Operation WOTSS Eminent


With this meme:
>Terrifies (((Them)))


Let's do this…

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Because the average dude will drop everything to go to the library to find the one book jews didn't destroy to confirm this.

The beauty of "its ok to be white" is that it was self evident and required no thought, it just required a single glance and it put a massive chink in the narrative.

"It's ok to be male" should be the next one. It's also self evident, it appeals to every man, it appeals to every woman who has a father, husband, or son.

The leftists will get blown the fuck out.

At first i'd ask "how would they know", but that's because I couldn't see the solomon's seal in the background.

I think this would be most effective aimed at blacks. Pit the jews and the blacks against each other. Tie it in with Black Panther somehow.

Not edgy enough. We need to push the limits. It's okay to be white did that. This does it even more.

Nice ID. Kek

This. It's okay to be a man

We're not about being edgy. We're about being effective. Ultimately everyone here is going to realise that the most effective message is talking about White genocide and using the mantra, but until then we'll have these smaller ops to get us used to the idea.

Everyone knows that "I's okay to be a man." It's not effective enough. Niggers don't give a fuck about "What is a man"
The beauty of WOTSS is that it puts niggers against kikes.

agreed in so far as this assumes the average normalfag will bother to lift a fat finger. They wont.

There is already a hastag with tumblr sites written by nogs, all we have to do is push a hashtag.


Pair with:
To mine the binary sex salt.

Look it up.

Honestly this idea is absolute shit.


Thought it'd be good to keep the style from IOTBW.

Nope. IOTBM is shit tier because it includes shitskins who get free passes from the feminists. Haven't you heard? Whitey is to blame for nigger crimes and terrorism because he's racist and oppressive. It's okay to be male does not go anywhere near enough.


If you fucks are going to do this, don't wait weeks and weeks like MBMC. You have to beat the media cycle.

Just googling "WHO OWNED THE SLAVE SHIPS?" gives a ton of jewish stuff right on the front page.

First two results just show random European countries then a bunch of kikes.

You're thinking like one of us, which is the wrong way to see this. SJWs think all males are white, they are fucking crazy.

Searching through a library is easier than searching for 100 million talmoogle results to get to the truth.
Also I think you underestimate how lazy people are.

I'm not sure how this is going to work out. The typical response is going to be "Whites, duh," and moving on. It doesn't raise any questions that a normie wouldn't immediately answer in their own head, and it doesn't say anything.

Have they destroyed the one by (((Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael)))? Normalfags don't read books, btw, they Google stuff.

If you're going to put a star of david on it, you might as well just say it, rather than asking for your viewer to do independent study. Basic marketing is you never have a needless call to action.

Both ideas are pants on head retarded, the average regular person is brainwashed to not even see things like that.

Their eyes just glaze over and it skates over the message, instead of seeing "jews owned the slave ships" they see "racemix more!" or some other shit.

It'll take DECADES of "It's ok to be white" before we can move on to exposing the JQ.

Yeah, unlike IOTBW this one needs to link to the underlying info to work.
Given the target audience, wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com/ and a QR code for the same would be best.

This one's better, it doesn't allow what this user says

btw this tumblr appears to be identical to the original shoah'd weebly site :

Yeah, it's definitely better to just ask the question (then link to the based black man at wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com) to get through normie conditioning. It's also scientifically proven to be better 'persuasion', i.e. more effective at changing somebody's viewpoint, if they feel like they've come to it entirely of their own accord.

That's overstating it though, jew-aware comments are somewhat common in normie comment forums these days despite the best efforts of (((moderators))).

How about this: Target.

Instead of posting WOTSS everywhere, post it on black groups pages, or in black neighborhoods.

9/10 times the media wouldn't DARE question anything there, for fear it might have been posted by a black man.

How about


Just put (((Not White)))

Worthwhile, but it depends on what you're trying to achieve. The value of IOTBW was in making the media report on the "hateful", yet perfectly reasonable and factual, statement thus greatly magnifying its exposure. As you say that's less likely to work if you only target blacks, the media already kinda know that some of them have negative opinions of jews (albeit mostly because they see them as whitey) and tend to ignore it.

