Trump's DACA Plan A Big Win Among Americans: Job Approval Hits 47%


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Amnesty makes America great.

I thought we were past this.

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We have IDs, reddit.

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NEWS FLASH: They're already here and they already voted illegally during the last election without repercussion just like *GASP* citizens.




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Do your bosses REALLY think this is going to work?

Deport All Illegals.





Just FYI: Global report is for illegal content only.

Paid shilling is illegal under US law.

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I noticed mods deleted a lot of posts, probably critical of Trump and his retarded amnesty. That's unacceptable.

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Mod is deleting pro Trump posts.
This is because he is a stupid fucking idiot
And because Kek will kill him soon.

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Bump, shills are mad and Trump's plan is going to pass or we'll have another DNC shutdown.





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Superman skips leg day. Maybe that's why he wears his underwear over his pants: he's just not paying any attention.





We've literally always been pro-DACA, philosemites!
Trump is fucking based!



Not an argument shills. We've fended off the shareblue menace for an entire year you think I'm going to abandon my god emperor now? Hell fucking nah, I've got to see those 18 million spics given amnesty and I've got to see that fence built. Fuck it, I even want to see Trump's jewish grandchildren grow up into good little mischlings. You know what fuck you shill. Fuck you to hell.

Reminder that the image spammer came here the day that shareblue was banned from reddit.

Anyone who doubts the Art Of The Deal is a legit book written by someone who knows what they're doing, just look around here.

He always says make the other side feel like they won, even if you screwed them hard. Make them fee like they won, even if they got nothing.

You have people around here who used to oppose amnesty in any way, and demand e-verify, claiming that Reagan's amnesty was a huge mistake and we needed to learn from it.

Now they're cheering on amnesty for 1.8M (three times what the Dems wanted) without a whiff of e-verify anywhere claiming victory.

Art Of the Deal is for real. Trump has the suckers claiming victory after getting schlonged.

Fuck off shareblue.


True indeed, the man is an absolute genious.

Yup confirmed anti-Trump shill. Filtered.


YAY there will be jobs for the 2 million Dreamers!!!!1 Tire of winning yet?!



The White House's website also posted many polls for majority support of the deal. I'll see if I can post it.

Here we go:
The only people ass blasted by the deal are Liberals and controlled opposition (((Conservatives))). Smart people know what Trump is really doing with the DACA deal.

Regardless of what he's really doing it is our duty to voice our objections, so that he will have a better position for negotiating. We can't be his cheerleaders and our support for the deal would only assure worse provisions.

Capeshit has always been pure fucking cancer.

Is there any doubt Trump is a traitor at this point?

Given that Superman is literally a jewish creation and designed to be a metaphor for Moses…

Did imkikey get the flu and die or something (we could never be so lucky)? Why has he allowed hundreds of anti-Trump posts to stay up for an entire day? Actually being able to have free speech and real conversations on Holla Forums again is really throwing me off.

Friendly reminder that any other President would have just kept the DACA executive order. Furthermore if he just rescinded it and started deporting, congress would instantly legalize them with no contributions. Look at it this way: we are trading something we thought was a done deal for a massive increase in protecting our country from anymore non-whites. Obviously in an ideal scenario we would be getting rid of them, but demographically speaking the tens of millions of other Mexicans, legal or not, are a much bigger threat. Don't let the shills trick you. This is a better deal than anyone else would have gotten.

And we can always deal with the "dreamers" on the Day of the Rope. That is going to be the only permanent solution to the demographic crisis anyways.

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We've got to solve this DACA puzzle, fast!

No, Goodlatte's H.R.4760 is the ONLY proposal that essentially repeals hart-(((CELLER))), the poison arrow in America that needs to be removed or We Will Die.

Guys, NOTHING but an IMMEDIATE immigration moratorium should be our political goal. Everything else is nurture, immigration is nature.


It's always been jew controlled government propaganda.

A shame, considering what a good character he becomes when written by hwhite men.

The only shills here are the plebbitors like you who are too stupid and cucked to understand why backing down on the Dreamers is a betrayal of everything he ran on.

If he gives amnesty to anyone, anyone at all, it will just be expanded upon once he's out of office. Or hell, it will be expanded upon while he's still IN office, since it's obvious Trump isn't "secretly redpilled." He's a Baby Boomer civnat strongman, and nothing more.

God damn redditors are fucking stupid. Why can't you niggers just go the fuck back to T_D? You're cancer and scum, and not wanted here. Do you really thing Holla Forums supported Trump because we agree with everything he says and does? The only people who do that are you MAGApede retards, who have selective hearing, and don't want to think about any of the obvious warning signs, like the Jews he surrounds himself with, or the fact that he's willing to abandon his principles in a heartbeat to "cut a deal."



Why would he need to do a leg day. He's got super strength



We keep growing stronger and there is nothing you can do about it.

You're going to lose your mind by 2019.
7more years.

You're banned if you disagree with anything he does or says in any form to any degree, so yes, that's exactly what we believe here. Go fuck yourself, obvious paid shill.

We keep growing stronger people.
Kek has really blessed us with Don.
Now we have 7 years to grow as strong as possible.
Bless you all and Kek bless Don, Melanija, Barron and whole beautiful first family

If drumpf gives 2 million beaners citizenship, you will understand from the start that he was a jewish plant to destroy the white race.

I see the election taught you nothing


what astroturfing may look like.

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If anyone ever tasted coke, you know what it feels like. Victory
What is happening right now is the same taste. Only it is real!!!

Incredible unfathomable.amounts of victory since the election cycle began 1.5 year ago

When he extends amnesty to the families of these one million illegals? Any man worth admiring is someone who is worth criticizing. We criticize Hitler here all the time, but we still respect him. If Trump is a good leader then there should be no harm in discussing his failings. Right now he appears to have dropped the ball, time will tell if it was all part of the plan or not. Best save judgement for then, but now there is no harm in speculation. p.s. calling everyone who disagrees with you “shareblue” does you no credit

As long as it is factual and balanced, yes. ,None of the "ooohhh blackpill- woooooo" because he isn't Hitler and even Hitler was too nice.

Trump is a tool to help push whites in the direction we want. The best part is, either way he goes- we can use it to gather non-cucked whites to our cause.

Look if he can flip the vote even amongst soft left gibs receivers for 2018 the Americans are going to go full repub. It's clear that democracy is decides by misinformed so if you can get them on side it will diminish their exposure to the globalist shit. We need to find a replication tactic for this beyond the US and beyond the next 7 years.