosher topic for discussion). Yet you'll find this when searching for it on most good goy sites:
When dealing with ancient things, "of uncertain origin" is always code for "we ran out of lies to tell you so stop asking questions".

Of course, this isn't the case with surnames. I mean, why would a Jew ever adopt a foreign-sounding name? You'll never find a Jew with surnames like these, for example:
So stop whining about "hurrrr da j00z! steal everything'' because they simply don't want your dirty, unwashed surnames.

Drown yourself in semen.

Surround yourself in dreamin'.

This is the new shilling angle? Come up with the most absurd ideas, present them as fact, then shitpost your way into the next slide? You still don't belong here and you will never be white.
We aren't stopping with the jews goat-fucker.

Pointing out it wasn't a white guy, the right wing trolling, and asking if he was a DACA recipient.

I'm going to have no problem watching them roll over you goat-fuckers.

First interaction with semites?

Wait. It's a jew school? The spic was a former student there. It's a fucking Spew. Can't be a white anything if it's a god damned jew beaner.

video is shoa'd

did anyone DL it?


The US is the goatfuckers.

That sure is some goat-fucking grammar you have there, shitskin.

inb4 we learn in a week "this was all just the jewish school drama club getting a little carried away"

A shit load of other things seem to be implying that the deep cover /ourguys/ meme, like every other meme, isn't "just a meme"

t. la creatura

false flags do not exist. You need to see a mental expert.

oy vey

Pure Coincidence goy

Gosh do you even jerk off to these maddow pics!?

my sides


lol the school is set to be demolished.

this goes unnoticed while "leaked chats" are coming out him claiming his mother to be a jew and having an obsession with race..
you cant make this shit up.

Sandy Hook was a hoax!

This is Debbie Wasserman Schultzs district. Sheriff Israel is facebook friends with Ben Miednik, family with Alexa Miednik - blonde witness girl.

Himmler confirmed KIKE. Maybe that's why he stabbed Germany and Uncle Adolf in the back and was expelled from the party.

Similarities between Rosenstein and Himmler are as follows:

That’s literally it. This is some more kosher disinformation from Q that never mentions Israel or names the jew.

THis is BEn SERIOUSLY freaking me the FUCK out.

Fuck off and die Chaim.

It's possible a spic actually shot up a school. Fucking shills.

Immediately the facts reported never added up from the very start.

maybe it wasnt the jews but it was 100 percent some sort of cover up

I dont know any jews personally now but I remember I used to know one from middle school. I was raised mormon but left as a teenager for obvious reasons as i am not retarded. this jewish kid though was highly trained by his parents to attack and look down upon other religions and he constantly pestered me any time i saw him about being in the wrong religion and how his was the only correct one defending himself "religiously". he never had anything else to say other than "you're going to hell" "you're religion is wrong" ect ect.

The dyed red hair is by design. Be on the look out for anti-Irish spin with this story. Spooks have been hysterical about the Irish over at halfchan the past two months.

Unfriended him. Looks like he Unfriended about 140 people

Nothing to do with Irish you twit it’s part of the MK program. Dissassociative

Aren't you a smart freshman

Did you hear the term MK on alex jones, sport?

Heritage Florida Jewish News
Why is Ireland the most anti-Israel country in Europe?

Why is Ireland Europe’s Most anti-Israel Country?

Notice the poster. Anchor is something else entirely when you are talking hypnotic mind control.

Always the loudest in the room who know the least.

Hello Moishe - how is your shabbos?

What the fuck is this shit? Its such a huge waste of resources. A few bullet holes don't make the building unusable. Why not just crash a plane into the school and then ship all the debris to China while you are at it? Fucking spooks.

LOL. This is an Irish poster. You know how I can tell? The Irish are notorious for being so proud of their Irish heritage, but did you know the Irish were also the original jews? Its true! AND they were the original Egyptian pharaohs AND they were the original anti-semites. Before you know it an Irishman has stolen all your spare change. LOL. fucking Irish.

Implying Russia isn't as kiked as the U.S.
Putin rules only with the consent of his oligarchs, all whom are Jews, just look them up. Sure, Russia's position here may not be completely pro-Zionist in this conflict, but it's 100% Jewish. They may want Israel to suffer so they can have some of their Jews back.

The post.

That ID tho

youre that kike from leftypol with the retarded irish=jew meme.

for anyone else;
hes literally a fag from israel that gets triggered by "muh jews" memes on leftypol and tries to discredit the jewish conspiracy awarness by posting memes where he replaces a jew with an irishman. he then goes on to defend israel for being "the most progressive ME power" and claiming that all states are oligarchies/fascist and that they need to be taken over by a (((revolution)))

hes using TOR to post, probably because hes a filthy shitposter that gets banned all the time for defending israel

you're going to need more evidence that that, JoBob

I doubt (((they))) shot up a bunch of (((yidlets))).
(((They))) have a different modus operandi these days.
don't forget about the Russian airliner too

i knew it, jews shot it down for purim sacrifice same as the russian one

Tell me that kike faggot operating under color of law doesn't cross dress and suck cock when he's off shift.


(((He))) couldn't resist taunting them. I'm of the belief that he's trying his damndest to provoke a war in order to save his own skin.


what a (((coincidence)))

that girl is a pothead. I cannot stand the rhetoric that these idiot kids spout.

i mean she talks like shes about to have some kind of cyber sex encounter. is this a special ed school?
The marijuana must be weaponized in florida


Why does the voice of some jews sound so demonic? its almost as if its multiple people talking at once, like kissinger's voice pretty much sounds like farts bubbling from the gravel pits of hell.



Listen you anti-white Commie faggot pedo Russians. You know about the Jews? Cool, the stand up to them! Not for pipelines, not for gas/oil or BRICS. Do it because you know they killed 60-million of your fucking people.


Stop trying to use Americans are your fucking Muslim niggers. Stay the fuck out of our backyard! Unless you want to use your VAST recources to actually fucking do something instead of trying to create constant anti-white/pro-white discord.

Russia is Israel's puppet too. They just disagree on gasline rights you fucking nigger

never forget Putin's behavior

He is just using the jews to his own ends just like Trump, but they both don't realize the game is rigged from the start and the jew's greed is immesurable. The only reason we are having any semblance of breathing room is that all the world leaders of the major countries in the world (China, US, Russia) are all treating Israel and jews as actual allies instead of being their complete bitches. It only takes a look back at how quickly it got to this point to see how bad it used to be.

how about you mongrels stay in your own backyard and stop being fucking cancer to the rest of the world and serving as israels golem?

was this James Holmes, Cruz, and Klebold/Harris obsessed with character "Arnold Crimp" that was in some obscure Batman comic??Any of our autists dug up the sauce yet on "Arnold Crimp"?

The Streisand Effect of propaganda.

Definitely for revenge.