Also (((they))) learned from IOTBW, the "My borders my choice" campaign was quickly declared to be a "neo-nazi" one supposedly run entirely by Daily Störmer. Which wasn't true, but gave them an excuse to avoid engaging with the message and simply oy vey shut it down. This is why linking to wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com is critical, it's much harder for them to dismiss a black site as EVIL NAZI HATE and if they do it plays into our hands since the whole point is to increase black / kike division.

You dumb nigger.
I can vpn, too.
Both ideas are fine.
Anyone shitting on these are no better than the "MBMC was a complete failure" shill.

good version


1. Did jews order the british empire to use african slaves during their colonization? No.
2. Was it only or mainly jews who practiced transportation of slaves to british colonies? No.
3. Did jews alone profit from slavery in the american colonies? No.

I don't support deceitful bullshit, because it turns against you. Propaganda may not lie.

The point is that jews had a prominent role, yet never stop blaming whites for it.
Of course lying is a bad idea, but sometimes you have to simplify to get the facts down to something memeable.

More interesting facts: the US slave trade was WowItsFuckingNothing.jpg compared to the Caribbean and South American, also plenty of the US slaves weren't on southern plantations but rather were house niggers to wealthy urbanites, including jews.

Also you're assuming that nigs will do a statistical analysis to see if the rate of jewish participation is disproportionately high given their relative population at the time, etc. It's enough to demonstrate that a bunch of jews were involved and that this info has been hidden from them, their love for conspiracy theories and social media will do the rest.

How much kvetching would go down if it's tweaked as "Its okay to be Jewish"?

This is brilliant. We need to meme all the kike heros into really being black.

I've always wondered what the total number of slave ships was so the proportion of kike ships could be derived. Does anyone have this information?

the slave


Holy fucking shit. Mirror get.

I get it. Were there any White slave ships at all? If not, this is huge. I suspect a few Whites own slave ships. If they didn't I will be pleasantly surprised.

Very very few. Essentially all were at some point financed and build with Jewish shekels. When slavery was at its peak in the US, 40 percent of Jews owned slaves (compared to 7.4% of all whites)

This shenanigan relies on normalfags to do their own research, and to get it from a non-pozzed source. You severely overestimate the average pleb. If you want to continue this campaign it has to be a statement, not a question, and it has to force the enemy to defend something indefensible or attack something ridiculous, like "it's okay to be white." If I had a suggestion for a phrase I'd post it but I'll leave that to more clever anons

Remember, you're trying to provoke the enemy into looking either retarded or evil. Normalfags would, quite literally, rather die than be perceived as retarded or evil. That statement is not hyperbole.

We should post these things in negro-town. So that if it does blow up, the (((MSM))) flips its shit but can't blame whites or niggers.

This is so fucking bad it hurts. The beauty of IOTBW is in the subtly. You might as well write "1488 gas the kikes, race war now" and expect normies to accept it.


I'm a spy? All I said was it's "It's okay to be male" was shit tier and what would be better. I never advocated against WOTSS. Up your comprehension skills nigger.

Jews have wanted to get as close to slavery as they possibly can without exerting the power to get a hold of slaves through violence. How should it surprise you that the second largest slave trading trend, and the largest organized one, was founded and financed by juden?

thats all the ships accounted for or just the ones owned by jews, because the heading says jewish
slave ship owners, making the ethnicity section redundant and the whole list less effective.

It's okay to be normal.

I think this could work.
It triggers every ducking special snowflake, but the vast majority find it self evident.

I think some people said that Its ok to be a man was to diverse. But consider the following with your memeing. How did the left get its way in society over the past few decades? Incremental changes slowly. They keep introducing changes and calling it progress slowly turning the dial as time passes. And people just accept it was progress and just dont accept that somethings are natural and will always be the same. Meme as long as it leads to naming ((them)) in the future , finding the next stepping stone to that.
They use the boiling frog syndrome on us , use it back at them.

Why outline the argument as if you must prove the point? Just say it's true and force our opponents to disprove it. You know how this works.

Wait so what made up the rest of the percents?

Make a black POWAH twitter account and share it.

Nigs are almost completely insulated on twitter, they only talk to their own (black twitter etc), so the jews and cucks won't even notice it's happening.

That's my final 2c


NOYICE. And this needs to be only black communities like churches and schools for the first go around. Even a few will spread pretty fast within the target community.

We need to spread this across Holla Forums and halfchan

The star of david is way too obvious. You want to make people ask the question and find the answer for themselves shock and horror and realize there is a deeper truth.

Best one, evokes people's curiosity and agency to follow up the question.

Kikes were also like 3 times more likely to own slaves than Whites at the time, according to kike stats at least (claiming few kikes owned slaves while forgetting to mention there were very few kikes to begin with).

Need to caption it still.

This is a shit idea becuae it is a weak argument and will be counterproductive because ot will be percieved as whining -stop trying to force it.

What you need to focus on is that 80% of slaveowners were jews

^ shill, footdragging

< don't engage in propaganda efforts - you'll ruin your reputation, White Nationalists

Put "who owned the slave ships" above this and add a Star of David on the list of names and this could be perfect.

Old pirates yes they rob I
Sold I to the (((merchant))) ships…
Bob Marley knew

But nobody ever has the balls to say it…



Keep it as simple as possible. Definitely overlay the star in jew blue. No recycled hash tags, or ones with limited appeal. Just use "SLAVE SHIP OWNERS" black and bold. Be prepared with links to the facts. Stats don't need to be in the meme, it's more aggressive to respond to those triggered afterward with sources, as normie curiosity gets stoked following the banter.

This idea is not only as described above, but is fatally flawed for one simple reason.
Why do you think that the Weinstein operation is proving so useful to the "all White men are rapists" brigade?
In other words, all you're effectively doing is confirming that "Whites" were the slave transporters.
A more profitable campaign would be to point out the hundreds of thousands of White slaves who also toiled against their will for the British and American upper-classes during the building of America.

Oh, and inb4 muh "indentured servants" who "got paid with 50 acres".
The 50 acres per man went to the person who paid for the slave's passage.
Where do you think the gigantic estates in Texas etc come from? They're the "rightful and legally acquired" 50 acres of thousands of men, women and children who slaved for rich Brits and Jews who paid their passage.

It took Germany less than a year to go from absolute degeneracy Weimar Republic to NatSoc. Idiot.

So many rattled Jews. You know this is a good idea because its been done before, and it was very effective in the past. The problem is, you have to double down, just like they do, otherwise you will be memory holed.

Almost no one here knows of Tony Martin or other historians who tried to reveal the truth only to have global Jewry come crashing down on them for their efforts.

Now with caption goodness.

It's ok not to own slave ships


What about putting a scannable link to that nog preacher that was praising Hitler and condemning the Jews on it? Would that be too much?

Don't forget about david's star. If we don't indicate that was a jewish ships We cause misunderstanding and normies will think about "white males" as they use to. ==DON'T FORGET ABOUT STAR==

Freed slaves; believe it or not.

This is probably the reason the Emancipation Proclamation failed: the Jews told our ancestors that the freed slaves that made it to Liberia just went around enslaving the local niggers once they arrived in the country that the American Colonization Society bought and founded as part of the actual Emancipation plan.

*Polite sage addendum: contrary to popular belief the Jews didn't go raiding the Gold Coast and capturing live niggers. The nigger's own literal Kangz had already enslaved them and sold them to the Jews.



Lotsa sliding going on today.


This is a great one. Makes it very clear what is trying to be conveyed while not directly using the word "Jew," and seeds the division between Jews and whites.


Thanks! Help me keep this thread bumped.

If anyone wants a higher resolution one, I can provide. I think I can get all the text on the ball to be legible. My gimp-fu is weak, but I'm learning.

Best one so far.

That's a surprisingly high-quality photograph for a person who lived in the 17th century.

How sure are we you're not the nigger?

This is good stuff, but I think there's a flaw in your approach: you're thinking like a white man. Remember, this is being pitched at niggers. I guarantee not one in fifty of them pick up the nuance of the name (((Levy))).

When engaging in the popular enlightenment of niggers, pitch everything to an average 12-year-old.

saying or even suggesting that (((they))) owned the slave ships is boiling the frog too fast; it'll just jump out of the pot if you plaster something like that everywhere

try something thats more… intermediate


maybe you should try something to lower their trust of academia

IOTBW was targeted at college campuses. I hope niggers and whites AT COLLEGE can figure out the LEVY is jewish. If not, I don't know what we can do.

Why are you even in this thread? You saw the OP, yes? Go download Gimp and produce something better. Hell, just throw out something catchy and maybe someone will skill will implement.

A good idea, better than the other shit proposed in this thread, but the success of the first one was there was no way to weasel around IOTBW without showing you're anti-white.

This one is more open to attack, for instance, 'only a small portion were owned by jews', 'it was whites on the ships', 'whites requested the slaves', etc etc…

The message is more complicated this time, makes it easier to attack, but still might be worthwhile.

I'm sorry I don't get what you're trying to say.

repeating names to make it seem like more is kinda weak, could be seen as almost dishonest. just imo.

College niggers who got in on merit only

I punched in all the names I had. Some user was gracious to post this after I offered to KMS. I lied. I don't think anyone is really going to read every single name.

>Yeah, it's definitely better to just ask the question (then link to the based black man at wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com) to get through normie conditioning. It's also scientifically proven to be better 'persuasion', i.e. more effective at changing somebody's viewpoint, if they feel like they've come to it entirely of their own accord.

This niggah knows how to run psyops.

The Amistad isn't on the list.

LOL, the friend-ship was a nigger-convoy
No kike owners, so no surprise the Pedowood faggots made it into a movie.

Fuck that. You had best be pairing that with "It's Okay To Be Female" at a minimum. I will not support sex d&c among our people.

maybe I just did
I made this in MSpaint instead of gimp; if this is to be used, it should be touched up first

well, excuse me, not necessarily better, but it boils the frog at a safer pace

A quick google search finds that this isn't true. Blacks are weighted differently by college admissions, but they aren't given raw points by the "College Board".

Try to be make the same point, but with 100% truth. You could easily talk about college admissions, and how they accept nogs with lower SAT scores, etc. Except I'm not sure of the goal there, everyone already knows it's true.

Holy shit, what part of THERE IS NO PHASE 2 do you not understand?

It is not going to take off anyway. Pretending you aren’t a shill for a moment, the whole point of IOTBW was to subtely redpill. Not scream out 14/88 like a sperg.

it's still easier to ignore every joogle result after the third one, which is roughly what all normalfags are doing fifth if they're curious.

5 star chart user

What are you talking about, nigger? I did Mantra from Day 1. Kill yourself, torfag.

Yeah, that totally won't trigger the programming, Holla Forums.

this is what a shill looks like lads.


You guys are terrible at poster designs
What is this ms paint shit?

Here are the real ones.

So what's the consensus? "Jews" or "Who" OTSS? Star of David in background or not? Also….what is the timeframe on this? Easter? Good Friday?

Work harder on your bait, maybe your boss will throw you a few more shekels.

Needs more swastika.

Pick something and go with it.

but whites still purchased slaves. What does it matter who owned the ships?


It’s unreadable, you fucking faggot. Get the fuck out.

And jews don’t. You’re just retarded.

Change public perception from 'white' supremacy to 'kike' supremacy, watch them squirm

If that's unreadable to you then idk what to say man. I can read it just fine

Are you like the niggers that can't read cursive too?


The kike font is way better than using the basic bitch shit

kek has given us a sign. the next poster should heavily target college campuses and attack some aspect of modern academia.

maybe admissions stats at harvard with the "overrepresented?" as a caption

We need to chose a sign and then we can think about where to post.


absolutely not. it makes everyone look retarded when you scream "shill" at someone who maybe simply be wrong or misguided, but is actually trying to help. "shill" != "disagrees with me" like you think it does

That point might be harder for (((them))) to get around. Less than 2% of antebellum whites owned slaves: around 40% of Jews in slave states did.

Thx for having my back, even though you think I'm wrong.

My IDs change often, but these posts are me too. IMHO, solid contributions to this thread.


This is bad for a number of reasons. All the text makes the poster look ugly af, it takes away from the simplicity of the message. "HINT: …." is also likely to dull the effectiveness of the op for any non-whites. Also, even though we know Jews still do the slave-harvesting thing nowadays, that's less easily sourceable for your average normie. Quite likely this is an attempt to derail the psyop.

are simplest and most effective imo. I think WOTSS is likely to be better than JOTSS. Indirectly naming the jew raises questions and discussion, it makes people much less likely to dismiss the poster immediately. Not having a big "JEW" on the poster lets us slip past more mental blockers. Something like is also likely to turn people off just cuz of font.

I think the real question is whether we'd prefer something like (could obviously be formatted better) with the ball&chain with jewish names, and the hashtag. Personally, I think just "WOTSS?" with a faint star of david and the hashtag at the bottom is likely to be most effective (or even a direct link to nog's tumblr).

Anons above do make the point that not everybody would be motivated to research the facts, but I think the Star of David and hashtag/link are probably enough for most people. Also, not having a giant "JEW" makes it less likely for people to take the posters down immediately. Even better, I think prompting people to do the tinest bit of investigation — even when the research is provided for them — is a rather effective propaganda technique.


(incl. hashtag & graphic; needs rework)
(font is suspect for normies)

(incl. hashtag)
(likely shill/derail)

Something like with an added hashtag/link is my preference.

Uploading my personal preference because i'm not a lazy nigger

Split these points into fliers.

Would be better in alphabetical order, imho.

another great headline would be
because the general image perpetrated by (((media))) is some white dude with a whip
The plantations was often owned by (((banks)))

Slavery covers a LOT of ground,
1) Financiers of the ships and crew.
2) African trader to buyer.
3) Localized holding and processing (EU, USA)
4) Localized auctioneering.

Having 'only' the 'ships' data dosen't cover the entire gamut of slavery. Normies and blacks will STILL believe it's all white people's prerogative behind the slave trade, when in reality we had NOTHING to do with it. Only highlighting one aspect barely imprints anything into the audience.

You'd need to condition your audience to understand that it takes a purely diabolical ' well connected, money oriented, insidious religious cult' to engage in the worldwide trade of human livestock.

The 'It's OK to be white' was designed to push buttons. And it did. Slavery Revisionists are trying to push the 'jealousy' button of blacks for 'imaginary reparations' against whites.

Question is, what buttons need to be pushed to make either jews retaliate, sjw's, blacks, normies.

For example, whites might respond to a accusation from a black person of 'you ran the slave trade, gibs me dat'. With 'No, white people never wanted slaves, never imported the slaves, never auctioned the slaves, WE NEVER WANTED YOU!! —- Only an amoral slave trading semetic cult is behind your woes. Look it up.'

1. You need to redirect black's anger to the real slavers, jews.
2. You need to give white people a means to deflect all accusations and refer to point 1.

Covering a tiny topic of a grand order wont satisfy those two points.

What I found 'interesting' is that the slave houses/synagoges in Curacao still exist. That is mysterious and makes an advertisers headline.

Oh, and please fuck off with your shill/derail shit. I'm too fucking tired to write all this crap out explaining a picture each time. Most people get the message.

wouldn't work as well. Plus blacks simply don't see a difference between rich whites and white passing jews

It has been proven and you dont have to go far.

The jews hate this book because it was sourced from jewish books, magazines, newspapers and advertisements. The kikes cannot discredit it so they resort to slander to downplay its truth.

Inb4 nigger book

fuck off with that divisive shit

The auction houses were closed on Saturday. Thats the jewish sabbath.

This is the first (((alt-right))) campaign I support. Finally you're getting to the point and not acting like little cunts saying "is it OK to be white yet?" Fucking faggots.

And that's why it will never be supported, stickied, or shilled on cuckchan. Because it actually goes against the Jews

"Need a Nigger?"
"Happy Merchant's got you covered. Jewish Slave trade Est:**** {What year?} "

Just floating universal ideas here….

Your bad bait is embarrassing. Listen Israel, go home, rape your donkey, sleep. Don't come into work, don't get on your computer. Ask a Palestinian to shoot you.

Is that image for ants?

And what does it even mean. Anonymous people who could be anyone, anywhere. How about pitting some context in it



Make ones for spreading awareness of genocide in south africa too.